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Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
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  • Lucas Liso
    Lucas Liso 8 minutes ago

    You know what they should do? Make a replica in Mexico City and invite Mexican mountain climbers to do the same thing.

  • nessie46
    nessie46 13 minutes ago

    How can anyone take that braying, cotton-candy-haired malevolent circus peanut seriously?

  • Paul Beoxn
    Paul Beoxn 14 minutes ago

    He's Just a GURL Who'll QUID PRO QUO! - Randy Rainbow Song Parody tvclip.biz/video/3mWTDI4aQZY/video.html

  • thegreedyone
    thegreedyone 26 minutes ago

    Must be rough going from such a relevant, well written show.... to whatever this is, on TBS.

  • thegreedyone
    thegreedyone 28 minutes ago

    Nice edit. Left out the part where he goes back and changes his story and says there was no quid pro quo because he was never actually told there was a requirement for aid, a meeting, or even a phone call because he was operating on that as an assumption.

  • stone1andonly
    stone1andonly 30 minutes ago

    I totally agree. Stephen Miller *is* garbage and should be fired immediately - directly into the heart of the Sun.

  • rant404
    rant404 34 minutes ago

    Schutzstaffel Kommandant Stephen "Baby Goebbels" Miller's new book: "Mein Kampf: The Sequel".

  • Pretty Sarcastic
    Pretty Sarcastic 38 minutes ago

    Thank you to my mom who cared for me after my major surgery and made sure to only give me Oxy for 12 hours before switching me to Advil. If only other people were as lucky as me. RIP to the victims. A plague upon the Sacklers.

  • lunabranwen
    lunabranwen 38 minutes ago

    The last 3 years all the mass killings have been done by white American men. S. Miller's and S. Bannon kinda guys

  • Jason Usher
    Jason Usher 41 minute ago

    I’d rather have my tax money go towards trying to defend our border then just handing it to illegal aliens that just come here and live for free

  • lunabranwen
    lunabranwen 44 minutes ago

    This guy is full on Evil.

  • anthony magliaro
    anthony magliaro 45 minutes ago

    what a silly women she is ; and the sad part she's not funny...MAGA

  • Theresa Sanders
    Theresa Sanders 50 minutes ago

    This is a "Never Before Used" Legislative CHECK on the Judicial Branch!!! Let's use it on CITIZENS UNITED! Either that or declare TREASON & try the "CORPORATE CITIZENS"! #EndCorporateTreason #PowellMemos #BreakUpMonopolyMedia #Stop4ProfitWars constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/interpretation/article-iii/section/203?fbclid=IwAR06BO16Dt4ztQ7p1Gn3Kxf2XF5fGpsAqeXQm05fxGeLemqd8V0iiI7djvY

  • richard bedford
    richard bedford 51 minute ago

    Miller just looks evil to me, so does Mat Gaetz .

  • Eisdax
    Eisdax 52 minutes ago

    My my,... it seems like the rats are leaving the ship.

  • Luebla Blacknell
    Luebla Blacknell 54 minutes ago

    Who is surprised? This cretin has always been trash- he helped trump get nominated- miller is the last "man/cretin" standing! ( sessions & bannon are gone)

  • Cloverbows95 S
    Cloverbows95 S Hour ago

    And people thought we were crazy. Look there it is. He works at Breitbart streaming propaganda thats changing US policy.

  • Charles Tredway
    Charles Tredway Hour ago

    I find myself in Full Agreement!!!

  • king zulu 13
    king zulu 13 Hour ago

    This was cool.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor Hour ago

    I was a white supremacist until I found out Stephen Miller was white .

  • bigtruck guy
    bigtruck guy Hour ago

    Being a dead-eyed Fascist traitor is a prerequisite to being in the Trump administration.

  • bigtruck guy
    bigtruck guy Hour ago

    It use to be an American tradition to punch Nazis. We need to revive that tradition.

  • Celienet
    Celienet Hour ago

    Ivanka thinks he's just swell.

  • bigtruck guy
    bigtruck guy Hour ago

    Fired? Try thrown in prison, with every member of this Fascist traitorous administration.

