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  • FutureBerea Alumn
    FutureBerea Alumn 17 seconds ago

    Pretty sure that’s battery as well.

  • Raziel The Corpse
    Raziel The Corpse 21 second ago

    Hi Mercedes Karen! Learn how to drive yet?

  • McShortNfat
    McShortNfat 2 minutes ago

    It's already a bad time to be named Karen or Susan. Now Kevin is getting the whammy.

  • Señor Pigeon
    Señor Pigeon 2 minutes ago

    Wait wait wait... So you’re saying I can get coochie and I get $180 million? Can I sign up? I don’t know anything about the girl yet cause I just saw the title.

  • Voltaic Fire
    Voltaic Fire 2 minutes ago

    Talk about rolling natural 20 in entitlement.

  • Conner Myers
    Conner Myers 3 minutes ago

    A bet you can gesus who got a treat that night Plus one scoop snack.

  • Haley Lavach
    Haley Lavach 4 minutes ago

    One time I heard a girl tell her friend that Afghanistan was the capital of India

  • SuperMattFox 777
    SuperMattFox 777 4 minutes ago

    I had this one time I was playing airsoft with two friends and one of my friends little brother. So this was two years back I was 13 or so and I was playing a match with older, younger, ect. And em being entitled mom and ec being entitled kid and ed being entitled dad. So I was playing a couple of matches with ec. Who was 9 or so. So I shoot him and me and my friends win. So the team gets shuffled every 2-3 rounds and I’m paired with ec so we have towers, tires, boxes and ect. So me and my friend against my other friend and his little brother and some other kid. So it’s us three, me, my friend and ec. So I leave my stick mags around for easier access and so it’s not clunking around because I don’t have prober equipment or pockets to keep these in ( something I don’t do anymore because of this ) so this ec decides that he wants these now and I don’t notice him take them. So the match starts. I get the other kid and my friends little brother. So I run to the tower to get the extra mags I left and I notice their gone and I see ec has them because he wasted all his ammo and he’s trying to stick a mag that wouldn’t fit in his gun.( I have a sub machine gun and he has a ar-15 or something looking rifle ) and I tell him these are not his and he needs to return them because those are mine and they don’t work. So he tells me that these are his and his mom got them ( a obvious lie because he gun is new and clean and these mages are wore plus I put my initials ) so he gets mad after I keep questioning him and telling me those were mine and he starts bailing and pretends to get pushed of but he jumps off. Me and the other kid are like wth. and so em comes and grabs him and he tells her that I pushed him and told his mags. She goes on a rampage at me swearing and all. ( by this time the employees come and try to find video evidence to see if I did and they couldn’t find any but the other kid tells them he saw him jump off and cry. But by this time the the Ed is hounding the employees that I attracted their son and I shouldn’t ever be allowed back here. Ect. Ect. So theirs this huge fight of he did it and he didn’t so the employees gave in and said to solve this that I get the mags and get my wristband cut and if I wanted to play I would have to pay 30 US dollars again tbh I didn’t care by this point because I got my mags back ( only because I showed them my initials and my mag I had in my gun) and the kid went to play again giving me this grin of haha i Lied and bullshited my parents into you leaving. So I’m waited with my friends mom who belives me and ep entitled parents come by and tell me I have to apologize and give back what is their sons by this point I’m so sick and pissed off I tell them their son did this himself and I show them they are mine. Still don’t BELIVE me and their dad try’s to threaten me to sue me for stealing and yelling all of this and calling me a liar and I told them their son is the liar and you know when their a entitled parent when they say well my baby doesn’t ever lie. Em saying this so my friends and their little brother gets out and i start walking away and they grab my shoulder and threaten me that if I leave they will sue me and first of all you can’t sue a minor and seccond a minor can’t sue but these people are idiots so I say if you sue me I’ll counter sue you for assaulting a minor and that shuts them up as I give a look of if you fuck with any longer I will beat the shit outta you. So we leave and I get ice cream and I feel much better after that but I’m still pissed off just not as much and I never saw those parents or that lil shit again

  • Strawberry Daiquiri
    Strawberry Daiquiri 5 minutes ago

    My heart breaks for the birthday story. That was horrible. I'm glad that horrible woman and her equally disgusting son got what they deserve.

