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Sheeran Guitars by Lowden
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  • Andsomeone Spzecial
    Andsomeone Spzecial 3 hours ago

    I did dance along for your crops and cam cord to cut of shorts and dine in while I sucked your cocks and licked all the that's in one c code for me to refuse all the messy shit too it's all in homes these days!!!!! So I'm confused!!!!!

  • Keziah Libourel
    Keziah Libourel 3 hours ago

    Des français ?🇫🇷💪🏾

  • Cooper k64
    Cooper k64 3 hours ago

    This song is so underrated, it deserves alot more attention

  • Andsomeone Spzecial
    Andsomeone Spzecial 3 hours ago

    Make all hate who the one hates the stuff that's too short and the ones that can't hang in too and briefly have too much too do even when problems exist I'm one whose been there even when ignoring all mine and then those that wanna load on the rights after all they Express is tension you fucked up snakes in a whole who can't even come out alive without being cold first and swing out of sight right too!!!!!

  • Enchanted Chocogirl
    Enchanted Chocogirl 3 hours ago

    November 2019👇👇👇👇

  • Andsomeone Spzecial
    Andsomeone Spzecial 3 hours ago

    The gangs we have on the streets like my brother would still be in and well defined are way better then the cops we have now days that's how sad this world is... So maybe Christian book stores should get rid of the butter cream gang!!!!! Unless y'all can turn it towards y'all's crops that store in the right in controlling and patrolling the streets and the reasons why we lose our lived ones because they wanna be better and see what they do is the same and all equal to so even and odds should meet and greet right the seconds face off!!! Tug a war!!!! As of now fuck the cops and the men who are allowed to fuck the shit out of women and tell them they are gonna set them upand the ones that set up behind scene s what the fucked is so fucked and aides these days the reason why carless is freedom more!!!!!! I'll see a bunch in store still....... Ooooooo

  • Riya Sinha
    Riya Sinha 3 hours ago

    और यह मेरी हिंदी में टिप्पणी ।

  • Andsomeone Spzecial
    Andsomeone Spzecial 3 hours ago

    So is the new core still the meeting in the middle did we all go country here without the discussions and teachings and when all goes bare in this direction and the wings are shunned and then those fly and then there's are more taste.... I shown a shower curtain because I needed to be apart of a project not in your projects that don't like me beware I'm not scared kick me out and show it like you are I care about your life too!!! So the in crowd!!!!!!!!! When lines are drawn and I have to travel and his dad her dad mine and her his there mom's and all the family who cares!!!!!

  • Churorot Chararat
    Churorot Chararat 3 hours ago

    I love this vid it reflects reality of how cruel and poor the world is, can't even save a single soul. We should improve quality of living for everyone and make sure those "rights" are in good use for all (esp for women) not only to a few privilege. Sad song.

  • Ennicah Mutava
    Ennicah Mutava 3 hours ago

    Cardi B is just Cardi B I bet she is good at that part😂😂

  • Kojiro Cuyugan
    Kojiro Cuyugan 3 hours ago

    am I the only one who thinks this song is for our beloved mother too ?

  • Gohan Stark
    Gohan Stark 3 hours ago

    On lit.......

  • عزوز الجحدلي

    ٤مليار مشاهده يخرب بيتكم ههههههههههههههه

  • Rossana Ascencio
    Rossana Ascencio 4 hours ago


  • Einfach_ Michelle
    Einfach_ Michelle 4 hours ago

    hi ich bin cool

  • Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton 4 hours ago

    The roadman collabs with that one ginger kid in your school.

  • seanr521
    seanr521 4 hours ago

    Great video 👍

  • Moz
    Moz 4 hours ago

    I like the song

  • Hema Sookram
    Hema Sookram 4 hours ago

    This guy’s unbelievably sexy as well as awesome

  • Pham Tanya
    Pham Tanya 4 hours ago

    Shape of my 🍒heart! I miss you,🍎!

  • Scott Hall
    Scott Hall 4 hours ago

    462 thousand jealous cunts 👍

  • Chipchip munkie
    Chipchip munkie 4 hours ago

    I like the ending with Cardi B

  • Saski VDWalt
    Saski VDWalt 4 hours ago

    did he die

  • Ustman Loilatu
    Ustman Loilatu 4 hours ago

    Camila i like your voice 😍😍

    SALMAN OFFICIAL 4 hours ago


  • Mnal Baghadeh
    Mnal Baghadeh 4 hours ago

    Perfect song ever.. Here in 2020 ♥♥ From jordan..amman..AHU UNIVERSITY.

  • Nancy W
    Nancy W 4 hours ago


  • San. Sakura
    San. Sakura 4 hours ago

    I still get chills everytime listening to this song <3 <3 <3

  • pwerfulbxtch
    pwerfulbxtch 4 hours ago

    "hmm, green eyes givin' me signs" Shawn doesn't have green eyes, but I know someone else who has it...💁‍♀️

  • Eda Ade
    Eda Ade 4 hours ago

    The very end is killing me hahaha I love you Cardi 😂😂😂😂

  • Dip Batra
    Dip Batra 5 hours ago

    For my love chandan

  • Marina Gamayao
    Marina Gamayao 5 hours ago

    Nice i love it i love the song.

