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  • Midnight Shadow
    Midnight Shadow Hour ago

    Why I wish it was Medic if i spelled that right

  • ding dong your opinion is wrong

    Carter mega cute ngl-

  • Aishah Begum Hafiz

    " see i know you guys so well, we are like best friends!" awe Madelaine..

  • Megan Anderson
    Megan Anderson Hour ago

    Why the bestie look exactly like Christina Milian tho.... 😳

  • Chucky Penero
    Chucky Penero Hour ago

    Liza!! check this gal!!

  • Giulia's Mode
    Giulia's Mode Hour ago

    I love his outfits. The ties and the colors, all rock.

  • Angel Wise
    Angel Wise Hour ago

    I wish I was on this date I would of killed it 😭😂

  • kendall stewart
    kendall stewart Hour ago

    i wanna pick that booger out of daniel's nose

  • Kim YeonTan
    Kim YeonTan Hour ago

    This was made 12 days before I was born

  • Midnight Shadow
    Midnight Shadow Hour ago

    I wish Izzy won😢

  • Sophia Thomas
    Sophia Thomas 2 hours ago


  • Elias Martinez
    Elias Martinez 2 hours ago

    11:57 you're welcome

  • Isabelle Fonck
    Isabelle Fonck 2 hours ago

    I love how Sofia likes high school musical the most and now she’s in high school musical the musical the series

    CALEB GAMES 2 hours ago

    Yea the one in the green and orangeish shirt yea that’s not gonna last

  • Ana_nuka H
    Ana_nuka H 2 hours ago

    Why all this girl look like they are 40 years old.... i really thought they where all over 30 for sure but 16 really.

  • golden crackhead
    golden crackhead 2 hours ago

    3:48 when bam bam started singing I just kept laughing 😭🤣 Mark: story of my life Bam bam: StOry oF mY LifE, I tAkE yoU HoME, I DriVE AlL NigHt To tAkE yoU HomE Got7: *laughs* Jinyoung: yeah he's a rapper Jinyoung is secretly fluent in English fohoo😂 Jackson is not impressed

  • Cole Taylor
    Cole Taylor 2 hours ago

    “3 girlfriends is all I had in highschool” try 0

  • StormPxmp
    StormPxmp 2 hours ago


  • Caty Vilato
    Caty Vilato 2 hours ago

    It took me a long time to get that joke about having her home by ten 🥴

  • skeppy’s a6d
    skeppy’s a6d 2 hours ago

    cons with this for me: 1. we don’t have a cafeteria so we bring lunch to school. 2. both of my bags have two pockets (i’m not allowed a new bag) 3. i don’t have side pockets for drink bottles 4. both my bags barely fit a4 paper without being bent 5. i have to put my drink bottle in the main pocket of my bag and it leaks so i can’t put books in my main section, and they don’t fit anywhere else. oh i’m also not allowed a new drink bottle (i’ve had eight in three years) 6. if i have my raincoat, i have no room for anything except my ouch box and drink bottle as well as my raincoat pros with this for me: 1. we don’t have to take our books home 2. i don’t bother taking my pencil case home 4. we have tote trays (a box on a shelf) for our school stuff 5. i don’t have to worry about pads because girl ain’t on her . yet

  • izzy couch
    izzy couch 2 hours ago

    Bro IZZY is my name and everyone I know says I am gonna be goth and stuff like that

  • G.J. Juhaz Salomé
    G.J. Juhaz Salomé 2 hours ago

    Why joel is so cute while he's singing jonas brothers? Oh... Pq o joel é tao fofo cantando jonas brothers gente?

  • myturtle stawberry
    myturtle stawberry 2 hours ago

    i think the unicorn girl should win actually her for me😂😍

  • Leah Rose
    Leah Rose 2 hours ago

    You have more RuM

  • myturtle stawberry
    myturtle stawberry 2 hours ago

    so no office or anime oh no she GOT TO GO

  • Mariana Jimenez
    Mariana Jimenez 2 hours ago

    I am a women. This make nonsense to me. I wonder if they want to be treated like princess.

  • Ada Vee
    Ada Vee 2 hours ago

    How can you possibly NOT KNOW LIP GLOSS .. that was like an anthem

  • Abigail Vitali
    Abigail Vitali 3 hours ago

    okay but she’s beautiful and like i wouldn’t mind if they actually dated

  • Makiela Dawnje Mauney-Brooks

    I think it’s because of how they say it in the show/theme song

  • Jennifer Barton
    Jennifer Barton 3 hours ago

    Are memes the most important part in a relationship she is really fake sorry

  • Allie q
    Allie q 3 hours ago

    They collected the most random ass sim generator people possible.