  • matrixphijr
    matrixphijr 7 minutes ago

    13:20 - I think I just had a nerdgasm from the impeccable formatting. It's so beautiful.

  • Ray Jackson
    Ray Jackson 7 minutes ago

    I was working in security in a lobby that was the entrance to a theater, some shops, apartments, and a steakhouse owned by the biggest blow hard egomaniac in my city. I did not work for him. He came up with a great idea - he would have me move to the basement, use my desk as a bar, and fill the lobby space with tables. I told him no. He blustered, swore, and said “I’ll have your job!”. I told him he” wouldn’t like it, the pay sucked and you would have to deal with assholes like you”. He left and I didn’t see him again.

  • Meglaodan 5561
    Meglaodan 5561 8 minutes ago

    5:38 I think it was good to make ep wait but it also held up the rest of the line

  • Maxie Fangyard
    Maxie Fangyard 10 minutes ago

    Sorry I'm late, just a sorta funny story. Last year on halloween I actually did get gift cards but they were like promo cards so like ten bucks for a salon, and coupons like free small fries at McyDs but that's only cause I was fifteen and the people who gave them to me were clearly drunk and were just like "oh let's give these to the teen, they would like these so much more" kinda thing lol

  • saucy boy
    saucy boy 12 minutes ago


  • Eli Chad
    Eli Chad 12 minutes ago

    The aunt from the second one gave me heavy Harry Potter vibes.

  • SisterAudrey Grey
    SisterAudrey Grey 13 minutes ago

    My childhood friend did not know hoe to use a vacum at the age of 17 and was in a baby\childhood seat until the age of 16

  • Nitoke
    Nitoke 13 minutes ago

    You said "muey bueno", close enough

  • Kitkatmeow
    Kitkatmeow 13 minutes ago

    Spoken from experience, when they start accusing you of cheating, making you feel guilty for things you shouldn’t, it’s probably because they’re the ones doing you wrong. 🤷‍♀️ divorce her and leave is my opinion.

  • Princess of PinksparklyUnicorns

    IM A TWIN!!!!! my twin is kinda evil but a annoying lovable evil :3

  • Furious Gamer 3003
    Furious Gamer 3003 14 minutes ago

    No, that makes you a entitled youtuber

  • JC Tauli
    JC Tauli 15 minutes ago

    I frikin cried for the second story when OP couldn’t defend herself. Hit close to home man, as a kid I couldn’t talk whenever I was upset.

  • chaelliam atlas
    chaelliam atlas 15 minutes ago

    🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I almost threw up at work when I saw the thumbnail. oh God I'm finna be sick

  • chemxfan
    chemxfan 19 minutes ago

    Yeah , I'm a what? Now get in the kitchen & fix me an ice cream! LOL!

  • Jory Vlogs
    Jory Vlogs 20 minutes ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 23 minutes ago

    Talk about ice cold shut down 🤣🤣🤣 That sucks for op about bdays good for her punching the bitch aunt Karma is a bitch and so is entitled aunt

  • Kattitude Games
    Kattitude Games 24 minutes ago

    Please do more picture-based subreddits. Those were really funny!!!

  • Skin Eater
    Skin Eater 27 minutes ago

    Awwww yeah the baby has some money to burn XD

  • ブラッドレッドビースト

    Everyone his name is rSlash not r/Slash please

  • Alvin Lee
    Alvin Lee 29 minutes ago

    if i were that kid who told them to knock it off the wombat would have been in pain and 50% dead

  • Tom Prosser
    Tom Prosser 29 minutes ago

    If she is 71 that bitch will not be around much longer, if that sound mean, she is being meaner.

  • Abhishek Dangwal
    Abhishek Dangwal 30 minutes ago

    The hawk sound 02:06 😂😂👍

  • C0nfused _P0tat0
    C0nfused _P0tat0 30 minutes ago

    Wow suck em is such a sexist

  • It’s ok To be White
    It’s ok To be White 31 minute ago

    One time i karate chopped this kid in the face, he literally split in half. So someone yelled “call the cops!” I looked at my hands in amazement not knowing I had such strength. I run with the intensity of a dozen lions down the street. My shoes echo off the pavement. I turn the corner and see 8 cops with their guns drawn yelling FREEZE!! I immediately took them all out (I didn’t wanna hurt cops but I HAD to!) after that everyone clapped. Don’t ask why but they did. I then went home and fucked *insert famous actress name here* while I smoked a blunt and came on TVclip

  • Raylyn Kawaii
    Raylyn Kawaii 32 minutes ago

    intruder enters home: My large dog: HI NEW FRIEND WANNA PLAY AND GIVE ME TREATS.... (Not sure what breed my dog is for that we rescued her from a shelter when she was just about 2 years old)

  • Allie Boswell
    Allie Boswell 32 minutes ago

    Ek:blue and green is not for girls Me: *ok just let me change my eye colors* !!!!

