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  • Jason Born
    Jason Born 2 months ago

    CBS doesn't care about treatment of women--they won't even publicly address 3 network employees alleging sexual misconduct from Charlie Rose. Even when Gayle King said "We're not shying away from this story" the permissive culture at CBS quietly sweeps this matter under the rug, this website deleted their own Nov 22 segment where Gayle seemed so upset about this internal misconduct, but Norah still says CBS is a great place to work! Hahahahaha. This network is a laughing stock afraid to address the elephant in their own room.

  • Barry
    Barry 2 months ago

    Blocked...Where is that app for getting around that? it is...asshats!

  • Jason Born
    Jason Born 2 months ago

    Charlie Rose's name credits should be removed from this Morning Show youtube page for starters. Next if Gayle, Norah and Bianna are truly committed to ending sexual harassment and advocating for women they need to report on allegations in their network. Three CBS employees have now implicated Rose for sexual misconduct, and a potential culture of sexual harassment and male intimidation at CBS need addressed. For this Emmy Award-winning newscast to maintain any sense of credibility the anchors need to encourage these females to tell their stories, even if explained in silhouette and altered voice. For CBS to avoid reporting on these internal allegations their credibility is questionable as advocates for female equality. And why did CBS Morning Show delete their November 22 segment on Charlie Rose CBS employee allegations? Please come clean to your subscribers, and explain why these CBS female employees work in a media culture that makes them uncomfortable to publicly expose the truth. Norah O'Donnell 11/21: "I'm really proud to work at CBS News." Please do not ignore the white elephant in your room.

  • johnathan3373
    johnathan3373 3 months ago

    what is wrong with the damn website?

  • Abi
    Abi 3 months ago

    Why has CBS news remained totally silent about treasonous Hillary Clinton Uranium 1 scandal. For a year the Fake news industrial coplex and the Democrat s and Hillary and Podesta and Ben Rhoades have been slinging mus against President Trump and his team. None of it has produced an iota of evidence that Trump campaign colluded with the Russians. But now we have had an explosion of scandals involving Hillary Clinton that are all true and point directly to Hillary and the DNC. 1 The Uranium 1 deal with Russia--selling our Uranium to Russia and Russia paying Clinton Foundation millions of dollars--that's TREASON. That Obama's DOJ and FBI signed off on it shows how corrupt the DOJ and FBI have become. 2. There is the dodgy dossier which is about Russian disinformation being used to slander DT and the CBS and other media outlets--CNN, ABC, MSNBC etc ran with it. Then there is #3 James Comey using that disinformation to createe a special prosecutor trigger that is used to investigate the President and lastly there is the Fusion GPS scandal. Boy CBS - why so silent?

    GIGGLR 4 months ago

    If a zombie shat in the woods and there were no lions about to eat it, would fecal matter?

  • Christel Mayer
    Christel Mayer 4 months ago

    Watching CBS this morning is turning out to be a huge job for me. Love Charlie Rose and that is the ONLY reason I watch these news. A few seconds of news coverage, then comes a 10-15 add attack, sliding the various ads into each other as if it were one subject, like dogfood and Toyota?? During that time, I make my bed, wash my face, then I watch the real news for the few seconds provided, then I brush my teeth and put water in the kettle for coffee, then I change my dog's water, then I get another few seconds of news if I am lucky! This is ridiculous and is consumer abuse! Do you really think your clientele is so stupid not to notice how you weave ALL your ads with a few news tidbits? Thanks for PBS!

  • Paolo Rossi
    Paolo Rossi 4 months ago

    This is fake news channel.

  • Honcho82
    Honcho82 4 months ago

    Shame on you for blocking comments on your videos. The truth will set you free. What are you afraid of? People asking honest questions?

  • oldspammer
    oldspammer 4 months ago

    From Canada I subscribe to cable TV that has all the major USA TV networks, including yours. I had to watch the JFK diary Hitler story on Daily Motion video web site since you arbitrarily have your TVclip video(s) forbidden for where I am geographically. Why the emphasis on sales market territory for this? What accommodation in future can you make for TV subscribers like me?

