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  • money team
    money team 3 days ago

    Damn gsp would fuck the divion up he a ball of energy

  • happy
    happy 9 days ago

    He was the crap and always will

  • スペシャル Doggu

    oh shitt did he use the joe rogan kick?

  • Milton Bates
    Milton Bates 14 days ago

    GSP is a complete savage. The true GOAT

  • Honkey Kong
    Honkey Kong 16 days ago

    The Greatest fighter thats ever lived

  • Jeremy Nachtman
    Jeremy Nachtman 21 day ago

    What a fucking legend, cant tell you how many times I've watched this vid over the last few years. Will always be one of my favorite fighters, if not my number 1 favorite, hes not just a badass, but a humble badass.

  • Skyscape
    Skyscape 22 days ago

    Best video that I every seen,don't know you but I aredy love you

    ALL FIGHTS 23 days ago

    Superb content

  • Seigneur Tuco
    Seigneur Tuco 25 days ago

    Si si Georges

  • Freezzbee Jenkins
    Freezzbee Jenkins 26 days ago

    so fast

  • Norberto Milan
    Norberto Milan 27 days ago

    Gap never wrestled before but showed the world that he can in mma and he showed what a mma fighter is supposed to look that's why he's my favorite fighter

  • Saints LockUp
    Saints LockUp 29 days ago

    Hmmm yeah he will beat TF out of Khabib... But I'm pretty sure khabib knows it just wants fight his idol..

  • Frank Fazio
    Frank Fazio Month ago

    3:19 when you find the guy who has been commenting “😍” on your girls pictures

  • Titan Geos
    Titan Geos Month ago

    Le meilleur de tout les temps .

  • Soloman 5k
    Soloman 5k Month ago

    Definition of a superstar : Georges St. Pierre the rush.

  • Brendan Briggs
    Brendan Briggs Month ago


  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan Month ago

    Oh God.. Khabib is great but I don't know if he's at this level

  • Xavier Artot
    Xavier Artot Month ago

    He took kick foot from boxe française and savatte, like Jons did too. The pointe and return kick.

  • Oliver Heredia
    Oliver Heredia Month ago

    Smart man.retired right when USDA came.he knew he would be fucked if he stayed.

  • Albert Severin Roche

    Force et honneur

  • BrApophis D
    BrApophis D Month ago

    Une machine !

  • Adam Busch
    Adam Busch Month ago

    For those people that think conar would beat GSP are stupid conar is good but he has no ground d game from what I've seen GSP would absolutely demolish him he would embarrass him

  • Adam Busch
    Adam Busch Month ago

    I'm glad we had such a great fighter come out of our country and put canada on the map I dont think there was MMA in canada tell GSP got to the UFC

  • Fre Do
    Fre Do Month ago

    j’adore, il voit et sait, où, est l'urgence en combat !! Une machine !!!

  • King-Emperor Botolf Zain Isembard of Pleiades

    GSP is a taurus -- totally shows

  • DigitalDreams
    DigitalDreams Month ago

    Looks like the ground dominance of Khabib mixed with striking of wonderboy and the cardio of nate diaz. What a legend.

  • VoiceOf Reason
    VoiceOf Reason Month ago

    Dismantled Hughes....

  • El Joelo
    El Joelo Month ago

    He hits with a lot of technique. Also does he have freakishly long arms? The guy can grab you by the back of your knee and punch you in the face at the same time .LOL

  • Everett McGee
    Everett McGee Month ago

    Khabib could have been the new GSP if he had a stand up game..

  • Ander Chisa
    Ander Chisa Month ago

    Deportista en todo el sentido de la palabra!! G"rush"SP are a great inspiration for the New athlete. Ever you are the Best come back please

  • William Hall
    William Hall Month ago

    Gsp had a way to look at every fight with strategy... Like a chess match.

  • Wicked Alf
    Wicked Alf Month ago

    I keep coming to this video, what a fucking edit, the music and everything fits so nicely, I get so pump before training just by watching it!

  • Alex Amaya
    Alex Amaya 2 months ago

    Always respected gsp... he truly has skill

  • Luz maria Cruz colmenarez

    khabib verse george would be epic😎george aint washed up by no means😎

  • Nassah Amaj
    Nassah Amaj 2 months ago

    George is an animal... some sort of a canadian unnamed wild beast

  • Lance Haysom
    Lance Haysom 2 months ago

    He's an absolute beast

  • Cyberbird
    Cyberbird 2 months ago

    Considering his childhood he went in the cage with intent of killing a mfker

  • Milivoj Peric
    Milivoj Peric 2 months ago

    Jebeno zastrašujući tip.