  • Michael Segovia
    Michael Segovia 5 hours ago

    God I love life

  • Michael Segovia
    Michael Segovia 5 hours ago

    Positive vibes 2019 cause its a a successful and sober one

  • KzCreationz & More
    KzCreationz & More 5 hours ago

    If you don’t cry at this you are either very young or litterly have no soul.

  • KzCreationz & More
    KzCreationz & More 5 hours ago

    My entire family thinks this man can’t sing...... HOW AM I RELATED TO THEM?! LISTEN TO HIM!!!!

  • KzCreationz & More
    KzCreationz & More 5 hours ago

    I just moved away from the only friends I’ve ever had to live in a state where I don’t know anyone. This song brings back all the amazing, sad, and life changing moments I have had with them over the many many years. I can’t wait to go home and see my family by heart

  • KzCreationz & More
    KzCreationz & More 5 hours ago

    My entire family thinks this man has a bad voice.... WTH! HOW AM I RELATED TO THEM?!

  • 대귤
    대귤 5 hours ago


  • Dharneesh 333
    Dharneesh 333 5 hours ago

    Whenever I hear this song I feel like missing someone :( but I don't know whooo!!!!

  • Rafaela Julye
    Rafaela Julye 5 hours ago

    If love iou wif isquisime

  • Spy Retto
    Spy Retto 5 hours ago

    Ed Sheeran you're an ugly ginger short dude who writes shitty music and all your fans are just like you. STOP RECOMMENDING THIS CRAP TVclip

  • Cee R Cee
    Cee R Cee 5 hours ago

    My favourite ShEd song by far

  • Carlo Pagay
    Carlo Pagay 5 hours ago

    I'm still inlove w/u babe

  • Toa Dee
    Toa Dee 5 hours ago


  • rohan pazade
    rohan pazade 5 hours ago

    Ed sheeran.- Like Alan walker -- Double like.. 👇 👇🏻

  • Dawn Diggs
    Dawn Diggs 6 hours ago

    That’s crazy I’ve been listening to this song for 7 years

  • Will King2296
    Will King2296 6 hours ago

    Difference between American and rappers from the UK is... America Impressive Swearing Fast UK Slower Less swear More tunes and music rather than rapping

  • SAMSON Samudrala
    SAMSON Samudrala 6 hours ago

    I'll come back here in 2021 leave a like to remind me...

  • Unknown __
    Unknown __ 6 hours ago

    See you guys in next 5 year's When it will come in your recommendation

  • Julianne Borondo
    Julianne Borondo 6 hours ago

    This song really struck me so hard. I once had a crush on someone. I really like her until she like someone else. I was so hurt on hoping I had a chance but it's fine. I'm just happy for her and she also wish I was happy too. My friends also said that I will be happy someday maybe not soon but someday. I wish all the happiness in the world. I am still sad and hurt but I tried to smile and support because we still be friends even though we are friends from the start :) hoping you wont read this but I'm here for you always and I always do

  • Denise Cole
    Denise Cole 6 hours ago

    What! What happened here lol

  • Riley SMITH
    Riley SMITH 6 hours ago

    Who else wants to see that last bit

  • Elliot Rodgers
    Elliot Rodgers 6 hours ago

    Dude. Ed Sheeran is the most Versatile artist in the industry. Period.

  • Karla Ureña
    Karla Ureña 6 hours ago


  • Thomas Olson
    Thomas Olson 6 hours ago

    This song has a great talent sound like no other style. Sounds like Prince, Kid, Lenny, Jimmy, and Michael all combined. Good job on the tune folks!

  • gabrielbenedict gigato


  • deylol. iks
    deylol. iks 6 hours ago

    the comment section made me cry

  • Grandas Girl
    Grandas Girl 6 hours ago

    My fave xx see u soon xx

  • GhostWolfNic
    GhostWolfNic 6 hours ago


  • praveen kumar
    praveen kumar 6 hours ago

    This song has nudity just to insult it Interesting

  • Sherry Ren'ee Rose
    Sherry Ren'ee Rose 6 hours ago

    That was really awesome. LA La LOVE!!! the ending!!!! whoo! whoo! your all so Lovely!PEACE AND LOVE!! Xxoo Sher🌹

  • qizar 6
    qizar 6 6 hours ago

    it's not rap it's grime!

  • Jhonny Cirillo
    Jhonny Cirillo 6 hours ago


  • Mcc Techno
    Mcc Techno 6 hours ago

    Evergreen song ever

  • SM Sarfaraj
    SM Sarfaraj 6 hours ago

    Always ❤️❤️

  • Rebecca Klemm
    Rebecca Klemm 6 hours ago

    Ed:what do we call this song Justin:I dont care Ed:perfect Justin:?????um what???I said I don't care

  • Shag Nasty
    Shag Nasty 7 hours ago

    Who are the girls who played those parts... surely can't be the guys all dolled up like girls!!

