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a day in my life downtown!
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a summer week in my life!
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my shoe collection 2019!!
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a healthy day in my life!
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songs you NEED to hear!!
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a typical day in my life!
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what i eat in a day!
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snow day in my life!
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  • G obrien
    G obrien 33 minutes ago

    Do you ever layer t-shirts over hoodies?

  • Shaik Abdus Salaam
    Shaik Abdus Salaam 2 hours ago

    Video summary Keep a lot of big huge bins and throw your stuff in them.

  • Erica A
    Erica A 2 hours ago

    Is this which craft? Just asking for a friend

  • Skeet the Yeet
    Skeet the Yeet 2 hours ago

    I’ve never really watched a video about LOA but I just magically know how to do it because Sadie explained it 😂

  • Amber Albritton
    Amber Albritton 2 hours ago


  • Annabelle Rya
    Annabelle Rya 5 hours ago

    I love the idea of Law Of Attraction and I made a board on pinterest with aesthetics photos but I still just don’t understand what I can do other than look at quotes and cute pictures. Please help someone

  • Abby Trajkovic
    Abby Trajkovic 7 hours ago

    Can you do a video about what color you pick for your nails and how they are so perfect!

  • Rylie Pattillo
    Rylie Pattillo 10 hours ago

    Such a random question but where did you get your nightstands??😄

  • Scarlett ._. Grace
    Scarlett ._. Grace 10 hours ago

    You should check out Maya Lee's channel! She has a whole video on how to make almond, cashew, and oat milk because the normal stuff at the store is so expensive and it has a lot of other stuff in it!!!

  • Imara Noel martin
    Imara Noel martin 10 hours ago

    I feel inspired to go clean my room now. 💛 Edit: I’m now bingeing Sadie’s videos and I can’t stop...

  • Lisa Brown
    Lisa Brown 10 hours ago

    I don’t understand how manifesting works.. like what’s the science behind it

  • Lucia Riba De la Jara
    Lucia Riba De la Jara 11 hours ago

    why the heck your mess is so organized!!!!!!! hhaahaha loveyou sadie

  • marguerette
    marguerette 11 hours ago

    i better get bts concert tickets or i’m sueing

  • Daniela Bu33ewwdinoska

    🌈 ofc for my queen 🌈

  • Jennie Bennie
    Jennie Bennie 12 hours ago

    What everyone’s secretly thinking “anything? Even a boyfriend?”

  • Lexi Mae
    Lexi Mae 13 hours ago

    How do you get a manager what hahah

  • Orkid
    Orkid 13 hours ago

    I love this! I just uploaded a similar video on my channel and it would mean a lot if you would check it out! :) <3

  • Natalie
    Natalie 13 hours ago

    Also did you get your Starbucks tumbler recently? I know they don’t carry certain ones for very long so I’m hoping that one is newer! 😬🤞🏻

  • Natalie
    Natalie 13 hours ago

    I went to look at the AirPod case and it says $0.00...? Then I looked further and it said they’re having a sale where stuff is free but you only pay shipping...which seems it a reliable website???

  • Ty Hoffman
    Ty Hoffman 14 hours ago

    It’s a state of mind not a religion

  • Lauren Hodge
    Lauren Hodge 14 hours ago

    I use the law of attraction to fall asleep and it really works instead of using my iphone or macbook

  • RedVelvet !!
    RedVelvet !! 14 hours ago

    8000 of the views are from me I have watched this on repeat for 2 hours

  • Lauren Hodge
    Lauren Hodge 14 hours ago

    My friends name is maka

  • emily clifford
    emily clifford 17 hours ago

    i can't comment a rainbow emoji on mu laptop but love you sadie

  • Nayna Noor
    Nayna Noor 18 hours ago

    i live in london and it barely snows but it always rains LIKE WHY?!!!!

  • Alyssa Lol
    Alyssa Lol 18 hours ago

    I start school in the city this year (any tips?)

  • Leah Kolawole
    Leah Kolawole 18 hours ago

    Can you do what's in my car

  • Naysia
    Naysia 19 hours ago

    ....I think I recognize that voice in the intro

  • Luana F
    Luana F 19 hours ago


  • Evil Puppy
    Evil Puppy 19 hours ago

    Oohh I also do it. I didn't know what I did is called law of attraction. I called it visualizing. Whenever I am stressed about a grade I calm myself down by saying positive affirmations and after that I visualise or predict a grade. The grade that I get is usually in that range. And it also makes me feel calmer.

  • Evita Oceano
    Evita Oceano 19 hours ago

    Okay but I love you after this videoooo

  • Karen Castillo
    Karen Castillo 20 hours ago

    Girl you turned my lamp on lol

  • Linda Knapper
    Linda Knapper 20 hours ago

    So I've been imagining the things I want for myself, but I'm kind of too scared to do that? Like it's gonna be way more disappointing when it doesn't happen. That's why we have so many expectations vs reality videos,, I've honestly been focusing on not imagining things for myself haha.

