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Mercury Bottle Flip
11 months ago
Propane Rifle
2 years ago
Sulfur Volcano
3 years ago
Dancing Robots
4 years ago
Sub 4 Science
4 years ago
High voltage
4 years ago

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  • wl041204 YT
    wl041204 YT 2 days ago

    you should do Molten Aluminum vs Honey

    NOVA DRAGON 4 days ago

    can you freeze oobleck?

  • Hielke Boers
    Hielke Boers 5 days ago

    What happend to the tail of your dog?

  • Geemedalove
    Geemedalove 9 days ago

    Can you try putting sodium in liquid nitrogen?

  • John Palermo
    John Palermo 12 days ago

    Where has he gone?????

    • Teddy Robertson
      Teddy Robertson 9 days ago

      He's still recovering from the Hurricane, he lives in Florida

  • Kaz Hatfield
    Kaz Hatfield 14 days ago

    this is really cool all the stuff you do!

  • Albie Clementi
    Albie Clementi 14 days ago

    Hi Backyard Scientist! I noticed you haven't posted a video for a while, and knowing that you live in Florida, I just wanted to check in and see if everything is OK and that you fared well through the storms. I think I can speak for everyone, that if you need anything, just let us know!! Hope you are well!!

  • WoodGuyGamer
    WoodGuyGamer 16 days ago

    come on new vid?

  • Meikkhaell
    Meikkhaell 18 days ago

    New videos every week! Been a month bro ..

  • Zomaar_Domi
    Zomaar_Domi 19 days ago

    make your own magnet

  • Zomaar_Domi
    Zomaar_Domi 19 days ago

    what happens if you melt a magnet ??????????

    • Teddy Robertson
      Teddy Robertson 9 days ago

      The magnetic properties destabilize and it loses most if not all it's magnetic properties, though I believe it may still carry some. Metals are magnetic because of their electrons all point in the same direction, thus giving them a stronger and more noticeable force. If you heat it up, the electrons will excite and move out of position, thus reducing it's magnetic effect, but I'm sure it will go back to being magnetic, but probably not as powerful.

  • Zomaar_Domi
    Zomaar_Domi 19 days ago

    can you melt a magnet ?????

  • Nicky Murray
    Nicky Murray Month ago

    Can you please make a Tesla Coil video? I want to make one, but the SSTCs are too loud and VTTCs look really complicated. Please make a video

  • Guppy Guy
    Guppy Guy Month ago

    You live in Florida right? How's your place?

    • Teddy Robertson
      Teddy Robertson 9 days ago

      He's alright, though making videos may not be an option at the moment

    GEORGE FERRO Month ago

    Crazy idea molten metal poured into liquid nitrogen

  • jbz3
    jbz3 Month ago

    Stay safe this weekend!

  • rickrn2
    rickrn2 Month ago

    Where you been hope all is well

  • Diamond Skye
    Diamond Skye Month ago

    We need to escape this hurricane

  • Hari Krishna Shrestha

    congratulation you started a new trend. ordeez trend which is all over the youtube

  • Mattyice
    Mattyice Month ago

    I want a cat named Jerry, who will donate it to me?

  • epic rc guy
    epic rc guy Month ago

    more rocket knife!!!!

  • natty plays
    natty plays 2 months ago


  • Crimson Fucker
    Crimson Fucker 2 months ago

    I was wondering if you could give some tips on creating a forge from a gas tank ?

  • Paul Ujlaky’s Crazy Science

    Dear The Backyard Scientist: When you did the video about the computer duster vs. water, you left out a part I thought might of been important to finding more information on how the reaction takes place. What if you preformed the test, but with cooler water? Please consider this. From Paul

  • Max Giroux
    Max Giroux 2 months ago

    you should try melting aluminum and baking your plaster mold in the oven kiln at the same time

  • Cael TheSquid
    Cael TheSquid 2 months ago

    how about something that has to do with water conducting electricity

  • 2022Ibrahim Hammad
    2022Ibrahim Hammad 2 months ago

    sorry just kidding

  • Gavin Berg
    Gavin Berg 2 months ago

    Please find a way to make a fire tornado in the center of a water vortex.