  • Reynard the Fox
    Reynard the Fox Hour ago

    Only a nutty money-grubbing President would have a nutty, money-grubbing preacher to follow.........................

  • Mike McIntyre
    Mike McIntyre Hour ago

    Trump's base doesn't realize that this is class warfare and they aren't in the class.

  • Mike McIntyre
    Mike McIntyre Hour ago

    Trump's base doesn't realize that this is class warfare and they aren't in the class.

  • Mike McIntyre
    Mike McIntyre Hour ago

    Trump's base doesn't realize that this is class warfare and they aren't in the class.

  • SpookyRoseV
    SpookyRoseV Hour ago

    So they’re a family that runs the biggest pharmaceutical companies....and one of their children grows herbs for alternative medicines. What a world we live in

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun Hour ago

    Church is for fleecing the gullible.

  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez Hour ago

    Stephen needs to overcome his prejudice , he needs to learn to hate all people equally

  • John Winslow
    John Winslow Hour ago

    It's White supremacist against the rest of America and American people will win or at least we better win or America as we know it is destroyed forever people

  • Jerry Roybal
    Jerry Roybal Hour ago

    Bannon’s mole!

  • Phillip Lopez
    Phillip Lopez Hour ago

    He is a snake in a skin suit .

  • Nancy Beveridge Taylor

    A lot of time you get attacked. Called a liar, a drama queen, etc. Sigh. For decades.

  • Ella Presley
    Ella Presley 2 hours ago


  • Robinson Marroquin
    Robinson Marroquin 2 hours ago

    the illustrations with trump's tinny hands looooool

  • Agnes Cleary
    Agnes Cleary 2 hours ago

    Trumpeters claim that Ukraine is so corrupt that they don't deserve security aid, yet he trusts them enough to "investigate" the Bidens and Burisma.

  • Ring0fSaturn
    Ring0fSaturn 2 hours ago

    Thank you, Full Frontal for detailing the racist corruption of the Republican party. Donald Trump, Stephen Miller and Steve King are the most shamelessly racist WORMS (White Old Racist Men) in power today.

  • Ella Presley
    Ella Presley 2 hours ago

    What "jesus" did she lead Trump to???? I lost respect for paula white years ago, before she had the "affair" with Binny Hinn, YES SHE DID. She's a "con artist", along with some of her other "prosperity gospel" buddies.

  • 66fiveandahalf
    66fiveandahalf 2 hours ago

    THE MOST HYPOCRITICAL JEW IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET Except for Jared Kushner or Netanyahu!!

  • VeryStableGenius
    VeryStableGenius 2 hours ago

    quit pro GO !! quit pro GO !! quit pro GO !! quit pro GO !! quit pro GO !!

  • Ella Presley
    Ella Presley 2 hours ago

    What about Texas?? They glorify in being a RED state, but I believe that's gonna change

  • James Phillips
    James Phillips 2 hours ago

    45, republicans and the people who support them and their views should be careful what they wish for. The United States Constitution doesn’t give presidents and protections during impeachment. Impeachment is NOT a legal process, it’s a political process. If 45, republicans and the people who support them and their views go the legal route, 45 would be in prison, like those that have been sent to prison before him. Actions like due process, calling witnesses and confronting your accuser apply to criminal defendants in the legal process. So, is 45 admitting he is a criminal? When he is impeached the worst that could happen to him is removal from office. Once out of office, if a legal process is imposed, THEN he will have his due process and America will begin to mend.

  • Lance Weagley
    Lance Weagley 2 hours ago

    Awwww your voice sounds so cute, Sam :-P

  • Lance Weagley
    Lance Weagley 2 hours ago

    So reprehensible

  • jon batchelor
    jon batchelor 2 hours ago

    #45 surrounds himself with the best. LOCK THEM ALL UP

  • brokebastard
    brokebastard 2 hours ago

    Steven Miller's huge forehead is just compensating for you know what.