  • Dustin Olsen
    Dustin Olsen 2 months ago


  • Azir Besim
    Azir Besim 2 months ago

    San pierre vs khabib would be the biggest fight in mma history

  • Zach Rowlett
    Zach Rowlett 2 months ago

    Khabib would be his bitch

  • futuremlbplayer10
    futuremlbplayer10 2 months ago

    I wish I could have been a UFC fan during his reign, hard for me to know just how good he was without experiencing it. All I've seen is the Bisping fight and his legacy fights on TVclip.

  • Patrick Hernandez
    Patrick Hernandez 2 months ago


  • Black Shinobi
    Black Shinobi 2 months ago

    Jsp is wicked with the skills

  • Carlos de la Torre
    Carlos de la Torre 2 months ago

    The best of all time GSP

  • Alex K
    Alex K 2 months ago

    If he was mcgregor’s weight, it still wouldn’t even be a competition. GSP is the greatest.

  • STAN
    STAN 2 months ago

    OK, I see now. And would mind GSP vs Khabib^^

  • Tillerv
    Tillerv 2 months ago

    GSP vs Khabib

    KARATE KID AZAD 2 months ago

    Really very hard fighter

  • Gangsa8888
    Gangsa8888 2 months ago

    GsP Will always go down as my favorite fighter in UFC history. Just sucks that we wont see the fight that everyone wanted to see and thats GsP VS Anderson Silva.... Fuck all these other fights like McGregor vs Mayweather. The fight that would break records would have always have been GsP vs Silva

  • Emmett G
    Emmett G 2 months ago

    Man, makes you wonder. Kabib vs George both in their prime. I think it would come down to if GSP lands a big strike or if Kabib gets a grapple. The first one to achieve their goal would win.

  • Luther LeBlanc
    Luther LeBlanc 3 months ago

    My money is on him to beat Khabib

  • Dumb Anglo
    Dumb Anglo 3 months ago

    🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶🇲🇶 Notre Fiérte GEORGES ST PIERRE

  • Kamal Kamalino
    Kamal Kamalino 3 months ago


  • Benoit McMartin
    Benoit McMartin 3 months ago

    Quebec, CANADA 3.5 million people Quality over quantity

  • Mike Martinez
    Mike Martinez 3 months ago

    Khabib wants to fight gsp n gsp wants to fight unbeatable khabib , it will b a good one but if gsp was n his prime khabib wont stand a chance

  • Jose Esquivel
    Jose Esquivel 3 months ago

    THIS is ground and pound. This makes khabibs group and pound look elementary.

    • Ana Sabuza
      Ana Sabuza 3 months ago

      @Jose Esquivel Ya i know even Khabib said GSP GOAT, khabib respect him

    • Jose Esquivel
      Jose Esquivel 3 months ago

      I mean GSP just pummels his opponent once he gets a take down now stop. Khabib pretty much just grapples you till you're tried then he goes for the kill. Not to mention that khabib is uncomfortable standing and striking very unlike GSP.

    • Ana Sabuza
      Ana Sabuza 3 months ago

      This is y Khabib want to fight him

  • Jose Esquivel
    Jose Esquivel 3 months ago

    Straight Savage GSP

  • Serge Olchowec
    Serge Olchowec 3 months ago

    Best MMA fighter ever .

  • 2bsure
    2bsure 3 months ago

    That kick against Díaz @5:39 though😳

  • tgfhgcfnhgh ghnvcghg
    tgfhgcfnhgh ghnvcghg 3 months ago

    Kabib will smesh the guy if he drop weight to fight him

  • A Bot
    A Bot 3 months ago

    Khabibs trash

  • Moe A
    Moe A 3 months ago

    I think he will beat khabib not Conor

  • Amir Eghbal
    Amir Eghbal 3 months ago

    The best are always humble and great human beings. I wish I knew how to fight to teach some lesson to all the cocky assholes that are in bars and clubs nowadays always bothering people. There is a difference between martial artist and a criminal.

    ALDI THE FROG 3 months ago

    Can Khabib beat GSP? I wanna hear opinions

    • E K
      E K 3 months ago

      Maybe, but he’ll have to rely on Georges being in a smaller weight class that he’s never fought in and the fact that he’s old. But then again, it’s GSP... he _is_ the GOAT.

    MRBRIGHTSIDE UK 3 months ago

    Real match for kebab man

  • The Challenger
    The Challenger 3 months ago

    2:58 wtf

  • Miloss Pejovicc
    Miloss Pejovicc 3 months ago

    Khabib next :)

  • SCL75
    SCL75 3 months ago

    This guy would annihilate me in seconds. Dead.

  • NM AA
    NM AA 3 months ago

    To be fair. This guy far more tougher than tony if either of them have match with khabib. This guy the real test for khabib. Quite same style, strike and grappling. Tony just for sake of the "hype". Tony great. But just like mcnugget. Not really on par with khabib. Barboza got smash, i don see why tony cant either.

  • Aaron Soto
    Aaron Soto 3 months ago

    Probably the best UFC fighter of all time. So well versed.

