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What Car?
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  • Dane Whaley
    Dane Whaley 7 minutes ago

    I don’t know... I will say BMW. But the old bimmer has its issues; the face lifted Audi is boring and muted; waiting for the c class ... it’s refresh was a while ago, so it is not fair to compare it.

  • D K
    D K 2 hours ago

    Even though Mercedez A class interior is nice it lacks a certain symmetry. BMW on the other hand understand and implement symmetrical and more functional interior design.

  • edward clement
    edward clement 2 hours ago

    This guy is English that why he might would pick the Disco, an American would pick the Wrangler perhaps ..........but the man did show correct the wrangler has weakness like comfort room... the wrangler is not perfect as no suv is.... Thats why some Americans would pick the Chevy zr2 ..... And yes all suv can get stuck up even a wrangler rubicon...............................

  • cookiedais
    cookiedais 4 hours ago

    Both of these cars are very good looking , however I would probably choose the Range Rover as i like the sharper lines of the design .

  • LowNslow
    LowNslow 5 hours ago

    The rubicon should have been the winner! It is the KING of offroad!!

  • MsPokey1234
    MsPokey1234 6 hours ago

    Here's what I WANT~ a Simple Electric Car! EX: Use Old style 2 door VW Bug or Honda Accord ~100<200 Mile per charge on 110vac. NO COMPUTER in Dash ~ just a digital readouts~ etc. I will go up to $20,000 = "VOLTSwagon"...............Balls in their court!

  • Riman Jonas Ro
    Riman Jonas Ro 8 hours ago

    Duster undisputable is the winner.

  • paetje18
    paetje18 9 hours ago

    This guy is on the BMW payroll

  • knightwing4
    knightwing4 9 hours ago

    You said that this was a test of their off road ability. How does the Wrangler loose to the Discovery off road. You yourself said it had every advantage except air suspension. In fact it and the G-wagon use the same off road formulas except that the Wrangler can disconnect the front sway bar whereas the Discovery is basically the same as the Range Rover but smaller. If the G-wagon won so should the Wrangler. In fact, in what you said is an off road test it should have won overall. If you wanted an English car to win that bad you should have waited for the Defender and hope for the best but anybody that know anything about off roading knows that you just lied. Even you gave it all of the off road credit but the said Discovery won. That was a bogus off road test. I guess that’s why this is the 1st time I’ve ever heard of this channel.

  • John Lockyer
    John Lockyer 9 hours ago

    Hope there a double cab pickup ...

  • Ciaray Boy
    Ciaray Boy 10 hours ago

    Why is everything centering round the vw Passat? They are nitirous bad for egr valve failure, dpf problems, rattles and squeeks! A mondeo will reach 200k trouble free long before a VAG. That's a fact! Taxi driver with 10 years experience!

  • die_Eisenfaust
    die_Eisenfaust 10 hours ago

    Any off-road test where G-class is present and doesn't win is biased. That's like 100 metres sprint where Usain Bolt is present and doesn't win.

  • Arwen Ubba
    Arwen Ubba 11 hours ago

    This test is no off road test its bullshit. Wranger is the off road car and Discovery the lux for long trips.

  • 100.000 Subscribers Challenge! Without any videos.

    Go downhill in a manual first gear, you got controlled speed also. Plebs

  • merlin gs
    merlin gs 12 hours ago

    The new Tata jimny plus or Tetley jimny plus .

  • congress tart
    congress tart 13 hours ago

    I love my skoda rapid space back which scalable is replaced the rapid

  • Barry Manclark
    Barry Manclark 13 hours ago

    YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR CARS! It's a Baby Landcruiser Parado. Jeep in Australian conditions don't last! USA JUNK! Hairdressers choice.

  • Tarek Dhanani
    Tarek Dhanani 14 hours ago

    you are very biased towards the disco and onroad driving. the Rubi does NOT take 8 people to take the top off - with a pulley, one person; with a cart system, 1 person; or 3 people can realistically take the top off in 20 min tops. i thought this was an best offroad video not an offroad/onroad comparo. boo on your title and your obvious biases.

  • Trends Inspiration
    Trends Inspiration 14 hours ago

    Corolla design is the best

  • Trends Inspiration
    Trends Inspiration 14 hours ago

    I thought Frod stopped making small cars..

  • Wise Guy4U
    Wise Guy4U 14 hours ago

    This Pornstar gives me a chubby.

