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  • Phoenix G
    Phoenix G Minute ago


    OTIS USSERY Minute ago

    Meghan knew what she was signing up for..." If you want fame and fortune that is the trade off"

  • gjb gj
    gjb gj 2 minutes ago

    Dear Sir, Your Highness Prince Harry why did you do this i still dont understand, why it was necessary just why, you both brothers are amazing and very good have great respect for you both, and The Queen what a great personality salute and so much respect to all the British Royal Family, like always.

  • Fanta Graham
    Fanta Graham 3 minutes ago

    F'ing traitor 2 her own people

  • Ez_soy_ yo.
    Ez_soy_ yo. 3 minutes ago

    He's a clown..why would I want to take any chances, now days you can't trust anyone, he's a disgrace to the Arabic community.. Don't really encourage spankings but he's dad should've spanked him and thought him some good manners.. Shame...shame...

  • Mikee
    Mikee 4 minutes ago

    This is why we need to uphold the 2nd amendment!

  • M Schleiffers
    M Schleiffers 5 minutes ago

    This was a child play area. Why was the window open with no screen or bars or protection for this sort of thing to be avoided? If the ship was docked I can understand not feeling any air from the outside. The cruise ship is responsible for negligence by having an open window in a place where something could so easily go wrong!!!

  • berightwithyou
    berightwithyou 7 minutes ago

    Black community dont give a damn about black girls. Smh people blaming a 14 yr old. Smh. A white man would have been arrested and prosecuted for molestation because white people value themselves and their kids. Theres tons of white sex offenders on the registry in areas....the blk ones don't get reported..... WHY? Because blk people dont give a damn .

  • dot dot
    dot dot 8 minutes ago

    It’s almost like the local government like to overspend other peoples money to get some off the top for themselves. Almost...

  • tom tomfefef
    tom tomfefef 8 minutes ago

    Yawn,fake news

  • Dark. scenes3578
    Dark. scenes3578 9 minutes ago

    Whoever Kidnapped her needs to have their head chopped off

  • Wil Adams
    Wil Adams 10 minutes ago

    I used to look up to Oprah as a child but she’s a Benedict Arnold to the black community

  • U Major
    U Major 13 minutes ago

    Y do 🇺🇸 presidents & military generals lie so much 2d 🇺🇸 pple🤔. There were casualities here, this xplosion 4rm an actual precision guarded missile didnt look like something out of hollywood movie, it was real & despite the early warning soldiers died here. Trump & MSM r hiding facts to save face.

  • Ticia o
    Ticia o 14 minutes ago

    I think the big question is why is it she is only focus on the black men! Why not make one for all of the men that did this. ? It really has nothing to do with trying too intimidated.

  • Robin Nightfall
    Robin Nightfall 15 minutes ago

    I want designer babies, studying them and using their genes might cure diseases or something

  • Britt V
    Britt V 17 minutes ago

    Hes so brave for doing this, it's so hard to talk about my mental illness.

  • TheRushtime
    TheRushtime 18 minutes ago

    Could you please add the captions?

  • Mark Rodriguez
    Mark Rodriguez 19 minutes ago

    What losers

  • god emperor almighty forefather TRUMP

    Calling them American dirt, Mexicans ain't that dumb

  • tee 00000
    tee 00000 21 minute ago

    Matt Lauer the sodomite les moon vez all the Catholic priests

  • Infantry Gunner
    Infantry Gunner 22 minutes ago

    Hey this is silly don't let words hurt you.

  • Jim Menard
    Jim Menard 22 minutes ago

    Demonrat ophrah who is involved with Weinstein and PEDOPHILIA yah that's her and this is not about illegals struggling this is about using illegals to Vote ILLEGALLY in America so the demonrats can Stay in POWER. IT WON'T WORK ANYMORE

  • tee 00000
    tee 00000 23 minutes ago

    Charlie Rose Charlie Rose Charlie Rose

  • juicymetra
    juicymetra 24 minutes ago

    US authorities reported a single imported case of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) from Wuhan, China to Everett, Wash., US on Jan. 21. The infected individual is a resident of Snohomish County, Wash. and had returned from a trip to Wuhan, China on Jan. 15. The infected individual presented with symptoms to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett, Wash., on Jan. 19 and was diagnosed Jan. 20. The individual is receiving treatment in isolation. The US CDC has assessed the wider risk to the public to be low. This report represents the most complete information available as of Jan. 21.