  • Worthemmi The Future Ragui

    Bro please come back we need u bck to beat khabib

  • ItsameAlex
    ItsameAlex 3 months ago

    Georges Saint ''lost to Johnny Hendrix'' Pierre, vs Khabib ''undefeated'' Nurmagomedov.

    • Milton Bates
      Milton Bates 14 days ago

      Damn casuals and their retatded comments. Khabib's resume is shit. He's undefeated against jobbers mostly and afraid to move up to 170 (his ideal fighting weight) because he knows he'll be destroyed by the savages at the tio of 170. Khabib has like 5 failed weight cuts...he's just a bully trying yo dominate the little guys at 155.

  • Kayla Matukas
    Kayla Matukas 3 months ago

    People are lucky this beast doesn't fight much anymore

  • Tirthankar Mandal
    Tirthankar Mandal 3 months ago

    Bow down to the KING !!!!

  • Da King
    Da King 3 months ago

    Is nobody going to mention the henna tattoo gsp has on his back in the early days

    FLAVOR WAVEZ 3 months ago

    Always a great experience to watch GSP fight back in the day . GSP is one of the best Mixed Martial artists ever to walk this earth.

  • Акторе Тулеубаев

    Khabib go

  • Rumi Too Wavy
    Rumi Too Wavy 3 months ago

    This guy was a fucking monster holy

  • Ikinararangal ko ako'y Iglesia ni Cristo

    0:39 This is the real "SMASH" unlike Khabib huggings and cuddling his opponents. That guy is boring

  • Irving Vera
    Irving Vera 3 months ago

    Khabib against this gsp would be a hell of a fight! 🔥

    • Rogerinho Da Silva
      Rogerinho Da Silva 2 months ago

      @AlTheRelic I would love to see that happen. Too bad that Khabib is unbeatable... Nonetheless, I'm sure that Tony will make him bleed, just to show that Khabib is human...

      AIR LEBRON 3 months ago

      If Ferguson loses then GSP VS KHABIB

    • AlTheRelic
      AlTheRelic 3 months ago

      El Cucuy will kill Khabib. Don't worry.

    ABIDIN ANHAR J 3 months ago


  • b0zay
    b0zay 3 months ago

    GSP please come back and ragdoll khabib

  • Gabby Silang
    Gabby Silang 3 months ago

    GSP vs Khabib Great fight

    • Imam Setiadi
      Imam Setiadi 3 months ago

      Agreed IF Ufc allowed that to happen BUT Who you think will be the winner if they fight ?

  • Anibal Puerto Rico
    Anibal Puerto Rico 3 months ago

    Lets get g.s.p and khabib in the octagon

  • Rijad Emrulai
    Rijad Emrulai 3 months ago

    Gsp can Fight Mc gregor and after him as desert any other in UFC, exept Tony and Khabib I would like to see them fight with GSP

  • A S
    A S 3 months ago

    Best ever.

  • gyc315
    gyc315 3 months ago

    GSP bad ass! But he Hendrix won that fight. Fixed all the way.

  • Pin Cushion
    Pin Cushion 3 months ago

    Need to write some bars to this tune

  • Player King of New York City

    For me, Gsp was the greatest. He went from fighting matt Hughes and bj penn all the way to guys like Diaz and condit.

  • Bad azz Patriot
    Bad azz Patriot 3 months ago

    The best to ever do it. Period

  • James Charbonneau
    James Charbonneau 3 months ago

    He made Matt Hughes verbally tap. He had him so tied up he had to scream at the ref to stop it. Let that sink in

  • Michael Koch
    Michael Koch 3 months ago

    Its said that GSP never had a job.... He couldn't submit the application.

  • Chris Dillon
    Chris Dillon 3 months ago

    Best UFC fighter ever . You got me fucked up if you disagree

  • Eric Robbins
    Eric Robbins 3 months ago

    This dude is in impeccable shape.

  • Alilo Fadilo
    Alilo Fadilo 3 months ago

    Send khabib his location

  • Daniel Espinosa
    Daniel Espinosa 3 months ago

    If khabib moves up weight class and fights this man it would be a good fight I wouldn’t care who wins there both humbled fighters

    • J4L
      J4L 3 months ago

      Daniel Espinosa I agree, too bad Khabib doesn’t want to fight in any other weight class but he’s gonna run out of guys to beat soon enough.Damn one can only hope though GSP vs Khabib 🙏

  • King-Emperor Botolf Zain Isembard of Pleiades

    GSP -- a real fucking fighter

  • Alex Macdon
    Alex Macdon 3 months ago

    fucking monster 🐐🐐

  • Noah Carver
    Noah Carver 3 months ago

    Matt "u gotta stop the fight i cant tap" Hughes. No dis respect intense. Hughes would still meld me twisted.