  • Mick Daly
    Mick Daly 15 hours ago

    Comparison test means test like for like, a hybrid toyota,a petrol toyota a diesel toyota, at that's rate you could compare a Fiat 500,a jaguar and a tesla for 0-60 times, you know who will win,same here in in I knew it would be the vw

  • Ravi Das
    Ravi Das 15 hours ago

    I love how American gets salty when one POS vehicles losses, it's other part of the world people has to think of practicality and insurance premium, not gonna pay more for 1 star ratted jeep

    BOMBA 16 hours ago

    Use faking kilometers

  • mushy koyuncu
    mushy koyuncu 17 hours ago

    What about the 550i...

  • Cornelius Thompson
    Cornelius Thompson 18 hours ago

    Too many reliability problems for Jaguar Land Rover.

  • Livid
    Livid 18 hours ago

    The round with Toyota and Mitsubishi plain unfair. Land cruiser also comes in a 5 door Version but you people chose the 3 door version with shorter wheel base which obviously gives it a fair advantage offroad

  • Spiros Economou
    Spiros Economou 18 hours ago

    So why mention boot space only??? What's under the hood?

  • Spiros Economou
    Spiros Economou 18 hours ago

    I though the British went Metric? I just don't want to convert Miles to Kilometres! At least have the decency to have a conversion of miles to km! Most people on Earth are Metric you know!

  • Ian Nottingham
    Ian Nottingham 19 hours ago

    I could not stop watching and listening to her rather than the bloody car lol. A very beautiful and sophisticated woman to be honest.

    • Oggy Oggy
      Oggy Oggy 14 hours ago

      Yep, I’d throw a wad of fanny batter up that thing, for sure.

  • Ian Nottingham
    Ian Nottingham 19 hours ago

    Screw the car...what a beautiful woman!!!!

  • SDav21
    SDav21 20 hours ago

    Answer is no. Hybrid from Toyota is terrible. Horrible terrible nonsense. The diesel is so efficient and has so much torque. Toyota hybrid has zero torque and makes annoying droning noises.

  • Zendar Dino
    Zendar Dino 22 hours ago

    i hope they r will bring this beutifull car to the malaysia .we r here boring to see ugly honda or toyota

  • Cute little pony!
    Cute little pony! 22 hours ago

    So Honda stopped making the Pilot?

  • Ivan Narvaez
    Ivan Narvaez Day ago

    The video went to the trash when it implies the Disco is a better off roader than a Wrangler. That’s hilarious! 😂😂😂 The Rubicon is the most capable off roader out of the showroom floor. Nothing else comes close.

  • Zachi Yenon Yosef

    I like the car Nice review

  • Robbie nationalist

    Horrible thing

  • Cards Are My Canvas

    Can I tow a small camper with this 2000lbs?

  • Jonathan Chartrand

    I think the ipace would be better in Canadian winters. I also prefer it's gorgeous looks. The rear cargo can accept larger pieces such as powered audio speakers and more.

  • steven moran
    steven moran Day ago

    The car you are testing is the GT Line Premium, you failed to mention the 19 inch wheels which are also narrow than the 18 inch wheels. These give greater economy and, it actually has an 8 speed gearbox giving around 50 mpg round town and 70 plus on a run. It also has the lowest emissions of any other 3008. The keyless and power boot are standard fixtures on that car but, for some reason you bang on about the Allure being the best model to buy. Allure, does not have full self levelling and dipping LED headlights and LED lights everywhere else, nor the keyless, power boot, opening panoramic sunroof or wireless phone charging. Keyless alone is almost £1000 add on! GT Line Premium also has heated front seats and drivers seat massage in cushion and seat back plus inflatable lumbar support. Tip, review the car you are driving not the one two specifications down the list. It’s an even better car than you managed to find out as you knew nothing about the various options the icockpit can do including having the sat nav right in front of your eyes and not on the touchscreen. Or the ability to change the colour of the ambient lighting too plus auto dipping touchscreen and icockpit for driving at night. It’s cheaper to get the GT Line Premium than bolt on the extras on any other model apart, from the GT that has all the toys including, reactive cruise control that with the auto will also stop the car if the traffic slows to a stop. 360 degree cameras also included and uprated Focal audio system but, that does cost you the spare wheel. Only car better is the 5008!

  • Hertog von Berkshire

    3:13, "when you use it, it's quite tricky to use".

  • Camelot
    Camelot Day ago

    Audi will never be in the same class as BMW or Mercedes

  • Wayne Heyes
    Wayne Heyes Day ago

    Toyota needs to wake up! No apple car play or android auto! That is UNACCEPTABLE in new cars

  • M Harris
    M Harris Day ago

    So when’s the real new defender coming out ?