  • Alison Kramer
    Alison Kramer 3 hours ago

    ian was too good for arianna and chrissy anyway smh

  • Pink Diamond
    Pink Diamond 3 hours ago

    I’m so close to having my period, should I use pad or tampon idk ;-;

  • Jennifer Barton
    Jennifer Barton 3 hours ago

    This girl acts all cute and sweet but she is so fake broo

  • Jennifer Barton
    Jennifer Barton 3 hours ago

    I don’t get this show like if you don’t have everything in common that’s good you don’t want to have everything in common because it’s gonna be a boring relationship like just staying the facts

  • raea nn
    raea nn 3 hours ago

    Lmao Colby deserves a model like damn

  • Bonnie Bear
    Bonnie Bear 3 hours ago

    Colby is too perfect to have a bae...😏

  • Onehitkill
    Onehitkill 3 hours ago

    Kadar looks like frank ocean wtf

  • Julie Broussard
    Julie Broussard 3 hours ago

    One time I stole maybe like $500 or $100 from my mom when I went to skate zone beat that 😂

  • xox comtery
    xox comtery 3 hours ago

    Where do we get her strength? Son -> Mother Daughter -> Father Traits are passed to each genders.

  • Morgan
    Morgan 3 hours ago

    *me*: I don't like these girls *these annoying basic girls*: why? *cuts to next clip* this is for you darrell

  • Jennifer Barton
    Jennifer Barton 3 hours ago

    The girl with the glasses why though she was the best and like those friends were making non good decisions sorry

  • Romoke Odewenwa
    Romoke Odewenwa 3 hours ago

    I suck at this

  • UwU Lady
    UwU Lady 3 hours ago

    Im not meaning to hate but honestly i think it was a bit rude that the 2nd to last girl lost because of her height😐😑 (i mean their was another reason why she lost but still they didn't have to bring that up)

  • Jennifer Barton
    Jennifer Barton 3 hours ago

    Not gonna lie if your in a relationship you don’t have to agree on everything because then it’s going to be a boring relationship just stating the facts

  • Kendall Rennells
    Kendall Rennells 3 hours ago

    You are a good Singer

  • Bryaney Deloera
    Bryaney Deloera 4 hours ago

    The one who won why her eyebrows built like that

  • Panicattheladevotee
    Panicattheladevotee 4 hours ago

    Ian marry me

  • emma jakson
    emma jakson 4 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks the 2 besties match with each other😌

  • cicirunner
    cicirunner 4 hours ago

    "I have a short attention span." What a catch

  • Mochi_19 xD
    Mochi_19 xD 4 hours ago

    this is so ridiculous... they're grown ups lol making a big deal out of nothing lol

  • Gryphin Kennedy
    Gryphin Kennedy 4 hours ago

    Yo what’s Chrissy @ asking for a friend

  • Janine Marnielle
    Janine Marnielle 4 hours ago

    Where's the teeth gap?

  • Sebastian Gonzalez
    Sebastian Gonzalez 4 hours ago

    Where did you find the archies jacket ?

  • CandyCane Catz
    CandyCane Catz 4 hours ago

    You can tell the songs she fucks with and not

  • unknown_Oof
    unknown_Oof 4 hours ago

    Does anyone else notice that they are from tik tok?

  • Erikku Senpai
    Erikku Senpai 4 hours ago

    I feel like there friends are going to take her Woman!!!!

  • Benjamin Pizarro
    Benjamin Pizarro 5 hours ago

    Those Asa-Signs are literally the sweetest popsicles I've ever dared to dream about licking on...

  • J R
    J R 5 hours ago

    "i don't do scales bc i'm a rapper" you aren't...

  • strawberry koi
    strawberry koi 5 hours ago


  • Annmarie busu
    Annmarie busu 5 hours ago

    This is helpful for picking your outfits. All I kept thinking is the yellow outfit is the best but not the blue 😁

  • Stephanie Perri
    Stephanie Perri 5 hours ago

    If David called me babe I would pass out

  • iiClxudy Drxxms
    iiClxudy Drxxms 5 hours ago

    "could be six boys" (six pronounced as sex) me: waaaaiiitttt a minute.. also me: ohhh he meant six

  • Andal27
    Andal27 5 hours ago

    she seems sooo sweet and really pretty

  • Carlos Contreras Escalona

    I love this woman with my life

  • Little toe UwU
    Little toe UwU 6 hours ago

    He's never gonna find a *mermaid*

  • Vonneke Warlich
    Vonneke Warlich 6 hours ago

    Your so funny ..😂🤣😂

  • Carlos Contreras Escalona

    I like Tove Lo but OMG i didn't know her voice was this beutifull!