  • Mud-Lust
    Mud-Lust 4 months ago

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. youe content prbably sucks anyway

  • DerangedSpyder
    DerangedSpyder 5 months ago

    CBS this morning, worried about how many scoops of ice cream people have. Way to stay on top of the important facts.

    RICHARD LUKENBACH 5 months ago

    one more chance to unite the country with our president no more fake news or my large family of 12 children and theirs are going

  • Steve Me
    Steve Me 5 months ago

    I'm proud to say that my Grandfather James W. Smith is here still today to share with me and so many others about the U.S.S Indianapolis and the true story on what happen to them ( the crew of the U.S.S Indianapolis) those 5 days. I love you Grandpa and to those that have passed on may they finally find peace with our Father in Heaven... Thank you to all that have help find his ship and to CBS for reporting this story about the finding of my Grandfathers ship. By: Steven Wayne Edwards Jr grandson of James W. Smith

  • Astynax777
    Astynax777 6 months ago

    Google fires engineer over memo "advancing harmful gender stereotypes" video got removed by CBS. In the video they started off by saying "A white male employee of Google..."

  • Fred Norman
    Fred Norman 7 months ago

    CBS can not report anything good about the president or his administration, they are losing any credibility they may of had I no longer watch anything on CBS all my friends say the same thing.

  • Tomas Westerlund
    Tomas Westerlund 8 months ago

    Your panel is nothing but a cosmic joke.

  • bob bob
    bob bob 9 months ago

    While I enjoy the commercials, the news breaks are great, way not to sell out

    • Christel Mayer
      Christel Mayer 4 months ago

      The commercials are woven together as if they were one subject matter- the dogfood with the Toyota and the Lawsuit channels-all one event for as many as 10-15 ads in a row to see a few seconds of not very informative news.

  • Ail'enduril
    Ail'enduril 9 months ago

    even Chris Cornells death is used for their agenda. FUCK YOU!

  • bluumax
    bluumax 9 months ago

    Comments are disabled makes you PUSSIES. Afraid of something libtards?

  • Ric Ben-Safed
    Ric Ben-Safed 9 months ago

    CBS This morning, just blew the interview with Sen Rand Paul..."Didn't ask him whether it was okay to him that the photos of the Trump meeting with the Russians came from Tass, as u.s. news photographers were deliberately excluded from the Oval Office. Sharpen up CBS This morning, ask the pertinent question.

  • D Holtman
    D Holtman 9 months ago

    CBS News can't handle comments on their videos.... lol!

  • Brian W
    Brian W 9 months ago

    really? REALLY? your glassy eyed snowflake so called reporter complains about $300,000 expense that Pres. Trump cost taxpayers??? When did you EVER say anything about all of the many frivolous ridiculous multi MILLION dollar trips that the Obamas made, with their many friends (with or without Barack) You are a bunch of lying, left wing propagandists!! If you were really producing the news, you would show a comparison! Do you really think we are all that ignorant? Your stupidity is showing, and grows more every day!

  • Danny Boy Jango
    Danny Boy Jango 9 months ago

    Stop fucking disabling comments. Are you guys this dumb?

  • Robert McPherson
    Robert McPherson 9 months ago

    5/1 at the White House. The usual excellent Charlie, Nora, & Gayle. Excellent lighting, video & audio quality. BUT - What was going on with the near constant use of the camera (Louma?) crane in the East Room? I like moving aerial shots, but the CONSTANT use yesterday was ridiculous. Also, one of the floor cameras (Center?) seemed to be drifting slightly to the left & right a lot. Elegant shots are more effective when they aren't overused to the point they call attention to themselves. Please call this to the attention of the producer & director for yesterday's remote. Was it a Washington Crew or a New York crew?