  • King Brilliant

    Jeep Wrangler

  • Amr Ashraf
    Amr Ashraf Day ago

    How much is the ground clearance ?

  • Endz Meet Music

    Toyotas motto "pay top dollar for peanuts" most boring car maker

  • Rick Lyon
    Rick Lyon Day ago

    So Google gets to track your usage in the car, where you go, etc. Oh boy.

  • Michael Simpkins

    Sponsored by VW again

  • Marc Mol
    Marc Mol Day ago

    In OZ the Rav4 will get Apple Car Play & Android Auto from Oct (retro installed) so surprised that UK will not be getting either?

  • Karambit Korea

    Audi is such a terrible car to drive. I bought one from Audi Whetstone and it keeps stopping whilst driving. Danger to others and my self. But Audi Whetstone don't believe it was doing that and blamed my driving after looking at it 3 times. Then I had to take it to a independent garage to prove my point. Now they are fixing it. So why should I accept a a brand new faulty car? But I'm forced to by Audi Whetstone the worst service you'll get after sale is done

  • Nek Lamp
    Nek Lamp Day ago

    The quality of the cheapest Chinese camera is better than the quality of the cameras of the qashqai. I was very disappointed!

  • Renegade Nielsen

    I felt like the taillights (during the day when not lit up) on the first XE were a disaster..so ugly

  • M Jed
    M Jed Day ago

    This is sooooo desperate! And f..... misleading. Go f.... yourself

  • dltmdwnfkdldjs

    hope hydrogen or electric cars soon dominate the world. less polution

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    LOL "real life range" drive 20 miles and extrapolating ... lol you make yourself look bad with "real range" on teslas.

  • 78a67h
    78a67h Day ago

    I don't think you know the difference between the function the centre vs the other differential locks

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe Day ago

    To big for UK car parks

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe Day ago

    How reliable are VW golfs? I had a Passat previously and it was a real lemon

  • Anonim Nimus
    Anonim Nimus Day ago

    Leichte/Dumme und scheizeee Rute

  • Vitor Morais
    Vitor Morais Day ago

    How much did VW pay for this review?

  • Liam Smith
    Liam Smith Day ago

    Quoted 0-60mph in 6.3seconds, not 6.9. Also, do you own a BMW 3 Series ...

  • David Wethington

    If you can drive a Subaru on your course then it's not an off road course. This course is for people that think any position but missionary is taboo and exciting. Try that on a real off road course and the Jeep would be the only thing left. I'm assuming they don't have Toyota 4runners?

    • knightwing4
      knightwing4 9 hours ago

      David Wethington - The G-wagon could do ok if your not scared of getting it dirty. LOL

  • bomberman300ex

    No a Land Rover will not follow a Wrangler around off road. Even with better tires. You have no idea what you are talking about. Or you do and are just lying to everyone.

  • Edward Harrison

    Why spend most of the video comparing these cars interiors? I thought it was a video comparing Diesel, Petrol and Hybrids. A more sensible choice would be to have the same car for each of the engine options

  • Leonardo de Paula Magalhães

    why everybody never shows us the dimensions of the third seat rows?

  • Ryo .Hazuki
    Ryo .Hazuki Day ago

    Less frog looking.

  • linn linn
    linn linn Day ago

    I LOVE JUKE 2011

  • DH
    DH Day ago

    No 4runner?!

  • Paul Brown
    Paul Brown Day ago

    I suppose you are all right driving it because you don't have to look at it. No idea why they are so popular, the ugliest car I have ever seen on Britains roads.

  • Chico Adolpho
    Chico Adolpho Day ago

    Best looking car in the segment for sure.

  • SpxtreBeats
    SpxtreBeats Day ago

    u didnt use a trailhawk renegade lol

  • Rile Stream
    Rile Stream Day ago

    It will take some getting used to. Remember the days when your cellphone had a physical dial? Too much opinionated journalism is not so good either, let the designers and engineers figure it out and you can just show us how it works. After all, if I wanted your opinion, I ‘d give it to you.

