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  • Swendeezy
    Swendeezy Year ago


  • simpsons hack
    simpsons hack 2 years ago

    sory for the dellay i couldnt find your email to answer,, i hope its the correct! the channel with the extreme sports is the link bellow .. cya bro

  • Tim Brown
    Tim Brown 2 years ago

    So much stuff is happening in the world today.

  • jimbob jim
    jimbob jim 2 years ago

    I do admire your psychic powers though BBC....Saying a building has fallen before it actually fell shows remarkable abilities. Building 7 and Miss Standley will always be a remarkable moment to remember on that otherwise terrible day of 911.

  • jimbob jim
    jimbob jim 2 years ago

    Stop your anti Putin/Russia propaganda, its embaressingly retarded and laughable.

  • Aspiration
    Aspiration 2 years ago

    It has becoming increasingly popular to attack the BBC on the left and right, but in my option you still offer a great service to everyone.

  • Thee True In Love
    Thee True In Love 2 years ago

    Jade Helm is a 600 page document signaling to all the world the
    imminent destruction of America with the destruction of talmud
    zion israel soon to follow. It describes the legal nullification of the
    U. S. Constitution and the legal elimination of U. S. Citizen rights
    by Satan's liars thieves and murderers talmud zion israel now in
    full control of the U. S. Government and Military as well as isis.
    Be repentant and forgiven by God of all, trusting and serving
    your righteous Father and His Word of truth and love; enter His
    Kingdom eternal and not the Devil's Hell eternal your final day.

  • cp dukes
    cp dukes 2 years ago

    Why did BBC World News say that "this account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement"? I was given no notice- and no specifics and have no in kling what might have proked the action. Anyone one else having the same situation. Does BBC World News care to comment?

  • Matthew Dance
    Matthew Dance 2 years ago

    its not even real news you make , real news is the facts and truth behind real events . its that simple. your a institution of hate bread out of English institution and its pain .

  • Donovan Tiemie
    Donovan Tiemie 2 years ago

    I love your style of journo. you guys are never afraid to take on a public figure. Unlike in South Africa.

  • Secret Gyal
    Secret Gyal 2 years ago

    Was wondering if I could use, but edit a bit, some of your videos.....??
    I want to be a messenger to the world and also share some thoughts. Making sure I had permission. do not want to steal anyone's work; only to send helpful messages.

  • スzyckon
    スzyckon 2 years ago

    BBC > CNN

  • KhanProduction
    KhanProduction 2 years ago

    GOOD WORK!!!

  • sexygrapepop
    sexygrapepop 2 years ago


  • ilike trooth
    ilike trooth 2 years ago

    No reports about peoples protest's going on around the world?
    Typical paedophilic, government controlled BBC.
    Scum news.

  • Open House Bolton
    Open House Bolton 2 years ago

    The BBC is a huge part of the culture of the UK and a fantastic way to keep abreast of current events. Thank you.

  • taco fan
    taco fan 2 years ago

    Asia = 5 billion = democracy = majority !

  • Andrew Easton ヅ
    Andrew Easton ヅ 2 years ago

    WTF am i gonna watch now..... not top gear :(

  • 2602vini
    2602vini 2 years ago


  • Tosh Lubek
    Tosh Lubek 2 years ago

    BBC you really do make some bad decisions. Stop being PC and reacting to the local minority.

  • Lew666
    Lew666 2 years ago
    Can a BBC person explain how this guy became BBC Director Gemeral yet you sack clarkson? how about spread that in the news

  • Liam Mcbride
    Liam Mcbride 2 years ago


  • ShadowGamer
    ShadowGamer 2 years ago


  • u wot
    u wot 2 years ago


  • 6sx6
    6sx6 2 years ago


  • 6sx6
    6sx6 2 years ago


  • 6sx6
    6sx6 2 years ago

    my favourite show ripped apart by catastrophically bad decisions , well done BBC what a set of A**h**les you all are

  • Aleksandar M
    Aleksandar M 2 years ago

    BBC drops Clarkson in hopes that everyone will forget their abysmal failures regarding the likes of Jimmy Savile. Sorry BBC getting rid of your most popular host doesn't change anything but it does demonstrate the corporation's complete disconnect with the public and its interests. R.I.P. Top Gear

  • Englisch Sprachkurs - schneller Englisch lernen

    yeah bbc ...nice to meet you

  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago


  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago


  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago


  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago


  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago

    black bastards from UK

  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago


  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago


  • bill nik
    bill nik 2 years ago


  • mostafa abo baker
    mostafa abo baker 2 years ago

    Can i see your channel online? and how?

  • Scottie McClue
    Scottie McClue 2 years ago

    For Those Who Missed It LIVE Last Night On BBC2
    Scottie McClue On Immigration
    The Great Man Speaks At 20Mins 50 Seconds
    #BBC #BBCNews #BBC2 #BBCiPlayer

  • TheVideosnumberone
    TheVideosnumberone 2 years ago

    I really like your channel. keep it up. We always see something new from you..

  • Jeremy Bentham
    Jeremy Bentham 2 years ago

    Just listened to the latest news quiz on i player, series 86 episode 3. Biggest load of utter propaganda. BBC has no credibility and is probably breaking the law. The Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006.
    What an utter discrace.

  • marc cheynne
    marc cheynne 2 years ago

    how can you spout drivel when your inherently rapists.

  • Namanjot Singh
    Namanjot Singh 2 years ago

    The documentary 'India's Daughter" should not have been banned. It's an eyeopener. I thought i knew much about the incident myself before but I did not. People who are saying that this documentary somehow's lowers India's reputation are incapable to realize that raping women and making such remarks like "it was the girls fault she should not done this and that bullshit" it's these acts and mindsets that lower India's reputation not by talking about it.

