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Sonic looks EPIC now!
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Kids are dumb.
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Am I a Boomer?
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This has to end..
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You Haha, You Lose!
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I vlogged the Honeymoon..
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Adressing the Rumours..
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  • Kshitij Chhokar Gurjar
    Kshitij Chhokar Gurjar 4 seconds ago

    I sometimes think she is Felix.

  • Ness -
    Ness - 4 seconds ago

    β€œThis comment section is horrible!” Everyone: HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  • aytuğ oynior
    aytuğ oynior 9 seconds ago

    Play roblox in ur next video

  • Asai L
    Asai L 15 seconds ago

    Wait a minute pewdiepie gets gifts for Christmas, I barely got gifts for my birthday

  • Justin that guy
    Justin that guy 18 seconds ago

    #1 trending Me: ey! *_FOR GAMING_*

  • Mr Nogen
    Mr Nogen 21 second ago


  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo 22 seconds ago


  • Maverick Henson
    Maverick Henson 28 seconds ago

    I just got your ARKADE PEWDIEPIE BATTLE PACK so far I’m liking it.

  • Eyeless Twat
    Eyeless Twat 31 second ago

    Damn I’m 19 now what I was just 9

  • Th3 Grave of Wrath
    Th3 Grave of Wrath 38 seconds ago

    *Imagine this shit being #1 on trending cuz this is the 1st video in forever where Felix cursed.*

    VENYM & VESTRA 40 seconds ago

    I’m 19

  • Ash
    Ash 45 seconds ago

    Just put a β€œThis video is not intended for children, if you are under 18 please turn off the video” in a really quick β€˜side effects may include’ style voice, boom done. Cash money

  • Flynn Boersma Tuttle
    Flynn Boersma Tuttle 45 seconds ago

    Nice video Pewds found it very interesting

  • CharacWORLD with Unbojihmusic The MSAgent

    when pewdiepie says hmm... then i said "Thinking emoji"

  • Etrosted
    Etrosted 55 seconds ago

    Top 10 Saddest Anime Moments

  • Miranda Sparrow
    Miranda Sparrow 55 seconds ago

    Um sorry but im very confused here im going threw all these comments y'all repeat it so many times.... And i have no clue what going here so can someone please explain it to me lol

  • Adam Staheli
    Adam Staheli 56 seconds ago

    You should start a podcast, you could have guest and just discuss news and anything you want.

  • shu jain
    shu jain Minute ago

    The edgy Pewds is back.

  • Liam Daley
    Liam Daley Minute ago

    I'm trans and I literally didn't find that offensive at all. Literally they were NOT on hormones and had a masculine name. Hell Felix nor anyone else would have been able to tell unless it was an assumption. No pronouns were even clarified in any of the clips. These 12 year old anime queers need to take a chill pill lol.

  • DJ Bean
    DJ Bean Minute ago

    Well I live in Africa

  • DJ Bean
    DJ Bean Minute ago

    Ha can’t sew me I am in Africa

  • Vishwas Tiwari
    Vishwas Tiwari Minute ago

    You ara are a joker man🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

  • Sintayehu Shannon
    Sintayehu Shannon Minute ago

    Damn poppy smoria popping off

  • Nihan Bouwer
    Nihan Bouwer Minute ago

    well done pewds for standing up for yourself. i honestly can't understand why so many people don't have anything better to do than complain.

  • BlackRose
    BlackRose Minute ago

    NOT CYPHERDEN!!!!!!!

  • Gypsy Fart
    Gypsy Fart Minute ago

    Did anyone else wave off ikea tower

  • Jim Theguy
    Jim Theguy Minute ago

    I used to think pewdiepie was a pussy bitch soy boy but he proved me wrong with this whole transphobia thing. Good on you standing up for yourself.

  • Bruno Bucciarati
    Bruno Bucciarati Minute ago


  • Ryan Wolf
    Ryan Wolf Minute ago

    The moment he said β€œgo fuck yourself. That it” I immediately liked the video

  • calvin mack
    calvin mack Minute ago

    It has finally happened "for me at least". TVclip add featuring Pewdiepie product on Pewdiepie video. Cool beans boomer/zoomer/genxer

  • PlugFanAccount
    PlugFanAccount 2 minutes ago

    TVclip is coming to an end

  • Mr MuNunny
    Mr MuNunny 2 minutes ago


  • Joel Bond
    Joel Bond 2 minutes ago

    19? I'm 24 Felix what the fuck!? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • CityCAT
    CityCAT 2 minutes ago

    I used to watch idubbbz when i was 12 (still do), should his revenue get thanos'd?

  • Altoholicc
    Altoholicc 2 minutes ago

    I resubbed because of the response to the NPC noisemakers.

  • Villager #634
    Villager #634 2 minutes ago

    morgz suck

  • Stardown
    Stardown 2 minutes ago

    Pewds: "What's up my 19-year-olds" Me: *turns 20*

  • Knee Ger
    Knee Ger 2 minutes ago

    'I loved him like my lover.' Bruh Felix fricked his tower

  • yuyuyunochan
    yuyuyunochan 2 minutes ago

    Du skrattar att du tappar

  • Lemony Vengeance
    Lemony Vengeance 2 minutes ago

    man, real talk, but you can tell he's REALLY sick of people's bullshit in this one.

