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  • Trena Phillips
    Trena Phillips 18 minutes ago

    I LOVE these long videos. Thanks man! 🙂

  • Kam Mef
    Kam Mef 21 minute ago

    Can you break them up into 20 or 30 minutes ea h just a few before bed time shorter is better thx best wishes love to listen

  • Pizza Queen
    Pizza Queen 22 minutes ago

    Why's it gotta be a clow though :(

  • Matty Gardiner
    Matty Gardiner 22 minutes ago

    But can be.busta run crysis?

  • honey b
    honey b 24 minutes ago

    im seriously mad at the person who didnt report the pedo principal

  • Gabby Gomez
    Gabby Gomez 25 minutes ago

    YESSSS I've been waiting!!!

  • Makiya Ray
    Makiya Ray 26 minutes ago

    Thanks for everything you do!!!:))

  • The Sidsters
    The Sidsters 30 minutes ago

    Thanks B

  • Nicky Keightley
    Nicky Keightley 30 minutes ago

    Thank you so much👍

  • Jennifer Perdue
    Jennifer Perdue 45 minutes ago

    Yay 😀 I was in a rough mood until I saw this! Thanks Be❤️💜

  • Matthew Widmaier
    Matthew Widmaier 49 minutes ago


  • Jaime C
    Jaime C 55 minutes ago

    Voice is so relaxing

  • spine knife
    spine knife Hour ago

    I am a newer subscriber. Thank you for all the great content.

  • SES
    SES Hour ago

    Just in time for bed! Its extremely windy tonight so this is just what I needed :) thank you for another wonderfully creepy narration Busta ❤

  • Lost in Wonderland

    You know its gonna be a good night when you get the notification of a new video from Be ❤❤

  • Gina Camacho
    Gina Camacho Hour ago

    Ohhhh snap, something tugged on my blanket too, last week. I'm 50 something, and it was real scary. Then 3 nights ago it felt like someone was getting into bed next to me , I woke myself up saying hurry up just lay down. I open my eyes , I'm scared , I sleep alone , in a twin bed , I'm single. Aggghhhhhh wats going on .

  • Trapochino
    Trapochino Hour ago

    Listening to your vids has been a daily routine for me now LOTS OF LOVE

  • Dover O’neill
    Dover O’neill Hour ago

    Best thing to listen to when you’re going to bed 🛌

  • lᴉʌƎ
    lᴉʌƎ Hour ago

    i love listening to your stories whist i'm at work... keep up the amazing work!

  • EN1GMA
    EN1GMA Hour ago


  • WV Big Cat
    WV Big Cat Hour ago

    My Niners just won the playoffs and now B , it is just a great day!

  • MP5
    MP5 Hour ago

    These all new?

  • Dark
    Dark Hour ago

    this is like asmr

  • Crazy Bro
    Crazy Bro Hour ago

    Something to beat off to. Finally.

  • Donna Noe
    Donna Noe 2 hours ago

    Oh, I love your channel.

  • MMN
    MMN 2 hours ago

    You make doing house work a breeze. I’m sure a lot of housewives could agree. Thanks for the company. Lol Also at one point I had to take out my pods and listen cursing that it’s snowing again. 😂😂

  • MaryJane Rhoades
    MaryJane Rhoades 2 hours ago

    Yes! I know what I'm doing for almost the next four hours, with chronic, the bong,and my dog. 🤘🖤 Thank you Be. I'm fucking stoked, 💋

  • Jenna Raska
    Jenna Raska 2 hours ago

    What’s up Be Busta!!! U always post your videos at the perfect time! Much love❤️

  • Literally just Goatman

    perfect while you wait for teenagers on your bridge!

  • Dark_ Siren
    Dark_ Siren 2 hours ago

    Hey Be.Busta ❤️

    • EN1GMA
      EN1GMA Hour ago

      Dark_ Siren Yup my Steph Curry video is lit. I got him making a towel glide likes his wizard/HARRY POTTER Regardless much love stay HAPPY most importantly💯

    • Dark_ Siren
      Dark_ Siren Hour ago

      @EN1GMA Really !? I'm going to check it out 🤩

    • EN1GMA
      EN1GMA Hour ago

      Dark_ Siren 🚨 What’s good I have a paranormal playlist with legit evidence my infrared security camera captured etc... Boring cuss I sucked at editing but I liked learning from people opinion if they have one💯

    • Be. Busta
      Be. Busta 2 hours ago

      hi :)

  • Justene Rose
    Justene Rose 2 hours ago

    IM SO EXCITED!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • SB B
    SB B 2 hours ago

    Just in time for bed!

  • Kristin Sierocki
    Kristin Sierocki 2 hours ago


  • ItzaSpicyPepper
    ItzaSpicyPepper 2 hours ago

    300 views in the first 6 mins, I see quite a few of us are looking forward to be spooked

  • Natali Hurtado
    Natali Hurtado 2 hours ago


  • Slim Tinskin
    Slim Tinskin 2 hours ago

    Busta 💪

  • Seth Johnson
    Seth Johnson 2 hours ago


  • Roger Th' Pirate
    Roger Th' Pirate 2 hours ago

    3 hours and 40 minutes full of interesting stories now listing on my day off work

  • Zach Freeman
    Zach Freeman 2 hours ago

    Just what I need

  • Brittany Hannah
    Brittany Hannah 2 hours ago

    Was this a real story??

  • Evan’s Network
    Evan’s Network 2 hours ago

    Looking forward to listening to this on my Sunday night tonight

  • Riley Mason
    Riley Mason 2 hours ago

    i’m very early😂

  • krystal Wickland
    krystal Wickland 2 hours ago

    Heck yea! Im ready for my sleepy time stories! Thanks Be! Definitely my favorite guy

  • Donna Noe
    Donna Noe 2 hours ago

    I use care of. It is a great service. Since I have an autoimmune disorder my doctor and I are both on board! I love your channel too!

  • Brianna Clerkin
    Brianna Clerkin 2 hours ago

    I look forward to your videos every Sunday. You’re great, never change Be Busta

  • dani
    dani 2 hours ago

    omg i literally just finished listening to the last video when you uploaded this one, yay!!!

  • A Name
    A Name 2 hours ago

    Oh good a new video I can listen to while I go to sleep

  • Barry Wood
    Barry Wood 2 hours ago

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  • Dylan Morris
    Dylan Morris 2 hours ago

    Damn right on time Be. Busta. Can't wait for this one.

  • Chicken Nuggets
    Chicken Nuggets 2 hours ago

    yuss now I can sleep!!!! 🦄 this is greg btw

  • zak franklin
    zak franklin 2 hours ago

    I throw be busta on start up some gta 5 and listen to these for hours lol

  • Mika Shiftpaw
    Mika Shiftpaw 2 hours ago

    Don’t you just find his voice sexy?

  • DazTheZombieSlayer
    DazTheZombieSlayer 2 hours ago

    Just what I needed, Thanks B

  • Triumph
    Triumph 2 hours ago

    I Love 💜🖤💜🖤 your narrations BE. BUSTA!

    • EN1GMA
      EN1GMA Hour ago

      Triumph Hi from N California <3

  • Jamie Messenger
    Jamie Messenger 2 hours ago

    Just in time!!

    • EN1GMA
      EN1GMA Hour ago

      Jamie Messenger Hola Ablas español?

  • Soul Alex
    Soul Alex 2 hours ago

    early as hell

  • MoDing XpFry
    MoDing XpFry 2 hours ago

    @BeBusta, im a huge fan, and I wish you nothing but the best👍

  • Soul Alex
    Soul Alex 2 hours ago


  • Hami Wiremu
    Hami Wiremu 2 hours ago

    I'm one of the first!? Thats the creepiest thing of the whole vid

  • ImSorrySheWhat
    ImSorrySheWhat 2 hours ago


  • GWR Engine 8
    GWR Engine 8 2 hours ago

    Yo just in time Be! Looking forward to sleeping with this tonight!

  • Kyle Hernandez
    Kyle Hernandez 2 hours ago


  • 56beverley
    56beverley 3 hours ago

    That last one was horrible.

