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next stop pies!
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i competed in jiu jitsu
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making sushi is really easy
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kermit's 9th birthday
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peach's 5th birthday
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bunny's first birthday party
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making a giant aries cookie
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my new animal friends
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home improvement
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crying for no reason
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my tribute to buttercup
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stress day
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a struggle at dinner
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an excited boy
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an aries in the kitchen
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peach and a pelican
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coming up for air
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i got a new car
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something fun i'm doing
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family dinner
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dog massage
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the second part
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too thicc
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peachy's 4th birthday
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a new chapter
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insecure dog
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the most ratchet salon
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an aries birthday
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hey sisters
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we got tattoos
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  • jasmyn aminah
    jasmyn aminah 4 hours ago

    us aries’ are the best at everything we do😌😌

  • Yes Ok
    Yes Ok 4 hours ago

    I could've watched a whole Naruto episode but no I'm watching *this*

  • Nylim
    Nylim 4 hours ago

    Why julien why do u breath into the camera

  • capitalfaults
    capitalfaults 4 hours ago

    i'm curious what he does with the remnants of food and stuff after he pours out the aquafaba :o like does he use it in another meal?

  • Veronica Russell
    Veronica Russell 4 hours ago

    Make trash can Italian wedding soup. Find a tiny trash can and make Italian wedding soup for Jenna inside the tiny trash can. She will definitely hate it but also love it, because it's her favorite soup.

  • Rachel with pets
    Rachel with pets 4 hours ago

    “Want some cornflakes? You my little cornflake?”

  • Rachel with pets
    Rachel with pets 4 hours ago

    Honestly though, put some corn flakes in a toaster oven and sprinkle them on top

  • Isabella Restrepo
    Isabella Restrepo 5 hours ago

    They’re so fucking cute. The love for each other is so sweet. I can’t

  • Emo Nugget
    Emo Nugget 5 hours ago

    I would literally die for Marble

  • GuyRami
    GuyRami 5 hours ago

    Gluten free tortillas work also... it's like a fried burrito but you smother it in bunuelo seasoning.

  • virgo81chick
    virgo81chick 5 hours ago

    It's like once ChiChi's disappeared, so did fried ice cream :(

  • Tabi Peppermint
    Tabi Peppermint 5 hours ago

    I can tell you that breading chicken in cornflakes is like the BEST part of being in the hospital for a while here in denmark

  • GuyRami
    GuyRami 5 hours ago

    You did it to em Jules!

  • Autumn Rose Sharp
    Autumn Rose Sharp 5 hours ago

    i love how he fried potatoes just to not use them in either of the crunchwraps lol

  • Hannah Gustin
    Hannah Gustin 5 hours ago

    You can fry all sorts of stuff in cornflakes! Fish, chicken, veggies-just crush your cornflakes super fine and dip whatever you're frying into flour, then egg, then the cornflakes and fry!

  • Sparky my baby boy
    Sparky my baby boy 6 hours ago

    When Kermit gets sick the only thing that calms him down is his nasty juice

  • Jessica Loretto
    Jessica Loretto 6 hours ago


  • Jordan Berger
    Jordan Berger 6 hours ago

    Traditional deep fried ice cream is a Mexican dish. Personally i think it tastes like sponge.

  • Captain Banana80
    Captain Banana80 6 hours ago

    Rip ad

  • DizzyChick Awa
    DizzyChick Awa 6 hours ago

    I don't like egg rolls. For some reason every since I was a kid it feels and tastes like cat or reminds me of cat when I eat it. To me. Not that I know what cat tastes like but it just reminds me of cat or like cats in it.

  • hiba javed-akhtar
    hiba javed-akhtar 6 hours ago

    My birthday is the day after marbles flexxxx

  • Troll Dedede
    Troll Dedede 6 hours ago

    I'm gonna miss Marbles when he passes away. He's 11 years old, and most chihuahaus live from 12-20 years old

  • Rob Agnew
    Rob Agnew 6 hours ago

    Plot twist marbles and peach have switched brains

  • Troll Dedede
    Troll Dedede 6 hours ago

    3:19 I think Marble was trying to simulate petting to show Julien what he wanted.

