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  • nicoly alves
    nicoly alves 11 months ago

    anyone know whts the song name wht play when "feelings" video begin?

  • Liana Vargas
    Liana Vargas 11 months ago


  • Sean Gruenboeck
    Sean Gruenboeck Year ago

    Hallo, wenn du jazzige deutschsprachige Liedermacher-Musik magst, dann besuch doch bitte auch meinen Channel. Wenn dir gefällt, was du dort siehst und hörst, freue ich mich über dein Feedback. Vielen Dank! Liebe Grüße, Sean

  • henrique Oliveira

    My god I do not know how but I will be like you ... brave and not even there for others, with your videos I had a crush on you ... I love you and see if you never forget it ta hayley ... I love you I love you, I'm Brazilian, but I never give up and one day you'll know that I exist

  • Siriusly_very_gay

    Just found this channel today and I'm impressed! This lesbian right her has subscribed!

  • stevan puth
    stevan puth Year ago

    We want new songs please

  • Isabella Main
    Isabella Main Year ago

    Interesting videos. That is all I have to say...

  • Kyoko [SB]
    Kyoko [SB] Year ago

    Te doy como matías a los pibitos

  • Nikol Aguilera
    Nikol Aguilera Year ago

    i love you.. From Chile greetings and lots of love

  • C'est Marie
    C'est Marie Year ago

    1 MILLION VIEWS FOR SLEPPOVER Hayley !!!! Love youuuuu

  • Grace Mita
    Grace Mita Year ago

    Does anyone know if this is the girl from Lemonade Mouth. She looks like Stella.

  • vroski__
    vroski__ Year ago

    hay wats up guys itz scarce hear

  • TutorialsVCP
    TutorialsVCP Year ago

    Why this VEVO channel became a Warner Music channel? :/ Better she should to create another channel and that one baptize like a WMG channel. David Guetta, Kylie, Coldplay, Conchita, Pablo Alboran, Tinie Tempah did this :V

  • hallvard økland
    hallvard økland 2 years ago

    holy fack. come to Bergen in Norway. PLEASE.

  • Elissa Rios
    Elissa Rios 2 years ago

    hey am a big fan when is ur next video?

  • Shanaya Green
    Shanaya Green 2 years ago


  • Nadia
    Nadia 2 years ago

    omg i love her!!

  • Isabelle Scales
    Isabelle Scales 2 years ago

    Hayley I like your older stuff too. I've binged listened to you on Spotify. Are you not going to add the audios here on your channel?

  • fiona lavender
    fiona lavender 2 years ago

    Wasn't she in a Disney show or something?

    • fiona lavender
      fiona lavender 2 years ago

      +wonderstorms that's it! thanks!

    • wonderstorms
      wonderstorms 2 years ago

      she also played stevie in the wizards of waverly place

  • TheVegan AndAnimalActivist

    hi do you use products free of Animal testing and free of Animal ingredients? I love Animals and just want to know :)

  • Marco Mannigel
    Marco Mannigel 2 years ago

    I don't know what the fuck makes she soooo awesome but fact is she is awesome

  • eve dube
    eve dube 2 years ago

    je love you I dream to see you for my birthday

  • İnci McKee
    İnci McKee 2 years ago

    You're fuckin awesome

  • Izzy _ Universe7
    Izzy _ Universe7 2 years ago

    yasass hayley love ya ;ove ur music keep doin wat ur doin

  • Aleena
    Aleena 2 years ago


  • Laurissa Comeau
    Laurissa Comeau 2 years ago

    wow i was gust looking throw some cover an see this account, she is amazing, i think she is now one of my inspirations. you rock hayley

  • Kali Lentz
    Kali Lentz 2 years ago


  • Mac McLean
    Mac McLean 2 years ago

    NEW ALBUM!!!

  • Metal Fury
    Metal Fury 2 years ago

    Tell me Hayley Kiyoko, have you ever seen a video with unconcealed and intentional propaganda inviting to heterosexual values?

    • Lallie Zealand
      Lallie Zealand Year ago

      WTF I CAN'T BELIEVE U THINK U ARE VALID IN THIS SOCIETY, we are not spiteful the whole idea of our community is to portray peace coz its sick bastards like u who promote sexism, homophobia, racism etc Ur actually so tragic its unreal my points were valid but u cannot arggue against tht u hv nothing to back urself up with just homophobic retorts stfu a 17 yr old bisexual girl just fucking stood up to u, u are clearly not normal, also the crap is about u so surely it is bothering u am i right??

    • Metal Fury
      Metal Fury Year ago

      +Lally Zealand I feel sorry for you. We both know why you and the other people like you are so spiteful towards NORMAL people. Please don't bother me with your crap any more.

    • Lallie Zealand
      Lallie Zealand Year ago

      Homophobic's are so disgusting, The fact i reacted like that actually confirms me as a person not my sexuality as I'm actually a 17 year old Bisexual girl, it could however suggest my maturity levels but at this point i don't give a fuck , who tf asked u about your sex life, like i mean r u sure she enjoys it that much its looking pretty one sided, she probably looks like the back end of a donkey because that's all you deserve, "sexy young chick" you can tell your a trump supporter lol only because shes a sexy young chick doesn't mean shes beautiful could just mean shes a porn star, as all every decent person knows whatever there sexuality being beautiful is not what u look like, and right now your the ugliest person i could ever think of. Congrats you get pleasure what about her how many times has she faked an orgasm??? Why are you watching this stuff if you don't like it like get off the fckn gay side of TVclip dumb ass not that hard...I am waiting eagerly this Christmas and that is for the world to see sense and stop letting idiots like you be this delusional, I want people my age to be able to come out and not be ostracized by stuck up jerks who can't see the world as a bigger picture. I am a 17 year old girl wishing for people to stfu and accept so you "metal fury" are so irrelevant right now and I'm so surprised you are loved. Hayley Kiyoko is part of the LGBTQ community of course she's going to produce music to portray her experiences like come on ?? your be making films of your sex life probably (( your experiences right?)) I'll think your find there are many more people then you think who actually accept the LGBTQ society so f u c k o f f :)))) MERRY FUCKING CHRISTMAS

