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  • JD Schrunk
    JD Schrunk 12 minutes ago

    Ken was underrated in WWE. Should’ve had a title run. Plus I feel he gets overlooked in the world of MMA. Without guys like him, Severn, and The Gracies- there is no UFC

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 56 minutes ago

    I fully respect ryback's decision

  • marcus brawner
    marcus brawner 3 hours ago

    I didnt ignore it...ken was my fav. Wrester

  • Ethan Trenaman
    Ethan Trenaman 5 hours ago


  • SpeedChamp467
    SpeedChamp467 6 hours ago

    I'm just glad he's out there representing the company and giving interviews and such like Vince and Dixie...he's doing a lot to help promote his product...doing things like this really helps.

  • Duckness Prevails
    Duckness Prevails 8 hours ago

    I imagine Colt as Yogurt from Spaceballs... "Moichendizing! Where the real money is made"

  • parag3247
    parag3247 8 hours ago

    Glad to see Billy Gunn is doing good for himself. I miss him from the Attitude era.

  • Joey Trimble
    Joey Trimble 9 hours ago

    yeaaah he was there long enough to have a cup of coffee

  • Travis McDonald
    Travis McDonald 11 hours ago

    Shamrock once said HHH didn’t like him.

  • Kyle Renner
    Kyle Renner 11 hours ago

    Tyson Kidd the best com in wwe games

  • johnnythao
    johnnythao 11 hours ago

    "Rice is Nice"!! Another one is "Asian don't Raisin". LOL!!

  • Jackson Anderson
    Jackson Anderson 12 hours ago

    Ken thank you for the inspiration!!! This makes me so badly want to get back into College Basketball!!! And I'm a former College Basketball Coach

  • Brian Hayward
    Brian Hayward 12 hours ago

    Colt Cabana has done nothing to me for wrestling. Only heard of him through the podcast for punk to vent about his shit with WWF. Colt Cabana is trash, awful, the worst. Omega or Bully Ray is someone who has changed the indie scene. And anyone reading this you better thank Chris Jericho.

  • Te Kaha Broadbent-King

    Billy Gunn seems cool

  • yohan francke
    yohan francke 13 hours ago

    Happy to say I met Ken 2 times this year in Australia when he came to BCW. Down to earth !!

  • Clara Hathcock
    Clara Hathcock 14 hours ago

    I never knew he was a lefty!

  • CDA Gaming
    CDA Gaming 14 hours ago

    Dude he sounds just like another wrestler! But I can’t FIGURE IT OUT

  • revsyz
    revsyz 15 hours ago

    What fucking legacy? He had a run as a mid-carder for a couple years. Not like he had a Ric Flair-type career. Get over yourself, you’re washed up.

  • Mark Heyes
    Mark Heyes 15 hours ago

    Get to AEW pronto Ken! Please!

  • A J
    A J 16 hours ago

    Kind of changed my perspective on Jd and I actually do like what he’s saying. It’s just the way he comes off on twitter with his hate on everything wwe main roster and just smarkiness in general. He’s complicated but I understand

  • danmainofficial
    danmainofficial 16 hours ago

    Great piece of advice by Colt! Always great catching up with advice by the great ones of this Business!

  • User Unknown
    User Unknown 16 hours ago

    OC is so meta :) Love this guy.

  • Paul Harrison
    Paul Harrison 17 hours ago

    Considering how good he was in Dragon Gate it's a shame his drug habit will ban him from entering Japan again :(

  • Scott Palmer
    Scott Palmer 19 hours ago

    Back in day of wwf was ken shamrock and my favourite wrestler is steve blackmam all before brock lesanr.

  • Iam Xofficial
    Iam Xofficial 19 hours ago

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  • Sagar Mahale
    Sagar Mahale 21 hour ago

    Justin Roberts is my favourite ring announcer than others

  • MrThedwp
    MrThedwp 23 hours ago

    WWE took the concept of the Attitude Era off Ken's back? C'mon man Ken seems like a good dude and all but that massive ego of his needs to relax a bit if he actually believes that

  • Kapiche'
    Kapiche' 23 hours ago

    Ken is the shit. He deserves another run. Why not?

  • Captain Jacque
    Captain Jacque 23 hours ago

    Miss u kenneth...d most dangerous man in u.s n look like robert de niro, sometimes!! 😱😂💪👍👌🙏💗

  • Milan Trajkovich


  • Christopher O'Neil

    He's got a buff Robert DeNiro thing goin on. lol

  • NatureBoy210
    NatureBoy210 Day ago

    oh please, you washed up,ego maniacial,douchebag. an olympic gold medalist/legit hero/ badass would never take advice, from a drug addled, washed up, steroid- headed, drunk like you kurt angle had an incredible carrer and did more with his short time than you ever did sham-cock. kurt angle is wrestling royality/ living legend. were just kinda there during attitude era..and you just got lucky/happened to be there when there were a lot of eyes on product ...but you are a forgotten joke/mistake from the past angle and brock are two of the fastest rising/ with the best first rookie years out of anyone in my book

  • NatureBoy210
    NatureBoy210 Day ago

    this ugly has- been sellout/mason. fake bellator fights..shame on you pancake nose. and shame on your man-spreading throughout the video, gross the earth is flat


    I love the tag team and the characters in the tag team. It’s very weird/crazy and creative.