  • havocmaster69
    havocmaster69 9 months ago

    Like Killary Clinton our comments are Libtardabled

  • thegreatmonster
    thegreatmonster 9 months ago

    And a GOODNIGHT to ya sir! What a bunch of ... (Hey John, why don't you "figure this one out for yourself" too, huh? C'mon, give it your best shot.) What a lost opportunity!

  • thegreatmonster
    thegreatmonster 9 months ago

    Yo +CBS This Morning, on that interview John Dickerson held with that silly child, I'd like to say the following: 07:48 Follow-up question should have been: Can you give me an example of such a "difficulty"? 07:51 Not even needed to be asked. Better was to ask: "In what way?", or "What did you find inappropriate?" 07:52 Better had responded: "You are my only source, why won't you try to explain to me what you found so upsetting?" 08:08 A better reaction would have been: "Did your position changed, if you are not any longer standing by that?" 08:10 "What can I take 'the way' I want? What way should I bend this?" To ask for more clarification. He's the one uttering these stuff. Who else does know what is there to know about what comes out of his mouth? 08:12 ""Proven strongly" on what points? Could you tell me how?", would have been a right question here. 08:16 "Discussed with or by whom?" 08:25 "Was this the origin of the idea behind the claim?" Why did he not say so, or in these words? 08:34 John Dickerson should have been saying: "Why should I take it how it dawned on me? You shouldn't leave me in the dark here?" 08:43 "Is this really something that can be dealt with by opinions?" John should have been asking. Hope it helps you or John in the future. Because this sucker is outnumbering you lot, and you are like a deer looking into the headlights of a truck that's about to hit it.

  • Nume Moon
    Nume Moon 9 months ago

    When you shut off comments on your videos you're telling me not to watch.

  • Mark Peoples
    Mark Peoples 10 months ago

    Why would the staff of CBS THIS MORNING continue to laugh as they report the heist of a 220 pound gold coin, a Canadian coin known as the "Big Maple Leaf" that is worth more than $4 million, from a German museum? The host of CBS THIS MORNING reported this and laughed through their entire report saying it probably would end in meltdown. Good Professional Journalism!

  • Third Position
    Third Position Year ago

    When your propaganda is so fake that you re brand and call yourself "real news". TRUMP 2020!

    • Abi
      Abi 3 months ago

      Hillary collusion with Russia, DNC collusion with Russia = Trump 2020

  • GM Freeman
    GM Freeman Year ago

    CBS, will you please stop with all the FAKE news you keep pumping out. You are acting against the American People. Quit lying to us.

    • Abi
      Abi 3 months ago

      Really Dave Allen. The Real story is Hillary and DNC colluding with Russia as Sec of State. Dems have the tables now turned on them. Lock her up.

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      +Dave Allen You go ahead and believe these paid political elite propagandists. They are owned by Obama, Hillary, and friends. Pumping out their twisted political views, and brainwashing the sheeple like you.

    • Dave Allen
      Dave Allen Year ago

      So it's "fake news" if you don't like it, huh? You and the So Called President are undermining one of the finest news organizations in the world who are truly protectors of democracy, but that's okay because it will all come out in the end. Just keep the blinders on and ignorantly believe everything that comes out of the clown's mouth. You have been duped.

  • michael 031484
    michael 031484 Year ago

    why was the video from yesterday titled "Trump falsely accuses media of underreporting terror acts" taken down?

    • michael 031484
      michael 031484 Year ago

      keep drinking that trump kool-aid and ignoring reality in favor of your "alternative facts", my friend. one question though... if it's all fake news then why did michael flynn resign??? it wasn't because he was exposed by leaks to the press? considering how long trump knew about it and did nothing I am curious what kind of spin you've bought into as the reason behind it. it wasn't until the "fake" media started covering it that he finally took action and asked for his resignation. that's an actual fact. if not for the press flynn would still have his job and we'd have never been told about what happened. but go on believing they're the enemy. you'll see soon enough how much the donald actually cares. remember dictators are notorious for trying to silence the press and conceal the truth. I'll just leave it at that.

