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  • Goofball
    Goofball 4 minutes ago

    Petition to bring back Gravity Falls

  • koala kid gaming
    koala kid gaming 16 minutes ago

    Sokka is basically Sakura useless

  • Sheen Camel
    Sheen Camel 22 minutes ago

    Thanks for the screen name

  • Josh Barela
    Josh Barela 27 minutes ago

    Is this a WatchMojo video

  • untitled guy
    untitled guy 32 minutes ago

    Who thinks season 1 to 5 are the best?

  • Ebola Jones
    Ebola Jones 43 minutes ago

    The main fact is that it wasn't very good.

  • SGO
    SGO 47 minutes ago

    Some of these aren't facts about Total Drama Island but facts about actors on the show.

  • Julius Rosethorne

    Hans Christan Andersen is a Danish writer i think, not dutch. We would love to have him though ;)

  • SmartR14
    SmartR14 Hour ago

    VoIcE aCtOt fAcTes

  • Super Saiyan Shallot


  • Dark Forest
    Dark Forest Hour ago

    Didn't know Millhouse was voiced by a woman (I am not an American). I know Bart is, though...

  • Isaiah James-Cheatham

    I like both shows

  • Fire G4m1ng
    Fire G4m1ng Hour ago

    I knew you sounded familiar your the guy from roundtable

  • Altean Lance
    Altean Lance Hour ago

    Needs an update

  • Freakout Power
    Freakout Power Hour ago

    He mostly done stuff because of Stewie mostly helped him though most of it

  • Pusheen Cat
    Pusheen Cat 2 hours ago

    WAIT 4:33 FLUTTERSHY HAS PINKY PIES SYMBOL... oooooooooooh, its from that episode where they switch cutiemarks...

  • Guilherme Ribeiro
    Guilherme Ribeiro 2 hours ago

    Espetacular Melhor desenho sempre

    MORE ROSE 2 hours ago

    I give this video a 2.

  • sad animator
    sad animator 2 hours ago

    If you sreach tawog sucks you wil get a lot of videos

  • Goblin Slayer
    Goblin Slayer 2 hours ago

    It's a shounen so the traitor will probably be someone who's being "blackmailed" into being a traitor, they'll be forgiven after alot of tears and all will be as it was before. But I hope it's Uraraka, that'd be neat.

    MORE ROSE 2 hours ago

    What about the tunnel monster?

  • JakePlaysGames25
    JakePlaysGames25 2 hours ago

    Uh I thought the tap dancing was by Shelby Rabara Peridot Voice Actor I think it was confirmed by Rebecca Sugar to

  • Finntastic Bee
    Finntastic Bee 3 hours ago

    Best episode ever (sorry for my bad spellings)

  • tyler maloney
    tyler maloney 3 hours ago

    Don't know if you can call it a suicide helmet. The time he attempts sucide, he used a different device separate from the helmet mentioned. As this device was far more destructive, it is likely he is going to use the helmet for something else. Just saying, he animated a Cronenberg into existence. Then he killed his creation to be sure his device worked. Theres a rumour that the ooze used to animate the Cronenberg is used to connect dimensions. In a sense, by activating the Cronenberg, he activated an infinitive amount of life into existence. As these lifeforms where connected through the ooze, they where in circuit and thus destroyed by the device. By drinking the ooze, rick made a circuit or connection between all ricks. If the voltage jumped to him, he would have quite literally killed every conceivable rick.

  • Julian Rodriguez
    Julian Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    He has cornrows that's why he wears the Hat duh

  • St. Chino
    St. Chino 3 hours ago

    time traveling multiverse robin

  • Biggie E
    Biggie E 4 hours ago

    It's in the middle of 2019 and I'm still waiting for that animation series on TV

    SPITZtheGOD 4 hours ago

    How was that club cheek thing only a theory? it literally happened multiple times... Thats basically saying "since this person had club symbols on her cheeks, I theorize that she will have club symbols on her cheeks." lol

  • Sebastian K112097
    Sebastian K112097 4 hours ago

    What about the reservoir dogs refrense when they kidnap the bus

  • Never Underestimate The Element Of The Man Bush

    I would like 107 facts of Chozen.

  • The Old Shoes
    The Old Shoes 5 hours ago

    This is painful to watch

  • Aren Me
    Aren Me 5 hours ago

    So in general the tree house is the "blue comet tree" 1. Shoko's tree 2. Finn sword's tree 3. Most likely will be Shermy's tree after

  • Doshi MD
    Doshi MD 5 hours ago

    Я получил от него бан

  • GameZoned
    GameZoned 6 hours ago

    Absolute jeanist. He took bakugo in so when it comes out he looks like a villain

  • James King the goat thing

    There was no German verdion

  • 525Lines
    525Lines 6 hours ago

    I don't think you'd find an important manuscript sitting on a shelf in a public library. Those are my only S.U. notes.