  • Luckyducky 1122
    Luckyducky 1122 2 minutes ago

    Mixer should make a video website so everyone can upload what they want and still get paid

  • Tanay Verma
    Tanay Verma 2 minutes ago

    we want poppy gloria back

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 2 minutes ago

    That FTC guy is saying such wrong things it makes me wanna punch him. Why punish US because the parents aren’t controlling their children?!?!?!😑

  • Prateek
    Prateek 2 minutes ago

    More PEW NEWS

  • Jodi Tucker
    Jodi Tucker 2 minutes ago

    number one trending for gaming but its pew news

  • SeventeenTheGamer _17
    SeventeenTheGamer _17 2 minutes ago

    We're just in the sims and pewds gave us all ten birthday cakes at the same time

  • Infamous Kam
    Infamous Kam 2 minutes ago


  • Gerardo Moreno
    Gerardo Moreno 2 minutes ago

    Trending for *gaming*

  • craig finnessy
    craig finnessy 3 minutes ago

    What a great comeback for pew news I miss it always

  • james james
    james james 3 minutes ago

    hey nice vid

  • PolarisStar
    PolarisStar 3 minutes ago

    Me: so do you get demonitized for making childrens videos or adult videos? TVclip: Yes

  • ExoTic TWiiiST
    ExoTic TWiiiST 3 minutes ago

    Your own ad on your own video... epic.

  • Mateo Rubio Marchetti
    Mateo Rubio Marchetti 3 minutes ago

    man I love you

  • Chop chop Chop
    Chop chop Chop 3 minutes ago

    Me sad noisis

  • Marcus Licht
    Marcus Licht 3 minutes ago

    Well youtube wouldnt be youtube without its sitebreaking

  • PantsYT
    PantsYT 3 minutes ago

    I'm still scaketic about if god is real

  • Fred The skrub
    Fred The skrub 3 minutes ago


  • Gone Far Afield
    Gone Far Afield 3 minutes ago

    'bout time they cracked down on those shady toy-unboxing channels. The world is now a safer place.

  • Fred The skrub
    Fred The skrub 3 minutes ago


  • David Platinum
    David Platinum 3 minutes ago

    You ain’t Cardi.. ok girl...

  • Zodee
    Zodee 3 minutes ago


  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz 3 minutes ago

    happy birthday us!

  • Derty Crafter
    Derty Crafter 3 minutes ago

    I habe three fun facts 1 i play games 2 i have a name 3 i live in a house

  • Sabit Ullah
    Sabit Ullah 3 minutes ago

    Me using Ad Blocker ;_;

  • MatthewKatidjo
    MatthewKatidjo 3 minutes ago

    When you’re actually 19 years old *happy noises*

  • Pariwesh
    Pariwesh 3 minutes ago

    *I am actually turning 20 next month and now we are 19 years old! Gr8!*

  • EDM KhΓ΄ng BαΊ£n Quyền

    TVclip's being china now

  • Emil Pettersson
    Emil Pettersson 3 minutes ago

    Pweds news sucks

  • James Jammy
    James Jammy 4 minutes ago

    Uhhhhh Pewdiepie is cancelled!

  • Connor Hochhalter
    Connor Hochhalter 4 minutes ago

    Who wants Pewds/Doctor phill to buy Instagram to stop people like thisπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Desmond
    Desmond 4 minutes ago

    People below me are gay

  • KyletheGamer25
    KyletheGamer25 4 minutes ago

    I think I see the problem. TVclip is ruining channels by making videos that seem kid friendly, made for kids. They are either one, trying to pay off the fine, or two, just trying to ruin the platform itself. I find this as a huge issue on everyone, since people work so hard for money, or a community, and it just gets all taken away. It's unfair to see both people with channels, and ones that don't have to go through this.

  • Debojyoti Dey
    Debojyoti Dey 4 minutes ago

    You are great bro

  • Finnegan Harris
    Finnegan Harris 4 minutes ago

    I stopped watching at 1 minute after he sped is that jeffry stars SON

  • Shorgus
    Shorgus 4 minutes ago

    "this comment section is horrible" Everyone: hmmmmmmmmmmMmMmmM

  • weedle godess
    weedle godess 4 minutes ago

    Bruh moment

  • ihatelife XD
    ihatelife XD 4 minutes ago

    These comments are cursed ;-;

  • HasAMonitorTan
    HasAMonitorTan 4 minutes ago

    Americans dont run the american government, the 5 families that rule the world do. if you care to understand the tyranny taking place behind the scene i recommend the book "the killing of uncle sam" a group of very powerful people who rape kids at their leisure and worship occult shit mean to force the world into one big government.

    KDBBM 4 minutes ago

    Thanks Pewds for bringing attention the COPPA/TVclip issue

  • mega game
    mega game 4 minutes ago


  • Kevdawg
    Kevdawg 4 minutes ago

    Did he just start off with the old big Chungus chant

  • Vegas Toons
    Vegas Toons 4 minutes ago

    This is kids fault. We should kill all kids

  • Edgar
    Edgar 4 minutes ago

    * TVclip collecting children's data * NY: it's TVclip's fault give me money TVclip: its the creators fault Parents: its everyone's fault but ours

  • 4372696D736F6E
    4372696D736F6E 4 minutes ago

    I prefer to lose revenue or even videos than paying huge amouts of money.

  • Altra_1
    Altra_1 4 minutes ago

    Pewds just needs to start cussing in his videos again and he'll be fine

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 4 minutes ago

    Feed the turtles with a plastic straw

  • Jacob Perez
    Jacob Perez 4 minutes ago

    Gotta love Great Value Jeffree Star.

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 5 minutes ago

    2:18 EXACTLY!! It’s the parents responsibility!!! Why can’t the FTC see that!?!?!?!?!

  • Nik89rUfL
    Nik89rUfL 5 minutes ago

    β€œThis comment section is horrible” EVERYONE: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm