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NBA 2K20 (PS4) Unboxing!
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Control (PS4) Unboxing!
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Best Buy Pick-Ups #12
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Days Gone (PS4) Unboxing!
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  • miles corley
    miles corley Hour ago

    Cool Unboxing Video 👍

  • Arturo Chavez
    Arturo Chavez 5 hours ago

    You should get persona 5

  • unholyrebelz
    unholyrebelz 5 hours ago

    Black flag is trash but unity is amazing....I wanna buy the stuff you are smoking 😂

  • blood bull96
    blood bull96 5 hours ago

    Why is it called goty edition when it didn’t win goty?

  • Thelionbearali Channel

    A big dislike to you, you clown

  • GameShark427
    GameShark427 6 hours ago

    I give SpiderMan 8/10 😄 Haven't played any of the DLC so this just might persuade me to buy this game of the year edition.

  • Cruelwraith2 games
    Cruelwraith2 games 6 hours ago

    Why the hell is there a game in the Year Edition of Spider-Man when it didn't win any awards and it didn't come with any DLC

  • Pizza Pizza Vlogs And Gaming

    Got It For 2.99 at gamestop (no code ugh ripped off) got battlefront 2 at gamestop 9 dollars with code awesome

  • BreakerDM
    BreakerDM 9 hours ago

    So they pulled a Bethesda on this one.

  • Tian Jin
    Tian Jin 10 hours ago

    U could do this video in 10secs...dude spent 2mins talking about the gold banner wtf. Then popped open case and said look the game is on the right side...comon fam

  • John Siino
    John Siino 10 hours ago

    Just to be clear; “this bad boy” is “pretty cool” right ?

  • Synthetic Simulator
    Synthetic Simulator 10 hours ago

    Good game, managed to get the platinum and got sent a free avatar from Sony for my psn.

  • sarah ahmed
    sarah ahmed 10 hours ago

    Can you do a video for the bast ps4 games in your collection

  • l j
    l j 10 hours ago

    Kait Diaz is mami

  • Vitor Polegato
    Vitor Polegato 11 hours ago

    dlcs inclusas no cd

    NGGYU 11 hours ago

    I thought dude was speaking Korean or some sh*t first 3 seconds

  • Its13reezy
    Its13reezy 14 hours ago

    wait a sec so whats the point buying if the dlc not on the disc

    • GameShark427
      GameShark427 5 hours ago

      Its13reezy Good point 😏 Have to go to PS Store & add up all the DLC prices to see if it adds up to more than $40. But I guess this will fit people who hasn't bought the game already.

  • jc Tomas
    jc Tomas 16 hours ago

    Gta 6 body

  • Tech Galaxy
    Tech Galaxy 17 hours ago

    Totally worth it 👌

  • MHTitus Gaming
    MHTitus Gaming 17 hours ago

    Where’s trump? He looking for ya✌🏼

  • Rudy M
    Rudy M 18 hours ago


  • badbase gaming
    badbase gaming 18 hours ago

    You called assassins creed black flag trash!!!! I've lost faith in you

  • Salty Fish21
    Salty Fish21 19 hours ago

    It's not a box

  • DR.JackobyUK
    DR.JackobyUK 19 hours ago

    you are only wasting money on this garbage version. its just the vanilla game disc from unsold games with expiring dlc voucher, and a new printed cover that have been ruined with text all over it... its time to #FixTheDoor and stop wasting money.

    • Salty Fish21
      Salty Fish21 17 hours ago

      @DR.JackobyUK You're right 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 18 hours ago

      @Salty Fish21 LOL, its been 12 years now... i doubt it

    • Salty Fish21
      Salty Fish21 19 hours ago

      His next video has to be called, "My Door Is Officially Fixed". I'm waiting for that video to happen

  • MarcOrSomeThingAnmateYT

    I all ready have it so ya I'm not jokeing

  • OutlawMason
    OutlawMason 20 hours ago


  • Killer Shadow_pro
    Killer Shadow_pro 21 hour ago

    I hate myself I bought the game of the year edition so I need a plus :(

  • Mark Gabilo
    Mark Gabilo 21 hour ago

    No gameplay how ridiculous

  • Movie Hunter
    Movie Hunter 21 hour ago

    Full retail game price for games is $60 not $65. Just saying.

  • EVS Santiago
    EVS Santiago 21 hour ago

    I’ll gave this game 7 but is nice open world game I like it I wish that there were more that you can do in it

  • Mosès Antonio
    Mosès Antonio 22 hours ago

    Normaly I go to another you tuber to see the review properly done..... When this gayboi does it!!! I can't stand your dirty ass door.!!