  • 2022Ibrahim Hammad
    2022Ibrahim Hammad 2 months ago

    can u make a high pressure water cannon that is powerful enough to go thought a water melon DO THIS OR DIE 😀😎😅😵😉👍

  • Noah Richardson
    Noah Richardson 2 months ago

    I bet you cant make the Minion fart gun the worlds best creation

  • Darth Awar
    Darth Awar 2 months ago

    Please do a Vacuum Tube Tesla Build Video ASHP (As Soon as Humanly Possible!)

  • Mati M
    Mati M 2 months ago

    why did you took down the giant capacitor video?

  • matthew reetz
    matthew reetz 2 months ago

    or maybe the molten metal guns just not ready yet

  • Tom Neal
    Tom Neal 2 months ago

    Any idea how to make ~27GHz transmitter? I want to make HHO. ~ 27GHz is resonant frequency of H₂O. I'd like to make HHO in my backyard, lol. If we could do this it would open up the possibility, for fuel cell use, for combustion motor use, etc. I think hitting water at it's resonant frequency facilitates first part of the best pollution free energy process. Please help me figure this out.

  • Nirave Rathod
    Nirave Rathod 2 months ago

    where is he... hope he's not blown himself up doing something... someone go check on him...

  • Shirley  Pastor
    Shirley Pastor 2 months ago

    No chat rooms exist for freeze drying. Trying to educate myself but Looking to buy virtis 278002 . Has no manifold .gotta build.would like brains here to banter ideas off of.

  • Crated
    Crated 3 months ago

    Would it be possible to create an energy bolt by firing a spray of conductive pellets, with a small spread, and having a microwave emitter electrify them to the point that electricity jumps between them? And no, it wouldn't be conductive pellets, I haven't had much time to solve that problem, but it is possible to make an energy bolt with today's technology right???

  • Joseph lee
    Joseph lee 3 months ago

    pls make a new vid thank you

  • PattyKakes
    PattyKakes 3 months ago

    could you do something like a real-life lightsaber?

  • billybob joe
    billybob joe 3 months ago

    are you on vacation?

  • Jumpy
    Jumpy 3 months ago

    hey i'am jeff

  • Yr 7 Science with Dangerous Dr D

    Hi, Saw your oobleck experiment and was wondering how did you get so much into the balloon? We havent had much luck trying to get more than a small handful of the material into the balloon

  • Meikkhaell
    Meikkhaell 3 months ago

    Dude please do the 40w laser gun video ... its been 3 months since you revealed

  • TJ Reynolds
    TJ Reynolds 3 months ago

    TheBackyardScientist you should do something cool with aluminum foil

  • Ian Lee
    Ian Lee 3 months ago

    What happened to your dog, why isn't he in you vids anymore. ):

  • Joshua Aden
    Joshua Aden 3 months ago

    If you put a live wire in a pool of ionized water, how would you determine the range that the electricity spreads? How would you determine the distance where the electricity is no longer dangerous, or at the very least starts reducing its threat?

  • GD Aaron
    GD Aaron 4 months ago


  • Danny Hayes
    Danny Hayes 4 months ago

    He should do something on Electrolysis. It involves electricity, water, and produces Hydrogen and Oxygen, both flammable. Sounds right up his alley!

  • Harvey Johnson
    Harvey Johnson 4 months ago

    would you mind making a video on how to make ferric chloride

  • kraaberts
    kraaberts 4 months ago

    What is your educational background in? I feel like I read/study all the time but never feel quite like a true scientist. You seem to have the knack!

  • Ali Stark
    Ali Stark 4 months ago

    can sound knock water off of the pool cover thingy

  • CQF4
    CQF4 4 months ago

    You can do something about the burning gunpowder of rocket powered spinner. Align the rocket
    exaust with the vector of acceleration and centrifugal force.

  • Bill the Smissmas Hoovy

    Make a 4th of July themed fidget spinner that explodes after being shot up
    (during 4th of july)
    I call it "Patriotic Autism"

  • fruityyyyyy
    fruityyyyyy 4 months ago

    I would love see some collaboration with The Slow Mo Guys. Have either of you reached out to each other?


    and then mix it with Al foil


    water+petrol+wc cleaner+

  • Tim Carlson
    Tim Carlson 4 months ago

    2 years since last vid

  • Lord JT
    Lord JT 4 months ago

    Do you live in Florida, if you do what part because Im in Cape Coral and it would be cool to do a video with you or at least watch you make one

  • bolt300gaming
    bolt300gaming 4 months ago

    hey i would love to see what happens if you get air max shoes those one with the hair pockets in them and fill it up with helium and if some how the helium escapes try to make it air tight :)

  • Smashup Mashups
    Smashup Mashups 4 months ago

    Do another rocket knife video! Cut in half a fireworks rocket, a box, a plush doll, Oobleck ('cause why not?), a cantaloupe, book... and maybe clay.

