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15 years of Messi 👑
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Karim Benzema - MVP? 🧐
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  • perplexed 666
    perplexed 666 12 minutes ago

    Idiot who made this video didn’t get the memo about the font apparently

  • francisco jesus lucas fernandez

    Hola por favor no bloqueen los vídeos de Juego abierto para España por favor. Gracias!

  • David Segovia
    David Segovia 35 minutes ago

    Pep will make him great

  • G P
    G P Hour ago

    Would fooking LOVE to see Mourinho get hired to coach the US. Our single biggest issue is that we have too many players who are in the wrong positions, but nevertheless have decent skills and instincts for another spot on the field.

  • AV Gaming
    AV Gaming Hour ago

    That keeper was trash. Could’ve stopped it 3 times back to back but never held it, on all goals he didn’t know how to step or where he was standing, absolute muppet

  • Wutang Footy
    Wutang Footy 2 hours ago

    Di Maria is amazing just wow so slept on. Literally was involved in every goal. Scored the first 2 and set up both the other two, take a bow.

  • Brian Hernandez
    Brian Hernandez 4 hours ago

    What do you get when you combine Messi, Suarez, and Griezmann? Magnesium

  • Hector Zepeda
    Hector Zepeda 4 hours ago

    Haha Madrid

  • Rogelio Lopez
    Rogelio Lopez 4 hours ago

    Primer comentario el Real en la cuerda floja

  • Kizito William
    Kizito William 6 hours ago

    Qatar FC won this one.

  • SednaYT
    SednaYT 7 hours ago

    People don't understand that there's more to a goal than the final touch. No one appreciates good team goals smh. Not to mention the top 3 were all great lime why tf are ppl calling calling these meh goals.

  • Carlos Esho
    Carlos Esho 11 hours ago


  • gilgamesh x
    gilgamesh x 11 hours ago

    nada mas cerca de la verdad del VAR en la conmebol xD jajajaja

  • Murphy Kuffour
    Murphy Kuffour 11 hours ago

    I think there’s an error for the naming

  • ahmed ronaldokahn
    ahmed ronaldokahn 11 hours ago

    He almost die. lol....

  • Doug Hendricks
    Doug Hendricks 11 hours ago

    He was like, “No, not my beautiful face.”

  • Julio Rivera
    Julio Rivera 11 hours ago

    messi con la playera del barcelona es un crack pero con la playera de Argentina es un petardo.

  • HazeDTX
    HazeDTX 12 hours ago

    None of them were that great tbh

  • the last emperor
    the last emperor 12 hours ago

    Meh goals tbh

  • onlyjoetee
    onlyjoetee 13 hours ago


  • Chicken leg
    Chicken leg 13 hours ago

    Is beautiful..😍 visca Barca..!!

  • book marks
    book marks 14 hours ago

    All those players that Real brought in…….I know it takes time to adjust, but…..Damn all those new signings suck.

  • Mthobisi Shange
    Mthobisi Shange 15 hours ago

    1:29 Messi so eyes on the ball, not falling for the referee

  • Simplo Simplo
    Simplo Simplo 15 hours ago

    Other clubs against real madrid: just shoot if you wanna win 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • jose hernandez
    jose hernandez 15 hours ago

    Like if we need cr7 back to madrid

  • Shoto
    Shoto 15 hours ago

    Clannad es un buen anime.

  • Frank Champion
    Frank Champion 15 hours ago

    8 goals in 9 games for ATM even though they have Lemar, costa, saul, koke, felix, etc......Simeone needs to grow some balls and play more attacking football

  • Boris Gutierrez
    Boris Gutierrez 16 hours ago

    Este es el verdadero trío. Que Neymar se quede lejos. No hace falta

  • Heisenberg-SchrodingerEmc2

    Messi is amazing but Ronaldo is on another level entirely. He will become the top scorer ever and he will die before Messi catches him. Ronaldo is the GOAT.