  • johnulrick games
    johnulrick games 6 hours ago

    Rebecca hopes to make a better osng for her show she already did in the movie and the show Also we all know what happens when his gem goes out pink reforms as stevens form and steven i think slowly dies

  • kylee shaver
    kylee shaver 6 hours ago

    my birth stone is amethyst

  • Trayvon Alston
    Trayvon Alston 6 hours ago


  • Moo moos
    Moo moos 6 hours ago

    Dabi’s attractive and no one can change my mind

  • Trent Uhlmann
    Trent Uhlmann 7 hours ago

    Frisky Dingo was Awesome, constantly referenced in the later series of Archer

  • Panda Mask
    Panda Mask 7 hours ago

    I'm 14 and i knew the half of those dirty jokes... I'm upset.

  • its APOLLO_DOX
    its APOLLO_DOX 8 hours ago

    My birthstone is Garnet.. Chille Tid!

  • Angela Sia
    Angela Sia 8 hours ago

    Digimon is better than Pokemon. We'll the Pokemon anime is good but Digimon anime is way better because of the plot and the monsters.

  • Kamil Als
    Kamil Als 8 hours ago

    Answer: Rose Quartz. Also Accpetable Answers: Kind of a terrible person, Selfish, Incappable of thinking too far ahead.

  • Killer5362
    Killer5362 8 hours ago

    I don"t need to introduce rick and morty right? Goes ahead and gives the full background of the show.

  • Antonio Becerra
    Antonio Becerra 9 hours ago

    Everything Stays is Spinel’s song. 🥺❤️

  • Andy Aleus
    Andy Aleus 9 hours ago

    Bartholomew "JoJO" Simpson Plz do a 105 facts about JoJo bizzare adventure

    PANIC AT THE DISCO 10 hours ago

    Sorry I mean dabi

    PANIC AT THE DISCO 10 hours ago

    Also, David has blue fire. Ice is blue, so I there is a link. Just saying

  • Lucian Gaming and Tutorials

    Im from the philippines but i saw the smooching scene

  • Stormtrooper 88
    Stormtrooper 88 11 hours ago


  • Ramen Waifu
    Ramen Waifu 11 hours ago

    Kirishima has dyed hair

  • Ahmed Rayyan Thariq ahmed

    I have a question....why do people hate sparky and poof?

  • Paint_Splash
    Paint_Splash 12 hours ago

    This show masters world building. Watching this video gives me some insight into the art that is fictional culture, geography and history construction.

  • Pat Ayala
    Pat Ayala 12 hours ago

    @5:00 you forgot a character Tom Kenny also did the voice for Heffer from Rocko modern life and that was Toms first cartoon character voice

  • Manuel Camelo
    Manuel Camelo 13 hours ago

    They are Telephatical Ultradimensional Beings. They create false realities (like dreams) in which they let their prey live the "perfect life they desire". After they're way too seduced by all of that. Then these beings consume their victims.

  • Byronne Rolfe
    Byronne Rolfe 13 hours ago

    If evil Morty got smarter then he would've cancelled out those waves so he would have to have left him

  • Karl M
    Karl M 13 hours ago

    Josh Keaton is also a former member of the late '90s/early 2000s boy band No Authority.

  • Charles King
    Charles King 13 hours ago

    There Something About This Traitor Situation That Has Me Confused If There Already Is A Traitor Why Do They Need That Crazy Blood Girl Infiltrating The School To Spy On Them If There Already Had Someone On The Inside Why Do They Need Her ?

  • Daryush Nadjafi
    Daryush Nadjafi 14 hours ago

    Both of these South Park videos are awesome thank you very much. so many things I didn't know😜

  • Lily McCreanor
    Lily McCreanor 14 hours ago

    11:30 he said that Amethest popped out in the "BETA" kindergarten Im not hating im just saying i know people get things wrong so dont be mean thx.👍👍👍😅😅😅😝😝😝

  • JackelLight
    JackelLight 14 hours ago

    Hilda is a witch name I think 🤔 but she has catches spells

  • Audrey
    Audrey 15 hours ago

    Fact 42 just kept makeing me more and more impressed, and no its not reaching too far back to mention she played Gretchen

  • Angela Sia
    Angela Sia 15 hours ago

    My favorite digimon are Gatomon, Wizardmon, Agumon, Veemon, Wormmon, Leomon, Patamon, Ranamon, Dorulumon, Hawkmon, Lilymon, and Calumon.

  • stinky wizzleteats
    stinky wizzleteats 15 hours ago

    The kid who voiced gumball said the n word

  • Alma Jones
    Alma Jones 15 hours ago

    I fell like he ends up with pb

  • beezer1225
    beezer1225 15 hours ago

    American Dad is way better than the Simpson's and Family Guy combined.