  • epic rc guy
    epic rc guy 4 months ago

    I want to see the laser gun. i think you should try to test it out on different things. Weakest first and get up to strong stuff :))))

  • Dawei Huang
    Dawei Huang 5 months ago

    Let me on behalf of the backyard scientist declare the death of this channel. Rest in peace.

  • WoodGuyGamer
    WoodGuyGamer 5 months ago

    do molten aluminum vs chair

  • José Antonio Arellano

    Hey, guys, I'm about to perform a lab about the empirical-molecular formula for the combustion of magnesium. I need to know the best way to heat the crucible in order to heat more the magnesium inside. Also, what would you think is the better option, cover the crucible with something or not? Thanks

    • Sky
      Sky 4 months ago

      I suggest to have a steady flow of heat into the crucible, and a few inches above it, have a few small holes for gas escape. This should allow for some good speed. Also, definitely cover it, and leave no holes in the lid

  • Valdepro
    Valdepro 5 months ago

    >new videos every week

  • superjason422
    superjason422 5 months ago

    revisit some of your really old videos

  • Robert Kennedy 20800
    Robert Kennedy 20800 5 months ago

    Hey Mad Scientist, you should get that metal the liquifies at a low temperature (I can not remember the name) and do a prank with it.

  • AoPENG Aphromoo
    AoPENG Aphromoo 5 months ago

    Is there a chance you can replicate an ark reactor from the movie Iron Man ?

  • Overslze 08
    Overslze 08 5 months ago

    next vids try put liquid nitrogen in bottle of coke and upside bottle down without close the cap it's awesome!!!!

  • Conner Bruderer
    Conner Bruderer 5 months ago

    Ive been snapping my fingers with Coins in them to turn them into a projectile for years, it would be cool to see it in slow motion to see how it works.

  • Chris Davis
    Chris Davis 5 months ago

    I just saw a cool fact on Cracked I'd love to see you test: It says that five water balloons can stop a bullet - even one from a rifle!
    This feels like the kind of experiment your channel is made for! How many water balloons DOES it take to stop a rifle bullet? I'd love to know! Let's see that video.

  • superjason422
    superjason422 5 months ago

    any expiriment with fidget spinners?

  • Dylan Schaus
    Dylan Schaus 6 months ago

    can you make liquid nitrogen with dry ice and 99% rubbing alcohol or methanol

  • lahum Rohman
    lahum Rohman 6 months ago

    Four weeks later, still no vids...

  • Jedi Jaz
    Jedi Jaz 6 months ago

    I agree with Zagreb

  • experimental madness
    experimental madness 6 months ago

    Ourmine just hacked your account :(

  • Lance Stinson
    Lance Stinson 6 months ago

    You have been HACKEDED

  • Judit Szabo
    Judit Szabo 6 months ago

    we Won't it!!!

  • Judit Szabo
    Judit Szabo 6 months ago

    i am six years old

  • Jenifleur F
    Jenifleur F 6 months ago

    Brake and Chlorine mixed together results in a massive fireball. If tried keep at least two yards away if you value your arms.(this is not joke! two other you tubers nearly had vital functions burned off)

  • David MaRCH
    David MaRCH 6 months ago

    In your video about making an oscilloscope out of  an old TV you should try to make each color a different wave

  • Justin Wheeler
    Justin Wheeler 6 months ago

    Recently I've seen a video on youtube where they made a tequila cloud in Germany using ultrasonic humidifiers. I was wondering if this could be done at home with other spirits. Anyone else see this? What do you think?

  • UnKnowenWolf Gaming
    UnKnowenWolf Gaming 6 months ago
    open this link to get a non-contact Infrared Thermometer

  • J Rix
    J Rix 6 months ago

    How did you end up getting those Orbees out of the pool?

  • The Dude
    The Dude 6 months ago

    +TheBackyardScientist I did an experiment in high school that was pretty interesting. You can freeze and boil water at the same time using a vacuum chamber and 6 m hcl. Just suspend a container of water over a container of the hydrochloric acid in a vacuum and the water will form ice and at the same time boil.

