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  • Jordi Loredo
    Jordi Loredo 19 minutes ago

    So cute 🥰

  • DG
    DG 3 hours ago

    Please let’s remember that at 1:23 this child isn’t being malicious when they do it. It’s just an accident, please don’t be too harsh on a toddler. And I don’t think this clip would have ever been posting the kitten WAS hurt ya know. Don’t mean to be a butt, just reminding.

  • fred mann
    fred mann 3 hours ago


  • Banasree Medhi
    Banasree Medhi 4 hours ago

    I almost got heart attack at 1.26 , this is not cool at all...I really want to know howz the kitty...

  • Uma Som
    Uma Som 4 hours ago


  • Guillermo trillas cabañas

    Alguien español

  • Princess Lupi
    Princess Lupi 5 hours ago

    Stopped watching at 1:27. Why show this clip, not cute or funny at all!

  • Luna 34
    Luna 34 5 hours ago

    No es bello ver cmo la gente es estupida!!

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus 6 hours ago

    1:23 I just had a mini heart attack 😭😿 :0 The video doesn't show if the kitten is okay!!

    • Kara M
      Kara M 5 hours ago

      Same here. They shouldnt have showed that. Wasnt adorable at all. Poor baby kitten ☹

    • Ohh My Cat
      Ohh My Cat 6 hours ago


  • Kim Meyer
    Kim Meyer 6 hours ago


    CSL GUITAR 8 hours ago

    Good Video

  • Your Daddy Onceler
    Your Daddy Onceler 8 hours ago

    😂 Let the baby eat. 🤣

  • ashwin b
    ashwin b 8 hours ago

    Funny 😆 😇 😇 😇

  • Sarah Hilton
    Sarah Hilton 8 hours ago

    I think the videos are so adorable but 1 video scary me when that kid knocked that kitten out of the way kids should not be near kittens Specially if They are young

    • Sakura Pet Lover
      Sakura Pet Lover 3 hours ago

      agree with you, hope the kitty is alright, god blessed

    • ohhViink o
      ohhViink o 3 hours ago

      Same, i hope the kitten is alright , je should be punished for that so he never ever will do it again , the kitten was so small :(

    • Kara M
      Kara M 6 hours ago

      I didnt like that one myself. Made me mad. Poor kitten

  • Dawn Gayle
    Dawn Gayle 8 hours ago

    Adorable video! 💖💖💖😼🐱🐾🐾

  • Edna Matteson
    Edna Matteson 8 hours ago

    Aww they are so cute meow

  • Ng Alian
    Ng Alian 8 hours ago

    They are all so cute!!😂😂❤️❤️😊😊❤️❤️❤️❤️😂

  • sumit sejwal
    sumit sejwal 8 hours ago

    1st here

  • Melinda Panganiban
    Melinda Panganiban 8 hours ago

    Ha ha ha wow so cut. yeheyyyy full

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  • kayla julia
    kayla julia 9 hours ago

    Cat is so fun

  • Grey John
    Grey John 10 hours ago

    Relax time

  • Lester Miller
    Lester Miller 12 hours ago

    Boy are you lucky I wish my cat would cuddle with me or even a hug now and then. Lucky he almost never let you pick him up. I have a broken defective cat. Love him none the less.

  • Kenny Dresden
    Kenny Dresden 15 hours ago

    Motherfuckers and their smell ass feet 🤣

  • Skeeby Zeeby
    Skeeby Zeeby 16 hours ago

    Cat: *licks foot* Foot: so then anyway i started blasting

  • Melinda Panganiban
    Melinda Panganiban 18 hours ago

    Ha ha ha wow so nice and relaxing......Thats good nice...Happy enjoy.

  • Mikayla Zurita-Claessen

    Some of these just probe those people don't deserve to have a cat

  • Mase Mason
    Mase Mason 22 hours ago

    It smells terrible, I ate a whole one in Singapore. My skin stunk for days. Public transport will not allow you to carry them onboard.

  • Unknown C
    Unknown C Day ago

    0:50 just look

  • Ani muniz
    Ani muniz Day ago

    Fuck oof dogs stupid 🐈cats

  • Unknown C
    Unknown C Day ago

    0:29 the cat looks like kangaroo

  • Валентина Данилова


  • Uma Som
    Uma Som Day ago


  • Melinda Panganiban

    So cute both of you.ha ha

  • Kateryna Sogolova

    I feel sorry for the poor cats 😢😢

  • Cute Cats Funny

  • Melinda Panganiban

    Ha ha ha

  • ashwin b
    ashwin b Day ago

    Funny 😆 😇

  • Kakashi et Naruto Mebarkia

    its so adorable :)))

  • Wins/Fails Videos

    Looking Cat at thumb so funny :))

  • Funny Vines Videos

    Cats so clumsy but they are MY BOSS LOL

  • Funny Daily
    Funny Daily Day ago

    lovely cats doing funniest things <3 love its much

  • Ng Alian
    Ng Alian Day ago

    They're adorable :))

  • Anna Kraszewska

    To nie jest śmieszne

  • TOP 1 in everything

    Clumsiness is the beauty of cats ❤🐈😻❤

  • Demon Ash
    Demon Ash Day ago

    Openminded teacher 17

  • sere BROBRO
    sere BROBRO Day ago

    Kind teacher 14

  • Lil Kittens Kawaii Edits!

