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What Does Air Smell Like?
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The World's Least Bouncy Ball
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  • Not me G
    Not me G 2 minutes ago

    Idea:make a nitrogen pool make a heat pipe to cool a quantum computer

  • RIP Glue Stick
    RIP Glue Stick 4 minutes ago

    Does it have to be a harvester ant specifically? Can it be a fire and/or sugar ant?

  • Austin Corrigan
    Austin Corrigan 6 minutes ago


  • Kaylin’s World
    Kaylin’s World 12 minutes ago

    I thought he was gonna make them believe that they were dying in water😂

  • Tomas Garza
    Tomas Garza 21 minute ago

    The ball would not just get smaller, bigger, smaller, it would be floating while being smaller and touching the table when it reaches the maxium size because its resting on the table at some point trought the 4th dimension, and that would be assuming that the table has trenght (W-lenght) otherwise it would just "roll out" in the W-axis (Just when you have a vertical square with no volume, and you try to balance a sphere on it), and dissapear from our 3D slice as soon as it touches the table.

  • Robert Stacey
    Robert Stacey 34 minutes ago


  • yougotmail
    yougotmail 46 minutes ago

    I thought this was super real until I realized it was just a representation of what it would be like

  • Cave Man
    Cave Man 52 minutes ago

    Um... so noone realizes that white holes are the exits to black holes or at least a way back from the other side? 😂 that's my hypothesis I will take questions now

  • ??? waluigi
    ??? waluigi Hour ago

    The black whole does not take over the white whole

  • ??? waluigi
    ??? waluigi Hour ago

    Black whole + white whole = peace

  • GuyNamedSeb Yes
    GuyNamedSeb Yes Hour ago

    Walking dead season 361: We’re out of ideas

  • Lp D
    Lp D Hour ago

    The beginning dude didn’t watch x men iykyk

  • Richard Dalmau
    Richard Dalmau Hour ago

    And now you need to call pool repair, you make a hole at the bottom with that drop.

  • Kaite Sanchez
    Kaite Sanchez Hour ago

    " he's not dead " " he's just cold"

  • shravan veer kohli

    Cheeeeaaaater... 😣

  • Barny Dee Jay
    Barny Dee Jay Hour ago

    Fake, you change the recording everytime u need to be invisible, and when u put your hand the lent is facing other direction. Just wasted my time 😡

  • Masud Hasan
    Masud Hasan Hour ago

    Armstrong: I need surgery The action lab: iam a doctor a surgery doctor Arm strong: YAY THE ACTION LAB: sit on that magnet ok Arm strong: ok The action lab: ●○takes out metal and puts it on armstrongs chest●○ Armstrong:Ahhhhhhhhhh The action lab: MWHAHA Armstrong: ●○DEAD●○

  • Jeremy Cornwell
    Jeremy Cornwell Hour ago

    Bullets do not explode, bullets expand, on impact.

  • unbox boy
    unbox boy 2 hours ago

    Would it work if i put this on my wall??

  • Lucas Beard
    Lucas Beard 2 hours ago

    No they wont you opened them under a roof (Bad luck)

  • Colin Ho
    Colin Ho 2 hours ago

    I love your videos, you do things differently and it's effective.

  • Ashley Wilkes
    Ashley Wilkes 2 hours ago

    Trying to create a vacuum in a thin plastic jar? I could see the implosion coming as soon as he mentioned the idea. At times he would say the wheel was spinning when it wasn’t. Lame. Since his head was out of the frame every time the wheel moved and every time he put his hands on the jar I knew it had to do with him blowing on it and the air currents created from the heat from his hands. Lame. Don’t tell me that heat it isn’t an energy source. Don’t tell me that wind isn’t an energy source. I don’t wanna come across as an ageist, so just let me put it this way. This may seem mysterious, magical and/or spooky to people under a certain age. That’s the age group targeted by his channel and why he has so many followers. I have an idea for the next Media Lab video. Debunk the myth that the blades in a radiometer are moved through telekinesis by some alien force that lives in the sun.

  • Filip Słotwiński
    Filip Słotwiński 2 hours ago

    Still brighter than my future

  • Energy Kid25
    Energy Kid25 2 hours ago

    He swoll

  • tsohG6789 XD
    tsohG6789 XD 2 hours ago

    There wasnt enough wind 😂😂😂

  • Giovanni Mucci
    Giovanni Mucci 2 hours ago

    it's fake

  • brady093093
    brady093093 2 hours ago

    shit, youtubes been good to you

  • Ghost Veggie
    Ghost Veggie 2 hours ago

    Can someone link this to the scientists messing around with the CERN Particel Accelerator? a guy on youtube figured out how to make a black hole!

  • BR4VE
    BR4VE 3 hours ago

    Lol what is a big population over AN EGG

  • Hammad Rehman
    Hammad Rehman 3 hours ago

    If some one will put youin a freezer you will not die but it will pain

  • Piskotek
    Piskotek 3 hours ago

    why u have very small eyes????