  • Jenifleur F
    Jenifleur F 6 months ago

    rocket knife vs. statue!

  • Jonathan Blackman
    Jonathan Blackman 6 months ago

    When are we getting something new?

  • Taylor Whalen
    Taylor Whalen 6 months ago

    Aluminum/copper vs granite/marble.

  • The Gorgonopsid Games
    The Gorgonopsid Games 6 months ago

    The true moral of this channel is that grass is indestructable

  • MrKraenk
    MrKraenk 6 months ago

    is there a construction plan to the small tesla coil in the engeneering expo video where you can grab the lightning?

  • Justice BP
    Justice BP 7 months ago

    hi the backyard scientist you shud put tnt in oblack!

  • RuthMarie Land
    RuthMarie Land 7 months ago

    I just wanted to say, Kevin you are an inspiration to how I want my son to be.

  • Sam John
    Sam John 7 months ago


  • unkown creature
    unkown creature 7 months ago

    bro you deserve 10 million man

  • NTYo
    NTYo 7 months ago

    for the video submission, can i submit a video that is not about science or experiments?

    P.S : love your videos

  • Pontus ter Vehn
    Pontus ter Vehn 7 months ago

    Hey man! Love your content! Just watched the rocket knife clips and I need MORE. Some ideas for next time: knife blade vs. knife blade, bamboo sticks, ice block, a computer keyboard (along the full length of it), a pocket book, some cheap tablet pc (preferably running with screen lit, while the knife impacts). Another idea: Do a rocket knife collab with the Slow mo guys.

  • Ivandru Van Heerden
    Ivandru Van Heerden 7 months ago

    molten copper on speaker

  • bioassayful
    bioassayful 7 months ago


  • Parag Ekhande
    Parag Ekhande 7 months ago

    hey ..
    will you please tell me which drone you are using right now?

  • Benjamin Girardin
    Benjamin Girardin 7 months ago

    Please help!

  • Chase Coleman
    Chase Coleman 7 months ago

    Where are the videos!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max Rufus Schepelern Karrebæk

    i dont know if its my pc, but your website doesnt work it just tells me A WORDPRESS SITE
    Just another WordPress site... is it broken??????

  • Flamingninja756
    Flamingninja756 8 months ago

    Hey where do you get sodium and potassium metal and could i get it legally?

  • Justin Rowland
    Justin Rowland 8 months ago

    H2s is a deadly gas, I provide H2s Safety training and support for working around h2s. If you'd like to do more projects with the gas, I would highly recommend you contact me. The amount that you had was very dangerous to be around even at a low amount. H2s burns and is even explosive between 4.3% (43,000ppm) and 46%(460,000ppm)

    I have h2s detection equipment and personal protection equipment I would be willing to let you use.

    Please call, text, or email me
    Justin Rowland
    Gryphon Oilfield Services

    • Justin Rowland
      Justin Rowland 7 months ago

      I have a 4 gas detector the will detect H2S, CO, O2 and lower explosive range. I'd gladly let you borrow it. It's a used one but it'll be calibrated and ready to use. I use it for work. So I'll need it back eventually.

    • TheBackyardScientist
      TheBackyardScientist 7 months ago

      Hey Justin, Thanks for the advice. Also, thank you very much for the tip, im happy you enjoy the videos :)
      I dont think I will be doing any more H2S videos anytime soon, but if you had any Carbon Monoxide detection equipment Id gladly borrow it for a few days!

  • Kenneth Thomas
    Kenneth Thomas 8 months ago

    hey i am doing a science fair project and i need to interview somebody my science fair is about pop rocks and soda and i am going to then put a balloon on the soda will one balloon fill up faster so i would love to interview you :):):):):):)

  • Great Value Bleach
    Great Value Bleach 8 months ago

    I heard if you mix chlorine and brake fluid it makes a huge fire...

    • Ian Lee
      Ian Lee 2 months ago

      Watch Grant Thompson King Of Random. He did that

  • bostonguy97
    bostonguy97 8 months ago

    Your videos are the best!  I only come on youtube just to watch your videos.  I learn a lot from your videos, we need more people like you!!   I would love for you to come visit Boston sometime bud!!

  • Whatis Myname?
    Whatis Myname? 8 months ago

    You should try filling your pool full of oobleck. Now that would be something to see!