  • Pranay Prasoon
    Pranay Prasoon 2 years ago

    When will BBC air a documentary on the 1400 "Britain's Daughters" raped in Britain (now they say it could be a million kids abused) over last 16 years by organized sex grooming gangs ?......Or you want to travel a thousand miles to India to malign the country and dishnour the memories of a dead child ?

    • Namanjot Singh
      Namanjot Singh 2 years ago

      +Pranay Prasoon Did you even watched the documentary first or you just presumed that it is made to dishonor the victim and our country somehow ?
      Even if you did watched, don't you think you are being greatly ignorant? They simply presented the views of the people involved in the whole case. Don't you think the problem is that the rapist and his lawyers still show no remorse and respect for the dead ? The rapist still thinks he did nothing wrong by ripping apart a girl and brutally beating the boy? Your problem is not with the rapists and the lawyers defending him along with many other psychopaths that think that if a girl gets raped it's her fault and BBC instead? Are you crazy?
      It might be difficult for you to understand that what they showed in the documentary is reality of India. Talking about what is true isn't wrong and if the realty is bitter then my friend the reality should be changed. We the people of India should make such an image that isn't so weak that it gets insecure by a journalists documentary.
      And by the way Indian journalists should have the guts to make such documentaries themselves so that truth reaches the public and people realize what is happening and try to change the present deficiencies in our society.

  • anon one
    anon one 2 years ago

    break free from fake conspiracy theories designed and allowed to be published to entertain you and keep you from the real truth. corrupt world leaders acting without our consent and without any authority. expect us

  • roland HONEYBUN
    roland HONEYBUN 2 years ago


  • 12ock
    12ock 2 years ago

    please talk about the philippine crisis about the massacre of 44 policemen.. during the ongoing peace alligation of the alleged MILF terrorist jan 2015

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 2 years ago

    You should enable the "like and dislike" / comments on this video, it is very serious, these prisons are violating human rights to disabled people, the people you filmed should be prosecuted fot human rights violations, all prison and officers involved will be sued, please make note

  • Legendary Rebel
    Legendary Rebel 2 years ago

    For the full review and video (and yes it's a bit graphic) go to:

    I take no responsibility for your actions when watching or have watched the video. Credit goes to for sharing this via social networking sites and their own site. ISIS (Islamic state of iraq and syria) are planning another burning on one of their other hostages they have captured, believed to be a US citizen within 1 - 3 weeks.

    Sources: Islamic State them self (Twitter)

  • Matthew Dance
    Matthew Dance 3 years ago

    Dont support the BBC .

    • Matthew Dance
      Matthew Dance 2 years ago

      hahaha love you guys don't support the BBC there a institution of scum.

  • Grigory Mashuryan
    Grigory Mashuryan 3 years ago

    Please speak about family in Armenia who was killed by russian soldier Valeri Permyakov at 12 janvier 2015. There were 6 members and 1 baby of 6 month. Je VOUS DEMANDER A CA SVP. PARLE A CETTE MASSACRE

    • Alma Ivanova
      Alma Ivanova 3 years ago

      Is it matter that the soldier was russian???

  • D. Afanasiev
    D. Afanasiev 3 years ago

    BBC is bullshit.

  • egemole romanus
    egemole romanus 3 years ago

    WE ARE LOSING THIS BATTLE TO THESE MOSLEMS, Please people of the world do not be deceived by these moslem sympatisers that are marching and condemning these attacks in France and other parts of the world
    If they are sincere, they should start now marching to get all these moslem countries change all the laws that are human right catastrophe in their countries. Like no freedom of worship WOMEN CAN NOT DRIVE CAR and SHE MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A MALE BEFORE SHE COULD TRAVEL, child marriage and forceful too.
    I said we are losing this battle because sharia is catching up with the whole humanity, now food companies will have to have HALAL certification BEFORE they could sell,, roads blocked for traffick on Fridays from 11.30 and in my area every evening also .These people clamour for BLASPHEMY laws even pressurising united nations to have it passed on U.N level.
    And my christian brothers are there watching
    Go to QURAN the pages are full of falsehood against JESUS CHRIST let us not talk of that of ETERNAL AND ALMIGHTY GOD, These things he said that are blasphemous these moslems are repeating daily and Christians are there watching, laughing, nodding heads and clapping hands. CHRISTIAN SHOULD CALL FOR THE BANNING OF THE QURAN Mohammed copied the BIBLE and TORAH with falsehood which could go for BLASPHEMY

    • anon one
      anon one 2 years ago

      +edward munchausan edward, good luck you will need it

    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      +edward munchausan not all jews are bad, so don't say they are it is ridiculous

    • roland HONEYBUN
      roland HONEYBUN 2 years ago


    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      Mate you miss the real picture massively. There are good and bad in all walks of life.. focus more on the globalist elites! They seek to divide the people for their own evil agenda.. False Flags are more common than you know!

  • jarry Dee
    jarry Dee 3 years ago

    I just love how you have Noha Pozner (one of the kids SUPOSABLY KILLED in sandy hook shooting) as one of the children killed on your "BBC News Boxer Amir Khan 'Pakistan's pupils must stay strong'" pause the video at 8 seconds, and there he is...Media is a joke, and ran by the same people running the world. They think we are to stupid to see this...

  • Polymeric Surfaces
    Polymeric Surfaces 3 years ago

    This is a great channel, always make sure to check the most recent news on the way to site!

    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      a Great channel for tv watching sheep you mean lol

  • digi
    digi 3 years ago

    BBC is CIA agent. Fucking CIA.

  • ColdWarWarriors
    ColdWarWarriors 3 years ago

    Raw propaganda at its best. If you want to be takes seriously then drop the agenda, drop the narrative, stop being a spokesman for the establishment and tell the truth.