  • Jeff Plimpton
    Jeff Plimpton 2 hours ago

    It looked like Devin Nosense crapped his pants when Sondland said there was a quid pro quo...

  • Alex W
    Alex W 2 hours ago

    Garbage reporting

  • Guido Müller
    Guido Müller 2 hours ago

    Nailed it! (Please keep this voice...)

  • Bonzai0311
    Bonzai0311 2 hours ago

    Stupidity is a sin. This broad needs to go to church and confess.

    • Doc Darlin
      Doc Darlin 30 minutes ago

      we are all wowed into submission by your manliness please don't hurt us, big daddy

    V XXIII 2 hours ago

    It's also been cut with saws found in common warehouses. Money well spent, Mr. President.

  • Rob Masdorp
    Rob Masdorp 2 hours ago

    You can always use him for creepy horrormovies🥶🥶😱 He is the living rebuttal of White Supremacy.

  • Sabrina Kindell
    Sabrina Kindell 3 hours ago

    Good one!!

  • Louvin Rivard
    Louvin Rivard 3 hours ago

    there is only one form of racism and that is the jew's against gentiles , think about it !

  • B B
    B B 3 hours ago

    The joke of the impeachment is Sondland He dances with the truth only to cover himself and Trump

  • Rainna
    Rainna 3 hours ago

    They cant fire miller...if they did he would let louse on all of them i bet.

  • roomie4rent
    roomie4rent 3 hours ago

    What's wrong with Infinite Jest?

  • vze1lxls
    vze1lxls 3 hours ago

    20 Republicans , if they have the courage, can remove this embarrassment from this country and the world by voting to impeach DJT.

  • Andi amo
    Andi amo 3 hours ago

    Sam's voice sounds a little horse because she was at Glenn Beck's last night but what's the explanation for the horse face???

  • zebonaut smith
    zebonaut smith 3 hours ago

    The Silence of Republicans is Deafening. May it stain them for 1000 years.

  • JunkPunk Productions

    Miller is limp in every way

  • JunkPunk Productions

    Miller should be heavily mistreated by a very large prison inmate

  • Ms Sunshine
    Ms Sunshine 3 hours ago

    Our govt is a bigger joke than Comedy Central

  • jacksputrid
    jacksputrid 3 hours ago

    Why didn't trump just give it an honest attempt lol

  • Marieda Parellio
    Marieda Parellio 3 hours ago

    I went to see the human woman who actually consented to marry this goblin

  • justin treweek
    justin treweek 3 hours ago

    You’ve all believed this nonsense for 3 years. Trump will win again in 2020

    • justin treweek
      justin treweek Hour ago

      Chunkboi see if impeachment gets through the senate...

    • Chunkboi
      Chunkboi Hour ago

      How? Felons are ineligible for public office.

  • Progressive Humanist

    Obviously Russian bots have it rigged for Yang. (Yes, this is real, just like with Gabbard...google it, or just look at the comments here. Russians know 45* is finished, so they're going with the next best thing for them which is yang/gabbard). Warren 2020

  • Google Google
    Google Google 4 hours ago

    This isn’t comedy

  • Conscious-Type Person

    Wait a minute... isn't this the woman who tried to rehabilitate Glenn Beck?

  • Trumpenstein
    Trumpenstein 4 hours ago

    Stephen Miller gives Hannibal Lecter the chills.

  • BVE
    BVE 4 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂 This is like the Chappelle skit were he plays the black white nationalist!

  • superlearner9
    superlearner9 4 hours ago

    he's a gimp

  • Kathleen Wykle
    Kathleen Wykle 4 hours ago

    These people should be arrested

  • Peter
    Peter 4 hours ago

    Isn't he Jewish? How would his alt-right racists like to know that?

  • Body by Smod
    Body by Smod 4 hours ago

    The only way he is getting fired is if one of those emails was critical of Trump or, well that is pretty much it.

    AIRLINENA 4 hours ago

    *It's fake!* How can yang be in 1st place!?!?! *It's Fake* 😭

  • puddlemini
    puddlemini 5 hours ago

    Fiona Hill’s testimony was the icing on top

  • Mrs. Cracker
    Mrs. Cracker 5 hours ago

    I bet these white supremest don’t realize that western civilization was built by Greeks. Who at the time weren’t even white they were Arabic colored.

