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Shazam Family | Shazam! [4k]
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  • Adetunde Babs’s
    Adetunde Babs’s 56 seconds ago

    Kid(teenagers)are the worst.

  • Gratitude Guru
    Gratitude Guru Minute ago

    Dude batman has so many gadgets 😂😂

  • Lesnar Zhimo1⃣9⃣
    Lesnar Zhimo1⃣9⃣ 2 minutes ago

    Batman was enjoying until 0:36 He was like "Bro i was Joking, Chill!

  • Josh Elizondo
    Josh Elizondo 3 minutes ago

    We need more nicole Kidman action sequences on the second movie, she was amazing...

  • Fred Howland
    Fred Howland 3 minutes ago

    The sound in this movie is phenomenal.

  • Jordan Krzywicki
    Jordan Krzywicki 4 minutes ago

    They had a hug hello. Judging by the trailer for her next movie, I’m guessing they didn’t have a hug goodbye.

  • tony barlow
    tony barlow 5 minutes ago

    This movie reminds me of a time when finding the right actor w/skills to play a part was more important than CGI especially when the tech was not around

  • Канал Гетьмана

    Вот ради чего мы здесь 1:30

  • Sam27
    Sam27 7 minutes ago

    When someone says they prefer Fortnite over Minecraft 2:18

  • Terroa_Savage
    Terroa_Savage 9 minutes ago

    The first an only superman to reverse time flying with no help lol kus it took Supergirl an the flash to reverse time doing the same thing as this superman if u watch cw shows ull know exactly what I'm talking about

  • Sam Legder
    Sam Legder 9 minutes ago

    This is the reason I like more DC than Marvel, I always thought that DC os more for an adults, than kids for all the vioence bad worse and the History is more complicated.

  • Pain
    Pain 9 minutes ago

    3:52 *Soldier in the back is like ===> :D*

  • Nathan Shierd
    Nathan Shierd 10 minutes ago

    What is this episode?

  • Luis Cabrera
    Luis Cabrera 10 minutes ago

    Who could have guessed that this would be (almost) the same ending as "Joker"?

  • Redtgaming
    Redtgaming 13 minutes ago

    0:30 tvclip.biz/video/--fzuUMZCdk/video.html

  • Doug Clement
    Doug Clement 14 minutes ago

    The Axis Chemical Plant was also the same set used for the film "Aliens"....In fact, you can still see the remnants of the queen because the set was not completely torn down

  • Dat Asian Guyy
    Dat Asian Guyy 15 minutes ago

    Ain’t gonna lie I like this Alfred from this movie and think that he could give James Bond a run for his money

  • Араз Мамедов
    Араз Мамедов 16 minutes ago

    Какой фирмы очки???

  • Agustinøx Jrø
    Agustinøx Jrø 16 minutes ago

    This version of Batman was more like a fucking demon than Batman itself. It was so dark

  • Seventy-Three David
    Seventy-Three David 17 minutes ago

    Good God the voice acting for Batman and Joker is terrible in this.

  • ImtheONE
    ImtheONE 18 minutes ago

    This is in no way gay. Ppl who sees this as gay means they have gay tendencies. How would you feel if you were all alone and someone just like you showed up? You would want to be friend or even family. If they leave, you wouldnt want them to because that's your first time you can be yourself. You dont have to hide your powers anymore. Bucky and cap is more gay than this. Ew

  • Greg Pincus
    Greg Pincus 18 minutes ago

    Ledger's Joker is a pile of overrated excrement; Nicholson and Phoenix destroy his tryhard, half-assed performance.

    • Greg Pincus
      Greg Pincus 5 minutes ago

      @Doug Clement If you really consider that to be "top notch", you should acquire better taste.

    • Doug Clement
      Doug Clement 13 minutes ago

      Ledger's performance was top notch, but Phoenix was better, I agree

  • Movies History
    Movies History 20 minutes ago

    Watching 2019?

  • Gator Tooth
    Gator Tooth 22 minutes ago

    1:42 When your Teacher arrives on the first day of School.

  • White Girl
    White Girl 23 minutes ago

    If deadshot hadn’t had walked into the room maybe those agents would have still been alive

  • TrunXlo
    TrunXlo 24 minutes ago

    I love how this movie emphasizes Jokers psychotic brilliance. How he exposes the bad in people and shows through word and action why he is the way he is. The new Joker just didn’t draw me into him as deep.