  • abhishek borker

    Does Ken shamrock gonna wrestle moose with his glasses????

  • Call Me Cody
    Call Me Cody Day ago

    roman sucks

  • Jeice Ginyu
    Jeice Ginyu Day ago

    Man shamrock aged well

  • Jacob Stahl
    Jacob Stahl Day ago

    I've always wondered where Kenny Shamrock went, I thought maybe he just retired, I remember him in his UFC days, he was like a bull

  • 4b50lut3 Z3r0
    4b50lut3 Z3r0 Day ago

    I have a feeling that the guy he smoked weed with was Stevie Richards

  • shoaib btt
    shoaib btt Day ago

    What a smug wanker. This guy could’ve racked millions with wwe, instead went to ufc got his ass whopped and now what jobless?

  • knightfall209
    knightfall209 Day ago

    Stay away from WWE they’ll turn him into a joke

  • knightfall209
    knightfall209 Day ago

    Sabu dawn marie or raven!

  • J.M.O 1000
    J.M.O 1000 Day ago

    Ken Shamrock is a very underrated wrestler.

  • knightfall209
    knightfall209 Day ago

    Ken blockmaster on Twitter shamrock ☘️

  • Al Slavinzki
    Al Slavinzki Day ago

    Who cares?? Passion does not make a good show if fans do like the product. They will not watch. Don't care what promotion it is

  • t Time
    t Time Day ago

    Ken shamrock smoked crack with new Jack, an absolute legend

  • KR6 Productions

    If you don't do a interview with Angelico imma unsubscribe His from South Africa, where I live. I'd love to hear how he got to where he is, I need advice and input and I need to hear his story. So make it happen Chris. Pretty please

  • KR6 Productions

    If you don't do a interview with Angelico imma unsubscribe His from South Africa, where I live. I'd love to hear how he got to where he is, I need advice and input and I need to hear his story. So make it happen Chris. Pretty please

  • Lamar Shakur
    Lamar Shakur Day ago

    About time he interviewed somebody I actually give a shit about. Because husband last few been blah! #oldschool

  • JC Carjar
    JC Carjar Day ago

    ken 💪💪💪💪 lions den 4life 🤘

  • Ryan Oniszko
    Ryan Oniszko Day ago

    I freaking love Ken Shamrock lol hes so cool lol thank you thank you thank you

  • Kimberly Baker

    I love and miss you Dasha!

  • Bi-PolarMusic 765

    Anyone putting dirt on Kens name needs to stfu and look up this mans past his childhood. His mma career and wrestling career. Most of you guys talking shit are so clueless it’s not even funny

  • Javon Amountboy J.B. Brewster

    Dude was Euro Champ but that's it SMH. Top guy sent to mid card...🤷🏾‍♂️nothing new. Battled and beat some of the best and had no good burn. Real bad ass as well even more so than Stonecold Roc HHH or Bret or Foley

  • Anabolic Camel

    Get out my wayyyyyyyyyyy ahrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggg

  • James Karl
    James Karl Day ago

    Hangman is kinda boring

  • Robert Trebor
    Robert Trebor Day ago

    Smahrock is such a cool dude.i really enjoyed this interview!

  • Kuribohchaos8
    Kuribohchaos8 Day ago

    6:49 Damn, his HHH impression was too good


    He's always been my favorite ring announcer than other has in. His voice and speaking style always be remembered in WWE and world who knows him. Thank u Justin brother for serving lot of years in the company, and thnx for my fav John Cena's intro... All the best for future👍

  • KAL EL
    KAL EL Day ago

    Chris, with the intro you're keeping kayfabe alive with that selling! But it also looked stiff. RIP your ankle 😁

  • Connie Roberts

    Always liked Ken. Glad to see him back. He looks like a bada*s mob boss now 👍

  • dillon
    dillon Day ago

    Big show is the best wrestler

  • Antonio Martinez

    Ken shamrock vs. Kurt angle. Submission match. Book it!!! Someone just book it!!!

  • john gurnhill
    john gurnhill Day ago

    Hes in TNA so hes better off now

  • Obviously Grimm Studios

    Control the controllable is such a good way to look at life. i needed that today. Thank You and thank John Cena

  • Samuel M
    Samuel M Day ago

    It's so strange how little he gets mentioned. He was one of my favourites during the AE, deserves a tonne of credit for what he did.

  • Domexpo
    Domexpo Day ago

    WWE ignores a lot of legacies.

  • E38 Enigma
    E38 Enigma Day ago

    This man had the most LEGENDARY entrance music of all time.