  • Billy Idol Rockstar
    Billy Idol Rockstar 23 hours ago

    Original best

  • Poipourri
    Poipourri 23 hours ago

    This release is disappointing compared to the Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn. Horizon not only is the DLC on the disc but it has all new box art and disc. It's also kinda tacky to use GOTY instead of Complete Edition. Spider-Man wasn't even GOTY last year, God of War was the overall GOTY according to many including The Game Awards.

    LASTKINGS438 Day ago

    Lmao bro all you do is buy games your never going to play




    Remind me of H2O delirious 5:27

  • miles corley
    miles corley Day ago

    Cool Unboxing Video 👍

  • The Accidental Druggist

    @ThePapiGfunk Yeah this game is a SpiderMan game but if you’ve played Infamous Second Son, this is a similar game. There are so many other games to play it might be wise to skip this. I’d rather wait for Resistance 4 by Insomniac if that series is going to be rebooted on PlayStation 5!

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 19 hours ago

      spiderman is just over hyped, and is really not that great. the better game is infamous second son. but i will bet on they are gonna remaster and release a complete edition for the ps5. do you remember the last of us on the ps3?.. that got a goty with only dlc for the ps3 and then it was released on the ps4 as remastered with all the dlc on disc. its gonna happen, this spiderman goty is just a cheap chash-in before the ps5 arrive next year.

  • Jstreet
    Jstreet Day ago

    Just don't understand why the DLCs are not on the disc. So crazy when companies do that

    • dagner elias
      dagner elias 7 hours ago

      Because resellinh

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 19 hours ago

      this is how you cash in on unsold spiderman vanilla disc without it costing you a dime. by bundle it with expiring dlc voucher, and printing up a new shitty cover with more text to ruin the cover art. why they cant have dlc on disc, is because then they risk people not buying their over priced dlc from the psn store they are gonna sell for 10 years.

  • julio gaona salas

    Is this only sold in the USA ? I can’t seem to find a physical copy of the GOTY outside the USA, only digital...

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 19 hours ago

      the dlc is not on the disc so you are better off just waiting for a dlc sale. and by the way it looks like the physical copy of the GOTY, is only sold in mexico by the mexican cartel. and i bet papigfunk is hold hostage in their basement since he cant #FixTheDoor

  • Joel Perez
    Joel Perez Day ago

    All this hype for nothing because a new Xbox is coming out next year

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 Day ago

    2:18 The only difference from the original box is that it doesn’t come with that paper....

  • GaggleTheGameScat


  • Jimmy Federico

    I should go to the store to get one

  • lobo solitario

    Gordo virgen

  • TrilexMM
    TrilexMM Day ago

    Shu... 0:25

  • bigj26_ gaming

    Watch all your videos bro but big man like bitting your finger nails lol

  • Taha Alaarajee

    if i had the game before game of year edition came out, can i still download dlc for free?

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 15 hours ago

      @TOL 0 LOL

    • TOL 0
      TOL 0 15 hours ago

      Hell no you don’t get it for free

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 19 hours ago

      do you really think sony earn money by giving away dlc on their psn store for free??...

  • Chilly64
    Chilly64 Day ago

    It's not "epic" any more.....

    DREAMS G Day ago

    5/10..... No not the game. Him passing the game to himself 😂

  • Jacki Vasquez
    Jacki Vasquez Day ago

    I wish I had a ps4

  • 2BadProductions


  • The Don
    The Don Day ago

    What's new about it?

  • Kevin V
    Kevin V Day ago

    Can I have one

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman Day ago

    What does he say at the start?

    • DavidC TV
      DavidC TV Day ago

      Eeeyo yo what up TVclip it’s me papigfunk what’s up ‘body

    • TrilexMM
      TrilexMM Day ago

      (Yo yo water you two-faced me papa jeep on board) if you turn on subtitles

    • TrilexMM
      TrilexMM Day ago

      @hungryNinja 91 no need to be rude

    • hungryNinja 91
      hungryNinja 91 Day ago

      F. U.

  • Majin Gamer
    Majin Gamer Day ago

    Do you ever close your mouth?

    • Amarson 232
      Amarson 232 6 hours ago

      DR.JackobyUK Bruuh what

    • Majin Gamer
      Majin Gamer 9 hours ago

      @DR.JackobyUK Ok that makes a lot of sense, his mouth must be in so much pain. No I am sympathetic.

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 19 hours ago

      he cant, because of the work injury he got working to much over time as a male prostitute. so he could afford the games, but still cant afford to #FixTheDoor

    • COsmicStOrm YT
      COsmicStOrm YT Day ago


    • Mike Gonzalez
      Mike Gonzalez Day ago

      I wonder that all the time

  • MR66HD
    MR66HD Day ago

    Suck dlc not on disc

  • AcTive E13
    AcTive E13 Day ago

    You need a hair cut

  • Brand New Spot

    I love this Channel it is both funny and entertaining a rare combination. One of my favorite channels. I wish my channel was half as funny. My channel is always looking for feedback thanks

    • John O’Brian
      John O’Brian Day ago

      Hold up. So you are telling me that funny videos are never entertaining? You think its a rare combination?? LMAO

  • Cosmos Redshift 7

    I liked this game. 9/10

  • Brandon Lewis
    Brandon Lewis Day ago

    got the collector's edition with the statue and I give the game a 9 outta 10 it was amazing fun loved swinging pretty much anywhere the fights fun just overall an awesome game.

