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  • Florian van de Ven
    Florian van de Ven 2 days ago

    no disrespect , but dont believe this story,. mate you do gambling videos, and your parents money goes missing ? common mate tell us the truth.

    • Jakub
      Jakub 2 days ago

      Florian van de Ven ill be making a video of me giving it to them, if you follow my snapchat you would have seen the aftermath we had to clean up. I have no reason to lie and im fully open to any questions about this go fund me

  • YoboyHD
    YoboyHD 3 days ago

    I feel that, someone stole our car once. But i can only imagine how having your house trashed feels like

  • Christian Buddy
    Christian Buddy 3 days ago

    Man that s fu ked upp.... My sympathy to you and your family bro... Hope you guys will manage through this... My prayers are with you

    • Jakub
      Jakub 3 days ago

      Thank you bro <3

  • Todd Perez
    Todd Perez 3 days ago

    Damn man. Keepin yall in my prayers bro. Shitty things happen to good people and it sucks. I wil definitely be helping as much as i can man

    • Jakub
      Jakub 3 days ago

      <3 thank you so much

  • Todd Perez
    Todd Perez 4 days ago

    Keep em comin. Give us morreeee i want them vids boii

  • RgAS
    RgAS 8 days ago

    Nice video! @ragonzalez23

  • Oscwar 732
    Oscwar 732 8 days ago

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  • Innocence Z
    Innocence Z 8 days ago

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  • lee sammy
    lee sammy 8 days ago

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    ScrapyCoCoTV 8 days ago

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  • unlucky fat andre
    unlucky fat andre 8 days ago

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    Frag`1L 8 days ago

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  • schopenhauer arthur

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  • Deer Man
    Deer Man 8 days ago


  • Adriano Acservice
    Adriano Acservice 8 days ago

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  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 9 days ago

    @Sky__Soldier - Nice video

  • Lefinco Deep
    Lefinco Deep 9 days ago

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  • sloo
    sloo 9 days ago

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  • Vivian Silva
    Vivian Silva 10 days ago

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  • Johnson R
    Johnson R 10 days ago

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  • Stephen 40
    Stephen 40 10 days ago

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  • Derp Chun
    Derp Chun 10 days ago

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  • Michiki Gaming
    Michiki Gaming 10 days ago

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  • Laser Monzon
    Laser Monzon 11 days ago

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  • Wihte Hat
    Wihte Hat 11 days ago

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  • Adrian Mendes
    Adrian Mendes 11 days ago

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  • benjamin peterson
    benjamin peterson 11 days ago

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    benjamin peterson 11 days ago

    try hellcase ...

  • Om Gurung
    Om Gurung 11 days ago


  • Vynukas
    Vynukas 11 days ago

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  • Nikhil Pandita
    Nikhil Pandita 11 days ago

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  • Lucy Lee
    Lucy Lee 11 days ago

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  • Cryptom
    Cryptom 11 days ago

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  • WinterxxiiYT
    WinterxxiiYT 12 days ago

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  • _MrBeast
    _MrBeast 12 days ago

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    Hasan S. 12 days ago

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    Justin Que 12 days ago

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    Sh4dow Gaming 12 days ago

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    RegularGuy22 12 days ago

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    Suga 12 days ago

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    Ishna Loberanes 12 days ago

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    Brainzero 12 days ago

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    _Gabo Licious 12 days ago

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    M BryanB 12 days ago

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  • wind breaker
    wind breaker 13 days ago

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  • asdasd sadsd
    asdasd sadsd 13 days ago

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  • Ace Don
    Ace Don 13 days ago

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    T0mCS 13 days ago

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    Heitas 15 days ago

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  • Pyro Serbia
    Pyro Serbia 17 days ago

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  • TRS
    TRS 17 days ago

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  • RekEazy
    RekEazy 17 days ago

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    Am An 17 days ago

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    felix 17 days ago

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    José Fino Pinto 17 days ago

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    Mongol Gamer 17 days ago

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    dev1white 18 days ago

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  • shadow -X-
    shadow -X- 18 days ago

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    spe3dz 18 days ago

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    Asmine 18 days ago

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  • Jakub
    Jakub 18 days ago

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      TRS 17 days ago

      let us know <3

  • Snowxs
    Snowxs 22 days ago

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    RekEazy 22 days ago

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  • Bantie
    Bantie 29 days ago

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  • Bryan Elliott
    Bryan Elliott Month ago

    Scrolling constantly makes me sick. Couldint make it through the first 5 mins

  • Just Awesome
    Just Awesome Month ago

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    ValdehvalVEVO Month ago

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    Christoffer Month ago

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    Christoffer Month ago

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    Johannes Aaboer Month ago

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    José Fino Pinto Month ago

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    Jose SC Month ago

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    ravitaS Month ago

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    Prince Patel Month ago

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    Fury fuzzy Month ago

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    Smiley21 Month ago

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  • unlucky fat andre

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    Aprileler Month ago

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    Quizar Amv Month ago

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    papa franku Month ago

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