  • Aivottaja
    Aivottaja 24 minutes ago

    Rumour has it, Ed Begley Jr. has a very large penis.

  • N8DZN
    N8DZN 25 minutes ago

    holy shit that was soo bad

  • Tony Ottoson
    Tony Ottoson 25 minutes ago

    Remember when this movie thought it was getting a sequel?

  • shemar regans
    shemar regans 27 minutes ago

    how tf did they survive that

  • Shadow Moon
    Shadow Moon 28 minutes ago

    Actually in the comics, Jason Todd is a better fighter than Batman and Nightwing because he grew up homeless and have to fight for survival. He knows every dirty trick in the book and is also more brutal.

  • Hunter Gamer Drone
    Hunter Gamer Drone 28 minutes ago

    I can smell this entire scene

  • nikolygtx
    nikolygtx 28 minutes ago

    That blonde was bomb

  • Agustinøx Jrø
    Agustinøx Jrø 30 minutes ago


  • Onglang Changlang
    Onglang Changlang 32 minutes ago

    One of things I regret most is not watching this movie in theatre. What an experience it would have been!

  • A. Daniel
    A. Daniel 33 minutes ago

    DC should sell their right to Marvel™ already, why do they keep doing these shitty movies, fr does anyone really watch them?

  • Nadia somethin
    Nadia somethin 35 minutes ago

    Heath ledger 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ivannia Aleman
    Ivannia Aleman 36 minutes ago

    Cómo se llama la película completa

  • KNAX_Kampf_Nudel 246
    KNAX_Kampf_Nudel 246 37 minutes ago

    Batman killed the joker actually bc of Batman joker has broken his neck -.-

  • Liked Videos
    Liked Videos 37 minutes ago

    0:28 🎹

  • Humaira Naaz
    Humaira Naaz 38 minutes ago

    Salman khan

  • Brayan Dannunzio
    Brayan Dannunzio 41 minute ago

    This Joker sounds like a bad squidward impression

  • Unai Alday
    Unai Alday 41 minute ago

    Man of steel and Wonder Woman were pretty decent films

  • Arhangelos Mishan
    Arhangelos Mishan 42 minutes ago

    Почему то в дубляже у нас по круче звучит джокер

  • Zulu we want warp !
    Zulu we want warp ! 43 minutes ago

    idiot vs idiot

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 43 minutes ago

    *gets kicked in the stomach by a shoe knife* Batman: Wow *Is Harvey okay?* Batman: WOW

  • YouTube is watching YouToo

    1400 pieces of garbage prefer to eat garbage.

  • Rachel Arreola
    Rachel Arreola 45 minutes ago

    Wish we could get a stand alone movie about enchantress.

  • Gounita Singh
    Gounita Singh 46 minutes ago

    A cool the vow real bestow dewyjo loop. 👌🤫 lover to belong instanance tika

  • mejgatmajp mj
    mejgatmajp mj 46 minutes ago

    え?何? この日本人みたいな役の人「刀」って名前なの??←何も知らない人 そのまま過ぎん?? ていうかこの役日本人が演じてるんだよね?? どなたか本当の名前知ってる方いたら教えてください!

  • Mohammed Al Domyati
    Mohammed Al Domyati 46 minutes ago

    I need the full movie😕😑

  • Mrgamingboy9865 Gaming
    Mrgamingboy9865 Gaming 47 minutes ago

    How did the camera not get destroyed

  • lmaoqasim
    lmaoqasim 47 minutes ago

    I hate how Bane sounds like he's a narrator. His voice volume compared to everyone else is so loud and unnecessary.

  • Luis Aguilar
    Luis Aguilar 50 minutes ago

    Why not this movie like man of steel vs The Flash for who is faster that I want to see it

  • Ushani Rec
    Ushani Rec 52 minutes ago

    Hey am I the only one who feels that she looked like Micheal Jackson when her face who shown in close up at the very beginning.

  • Generation Gaming
    Generation Gaming 52 minutes ago

    He got all the skin cancer XD

  • deadblood 4115
    deadblood 4115 54 minutes ago

    Can someone plz tell me y this is a bad movie

  • gregor samsa
    gregor samsa 55 minutes ago

    I came for the ass

  • Alexander LaVey
    Alexander LaVey 58 minutes ago

    If you like this movie or defend this joker you are walking sewage and your parents never loved you.