  • Alex A
    Alex A 6 hours ago

    I think ya mom and I have the same birthday 😂

  • K LW
    K LW 7 hours ago

    get brad leone from BA and julien in the same kitchen

  • A.J.B oohhh babi
    A.J.B oohhh babi 7 hours ago

    Why did you fire peachy👀🤣🤣. And strong and healthy 🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣

  • Lindsay Domboski
    Lindsay Domboski 7 hours ago

    I love how Julian tells Kermit he can’t run away from his problems. He sounds just like a dad talking to his child.

  • gigi schultz
    gigi schultz 7 hours ago

    mmm, don't like how u treated the other dog, shame on u

  • Sydney Taylor
    Sydney Taylor 7 hours ago

    Hi, chef here. Mise en place Julien. This means “everything in its place”, prep all your ingredients before you are ready to put everything together. Measure all your ingredients, cut your veggies (like your scallions) etc... and PLEASE put a wet towel or mat under your cutting board you WILL CUT YOURSELF. Please be careful. I would suggest also that you took your dough thinner, it looks kinda raw in the middle. Yes, you may want to par cook your potatoes, fry them at 300 degrees until light brown and they will turn out better. Love watching you experiment in the kitchen. Hope these tips help my dude

  • Marquis De Lafayette

    Does anyone ever just binge watch all of kermit’s injuries?

  • Sergeantunknown@minecraft

    I love his mom 😍, she's so sweet

  • CastedFire
    CastedFire 7 hours ago


  • Frida Garza
    Frida Garza 7 hours ago

    I just noticed he looks like bugs bunny with his swollen face 😭🤧 poor Kermit

  • Alexandria Schulteis

    What provolone slices did you use?

  • iOzznialt
    iOzznialt 7 hours ago

    Julien's videos are always setting random timers on my Google Home.

  • smeliot
    smeliot 7 hours ago

    him not throwing the salt over his shoulder after spilling it gave me anxiety

  • maria medina210
    maria medina210 8 hours ago

    Marble is so cute the noises he makes awww

  • itsKaraElizabeth
    itsKaraElizabeth 8 hours ago

    I love how supportive jenna is of his cooking, she really hypes him up and that's why shes a great gf

  • Amanda Szeliga
    Amanda Szeliga 8 hours ago

    Plzzz try and make pierogies ! 🥟 🇵🇱

  • John Laurens
    John Laurens 8 hours ago

    Jenna’s heels are beautiful

  • SvenskyYT
    SvenskyYT 9 hours ago

    shoulda used cinnamon toast crunch ;p

  • Onyx Cypher
    Onyx Cypher 9 hours ago

    He talks about the dogs like they’re his kids and I’m living for it.

  • Brandon .A
    Brandon .A 9 hours ago

    It’s always kermit😭

  • DizzyChick Awa
    DizzyChick Awa 9 hours ago

    My Google went off when he said ok Google 12 minutes lol and it put 12 minutes in my Google search! Omg hahaha

  • tyree bruce
    tyree bruce 9 hours ago

    Just trying to find an email. Anyone? It’s important

  • tyree bruce
    tyree bruce 9 hours ago

    Love how much they love and like each other! Alway makes me happy to watch!! That looked REALLY delicious and I’m a meat eater but I’d try this recipe!! So sweet!!

  • Kylie McKee
    Kylie McKee 10 hours ago

    Julien, I don't know if you read these, but I just want you to know that you and your recipes inspire me. I was vegetarian for two years; vegan for one year, but then I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which is aggravated by gluten. I gave up on veganism because I thought it would be too hard to eat vegan AND gluten free while still enjoying tasty food. But you prove it's not impossible, so my goal this year is to return to being a full-time vegan. I love to cook, and your channel makes me really excited to make some tasty food that also makes me feel good.