    • 6sx6
      6sx6 2 years ago

      well said sir

  • ASL Power
    ASL Power 3 years ago

    Deaf Victims are/were brutalized, bent/broken/bruised/dent (bodily parts) ankles/arms/chest ribs/ears/eyes/feet/fingers/hands/head/hips/legs/mouth/nose/shoulders, by Jail/Law Enforcement and many other governmental agencies. We, DEAFIES, have filed a complaint with A.D.A./D.O.J. over a thousand/million times and they keep denying/turning us around/away to an attorney and/or another agency (Disability Advocate/Rights Inc and non-profit organizations) to file. It is/was STILL denied/ineffective. We keep/kept re-filing with the A.D.A. and the same thing we were/are denied/turned AROUND/AWAY to them. A case becomes OLD, past 180 or 300 days or 2 year or 24 years. Too late? Rarely, a case is/was forcibly made a BAD deal, a very small amount of monetary. An attorney/agency does not represent us,DEAFIES, anymore. Due to nonsense restrictions. It is "Fingerprint and deny/turn around/away over, over, over, and over" repeatedly. Nothing to get a case sued and get what we deserve not yet. They STILL are FREE to walk away or work. A.D.A./D.O.J. are working on many others to win, not us, DEAFIES.

  • ukpropaganda
    ukpropaganda 3 years ago


  • Ron Budd
    Ron Budd 3 years ago


  • Arzana Mage
    Arzana Mage 3 years ago

    Not interested in the protests in London BBC??
    Wonder why that is......

  • liron gal
    liron gal 3 years ago

    Why do not you talk about the Jerusalem attack that happened two days ago? Is a Canadian soldier's blood is more important than the blood of a Jewish infant girl old three months? now you are give me a proof that you're anti-Semitic ..

  • Dana Kim Wolfson
    Dana Kim Wolfson 3 years ago

    Best to the world from Oakham MA.USA
    Today - yet again my sense of human madness was confirmed. I need not comment about the obvious global racism towards West Africa at this time. Nor a plethora of other issues.
    I would however like to note 2 stories I heard on BBC News Hour this am. First, was the madam of Female Genital Mutilation. Her unforgiving description of the need for such degradation of women was deeply disturbing. In a world where men continue to have their way with women behind their internalized belief of entitlement to do as they loud must we scream. How long we have screamed. How many have screamed to no avail.
    Piggybacked to FGM... a story about Ultrasound Parties. Gatherings of people ...obviously of means - sharing a look inside a women's womb at a developing fetus(s). The absurdity is mind bending.
    So, humanity from far and near... the continuance of such aberrant premeditated behaviors just might be the result of our subconscious minds trying to resist extinction. Remember how magical it was to observe tiny tadpoles become toads and frogs. They are dying. Soon their existence a memory.
    Scream...scream as loud as you can. It IS madness.

  • Lawyers in Connecticut

    BBC News is one of the most informative video channels on the Internet. My favorite video so far on this channel is the one on ex CIA lawyer John Rizzo and how he pretty much single handily was responsible for what level of interrogation could be "legally" performed on terrorists. What or who should be responsible for constituting the definition of torture? I sure as hell wouldn't...We need to find a balance on how we get our intelligence which is vital to our country's national security versus how much suffering, physical and emotional punishment a human being can take...

  • Himanshu James
    Himanshu James 3 years ago

    This is just f**kin shit, their is something called humanity also.
    I don't know why you f**kin guys don't understand. converting to islam is never a solution for all this.
    You guys are free to choose any religion and every one else also in this world, but before you think of your religion, have you guys every think who has made this religions. Only you guys.
    I am from Hindu religion, But I follow humanity. I go to church, I go to masjid, I go to temple, I go to gurudwara.
    I eat food with muslims, christians, sikhs and other community also...........when you guys think about religion why don't you guys think about humanity.

  • Connor Shaw
    Connor Shaw 3 years ago

    Dear BBC News,
    I am writing on behalf of a group of university students making a documentary on refugees. We were hoping to be able to use clips from your videos "BBC Team Ambushed in Southern Sudan" and "Confronting Racism Face-To-Face" as a part of the assignment. BBC will be credited for the use of this footage. We currently have no plans to show the resulting documentary commercially. If this changes we will not proceed without first re-negotiating with BBC for commercial use of the footage. Is this okay?

  • billymeier182
    billymeier182 3 years ago

    The islamic state is now worse than the third reich and al Bagdaddi is even more evil than hitler and Stalin combined - executing children and beheading them as well as Christians & Kurds & FSA. And Turkey should be dragged before the UN to answer their support for islamic state

    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      yh nearly as bad as the Saudi government hey?

  • Stephanie Mayen
    Stephanie Mayen 3 years ago


  • roland honeybun
    roland honeybun 3 years ago


  • shaul melloul
    shaul melloul 3 years ago

    If Israel has a blockade on Gaza how does Hamas mange to have more than 10000 rockets?


    he tomb of Amphipolis is the massacre of his family ALEXANDER Kassandra hatred and Thessaloniki and not the city looking for friendship and good morning you

  • Learning Resources UK

  • Alexey Svilar
    Alexey Svilar 3 years ago

    Greeting +BBC News from the Republic of Montenegro. I have always enjoyed watching the show at night time and i always make sure to get the updates on the European Union and the crisis in Ukraine. U rock.

    • ukpropaganda
      ukpropaganda 3 years ago

      +BBC News
      Typical BBC lefties - translating a reply to a foreigner.

    • BBC News
      BBC News 3 years ago

      Hvala vam puno.

  • Robert Bishop
    Robert Bishop 3 years ago

    Where are all Scottish jobs coming from if we get a yes vote in the referendom. The SNP want to shut down the defence firms, like Coulport, Faslane, Govan, Yarrows, Rosyth ETC, ETC. So where are all the jobs coming from?? At an SNP meeting I attended, it was made clear that the party was not in favour of immigrants having to look after themselves for a time before getting benefits. what was clearly stated,(quite vehementally) that the party would welcome as many as wished to come with no restrictions. More incomers, less Scottish houses, jobs ETC. Scottish land being sold off to foreign companys to build foreign built windmills destroying huge tracts of Sottish soil, with resultant detrimental effect on the landscape & wildlife. NO benefit to Scotland at all. To those interested, Google where windmills are built, what companys, China, Germany, Holland , ETC, none here.