  • MO MO
    MO MO 28 minutes ago

    2 dead pigs. Why is this news. A dead cop is good cop!

  • Jason A. Palmer
    Jason A. Palmer 30 minutes ago

    Why is everything cbs and sister companies cover the opposite of the truth?White supremacists are almost non existent and yet to hear them tell it they are everywhere and dangerous lol, yeah right.These men look more like antifa or communists both of which are a much bigger threat then white supremacists.But they aren't after white supremacists, they are after all white people period.Fake news like always.This country needs a free press, you can't have an informed population when the only news they get is controlled fake propaganda.They have no way to figure out what is true or not.Just remember if it's on msm it's probably not true.Msm has become like the tabloid papers you see when checking out at the grocery store.But the tabloids probably have more truth than msm.Quit watching it you will feel alot better.And remember that the mainstream news is not a good representation of the real world at all.Its all propaganda and no news.

  • Big D CaliLove
    Big D CaliLove 32 minutes ago

    Trial done in the dark.! No witnesses allowed ! No evidence allowed ! No media allowed! No wonder why Trump is in Switzerland chilling!

  • Tashya M
    Tashya M 32 minutes ago

    #Yang2020 #HumanCenteredCapitalism #HumanityFirst

  • Brave Soul
    Brave Soul 33 minutes ago

    We all need to have humanity and the courage to listen, before we judge others. Be kind😇

  • adrian collette
    adrian collette 34 minutes ago

    Chief Justice Roberts “role” is to rubber stamp trumps win. What would Facism be without a rubber stamp guy.

  • William Gamblin
    William Gamblin 34 minutes ago

    Looks like grandpa did it

  • Mike Grayson
    Mike Grayson 35 minutes ago

    He would of been smarter to go on disability and wait to see if he could get his insurance to pay for surgery. I never go to the doctors unless I know what I have to pay.

  • FyeJeans.
    FyeJeans. 35 minutes ago

    I believe them.

  • Thomas DeCarlo
    Thomas DeCarlo 38 minutes ago

    I understand she did not do bios on any of them but I find it interesting she publicly condemned all the white men before they were found guilty in court ( with evidence ) but she steps back from publicly condemning the black man since he has not been found guilty in court. Double standards. She stands with her fellow women but will not publicly condemn him. Trying to make both sides happy.

  • Kebreon Pratt
    Kebreon Pratt 44 minutes ago

    Oprah is faker than fake 😒

  • Katie Williams
    Katie Williams 44 minutes ago

    Just sad that he giving up his royal duties with his family so sad

  • Mystery Playa
    Mystery Playa 56 minutes ago

    You imagine being a homeless person In America and hearing about democrats giving illegal immigrants free healthcare, free housing, free food it’s sad democrats care more about illegals than our Americans dying on the streets with nothing.

  • Pain in the RC
    Pain in the RC 56 minutes ago

    As a father myself if that had happened by any kind of way accident or not..........I would have jumped straight in afterwards "life or death" that poor kid 😥

  • chekk onetwo
    chekk onetwo 56 minutes ago

    She should write a book about the middle and upper class. Ya know, the people who actually allow her to be an author and say what she wants. God Bless America 🇺🇸

  • Anna Hand
    Anna Hand 57 minutes ago

    Anyone else hear the little sorry at the beginning

  • J W
    J W 58 minutes ago

    Harpo the clown!!!

