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  • KarabSoT
    KarabSoT 14 minutes ago

    Why is this missing almost the entire second half?!

  • Aaron Martin
    Aaron Martin 46 minutes ago

    nobody in the stands

  • Benjamin Luka
    Benjamin Luka 3 hours ago

    i never knew he played basketball

  • ذوالفقار الملكي

    اني من طرف ملكت الاحزان

  • Chad Smath
    Chad Smath 4 hours ago

    Bethune? Omg

  • Carter F
    Carter F 6 hours ago

    This isnt a condensed game. This literally just ignores that the second half was even played.

  • Devour
    Devour 6 hours ago

    Not all bad teams will stay bad. Just give them a year or two

  • Fenix Davis
    Fenix Davis 6 hours ago

    Imagine going back to school after this

  • Maurice Hansen
    Maurice Hansen 10 hours ago

    From undefeated and playing for the ACC championship to looking good against BC.... Miami fans crack me up. It don't matter who's playing on the field. Miami has the who's who of "who the fuck is that?" coaching... They aren't winning very many games until they can afford good coaches that actually coach CFB at a high level.

  • McLean Studios
    McLean Studios 10 hours ago

    Romanowski turned out to be such a POS. Sad.

  • Great Wh¡te Hope
    Great Wh¡te Hope 11 hours ago

    FSU is a mess LOL

  • Gabriel Gutierrez
    Gabriel Gutierrez 12 hours ago

    wow didn't include the beautiful punt that left them at the 1yd line right at the beginning, who's cutting these highlights?

  • Bronco
    Bronco 12 hours ago

    Missing Paul Jonson yet ?

  • Bronco
    Bronco 12 hours ago

    Anyone missing Paul johns and the triple option yet ?

  • Cory Bowman
    Cory Bowman 12 hours ago

    Go cards!

  • Tiago DMC
    Tiago DMC 12 hours ago


  • Elijah Foster
    Elijah Foster 12 hours ago

    Why did they cut the TD run called back by the timeout? It's like they didn't even watch the game and were just going off the play-by-play report...

  • Dr. Ice
    Dr. Ice 13 hours ago

    Syracuse blew this game big time so many opportunities

  • 1000 Subscribers Without Any Videos?

    Looking like Bulls are gonna make the playoffs this season!

  • BM32
    BM32 15 hours ago

    He should of had 500yds vs that team

  • Black Rob
    Black Rob 15 hours ago

    What’s good with Jamal Robinson UVA , via Jamaica Queens!!! Cory what’s good

  • ejoseph5
    ejoseph5 15 hours ago

    He still held that ball too long on that play action touchdown play

  • Michael Lake
    Michael Lake 16 hours ago

    See y’all in Charlotte in early December Cavs! Go Tigers!

  • Matthew Swenson
    Matthew Swenson 17 hours ago

    Foot down out of bounds with 0:01.

  • Cameron
    Cameron 17 hours ago

    Oooh GOODIE, I get to watch FSU do something good in the first half and totally fuck up in the second.

  • First Last
    First Last 18 hours ago

    Just going to ignore those two ints?

  • zakattak1990
    zakattak1990 18 hours ago

    What is the deal with the image quality on these highlight videos, ACCDN?

  • James Reese
    James Reese 18 hours ago

    He needs to get better at seeing the deep shot earlier. it should come with experience if he's the worker we hope he is.

  • Jon Rivers
    Jon Rivers 19 hours ago

    Simmons is easily one of the top 5 players in college football.

  • Uncle Ed
    Uncle Ed 19 hours ago

    Miami a bunch of thugs

  • Mr Fox
    Mr Fox 19 hours ago

    I thought it was over when we missed extra point

  • Mr. Brown
    Mr. Brown 20 hours ago

    How can a guy be this fast 5 months after acl surgery? Jeez...

  • Barker Classics
    Barker Classics 21 hour ago

    The 2 Clemson stats weren’t that relevant

  • Xxboxnight -
    Xxboxnight - 21 hour ago

    Man 2 worst teams in the acc facing off nothing like it😎

    • Cory Bowman
      Cory Bowman 12 hours ago

      Xxboxnight - whatever you say ass clown.

    • Jessie Sanders
      Jessie Sanders 14 hours ago

      Umm Pitt ga tech

    • Mark Irwin
      Mark Irwin 19 hours ago

      What is Georgia Tech doing a halftime performance?

    • Canyon Revers
      Canyon Revers 20 hours ago

      Xxboxnight - you clearly have not watched Georgia tech or nc state

    • TannerLewis
      TannerLewis 20 hours ago

      This aint the same Louisville team from last year.

  • FGTwoizzlePF
    FGTwoizzlePF 22 hours ago

    He’ll be the next Blaine Gabbert when he goes pro.