  • Stone Henge
    Stone Henge 3 years ago

    just popped along to remind the bbc that once you are outed as a bull*hitter that its counter productive to use yet MORE bull*hit to justify your previous insane preposterous twaddle.
    So to round up, the bbc has NO credibility AT ALL and is known around the world as a purveyer of the insanely monstrous genocidal propaganda being promoted by zionist scum who have infiltrated uk goverment.

    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      agreed but I wouldn't say infiltrated uk government. I'd say ARE uk government

  • lawrencetboyer
    lawrencetboyer 3 years ago

    how do you balance your pedophilia with your news reporting ?

  • peoplerpeople
    peoplerpeople 3 years ago

    goooooooodmoooooorniiiing vietnaaam

  • peoplerpeople
    peoplerpeople 3 years ago

    robin williamsa has died

  • cafecapes
    cafecapes 3 years ago

    150,000 people marched through London yesterday for Gaza... Why don't you report it?

    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      Because they are supporters of the crown, globalist, Zionist scumbags.. I came on here to see if the BB Corporation have ANY news articles about the imminent collapse of the petro dollar.... big fat zero on that front.. Bloody Bullshit Corporation more like

    • cafecapes
      cafecapes 3 years ago

      I didn't say Jews

    • ThinkToFreedom
      ThinkToFreedom 3 years ago

      Jews are not a race, they are an ethnoreligious group and they do not think that they are "superior".
      I suggest you read this article (source:
      "In Judaism, "chosenness" is the belief that the Jewish people were singularly chosen to enter into a covernant with G-d. This idea has been a central one throughout the history of Jewish thought, is deeply rooted in biblical concepts and has been developed in talmudic, philosophic, mystical and contemporary Judaism.
      Most Jews hold that being the "Chosen People" means that they have been place on earth to fulfill a certain purpose. Traditional proof for Jewish "chosenness" is found in the Torah, the Jewish bible, in the Book of Deuteronomy (chapter 14) where it says: "For you are a holy people to Hashem your God, and God has chosen you to be his treasured people from all the nations that are on the face of the earth." In the Book of Genesis (chapter 17) it also written: "And I [G-d] will establish My covenant between Me and you [the Jewish people] and your descendants after you in their generations, for an everlasting covenant, to be God to you and your descendants after you."
      In medieval Jewish philosophy the notion of the special status of the Jewish people found articulate and radical expression in Judah Halevi 's Kuzari. According to Halevi, the entire Jewish people was endowed with a special religious faculty, first given to Adam and then bequeathed through a line of chosen representatives to all of Israel. As a result of this inherited divine influence, the Jewish people were uniquely able to enter into communion with God and Israel's election implied dependence on a special supernatural providence.
      This tradition of "chosenness," though, has often provoked antagonism from non-Jews.
      With the rise of Christianity, the doctrine of Israel as the Chosen People acquired an added polemical edge against the background of the claim of the Church to be the "true Israel" and God's chosen people. In times of persecution, the "chosenness" doctrine was a source of great strength for the Jewish people. Similarly the talmudic explanation for chosenness - that the willingness of Israel to accept and obey the Torah was the reason for their election - helped maintain loyalty to tradition and to halakhah in periods of stress and forced conversion to other religions.
      In the 1930s, as the Nazis were tightening the noose around the necks of German Jews, George Bernard Shaw remarked that if the Nazis would only realize how Jewish their notion of Aryan superiority was, they would drop it immediately. In 1973, in the aftermath of the Yom Kippur War, Yakov Malik, the Soviet ambassador to the United Nations, said: "The Zionists have come forward with the theory of the Chosen People, an absurd ideology. That is religious racism." Indeed, the most damaging antisemitic document in history, the forgery known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, is based on the idea of an international conspiracy to rule the world by the "Chosen People."
      In light of these attacks, it is not surprising that some Jews have wanted to do away with the belief in Jewish chosenness. The most noted effort to do so was undertaken by Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan, founder of the small but influential Reconstructionist movement. Kaplan advocated dropping chosenness for two reasons: to undercut accusations of the sort made by Shaw that the Chosen People idea was the model for racist ideologies, and because it went against modern thinking to see the Jews as a divinely chosen people.
      But does "choseness" really mean the Jews were divinely chosen? After all, how did the notion of one God become known to the world? Through the Jews. And, according to Jewish sources, that is the meaning of chosenness: to make God known to the world. As Rabbi Louis Jacobs has written: "We are not discussing a dogma incapable of verification, but the recognition of sober historical fact. The world owes to Israel the idea of the one God of righteousness and holiness. This is how God became known to mankind."
      Does Judaism believe that chosenness endows Jews with special rights in the way racist ideologies endow those born into the "right race"? Not at all. The most famous verse in the Bible on the subject of chosenness says the precise opposite: "You alone have I singled out of all the families of the earth. That is why I call you to account for all your iniquities" (Amos 3:2). Chosenness is so unconnected to any notion of race that Jews believe that the Messiah himself will descend from Ruth, a non­Jewish woman who converted to Judaism.
      Why were the Jews chosen? Because they are descendants of Abraham. And why were Abraham and his descendants given the task of making God known to the world? The Torah never tells us. What God does say in Deuteronomy, is that "it is not because you are numerous that God chose you, indeed you are the smallest of people" (7:7). Because of the Jews' small numbers, any success they would have in making God known to the world would presumably reflect upon the power of the idea of God. Had the Jews been a large nation with an outstanding army, their successes in making God known would have been attributed to their might and not to the truth of their ideas. After all, non­Muslims living in the Arab world were hardly impressed by the large numbers of people brought to Islam through the sword.
      Nonetheless, perhaps out of fear of sounding self­righteous or provoking antisemitism, Jews rarely speak about chosenness, and Maimonides did not list it as one of the Thirteen Principles of the Jewish Faith.
      The "Chosen People" idea is so powerful that other religious sects have appropriated it. Both Catholicism and Protestantism believe that God chose the Jews, but that two thousand years ago a new covenant was made with Christianity. During most of Christian history, and even among some adherents to the present day, Christian chosenness meant that only Christians go to heaven while the non­chosen are either placed in limbo or are damned.
      Mohammed, likewise, didn't deny Abraham's chosenness. He simply claimed that Abraham was a Muslim, and he traced Islam's descent through the Jewish Patriarch."

