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  • Zaka S
    Zaka S 4 hours ago

    This guy sed Ama smack the Nature out of you😂😂

  • ForReal Nard410
    ForReal Nard410 4 hours ago

    *Damn they were tellin on everybody!*

  • SharpRazor
    SharpRazor 4 hours ago

    Look at L for lees video about this situation it’s clearly fake.

  • BlueChicco22
    BlueChicco22 4 hours ago

    In this vid @KSI is good to @Loganpaul And they had a boxing match

  • Unleashed3D
    Unleashed3D 4 hours ago

    I love how nobody is actually noticing what this guy is doing with marketing cosmetics lmao

  • Ishi Duck
    Ishi Duck 5 hours ago


  • Dennis Wolf Cyclist
    Dennis Wolf Cyclist 5 hours ago

    So leafy basically didn't really care too much of fancy things? Well isn't that one of the best youtubers then? That yeah, you make fuck ton, and then don't even live the rich lifestyle because being materialistic makes you actually depressed.

  • TVFandaShow
    TVFandaShow 5 hours ago

    Why am i still getting hate?

  • ButeraOrgasm
    ButeraOrgasm 7 hours ago

    Even tho I started disliking him, I can’t help but miss him tbh.

  • Odyssey Virtual Entertainment

    keemstar himself

  • Mark0502
    Mark0502 7 hours ago

    Ok, so the reason why the argument really started was because the owner of the restaurant didn't want the chairs or whatever getting dirty. So instead of handling this like adults and maybe calmly talking to him, he films to get clout. I don't watch brother nature so don't tell me I'm defending him because I'm a fan, I just think filming him instead of helping the restaurant owner wasn't the right move. They even fought inside the restaurant and got the restaurant even more dirty, he even spilled drinks on his face also making the floor dirty so I only see that he made this way worse than it should've been.

  • Shprqness
    Shprqness 7 hours ago

    Being gay is fine, dressing like a woman as a man is not.... deal wid it

  • shadowdippin
    shadowdippin 8 hours ago

    This interviewer oblivious

  • Prepyism
    Prepyism 8 hours ago

    whos here in 2019 almost 2020!

  • miamiwax
    miamiwax 8 hours ago

    If anybody wants to know what a Miami accent sounds like..

  • Jayzey
    Jayzey 8 hours ago


  • Scentedd Animated
    Scentedd Animated 8 hours ago

    Everyone is hating on you because you didnt capitalize I

  • Scentedd Animated
    Scentedd Animated 8 hours ago

    ima tell my kids this was joker

  • Thatanimeboytwentyseven _

    Why are you still here

  • DeadDylan
    DeadDylan 9 hours ago

    I love how you will back people up if it’s in your best interest. And you’ll throw people under the bus for your best interest. In the ol’ days we kill pussys like that

  • pleb noob
    pleb noob 9 hours ago

    The guy that attack him and was in a call with you His audio is so ass

  • XxItsLilyxX123 MSP
    XxItsLilyxX123 MSP 10 hours ago

    "Now that emo Indian is out of his daily Halloween costume" -Keem 2016

  • Carlos R
    Carlos R 10 hours ago

    Okay even if what the dude who beat up brother says is true it doesn’t make it right. BN was clearly drunk, he didn’t fight back, and yet his head was still kicked multiple times. Yes what BN did was not okay whatsoever, however, they didn’t have to kick his head like that. Maybe a couple punches in the face but leave it at that. It seems like what the dude is saying is true, and that makes me extremely disappointed in BN However, I don’t think BN actually fought back like this dude was saying. When keem Star asked him if BN fought back he had hesitation in his voice.

  • Devyn Rod
    Devyn Rod 10 hours ago

    anyone see that juul bottom left?

  • Malinda
    Malinda 10 hours ago


  • LooseBoltsYT
    LooseBoltsYT 10 hours ago

    This guy is a pussy ass bitch to kick a man that’s down like that. Clearly already won the fight .

    • Outlaw Jodie Wales
      Outlaw Jodie Wales 9 hours ago

      Shut up bitch. He had an adrenaline rush. Something you wouldn’t know about. Ain’t no rules in a street fight anyways. Also brother started it all. Gotta teach punk asses like nature a lesson.

  • Geko
    Geko 10 hours ago

    Anyone else see keems juul? Is he sponsored

  • john doe
    john doe 10 hours ago

    Fousey wasn’t wrong about the ghost writer

  • 0 subs With 0 videos challenge.

    YOU SUCK!!! like this btw.

  • La'Tresa H
    La'Tresa H 10 hours ago

    arguing with the waiter doesn't warrant a jump....