  • Omair Iftikhar

    i totally agree with his statement that wwe try to hiding what shamrock accomplished back in WWF days people like him and brock make wwe look real competition

  • Outlandish Radio

    Luchasaurus is the man! Ultimate warrior and Bret Hart. Also my two favorites growing up

  • darrenjlamb
    darrenjlamb 2 days ago

    Ken was always my favorite, and it is shocking that gang behavior is stopping The WWE bringing a LEGEND!!!! back. We all know who is stopping it! I agree and truly hope the Shamrock vs Angle match happens on whatever platform that can see how amazing that would be.

  • Nemesis Beast
    Nemesis Beast 2 days ago

    Why did he get blacklisted? Did he try and get with Vince’s daughter!

  • S'ele Biddle
    S'ele Biddle 2 days ago

    They say Roddy Piper was the best to not be WWE World Champion. Sorry but that is bullshit. The BEST not to be WWE World Champion and got buried when could have had far more and made the Attitude Era better is Ken Shamrock. Especially in those sexy little blue tights. Only guy who could ever pull off that attire.

    RONIN 2 days ago

    Ken Shamrock should just go to AEW

  • Manjot Mann
    Manjot Mann 2 days ago

    Apparently he was too real for HHH, and the "cerebral assassin" ended his career before it got too hot.

  • Zachary Lewis
    Zachary Lewis 2 days ago

    I gotta know what Jim Cornette thinks of this guy.

    • Alex Bonilla
      Alex Bonilla Day ago

      Zachary Lewis he fucking adores him, literally said MJF is better than him.

  • ryanMR94
    ryanMR94 2 days ago

    Ken shamrock is a legend, one guy from the attitude era that doesn’t get credit for what he done back then, he definitely deserved a world title run back then

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 days ago

    This was a great interview.

  • Cw Baller
    Cw Baller 2 days ago

    Ken shamrock was nasty in the attitude era. One of my favorites!

  • Rafters & paint
    Rafters & paint 2 days ago

    Ryback for aew ayyayayyyayaya 🦅

  • Rafters & paint
    Rafters & paint 2 days ago

    Good interview lol ayyayayyyayaya🦅

  • donkeydrop
    donkeydrop 2 days ago

    CVV...yet another brilliant interview! Great to see Ken return to the business! Switched and polite guy! I was 13 when I first watched him in WWE and always wondered why he didnt get bigger push!

  • Rafters & paint
    Rafters & paint 2 days ago

    Ken shamrock v.s. Royce Gracie rematch let's get it🦅

  • Orangegrape cassidy is the g.o.a.t

    Tessa Blanchard

  • Luigi
    Luigi 2 days ago

    The not-so Great Khali

  • C B1983
    C B1983 2 days ago

    They are Treating Ken the way they Did Randy Savage

  • The artist Devil
    The artist Devil 2 days ago

    Kurt did the lock the right way wtf is he talking about lol 😂

  • Ishaq Niz
    Ishaq Niz 2 days ago

    I loved his intro when he came Nd did taaaaaa I always used to do it for long time

  • KurisuDikei
    KurisuDikei 2 days ago

    One of the best and most intimidating to step in the ring!

  • Nick Lee
    Nick Lee 2 days ago

    Ken Shamrock, Steve Blackman, Crash, seem to never get mentioned for thier legacys and contributions. R truth is basiclly doing what Crash Holly did but in modern day. Yet they never give him his props. Shamrock was onw of the first legit ufc and figthers way before Brock and still we never hear his name.

  • Maret Escarment
    Maret Escarment 2 days ago

    How about Tessa Blanchard, maybe Tenille dashwood as well

  • Oh Boy Howdy
    Oh Boy Howdy 2 days ago

    I've always felt that WWE ignored his legacy as well.

  • Jawanna Man
    Jawanna Man 2 days ago

    Vince couldn’t even book Shamrock the right way. If not for Stone Cold Vince would’ve killed WWF.

  • abhijith ku
    abhijith ku 2 days ago

    The " Father" of Mixed Martial Arts. Man deserves so much respect.

  • Chadrik Swanson
    Chadrik Swanson 2 days ago

    I liked Ken as a wrestler. He was legit. Not a passing fad.

  • Blue 30's
    Blue 30's 2 days ago

    Well his mic skills haven’t changed. I dozed off 3x during this......

    • Blue 30's
      Blue 30's Day ago

      Chris Van Vliet BOOOOOMMM!! Lol good luck in AEW Chris! Big fan

    • Chris Van Vliet
      Chris Van Vliet Day ago

      I'm just happy you woke up to leave this comment

  • Mysterium Lugosi
    Mysterium Lugosi 2 days ago

    I’ve been wanting Shamrock to come back since Jericho put him on the shelf back in 2000/2001. Welcome back to wrestling, Ken! Love ya, man! 🤘

  • MrTurbografix 16
    MrTurbografix 16 2 days ago

    Rather see shamrock over 99% of anyone in WWE.

  • Jay Sizzle
    Jay Sizzle 2 days ago

    I really enjoyed this. Thanks for interviewing Ken!

  • MrTurbografix 16
    MrTurbografix 16 2 days ago

    Always like shamrock he did great work during his WWF run, So underrated.