    • cafecapes
      cafecapes 3 years ago

      What bullshit? You haven't come up with any credible augments, all of my comments have evidence behind them. Put your Latin away your not clever your just another racist Zionist fake. Change your name it really doesn't suit you, maybe you should go with something like "FuckFreedom" or "IHatePalestine" because I think you giving people the wrong idea. Or is it because you've been given a 'lefty' name by the agency to try an fit in with the lefties so you can spread your cancer speech of hate and lies in hope that you get a think one that will actually listen to you?
      I'm done with you it's obvious who you are and what you are and that is someone I don't wish to waste another minute of my time arguing with, after all you can't get someone to look at your way if they are getting paid to put forward the argument or if they already think they are the "superior race", can't remember was that Hitler or Benjamin Netanyahu that said that? I remember Benjamin said "we are gods chosen people" similar I guess.
      Hope you have a horrible day.

    • ThinkToFreedom
      ThinkToFreedom 3 years ago

      Once again, more ad hominem attacks, prejudicial language, and now you have made an argumentum ad baculum. What other fallacies will you come up with next to try to prove your statements? I know, more bullshit.

  • namr kakarash
    namr kakarash 3 years ago

    Sincerely, respect ...... love you all .... thank you for your efforts and wish you success ..... I thank the American people and the president, "Obama" and the people of Great Britannia on the support of the Kurdish people in the fight against radical Islamic terrorism and Arab traitors

  • Scott Johnstone
    Scott Johnstone 3 years ago

    "Most trusted news source in the world" - BBC-
    With 250,000 subscribers? Even Truthloader has twice that and they are just as Bias.
    Trusted my Arse!

    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      Yes! you're so right! I was scanning around the net for stories on the petro dollar and the imminent collapse. Thought I'd see what the BB Corporation are saying about it and not one story found.. Well surprise, surprise.. don't want the public finding out real information do we.. lmao, the BBC is a propaganda machine for the elites.. People need to wake up and seek out alternative sources of news, it is out there. This isn't news, it is sheep food!!

    • Alma Ivanova
      Alma Ivanova 3 years ago

      *Try RussiaToday* )))

  • Валерий Романов

    69th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima

  • Monkeyyyy
    Monkeyyyy 3 years ago


  • thetower02
    thetower02 3 years ago

    UN Christopher Gunness Crying On Live TV After ISRAELI MASSACRE Children in Gaza
    is it something that we should know? why not mention it? why should not know?

  • C. C. Paradise Peace Nuggets

    It is well known that bad news travels faster than good news. With all the support of social media and broadcasts- bad news travels faster than a bullet.
    So with all the bomb blasts, natural disasters, impeachment's, plane crash, missing planes and of course Ebola Virus, HIV Virus, its easy to be overwhelmed with fear caused by constant bombardment on the latest bad news.
    Humans are fixated with bad news. Its easier to get humans to park and witness a ghastly motor accident than it is to get them to slow down to enjoy a setting sun. We're quicker to read a link on "Pastor rapes a 12 year old" than we are to read "12 year old wins church scholarship"
    Are you angry? Unhappy? Afraid of the future? Do you experience mood swings?
    You can't focus on bad news and expect your faith to grow. Neither do you become a more confident or happier person by being a broadcasting or receiving station for all Bad News Networks (BNN). It is feeding one baby yet expecting the other to just grow. What you pay attention to, grows.
    Where the Authorities focuses whether positive or negative, it captures the attentions of World News Broadcasters like BBC, CNN, Aljazera and CCTV.
    Imagine if all attention now centred on Sensitizing Peace across the Globe, the War Mongers and Terror Perpetrators may dance to the Tune of Global Peace Rebirth.
    As we intend to inspire the World Youths and Music Stars to start championing the cause for World Peace by writing Peace Quotes, Articles on Peace and Massive Peace Songs on the Music Industry to capture the battered Psyche of the common men on the street who eagerly awaits the fruits of Peaceful
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    The World News Broadcasters can Start a mental diet and clean up the World Youths Mindsets. Let the Youths Avoid actively consuming bad news and digest because only inspirational and motivational messages would be good food for their minds and allowing faith and confidence replace the emotional fears and doubt eluding Peace in our World.
    - (C. C. Paradise & Ebuka J. Anichebe Article 2014 @UN News Youth2015)
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  • C. C. Paradise Peace Nuggets

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  • C. C. Paradise Peace Nuggets

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  • Gandora Hakai
    Gandora Hakai 3 years ago

    Give us a break BBC....biased network prejudiced
    by the Palestinian who pays your salaries in the U.K...long live freedom of speech? don't make me laugh.

  • cafecapes
    cafecapes 3 years ago

    You make me sick!
    Boycott the BBC and don't pay your license fee!

    • coberself
      coberself 2 years ago

      Yes do NOT pay your tv license because there is no contract with the bbc and you haven't given consent.. Anyone reading this, please educate yourself to the birth certificate fraud and Admiralty law.. Legal is not Lawful..

  • geoffdundee
    geoffdundee 3 years ago

    c,mon BBC - show some balls...........let the public post some comments on your clips regards Gaza INSTEAD OF BLOCKING US (the people who pay licences to fund your organisation and pay your wages)...........would be nice to see some unbiased reporting for a change............if you treat joe public like he doesnt exist then he may stop feeding you and paying your cant treat us like the Israeli's do to Palestinians.

