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  • gaster Plays unbox
    gaster Plays unbox 3 hours ago


  • Introverted Fangirl
    Introverted Fangirl 5 hours ago


  • Not WAF
    Not WAF 7 hours ago

    3:35 something about the way thanos points his sword gives me shivers...

  • lamborghinifan394
    lamborghinifan394 7 hours ago


  • Calvin Saie
    Calvin Saie 7 hours ago

    Thanks spaceshuddle

  • The Abraham Lincoln Cat

    I think the part where he says " I love you 3000" was also directed to us from stan lee as his kind of part in the movie even after he passed they still hinted him

  • adrian bayu
    adrian bayu 20 hours ago

    damn those ninja cutting onions! Saw this on January 2020. Still the same goddamn effect.

  • Ibrahim 101
    Ibrahim 101 22 hours ago

    Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!my test

  • Face m
    Face m Day ago


  • Mr. C2Kk
    Mr. C2Kk Day ago

    Whaaat this movie been out this long feels like yesterday this movie came out

  • Manta Matt Boy

    Its not the end yet, this was the end of Iron Man and him only. But if there will be another Iron Man, it'll be Morgan Stark..

  • hi hi
    hi hi Day ago

    When the teacher yells jailbreak in dodgeball Sporty kid: on your left

  • Charlie Niquanicappo

    Khayden: Hey do you remember I'm dusty ( Me hugging Khayden )

  • Mary Jane
    Mary Jane Day ago

    I guess J Jonah Jamenson fired his barber

  • jayyTeęe s
    jayyTeęe s Day ago

    Way back when we first met the guardians I would’ve never guessed that of all of them, Nebula would be the most saddened at Tony Stark’s funeral.

  • K Anime
    K Anime Day ago

    Tony Stark’s most epic quote in the whole movie

  • The Ashman
    The Ashman Day ago

    Now this is a quality battle. But heres a question for you... *Avengers* or *The Battle Of The Bastards*

  • John Fernandes

    Cull Obsidian's death was the most brutalist

  • Andrew Caban
    Andrew Caban Day ago

    This is how Episode 9s final battle should of been

  • Hana Chatila
    Hana Chatila Day ago

    Me when movie starts :🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂 me when movie ends:😕🙁☹️😞😟😫😔😣😢😭 nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • K Kekumii
    K Kekumii Day ago

    All I need now is Kraven, Scorpion, a proper Rhino and Electro then we are 5 steps closer to the Sinster 6ix

  • Viper the Red
    Viper the Red Day ago

    I remember on opening night I was trying not to cry during this but I can tell you one thing I was not the only one

  • fat piggo
    fat piggo 2 days ago

    "Everybody Wants A Happy Ending, Right? Well it doesn’t always roll that way. Maybe This Time... I’m Hoping that if you play this back, it’s In celebration. I hope families are reunited, I hope we get it back and something like a normal version of this world has been restored. If there Was ever such a thing. God, what a world.. Universe, Now. If you told me ten years ago That we weren’t alone, let alone, you know, to this extent I wouldn’t have been surprised. But, come on.. who knew? Those epic forces of darkness and light that have Come into play.. and for better or worse, that’s the reality that Morgan’s Gonna have to find a way to grow up in. So I thought I better Record a little greeting, in case of an untimely death.. on my part. Not that Death at any time isn’t untimely. This thing.. but then again that’s a hero’s Gig. Part of a journey is the end.. What am I even doing this For? Everything’s gonna work out exactly the way it’s supposed to. I love you 3000." _-Tony Stark_

  • Grandmasterlakio _
    Grandmasterlakio _ 2 days ago

    2:07 when you about to go in the chucky cheese ball pit

  • SKYRULE-49
    SKYRULE-49 2 days ago

    VISION WENT OUT LIKE A PUNK, and it shows!!!! Poor Vision, started off strong and die like an unknown soldier.

  • SKYRULE-49
    SKYRULE-49 2 days ago

    Just to think this movie is not nominated for best picture in Oscars. Then again, I haven't watched the Oscars since 2004 anyways.

  • Krishna Films
    Krishna Films 2 days ago

    I’m so glad I found this vid. It’s probably the best end credits of all time

  • Angelo ANN
    Angelo ANN 2 days ago

    Even the (only god knows) how many times i watch the end, i'm a always excited !

  • ThePinkDragon
    ThePinkDragon 2 days ago

    gives me chills even a laptop!

  • Blessed-AZF
    Blessed-AZF 2 days ago

    Imagine if mysterio had the reality stone

  • Zero Hour
    Zero Hour 2 days ago

    Crisis on Infinite Earths! Stephen Amell - Oliver Queen/Green Arrow Grant Gustin - Barry Allen/Flash Melissa Benoist - Kara Zor-El/Kara Danvers/Supergirl Caity Lotz - Sara Lance/Black Canary/White Canary Cress Williams - Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning Ruby Rose - Kate Kane/Batwoman

  • Moron Man
    Moron Man 2 days ago

    4:12 what’s she shooting at

  • Fabian Kruuse
    Fabian Kruuse 2 days ago

    What will happen now in Spider-Man 3 😬🤔

  • minh hoang nhat
    minh hoang nhat 2 days ago

    Chi dai ngau vai cut

  • Anson Chong
    Anson Chong 2 days ago

    I want to cry...