  • Cesar Lopez
    Cesar Lopez 16 hours ago

    Siempre juega así

  • Darwin Mejia
    Darwin Mejia 16 hours ago

    Mierda de jugador

  • DF
    DF 16 hours ago

    So unselfish by Messi #goat

  • Karma Ghising
    Karma Ghising 17 hours ago

    Bestest of all time the invincible,the God of football

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 17 hours ago

    Why not english? :’(

  • Hg Hg
    Hg Hg 17 hours ago

    The team cant score a foocking one goal, and some guys still bitching about Courtois letting goal that no keeper can save. go figure.

  • cristofer muñoz
    cristofer muñoz 17 hours ago

    Lo bueno que no metió 5 goles Messi....pues ya sabéis que para Messi éstos partidos son sus favoritos para ganar la bota de oro y en estos partidos si aparece y nada que ver en los partidos de octavos de champions ahí el pecho frío no aparece jejejeje.. Nada que ver con CR7 jejejeje CR7 es todo lo contrario siiiuuu

  • William Spence
    William Spence 17 hours ago

    Von erichs forever !

  • The_lion_ King
    The_lion_ King 17 hours ago

    4:39 😂 😂

  • Montrel Harper
    Montrel Harper 18 hours ago

    these idiots gave away mario thats why

  • Baby Vacc
    Baby Vacc 18 hours ago

    She's the cutest

  • Oni Yume
    Oni Yume 18 hours ago

    Lol blaming Courtois for a goal even top goalies have problems with

  • Av1ator
    Av1ator 18 hours ago

    The only ones doing something are James and Benzema!

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Love it when players celebrate with the players that assisted them 💪🏼💪🏼 !! some get handed goals & celebrate like they did all the work.

  • pablo meyer
    pablo meyer 19 hours ago

    Les ase falta Ronaldo con la convinacion james ...

  • Brandon Manley
    Brandon Manley 19 hours ago

    When you play Fifa on beginner mode

  • Jogobonito1234
    Jogobonito1234 21 hour ago

    #Messi is back

  • Thebest TV av
    Thebest TV av 22 hours ago

    Ayuda mi canal con un 👍👇

  • Filimitless Screwtinize

    See how he stuck to the topic of discussion? Not once did he even mention Ronaldo. Unlike some pundits. I'm a CR7 fan btw.

  • Aron Kimutai
    Aron Kimutai 23 hours ago

    When Jose speaks, I love to listen

  • Sanjay Sanju
    Sanjay Sanju 23 hours ago

    Any Malayalis

  • H.Cruzz10
    H.Cruzz10 Day ago

    Does hazard even play?

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar

    0:40 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar


  • adrian crisanto

    Dante! Lmao and to think he was part of the brasil squad for the 2014 world cup 🤣

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar


  • Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Maybe Salin should instead play for Sporting Kansas City. This league is a bit too tough for him.

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Monaco are turning back the clock to 2017. Shocking effort from Rennes.

  • Larry Tan
    Larry Tan Day ago

    Wenger is a class act. Arsenal fans were very disrespectful of this man who gave half his life for the club. Dumb lot!

  • Truenapompys
    Truenapompys Day ago

    When I stub my toe 0:41

  • Ramón Zambrano

    Con la espalda y nuca pero fue gol vamos sevilla

  • Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Siuuuuuuuuu! #AllezParis #YNadaMas!

  • nordine talbi
    nordine talbi Day ago

    These players are paid millions doing shit .. fire them all or put them in team C...

  • nordine talbi
    nordine talbi Day ago

    Courtois again lol

  • y0jamb0
    y0jamb0 Day ago


  • helltothesexy123

    was not a penalty!! the ball was not in the box when it hit cheryshev!!!!!!

  • jamail lieres
    jamail lieres Day ago

    About number 9?only and only one EL FENOMENO RONALDO THE ORIGINAL RONALDO this is the true answer about that question.

  • agreen182
    agreen182 Day ago

    MSG is just what your football needs to make some yummy yummy goals

  • Majestic Penguin

    After hearing the commentator saying goal for the millionth time in a row, I don't know what the hell he is saying anymore xD

  • The Anomaly
    The Anomaly Day ago

    💩💩💩💩💩 put a fork in RMA... they're done.

  • Joe Stockton
    Joe Stockton Day ago

    Real Madrid? Who?