  • ukpropaganda
    ukpropaganda 3 years ago

    Shame on the BBC for peddling biased propaganda and LIES regarding the plane 'shot down' over the Ukraine.
    All you have done for the last year is push anti-Russian propaganda.
    Also ; why don't you check FACTS before making news reports, instead of the 'cannot be verified' excuses used in them?
    Whatever happened to proper journalism?

  • kara badger
    kara badger 3 years ago

    bbc scum bags spreading misinformation and disinformation.. i find it funny how you show the israeli army on the offensive and the palestinians running for theirs lives and then the next report is muslims were trying to impose their views in birmingham schools.. you bunch of fascist nazi pigs..

  • proticalsonn
    proticalsonn 3 years ago

    I figured i would check out what the deception network was saying about the Ukraine crisis. The bbc is really more pathetic than usual everyone can see the east Ukrainians they flee to Russia and not to west Ukraine because the coup government is killing it's own people! When the IMF institutes austerity the coup regime is done!

  • gazal shah
    gazal shah 3 years ago

    when u lie, hide the truth or be biased ,shape the news on ur channel, do u feel disturbed, a bit?

  • OneNewAtheist
    OneNewAtheist 3 years ago

    Congrats on your decision to stop giving AGW denial nuts air time. Subscribed.

  • Наталья Шардуба

    I from Russia and I don't trust you. Why you don't shine an atrocity of banderovsky national guard? Inform it to the western viewer. You can make the contribution to the slaughter termination in Ukraine. It is the civil war arranged for influence of America in the region. On thousands killed defenders of the cities, one thousand killed women and children it is simple to western mass media to spit. What for animals live in the West? And you call it the world community? Deceivers

  • Aris Lavo
    Aris Lavo 3 years ago

    BBC has been pretty good, their neutrality on the events in Crimea and Ukraine have been great. However, your view on French affairs is completely distorted!

  • BillysTaiwan
    BillysTaiwan 3 years ago

    Fucking BBC turning a blind eye to Jimmy Saville's crimes.
    May you all rot: you disgusting bastards.

  • Mhoammed Big
    Mhoammed Big 3 years ago

    The space dish play in news and see what is hapen in world it crimanl law of gov to give u all what happen by making lie of see gov photo killing
    I now gov make news for you ii iiiiiiiiiii now how is

  • Mhoammed Big
    Mhoammed Big 3 years ago

    Maiti warlin tell you say things about the world I will make your new up in the world America news is of the iiiiiiiiiiii dddddddddd gov me and my things you sell on bbc

  • ShenlongArcane
    ShenlongArcane 3 years ago

    Be nice to Jeremy Clarkson. >:( Hes just like your average guy

  • Джонни Блэк

    the genocide of Russian-speaking population goes to Ukraine. it is ordinary Ukrainians! f*ck,f*ck,f*ck!!!!

  • Джонни Блэк

    the Ukrainian army and nazis kill simple people in Ukraine.

  • Джонни Блэк

    BBC stop lying about Ukraine!!!!

  • Samat Bariyev
    Samat Bariyev 3 years ago

    bbc stop lying, your only merit is top gear

  • roland honeybun
    roland honeybun 3 years ago


  • roland honeybun
    roland honeybun 3 years ago


  • Twin Falls Idaho Jobs

    BBC NEWS IS AWESOME!. we joined the rss feed.

  • Harry Mac
    Harry Mac 3 years ago

    please subscribe

  • Vasili
    Vasili 3 years ago

    I am failing to see how the BBC is ensuring that the news and views it portrays are impartial. I appreciate that you won't be able to comment on certain aspects, I just wish the BBC would actually report a balanced view without accusations by their anchors and reporters. This style of reporting is both unprofessional and is not worth my licence fee.

  • Irina Zimina
    Irina Zimina 3 years ago

    Radical forces that are now utoyat power in Ukraine are waging war against the Russian people. This destruction of the nation. As you can underpinning fascism? Where is the truth? Why did you give false information favorable to the United States?

    • Ryan Straight
      Ryan Straight 3 years ago

      The Western Powers Boogie man is back. "Hurt people hurt people."-Mandy Patinkin. Somebody was hurting the good peoples of Ukraine and I don't think you can blame the Boogie man of the west forever. "You can change with the people or the people will change YOU." -Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Thanks for your time.

  • David Daveedo
    David Daveedo 3 years ago

    Everyone watching this Sahara tv program, please pass this information around to all Nigerians both abroad and home. As we all know that majority of the voters in Nigeria for election are the youth. Starting from age 18-40 which I categorically believe we are responsible for majority votes in Nigeria, I appeal we all should turn back against any and I recapitulate any campaign made by all parties involved in election come 2015. If youth from age 18-35 are not involved or respected in the country towards any electoral post then why fight or die for the readymade people who needs power to elevate their riches.and become untouchable which they are visible to you before elections and become rock when in power,so please lets all stand on our feet to die rather on the knees to die and shock the whole country once we were blind but now we can see clearly and stand effectively on the positivity of the country which has been destroyed by the so called readymade men in power who never care about our desire,welfare,right,freedom and health. I strongly advice if we can strictly adhere to this and never by any means or situation should you receive bribe to vote for an imposed person from any party whom you never knew his/her reputation. BRIBE COLLECTED TO VOTE SIMPLY MEANS LETTING YOUR FUTURE TO THE DUST. ELECTION 2015 " NO YOUTH VOTERS". Speak to your parent too, don't be deceived by the words of mouth with no action, Elections in Nigeria are just repetition of undone promises.

  • Creador Nursery 3d Rhymes

    Super Like

  • Ryan Straight
    Ryan Straight 3 years ago

    We all in the YouTube community would love to watch LONGER more explanatory videos. We Yanks still call your country GREAT BRITAIN are we the only ones who think your Great Thanks for your time.

  • Downloading Virus
    Downloading Virus 3 years ago

    If you are going to disable comments and ratings on certain videos, then you might as well not bother posting videos on You tube. Censorship goes against the very nature of journalism. You are no longer a news organisation, but a government controlled propaganda outlet.

