Coolpad Quattro Metro PCS

Overview of the Coolpad Quatro 4G phone for Metro PCS

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This video was uploaded from an Android phone.


Author ~Walshers Adventures RBLX~ (3 months)
That phone was a mistake atleast im getting a LG optimist L70!!!!

Author Brittney Lowe (4 months)
How do you sceen shot

Author Young Cali (9 months)
How do you screenshot!???

Author we dem zoe (9 months)
fucking shit phone mine dnt wanna turn on 

Author Antia Jones (10 months)
To take screenshots u have to down load lancher or next browser then u can
screenshot lancher is limited on what u can but next browser screenshot jus
about anything

Author Antia Jones (10 months)
Do the coolpad have a clipboard? If so were is it. How do you share
pictures from instagram to Facebook with this phone

Author Rogue Masquerade (11 months)
Can you take a Screenshot on this phone and if so, how?

Author kattelyn92 (1 year)
can that Metro background be changed?

Author The BirdZ Nest (1 year)
Fix problems: Slow keyboard- download new one from the okay store. No
Facebook video: download mx video player from the play store. Phone is slow
in general- download a different launcher... I like adw launcher. Anymore
problems?... inbox me and I'll see if I can fix it. :-)

Author AyyeLaShorty (1 year)
how do you take a screenshot?

Author Sam Jones (1 year)
I hope so. I dont really like Android.

Author coldest hooper (1 year)

Author Bugo Dabbss (1 year)
Anyone know why i cant watch videos from facebook? It keeps saying it cant
play, any answers will really help thanks.

Author supersuperior019750 (1 year)
Hows the pic mesages does it take forever to send lke the admire

Author Ednita Quintero (1 year)
My Coolpad quattro says "no service" and i already paid my bill what wrong
with it :( ?

Author xxItsjustme21xx (1 year)
yes it does

Author BillyBoy4life (1 year)
Nawl face time is only for apple.

Author cody byer (1 year)
can you get pandora

Author samirdoss64 (1 year)
I. Have. 4g

Author Tatiana Smith (1 year)

Author killdroid24 (1 year)

Author K. Kharisma (1 year)
I Mean, I Like Ice Cream Sandwiches Too!

Author 123widlyne (1 year)
Hw do u watch videos on fb

Author MetroPCSworldclass (1 year)
@Jazzi Williams why not get a better phone

Author Robert Beaver (1 year)
how yu root it

Author catherine sandoval (1 year)
How do you sceen fucken shot!

Author MrNaughtygirl899 (1 year)
how do i change the google input to english and why cant i see facebook

Author Ray Guzman (1 year)
Does it have a front camera

Author TheYeseniaFuentes (1 year)
This Phone is POOP.

Author Darian Forest (1 year)
Why does he sound like Markiplier?

Author Tatiana Smith (1 year)
do you have a ringtone on it called bllerino

Author Bomb Bay (1 year)
80$ right now phones a steal plus its huge cant stand tiny.phones

Author Samuel Agyei (1 year)
is this phone cost alot for the monthly bill

Author marisa furno (1 year)
getting this for Christmas can't wait

Author Juan Pagan (1 year)
Coolpad is better than the huawei activa!!!

Author 323fbd (1 year)
I hate this fuc*ing phone , i can't watch videos on facebook.

Author Mae Ling Kong (1 year)
can it handle instagram???and if it does, is it slow?

Author Deysy Lozada (1 year)
Fuck this phone dont even buy this crap !!! I regret wasting 200 on this

Author Beacon Sally (1 year)

Author healthyjohnny (1 year)
hi do you have a good link to get rid of mtropcs bloatware?? I like the
phone but its sluggish, and do save all your apps to the external micro
disk?? thanks

Author britsky90 (1 year)
How do u screenshot on this thing?

Author RainbowLovin Mo (1 year)
i cant watch videos on facebook it wont let me just got this phone like 2
months ago and my key board close out wen textin idk metro pcs always got
shitty phones

Author Sally M. McCreary (1 year)
Only way I know how is by using my "GO SMS Pro" APP. Once you download the
app (it's free btw), there are all kinds of neat stuff you can do.I like
the "GO Weather EX" . Check it out....but I know there's a way because
every time I open my gallery, there are several screenshots that were taken
but without knowing. Maybe I hit camera key on the side of the phone by
accident while performing other tasks. LOL!

Author nica sanchez (1 year)
i bought this in new york last year..., but unfortunately i cant use this
phone in the philippines,.. is there any way to openline this phone?

Author Al Salas (1 year)
Hi, is there anyway to root this phone to use tether?

Author Jenny Nunez (1 year)
how do you screenshot?

Author asdfghjkl4o8 (1 year)
You cant screenshot stuff -.- I have this phone. Its fast, but it only has
a bit of memory in it.

Author raymondartist32 (1 year)
How do you screen shot on it

Author Sally M. McCreary (1 year)
Open the message icon (envelope). Make sure it's on the main screen where
it shows the list of people you texted. If you have it open under a
specific person, the settings will only pertain to that person. Next, open
the menu on the bottom (1st button-has like 4 circles grouped together,
before the home button (house). Then, open settings (there will be 4
options popped up; compose, delete threads, search, settings). Under
settings: gol down to 'Notification Settings', then "Select Ringtone".

Author FashionStylee366 (1 year)

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