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  • stacy skywatch
    stacy skywatch 48 seconds ago

    only dumbed down brainwashed sheep vote to be ruled over by another puppet ,, remember the ant movie with the grasshoppers,, ye keep voting for a different grasshopper thats sure going to change things ,,

  • d d
    d d Minute ago


  • Milan Putnik
    Milan Putnik Minute ago

    ...this is some serious stuff...the ol' man knows a lot !!

  • scoobysnacks209
    scoobysnacks209 Minute ago

    if he was ever gonna sweat it would have been in this interview yet not one bead . HIS STORY CHECKS OUT FOLKS LOL

  • Brian
    Brian 2 minutes ago

    How about we come out of Europe, put a stop to.mass EU migration and wages will go up

  • Ryan Valentine
    Ryan Valentine 3 minutes ago

    Offenders should be chemically castrated , that will stop the next wave.

  • Kevin Wellwrought
    Kevin Wellwrought 3 minutes ago

    Referendum is held only when there is a deadlock regarding an issue and it is only justified by the current circumstances and condition of the period in which referendum is sought. In 2016 according to the circumstances of that year people voted for Brexit in which year also Brexit should have been implemented. Voters in 2016 have no right to decide for the people in 2020. Millions of minors for whom people voted for Brexit in 2016 are now mature and eligible to vote in 2020 and they may not agree with Brexit at all. Therefore, legally speaking the referendum held in 2016 for a political situation in that year is not valid in for a new political situation in 2020. LD and Labour can as well as EU can legally challange the legitimacy of 2016 brexit referendum.

  • Sthilboy56
    Sthilboy56 4 minutes ago

    Remember what Mark Twain said “ if voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it “

  • Brian K
    Brian K 4 minutes ago

    If you can ride with best and baddest, never compromise standards, then hellyeah, rock out with clam out

  • Tourren Mr
    Tourren Mr 5 minutes ago

    A ceiling light might probably fall down and hit them

  • Liam Rooney
    Liam Rooney 5 minutes ago

    can tell he has never had to lie before....its like looking through a window watching him

  • Weston Stevens
    Weston Stevens 6 minutes ago

    Apparently there's another prince in the royal family who patronized Epstein's "services".

    NITESH SHARMA 6 minutes ago

    Pakistan ki maa ki chute musalmaan bhenchod gaddar

  • Dennis Menace
    Dennis Menace 6 minutes ago

    No, whichever way you vote

  • Chief of Staffy
    Chief of Staffy 6 minutes ago

    He obviously did her, he should just admit it. She was 17, legal in the UK, I'd have been up her like a rat up a drainpipe.

  • Güzel Sözler
    Güzel Sözler 7 minutes ago

    Lack of sunlight, no photosynthesis, no food... Temperature, very cold:. 0-3 Celsius (32-38 Fahrenheit).. Pressure: 1,086 bars (15,750 psi), more than 1,000 times the standard atmospheric pressure at sea level. And, that's 'HOME' for some fish. Amazing, and Subhanallah.

  • Jimmy C
    Jimmy C 8 minutes ago

    Why do I have to pay for these scroungers to live in billion pound house's and then be expected too bow it they walk past.... One of there house's alone is costing us over 300 million for a little refurbishment....

  • Marc H
    Marc H 8 minutes ago

    ok boomer

  • Robert W Norris II
    Robert W Norris II 8 minutes ago

    Practice like play, I'd say.

  • Nadine Smith
    Nadine Smith 9 minutes ago

    Not impressed come again this looks fishey and even smells worst a lieing lip is a Bomination unto GOD I need a glass of water its amazing what those PEA head JOHN CROWS are forcing us to lissen too . Such Nance Story

  • Sodas AndBurps
    Sodas AndBurps 9 minutes ago

    Literal tip of the hat to this dude.

  • Kaidong Mo
    Kaidong Mo 9 minutes ago

    guys. check this TVclip link show to true.

  • Liam Benn
    Liam Benn 10 minutes ago

    Honestly I can’t believe that people aren’t willing to use the weapons in a retaliatory strike. Just having them doesn’t stop people, you have to be willing to use them to scare people out of using them.

  • How mathematicians create maths

    I'm sorry but if we vote for a government who is disrespecting lifes, we can only blame ourselves...