  • Cory Escobar
    Cory Escobar 10 hours ago

    Make arepas!!!! you can make them on the pan with a little bit of oil or you can fry them with a lot of oil! its delicious and also vegan! Venezuela in da house

  • God king
    God king 10 hours ago

    His 11 now

  • Olyvia Barnes
    Olyvia Barnes 10 hours ago

    Marble stands on his legs here!!

  • Mandy Ketcham
    Mandy Ketcham 10 hours ago

    Wow... You guys hauled ass after that dog!

  • Marisa s
    Marisa s 10 hours ago

    Nobody: Julien: * aries noises * * dad noises * * heavy breathing *

  • Leticia Sadowski
    Leticia Sadowski 10 hours ago

    I looooove his videos. Always watch them. But the only thing that bothers me is that I can always hear him breathing. I'm sorry I'm weird

  • Rock LeRock
    Rock LeRock 10 hours ago


  • tyree bruce
    tyree bruce 11 hours ago

    I LOVE your mom!! My version of you is Jake... when your mom talks about that connection. Yep.. I know it well. It’s a “BEAUTEOUS “ thing! She worded that well!

  • Christina Rose
    Christina Rose 11 hours ago

    This woman’s patience, bless her heart for raising you

  • ta sa
    ta sa 11 hours ago

    You look like the poor people's Logan

  • toanewday
    toanewday 11 hours ago

    Every couple living together Guy: it's not even messy! Girl: what are you talking about its a disaster.

  • ta sa
    ta sa 11 hours ago

    DILF !!!!!!! 💥🔥😬👅🌭🍩💦💫

  • Nania Unruh
    Nania Unruh 11 hours ago

    Eat as much as you want, all bodies look good!

  • Alivia Simmonds
    Alivia Simmonds 11 hours ago

    Finally he cries at the most appropriate times

  • Dakota Yoak
    Dakota Yoak 12 hours ago

    I just call them potato cakes instead of potato pancakes

  • Goku anim3
    Goku anim3 12 hours ago

    It is space kermit comin to u all

  • Riley J
    Riley J 12 hours ago

    Julien should make homemade twinkies

  • GoneGirlJess
    GoneGirlJess 12 hours ago

    It’s always Kermit because he knows if he hurts himself he’ll get more attention

  • Ginny Rose
    Ginny Rose 12 hours ago

    i also love how after doing all this himself, julien says "we did it" best friend ever :)

  • Ginny Rose
    Ginny Rose 12 hours ago

    juliens "1- 1.5 tsp" of cinnamon is 2020's "2 shots of vodka"

  • pkkasen
    pkkasen 12 hours ago

    as a southerner, i can assure you that you can fry other things with corn flakes. my whole family has always made fried chicken with corn flakes as breading

  • noob
    noob 13 hours ago

    5:20 me in the school hallway

  • HalfelfHalfling Bard
    HalfelfHalfling Bard 13 hours ago

    Julien something you can fry in corn flakes is atually Quorn. Apparently (according to a friend of mine) it makes a good substitute for popcorn chicken if you finely crush the cornflakes and add some spice to them (whatever you likw) and then fry them

  • cindy blanco
    cindy blanco 13 hours ago

    Jenna showing up at the end not knowing what is happening Julian: we did it baby. I'm proud of us I love them hahaha

  • Evelyn Chavez
    Evelyn Chavez 14 hours ago

    You should make more Mexican recipes! Enchiladas would be great! Most people make/eat the chicken ones but I grew up eating some made with just potatoes

  • Grace Nelson
    Grace Nelson 14 hours ago

    julien: starts throwing around the bowl full of filling his mom: watches calmly

  • Sidney Reina
    Sidney Reina 14 hours ago

    What breed of dog is peach?

  • Dydy Senpai
    Dydy Senpai 14 hours ago


  • Roy Rodgers
    Roy Rodgers 14 hours ago

    You are lucky she did not come in your home and murder you all ... JK she is lovely and just super excited!!