  • benmorax
    benmorax 58 minutes ago

    They should hire a double stunt to make Batman fight like a real martial artist since he wears a mask... Because those cuts make the fighting scene unwatchable.

  • Volvox
    Volvox 59 minutes ago

    some boi has integrated his shadow! He cleaned up his room in order to mess up the rooms of others.

  • Rudraksh Yadav
    Rudraksh Yadav Hour ago

    Batman: I am gonna kill you JN Joker: Begs Heath Ledger: Come one do it.. Break the rule.. Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo ha ha hahaha

  • MasteRealms Studios

    The way they destroyed that house. DCs way of saying we don’t gaf about property damage.

  • The Joker
    The Joker Hour ago

    Ooh I like this Batman!!

  • nightwing2008
    nightwing2008 Hour ago

    Superman should have stripped Batman of his armor and taken him up to the sky to explain the situation. No need to throw him around to prove a point.

  • Fernando Luna
    Fernando Luna Hour ago

    The was cringe worthy!

  • Montana H
    Montana H Hour ago

    "Breathe in. That's fear" I love that line

  • campinatorxbox 1

    Just imagine if Donner directed super man 3.

  • Matthew Lyman Jr

    Reminds me of Spy Kids

  • Cinthia Magalhaes

    Caramba o pistoleiro não erra um alvo, top o filme Esquadrão Suicida..😘😉

  • sibiris
    sibiris Hour ago

    He looks really good in the shadow. With the hat. Not so much afterwards, but then it grew on me.

  • nightwing2008
    nightwing2008 Hour ago

    The only good thing about this movie is seeing this scene where Superman is not holding back. WW, BM, and AM have kicked ass in other movies against their foes but taking on Superman is like kids picking on an MMA fighter.

  • Triple Dot
    Triple Dot Hour ago

    Am more scared of batman than joker lol

  • Topgun God
    Topgun God Hour ago

    When you know the Joker was the good guy that was riding Gotham of all the criminals and Batman was the fool in his way, making things worse, this movie looks different.

  • Cate Denvers
    Cate Denvers Hour ago

    You know...you remind me of my father.l hathed my father

  • Lobos & Cuervos
    Lobos & Cuervos Hour ago

    Love her stare at 1:28 and also 2:59 and forward so seductive

    SADBOY LOL Hour ago

    The voice of batman is igually of dempsey and the joker is of richtofen

  • Purba Bandyopadhyay

    Joker has been suffering from witzelsucht.. And this has been the reason for his hypersexuality against Harley Quinn and always laughing and being hyperactive awkwardly....

  • benmorax
    benmorax Hour ago

    That movie gave the same feeling that Scooby Doo the movie did.

  • j Fj
    j Fj Hour ago

    Is this Caroline's mother from tvd?

  • bIametheniIe
    bIametheniIe Hour ago

    1:40 slams the sacred codex against the ground twice lol

  • Tigasfer
    Tigasfer Hour ago


  • Aziel
    Aziel Hour ago

    the CGI tho. 😂

  • pashglemor
    pashglemor Hour ago

    Superman soundtrack sounds like monster hunter 😂😊😂

  • Matthew Lewin
    Matthew Lewin Hour ago

    1:30 not the first time jacks used an axe



  • Polanco0098
    Polanco0098 Hour ago

    Hey it’s aberama gold

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    This so awfully bad

  • Tomato Boi
    Tomato Boi Hour ago

    And they're making a sequel of this movie. Make them stop

  • Alex MacIsaac
    Alex MacIsaac Hour ago

    2:28 am I the only one who hears a trumpet noise?

  • mukesh kumar
    mukesh kumar Hour ago

    If you are good at something never do it for free To Joaquin ..

  • Nytromega
    Nytromega Hour ago

    Best Superman : Christopher Reeves Best Clark Kent : Tom Welling

  • FOXY
    FOXY Hour ago

    That stupid face when he shot the mountain

  • krkiva2
    krkiva2 Hour ago

    Dafuq selina

  • Zappa Man
    Zappa Man Hour ago


  • flwrchldent
    flwrchldent Hour ago

    Ew that voice is gross

  • Terrace
    Terrace Hour ago

    0:56 This scene reminds me of Avengers endgame portal! 🤣

  • victoriousvector

    Man I always hated that dinner bully

  • alfazha
    alfazha Hour ago

    Roger Podacter didn't commit suicide, (head jerks violently) he was Batman!

  • Ujjwal Negi
    Ujjwal Negi Hour ago

    We made it😎