  • md alam
    md alam 10 minutes ago


  • Lanagirly Star
    Lanagirly Star 11 minutes ago

    Is sweden going to get the blame? *ajdå*

  • Mark Owen
    Mark Owen 12 minutes ago

    What a pompous old fool

  • Izza J.
    Izza J. 12 minutes ago

    Meanwhile the UK allows Sharia courts. No one talks about the fact , in Sharia courts, British Muslim women have fewer rights than women in Islamic countries. Women are pressured to return to abusive husbands, are told to endure marital rape and polygamy.

  • Daniel Rist
    Daniel Rist 12 minutes ago

    1:12 in germany we call teachers like her "ehrenfrau" stays up till 1 am and goes to school hell a early to make them kids happy. capitalist trump better make some money lose or us is going down the drain little by little

  • harmless kaiw
    harmless kaiw 12 minutes ago

    my brother is in this video

  • Kaidxn
    Kaidxn 12 minutes ago

    Who tf said u could film me

  • Kelvin Birmingham
    Kelvin Birmingham 13 minutes ago

  • Trini Wilson-Wolfe
    Trini Wilson-Wolfe 13 minutes ago

    Oh dear. The CBBC made a kids politiks bit for TVclip. Bless Shame about the bias

  • AWResistance
    AWResistance 14 minutes ago

    It's her again.

  • Lilac Carb
    Lilac Carb 15 minutes ago

    He was also best mates with a convicted pedophile Jimmy Saville.... now Epstein..... and now his lies!!! Omg he needs to be investigated and stop being protected by the royal family, MI6 etc

  • Parker Black
    Parker Black 15 minutes ago

    I am a 22 year old woman, watching this video, and in it's mere 55 seconds it has woken up a part of me beyond my own belief. I often look at my middle school friends now, and see where they're at or how far they've come. Most of them are either parents or just graduating their senior year of college. At age 14 I sat in a court room surrounded by a handful of extremely disappointed and embarrassed family members. I looked at the judge in front of me who was ultimately deciding my fate. The court was going to send me away for trespassing, public intoxication, theft, truancy. I was a very depressed kid who was being abused at home and found no other outlet in my life, so crime, drugs, alcohol and abusive relationships was what my hobby became. However, sitting there believing I was going to be sentenced to time behind bars, I realized at 14, I had become my father, just like everyone said I would. The judge asked me, "What do you want to do with your life? You wanna be somebody someday don't you?" And god, yes, I did. I wanted to help those who were in my situation when I grew up. The judge let me go with community service and mandatory rehabilitation services, though previously I had been behind bars for defending myself in a fist fight. I was so relieved. The past almost decade has been a slow climb to where I am now. I understood, and have been understanding, that I have the opportunity to change and better myself every day. There was a point in time where I was alone, frightened, and I truly figured suicide was the best answer. I am so thankful for every moment I am alive to be presented with new avenues for improvement. I still have hardships, but I know life only gets better going forward. I work for the State of Oregon now, doing exactly what I wanted to do then. I continued my education. I am sober. I am in a healthy relationship. I put a roof over my head, food on the table. I am not alone, nor am I frightened. For anyone in a similar situation, thinking, "What have I become? What am I doing to myself?", please, never, never stop trying to improve. When you get knocked down, and you feel defeated, repeat to yourself, "I do not have to do today, ever again", and greet the next day as a new opportunity. You have the strength, courage, ability and right to live a secure and healthy life. It takes the hardest work you'll ever have to give, but you will thank yourself for every moment of it looking back.

  • Leonna Graca
    Leonna Graca 16 minutes ago

    Apologize to the murdered British people you lefty hag

  • Mick Catley
    Mick Catley 16 minutes ago

    Isnt andrews mum and dad cousins?should of been warning signs then lol.inbreds

  • Jarrett Metz
    Jarrett Metz 17 minutes ago

    Wow he is Lying so bad

  • ‘Love things that live’

    If he’s not lying he’s doing a good job pretending to

  • Sujay Datta
    Sujay Datta 18 minutes ago

    OMG Why BBC is always liar? INDIAN airforce killed more then 300 terrorist in pakistan by dropping bomb. One of them Indian aircraft fall down by accidently .

  • Gill Munchen
    Gill Munchen 19 minutes ago

    What has the BBC ever created? Child molesting

  • gilkesisking
    gilkesisking 19 minutes ago

    Stop deflecting the issue BBC. All this is bollocks. The people who we're being asked to vote for do NOT do as instructed. They do not respect our vote. Only issue on the table as this election. All this is Irreverent.