  • Charlotte Mclean
    Charlotte Mclean 14 hours ago

    I was cleaning my room and listening to this video cause my logic is if I listen I’ll still learn 🤷‍♀️ idfk I’m dumb but anyways I thought his sue chef was Jenna and so when he said “when your sue chef get on the counter and walks around I got confuzzled (also more when he said about sleeping at work and in front of him I thought Jenna was filming the video where she had a nap😂)

  • coffee is life
    coffee is life 14 hours ago

    *reading title* deep fried ice cream!! Julian you fucken Genius.

  • Maria Nastasi
    Maria Nastasi 14 hours ago

    So glad I found your channel! I’ve been cooking more plant based copy cat foods and this is going to be a fun try. Any recipe link for the nacho cheese sauce? Thanks for the dope vid

  • astellestxr clxud
    astellestxr clxud 14 hours ago

    you look better than you look now

  • peachy purrfect
    peachy purrfect 14 hours ago

    This is pure proof that one does not need to be loud to be a true Aries

  • Tyler Eckstein
    Tyler Eckstein 14 hours ago

    Crush the cornflakes in a food processor with the cinnamon bro. You whip egg whites usually to incorporate air...it may be incorporating air into the chick pea juice when you whip it so why not? Also the fryer wouldnt be such a mess if the cornflakes were smaller and it would protect the ice cream inside better but coating it more.

  • zm rh
    zm rh 15 hours ago

    a cheese cake factory is about to explode out of that maze within kitchenette

  • Diana Mary
    Diana Mary 15 hours ago

    First time i'm seeing this. You are right. So glad Julien, that you are with Jenna. You're the best!

  • AdamGaming
    AdamGaming 15 hours ago

    Your dogs are so cute I feel bad for kermit😢

  • Dragonfly
    Dragonfly 15 hours ago

    Julien: calm and concentrated for whole video Jenna: walks into kitchen Julien: EHHHHHHHH BEHHHHH BEHHHH BEHHHHH

  • Ellen Wert
    Ellen Wert 15 hours ago

    How do you take 1 and 1/2 of the bell pepper? You only have one

  • Emmie Da puff
    Emmie Da puff 15 hours ago

    At 6:31 bunni looks so happyyy so cuteee 💖💖💖😊 happy birthday 🎉🎂

  • Alivia Simmonds
    Alivia Simmonds 16 hours ago

    Kermit like hot vet Kermit not like shot in body

  • Resa Jackson
    Resa Jackson 16 hours ago

    1:42 the triggering face when Julien threw the gum is the same face jenna would make 🤣🤣 love it

  • Skylee Jewel
    Skylee Jewel 16 hours ago

    JennaMarbles is such a kid! She was genuinely entertained by that baby show. I love it.

  • Skylee Jewel
    Skylee Jewel 16 hours ago

    I love how they react their dogs like kids! It’s adorable.

  • Skylee Jewel
    Skylee Jewel 17 hours ago

    Paesh: Fast boi Marbles: sleepy boi/ part-time drunk boi Kermit: Soap boi

  • A J
    A J 17 hours ago

    Loving an cermet is agieanst the rulez. This is bizness orangment.

  • JustWannaFreeFx
    JustWannaFreeFx 17 hours ago

    Man, I'd be such a great Marble 😔

  • Hammy Technoid
    Hammy Technoid 17 hours ago

    Noodles - "I feel so sad and skinny" Sauce heat - *"NOM NOM NOM NOM"*

  • Hammy Technoid
    Hammy Technoid 17 hours ago

    Just watching this.... my head started to sweat.... food heat

  • Karlo Brown Comedy
    Karlo Brown Comedy 17 hours ago

    Warming!!!! Soak the lentils or you’ll be farting all night

  • Zebra Stripes
    Zebra Stripes 18 hours ago

    Spent almost half an hour watching julien trying to deep fry ice cream