  • anna.
    anna. 6 hours ago

    ok i think we should all team up to find ian and get him on a date with arianna because honestly this bestie did her wrong

  • Ricardo C
    Ricardo C 6 hours ago

    That last point: "You need to validate my imaginary world."

  • Carlos Contreras Escalona

    Thank you Seventeen for this video

  • Troy Wilson
    Troy Wilson 6 hours ago

    When Ian spoke, Ari listened. She nodded. When he told a joke, Ari laughed. She smiled. Clearlyyyy those are signs that she really liked him. I was rooting for him. Bestie, come on....those are signs. U should have been paying attention lol Josh is a great guy. Ian should have been the choice.

  • Troy Wilson
    Troy Wilson 6 hours ago

    I'd kill the bestie too. Where's my shovel??? Ian was the best!

  • Troy Wilson
    Troy Wilson 6 hours ago

    Ian is amazing! She better get his @ I'm not playing!!!!!

  • Jo Winchester
    Jo Winchester 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought for a sec it was Dakota Fanning??

  • Nova Hewlett
    Nova Hewlett 6 hours ago

    11:00 that brat! He’s the one who decided to do that!

  • Donovan Brady
    Donovan Brady 6 hours ago

    David went from his accent to his regular voice to his accent again

  • Leah Addari
    Leah Addari 7 hours ago

    RJ was perfect and I recognize him from somewhere

    • RJ Christian
      RJ Christian 3 hours ago

      Leah Addari You recognize me? Where from? Also perfect? Nah, I’m just doing my best

  • Kids Nelson
    Kids Nelson 7 hours ago

    My moms name is Natilie too and shes a fertografer! and i can wiggle my ears too!

  • SixPaths ‘
    SixPaths ‘ 7 hours ago

    Y’all really out here thinkin Chrissy was flirting with the baes smh... Maybe she laughed at the jokes so the guys didn’t feel bad? And her joke at the end about Ian being hers was pretty OBVIOUSLY a joke trying to make light of the situation after she unintentionally disappointed her friend. And maybe she was smiling and showing so much interest because she has such a genuinely *RADIANT* PERSONALITY! Besides y’all are sleeping on Josh, he was a perfectly good choice (I mean I’m personally partial to RJ) but still

  • Leah Addari
    Leah Addari 7 hours ago

    stop hyping ian up he isnt all that

  • Leah Addari
    Leah Addari 7 hours ago

    i like the guy with the glasses and the guy with the big hair

  • octobertwos
    octobertwos 7 hours ago

    so many of these guys were so sweet funny and cute wth send them my way thanks (esp ian ily) xo

  • m i d n i g h t s k i e s

    why is noahs head so big ? lol

  • G. Oliveira
    G. Oliveira 7 hours ago

    oh no Wesley 😢

  • Sabihah Islam
    Sabihah Islam 7 hours ago

    DOWOON IS SO CUTE i wanna cry

  • Faith hays
    Faith hays 7 hours ago

    Damn John was my favorite😣

  • Faith hays
    Faith hays 7 hours ago

    Brandon can sing damnnn😍💗

  • s o l a r m o o n
    s o l a r m o o n 7 hours ago

    jajajaa no se saben la rolita de 5sos jajajaja

  • Jazmin Barrientos
    Jazmin Barrientos 7 hours ago

    I love really how Becky speaks English😍😭😍😭🤔

  • Whitney May
    Whitney May 7 hours ago

    There was another girl that snuck out and they didn’t eliminate her

  • Imogen Juhae Park
    Imogen Juhae Park 7 hours ago

    Uh oh Sophia your in touble with dove...

  • Katherine New Hagan
    Katherine New Hagan 7 hours ago

    my hair is purple to v .. w

  • 김하늘
    김하늘 7 hours ago

    That voice crack though

  • RedSkittles
    RedSkittles 8 hours ago

    Man got a giant pin for an earing

  • Kenzie
    Kenzie 8 hours ago

    Just imagine Jooheon watching this and learning Jackson doesn't know one of their earlier songs and then he'll get all sulky.

  • KenZie
    KenZie 8 hours ago

    bro ive never met someone who is a taurus like me then theres colby. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Matsuko -Chan
    Matsuko -Chan 8 hours ago

    I never had a boyfriend.and ım 13. You know why? I HAVE A BİG BROTHER.

  • Hanna Kassal
    Hanna Kassal 8 hours ago

    she looks so mad and uncomfortable lmao

  • Paola Andrade
    Paola Andrade 8 hours ago

    why are the guys hotter than the girls????