  • Antonio Olympio Filho
    Antonio Olympio Filho 20 minutes ago

    2 fails in one ! hahahahahhaha

  • waqar hyder
    waqar hyder 21 minute ago

    Things would've completely different if she had asked for her luch he already ate in break time lol

  • SAMJE123456
    SAMJE123456 21 minute ago

    My son in law from Ghana wanted to visit my parents in the UK but he can not get a visa ???This country is lock down worse than mexico but not on bbc itv or internet??(ITS JUST IMMIGRANTS ALL TARRED WITH THE SAME CORRUPT BRUSH THEY ALL WANT TO COME HERE TO WORK) MY SON IN LAW WANTS TO VISIT MY PARENTS.!!! can anyone help up to now cost £3750 and still cant get a visa.

  • Gill Munchen
    Gill Munchen 22 minutes ago

    Fat slag with a fake smile - you just know the grnarled old BBD lez picked this pathetic trash up in a bar

  • R. Le
    R. Le 22 minutes ago

    What a big waste of money

  • Devin Hood
    Devin Hood 23 minutes ago

    Andy " I'm Just as much in the dark as many people." Facts

  • Jade Fornshell
    Jade Fornshell 25 minutes ago

    How about NO means NO You DONT go up & grab a stranger!?!?

  • East Hellinic Gamer
    East Hellinic Gamer 25 minutes ago

    *you have become the own thing you swore to destroy*

  • Truth Be Told
    Truth Be Told 26 minutes ago

    He’s SUCH a liar!!! I can get a doctor to give me a service animal certificate so I’m sure he with his status can get a dr to write the sweat thing. Sickening liar. Disgusting. Next he will get a doctor to say he has long term memory loss. He’s sooooo gross. Epstein is an angel compared to this lying deceitful animal.

  • jimmy pan
    jimmy pan 27 minutes ago

    China protected HK from the economic crisis, but HK still prefer British exploit

  • Rickydickydoodaagrimes
    Rickydickydoodaagrimes 27 minutes ago

    VIVA ESPAÑA 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸

  • Edía Paff
    Edía Paff 27 minutes ago

    hes so beautiful! but the clothes are actually rather ugly imo. not my period i guess

  • ishibibinab Doel
    ishibibinab Doel 27 minutes ago

  • Wen Li
    Wen Li 28 minutes ago

    BBC forgot to remind us that 1989 Tiananmen massacre, more than 200 million innocent students were brutally killed and savagely run over by the communist tanks, as Chinese State Controlled Communist media won't report.

  • 我是兔子王
    我是兔子王 29 minutes ago


  • Thechainlard
    Thechainlard 30 minutes ago

    The bottle of wine in this interview was his recent birthday present from Epstein.

  • Alliejen12345
    Alliejen12345 31 minute ago

    If I had one of these and an AMC Gremlin what would I have?

  • Caramel Queen
    Caramel Queen 31 minute ago

    2:12 He had the ability to bring people together Politicians, academics.... yeah it was a pheadophile ring... watch dateline to catch a predator, you get Rabbies, teachers etc anyone can be a pido.

  • ss uu
    ss uu 32 minutes ago

    the real boss is bush 😹🤣😂

  • ms connolly
    ms connolly 33 minutes ago

    God help them all

  • Wade M
    Wade M 34 minutes ago

    Its a bit like the Roxanne pallet interview all over again!

  • Entorozu
    Entorozu 34 minutes ago

    when you find an old friend on xbox

  • Carlo B
    Carlo B 35 minutes ago

    I don’t believe him...And Jimmy Savile? The Prince knew him I think? 🤔

  • Enricka Newbold
    Enricka Newbold 35 minutes ago

    wow this is sad!!

  • jimmy pan
    jimmy pan 37 minutes ago

    If UK support Hong Kong to leave China, we hope Scotland can have their freedom

  • H Ma
    H Ma 38 minutes ago

    It’s a job interview, but sounds poor...

  • dave angel
    dave angel 38 minutes ago

    Leyland quality

  • Kevin Salas Inzulza
    Kevin Salas Inzulza 38 minutes ago


  • Vanessa Berberi
    Vanessa Berberi 38 minutes ago

    This video never fails to make me cry no matter what mood I'm in. And the judge is just the biggest sweetheart ❤

  • Isaac agada
    Isaac agada 39 minutes ago

    Fuck you BBC,no not my big black cock,i mean you BBC!

  • Rotten Cheese
    Rotten Cheese 39 minutes ago

    1:11 ''They will bit me.'' Chinese secret police is kinky AF!

  • Tahir Shah
    Tahir Shah 41 minute ago


  • Loretta F
    Loretta F 41 minute ago

    oh my... what a shit show this is..... why would the queen let him do this in the palace?