  • btc_real
    btc_real 58 minutes ago

    I love you Oprah and support you

  • Tedjanae Harris
    Tedjanae Harris 59 minutes ago

    To all the anti Muslims yes he is Muslim and there is nothing wrong with people acknowledging the fact because if he was going around bombing ish it would be the number one focus so there is nothing wrong with people acknowledging that and putting light on the positive aspects and good acts of kindness so please stop hating it's bad for your soul.. alhamdulillah for this brother may Allah reward you with great in this life and the hereafter and may he protect you family from the painful punishment of the fire, and may he bless you to intercede for 70 members of your family Ameen

  • Johnny Hinton
    Johnny Hinton 59 minutes ago

    I must say this.30+ yrs ago As kids we thought of doing that.But we knew our parents would f... us up on SIGHT If we got caught doing anything close to that.So guess what we didn't do.? See parents train and direct your CHILD on which way they should go. At all TIMES..

  • Goldie O
    Goldie O Hour ago

    #1 it's pointless to give a child under 6 months any vaccine. Wait until their own immune system developes, and breast feeding passes immunity to your child until then. #2 Do these parents truly understand the extent of extremely high maintenance an autistic child can be? #3 Read the drug inserts to get a clear picture of the studies and issues of every vaccine if you're worried. Clears up a lot of ignorance. Otherwise, autism seen after vaccines would be so major an issue that doctors across the country would be raising a stink. It's not all a conspiracy against us. Let's get educated rather than say they do or don't cause autism. Lastly: Explain why instead of a dance, doctor. That would cure most of the ignorant hate you're getting because you'd be educating. Hello? That is part of your job, at least it used to be before you were born.

  • Riikean •
    Riikean • Hour ago

    She and her white supremacist gang crucified an innocent black - dead man to protect her white friends and see how people see her true colour now. Bad karma is real. Sometimes your own people can stab you behind your back but no matter how hard you try with all the money and power you have, you can't hide the truth.

  • Mohan Thomas
    Mohan Thomas Hour ago

    Good ,continue kids.

  • karin maria palinoan

    Because he is a black people

  • Augustus Thurinus

    This woman is annoyingly stupid.

  • Anonymous Alias
    Anonymous Alias Hour ago

    Thats why officers should come to the scene ready for battle, this is what happens when you lower your guard.

  • Oh hi
    Oh hi Hour ago

    I thought a christian taylor was someone who made clothes for the pope.

  • Kent Horvath
    Kent Horvath Hour ago

    "American Dirt" author on why awareness of immigrants' struggles is so important: it's not important.

  • Mr. Q
    Mr. Q Hour ago

    In Soviet Russia, assassins escaping president attempts =))))

  • Kalinaki Lawrence

    King and Oprah you will never be a white. Also me too white people not only black people.

  • Janet M.
    Janet M. Hour ago

    You know Gale..I guess you cant control what they tell you to report...but you ought to wonder why you get certian stories. This is a bigger issue here.Congrats to Harry for being a Man in protecting his wife and child.He lost his Mother because of a chase towards prejudice. He was not a troubled child just a grieving one. May God continue to bless them.Best Regards to Meghan n Harry!❤🤗😇🙏

  • James Smith
    James Smith Hour ago

    Who still goes here.

  • Rory Lion
    Rory Lion Hour ago

    Sounds like they made the right decision to get rid of she’s squawking sexual harassment....typical low trick practiced by low females.

  • Henry Jones
    Henry Jones Hour ago

    These cities should hire our Vets. True Vet were able to bring Saddam Hussein in to justice. They weren't trigger happy sissies. Give police jobs to true soldier that are train to handle any pressure.

  • Michael Gibb
    Michael Gibb Hour ago

    The only people who resort to threats of violence, are those who have no facts on their side. It's an act of desperation. The fact is vaccines are safe. They are rigorously tested to ensure they're safe, having to go through multiple stages of testing, which can take several years. Vaccines are in fact subject to much higher safety standards too, because they are designed to be given to healthy bodies. Furthermore, studies have been done looking at the risk of the MMR vaccine causing Autism. Just last year a large cohort study was published, in which the medical data of more than 600,000 children born in Denmark between 1999 and 2010, was analysed to determine Austism rates amongst both those who received the MMR and those who had not. The result of that study shows there is no statistically meaningful difference between the Autism rates of the two demographics. That study is publicly available, in the following link: And that's a follow up to a different study published in 2002 which looked at more than half a million Danish children born between 1991 and 1998. And like the later study, that one produced the same conclusion, that there is no statistically meaningful difference in the Autism rates of vaccinated and unvaccinated children. That study can be found in the following link: That fact is ever since that discredited whack-job published his now refuted study back in 1998, scientists have been studying this issue in great depth. And in addition to no one being able to produce the same results he described in his paper, there has also been countless other longitudinal studies which have shown no correlation between MMR vaccination rate and Autism rates.