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      +michael 031484 No, you believe propaganda from an old world establishment. They are the enemy. Donald Trump is the first President, in my 36 years, that actually cares about the U.S.A.

    • michael 031484
      michael 031484 Year ago

      yeah, except everything in that report was 100% confirmed and corroborated by EVERY reputable news media outlet. it's all fake news, right? all except what... alex jones? breitbart? rush limbaugh, maybe? you're as delusional as your president.

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      Because they weren't false accusations. They were true, so they had to take their FAKE news story down.

  • Jonathan Kosyjana

    Hey why don't you talk about alcohol and tobacco abuse and ohh yeah pharmaceutical abuse instead of cannabis that's completely harmless you discussting pieces of shit

  • SpyingDutchman
    SpyingDutchman Year ago

    LoL. CBS & the msMedia tries to silence the competition by calling them FAKE, but they themselves got caught NUMEROUS TIMES with FAKE stories. It's just an effort to win back viewers they lost from their disgustingly bias & false reporting of the elections. Look at YOURSELF first and start acting like a trustworthy news source. Now you're just a propaganda network that lies & create FAKE stories to promote their own agenda. Don't your people have any shame, pride or morals left ??

  • Ken Matteson
    Ken Matteson Year ago

    Your website has an unresponsive script and is unviewable.

  • Osiris Malkovich

    Hey CBS, why haven't you made all your videos available in Canada? How did Canada hurt you, CBS?

    • Thom Craver
      Thom Craver Year ago

      A lot of times there's issues with licensing, even between a company's properties. Like Netflix and other video outlets, sometimes these simply aren't able to be licensed outside the US. Which truly sucks.

  • goodmaki
    goodmaki Year ago

    You lying, deceptive, soulless husks of human garbage.

  • OldSchoolMusic
    OldSchoolMusic Year ago

    Gayle King is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful !!!

    ASFANDYAR Khan Year ago


  • eric courtney
    eric courtney Year ago

    your the first faces I see every morning and it is great !

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      +Dave Allen Any time the fake stream media opens their mouths, it's full of half truths, and propaganda.

    • Dave Allen
      Dave Allen Year ago

      Oh, you must mean those times when they show the So Called President speak.

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      You must love fake news.

  • reasonwhyelectricbi1

    I am greatfull to this channel, I was able to pass my project on time... your information is superb.. glad I check it on.. keep it up..

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      +Dave Allen As long as all of the corrupt political elite, the fake stream media, and all you brainwashed shills get their heads examined too.

    • Dave Allen
      Dave Allen Year ago

      You should have your head examined along with the Faker-in-Chief.

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      Their information is FAKE news. You should not believe their propaganda.

  • Elena Damer
    Elena Damer Year ago

    New video uploaded to TVclip

  • Raffix
    Raffix Year ago

    FUCK YOU for not making your video available in my country for no fucking reason whatsoever other than you don't want my views and the ad revenue that would come from me and others in my country viewing your videos.

  • Elena Damer
    Elena Damer Year ago

    New video uploaded to TVclip

  • Peggy Morrison
    Peggy Morrison Year ago

    Has anyone read Unlimited Access by FBI agent Gary Aldrich about the Clinton's and how they handled security in the White House. Their behavior, particularly Hilary's' show why she is having email security problems now.

  • gp2003gt
    gp2003gt Year ago

    Why does CBS block there youtube videos to Canada ? They certainly don't mind being paid by Canadian cable companies for there programming.

  • charles raimond
    charles raimond Year ago

    Disgusting, Disgusting, Disgusting!! CBS & all the rest of the rest (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, etc) Your left wing continuous negative coverage of Trump is not fooling anyone. What did Clinton promise you - unconditional access to the oval office. Stand in line, for that is a long list and you had better bring your check book, make your checks payable to the Clinton Charitable Slush Fund. Cronkite is spinning in his grave! How do you "Journalists" sleep at night.