  • Isabelle
    Isabelle 35 minutes ago

    The way he says mbps makes me laugh and I don't know why.

  • Sydney Bolden
    Sydney Bolden 35 minutes ago

    Trump 2020

  • LetsPlayDaily
    LetsPlayDaily 35 minutes ago

    Sounds like the kid that tried to steal the car was just looking to escape that coddled rich lifestyle and fell in with an idiot friend. Sometimes those kids dont want the pressure of being told how to dress and act in public when they have rich and successful parents and they act out. Sometimes growing up rich can be very detrimental to your joy as a child and really screw you up in life. I have always vowed that if I become rich like I hope to soon that I wont ever just give something to my daughter, she will need to work for it. I probably wont deny her everything unless she fully pays for it herself but she can be sure that she will be doing some chores and will be required to at least get a part time job when she is old enough so that she will understand the value of money and how hard it is to earn very little of it.

  • Phantom Kayne
    Phantom Kayne 35 minutes ago

    Not sure if intentional or not but it sounded like your outro was cut to early. May just be me.

  • JJ21 savage
    JJ21 savage 37 minutes ago

    So it was less like "how dare you hit my son" and more like "HOw DaRE YoU ToUCh ThE MaSTEr"

  • matrixphijr
    matrixphijr 38 minutes ago

    4:18 - He does make _one_ good point there in the 2nd paragraph. By solely raising the minimum wage, without any kind of substantial change in the overall hierarchy of pay, it drops a fairly large group of people further down the totem pole. That bothers me, too. But it's no reason to deny any (all) workers more guaranteed pay.

  • Emma Roberts
    Emma Roberts 38 minutes ago

    wow just wow😑

    TENZIN CHOENYI 39 minutes ago

    I have a game called SMC which means Super Mecha Champions

  • Kahoot Collateral
    Kahoot Collateral 40 minutes ago

    In my neighborhood people went trick or treating hella early because 3 house handed out 10 gift cards to what they considered the best costume

  • TheDemisingEnd
    TheDemisingEnd 41 minute ago

    The second one pissed me off at one point. I can't believe she went to the BS excuse of saying her son was Autistic. I hate when people joke around about it, or falsely claim they have it. Reason why is because I have Autism (the high functioning one, so I don't have an intellectual disability), and from my experience with my Autism, people really don't worry about a lot of things (like being late, or whatever), unless it is something that they really enjoy doing. Not discrediting if he has it or not, but from personal experience, I call her trying to fake it. If you want to discredit me and say I am also lying about having it, then you can. Not here to make an argument. I just think it's important to not make fun of/falsely claim it because these people are also human beings.

  • the big sad
    the big sad 42 minutes ago

    on that first one, (for all you people who like astrology, and also because its sorta important, i'm a Pisces, and pisces are very sensitive) i have breakdowns fairly easily if there is too much going on, and though I have a quite broad frame and a very strong grip, i try to be as careful as possible because i have type one diabetes, and don't want my site getting ripped out. So I would prob just end up crying in the corner trying to protect the child.

  • John Ward
    John Ward 43 minutes ago

    I'm a fan of Steve Hofstetter!

  • Ellie Kioto
    Ellie Kioto 43 minutes ago

    Lol in Sweden the customer is not always right and the store is private property and the law needs to be followed accordingly meaning that the people working in the store cane ask the customers to leave any time

  • Robert Rusnak
    Robert Rusnak 44 minutes ago

    Low life assholes

  • Michayla Lawrence
    Michayla Lawrence 44 minutes ago

    The game one was not cheating just smart also the baby talk one not the butt hole, it’s really damaging to the baby to do that too

  • Skin Eater
    Skin Eater 45 minutes ago

    The last story, it’s absolutely breathtaking

  • Sil Lander
    Sil Lander 45 minutes ago

    I believe thats a 1911 holster...