  • AtzX Tan
    AtzX Tan Hour ago

    Probably because of her boyfriend Ahhahahahahahah

  • Henry Jones
    Henry Jones Hour ago

    If these officers would start getting the death penalty then it would end alot of murders

  • Pinchers Badu
    Pinchers Badu Hour ago

    Sad many don't know that even the white people and the Arabs are here in Africa scamming people from all over the world big time. And Africans and other continents don't talk about that. Africans are learning if you are to compare them with the whites and the Arabs.

  • Royallamonique gsrsrxtct

    No planting false evidence

  • AK Iban
    AK Iban Hour ago

    'creative control'??? I thought she was trying to project facts?

  • Front Runner
    Front Runner Hour ago

    Are we ALL forgetting Oprah and Gayle King's relationship with Harvey Weinstein???!!! OPRAH AND HERS ARE ALL ADRENOCHROME DRINKING PEDOPHILES!!!!!!👹👶👦👧🍕🌭🥑

    • J W
      J W 51 minute ago

      Gail and Harpo are racist anyway

  • Lester Randolph
    Lester Randolph Hour ago

    She is full of it she's the Donkey of the Day

  • DreamSteal
    DreamSteal Hour ago

    Did they have a translator there with them..?

  • smitdiot
    smitdiot Hour ago

    Ha typical Massholes. Massachusetts is America’s armpit

  • quaztron
    quaztron Hour ago

    I know what to do. Let President Donald Trump decide this. He knows everything about everything. Won't waste time fully evaluating all evidence or use of so-called "experts". Obviously the cruise line is right - they have the most money. They proved it when they leaked this video.

  • Little Orange Dee

    His wife saw that he was sad so she sent an angel to give him a purpose. :) im not crying, you are.

  • LoL SwinG
    LoL SwinG Hour ago

    it got to us..

  • God Bless Jamaica

    I loved Princess Diana and went to her funeral. Harry is a product of his mothers strength. I'm proud of them both for stepping out of the bubble and walking their own path. I wish them the best but with the recent paparazzi pictures today, I'm not sure if they will find peace they are looking for.

  • Mark Hunt
    Mark Hunt Hour ago

    Well I was a pediatrician. If you ask for the MMR vaccine , in opened you can see the side effects on the labeling. And some companies state as a side effect autism. Your welcome. Just get your vaccines in opened so you can see the side effects and make sure you make the right choices.

  • uhadme
    uhadme Hour ago

    Paid income tax to Uncle Sam starting at age 12.. people couldn't legally hire me before that and paid me in cash. (SSI records verify I started working at age 12 legally). I ate dirt around age 5.. ate dog food from back porch of random people... couldn't talk to people or they would call the police and police would return me to monsters. Now I'm 57 years old and have seen so many people that live in America and have no shelter or food. 'they' know majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck born here or there.. So why do you think they're exploiting this issue?

  • A Johnson
    A Johnson Hour ago

    Oprah is a good mami. Glad she pulled out of that documentary 50 cent called her out on.

  • Jlitt1129
    Jlitt1129 Hour ago

    They only did that becuz there libtard friends were in a deep depression and crying and they wanted to look like tuff guys😐

  • GC Durnin
    GC Durnin Hour ago

    why do ppl think that a crime they committed and got away with for a time isnt going to be punishable ever? we have stalkers here who think that they should get away with performing terrorist attacks on innocent ppl bc the criminals are addicts, mentally ill, homeless, or single moms. Organized stalking is a federal crime in the US and an international crime by interpol standards. Those ppl are going to federal prison and ppl all over the world are forming human rights groups to stop their crimes. it is unfortunate that their lives are crummy but that doesnt excuse them hurting others. this woman had no right to the life she enjoyed in the US bc she took it illegally. this is no different than robbing a bank and enjoying the ill gotten money for 20 years just bc the criminal wasnt apphrehended at the time the crime was committed.