  • Get Everything
    Get Everything 3 hours ago

    Actually white hole is highly dense exotic matter which pulls the space time outward rather than inward unlike other normal matter do

  • Name
    Name 3 hours ago

    This looks fun

  • Na Noid
    Na Noid 3 hours ago

    Evil man

  • Jim Edmiston
    Jim Edmiston 3 hours ago

    The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman

  • Hello There
    Hello There 3 hours ago

    Is this fake?

  • ThePrufessa
    ThePrufessa 3 hours ago


  • robert macinca
    robert macinca 3 hours ago

    Wthe act fwck

  • Arshad Alam
    Arshad Alam 4 hours ago

    Please send the book

  • kkg T
    kkg T 4 hours ago

    Nice camera effects.

  • Jan Eric Madridano
    Jan Eric Madridano 4 hours ago

    4:40 😮

  • Jan Eric Madridano
    Jan Eric Madridano 4 hours ago

    4:00 😮

  • HX3 EN/FR
    HX3 EN/FR 4 hours ago


  • anjani kumar
    anjani kumar 4 hours ago

    I did this amd drank.. theirs no poison or anything happen

  • Cythil
    Cythil 4 hours ago

    I might be wrong but I am pretty sure that the radiation from hawking radiation in a black whole is negligible compared to the radiation from the accretion disk. (Note I am not saying is not there. Just that you wont really notice it due to the radiation given off by the accretion disk for a very massive black hole like the one in the centre of our galaxy.)

  • CoruscantMe
    CoruscantMe 4 hours ago

    … how was the inside of the copper pipe made to be spongy... ? is that a function of boiling water and sealing it inside while hot? the vacuum that is internally pulled as it cools produces that inside surface? or?

  • sammy cardoso
    sammy cardoso 5 hours ago

    Will a stream on pressurised air flow straight from a an air compressor inside a vaccume chamber

  • BISS
    BISS 5 hours ago

    Walking dead

  • Benjamin Carvajal
    Benjamin Carvajal 5 hours ago

    Que horror

  • Sridhar P
    Sridhar P 5 hours ago

    which liquid is this?

  • D d
    D d 5 hours ago

    He couldn't be more wrong its nitrogen that gives you the bends

  • Tyreiss Francis
    Tyreiss Francis 5 hours ago

    It would make a mix raise hole

  • OMG Addie
    OMG Addie 5 hours ago

    4d I'd the world of gods Jk

  • RoCk GaMeR
    RoCk GaMeR 5 hours ago

    these ant will kill u in hell you=ant and ant=you

  • jerry lim
    jerry lim 6 hours ago

    "white holes don't obey the laws of thermo-dynamics" I mean what does? aren't the laws just defined by humans? are you sure we aren't living in the wrong direction of time? if the theorectical gravitational effects of white holes are the same as black holes, doesn't that mean some of the black holes we've been able to somewhat find might have been white holes? what if white holes are like the front side of the fan? I mean do we know which side of the fan is actually the front? yes. but can you still say that for one of those weird loop fan thing from Dyson when both sides look the same(lets just say that you're only allowed to observe it from a close window outside the room and have remote that can turn the fan on and off but the fan itself doesn't have controls cuz it's still a crappy fuck up that someone managed to still make.)? nah. u need more objects like confeity always being thrown into the fan room to know which is the front... same shit here, we might just be searching for it with the wrong stuff(definitely saying we should starve everyone equally and use all the food bills we can save up by letting communism win to make a metric shit ton of space confeity and begin shooting it out to everywhere to find white holes.).

  • Wolfgang
    Wolfgang 6 hours ago

    :) help

  • Mateusz Ponikowski
    Mateusz Ponikowski 6 hours ago

    To make an amt think its dead put the acid on its smelling area

  • Valentin Markuz
    Valentin Markuz 6 hours ago

    i dont thrust them, he has awesome videos, but in some moments i see that he talk about something what isnt truth

  • Scott S
    Scott S 6 hours ago

    Dude your arms look like burnt toast - brown then suddenly pale as fuck. It's kinda cool.

    MUHAMMAD SADEEM 6 hours ago

    Can you please tell me that what is the biggest star in our milky way galaxy? Is it sun or not?

  • FCGAM3S8
    FCGAM3S8 6 hours ago

    Big Chungus

  • Bz-a mako
    Bz-a mako 6 hours ago

    Look! Ant man disliked this video 😂😂( Just joking)

  • Ankit Rai
    Ankit Rai 6 hours ago

    the vaccum only took oxygen out of the glass box but what about oxygen fixed inside of concrete that's what help concrete not become dust✌🏻😒

  • Aman Rai
    Aman Rai 6 hours ago

    He is hiding a magnet below that white cloth

  • Jessica Shea
    Jessica Shea 6 hours ago

    They actually eat the other ants after they die, they release some kind of pheromone after two days and the other ants take them to their food pile.