    Cat: this real and no toy? Oh...uhm Mouse: leave me alone Cat: I didnt do anything Mouse: Touch my tail and you're dead...... Cat: Whatever

  • Dark_ Andjorik

    Enthusiastic mechanic 57

  • Алексей Васильев

    Athletic savior 78

  • Никита Третьяков

    Poetic warrior 08

  • Grey John
    Grey John Day ago

    Cat are kittens to signal to their mother.

  • djorjia1
    djorjia1 Day ago

    Kind warrior 43

  • Pets Paws
    Pets Paws Day ago

    Funny 🥰😂

  • Edna Matteson
    Edna Matteson Day ago

    Music make this video funny :v

  • Умар Хехоев

    Clever designer 82

  • Hanory Goldie
    Hanory Goldie Day ago

    "Enthusiastic hunter 20"

    OOFBLOX! Day ago

    I Love Cats...Cats Is The Cute Animal In The World..

  • Can I get Subscribers for some reason questionmark?

    Fun fact: Cats only use their meows to talk to humans, not each other. The only time they meow to communicate with other felines is when they are kittens to signal to their mother. So try to meow back to them sometimes

  • I'mNotYoungTYYW

    I tried to throw a cucumber near a random cat and it looked at me like bxtch you tried it 🐈😂

  • Melinda Panganiban

    Ha ha ha so funny

  • Binay. krisna maji maji

    Cat @ seam kotas English neam I no .

  • Binay. krisna maji maji

    Cat seam. kotas inglish nam I is na

  • Ramdan Karim
    Ramdan Karim Day ago


  • Cat Obsession
    Cat Obsession Day ago

    1:12 Cats are ornery! Love it.

  • Khalil El guech
    Khalil El guech 2 days ago

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhh a été mis en place

  • jazmeen Jake
    jazmeen Jake 2 days ago

    I like the third cat response, looking at the owner feet and thinking dude your leg stink!!

  • jacksarimat funny cat

    Very Cute cat&dog😍😍 Would you🙏 to see my original video cat hunting rat😍🙏 Please give advise😍🙏

  • Heed My Warning
    Heed My Warning 2 days ago

    Mmmmm..... "poo paws".

  • Nozim Rahmonov
    Nozim Rahmonov 2 days ago


  • Cinta Gantyna
    Cinta Gantyna 2 days ago

    Oh very funny...

  • MashUp Zone1
    MashUp Zone1 2 days ago Babies first word

  • MashUp Zone1
    MashUp Zone1 2 days ago Babies first word

  • selvakumar Manju
    selvakumar Manju 2 days ago

    Very very super 😘😘

  • Tori TheAlien
    Tori TheAlien 2 days ago

    Cats have such kissable cheeks. I love kissing my cats

  • Myke Newton
    Myke Newton 2 days ago

    It's amazing how cats can do that

  • Bailey Angus
    Bailey Angus 2 days ago

    First video, Just a cat casually walking the dog !

  • Carlotta H
    Carlotta H 2 days ago

    I like this so much more than the cucumber videos. This isn't mean, it's sweet. More of these.

  • Kateryna Sogolova
    Kateryna Sogolova 2 days ago

    Very good thanks😀😃

  • K Fenris
    K Fenris 3 days ago

    Gotta love cats! ^^

  • Witt Wittwer
    Witt Wittwer 3 days ago

    Somehow my cat Toyoko-chan can tell when I slice cheese fro my crackers, even if she is in another room. Then she gets as close to me as she can, and places herself where she can smell and demand the cheese. She likes mild cheddar & Swiss, but doesn't care for soft cheeses like brie and Camembert. I break off small pieces of cheese and feed them to her until she decides she doesn't want any more. Toyoko has NEVER exhibited the behavior of the cats in this video.

  • S
    S 3 days ago


  • ashwin b
    ashwin b 3 days ago

    Sweet 😻 🌼🌷🌸🌺🌻

  • جارمين كيل

    There are exceptions:

  • Funny Vines Videos
    Funny Vines Videos 3 days ago

    Thumb looking so funny :*

  • Ng Alian
    Ng Alian 3 days ago

    Love them all. Want them all😍😍😍

  • Funny Daily
    Funny Daily 3 days ago

    first clip dog lead cat looking so fun :)

  • Guadalupe Montejo
    Guadalupe Montejo 3 days ago

    Lol cats and dogs fighting they will NERVER be homies hahaha 😁

  • Jordi Loredo
    Jordi Loredo 3 days ago

    All these cat videos are so cute and funny

  • Melinda Panganiban
    Melinda Panganiban 3 days ago

    Ha ha ha so sweet

  • Hana Vaclavova
    Hana Vaclavova 3 days ago


  • Malaysia77 Malaysia

    Bad Dog's Atteck to cat. Is this funny video's? ...Stupid 👎

  • sefora Gaspar
    sefora Gaspar 3 days ago

    Waaa și funny/cuteeee

  • Hall Jame
    Hall Jame 3 days ago

    1:08 The dog is so smart

  • Edna Matteson
    Edna Matteson 3 days ago

    aww this fight never endless haha

  • Tlepsh Shogenov
    Tlepsh Shogenov 3 days ago

    Brave hunter 56

  • Gazizolla Serikov
    Gazizolla Serikov 3 days ago


    JONY MEN 3 days ago

    Clever soldier 24

  • June Stevens
    June Stevens 3 days ago

    Doo cute when.... all of it 😂❤