  • Keith Spencer
    Keith Spencer 22 hours ago

    Don't get me wrong but Trevor is playing against a team that just got beat 63-20 by Maryland - WHO SUCKS! Come on guys...That's like Tom Brady telling you how awesome he is after he kicked the shit out of Piney Brook High School...Really???

  • The Journey
    The Journey 22 hours ago

    Wide receiver U!!!

  • healthy recipes

    Iam 34 and now iam looking for my helmet for coach ..

  • Benjamin Alan
    Benjamin Alan Day ago

    Sorry you have to play for my Dolphins

  • julio Souffront

    It made me cry.RIP Welles Crowther

  • Ken Arthur
    Ken Arthur Day ago

    Continuing the dynasty over Virginia is gonna be awful tough this year. 🙁

  • Castin'
    Castin' Day ago

    you can get great players to come here. Really, you're an idiot. No body wants to go here.

  • Baseline Leaner

    Drag them back in there and get them to vote again. This is how Trump got elected.

  • Nanu Jayhawk
    Nanu Jayhawk Day ago

    Good win Virginia you look like a 9 or 10 win team college fans have 2 reasons to be excited now football and basketball

    • Nick Hill
      Nick Hill 17 hours ago

      @Nanu Jayhawk 🏀🏈

    • Nanu Jayhawk
      Nanu Jayhawk 21 hour ago

      @Nick Hill thank you me to

    • Nick Hill
      Nick Hill 22 hours ago

      @Nanu Jayhawk Thank you and I hope your teams have a great season.

    • Nanu Jayhawk
      Nanu Jayhawk 22 hours ago

      @Nick Hill congrats I am proud for your team both of our teams have been threw struggles in football my team isn't looking that bad either

    • Nick Hill
      Nick Hill 22 hours ago

      Yes I'm excited about this season I hope they continue.

  • Nanu Jayhawk
    Nanu Jayhawk Day ago

    My god Florida State coach Willie target is awful I feel bad for players and fans Florida State shouldn't be this bad

    • Alex Pea
      Alex Pea 18 hours ago

      Why do you think Jimbo Fisher left FSU?

  • timmy D=
    timmy D= Day ago

    The Clemson defense came out loud this game.

  • SFO McGee
    SFO McGee Day ago

    Career day with interceptions Lmaol

  • Moonroof
    Moonroof Day ago

    Good win

  • Neighborhood Hero

    #22 Conner A Beast. He playing on sundays

  • emilio1316
    emilio1316 Day ago

    All I saw was amazing YAC by receivers and toss up deep balls to well covered receivers with amazing catches. I’m sure Trevor is all he’s talked up to be but this game didn’t really show that.

  • Dblue7
    Dblue7 Day ago

    No excuses GT

  • wkmac2
    wkmac2 Day ago


  • Oscar J Ortega

    Still snubbing fsu.. dnt snub the kids though..

  • ScoDucks2019
    ScoDucks2019 Day ago

    General Sherman is back with his fire and army 🤣🤣🤣

  • SweetSunshine
    SweetSunshine Day ago

    R.I.P. Welles. You have inspired many others and will continue to make history. Not all heroes wear capes.

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV Day ago

    That returned block for a TD looked extra cool love with that camera angle.


    UVA was holding every play!

  • Al B
    Al B Day ago

    Furman lookin good! Not too shabby for a small private school on the Southern slope of the Blue Ridge.

  • Derek Hall
    Derek Hall Day ago

    he will play many GOOD seasons in the league, mark my words

  • Dwain Trent
    Dwain Trent Day ago

    This win was nothing to be proud of!!

  • Warren Hodges
    Warren Hodges Day ago

    My bad#36 not #29

  • Derek Hall
    Derek Hall Day ago

    throwback, nkosi perry threw an int vs a team that eventually went d2 a year later.... be grateful

  • Brett Wooldridge

    2 RBs put up 300 yards and we only see one run and a goal line dive?

  • William Matarazzo

    National Champs Again!!! Interceptions should only count if the team who intercepted the ball scores.. I can say no interceptions of Trevor Lawrence have been capitalized on.. Big Ole Goose Egg! 0 ..

  • Mark Pitre
    Mark Pitre Day ago

    Is it me or does every team that plays Clemson have the best punter in the world?

    • Michael Baker
      Michael Baker 19 hours ago

      No it's not just you but it helps a punter with longer fields and more attempts. We keep losing the punting game but keep winning the games.

  • Warren Hodges
    Warren Hodges Day ago

    Number 29 an 91 suck I just watched this entire video an im a hurricane fan 91 is super lazy an 29 look like he just not good enough athlete those 2 hurtin yall defense

  • Barry Frank
    Barry Frank Day ago

    It's old news get a life. Its just sports! There are more important thing's in life

  • UnYielding
    UnYielding Day ago

    He turns the ball over less than Shea Patterson :'(

    DAP DAP Day ago

    ......That was an amazingly ugly game. Glad UVA won, but they didn't so much as win as FSU shot themself in the head...But what do you really expect from FSU? Three personal fouls in the last five minutes is probably below average for these mouth-breathers.