    • Christel Mayer
      Christel Mayer 4 months ago

      Charly, the funny thing is that Trump is the only one who does all the stupid and destructive talking. This is not a partisan issue, this is only the issue that a disgusting human being became president of the USA. That is the only disgusting thing.!

    • 1985cjjeeper
      1985cjjeeper Year ago

      Loving this comment from 3 months before the election. Not fooling anyone CBS, yet still to this day you lie and lie and act like everyone agrees with you.

  • ttherrell
    ttherrell Year ago

    To CBS and especially Chelsia Clinton: Equaal pay for women law has been in place for over a quarter century including Bill Clinton's presidency. We simply need some government officials with guts and knowledge to enforce it. It is idiotic and grossly unfair to try to trap an immigrant lady with such a confrontation. This is coming from someone who doesn't give a D for crooked Hillary or Blab mouth Donald!!!!!

  • Douglas Smith
    Douglas Smith Year ago

    Still can't believe CBS uses Frank Luntz groups.

  • Sharon Marizza
    Sharon Marizza Year ago

    We formerly watched every morning. After the Donald Trump interview not at all. I was interested in what Mr. trump had to say but Gayle and Charlie talked over every word out of Mr. trump's mouth. They preach about equal treatment for all as we are created equally. I saw Charlie and Gayle in action and realize equality on CBS is only for opinions and messages the same as theirs. They vilify people with Christian beliefs or those choose a higher moral ground than themselves. News no longer reports who - what - when - where - how - but they give why a workout. News is editorialized, and twisted both connotatedly and denotedly until it is no longer recognizable as that which came from their source. It must be a technique common to today's news as this show is a prize winner. I don't fancy that.marizzaskitchen

  • Menlify
    Menlify Year ago

    Love the segments particularly those health related!


    hello im jt-rocker i subbed you please sub me back

  • Ezzy E
    Ezzy E Year ago

    When I am in Australia I cannot view these clips. Why can people in Australia view these clips. The show airs in Australia. Please make changes so Australian's can view a clips of a show that is available free to air.

    • GM Freeman
      GM Freeman Year ago

      I think Australia has something against FAKE news.

  • Dv8 Promotions
    Dv8 Promotions Year ago

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  • Bladesmith
    Bladesmith Year ago

    You guy's are going to rot in hell the way you treated Bernie Sanders the people wont forget

    • BluntedZephyr
      BluntedZephyr Year ago

      They just purport what their corporate-masters demand.

  • tmurra2
    tmurra2 Year ago

    Who is the woman that is filling in for Norah this week? I think she is quite good.

  • Minor League Sports Report

    Why does Gayle King feel the need to comment after virtually every story. I used to like CBS morning news because they just provided news. I can think for myself. I don't need her to tell me what she thinks. Just give us the news.

  • HL McCoy
    HL McCoy Year ago

    Concerning your 3/25/2016 segment on Amelia Hamilton who re-wrote the endings to "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Hansel and Gretel" showing them responding with firearms to the threats of the witch and the wolf was given pitiful coverage by CBS News. You spent five times the amount of time interviewing Ben Affleck on his new movie "Batman vs. Superman." This was unconscionable! What was your rationale? After all the coverage you've given to firearm deaths to children, you should have seen the importance of her efforts to educate all people, especially children, about firearms safety. I believe you choose to minimize anything that smacks of positive coverage to the NRA. Shame on you!

  • Dorphus James Jackson

  • 終わり
    終わり 2 years ago

    You do realize that there are Americans that live outside of U.S. borders correct? Thanks for blocking your videos.

  • Jeffrey Hallin
    Jeffrey Hallin 2 years ago

    where can I find the Seiji Ozawa interview?

  • evofd
    evofd 2 years ago

    Can we see the FULL UNEDITED video of the Frank Luntz study? What are you hiding?