  • jaqueline dräger
    jaqueline dräger 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one that falls asleep to these videos?😐

  • Gavin Mcmarlin
    Gavin Mcmarlin 5 hours ago

    I live in Anchorage alaska and the 2nd story is pretty scary

  • WitchVine
    WitchVine 5 hours ago

    Sorry to the guy whose story this is. This shit's more common than a lot of people know or want to know. Sexual predators all deserve to die.

  • Jordyn time
    Jordyn time 6 hours ago

    1:20:49 he's cotton eye joe

  • Bennett5k
    Bennett5k 7 hours ago

    The one about the pregnant lady is super sad

  • em chaffer
    em chaffer 7 hours ago

    Put your own chain on the inside (for when you're home) and padlock on the outside for when you're away!!! Personal experience! 😐

  • lohan person
    lohan person 8 hours ago

    Oh what the hell i first thought that sponsor was a story

  • Elle Harder
    Elle Harder 9 hours ago

    Rainy day, driving to a friends. Listening to be

  • Professional anime watcher

    *Deodorant sponsor starts playing* Oh my god that’s so scary

  • mels
    mels 12 hours ago


  • rardy samantics
    rardy samantics 14 hours ago

    skip to 2 min

  • prod.stvnk!
    prod.stvnk! 16 hours ago

    This has to be the best TVclipr ever I’m addicted

  • grace allison
    grace allison 16 hours ago

    We need more long videos like this (or at least one,) except they dont have ADS 🗣🗣 hate rolling over in bed after every other story just to skip them lol.

  • drachenfriedhof
    drachenfriedhof 17 hours ago

    Thanks BeBusta for narrating my Reddit story! I feel honored!

  • sugar cube
    sugar cube 18 hours ago

    I can't believe that guy's name was KALE like the salad

  • TheCanadianDane
    TheCanadianDane 20 hours ago

    Anybody have a link to the dog video in the retirement home story?(about two hours and five minutes in)

  • Amy Louwho
    Amy Louwho 20 hours ago

    1:21 in and was startled awake by a dream of a hyper active squirrel on a leash.

  • mels
    mels 21 hour ago


  • diablo Masta
    diablo Masta 21 hour ago

    69 two years late

  • I have a unoriginal name cuz everyone took mine

    2:00 for the broke people

  • Maureen Zieber

    Don’t forget the $4k deposit you have to pay. The only way to get that back is to carry down 18 lbs of trash.

  • Bello _1924
    Bello _1924 Day ago

    What the fuck Joe u creep😠

  • Brad Fernandez

    o.o thats scary anddddd i never watched it lololololo and xoxoxoxoxox

  • KnotAcceptable

    though i was watching asmr for the first 15 seconds

  • PetiteDoll
    PetiteDoll Day ago

    When somebody says "join our community" i instantly think "cult alert"

  • Tabatha Wilson

    Alu-mini-um... never heard it pronounced like that before lol

  • Heather Chandler

    Me reading in class: 3:01:37

  • Loot Leo
    Loot Leo Day ago

    OK. WHY is 40 old by some standards? I’m 48! I get mistook for a lot younger. But 48 is great and if you do it right, your still sexy and even smarter!

  • Ced The Bear
    Ced The Bear Day ago

    Busta-san, thank you so much for all these stories ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡


    Oh yea that thumbnail will definitely help my insomnia

  • Britta Olson
    Britta Olson Day ago

    Awesome thumbnail.

  • Jeniffer Gonzalez

    "I hope this helps" *as I start watching it at 4am finally feeling a bit tired*

  • Denise Fraser
    Denise Fraser Day ago

    One time in boot camp I saw a pvt bend and thrust so hard in The Pit his asshole started sucking buttermilk. Scary

  • aiden_silva_
    aiden_silva_ Day ago

    bruh at the beginning i was actually sitting there thinking it’s one of the stories when it was him promoting something😭💀

  • Vincent Holmes

    that a little too far

  • Vincent Holmes

    That's kind of disturbing 13 year old embedding a 20 year old have his way with her if you know what I mean WTF

  • Vincent Holmes

    The last time I used one of those chat rooms I saw something I wish I didn't