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2:29Jason Bourne - Official Trailer (HD)

Views: 797829
Added: 9 days ago
Jason Bourne - Official Trailer In Theaters July 29 Matt...
2:2THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN - Teaser Trailer (HD)

Views: 3695099
Added: 10 days ago
Director Antoine Fuqua brings his modern vision to a classic story in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer...

Views: 891067
Added: 9 days ago
In this episode, we send our Prankster, Miranda Sings, out to a speed dating event where she...
4:49Women Try Vintage Period Belts • Ladylike

Views: 1165329
Added: 9 days ago
"It's kind of erotic in a way." New episodes of Ladylike every Wednesday & Sunday on...
0:25Harriet Tubman To Replace Andrew Jackson on $20 Bill

Views: 130431
Added: 9 days ago
U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew will announce today that Harriet Tubman will become the new...
1:34Hooray For The Tubman $20!

Views: 48482
Added: 9 days ago
The U.S. Treasury Department announced that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20...
2:39Kelly No Show For Michael Strahan's Announcement GMA Full Time

Views: 386422
Added: 9 days ago
UPDATE: At the end of Wednesday’s show, Strahan again addressed his departure, this time thanking...
2:34Ellen Meets An Impressive Michael Jackson Impersonator

Views: 337731
Added: 9 days ago
Jeffrey is a spectacular Michael Jackson impersonator whose video went viral. Ellen invited him...
3:40Maisie Williams (aka Arya Stark) Pranks Game of Thrones Fans

Views: 573980
Added: 9 days ago
Here is what happens when you put Arya Stark, hidden cameras, and die-hard Game of Thrones fans...
2:47The Do-Over - Main Trailer - Netflix [HD]

Views: 278527
Added: 9 days ago
The life of a bank manager is turned upside down when a friend from his past manipulates him into...
3:50"BERNIE & HILLARY" — A Bad Lip Reading

Views: 144940
Added: 8 days ago
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton share the stage... Like on Facebook!...
6:50The Corn Challenge

Views: 321643
Added: 9 days ago
Good Video? Like/Fav & Share!! 12 Cans of Corn! The gastrointestinal equivalent of exfoliating...
0:53Frightening Incident: Laughton loses control and gets flung into boards

Views: 78685
Added: 9 days ago
Watch as John Carlson and Scott Laughton get tangled up and Laughton gets the worst of it.
1:50Exclusive "Game of Thrones" Season 6 Clip

Views: 513649
Added: 10 days ago
Iwan Rheon, Michael McElhatton and Alfie Allen share an exclusive clip from the upcoming season...
3:40What Is A Bluetooth Bowl?

Views: 644036
Added: 9 days ago
Watch this playlist for my favorite bluetooth speakers -...
2:57Toddlerography w/ Gwyneth Paltrow

Views: 628218
Added: 10 days ago
James and Gwyneth Paltrow push their talent and fitness to the limit with a dance class taught by...
1:44Andrew Shaw flips out on Ref - Blues vs Blackhawks (04/19/16)

Views: 389132
Added: 10 days ago
Andrew Shaw flips out on Ref - Blues vs Blackhawks (04/19/16) If u guys have any questions go to...
2:32PATS: Cleaning the streets

Views: 1263010
Added: 10 days ago
Officers Skip and Dale have one mission: To protect and serve burgers.​​ #JE11Cops #BPD
5:6G-Eazy - Drifting ft. Chris Brown, Tory Lanez

Views: 995530
Added: 10 days ago
G-Eazy new album "When It's Dark Out" Available Now! Get it on: iTunes:...
1:22:30Full Event: Donald Trump Holds Huge Rally in Indianapolis, IN (4-20-16)

Views: 109241
Added: 9 days ago
Wednesday, April 20, 2016: Full replay of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in...
0:42Hayley Atwell performs The Offspring's "Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)" | Lip Sync Battle

Views: 327021
Added: 10 days ago
Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter of "Marvel's Agent Carter") thorws shade at fellow "Agent" and...
5:58My Dog Chasing A Drone

Views: 325128
Added: 9 days ago
Here is the raw go pro footage of an cermet running anround after an drone because internet...
9:29The Awesome Power of Citizen Science

Views: 131426
Added: 9 days ago
You don't have to be a professional scientist to make a contribution to our collective knowledge....
5:3027 Facts about James Bond - mental_floss List Show Ep. 416

Views: 69120
Added: 9 days ago
A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week,...
14:38Star Fox Zero – The Battle Begins