  • camren krieger
    camren krieger 20 hours ago


  • Brianna Figueroa
    Brianna Figueroa 20 hours ago

    Before I heard about the law of attraction, and never bothered to pay attention to it. But, I started to get really curious. I want to get into the law of attraction. I'm so grateful for this video, you are giving me a sign and I'm also so grateful for you. I can't wait to get more into this. Thank you so much!

  • ashpika bagri
    ashpika bagri 22 hours ago

    This is the first video I have seen of yours and omg you add so good! Just gonna binge watch some of your videos for the next few days! Just loved the way you spoke and explained everything. Your efforts are clearly seen in the video. Could feel that vibe through the video itself. Just wanna send you lots of love and so thankful to you for making my day up. Really motivated! Love love love❤😘

  • Anna Winchester
    Anna Winchester 22 hours ago

    Waiting for S to upgrade her phone. So that i get a what's on my iPhone video 2 😛

  • Abdelwahed Ghandour
    Abdelwahed Ghandour 23 hours ago

    Top top

  • Abdelwahed Ghandour

    School morning routine is 😗😗😗😗😗😙😙😙😘😘😘😜 i like

  • Lena Amelia Lewczanin

    i live in spain and it doesn't really snow, BUT we didn't go to school yesterday and today because of the weather. In conclusion,it's kind of like a snow day

  • Ella Faith
    Ella Faith Day ago

    Your hair is GORGEOUS.

  • Ella Faith
    Ella Faith Day ago

    Please do a video on yur favorite go-to healthy food recipe stuff

  • Smi An
    Smi An Day ago

    ❤PEOPLE=how to organize my room ME=😲idont have a room %

  • Nobuhle Zulu
    Nobuhle Zulu Day ago

    Thank You sadiiiie, you are so cute😍🥵and this was so helpful

  • Not So Dirty Hippies

    Who wants to grow with me? 💕

  • Anaaya Arora
    Anaaya Arora Day ago

    Hey plz reply actually I have an OCD of intrunsive thoughts😪😒 So what I imagine sometimes turn into bad imagination which I don't want to imagine but it does Plz tell what should I do 🙏

  • Lauren #
    Lauren # Day ago

    My spotify wasn’t working so instead i’m listening to this while I clean my room.

  • Sam M
    Sam M Day ago

    sadie seems like she'd be super fun to be friends with

  • qi xi
    qi xi Day ago

    how to undo negative thoughtssssß..... I've been thinking about bad stuff and death for a month now

  • هديل _Hadeel

    😍😍😍😍 Good luck from Algeria

  • Kshithi Prasanna

    so i want to get the airpod case but the website for some reason to me sounds kind of sketchy so has anyone actually tried the website

  • Lea Rangel
    Lea Rangel Day ago

    You attract what you put out

  • Eleanor Dueck
    Eleanor Dueck Day ago

    Hi Sadie, big fan of you😊 Just wondering how you get the gorgeous aesthetic prints on your walls, I notice a lot of TVcliprs have them😍

  • Sprinkles the Panda

    When you flopped on you bed I was like ouch because of the pump but idk where yours is lol

  • Juliana Maria
    Juliana Maria Day ago

    what type of work do you do at coffee shops? like is it school related or just planning and stuff?

  • Anita xo
    Anita xo Day ago

    Stay strong!!

  • Anita xo
    Anita xo Day ago

    Does garage have like petite teen clothes? Theres one at my local mall and I'm debating on whether to good not. 🤔

  • Alondra Hinostroza

    I love your videos sadie

  • Brett Smith
    Brett Smith Day ago

    i have that app workout women

  • Lana N
    Lana N Day ago

    By visualizing what you don't have you are telling yourself you aren't good enough where you are, I prefer acceptance of situation and having goals and making actions towards them, but this vibrations and what not isn't my thing. But if it works for you, hey do you. Just seems like a kind of unhealthy, helpless mindset. I really like the book "the subtle art of not giving a f" by mark Manson that explains what I'm trying to communicate but much better

  • Ridin with Kay

    Great video I made one of these too it would mean a lot of uu checked it out

  • Ridin with Kay

    Any small youtubers trynna help each other out

  • supreme deyja
    supreme deyja Day ago


  • The golden Child

    I am ___________ { fill in the blank & whatever you put in the blank become that.}

  • sizza hepburn
    sizza hepburn Day ago

    herrr browss skr skr

  • Maitri Chadha
    Maitri Chadha Day ago

    I can't find one comment Sadie didn't like

  • Crystal Flawless

    Sadie I love your Chanel it’s very interesting and entertaining I know you probably won’t be able to read this but I’m just saying I wish you might post a little bit more in a week because I love your videos so much and they’re so inspiring and I have for the best. Can I get a shoutout please?