  • Smoke Signals
    Smoke Signals Hour ago

    Do a documentary on DJ Kidd, a.k.a. Jason Pope. That's a story the nation should know, you have over 600 women to defend, Oh but damn! Their black women and the perpetrator is white, can't do that,

  • Jlitt1129
    Jlitt1129 Hour ago

    Funny I only seen black brown and gay white men in the cast so I wouldn’t say it shows what America looks like exactly😐

  • michael turner
    michael turner Hour ago

    1561..."when hempe is spoone, england is done" hempe Henry Edward Mary Philip Elizabeth

  • Victor Reyes
    Victor Reyes Hour ago

    The world need more humans like this! #LoveNotHate #USA1

  • mountopian 1
    mountopian 1 Hour ago

    The dislikes tend to disagree with you Oprah!

  • PacifierMusic
    PacifierMusic Hour ago

    Why are people just standing there watching them steal? Do something.

  • Georgie Porgie
    Georgie Porgie Hour ago

    Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  • farhad sayed
    farhad sayed Hour ago

    The war didn't start because US radars couldn't stop the in coming rockets. Iran showed the West their might. Otherwise, you think the imperialists would stop firing back!

  • Raul Garza
    Raul Garza Hour ago

    This whole family lied about the facts all of them are sick individuals Mom and dad where not around and Grandpa came along and killed this poor little girl...this is stupidity at its finest but please dont pass it along as an accident you knew what you were doing

  • Rocky Koast
    Rocky Koast 2 hours ago

    Jim Jordan - thé will of the American people is this. 1. Trump lost the popular vote. 2 The majority of Americans want Trump removed from office. Your duty to the people you supposedly represent is clear. Fail in your duty and you're likely to suffer the consequences at future elections.

    ENCRYPT3DBR0K3R 2 hours ago

    Check LukeWeAreChange channel on TVclip.. .they actually went on this guys island and filmed it!

  • Rhonda Colvin
    Rhonda Colvin 2 hours ago

    It's called REPARATION!

    IMDETACHT 2 hours ago

    If she is so native, then why isn’t she out in standing rock... I get it Liz, my great great great great grandma was the queen of England.

  • Exoti4cGamer_ xX
    Exoti4cGamer_ xX 2 hours ago

    He’s Indian of corse

  • King
    King 2 hours ago

    worse case scenario global recession is coming.

  • green eyes 2
    green eyes 2 2 hours ago

    Democrats look terrible I know two DNC officials on a local level and they are losing support to the point that they are really concerned this may be the end for them.

    • Chelsea Runyan
      Chelsea Runyan 57 minutes ago

      Republican are sweating bullets now good luck democrats!

  • Raul Garza
    Raul Garza 2 hours ago

    This Sick FN family are money hungry they can care less about that little girl dying if anything they planned this do us all a favor and don't have anymore kids

  • concerned citizen
    concerned citizen 2 hours ago


  • C snook
    C snook 2 hours ago

    If I was holed up in my house and cops came charging in I would shoot too! You got to be smarter than that copper!

  • Jay Are
    Jay Are 2 hours ago

    “Really disturbing story, Adrianna. Thank you.”

  • Samuel Mahmud
    Samuel Mahmud 2 hours ago

    Great move!

  • Tron_23
    Tron_23 2 hours ago

    Are you concerned with legal immigrants or illegal aliens? I could care less about the struggles of illegal aliens. Don't commit crimes how about that 🤷‍♂️

  • eric grosvenor
    eric grosvenor 2 hours ago

    This building was constructed without piling ??? Wow. I thought that was mandatory. I deliver for concrete pilings often and there are lots and lots of pilings poured before the structure begins. Cheap greedy people.