  • Jon OOF
    Jon OOF 2 days ago

    The spider man part made me cry

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake 2 days ago

    imagine madara coming out of portal instead of avengers thanos and his army would be fcked up XD

  • Linh Tran Thuy
    Linh Tran Thuy 2 days ago

    Nhầm tôi nói tiếng việt là tôi thíc bài này

  • Linh Tran Thuy
    Linh Tran Thuy 2 days ago

    I like this

  • Trường Sa Nguyễn

    bản nhạc Fur elise của beethoven à?

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 3 days ago

    Thanos: smell my fingers Captain America: NO!! thanos: SMELL THEM!!!!

  • Lan Anh Trương
    Lan Anh Trương 3 days ago

    Morbius sử dụng siêu tốc độ

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog 3 days ago

    0:18 When you use 100% of your brain

  • gstate4ever
    gstate4ever 3 days ago


  • Miki Dewberry
    Miki Dewberry 3 days ago


  • Foriam Studios
    Foriam Studios 3 days ago

    I’m so glad they got him swinging on skyscrapers now. This scene alone makes it feel like a true Spider-Man film.

  • Nicko Dandy
    Nicko Dandy 3 days ago

    0:41 Finish Him!

  • Mustafa Ziya Akgül

    Those are the best scenes in the movie

  • Adam Dickinson
    Adam Dickinson 3 days ago

    1:40 is a lot like Lord of the rings

  • Ayomide KUYE
    Ayomide KUYE 3 days ago

    Me: hits blunt Me five seconds later:

  • UltStream
    UltStream 4 days ago

    Mantis slapping him is probably the closest we've seen her physically "attacking" someone EDIT: I'm assuming this scene was supposed to happen while Doctor Strange was 1v1ing Thanos?

    • CutiePie 69
      CutiePie 69 Day ago

      @UltStream she actually kicked it's head after she put it to sleep to make sure that it passed out

    • UltStream
      UltStream 3 days ago

      @cafeterialoca She put a chitauri monster to sleep but not kick

    • cafeterialoca
      cafeterialoca 3 days ago

      There is that moment where she puts an enemy to sleep in Endgame and kicks them.

  • Paul Austin Jacob
    Paul Austin Jacob 4 days ago

    Rise of fallen heroes.

  • Jeff Brehove
    Jeff Brehove 4 days ago

    What's cosmically depressing is that in the end Mysterio was right, it's EASY to fool people and Mysterio DID control the truth.

  • BaronNation Entertainment

    When we go raid the FTC and TVclip, let’s arrive like this!

  • Oliver Zhao
    Oliver Zhao 4 days ago

    History teacher: Ok class today we're going to learn Japanese history! Does anyone want to start us off with what they know? All the weebs in the class: 3:21

  • Arthur Costa
    Arthur Costa 4 days ago

    Mas que porcaria de imagem

  • Rhys Aguirre
    Rhys Aguirre 4 days ago

    Everyone's like "this is the best ever" you can't even recreate this. If hulk had his scene, if drax had his scene, if War marching had "a" scene. If nebula had revenge. If Gamora got revenge. But no let's give the biggest scene to ironman because he totally deserves it. The one that deserved it the most was Hulk. And his characters was shit on. And worst of all. Nobody cares.

  • tompraeger
    tompraeger 4 days ago

    The Music, the visuals, the emotions, .... Marvel movies are simply Astonishing Tales.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 4 days ago

    Don't worry, I'll be back.

  • Laurel Ticer
    Laurel Ticer 4 days ago

    I just realized why did they try to put the stones back? They coulda just gave banner the gauntlet and he could’ve done the same snap that tony did

    • Laurel Ticer
      Laurel Ticer 3 days ago

      Wyatt Bolin true.

    • Wyatt Bolin
      Wyatt Bolin 3 days ago

      Banner had already snapped once another would kill him and they didn't want it to happen unfortunately it had to and who better than the one that started the world wide love of mcu

  • Dương Nghĩa
    Dương Nghĩa 4 days ago

    Hình nhện Tobey nhưng có phản diện của Tom Holland 🙃🙃

  • Archer Treloar
    Archer Treloar 4 days ago

    I've watched this fight 5 times today. WHY have I watched this fight 5 times today?

  • Nguyễn Ngọc Dương

    Thấy ảnh Spider-man với dòng chữ Sát nhân là biết Thanh niên này sẽ vô Avenger rồi :V

    • Marvel Movies
      Marvel Movies 4 days ago

      Lk với MCU thôi chứ sao vào avengers man :)

  • Dark rain
    Dark rain 4 days ago

    Hắn là thằng l*n nào :v

  • Jay Zie
    Jay Zie 4 days ago

    Loki could learn a thing or two on how to fight using illusions.