  • Angelo Vecchione
    Angelo Vecchione 46 minutes ago

    My opinion don’t hate I think the mother who missed her daughter is a butt hole cuz how is she gonna control an autistic kid and a perfectly normal daughter drop him off

  • helookalikaman79
    helookalikaman79 47 minutes ago

    We all have entitled aunt/uncles aka poster "Children" on what NOT to become.

  • matrixphijr
    matrixphijr 47 minutes ago

    3:24 - Well... That's still a lot better than the image I had in my head.

  • toofu
    toofu 47 minutes ago

    don’t you think it’s a personal thing to ask though?

  • Katie Dawber
    Katie Dawber 48 minutes ago

    Omg the thumbnail image is from a news story from where I’m from! The dog in the photo killed another dog who was off lead. The dog that got attacked ran out of its house with 2 other dogs into the park and the person walking the dog in the photo panicked and couldn’t control her dog because she was worried the other dogs would attack her child. I honestly don’t think they would of, it was a lab and 2 dachshunds I think. But I guess dogs can be scary and unpredictable in groups. The blood all over the dogs face is from it mauling one of the dachshunds

  • snαkєхwhíspєrєr
    snαkєхwhíspєrєr 48 minutes ago

    "Special interest" yeah I wonder what that's referring to. Disgusting. So unprofessional...

  • grim 2212
    grim 2212 48 minutes ago

    Awe look at the happy puppy

  • Michayla Lawrence
    Michayla Lawrence 49 minutes ago

    First guy not the butthole in my opinion she was being a butthole to her brother who she probably knows he has confidence issues too and she got herself drunk enough to be mean and then lied to her husband, don’t be a mean drunk and shit won’t blow up on you

  • gatorboymike
    gatorboymike 50 minutes ago

    Karen: *exists* World: this is why we can't have nice things

  • Virgil Blaze
    Virgil Blaze 53 minutes ago

    I work at Asda and I don't give a damn lol. Love your channel!

  • Dying Internally
    Dying Internally 53 minutes ago


  • Skin Eater
    Skin Eater 55 minutes ago

    R/: Throw the pretzels away 1. He could get fired 2. The EM could dig them out of the trash can because chances are, she’d do that

  • Daniel Solis
    Daniel Solis 55 minutes ago

    didn't r/slash already tell us the second story? * also you told us the 3rd story too. I see you being cheeky (inform me if I'm wrong)

  • Divine Pearl
    Divine Pearl 56 minutes ago

    I don't believe the wedding one. Would you really allow a friend's friend to continue to milk your money for things they cannot or will not pay for themselves? Drag you into their wedding, pay for their crap, it seems like she spent over two grand for attending parties paying for wedding items, etc. My husband and I make decent money and would not ever spend $500 in a frivolous venture of a FAMILY member much less thousands on an acquaintance. So I'm calling bull.

  • Christopher or Chris/Critter C

    so its ok for an aunt to slap a child but not ok for child to defend herself bull shit dad, you guys know she was eleimenet and you guys know your child has problems horrible family. As far as your dad cocern about something not being right, when was anything right with that family? I feel bad for the girl bday party ruin and wanted nothing to do with anything.

  • matrixphijr
    matrixphijr Hour ago

    6:45 - "Take _several_ seats" OHHHHHHHHHH!

  • SylphionGamer
    SylphionGamer Hour ago

    When I though there was nothing worse than a Karen, a choosing beggar Karen appears.

  • my tube
    my tube Hour ago

    You had the second story in one from almost a week ago. Please don’t do repeats.

  • Racc Lives Matter

    Why does that woman on the call sound like a female Alex Jones

  • Micah Morrissey
    Micah Morrissey Hour ago

    "If only they would create a vaccine for stupid people". Create a vaccine for entitled parents and their rather common hellspawns. Did you know that only 10% of entitled parents will have non-entitled kids? Those kids deserve a medal, locked inside of a high-security safe, so that entitled people can't get it.

  • Sarcastic STUDIO


  • No Homo Mom
    No Homo Mom Hour ago

    I feel that kid,I have a stutter as well and sometimes it's hard to say something's and I been going to speech therapy since I was in kindergarten and it really helped me,even tho I'm older it still bothers me but I try not to let it bring me down.