  • TylerR4
    TylerR4 9 months ago

    Hello there BYS! Because you said it was almost impossible in one of your previous videos, I wanted to know if it is possible to stop a thermite reaction. I have a couple of ideas how to but I don't really have the equipment or resources to try, so I wanted to ask you if you could do a video to try and stop a thermite reaction. I thought of using liquid nitrogen but it might not be cold enough. So if that doesn't work, then you could try to drown it out of oxygen, or use liquid helium. In theory the liquid helium could deprive the thermite of oxygen, and cool it down at the same time. I think it would look good in slow-motion, but might be very dangerous. Thanks for reading this, and don't burn yourself!

  • Instagram Hack
    Instagram Hack 9 months ago

    You should show us how to cook meth in your backyard. Would be fun to watch.

  • Adi Chattopadhyay
    Adi Chattopadhyay 9 months ago

    What are your credentials

  • Jeremy Shaver
    Jeremy Shaver 9 months ago

    Quick question: What gloves do you use when dealing with molten aluminum and the other high temp things you do? My brother and I are working with a foundry but need gloves that will protect us if metal splashes on us and I'm not sure exactly what to look for.

  • bioassayful
    bioassayful 10 months ago

    TheBackyardScientist could you do a vid about experimenting stuff in minecraft plz?

    • bioassayful
      bioassayful 9 months ago

      ya i do Justin Gustafson, but it's fun i only play once per month mainly because i don't have the game so i go over to my friends house to play and i only can go over every so often

    • Justin Gustafson
      Justin Gustafson 9 months ago

      you know there is more to life than minecraft.

  • Custom Coin Rings USA
    Custom Coin Rings USA 10 months ago

    Ideas for future videos:
    1 Microwave Mercury, Gallium, Indium, sodium, potassium, or other metals that can melt at low temp.
    2 Things you wouldn't expect to burn: Strip of aluminum foil coated in a thin film of wax, grinding iron shavings, ferrocerium rod
    3 Fire a Hi-Liter and other household items from a paintball gun and compare the difference in ft/lbs or oz/in of energy
    4 Calculate the caloric content of different foods by burning them to raise the temp of a specific amount of water
    5 Calc exactly how much the coriolis effect affects bullet trajectory @ 1000yds (guessing it's around 1mil from experience)
    6 Household hacks such as deoxidizing copper in 5mins with Taco Bell hot sauce, clean chrome bumper with Coke, etc
    7 Testing non-poisonous pesticides such as lavander oil or eucalyptus oil on bed bugs, vinegar+Dawn+water spray on flys, cayenne pepper or diatomaceous earth on ants and other insects
    8 Test how different inert gasses or other gasses affect the pitch of your voice due to different density vs air.
    9. Various uses of potassium nitrate (gardening, smoke bombs, solid rocket fuel, etc) For colored smoke bomb, mix potassium nitrate with just enough Karo syrup to form a thick paste, cut top off aluminum can, fill 1/3 with mixture, cut up about 5 pre-1982 pennies into 4 pieces each, push them into the mixture, top with 1tsp black powder, cut 4 vertical slits in can just down to level of mixture, fold the 4 can flaps over each other like you're closing a box, use an awl to poke a hole in the center through all 4 flaps, insert cannon fuse, light, and watch cool green bursts of color as the copper chunks burn! Use different metals/chemicals for different colors such as iron shavings for red flame, sulfur for yellow smoke.

  • Abhilash K P
    Abhilash K P 10 months ago

    Hey, i wana see one Dry Ice in pool experiment. its like , you take dry ice in a sealed container and dip it in pool. open the lid of container while it is under the water.. lol. i expect an explosion, so take care ;)

  • Justin Gustafson
    Justin Gustafson 10 months ago

    Hey we all know that metal reacts in a microwave but liquid metal?

  • Lucas Vergara
    Lucas Vergara 10 months ago

    Have you ever tried pouring molten aluminum into a coconut?

  • dufilho triplets
    dufilho triplets 10 months ago

    could you do a slow motion video with the phantom of a jacobs ladder arcing

  • Blox Gaming Garrett
    Blox Gaming Garrett 10 months ago

    I am from New Jersey

  • Alec Sutherland
    Alec Sutherland 10 months ago

    Oh and you should do a rail gun video!

  • Alec Sutherland
    Alec Sutherland 10 months ago

    Does anybody know of a High Voltage Power Supply that (Preferably) supplies AC current for under $100?

  • DirtyDan3646
    DirtyDan3646 10 months ago

    Love your channel Can you do more oobleck experiments???