  • leo tard
    leo tard 42 minutes ago

    I hope this wakes him up so he can find that "nice guy" again.. Its never too late

  • L G
    L G 43 minutes ago

    I’ve never cringed so much watching an interview and I certainly didn’t believe a word what was coming out of his mouth. Makes me wonder if things do come to light about the Prince will the media get a blackout as per... we’ve seen it before with the government!

  • Roma Robbins
    Roma Robbins 43 minutes ago

    "It was a convenient place to stay." And all of those five star hotels in NYC are inconvenient because they don't provide any underage girls. Also, if he's never been upstairs in that house, how does he know where the photo was taken? Just wondering. One more thing... Epstein didn't kill himself.

  • Carla the Cosmic Traveller

    Wow. Stop talking Andy.... why would you even go on here knowing all the lies you need to tell... thinking us plebs will believe your excuses. Lolllll

  • PompeyChris71
    PompeyChris71 44 minutes ago

    I think he looks great. There will always be some envious people who make remarks but on the whole I think most would admire him and maybe wish they also had the courage to dress like him.

  • Tymothi: J
    Tymothi: J 45 minutes ago

    When the world economy crumbles in 6 months or so, the rich will need something much better than this.

  • Major Grubert
    Major Grubert 45 minutes ago

    Your Royal Highness, i am allowed to say that WE ALL THANK you from our hearts for speaking out the truth and not only proofing your innocence but putting yourself back in your noble position that GOD gave you! In these dark times we need Royals like you with your immense moral compass more than ever! And to all the British subjects out there who call him „Andy“: Whatever his culpability, Prince Andrew must always be addressed by his hereditary title, the mark of his genetic superiority! How dare you!

  • Lone Pine
    Lone Pine 45 minutes ago

    Basically somebody thought they heard something and assumed and presumed and guessed . Really good basis for impeachment 🙄🙄

  • Marat V
    Marat V 46 minutes ago

    Iphone in his pocket tho

  • SN videos
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  • Mohammed Kamran Ali
    Mohammed Kamran Ali 46 minutes ago

    Allah is great Shaikh Ali shahid kya Salam We se time an power bring roasds together

  • Gregory Roberts
    Gregory Roberts 47 minutes ago

    Simple, "America first"

  • Truth Be Told
    Truth Be Told 48 minutes ago

    Why are his teeth so bad for being so famous and wealthy.?

  • Jon Tomass
    Jon Tomass 48 minutes ago

    Solid proof that society helps white women and forces black men into crime just to survive. Such a reality check of how racist America is.

  • Glee of Life
    Glee of Life 48 minutes ago

    This was painful to watch. His eyes said it all. He knew. Very well knew.

  • damo mega275
    damo mega275 49 minutes ago

    I think he should be hung. Royal lying prick

  • Female Ranger of Norrath
    Female Ranger of Norrath 49 minutes ago

    I refuse to watch this. I'll tell you why.. *True story:* In this country, I haven't voted since the year 1992. 😳 Hate comments be like: Blasphemy! 😲 😡 How about a prize for those who don't vote ? 😱 Regarding myself and my husband: "We don't vote for kings" Quote from the movie: *"Monty Python and the Holy Grail"* Well.. That's the end of that discussion. Moving on.. Love from 💕 Michigan USA 🇺🇸 Peace 🌿🕊

  • Fatalizimo
    Fatalizimo 50 minutes ago

    Today someone was fired

  • Storm 081
    Storm 081 50 minutes ago


  • macintosh wave
    macintosh wave 50 minutes ago

    Wow she is good at the voice

  • Dancing Tom
    Dancing Tom 51 minute ago

    Well he's lost my vote, by attacking an industry that is already the most taxed of all. An industry on which are very lives depend. What the eco-loonies don't realise is that if the oil and gas stopped flowing tomorrow we would ALL DIE. And don't think that if you've got a little land or a boat you will survive because there will be hordes of staving people who will kill you for it.

  • Dancing Tom
    Dancing Tom 52 minutes ago

    Well he's lost my vote, by attacking an industry that is already the most taxed of all. An industry on which are very lives depend. What the eco-loonies don't realise is that if the oil and gas stopped flowing tomorrow we would all die. And don't think that if you've got a little land or a boat you will survive because there will be hordes of staving people who will kill you for it.

  • job lot
    job lot 52 minutes ago

    the filthy lying scumbag, they should have used his paedophile head to test that car

  • Christi S
    Christi S 52 minutes ago

    choked on my lunch so many times while watching this