  • Wolvesbane
    Wolvesbane Hour ago

    The hell is that McDonald’s. When I worked at McDonald’s we couldn’t go any higher than three swirls.

  • Gerard Mourits
    Gerard Mourits Hour ago

    Not buying the dogs eat rapist fairy tale Dogs that attack/mutilate humans get put down here No exceptions Also the neighbours must have heard the screams next door and didn't call the cops....yeah convincing. And op wasn't phased by a dude bleeding out in there living room with 3 dogs ripping into him. Bull-fudging-excrement.

  • sad potato
    sad potato Hour ago

    I hope that horrible aunt dies sad, alone, nd in pain. I hope not a single fucking soul sheds a tear for that piece of shit. Making fun of someone with a stutter makes them worse and you belong in hell if you ask someone why they didnt die in the womb.

  • JadeDragonFilms
    JadeDragonFilms Hour ago

    I think that crazy woman tried to kill her son because she thought that because she was forcing christianity on him he'd go to heaven before the others "corrupted him or condemned him" to not being christian. but thats not how it works the baptist was on the good side here

  • CreepypastaJill2009 _

    I have a bad stutter to but i try to talk normally amd actually am doing good

  • Christopher or Chris/Critter C

    Can we get managers like that in all stores????

    SHADOWBEAR82763 Hour ago

    I knew a kid in high school who thought he was special because was going to inherit about a half a million when he turned 21. A few years later he got the money, left his wife and kid, quit his job with a loud 'f**K you!' and started partying. Less that 5 months later he was broke, homeless, and in serious trouble for bad checks. I guess he thought it would last forever.

  • -GachaAvacado-
    -GachaAvacado- Hour ago

    For us, we aren't allowed to have any form of tank tops. It gets so hot because the school refuses to get an air conditioner. There's also no shorts allowed unless they're the basketball short length, uniform bottoms with a uniform polo shirt

  • EdgeLord Of Pasta


  • Ashley Garpstas
    Ashley Garpstas Hour ago

    i would take her off after helping somehow and take the chair AND HIT HER/EP WITH IT

  • dude
    dude Hour ago

    i was hoping the manager would ask for a receipt

  • Austin Frey
    Austin Frey Hour ago

    The first OP has the BEST MANAGER EVER. Like wtf. My managers would never. I’ve been told someone has had food thrown all over them and still finished their shift. Noooooooope.

    SLICKRICK Hour ago

    I wish I had your voice it's so soothing is it just me

  • Izzy _Playz
    Izzy _Playz Hour ago

    3:50 this story makes me think of Harry Potter 😂

  • idiot Dude
    idiot Dude Hour ago

    2:10 that eco

  • Benjamin of Houston

    Suing a witness in a criminal case like what here is very close to witness tampering.

  • B H
    B H Hour ago


  • Kirk YT
    Kirk YT Hour ago

    Who else wants to got to the father’s restaurant? I’m hungry XD!

  • Appie Bear
    Appie Bear Hour ago

    Question! What is wrong with a 30 something wearing a crop top? I’m a 30 something

  • ms.marvelous 815

    I’ve had a build a bear party before and that’s definitely not normal. I believe my friends could each get a bear or they could get accessories instead and I got two bears (one a border collie stuffed animal and a yellow bear which my friends could write messages to me on). That mom was just being greedy and hopefully her daughter isn’t as entitled now as she seemed in that story. If I went to a party like that with my mom and dad, they’d be questioning her like crazy about her decision regardless if it was the little girl’s birthday.

  • YuGiOh man
    YuGiOh man Hour ago

    F R.I.P. Grandpa

  • L Lawliet
    L Lawliet Hour ago

    If my kid punches someone i wouldn't punish them until I got there side. I was raised to never throw the first punch based on words but if anyone touched me to fight back. I've been suspended from school from being in fights but never punished and told good job because i defended myself.

  • Fayde YT
    Fayde YT Hour ago

    I am the evil one 😆

  • HPGunshot
    HPGunshot Hour ago

    I feel so bad for the OP that punched her aunt. I'm glad she got away from her family.

  • alice nightmare
    alice nightmare Hour ago

    Thanks for giving me ways to get out of suspetion

  • HighTideGaming
    HighTideGaming Hour ago

    That opossum noise was the best thing I've heard all year