  • GrAsSy_PaTAt0 hi
    GrAsSy_PaTAt0 hi 16 hours ago

    Oh yeah it's all coming together now

  • gαlαxү qυεεη
    gαlαxү qυεεη 16 hours ago

    I think that krab's wife died when delivering Pearl since Mr. Krab is now dating Mrs.Puff

  • ddoe 100k
    ddoe 100k 16 hours ago

    Haven't watched AT since 2016 atleast on cartoon network when I got off school or just catching an episode but I really missedalot

  • Mark Phelan
    Mark Phelan 16 hours ago

    dictatorship of the proletariat isn't tyranny, "..USSR, secure, cultured and meaningful lives ..whole country serve our interests ..didn't realize what we had until we lost it ..recommend ..Harpal Brar's book "Perestroika, the complete collapse of revisionism"..": "..socialist DPRK guarantees all its people an education, health care and housing, as well as a job..": " health care and education ..everyone has a job homeless ..Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea..": no homeless people in cuba, "..The Power of Community. How Cuba Survived Peak Oil..": "..What is the difference between anarchism and communism? ..Anarchy ..Why Pop Culture Loves It ..Marxist ..goal is to capture the state, turn it into a dictatorship of the proletariat ..suppress the capitalist class ..state will wither away and you’ll have communism ..anarchists ..oppose the state as much as they oppose capitalism ..argument ..state is ..inherently hierarchical ..institution of domination..":

  • BreadDude
    BreadDude 16 hours ago

    You forgot to mention that Ashley Johnson also voiced Petra from minecraft story mode 😄

  • ncis Mugerian
    ncis Mugerian 17 hours ago


  • Emperor Constantine 1.

    I REMEMBER THE QUACK PACK!! Don’t assume we 90’s kids forgot!!!

  • Nathan Espinosa
    Nathan Espinosa 17 hours ago

    I’d say a lot of the censoring is justified kids don’t need to see or be exposed to stuff like that

  • Thomas Stevens
    Thomas Stevens 17 hours ago

    It's not 999 ghosts in the haunted mansion it's 999 happy haunts.

  • Tyler Riley
    Tyler Riley 17 hours ago

    Fun Fact: there is an extended version of Fathoms Below where they discuss it

  • benee tan
    benee tan 17 hours ago

    Do you want to go to seven back to bed so I can I love you

  • Callie Rodriguez
    Callie Rodriguez 17 hours ago

    Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite movie

  • Lylah’s Own
    Lylah’s Own 18 hours ago

    Pua does exist. 1.Why did Moana grandma said “Blame it on the pig” if she didn’t it??? 2. As soon as Moana returned to the island she shouted “pua”. U said she wasn’t brave or whatever then why does she still see him!... stop digging into something’s that just in its simplest form as the movie director wanted it to be🙄🙄🙄

  • Rod Axell Madela
    Rod Axell Madela 18 hours ago

    I won easily through whitney with my heracross

  • Brian Curtis
    Brian Curtis 18 hours ago

    Ah yes the "Big Boy Voice"

  • Rayelle Hermann
    Rayelle Hermann 18 hours ago

    I feel like the airbender in the intro could be monk giatso

  • Rod Axell Madela
    Rod Axell Madela 18 hours ago

    9:13 yes he is wild in the unova region someone fas amazed by a meowth that he tried to catch and the pokeball caught him but meowth escaped the pokeball

  • IKONIK Clips
    IKONIK Clips 18 hours ago

    They killed Kenny and put him on the thumbnail of thisis video

  • The tower
    The tower 18 hours ago

    The lion was blursed with immortality.

  • Laika Squad
    Laika Squad 18 hours ago

    It so beautiful that’s I love kubo so much and laika

  • Phoenix vera-miller
    Phoenix vera-miller 18 hours ago

    Good content but you girls are painful to watch and listen too. Especially you glasses girl.

  • Jade Warrior
    Jade Warrior 19 hours ago

    Maybe the traitor is the principle? He did say he doesn’t agree with humans too much and he suggested that it was a student when it was most likely a teacher. Or could it be one of the main heroes, like Deku, but they just don’t know they’re the traitor. Like, they’re accidentally helping the villains?

  • Juanito Jr
    Juanito Jr 19 hours ago

    Gumballs my faverite

  • Dynamite Kitty 2
    Dynamite Kitty 2 19 hours ago

    Don't go to Bikini Bottom. It's very toxic because it's near Bikini Atoll , a very toxic place used for atomic bombs.

  • Salty ink
    Salty ink 19 hours ago

    4:24 *I think you need to rephrase*

  • Haot017
    Haot017 19 hours ago

    18:24 "We'll give it a pass because we probably mispronounced somebody's name in this episode" 16:15 "CADENCE"

  • Bon S
    Bon S 19 hours ago

    I'm pickle Riiiiiick

  • Clockwork Caverns
    Clockwork Caverns 19 hours ago

    Number 30: oh boy were they right. Rainbow 2.0 is the best

  • Salman Warsama
    Salman Warsama 20 hours ago

    In a nutshell: Deku basically gets Bakugou's quirk without the hydro glycerin sweat

  • john doe
    john doe 20 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • Joseph mosley
    Joseph mosley 20 hours ago

    Gem don't have genders

  • Nova Kitty
    Nova Kitty 20 hours ago