  • Aaron Luton
    Aaron Luton 10 months ago

    +TheBackyardScientist try a Video of pouring Molten Aluminum and Molten Copper In liquid Nitrogen. and "What would happen if you put the MOLTEN Copper and Aluminum  in water with  the molten metals still in the Iron cup?"

  • Michael Salazar
    Michael Salazar 10 months ago

    hey backyard scientist, i was experimenting with a soldering iron and got a drop of molten a drop of it into water and it reacted violently (eye protection) please do a video!

  • peter dhillon
    peter dhillon 10 months ago

    If you want to see science fiction and comic book become a reality subscribe to the hack smith

  • Evan D
    Evan D 10 months ago

    Not really a full suggestion, but doing something with magnetic sculptures and pendulums could be pretty cool.

    • Evan D
      Evan D 10 months ago

      and by that, i mean the magnetic sculptures where cords are suspended by magnets into various shapes, not connecting to anything.

      just google image searched magnetic sculpture, and saw a bunch of magnet building block stuff, which is significantly less cool.

  • D. Brandtair
    D. Brandtair 10 months ago

    What is your educational background? Do you have a chemistry degree? Or had any Chemistry in college?

  • Janet Mellon
    Janet Mellon 10 months ago

    Check out Cody's Lab, you two could do a collaboration.

  • Jet Luffy
    Jet Luffy 11 months ago

    fry mercury

  • Jet Luffy
    Jet Luffy 11 months ago

    fry mercury

  • GYT
    GYT 11 months ago

    keep uploading videos! i've been waiting for months!

  • Jet Luffy
    Jet Luffy 11 months ago

    can you please fry mercury

  • Brisinger inc.
    Brisinger inc. 11 months ago

    melt something with plasma!!!!!!

  • Brisinger inc.
    Brisinger inc. 11 months ago

    are you going to make another president related video?

  • Litesniper123
    Litesniper123 11 months ago

    Backyard Scientist, do you know where I can get some potassium for a casting experiment?

  • Quixverse
    Quixverse 11 months ago

    BOIL OOBLECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • m santhosh gowda
    m santhosh gowda 11 months ago

    Dear sir , i am a curious student . i need to make copper metal should attract rice from a small distance when the copper metal attracts rice it should go black . and if you bring needle or staple pin near to it should repulse , if you bring a BULB torch close to this copper metal , bulb will become dimmed . if you take that copper metal near to a TV it should emit a radiation the program reception is seen to be disturbed causing static-like sounds, diffusion of image and formation of lines across the screen NOW TELL ME WHICH CHEMICAL I SHOULD APPLY ON COPPER , OR HOW DO I MAKE THIS TO COPPER METAL BY USING CHEMICAL . THANKS .

  • ThatGuyTyson13
    ThatGuyTyson13 11 months ago


  • ThatGuyTyson13
    ThatGuyTyson13 11 months ago


  • ThatGuyTyson13
    ThatGuyTyson13 11 months ago

    HeyYou guys should do something with lithiumbut be carefulits highly toxic

  • Seth Martin
    Seth Martin 11 months ago


  • TheIdeaGuyXD
    TheIdeaGuyXD 11 months ago

    I wanted to watch his trip with his girlfriend, but I can't find the channel? Can anyone help?

  • Maurya Patel
    Maurya Patel 11 months ago

    Skipping stones on a frozen lake make a really cool noise? There are many videos on youtube describing the phenomenon but I couldn't find any explanation. Who better than you?

  • Si and I Science

    Hey we are like the backyard scientist. Please help us get subscribers too.
    Congrats on your new record!

  • Dick Biggles
    Dick Biggles Year ago

    Can you have a go at making a cloud chamber to visualise radioactive decay? Simple materials. Dry ice, isopropal alcohol and black cardboard. Here's an old vid on how to make one
    You could use Americium from an old smoke alarm as your radioactive source. No explosions but a really cool insight into what is normally invisible in nature.

  • Namatchi
    Namatchi Year ago

    The one time I decide to go to an event *cough cough* Hackathon *cough cough* something cool happens

    Thanks, self motivation!

  • 9ballisthestrongest

    Do you work with the Science Channel? Because I see some of your stuff on there sometimes. Like on a commercial for it I saw you blow up you fish tank with the molten salt?