  • Jenna Antoinette

    i’m sobbing

  • Canyon Revers
    Canyon Revers Day ago

    Where’s javian Hawkins out of Louisville?

  • Karla Villalobo

    Steven peoples is my teacher

  • robertwright20


  • Castin'
    Castin' Day ago

    You said this was his second rushing touch down of the year. He had two in the first game, you idiot.

  • Kevin  Juice
    Kevin Juice Day ago

    Jarren Williams Had A Good Game Saturday🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Hatedj
    Hatedj Day ago

    Miami trash... Look how happy they are to be beating Bethune-Cookman!!!

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Day ago

    ...also, there should have been 2 seconds added to the clock at the end. When he caught the ball for the first down there was 6 seconds left and the Virginia clock manager allowed it to runs 2 second before he stopped the clock. Cheating.

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Day ago

    The refs made sure that Virginia won this game. I saw several none call for FSU, and several questionable calls for Virginia. Also, FSU struggled at home against ULM, so that would tend to say that Virginia ain't sh*t. Sorry, but facts from an unbiased fan.

  • spacestarkid28

    UCF is the best team in the state of Florida & this is coming from a 🐊 fan!!!

  • Isaac Connie
    Isaac Connie Day ago

    I’m starting to realize that Trevor Lawrence isn’t really that good he just has some really Fantastic receivers

  • blackguy2732
    blackguy2732 Day ago

    Just noticed, on the last play, the RT dropped back to pass pro which kept the pulling guard from going out to block. That about sums up the past few FSU seasons.

  • Kami Kuru
    Kami Kuru Day ago


  • Tez Clay
    Tez Clay Day ago

    RESPECT ✊ ✊

  • chris shields
    chris shields Day ago

    Louisville got away from their quick game on offense in the second half....that running game was strong

  • Juan Guevara
    Juan Guevara Day ago

    wtf no bowl game that sucks

  • Instant Regret Playlist

    somehow found this by searching up aaaaaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy Day ago

    How the HELL was there no flags after that celebration?

  • Thug life
    Thug life Day ago

    Better than baker mayfield

  • 4hockeyskate
    4hockeyskate Day ago

    came here for Pat

  • Dan 3
    Dan 3 Day ago

    Love Lawrence, but cmon lmao. Career Game? 56% completions and 2 ints?

    • Ugly—NOse__2k
      Ugly—NOse__2k 17 hours ago

      Tua is better by a mile no comparison what a joke

  • Николай Соколов

    всегда оставайся человеком

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis Day ago

    ESPN dickheads were really trying to convince people this was gonna be a game lol. Syracuse coach is a pussy first of all. Forgot his name

  • Duke Moose
    Duke Moose Day ago

    1) Clemson 2) UGA 3) Ohio State 4) Oklahoma 5) LSU 6) Wisconsin

  • Julian Smith
    Julian Smith Day ago

    Wake Forest or Virginia could probably give the Clemson tigers a run for their money in the acc Championship game in Charlotte North Carolina

    • Julian Smith
      Julian Smith Day ago

      @Michael j Marley my bad November 16 ESPN's college gameday could there when they met

    • Michael j Marley
      Michael j Marley Day ago

      wake & clemson are in the same division of the acc

    • MemeEnthusiast#24
      MemeEnthusiast#24 Day ago

      Julian Smith I think more likely wake because of their more potent offense

  • JackSlidell
    JackSlidell 2 days ago

    That 48 yard run was more impressive than the 90 yard run!

  • Jaudon Clark
    Jaudon Clark 2 days ago

    Now he’s a starter

  • Derek Hall
    Derek Hall 2 days ago

    they had a reason to storm the field in 95. now they just played a weak ass seminole team

    • Derek Hall
      Derek Hall Day ago

      King Uzumaki i like miami but im from and live in va.

    • King Uzumaki
      King Uzumaki Day ago

      @Derek Hall true, there's more to the game than talent and as uva fan I agree.

    • Derek Hall
      Derek Hall Day ago

      King Uzumaki honestly fsu should’ve lost to ul monroe. im not here to trash fsu, im just saying uva overreacts to every win

    • Derek Hall
      Derek Hall Day ago

      King Uzumaki talent doesn’t help you beat boise state and uva

    • King Uzumaki
      King Uzumaki Day ago

      @Derek Hall they're a top 10 team in the nation in terms of talent

  • Andre Epps
    Andre Epps 2 days ago

    Old dominion vs Virginia? For The win?

  • Bobby Jones
    Bobby Jones 2 days ago

    Quentin Harris had a statistically better game.

  • Dexter M.
    Dexter M. 2 days ago

    Horrible loss vs a bad GT team. They won't win another game all year.