  • Tsuyu Asui
    Tsuyu Asui 7 hours ago

    I still miss you Shermaine..

  • Cansın
    Cansın 7 hours ago

    Cutest guy ever

  • Maycon Molina
    Maycon Molina 7 hours ago

    El amor k nunca tendre😭

  • Jo Pé
    Jo Pé 7 hours ago

    Seriously?! Skrillex??!! How is he so calm with his music??! 🤩 A different Skrillex ♥️💕

  • UseCode ClawHeheNum
    UseCode ClawHeheNum 7 hours ago

    Its fucking copy right go search up cletic thunder beat similar mean like really @ed sheeran dont get into a habbit

  • John doe
    John doe 7 hours ago

    Aleays thought Shawn Mendes sang this

  • John doe
    John doe 7 hours ago

    How do you talk for hours and hours about sweet and sour? Those lyrics alone ruin the entire song . This song is pretty good though

  • gummy bears
    gummy bears 7 hours ago

    Ed: what will we name our song? Justin: i dont care Ed: perfect Justin: what do you mean Ed: just thinking out loud Justin: sorry Ed: dont

  • SikNik
    SikNik 7 hours ago

    This makes me not care🤣👀👀👀

  • Daniel Blakeley
    Daniel Blakeley 7 hours ago

    Does he not say grandma then say he ?

  • Analei Ledoux
    Analei Ledoux 7 hours ago

    Everyone is a beautiful person

  • Eric Magro
    Eric Magro 8 hours ago

    your the BEST

  • Jackson Muriel da silva

    Você é única Assim como a lua que ilumina o céu Você é única A mulher que o meu coração disse sim Você é luz Nuvem de algodão Sonho de pastel Com desejos de açúcar Você é um sonho Tão real e verdadeiro Você é única Única pra mim Você é o sol se pondo O desejo mais ardente da carne Qualquer homem perde a cabeça Por seus lábios Vira um boneco infeitiçado E faz um monte besteiras

  • xxXaria95
    xxXaria95 8 hours ago

    2019 anyone? also why it say "struggling to pay rent" but she dont have to she homless

  • shakthi smart
    shakthi smart 8 hours ago


  • Karla Franca
    Karla Franca 8 hours ago

    Quero feat com o Shawn Mendes practice 2020. Please

  • G2's Life
    G2's Life 8 hours ago

    God loves you Ed Sheeran.

  • cottonlily26
    cottonlily26 8 hours ago


  • e
    e 8 hours ago

    *i'm a gemini with brown eyes (:*

  • Nilaandri Yani
    Nilaandri Yani 8 hours ago

    came here because of seeing google ads on youtube.Indonesia ads two women arguing with friends about the lyrics to "thingking of loud" seventeen or seventy. then the taxi driver opened Google and said seventy sis Why do you know, sir? and then the driver answers on Google

  • ghostBoo aj
    ghostBoo aj 8 hours ago

    "But if breaks your heart like lovers do, Just know that I'll be waiting here for you" my boyfriend and I were best friends last year and didn't know we actually had feelings for each other. well, I was in a relationship and hadn't told him I was: he got a crush on the person I was dating and that night we had (the three of us + some) had gone to the movies and that's when he had figured it out. we got in the worst fight of our lives and only a few days ago told me he listened to this song on repeat that night and related it to me. ( my ex-boyfriend was very horrible and mentally abusive so my current boyfriend does not like him )

  • Thiago Khouri
    Thiago Khouri 8 hours ago


  • dion-say lovet
    dion-say lovet 8 hours ago

    I like ed Sheeran version cause it relly makes me feel happy whe ever imsad or mad are heartbroken so love it he looks cute as a pupit

  • Alex Cobarruvias
    Alex Cobarruvias 8 hours ago

    im angry i came here for ringo! long live Ringo Starr! its nice tho. but i came here for Ringo Starr's photograph.

  • King Nai
    King Nai 8 hours ago

    How much times I teared | | \/

  • Jackson Muriel da silva

    Eu tinha você como algo bom Mais o azedo do seu coração apareceu Você era uma luz que se apagou Agora eu só quero distância de você

  • Elizabete Martins
    Elizabete Martins 8 hours ago

    Já não se fazem omes como este romantico Elisabete Gonçalves

  • Andres Pabon
    Andres Pabon 8 hours ago

    4:39 :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Jairus Phelim Obreno Santos

    I want an Ed Sheeran and Jason Mraz collab

  • Maria Hidalgo
    Maria Hidalgo 8 hours ago

    I love Music ❤

  • Josef Zacharias
    Josef Zacharias 8 hours ago

    Why dont make a trio harmonies with Mateo also..?

  • sourav mishra
    sourav mishra 8 hours ago

    😔😔😔☹️☹️☹️☹️😭😭😭 why you remember me that bitch