    • Ryan Straight
      Ryan Straight 3 years ago

      We would have LOVED to comment on that Obama video you posted. He reminds me of the Prime Minister of Great Britain during 1937-1940.
      Thanks for your time from a Loving Yank.

  • fefesfrtwet
    fefesfrtwet 3 years ago

    Please start uploading some real news. I acknowledge that there are some videos on Crimea, etc., but given the quality of your television program and website, the lack of depth on YouTube is shocking. YouTube is obviously quickly becoming one of the primary sources of in-depth analysis on the internet (e.g. The Young Turks) and the BBC will be left behind. Your one minute videos demonstrate this perfectly; Do you think we are incapable of understanding more than half a sentence every 10 seconds?

  • mario977pl
    mario977pl 3 years ago

    bbc = mainstream = shit

  • Sehun Park
    Sehun Park 3 years ago

    Where can I watch full length version on the internet?

  • Iris Elbow
    Iris Elbow 3 years ago

    BBC still doing anti-Russian propaganda and LIES.
    Hey, BBC, why don't you cunts report from the RUSSIAN side for a change and not the Ukraine?
    You are supposed to be IMPARTIAL, yet keep proving you are NOT.

  • KLF
    KLF 3 years ago

    America is a country of hypocrites and liars. Country parasite.

    • Ryan Straight
      Ryan Straight 3 years ago

      "When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser."-Socrates
      Thanks for your time.

  • Ryan Straight
    Ryan Straight 3 years ago

    Some word of advice from a Yank, to explain the geopolitical environment we live with two quotes. "Hurt people hurt people."-Mandy Patinkin. "If you don't change with the people- the people WILL CHANGE YOU."- HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

  • Ryan Straight
    Ryan Straight 3 years ago

    We love this channel in the States, you Brit's are so cheeky.

  • Ryan Straight
    Ryan Straight 3 years ago

    I direct all Haters to watch Jamiroquai- (Don't) Give Hate a Chance. Thanks for your time from a loving Yank!

  • 2006rspker
    2006rspker 3 years ago

    Has anyone else noticed that in the past few days there has been less chemtrails i.e. solar radiation management/weather modification/geoengineering, and now the weather seems to be settling down.

  • knightolw
    knightolw 3 years ago

    we are own by our government we are property

  • ukpropaganda
    ukpropaganda 4 years ago

    Help spread truth around the world : kill a BBC overseas reporter, now!

  • BaconDestructor
    BaconDestructor 4 years ago

    WHY DO YOU POST ALL YOU VIDEO WITH ALL CAPITAL TITLES?! It doesn't seem like your making a strong statement when you do.

    • BBC News
      BBC News 4 years ago

      Thanks. New headlines are a mix of both.

  • antoine defazio
    antoine defazio 4 years ago

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  • antoine defazio
    antoine defazio 4 years ago

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  • MrFurling
    MrFurling 4 years ago

    Biased BBC.

    • ukpropaganda
      ukpropaganda 4 years ago

      Understatement of the year.

  • john cee
    john cee 4 years ago

    who would want to subscribe to mainstream media when all you s do is fucking lie

  • antoine defazio
    antoine defazio 4 years ago

    Me Sevag Torossian depuis le mois de Septembre 2013 vous ne Répondez plus a mes appels téléphonique ni a ma lettre AR

  • Ricardo Villanueva
    Ricardo Villanueva 4 years ago

    Hello there. I'd love to have youtube channel about bbc world daily news in one or two minutes. I'd be great and I would definitely subscribe to that. I'd love to be informed about the main global events very quickly in the morning.

    • Ricardo Villanueva
      Ricardo Villanueva 3 years ago


    • Day
      Day 3 years ago

      democracy now,, press tv, RT, etc ect all non conventional channels

    • Ricardo Villanueva
      Ricardo Villanueva 3 years ago

      +Dayana Sachet Any suggestions?

    • Day
      Day 3 years ago

      You have subscribed to the wrong channel! BBC is a big lier

    • Ricardo Villanueva
      Ricardo Villanueva 4 years ago

      +BBC News Thanks, for me it is very good. It covers a lot. But, because I don't have too much time, I dont go and watch every video. That's why I think a quick summary every day would be great. Or even weekly. May be that could be actually a separate channel.

  • Yama Kazoo
    Yama Kazoo 4 years ago

    BBC dentition of News worthy = "WHITE PROVERBS"
    Not news worthy = Iran and the 5+1 are holding a second round of talks since the 8/1/14.
    Get off your arses and do some journalism for a change.

  • Antonio Giovanni López Mata

    We need you!!! My country Mexico need you help us!!!!! just watch and tag the video!! Good Bless Mexico!!

  • Dimedichi
    Dimedichi 4 years ago


  • benblue3
    benblue3 4 years ago

    BBC can you turn off your caps lock, please? Thanks.

    • BBC News
      BBC News 4 years ago

      Caps have been switched off

  • Petri Salonius
    Petri Salonius 4 years ago

    Elämä jatkuu
    Tästä päästään yli
    buhay napupunta sa
    Ito ay humahantong sa higit sa

  • korosh kabir
    korosh kabir 4 years ago

    russia today has 1 million likes verses your pitiful 70,000ish (im being kind) you cant keep the population brainwashed sheep forever.

    • Gerry Stevens
      Gerry Stevens 3 years ago

      +geoffdundee the bbc is a jews only zone.

    • geoffdundee
      geoffdundee 3 years ago

      +Dayana Sachet .........of course they hide from showing the truth especially where it comes to the BBC covering up kiddie fiddling within their organisation - they try to appear the good guys but fail miserably.........if folk dont get the truth they switch off the BBC........folk are fed up of the lies and rhetoric..............give folk the truth and REAL news BBC - isnt that what your supposed to be doing?