  • DomoRomoOmo #1
    DomoRomoOmo #1 6 hours ago

    What if a white hole collided with another white hole and a black hole, does that mean that the white hole will push the other white hole inside of the black hole?

  • Autonomous UI J.C
    Autonomous UI J.C 6 hours ago

    I bet it’s flocka.

  • Bruno the Existor
    Bruno the Existor 6 hours ago


  • Vina T.
    Vina T. 7 hours ago

    I was expecting Rick Astley on the screen.

  • Ashton Willson
    Ashton Willson 7 hours ago

    Punch line, Vanta Black is the darkest material other than your ass hole.

  • Ruslan4eg YT
    Ruslan4eg YT 7 hours ago

    Nice photoshop, bro!

  • 장님
    장님 7 hours ago

    A: hey, you're dead B: I know

  • Saigen Rose
    Saigen Rose 7 hours ago

    Mary poppins y'all! 😂 Lol

  • My Home
    My Home 7 hours ago

    Nice video

  • BeActive Behappy
    BeActive Behappy 7 hours ago

    I love how the way you put up with fake things like in this video and the black hole video and the neutron video!

  • Vaibhav Varshney
    Vaibhav Varshney 7 hours ago

    me(a commerce student)- kuch samjh ni ayaa.. but dekh kr achha lga

  • jas urs
    jas urs 7 hours ago

    “hey peter, how was you day?” “oh, not much. just chilling in the graveyard.”

  • Zyrene Taplan
    Zyrene Taplan 7 hours ago

    Your the kid that broke a arm using an umbrella imatating fortnite

  • Maximillian Pratama
    Maximillian Pratama 7 hours ago

    Hey your suppose to put it in the dark

  • Johndaryl Nabo
    Johndaryl Nabo 7 hours ago

    is this even real?

  • Abhay Mehta
    Abhay Mehta 8 hours ago

    Wow youtube shows killing of animals but age restricts this video which is of immense value.

  • Paavo
    Paavo 8 hours ago


  • mouse3355
    mouse3355 8 hours ago

    Is that related to stopped-clock illusion (Chronostasis, which is Google ilkes to call it,)? I just wondered about it.

  • Garry Threlfo
    Garry Threlfo 8 hours ago

    I'm not complaining, your presentation was delivered excellently but "..we could not grasp what Nikola Tesla was trying to do..." My friend, here is the flaw in the presentation. Common electrical theory has lost 2 key components dielectricity and diamagnetism. Without the understanding of these 2 fundamentals of electromagnetism is is impossible to understand the 'Tesla Tower'. He was not propagating Hertzian wave forms! He used AC and DC in the system to enable another state of electricity that he discovered accidentally and that Charles P Steinmetz was able to calculate that requires the full understanding of what electrical 'power' is. Its all there for the reading. Maxwells equations where bastardised and simplified so the average engineer could use them simply but as C P Steinmetz wrote effectively saying that we will never be able to utilize electrical power until we put diamagnetism and dielectricity back into our understanding of the phenomena we call electricity (of which most know very little)

  • Spy boys
    Spy boys 8 hours ago

    It will stop spinning Reason :- I watched full video already 😎😎

    100M views 8 hours ago

    I thought u were gonna crush the mice between 2 magnets🤣

  • AngelFoxy Playz
    AngelFoxy Playz 8 hours ago

    Bob: hey Connor Connor: yo what’s up Bob: *youre supposed to be dead man* Connor: oh yeah right **goes to an empty coffin** - 4 days later - Bob: hey guys where’s Connor Everybody: he’s in his coffin thinking he’s dead Bob: oh yeah right

  • PSChrisDC
    PSChrisDC 8 hours ago

    Can you make a video about >>Quantum Levitation<< that would be awesome :) pleeaassee ^^

  • Qamroy Dagurayan
    Qamroy Dagurayan 8 hours ago


  • Subscribe to me for no reason

    They turn into wormholes....?

  • RapidRush
    RapidRush 8 hours ago

    Lol I hate this guy and his fucking face is so small lol

  • Redcharget
    Redcharget 8 hours ago

    Don’t drop that ball It will disappear

  • IIAkumuII
    IIAkumuII 9 hours ago


  • deku fan
    deku fan 9 hours ago

    Can u put your fingers... Inside of ittt✌️✌️

  • Compguy321
    Compguy321 9 hours ago

    Does this make entangled photons?

  • parodign60
    parodign60 9 hours ago

    Pity you can't explain this to Newton. He had paid for this test of his third principle.

  • Shayan Gamer
    Shayan Gamer 9 hours ago

    4:00 ant.exe stopped working

  • Oluwatoba Alapafuja
    Oluwatoba Alapafuja 9 hours ago

    Who else watched the magnetic satisfying ad.So cool...

  • Belgan Pancake
    Belgan Pancake 10 hours ago

    4:28 **TORTURE 101**

  • Pinoy Aquarista
    Pinoy Aquarista 10 hours ago

    Aha! So this is what those shadow people wear when they go about prowling for scares.