  • Drive4fun
    Drive4fun Day ago

    Journalists reviews are pure nonsense, just forgot to say it

  • Drive4fun
    Drive4fun Day ago

    The adjustment of the seat of Corolla is the best in class, fine adjustments can be done with up and down instead but one pull up or down flexibility is at most for many drivers that drives a lot and do get breaks, naps in the car. All three cars are good but the hybrid tech just sends Corolla to the top. Best and only sensible choice for a new car right now

  • Che-Kwon Chung
    Che-Kwon Chung 2 days ago

    If they managed to improve reliability I'm all in

  • Gunfighter Wannabe
    Gunfighter Wannabe 2 days ago

    This video is so dumb. I am a Jimny owner and honestly I really can't understand how an unreliable on-road SUV as the Disco with urban tires, 18" rims, electronic indipendent suspension could beat a pure off roader with live axels and triple locking differential as the wrangler. This is BS. Wanna off road? Take that Disco in the bush or in some remote shitty track for a couple of days and we will see. Disco 1&2 were true off roaders, not that one.

  • valleyboy
    valleyboy 2 days ago

    This guy is clueless!

  • Jacob Geertsen
    Jacob Geertsen 2 days ago

    They must be mental, old and dusty clowns...the TMC hybrid with automatic and latest hightech, is a thrill and no stress to drive (go to hell with the infotainment) - a Golf from 2. World War...why am I even watching this, What "fraud" Car?

  • mauritsvw
    mauritsvw 2 days ago

    All similarity with the old one I can see is the name.

  • R A
    R A 2 days ago

    My volvo v70.

  • Gary Companion
    Gary Companion 2 days ago

    The best off-road vehicle is the JEEP hands-down. These folks were clearly not forthcoming in their findings. G (as I call them, G stands for garbage) - Class and Landcruisers being superior to JEEP? Daft, simply daft!

  • James May
    James May 2 days ago

    The best 4x4 is the cheapest, just add lockers and you will outperform everything without them. Jimny 🤙

    • knightwing4
      knightwing4 9 hours ago

      James May - I wish they would bring it to the US.

  • Wanderlust Jimny
    Wanderlust Jimny 2 days ago

    JIMNY all the way <3

  • Thinking Mantis
    Thinking Mantis 2 days ago

    I would have loved to see an old Defender in this matchup...

  • eaunan
    eaunan 2 days ago

    what? no 4Runner in the mix?? did I miss something? some of these vehicles I wouldn't even consider being a serious off-road vehicle...the whole video is laughable / ridiculous...and sponsored by: Land Rover!! Surprise! ;)

  • NV
    NV 2 days ago

    I'd take the Golf anyday, thanks

  • Erik Granqvist
    Erik Granqvist 2 days ago

    The 1 most valuable thing for going off road: a car you dont care if you destroy it. As soon as you start to wonder what its going to cost to fix those dents and scratchets, you are hamdicapped.

  • Within the Glass
    Within the Glass 2 days ago

    I find too many issues with this video. Wrangler vs Cruiser vs G-class then we can talk

  • TJ Murphy
    TJ Murphy 2 days ago

    I like how she just happened to have a banana

  • Mr11ESSE111
    Mr11ESSE111 2 days ago

    in UK corrola is maybe good option because there is not important if you drive corrola ,ferrari,bmw from 500+hp or (school) bus!! basically all can achieve 112km/h highest speed on highway

  • marvin emprendedor
    marvin emprendedor 2 days ago

    BMW have ruined 1 series

  • Giuseppe Gabriele
    Giuseppe Gabriele 2 days ago


  • nowtleft2
    nowtleft2 2 days ago

    I have one but after 234 miles it refuses to go any more. It doesn’t appear to self charge, am I doing something wrong?

  • Jordan L
    Jordan L 2 days ago

    The touch screens look way more futuristic though... you buy these cars for a game top trumps... A toyota has the same climate controls as a bmw..

  • 300bhpton
    300bhpton 2 days ago

    Best off road has to be the Wrangler then the Jimny. And best overall the Wrangler, as it really isn't that unpleasant on the road. Far from it. A Disco5 is a fine vehicle, but bit and probably prone to too much damage if used off road in anger, plus it is expensive. I notice in the vid they only kept to gentle parts of the site, if they ventured onto the more extreme stuff half of the field would have come back with bits of exterior trim in cardboard boxes.

  • SiloNova
    SiloNova 2 days ago

    Buying the A class since I love my mum's a lot. This peaked my interest... until I saw the design. What were they thinking?! Nevermind, I'll stick with Mercedes...

  • Per Eldh
    Per Eldh 2 days ago

    Please, don't regurgitate what the manufacturer's tell you to say, tell us what YOU think!

  • JB
    JB 2 days ago

    When a Skoda has a better quality interior than the VW equivalent you know something is wrong at VW HQ.

  • Mvrderface
    Mvrderface 2 days ago

    i want a jimny.