  • Mark McKinlay
    Mark McKinlay 2 years ago

    "Man who saved baby reunites with her 58 years later".. Man Spends 58 Years Trying To Find The Baby He Discovered Abandoned In The Woods.. This video is banned in Canada .. Canadians are unable to view as CBS This Morning has not made this video available in Canada.

  • No Hippie BBQ & Cooking

    Great news channel

  • Mr. Nisse
    Mr. Nisse 2 years ago guys fucking suck with the regional bans. You do know that there are actually a lot more people in the world than your American audience, right? It's a pretty stupid business model that excludes the other 7 billion viewers from making you money. Retards...SMH.

  • Volod Mak
    Volod Mak 2 years ago

    Great channel, but WAY TOO MUCH ADDS! I do not mind a few, but not every single time! Thanks for your great work!

  • The Best Anchorage Local Businesses

    This is my favorite morning news channel

  • Lorri Vaccaro
    Lorri Vaccaro 3 years ago

    Anyone remember the segment on cleaning out your emails? There was a website you typed in and it found all the lists you were on and eliminated them so your inbox wasn't filled with junk. I don't remember the website.

  • Joan Smedley
    Joan Smedley 3 years ago

    Watching the comments on the twirling tennis player. After all.....they would only ask a woman to twirl....of course, fools.....and then the male reporter looks at the Women next to him and says.....I would twirl for you "guys". GUYS?? Ladies are you hiding something? Has the word guys been neutered? Let a woman look at her male reporters and say....I would twirl for you girls......

  • Kevin Ensrud
    Kevin Ensrud 3 years ago

    Mostly I enjoy your reporting but I read many of the comments here and I think many have some truth in them. Addressing some of these with unbiased reporting may actually improve your ratings.

    CBS WATCHER 3 years ago

    Charlie Roles! This question I have, why didn't CBS asked these three questions to the Ferguson police Department. Was there any forensic finding of irration or broken skin or bruise tissue to the knuckles of Michael Brown in the altercation with officer. Was that question asked and was that even considered? Why the officer didn't have his gun out and ready to used when Mr. Brown was approaching his car? And why did he allowed Mr. Brown to get that far away from him? If Mr. Brown attack him in his car.

  • Voytek
    Voytek 3 years ago

    Concerning your Whiteness Project video, "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." Fucking racist against Aussies.

    • BluntedZephyr
      BluntedZephyr Year ago

      It's every country except the Continental U.S. I'm thinking the reason is no one would believe the tripe CBS post if it were available to non-Americans to comment-on.

    • mmmonkeh
      mmmonkeh 3 years ago

      And the Autism Begins in the Womb video. Seriously...

    • Matt Lewis
      Matt Lewis 3 years ago

      Canadians too

  • C White
    C White 3 years ago

    CBS correspondent please address the president as PRESIDENT OBAMA and not Mr. Obama. I guess your parents didn't teach you respect. C.White

    • Voytek
      Voytek 3 years ago

      I guess there must be a stick up your ass if you're this upset about it.

  • CydnotCharrise1
    CydnotCharrise1 3 years ago

    CBS needs to answer my tweets… which I have been sending them for more than two months… concerning the unauthorized usage of my face ( which was filmed against my permission and yes, I had been asked; I said no and also said why I was saying no ) first aired August 22, 1967 on a spurious little spiel called "The Hippie Temptation" and continuing to be used by CBS. CBS was denied permission to use my face then and I would like CBS to contact me concerning a possible out of court settlement for past usage and any agreement concerning future usage ( unless they would prefer being sued over this issue ). Cynthia "Cyd" Summers #spinsternocat on twitter ( with the face with flowers on it sent to CBS to let them know who I am ). I was angry about being filmed against my permission in 1967 and I am STILL angry about it. Do right by me, CBS or quit talking about your so called integrity and journalistic high standards.