    TLFCB Day ago

    Please keep uploading longer highlights like these every weekend 👌❤️

  • FaZeMemeber Fortnite

    Cortuois is trash

  • El Dailon
    El Dailon Day ago

    Woah Griezmann jugo tremendo

  • Mitchael Hollingsworth

    everyone is trashing courtois, i agree navas should still be real #1 keeper. even though he isn't really at fault for the goal here courtois is symbolic of poor priorities in the transfer market. if real wanted to sign a chelsea player based on the 2018 world cup, they should've gone after n'golo kante and paired him with casemiro in the midfield and let kroos go, their midfield has no mobility or fight and leaves their suspect back line exposed. it doesn't help that they lost guaranteed goals with ronanldo and while benzema has increased his output, it doesn't quite bridge the gap with an under performing bale, isco, asensio, james rodriguez and a fat eden hazard

  • X X
    X X Day ago

    Great goal from the colombian.

  • Miguel Lopez
    Miguel Lopez Day ago

    The thumbnail has a “Fat” Son Heung-min

  • John Phantom
    John Phantom Day ago

    Emirates Please Buy that Historic French Club

  • Chrs SL
    Chrs SL Day ago

    Vamos Chícharo!! 🤬🤬🤬

  • Kevin Herrera
    Kevin Herrera Day ago

    That last shot by Suarez was definitely a goal somewhere in an alternate universe. Something was off in this one.

  • G. Arnold
    G. Arnold Day ago

    Jose is the best Coach, his smart and open-minded.

  • Swiss Cheese
    Swiss Cheese Day ago

    Williams no esta en la seleccion? Porque?

  • Sommer Johnson

    Not surprised

  • Sommer Johnson

    Sell everyone who is a disappointment

  • Ifare Nass
    Ifare Nass Day ago

    Who remembers when Courtois was great 🙃

    MANDAW SECK Day ago

    what tf did he say at 1:51

  • Visca El Barça

    in the last fifteen months we’ve seen Real Madrid lose to Sevilla, CSKA Moscow - twice, including a 3-0 at the Bernabeu -, Alaves, Levante, Barcelona - three times, featuring a 5-1 thrashing at the Camp Nou and a 3-0 at the Bernabeu --, Eibar, Leganes, Girona, Ajax, Valencia, Rayo Vallecano, Real Sociedad, Betis, PSG and Mallorca

    • Jo-Ryan Salazar
      Jo-Ryan Salazar Day ago

      *does Turkish military salute* <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0 <0

  • Sevillista Guru


  • Luis Vega
    Luis Vega Day ago

    Msg 👀

  • Mwa Metallic
    Mwa Metallic Day ago

    That made me SINK

  • Son of the Universe

    This was one of the best highlights I saw in a while

  • Rajeev Maηick

    Ze sing is tactics overpowers filozofi.. #tacticalgenius one and only manager of all time after sir Alex obviously. Can’t wait to see him back.. #josein

  • Mang Merciless

    Sin el var y la mafia de la fifa, Peru no le gana a uruguay. Ni de visitantes o locales.

  • Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah

    0:40 *LMFAO !!* 🤣

  • IRA fella from Peaky Blinders

    No one: Commentator nigga: gololololololooloal

  • Bentley Nguyen

    Real Madrid are playing selfish right now. They not collective as a group yet. I don’t know why because they basically have the same player.

  • abdu o
    abdu o Day ago

    eto,villa,suarez,neymar,now griezman

  • MostHated
    MostHated Day ago

    Fuck OM

  • Neville Chapman

    It depends Toddler reply

  • TheSk8tillwedie

    I would appreciate if you guys don’t put the score In the tittle. Thank you and have a nice day

    • TheSk8tillwedie
      TheSk8tillwedie 23 hours ago

      eddie mandujano I appreciate them putting up the videos :)

    • TheSk8tillwedie
      TheSk8tillwedie Day ago

      eddie mandujano well I just feel like it add a little suspense to the game and the video lol it’s just a suggestion I am not saying the they have to change it

    • eddie mandujano
      eddie mandujano Day ago

      What is wrong with putting the score in the tittle?, I like the name in the tittle.

    • ZynXc
      ZynXc Day ago

      Didn’t know they needed to meet your standards

  • InstiGator
    InstiGator Day ago

    Luke de jong