    • Day
      Day 3 years ago

      +geoffdundee they don't upload more because all videos are pure lies and they are afraid of people comments! specially because we are telling them the real truth!!!

    • geoffdundee
      geoffdundee 3 years ago

      +BBC News .......sure give yourself a pat on the back for uploading alot of crap........obviously whoever uploads the clips (im assuming only one employee does it) isnt getting paid enough so they upload the minimum everyday................most uploads arent exactly news worthy either........with everything thats kicking off in the middle east right now (june 2014) this channel should be full of clips.......instead we get to see real news uploaded by ISIS/ISIL and their supporters swamping youtube with thousands of clips everyday..........BBC should be uploading hundreds of "news" clips each day from all over the UK and its regions.........i defenitely wont be back here as there is NOTHING to be off to watch alljizz and RT instead as thats where the best & most honest news items are.

    • BBC News
      BBC News 4 years ago

      Point taken though considering we started to manage this channel only in November I don't think that we're doing that badly.

  • enddebtslavery
    enddebtslavery 4 years ago

    UK government propaganda mouthpiece.

  • Kakarot
    Kakarot 4 years ago

    Lying scumbags, tell us the real truth on the news instead of lies.

    • Venkata Srinivasu Kadali
      Venkata Srinivasu Kadali 3 years ago

      Like it.

    • StarFire Alternity - Brother In Christ
      StarFire Alternity - Brother In Christ 4 years ago

      How about spammming these bastards our with some REAL NEWS ! Good one Joe
      LINKS AND PROOF The Deliberate Flooding of the Somerset Levels THIS IS ALL INTENTIONAL
      (This IS Just a small snippet of intent for fracking , etc, landgrabs, buying up cheap land ) ETC Defffo worthy of a News Video
      It’s no wonder that when Chris Smith, the head of the Environment Agency, arrived on the Somerset Levels today, he was running scared. Apparently, he didn’t let anyone know exactly where he would arrive, and when.
      He didn’t even tell the local MP.
      Conservative MP Ian Liddell-Grainger, who represents Bridgwater and West Somerset, was blowing a gasket when contacted about it by BBC News: “I will tell him what I bloody well think of him - he should go, he should walk. I’m livid. This little git has never even been on the telephone to me. When I find out where he is, I will give it to him. He has not told the local MPs, the local council or the local press where he is going to be. He’s a coward.”
      This failure to even contact the democratically elected MP of that constituency is typical of the fascist goose-stepping jackboot of this global corporatist takeover. Because even if you believe that all the recent stormy weather is an act of God - rather than an act of HAARP - there is one inescapable smoking gun. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist, because it’s all on record in the form of government consultations and EU Directives, to realise that the flooding of the Somerset Levels has been largely caused by a deliberate run-down of the necessary maintenance to drainage infrastructure which is required for geo-engineered land.

    • JoeLoko
      JoeLoko 4 years ago

      if they say it's safe to come to Brazil 2014 world cup, then yes, they tell lies

  • tallStar55
    tallStar55 4 years ago

    zionist, riddled propaganda organization with child molesters in every level. BBC is simply for the uninformed.

    • proticalsonn
      proticalsonn 3 years ago

      It's entertainment news like all western outlets! It is better not to talk to people on the street, because they will not go along with the propaganda so easily!

  • ifroad33
    ifroad33 4 years ago

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Nihilanth1982
    Nihilanth1982 4 years ago

    We want BRITISH news.
    Please make your news more relevant to BRITISH audiences - it is us who are paying you the licence fee, after all.
    International news should go to 'BBC World News'.

    • BBC News
      BBC News 4 years ago

      Thanks for your comment.This channel is operated by BBC Global News Ltd and therefore it's focus is international. Saying that we are working on introducing more news from Britain.

  • Best DJ 2014
    Best DJ 2014 4 years ago

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  • Mor teza
    Mor teza 4 years ago


  • suroor z
    suroor z 4 years ago

    i dont have trust on BBC news.. just see it as an entertainment channel.
    Most of it no more true facts.

    • RedLynx27
      RedLynx27 4 years ago

      My Samsung TV guide classes 'BBC News' as Entertainment! LOL

  • Official Basslock
    Official Basslock 4 years ago

    Why don't you ever report the real issues. Don't listen to the government.
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  • Rockie Overlunde
    Rockie Overlunde 4 years ago

    Another thing, Beware the good people of England, they (The hidden hand ) are planing to set up a dictator inyour country. This was said by Christ in his last messages in Thewarningsecondcoming.

  • Rockie Overlunde
    Rockie Overlunde 4 years ago

    It is sad to see the dimise of news reporting by BBC. Just watch RT news and see. the difference in top quality reporting. Look how BBC supports the Islamist in there reporting about the truth in Syria. I hope the EDF in England will stand there ground as been a Christian country.

  • hawk0485
    hawk0485 4 years ago

    people usually have a lot of subscriptions and can't afford to subscribe to you because you upload so frequently, If you were to limit your output to one video per day, I think you could attract a much wider audience

    • hawk0485
      hawk0485 4 years ago

      Nice to see you interact with the audience! I am not really subbed to any channel with a comparable format and focus. People's attention span on the internet and especially on YouTube is quite short, so maybe you might consider creating a second channel where you only post one short summary video a day in which you place links to the extended stories which will be available on your current channel. This way people wouldn't get spammed (being subbed to only the one channel) and would always be able to get a more in-depth analysis of any story that might catch their attention by clicking the link in the video.

    • BBC News
      BBC News 4 years ago

      Thanks for your message. With so much news from around the world it is a challenge to post only once a day. We try to post 2-3 times a day in hope to offer the best from across our output. Do you subscribe to other news channels on YT? How often do they post? Again, thanks for writing to us.

  • ma b
    ma b 4 years ago

    FIFA 14 Fail

  • Paaraamony
    Paaraamony 4 years ago

    Great to see you guys on youtube but why is the video about the pakistani taliban leader blocked for switzerland?