  • micah chester
    micah chester Year ago

    you should do a vid on a hydrogin powerd modle rocket

  • Vejot4games ™
    Vejot4games ™ Year ago

    2 Milhão de inscritos

  • Samster
    Samster Year ago

    Happy 2,000,000!!!!!

  • gh0sth4nd
    gh0sth4nd Year ago

    I like ur videos there good bit of fun

    but dude u really need to change ur channel name into aluminum scientist xD

  • Toasted Moon
    Toasted Moon Year ago

    hey i'm making some aluminum castings and i was wondering on how to price it? because i wanted to sell some and i was wondering if you could help me.

  • репа tv
    репа tv Year ago

    постоянная Планка E = hv
    6 или 4
    Третий Закон Кеплера в микромире
    добрую сотню лет никто не смог разобраться и посчитать

  • ManyEmbers
    ManyEmbers Year ago

    Hey, Roosterteeth says cut the shit so you don't hurt yourself or your neighbors. I think you should listen to them.

    • Cindy Ricks
      Cindy Ricks 3 months ago

      shut up he is a mad scientist and is awesome

    • unlokia
      unlokia 9 months ago

      You are a very nice man :)

    • ManyEmbers
      ManyEmbers Year ago

      Well I'm glad that you are being safe and stuff with your videos, and I am very surprised you responded so fast :3

    • TheBackyardScientist
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      LOL I just looked it up, Gavin's funny. Those were just .22 bullets though, and they weren't fired from a gun. They wouldn't even have enough energy to make it into the neighbors yard. Also, all my neighbors know what im doing, and watch my YouTube channel. The one directly behind me hangs over the fence and watches me film, even lent me a crossbow for a video! I like my neighbors, and id like to continue doing experiments in my backyard so as a courtesy I let them know if im doing anything loud. I would especially never want them to get hurt, so I take all the actual dangerous things the back 40 of my friends property in farmland.

      I did get a nice boost in views from the mention though! Maybe I should start some internet drama ;)

  • Psyagon
    Psyagon Year ago

    I suggest a new Liquid Nitrogen video, one where you use enough that you can freeze like 50-80 percent of your backyard pool solid in a matter of seconds, I saw the video where you put out the burning pool alcohol fire with a small amount of liquid nitrogen, a bit more and you could make a pool sicle ha ha ha

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    Hey TheBackyardScientist, I recently watched a video where they melted metal using a magnet. Seeing as melting metal is a deep rooted passion, how does it work and what other kinds of metals can you melt using this method. Learning from one of your videos, the suspended molten metal does lose it's magnetic properties once it reaches a certain temperature, which was interesting enough to me that metal can get that hot just from being suspended by a magnet. It looks like a powerful electro-magnet, not sure, not my area of expertise. Here's the link

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    Author here, and I'm really curious, for REASONS! :)
    I know a lot of jeans are flame retardant so I'm really curious.

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    Help the needy - don't be an ass with your millions of dollars - donate to shelters and food shelves - many more people will subscribe

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    It was on this Facebook page, showed up as a sponsored link for me.[tn]=kC&ft[qid]=6313756953281449789&ft[mf_story_key]=8443160265046989414&ft[ei]=AI%40d837ed7f2e6c2210bb1a49f022bf59c9&ft[fbfeed_location]=1&ft[insertion_position]=1&__md__=1

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    Oh and another one is pouring molten aluminum over a fan and to see what happens when it cools and for this to work i think it would have to be a strong fan in my op

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    your channel is gay like just like you

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      LOL is a short abbreviation for laugh out loud, whereas scince doesn't have a abbreviation don't act clever dumbass

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      its pronounced laugh out loud on "LOL"
      another reason why people aren't perfect

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      +kalcrusher RBLX its pronounced science not 'scince' LOL learn English before you start backing people up , i'm a very scientific person i just don't like gay people

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    I've seen a lot of videos with molten aluminum being poured into fire ant hills to make great art.

    Do you think the same could be accomplished with molten glass? I'd love to see a sculpture made with say green or blue glass if it were possible.

    • Mr. Mediocre Gamer
      Mr. Mediocre Gamer Year ago

      Yeah, and it came to me that the actual dirt around the glass would probably stick to it so it wouldn't wash away very well... so the final effect wouldn't be how I pictured it anyway. :(

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      Not the Scientist, but I think the molten glass could indeed be used to substitute the aluminum, but would be harder to dig out of the ground (due to the brittleness of glass)

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