  • Ragib Anjum Arnob
    Ragib Anjum Arnob 5 days ago

    0:56 I mean you can hear Cap's church-bell-sized balls clanging! Thanos should've tucked tails and run right there!

  • Said Nci
    Said Nci 5 days ago

    Rip iron man

  • Mukundi Kakomwe
    Mukundi Kakomwe 5 days ago

    Now this puts a smile on my face

  • Grumpy Rainbow
    Grumpy Rainbow 5 days ago

    I'm watching this again at the start of the new year and honestly I still cry watching this everytime 🤧

  • Trev 916
    Trev 916 5 days ago

    I soiled myself when cap grabbed the strap on his shield

    • The Beast
      The Beast 5 days ago

      Amazing he was willing to keep fighting despite being damaged and out numbered and against an entire army evil mass murdering psychopaths.

  • ж-Splitz-жж
    ж-Splitz-жж 5 days ago

    4:13 puase Pepper shoots at nothing lol

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J 5 days ago

      yep. fourth wall break?

  • Rob113
    Rob113 5 days ago

    When agenda comes before storytelling.

  • Pickle Nick
    Pickle Nick 5 days ago

    4:20 4:21 me playing a game a deciding which controller to give to my friend

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J 5 days ago

      r e l a t a b l e

  • Gardevoir Hater
    Gardevoir Hater 5 days ago

    Every time I see this I nut

  • LogDog519
    LogDog519 5 days ago

    When thanos waits for Steve to get up you can tell he respects him and that is such a powerful moment

  • Jaylon M
    Jaylon M 5 days ago

    💯 loved this scene

  • Mark Simrow
    Mark Simrow 5 days ago

    Is this one called a forced scene, because everything about it felt forced.

  • That Man From Earth

    This scene shall forever be one of the greatest scenes ever for me

  • Demon King
    Demon King 5 days ago

    Anyone saw Howard the duck?

  • anh bắp
    anh bắp 5 days ago

    Khi nao thi có chọn bộ ad

  • Maripet Abad
    Maripet Abad 6 days ago

    What if every gamer, weeb, movie fan, bookworm, cartoon fan, and comic book fan that got drafted suddenly gained the ability, skills, tools, vehicles (which includes spaceships and mechs), weapons, and knowledge from their favorite character from that piece of media? The military with this logic going into WWIII: 1:17

    • Mr. J
      Mr. J 5 days ago

      Battle of the Millennium

  • Fred Rydén
    Fred Rydén 6 days ago

    After Thanos destroyed The Avengers headquarters, it was quite intense to see Bruce, Rhodey and Rocket get stucked and the streaming water nearly made them drown. But it was Scott hurried down to save them.

  • Admiral Gail Ackbar

    Jesus christ Hawkeyes daughter is hot

    FORTNITE BOI 6 days ago

    Most badass moment and I am IRONMAN

  • Leo Caso
    Leo Caso 6 days ago

    I legit wonder whats the next movie gonna be about. Flash: hi spiderman Peter: WHAT THE FU-

  • rys
    rys 6 days ago

    this battle is missing someone... ;-;

  • diehard 22
    diehard 22 6 days ago

    I have tears

  • wwetitle818
    wwetitle818 6 days ago

    Admit it: all of us would’ve loved to be part of that charge.

  • Dee Pee
    Dee Pee 6 days ago

    Wait so when Spidey takes selfies he posts them to Peter's account lol

  • hương huỳnh
    hương huỳnh 6 days ago

    Chờ phim này lâu rồi. Hóng mòn mỏi

  • Priyanka Chauhan
    Priyanka Chauhan 7 days ago

    At 2:34, you'll see a duck at the right of the wasp..... Wow😁

  • kzarkage
    kzarkage 7 days ago

    Ok no offence I get what you did Redford is an amazing actor But in the context of the MCU , he should not have had that spot Sam Jackson deserves his final spot before the main six Good vid otherwise

  • New User
    New User 7 days ago

    Imagine this but in World war 3!! Everyone against Russia and China!

  • Earth Walker
    Earth Walker 7 days ago

    Why doesnt ant man just squash thanos?

  • Chris Su
    Chris Su 7 days ago

    I'm glad that J.K. Simmons is going to continue to play J. Jonah Jameson

  • Moti Tanny
    Moti Tanny 7 days ago

    I can't believe he is still alive

  • Pubg AndRobloxYes ThanosSMG

    People who watched avengers 1 but not avengers endgame will probably be confused because they will be like “did they change the movie or somethin?

  • Johnny Thao
    Johnny Thao 7 days ago

    2:35 Duck Hunt

  • Takeoff Of Migos
    Takeoff Of Migos 7 days ago

    *none of this wouldn’t have happened at all if Thor went for the head*

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 7 days ago

    Hey guys