  • bleach Marines
    bleach Marines 11 hours ago

    he straight got bitched

  • Brandon blitz
    Brandon blitz 11 hours ago

    Alissa be like Ah shit here we go again

  • Natashza Trejo
    Natashza Trejo 11 hours ago

    He said he had 4 sisters here but in his 20 facts about me video he said he had 2

  • RainTube
    RainTube 11 hours ago

    Me and my ex talking for the first time in years

  • Taylor Parker
    Taylor Parker 12 hours ago

    But of all things they had to use for his ‘fake tears’ why would he use an ice cube... honestly😂 like I’m sure they had water bottles, I’m sure someone had eye drops. Just playing devil’s advocate here so don’t kill me🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Extreemm _taco Gamer
    Extreemm _taco Gamer 12 hours ago

    Lol shut up

  • Tawnya Raymond
    Tawnya Raymond 12 hours ago

    Dude lost his fucking mind DRAKE S coming fuckers dreaming

  • Erick Hernandez
    Erick Hernandez 12 hours ago

    Keemstar be switching his words around lmao

  • Nolan Herc
    Nolan Herc 12 hours ago

    Anyone else catch him say “continuing” when it was suppose to be contribute at 3:50 lol just wanted to point it out

  • Michelle Pascual
    Michelle Pascual 12 hours ago

    Bro my brother called you a dumbass

  • Eross MB
    Eross MB 12 hours ago

    Brother nature got stomped 😂 and tried picking another fight and still got his sh* rocked

  • notjonnycakes
    notjonnycakes 12 hours ago

    how do you go to a pizzeria for a sandwich tf

  • Deadeye
    Deadeye 12 hours ago

    I get acting on impulse trying to defend your pride & family however a bit over the top with the head kicking.

  • Asia Rahman
    Asia Rahman 12 hours ago

    18 min of one story

  • Hashirama Senju
    Hashirama Senju 12 hours ago

    I mean they are friends now so i don't think it matters no more.

  • John Lopez Jr.
    John Lopez Jr. 12 hours ago

    12:05 dude is checking his phone whole hes on the ground 😂

  • audioShade
    audioShade 13 hours ago

    Keemstar bad

  • skdsfhjk
    skdsfhjk 13 hours ago

    There’s nothing wrong with him repeating and asking questions, he’s clarifying, calm down

  • Info Account
    Info Account 13 hours ago


  • Masked Guy
    Masked Guy 13 hours ago

    This is why alcohol is prohibited in most intelligent countries, because it makes people do stupid shit like this, harming themselves and others.

  • little lazarbeam
    little lazarbeam 13 hours ago

    Kemstar is eating as they both fight 😂😂lol

  • Siti Munirah
    Siti Munirah 13 hours ago

    shut up

  • Tinay Pie
    Tinay Pie 13 hours ago

    Jesus Christ just get on with it

  • Jack Ass
    Jack Ass 14 hours ago

    Keemstack is annoying as fuck.

    • Outlaw Jodie Wales
      Outlaw Jodie Wales 9 hours ago

      Why you mad cuz your boy (nature) a punk tho

    • Gerry Sauve
      Gerry Sauve 9 hours ago

      He told Etika to jump off a cliff in an interview with him -- which got deleted -- and people seem to forget the asshat he is. Nothing aint gonna bring Etika back alive

  • Jordan Walsh
    Jordan Walsh 14 hours ago

    Lmao damn that guy beat the piss out of him

  • Nathan Paudel
    Nathan Paudel 14 hours ago

    Dont just accuse!

  • Noviosity
    Noviosity 15 hours ago

    lmfao, keem's reading of gabbie's message 10/10 i laughed so hard, it was perfectly read

  • MJ Woods
    MJ Woods 15 hours ago

    Ksi: exist Deji: he's flexing on dead people!! 🚨

  • Z0mbie
    Z0mbie 15 hours ago


  • Amandeep Kaur
    Amandeep Kaur 15 hours ago

    React to mo vlogs ponzi skeem

  • Abdullah B
    Abdullah B 15 hours ago

    Fuck you cockroach

  • pimpan se
    pimpan se 16 hours ago

    its obvious he did this as a joke, but the sad part of this is that he thinks he is actually funny and edgy. Go and take care of ur daughter rather than clowning urself dreamy creamy keemy

  • SeanDaDestroyer 1
    SeanDaDestroyer 1 16 hours ago

    He said he's on the complete opposite side of the bar when he's right next to him

  • Priizmz
    Priizmz 16 hours ago

    new news keemstar drops his phone on CALL 6:20

  • Franziska N
    Franziska N 16 hours ago

    Fouseys nose is gone ...

  • Teroist Tommy
    Teroist Tommy 16 hours ago

    Why u block my man pro pepper

  • Stupid Toons
    Stupid Toons 16 hours ago

    Tem 10 more like Tem10dolers

  • bepaler
    bepaler 16 hours ago

    well thats interesting

  • Riley Monda
    Riley Monda 16 hours ago

    lmao shes not ever gunna take that

    OH BALLS 16 hours ago

    Jeez fuck this you are really irritating you just scream so the kids don't click off the video

  • I must save froggy
    I must save froggy 16 hours ago

    5:51 the main problem is talked about

  • I must save froggy
    I must save froggy 16 hours ago


  • Hyper Zero
    Hyper Zero 16 hours ago

    Keem trying to make more money

  • Franziska N
    Franziska N 17 hours ago

    Team KSI !