  • Alejandro Rojas
    Alejandro Rojas 5 hours ago

    I love her show. Honestly, she's soooo underrated and hilarous. I'm happy she's not afraid to call it like it is. I know the others do, but her timing, delivery and her jokes are just spot on. Keep it up Samantha.

  • ChesterSnap
    ChesterSnap 5 hours ago

    Does anyone ever _really_ mean "Bless their heart"?

  • Tonia Collinske
    Tonia Collinske 5 hours ago

    "He's gross."

  • G MinK
    G MinK 5 hours ago

    Maybe "OK Vacuous" is a term we could use for the oblivious 50-year-olds who adopt the insipid Millennial attitude. That's right, Samantha. You're not old and you never will be. Pat pat...

  • Alejandro Rojas
    Alejandro Rojas 5 hours ago

    What amazes about this idiot is that the ideology that he's promoting is not just affecting people of color. As a Jew, these people don't care for him and the ideology he's pushing ended up pushing his great grandparent to escape to the U.S. Does he understand that White Nationalism completely hates anything jewish and they see him as a threat to their style of living? Does he understand if they had it their way, he would also be out of here? Talk about a clown who lacks no self-awareness but a lot of self hatred.

  • Kitten Diotima
    Kitten Diotima 5 hours ago

    Racism, just another Republican family "value"

  • donald williams
    donald williams 5 hours ago

    He is 34 years old. 🤣😜😂😜🤣😜😂😜🤣😜😂😜👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴👴

  • John Wright
    John Wright 5 hours ago

    Stephen Miller is a Traitor to Democracy....and Human Rights!!!

  • deborah chinn
    deborah chinn 6 hours ago

    I’m glad Sondland finally managed to spit out the facts but he soft pedaled it the whole way! Congressman Maloney had to literally drag the truth out of him! Sondland is far from the hero of these hearings, his smug, smarmy flippant attitude made me cringe.

  • Kitten Diotima
    Kitten Diotima 6 hours ago

    Sondland is in the hotel business, that pretty much makes him one of Spanky's competitors. He just submarined his competitor, perhaps guaranteeing impeachment. Sondland knows the Senate will never vote to confirm, but he's tarnished his competitor, weakened Spanky's position in general. DJT looks like he's falling apart, i mean really, that old man does not look good. Sondland, in one half day, all on his own, prob raised Spanky's blood pressure a few notches. Sondland's a shark, but, bless his heart

  • R Wags
    R Wags 6 hours ago

    And this White Nationalist is from a Jewish family. How does that work?

  • Jeremy Reagan
    Jeremy Reagan 6 hours ago

    For those who are like me obsessed with history read Edward Bernays book Propaganda from 1928. I am a student of US propaganda history read or be slaves.

  • Raquel Alhaqab
    Raquel Alhaqab 6 hours ago

    What a horrible person! Yikes!

  • The Seventh Gamer
    The Seventh Gamer 6 hours ago

    This fool doesn’t even look white😂😂😂

  • Leon D
    Leon D 6 hours ago

    Only the best racist, I mean best people

  • O’ honey
    O’ honey 6 hours ago

    What are they doing about it???

  • James Frank
    James Frank 6 hours ago

    Congress can review his email timestamps and verify he was doing this during working hours, while not on breaks, lunch, or on leave, and that puts him into multiple federal workforce violations.

  • cool azul
    cool azul 6 hours ago

    Like Lefties on the family pet, they are going down. Burisma investigation will have indictments from Ukraine flowing like Tequila at the Bones and Skulls country club.

  • James Frank
    James Frank 6 hours ago

    Since Miller did most of these actions while he was a federal employee (Legislative Branch), there is sufficient grounds to terminate him under EEO violations, hostile work environment, title 9 violations, etc.

  • Edgar Martinez
    Edgar Martinez 6 hours ago

    It's the democrats vs. White nationalist party