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Author Afghan Zalmai (7 years)
Great great great Greatest Video.

Author Masoud Khan (4 years)
@samim55 . calm down. are you ashamed of being Pashtoon?. We like pushtoon

Author Masoud Khan (4 years)
What is this???

Author UNITY768 (4 years)
@ahmadmlms Granne Aw Qedar Mann Wrore, Mong BAYAD awal de PASHTO de QAWM
GHAM wekhro bya de Islam. Zelgeye pe di mong nor ham BAD BAKHTA KI ZJO, ke
mo de QELAM aw KETAB qader wene kai. khudai di weklai chi khafa shawai

Author rahim127 (6 years)
very nice poem your great mr jahani

Author ahmadmlms (5 years)
تر هدايت هم تير يي خوربه لرې موربه لرې وروربه لرې كلۍ اوبانډه به لرې كه يي
لرې نوښكاري چي عزت يي نه لرې كه يي تا عزت درلودۍ نو اوس به تا داناپاكه خوله
ددې حقي لاري دپتنګانو اوعلماؤپه بدي پسي نه وازولاۍ

Author Saranzaib Khan (6 years)
cant express in words.

Author ahmadmlms (5 years)
نه يي بندوي داشپېلۍ دا يي ستا لپاره ساتلې ده چي دا ستا دا ډك زړګۍ همداسي
دارمانواو دكوټولو وينو خوړين پاته سي ځكه ډېره ښه عقيده دي ده په لوټه كم
كافر يي ملا دي ماته سه عمر دي هم تر ۴۰ كالو تير دي دنور عقل تمه هم نه درده

Author AfghanBanai (6 years)
great job done... superb video made... some other mother fuckers photoes
were remaining who has destroyed our country (Masood, Mohaqiq, Mazari,
Rabani ,Fazal Rahman, husain Ahmad, shirpaw, babar & some communists)...
the tune of flute was heart touching... long live pashtoon... long live
Afghanistan proud to be pashton... Proud to be Afghan

Author ahmadmlms (5 years)
چي نن يي ښوۍولۍ يي دخپل ښائسته اشعاروباغچه دي دامباروپه ډيره بدله سوېده...
ليكونكۍ محمد

Author arpal (6 years)
Dear Bari Jahani was a great poet, but he made a blunder when he wrote
against Revolutionary Afghanistan and its territorial integrity under Dr.
Shaheed Najibullah's government in the second half of 80s. However, we
should be forgiving. Lets hope he will not repeat the same blunder by
writing against the interests of Afghanistan and Pakistan-occupied
Pashtoonkhwa in future. Fateh, Sarangzai, Ahmadoon, Ziarat, Quetta.

Author EnsaanYemAfghaan (6 years)
Wah wah Mashallah!

Author mmsmdmnm (3 years)
just beautiful!

Author Hafiz Ehsanullah (3 years)
very nice-.......

Author Islam Peace (7 years)
very nice poem and very great voice

Author Masoud Khan (6 years)

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