  • rotem ruso
    rotem ruso 17 hours ago

    Walked in the woods Found a dead dallow found a dead dallow

  • Ricky-Aaron
    Ricky-Aaron 17 hours ago

    Deji- pice of sh*t dude. Selfish fool if he those that to he’s bro, no one should trust that dude..

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G 17 hours ago

    Know what i like this video so much. I click the subscribe button twice.

  • Carolina Rebel
    Carolina Rebel 17 hours ago

    On the Staying Underwater for 24 hours challenge, he couldn’t complete it. Any other TVclipr would have faked it, and said it was real. MrBeast ain’t about that. He was honest about it and said he’d make up for it, and he did. He stayed in a bath of slime for 24 hours to make up for not completing the underwater challenge. I trust him. He’s my favorite and one of the most realist TVcliprs, if not the realist. He has my sub and support. Whoever FlyDoesYT is, he’s just trying to get clout. He got pad $750 bucks for 5 days of work and his travel and lodging were taken care of. Sounds like MrBeast took care of this dude. MrBeast and his whole squad are all stand up dudes. I knew this story was bullshit as soon as I saw it. SUB TO MR. BEAST EVERYONE. He deserves it

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir 18 hours ago

    It only hurts because he’s ugly and she’s too hot for him in the first place

  • Jacob Stapley
    Jacob Stapley 18 hours ago

    Worldwide uglyness

  • Ashley Sims
    Ashley Sims 18 hours ago

    Always felt off about banks people that try so hard to act "real" are the fakest I knew I didn't like him for a reason

    • bssni touir
      bssni touir 18 hours ago

      I love u sooo much that u can’t recive all this love so i’m gonna give some of it to hoes

  • Superbob 606
    Superbob 606 18 hours ago

    The part where he’s on the bumper cars a very sad he is on his own

  • Nolan Hughes
    Nolan Hughes 18 hours ago

    The campfire thing is actually a lie where mike said they didnt know about it until now and then we see a video of the campfire and mike talking to him so thats a lie that they didnt know

  • yeetusfeetus
    yeetusfeetus 18 hours ago

    15k people could't take the truth

  • Stephanie Garcia
    Stephanie Garcia 18 hours ago


  • Lisa
    Lisa 18 hours ago

    Some of y’all don’t know what a fight or flight response is & it shows. Like yeah what brother nature did wasn’t right but it was a fight or flight response. It happens.

    • Outlaw Jodie Wales
      Outlaw Jodie Wales 9 hours ago

      Wtf are you on? You actin like brother was on the defense. He came into the shop acting like he’s someone special, wanting to be treated differently. Then throws a fit when someone got it on cam and that’s a fight or flight? Fuck off.

  • Mr.PiñataMan
    Mr.PiñataMan 19 hours ago

    Why are u so salty that mr.beast gives our real money and he has no gave u money your just fucking hight as f u are a liar and a little bitch

  • Daniel Janbuksh
    Daniel Janbuksh 19 hours ago

    Poor Sky, I can’t believe his wife betray him and Ksi bullies him.

  • Thomas Burr
    Thomas Burr 19 hours ago


  • Jason Dante
    Jason Dante 19 hours ago

    Wait deji beat Jake Paul really

  • Aleksandra Petrovic
    Aleksandra Petrovic 19 hours ago

    Alinity:commits genocide in a twich Stream* Twich:i See nothing wrong Here.

  • Daisy Mckenzie
    Daisy Mckenzie 19 hours ago

    Tho no one deserves to get cheated on, being stunning and pretty will not stop someone from cheating on you if they want to. People cheat for other reasons. I hope everything works out for her.

  • NotMeowth
    NotMeowth 19 hours ago

    Imagine getting someone killed over $1.50

  • C1defx
    C1defx 19 hours ago

    Dear God, just give Alissa a decent man.

  • Henco Reiners
    Henco Reiners 20 hours ago

    Fuck this guy

  • LordxZeref
    LordxZeref 20 hours ago

    I feel like the guy is lying about the fight, u cannot convince me brother nature still wanted to fight after already getting beat up in the shop. then in the video, the shop owner tells them to take it outside & brother nature got up quick fast like he wanted to run home. lol his story doesn’t match the fear in brother nature’s face in the video lmao

  • Herbo Yt
    Herbo Yt 20 hours ago

    Wtf am I watching?😭👎🏽

  • Ash Sisney
    Ash Sisney 20 hours ago

    The wacky tobaccy has me dead

  • Sebastian Bryndorf
    Sebastian Bryndorf 20 hours ago

    fuck of keemstar, you asshole

    • Gerry Sauve
      Gerry Sauve 9 hours ago

      He's a fucking piece of shit, I want my boy Etika back