  • Sasha Kawas
    Sasha Kawas Day ago

    you inspire me

  • Miri Myung
    Miri Myung Day ago

    That shoe video pleasseeeee

  • Lauren #
    Lauren # Day ago

    If I ever put netflix on while I’m doing homework i will just watch the show in stead of doing homework and If I put on music I’ll just be jamming out and then my math teacher will be mad at me the next day. 🙃

  • RedVelvet !!
    RedVelvet !! Day ago

    Saide are you on tic took also if you are would you follow me back I am so small and I just want to be noticed

  • Mónica Valverde Simian

    Her first day was September 4th, mine is in February lol

  • taytot
    taytot Day ago

    A law of attraction ad played.

  • nadia schultz
    nadia schultz Day ago

    how long did it take the case to ship and to come

  • Yoh Voys
    Yoh Voys Day ago

    I'm going to buy a car🔥 Bank account: I'm about to and this man's whole career Law of attraction: Not so fast. Let's get it🔥🌻🔥

  • Cherylife
    Cherylife Day ago

    Love this 💜

  • Andrew Ben
    Andrew Ben Day ago

    What's the last and intro song name plzzz?

  • Sareena Tariq
    Sareena Tariq Day ago


  • Alecia Blessing

    Now all we need is a ”How to get out of bed” video.

  • Xanthi Sigeli
    Xanthi Sigeli Day ago

    You look so beautiful without makeup!!!Dont use it💜

  • Tam Chee
    Tam Chee Day ago

    I also love the two cup method. Basically you go to a parallel reality with everything you want manifested. It’s super efficient.

  • Bejenescu Miruna

    This is kinda interesting because it gives me the idea of getting some stuff wuth me at my free-time job...

  • mirem hallo
    mirem hallo Day ago

    Great Video . But for me it‘s just that, whenever I think "ok it will not happen" in reality it happens , and when I think "it will happen" it does not. Its so confusing and i don‘t know what i‘m doing wrong. Or why it‘s switched.

  • Celine van Hunen

    2 minutes into this video and i have already learned more than all of my 12 years of school

  • Sophia 0527
    Sophia 0527 Day ago

    Sadie can you do a sock collection i literally want all of your socks 🧦❤️❤️❤️

  • Ria Walla
    Ria Walla Day ago

    Hi Sadie! There is also a book called The Secret and it is written by the same author as the movie The Secret. There is also a book called The Secret To Teen Power which is basically the same but is more related to us teens and has a lot of LoA exercises related to our lives (e.g. school, friends...) I definitely think that you should check them out! xx

  • fatima alrashedi

    hey sadie can u do a video about how u manage your blood sugar levels and cumulative btw, I am type 1 diabetic too:)

  • i'm gay bitches

    I have a friend and her Mum treats her like a Baby, because her siblings already moved out. Her mother Drives her to school and Back Home again even though she lives next to me and I Walk to school. The way takes like 10 minutes and it makes me angry that her mum is driving this way. I will Send her this Video PS: I'm sorry for my grammery I'm german

  • Claudia Rodríguez Almón

    Luna Montana and Eva Meloche.

  • Tips by Iza
    Tips by Iza Day ago

    Noone: Really noone: Really noone in this world: Sadie: It’s literally bigger than my head

  • Elsa Çetaj
    Elsa Çetaj Day ago


  • Andrea De Waal

    Do you have 64GB storage ????

  • 『ApplesADayツ』

    So thats why when you’re mad, you accidentally hit yourself anywhere,drop stuff, etc. 😮😮

  • Khodabacksh Hayfa

    Do a songs you need to listen video😗

  • Melina G.
    Melina G. Day ago

    Does anyone else watch her vids living in Germany...? What I can say is that I love her channel sooo fucking much and she ist soo beautiful and cute!!! ;) Ily sadie btw I'm from west germany and our wether is pretty cold. :) byyyyeee

  • Helle Beatiful People

    Sadie: where I live there’s literally nothing than Starbucks here Me: we don’t even have a Starbucks anywhere near

  • ok boomer
    ok boomer 2 days ago

    is it just me or is anyone else struggling with a huge bag and is trying to cut down how much stuff you have in it 😩

  • Ozan Pektas
    Ozan Pektas 2 days ago

    I liked the outro song with x2.0 speed:)

  • Elettra Grandi
    Elettra Grandi 2 days ago

    I'm so sad because I live in Italy and we don't have coffee shops... The only Starbucks who exists is in Milan and it's always full!

  • Vlog of My life
    Vlog of My life 2 days ago

    Well my hair is sometimes is oily but sometime dry soooooo oh and I forgot it color treated too sooooo what do I choose ?