Views: 178922
Added: 9 days ago
Fox, Falco, Peppy and Slippy are back to save the universe in the Star Fox Zero for Wii U,...
12:44The Try Guys Get Style Makeovers

Views: 1755126
Added: 10 days ago
The Try Guys walk the runway for the first time after they dramatically transform their wardrobe...
16:16Everything Wrong With The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I

Views: 936391
Added: 10 days ago
Today we sin half a movie. Or... what should have been half a movie. It's safe to say we're...
2:33War Room | Cruz for President

Views: 13983
Added: 8 days ago
Learn more about Ted Cruz: Follow Ted: Like Ted:...
2:17Empire Cast - Body Speak ft. Serayah

Views: 20099
Added: 9 days ago
Tune in to EMPIRE Wednesdays at 9/8c on FOX Empire: Original Soundtrack, Season 2 Volume 2...
9:23UFC 197 Embedded: Vlog Series Episode 2

Views: 198303
Added: 9 days ago
On Episode 2 of UFC 197 Embedded, the event's fighters unwind in the days before their trips to...
2:33How 'Puff The Magic Dragon' Came to Be

Views: 63195
Added: 10 days ago
Unwinding on this magical holiday with some stoner anthems? Here's the story behind one of our...
5:8Stay in - or Leave - a Relationship?

Views: 97861
Added: 10 days ago
Should you stay or leave a relationship? Here’s a checklist of questions to ask oneself before...
7:21EXPERIMENT! How Snake Venom Kills You - Earth Unplugged

Views: 111419
Added: 10 days ago
Maddie Moate donates 10ml of her own blood to find out what happens when you add snake venom to...
3:31Literally Hitler

Views: 392885
Added: 10 days ago
In which John discusses the quality of political discourse in U.S. politics, the practice of...
20:23$340 FACE MASK WTF ? | First Impressions

Views: 300367
Added: 9 days ago
WATCH JAMES not follow instructions and put nearly $100 of mask on his face. Please click the...
3:56Should You Swear More Often?

Views: 69095
Added: 9 days ago
What's the science behind why we swear? Follow on Instagram, Twitter & Snapchat:...

Views: 1128964
Added: 13 days ago
I don't even like to fish... I originally got the idea for this prank from my fellow Canadians...

Views: 1493390
Added: 10 days ago
David Cutter Music : FOLLOW ME ON on...
0:35LeBron James Posterizes Reggie Bullock!

Views: 58812
Added: 9 days ago
LeBron James takes the feed from Dellavedova and throws down the vicious slam on Reggie Bullock....
1:12"Rising Above" Promo | EMPIRE

Views: 15445
Added: 9 days ago
A family that works together, stays together. Subscribe now for more Empire clips:...
9:4273 Questions With Taylor Swift

Views: 1805480
Added: 10 days ago
Vogue's May cover star Taylor Swift takes us on a tour of her Beverly Hills home and answers all...
8:9Dana White joins Colin Cowherd to discuss Conor McGregor - 'The Herd' (FULL INTERVIEW)

Views: 114934
Added: 9 days ago
Dana White and Colin Cowherd talk Conor McGregor and UFC 200. Aired 4/20/16 SUBSCRIBE to...
3:57Little Mix - Hair (Official Video) ft. Sean Paul

Views: 2155357
Added: 10 days ago
Get Hair ft. Sean Paul on iTunes Listen to Hair on Spotify:...
14:51Conor McGregor Pulled From UFC 200

Views: 459603
Added: 10 days ago
Conor McGregor has been pulled from UFC 200, according to UFC President Dana White, the same day...
2:37iOS 10 Concept

Views: 175441
Added: 9 days ago
Concept by Federico Viticci and Sam Beckett. Read the article:...
4:56Tupac Talks Donald Trump & Greed in America in 1992 Interview | MTV News

Views: 140206
Added: 10 days ago
Tupac Shakur passionately explains his views on generosity and responsibility, traits he feels...
1:45Warcraft - Trailer 2 (HD)

Views: 1743827
Added: 10 days ago
Warcraft - Official Trailer In Theaters, June 10, 2016 From...
1:26MagLev World Record

Views: 178801
Added: 11 days ago
With the flick of a spark the 846th Test Squadron's magnetically levitated sled system, or...

Views: 681984
Added: 10 days ago
If you want a follow back on twitter retweet this tweet...
5:19Brian Eno • ‘Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free’

Views: 3266
Added: 8 days ago
‘Fickle Sun (iii) I’m Set Free’ is taken from Brian Eno’s album ‘The Ship’ out 29 April....
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