  • Supreme Johnny

    I give it a 8/10

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 18 hours ago

      brainwashed much?? this goty is only vanilla disc with a expire date dlc voucher. it have NO DLC ON DISC, you should be giving this sony greedy cash crab edition a 4/10

    • Supreme Johnny
      Supreme Johnny 22 hours ago

      @Assassin's Wolf you play star wars stupid ass nerd

    • Assassin's Wolf
      Assassin's Wolf Day ago

      You would rather play fortnut and be a virgin for a long time

  • KingCollector 9000

    I really need to get that game and when are you going to do your ps4 collection.

    • DR.JackobyUK
      DR.JackobyUK 18 hours ago

      jut wait for the ps5 complete edition with dlc on disc.

  • Tawan Wiseman
    Tawan Wiseman Day ago


  • Hnood Anmar
    Hnood Anmar Day ago

    First like

  • Chain Breaker
    Chain Breaker Day ago

    First comment

  • Abdennour Bouamine

    Ily man

  • Supreme Johnny


  • Sean Davis
    Sean Davis Day ago

    6:48 that's what she said

  • blaze the cat
    blaze the cat Day ago

    Starts at 2:26

  • HenriquePM
    HenriquePM Day ago

    Funcionou man, muito obrigado mesmo! It's work man, thank you very much, godblex. = D

    Z GETS FIT Day ago

    What is the little hook for?

  • TheTomatoVibes

    friday the 14th the sequel

  • swami trishul surabhi

    we can also use the xbox 360 with a wire

  • swami trishul surabhi

    and xbox 360 elite and xbox one elite

  • swami trishul surabhi

    there is also xbox one s and xbox one x

  • Nom
    Nom Day ago

    This is wrong. I have a gen 2 with a serial number starting with 1. Wtf.

  • Alfred Arimang

    Edema on ur both hands bruhhh

  • Xpayne1
    Xpayne1 Day ago

    Throw knife on me, but THPS5 is awesome game and I did 100% Trophy either ^^

  • Gloria Bojorquez

    Do you have different opinions from your other videos

  • Roguespartan
    Roguespartan Day ago

    I bought 1 of these and returned it and exchanged it for another one because the A button felt off,like it wasn't solid, but unfortunately the 2nd one had the same problem, the A button doesn't feel like it should.

  • daniel likes_minecraft

    xbox is gay

  • Joe's Mobile Gaming

    Holy shit I thought it was in a different languages

  • Joseph Eberhardt
    Joseph Eberhardt 2 days ago

    Yo yo it’s me g gay and 😵

  • Its13reezy
    Its13reezy 2 days ago

    wait a min u call ac unit good and black flag trash u must be high

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 days ago

    Eee yub yub water TVclip it’s me da Papigfunk wassssurrrrbody!

  • Saro Gamer
    Saro Gamer 2 days ago

    No YT : ZEE GAME is biggest collector all consoles

  • Oliver Gonzalez
    Oliver Gonzalez 2 days ago

    Where can I find this controller?

  • Beta Boyo
    Beta Boyo 2 days ago

    I got the red because it’s my fav color

  • Mahir Pandya ;D
    Mahir Pandya ;D 2 days ago

    Imagine when ps5 comes out

  • ubaid khan
    ubaid khan 2 days ago

    You are over actor, dont be over fuck you

  • Reet Garg
    Reet Garg 2 days ago

    You have a good collection but some games are still missing

  • Saad Bartakh
    Saad Bartakh 2 days ago


  • Livia Salmiah
    Livia Salmiah 2 days ago

    I just subscribe your channel

  • Kwok Suwarti
    Kwok Suwarti 2 days ago

    Borderlands always have amazing col ed. Cool video papi 🥰

  • garethh4
    garethh4 2 days ago

    Art Work!!!!

  • campos3452
    campos3452 2 days ago

    I have all those games and then some.

  • Hannah Mukama
    Hannah Mukama 2 days ago

    Not the biggest for wr (world record) but still is a really nice collection

  • Patrick Stearns464
    Patrick Stearns464 2 days ago

    This is awesome. I just got my gold beats headphones and pill. I'm a music and soundcloud producer so it's good to have these on hands.

  • polgames Fuentes
    polgames Fuentes 2 days ago