    • Metal Fury
      Metal Fury Year ago

      +Lally Zealand Very mature and very polite. The way you react explains a lot, including part of the reasons why people do not like lesbians and homos. You wrote "fuck off" - and yeah, I will FUCK off, but after that I will also FUCK my babe who is wonderful and sexy young chick, in other words - a beautiful creature from the opposite gender and besides pleasure and peace with myself it gives me the opportunity to have my OWN successor :) You know, someone said that when an individual do not possess the required skills to argue well justified, should not start one. Merry Christmas! In your case if you are a girl I am confident that you would wait eagerly this holiday especially if it was Mary Christmas instead of Merry Christmas, actually the best option will be merry Mary :)

    • Lallie Zealand
      Lallie Zealand Year ago

      fuck off

  • TaeWho
    TaeWho 2 years ago


    • what
      what Year ago

      wtf why

  • Tania Juchkov
    Tania Juchkov 2 years ago

    I gotta say i am a big fan of u, of ur music and ur acting love u in the show CSI: Cyber even though i am still young, in the teens, love watching the show MASSIVE FAN BTW visit NSW, Australia LUV YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leitros
    leitros 2 years ago

    Love the song, music and vid. But Hayley, if you are American / Japanese (born in California) why do you sound a bit British (London - Estuary English,) at times in this song?

    • Jazzy J
      Jazzy J 11 months ago

      maybe it's autotune or something

  • ana cuadrado
    ana cuadrado 2 years ago

    i just heard your song in error, that error is wonderful. Greetings from colombia, visit us.

    ALNITAKT 2 years ago

    I'm a lesbian. And i'm really grateful. To be represented by your videos and songs. Thanks Hayley. To be brave and make it real. Love and support

    • Lallie Zealand
      Lallie Zealand Year ago

      plz tell metal fury or w/e this exact thing thx

  • Madison Rae
    Madison Rae 2 years ago

    I feel the same as the girl playing the best friend in Girls Like Girls.

  • Aubrella Piroumian
    Aubrella Piroumian 2 years ago

    in the vid. girls like girls i thought she was lexi from ant farm lol

    • Gabe Steidl
      Gabe Steidl 2 years ago

      +Tutus and Teacup she is lexi from ant farm.

  • Isa Zarate
    Isa Zarate 2 years ago

    te amo hermosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Gabriella Faythe
    Gabriella Faythe 2 years ago


  • k abuki
    k abuki 2 years ago

    ahh i love your music! keep up the good work!

  • Sierra LG
    Sierra LG 2 years ago

    I didn't expect to like every song that I heard from you. This music is nice to listen to, I feel like I can sit and relax or dance to it. It's dope and I am excited to hear more :)

    • Sierra LG
      Sierra LG 2 years ago

      Lol it really does. Especially This Side of Paradise, when I listen to it i just feel the music you know? XD

    • Jessica Willloverthrow
      Jessica Willloverthrow 2 years ago

      +Awkward-ly Cur-ly same dosnt her voice and the way she plays with music...she also playst with your heart a bit lol.

  • r o s e
    r o s e 3 years ago


  • 0___-
    0___- 3 years ago

    wow this is garbage

  • Kayla Tabor
    Kayla Tabor 3 years ago

    I love your music so far keep it up!!!

  • ßelle and Annyštěrk

    Nejsem angličanka...tak doufám, že si toto přeložíš. Píšu sice přes kanál, ale jinak by jsi to ani nevěděla. :D V tom filmu: Prokletí nestvůry z jezera ) Jsi byla skvělá! Na ten film se dívám u po několikáté! Bylo to super! Kdyby jsi mohla měla by jsi něco dalšího natočit! Fakt!

  • Sabrina Vargas
    Sabrina Vargas 3 years ago

    much love to you and your talent. Your music is inspiring and I will continue to blare it at full volume.

  • Tanthy Qalia
    Tanthy Qalia 3 years ago


  • Savannah Diaz
    Savannah Diaz 3 years ago

    Keep doing what you're doing Haley! You're AWESOME!

  • Judit Lozano Carbí
    Judit Lozano Carbí 4 years ago

    I love what you do *-* Lots of love <3

  • estefaniav2000
    estefaniav2000 4 years ago


    SPARKLEVIDZ 5 years ago

    I love you and I just wanted to say you're gorgeous!

  • Alexandra Dob.
    Alexandra Dob. 5 years ago

    Hayley LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!! :'33♥

  • Sakapooska
    Sakapooska 5 years ago

    love you! <3

  • Janys Mendler
    Janys Mendler 5 years ago

    H A Y L E Y K I Y O K O <3

  • Aichu Solis
    Aichu Solis 5 years ago

    Come on VEVO! Get this video out there! Like you do to other artists

  • Atheria
    Atheria 5 years ago

    Nooooo!!!! I missed the live chat!!!!! The music video was epic though!

  • cxyxntxixe
    cxyxntxixe 5 years ago

    Love you hayley!!! XD