  • Pastor Stephania Redding

    Hi am Stephania i was watching the show this Morning and to the young lady Brittney that have cancer . ,as i was listening to your story it touched me . My mom had Beast cancer when I was about 8 years old the doctor gave here up to die . Now shes 74 years of age, i remember my father saying faith without works are dead so he would bring me and my siblings together and pray.he kelp us around people that had faith and Prayed. I my self suffer from a lot of pain in my body daily from the back of my head to my feet . i survive from praying and pushing through my pain. don't give up, am praying for you. So when you"ve done all you can stand and see the salvation of the Lord I love you and God do to.

    • Voytek
      Voytek 3 years ago

      God is a faggot, your mother was saved by luck which is a shame because I would rather have her not have raised you so you wouldn't have turned out this much of a faggot.

  • Lionel Colbert
    Lionel Colbert 3 years ago

    You need to include the eye opener with this subscription.

  • s3tdreamzproductions


  • Mike Mitchell
    Mike Mitchell 3 years ago

    why aren't your videos available to be seen by Canadians?

  • The Two Preachers
    The Two Preachers 3 years ago

    Hi can we please use your - Chile rocked again by quake: 7.6 magnitude aftershock hits north coast - video for a compilation? Thanks

  • jake garcia
    jake garcia 4 years ago

    There is not enough discipline for the kids nowadays. Parents who raise their kids to be spoiled should really see the damage they and their spoiled kids are doing. Parents should learn to praise good behavior and punish bad behavior. Spread the word so that families can be what they should be and the future will be better.

  • Mirena Lawsuit
    Mirena Lawsuit 4 years ago

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  • Paul Le Blanc
    Paul Le Blanc 4 years ago

    did you actually discuss on your panel if diet soda is better for you than regular soda, in regards to weight..on sat am show. thought of maybe suggesting syrup sodas are all , as you "hinted" kind of the same. PERFECT opportunity to remind public it shouldnt be consumed at all, oh ya, your sponsors...unless your medical xprts suggest othrwise, ie., diet sodas dont cut down fat. that was ridiculous.

  • Wally1967
    Wally1967 4 years ago

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. Well FUCK YOU CBS!

  • EnragedBarrothGaming

    Jesus christ I got subscribed to you somehow and I checked my subscriptions to be filled with BULLSHIT noone should care, or ever will care about!

  • SylvanaForrester
    SylvanaForrester 4 years ago

    Remember when CBS stood for something? Back before you all became a bunch of propagandizing government shills? Now you're just a bunch of minstrels dancing for whichever administration throws you a crumb. What will you do when all the octogenarians that make up your fan base pass away? Better start punching up those resumes. Considering the plummet in morale at the NSA, perhaps some jobs will open soon. Surely you'll get preferential treatment since you all did such a great job parroting their talking points for them! Pathetic.

  • William Mark Clarke
    William Mark Clarke 4 years ago

    When are you going to show the Nate Orlowek interview about John Wilkes Booth. He and I are working together. I am a screenwriter. He and I met about 2 hers ago via a news article. The script is done. By the way it's all about DNA. I have a two year option by a director/producer about the script that I wrote.

  • Funique
    Funique 4 years ago

    CBS= Canadian Broadcasting right so why are all videos blocked in MY COUNTRY which is Canada????????????????

  • Mike2020able
    Mike2020able 4 years ago

    The Truth Will Not Be Televised !

  • TheDmon66
    TheDmon66 4 years ago

    Even the beginning of this government, the tea-party, can't we look back now and understand that the uprising was brought about by two things, the people wanting freedom from oppression, and was most likely brought to a head by those most likely to profit? Government(s) are nothing more than a fear tactic against a person's right to actual freedom, even from government! And any law created and looked at from a legalist point of view doesn't ensure freedom, it only oppresses the minority... Morality is what sets you truly free. Just some thoughts about a book I recently read: "Civil Disobedience" by Henry David Thoreau