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  • CBFgaming
    CBFgaming 2 minutes ago

    this game is great! im a huge fan of s.a.m's voice actor anthony howell, he voices johnathan reid in vampyr and edward pierce in call of cthulu, these are 2 other games i really enjoyed. so naturally i was really drawn to the great work he did in this game and i knew it as him from the start :)

  • NeonBlud
    NeonBlud 3 minutes ago

    Terminator + Gears of War

  • sad scozo
    sad scozo 5 minutes ago

    17:00 "Is anyone else here a vampire?!""....I really should kill this bitch but lemme chill"

  • Joshua Goff
    Joshua Goff 5 minutes ago

    2:58:49 I'll see you in the ring (Cuts to three count)

  • Raghad Gaming
    Raghad Gaming 7 minutes ago


  • Josh
    Josh 8 minutes ago

    this is worst the game has ever been... what has 2k done to this franchise?

  • John Chapman
    John Chapman 8 minutes ago

    Does anyone else get the feeling that this could be a sort of prequel to DOOM?

  • Ivan Ivanoff
    Ivan Ivanoff 9 minutes ago

    Thats funny to see matryoshka dolls near Volkova's computer. Dont get me wrong, its nice souvenier, but i think tourists have more of them than russians do. They are rather rare now. At least developers not gave good doctor ushanka hat like russian cosmonaut Lev Andropov in "Armageddon" movie.

  • G-Shock Jock
    G-Shock Jock 10 minutes ago


  • Tasteless Vanilla
    Tasteless Vanilla 21 minute ago

    Ellie : what the hell are u doing here Joel: You sit at the restaurant with your young son, he says he is hungry. You agree to get him dinner. You open up to the kids menu, your child is far to young for adult food. Chicken nugger stares at you from the page. You don’t understand. Your palms get sweaty and your son complains. He says he is hungry. Your mind strains, searching for an answer in a world of sweer potato and French fried. You try to order the chicken nugger, but you cannot. The words cannot escape your lips. Your son is hungry, he complains. The waitress stares at you, her head a spinning chicken nugger, her arms swinging French fried. Your son cries the tears of a chicken nugger-less child. In your mind you scream. It is raining sweer potato now, you have French fried engraved on your left temple and you do not understand. Your son weeps in the corner, he is starving. Starving for the chicken nugger.

  • Juan Jose Arancibia
    Juan Jose Arancibia 24 minutes ago

    Me recuerda a los gráficos de s vs r 2011 lastima que el 2k20 a diferencia de sus anteriores entregas tienen cada vez más bugs. Y de los notorios por que la jugabilidad no será tan buena

  • KJ Sims
    KJ Sims 26 minutes ago

    I make my model exactly like yours the only difference is that i used John Morrison glasses the exact same model

  • bum bam
    bum bam 27 minutes ago

    PC walkthroughs always have to address seperately having maximum settings on everything and in everything and.... in anything 😂👌

  • Obrian S-Brown
    Obrian S-Brown 31 minute ago

    The need to give Baraka that Pennywise skin

  • Pundika
    Pundika 39 minutes ago

    Even without masks they miss from 1 meter

  • Sweeney and the Fellas
    Sweeney and the Fellas 40 minutes ago

    Remember when Pong was impressive?

  • S.E.S PunK
    S.E.S PunK 45 minutes ago

    ever since 2k started publishing these games its gone downhill

  • Mr_Valdus
    Mr_Valdus 46 minutes ago

    99% of this comment section is people complaining about fighting. I don't think MK generally cares about his combos. He merely wants to get through the game. Just an assumption plus I'd probably play the same way until I figured everything out.

  • Octavia Skoda
    Octavia Skoda 47 minutes ago

    Okay, Everyone is all about: "What the hell are You doing here" But can't we just focus on how Ellie almost immediately knows it is Joel holding her, and she just 'relax' Like... It is awsome Or maby not Maby it's just me, but still.. Man.. those feelings

  • Emre AKA
    Emre AKA Hour ago

    Thank you man!

  • Jason Vincent
    Jason Vincent Hour ago

    I am loving the updated ff13 engine. I never played 15, so if its like this too, my bad lol

  • Matheus Salabert about a boring game..some branch shaking monsters, some war flashbacks and a faulty flashlight... Lame ass game

  • AzTeIK OverKill
    AzTeIK OverKill Hour ago

    Why both of them looks like mass effect Andromeda main character 😂😂

  • Jay
    Jay Hour ago

    I hate that joker design

  • peesap
    peesap Hour ago

    1:36 what song?

  • scootermc scooterface

    Oof, real men cried

  • Cameron Doerksen

    i recently got this game with my 7 day free trial on ps now and holy shit the stranger boss fight is so epic

  • qwert asdfg
    qwert asdfg Hour ago


  • Dumitru Langham
    Dumitru Langham Hour ago

    6:18:02 the nazgul!

  • Rahim Rahim
    Rahim Rahim Hour ago

    Its bad game 👎

  • Michael Talpas
    Michael Talpas Hour ago

    That was a wild ride. I really appreciated the faithfulness to Lovecraft's themes.

  • Tom Mulford
    Tom Mulford Hour ago

    Not exactly certain why IGN only gave this game a 7.7/10 while re6 got a 7.9/10. Like if you dislike this game thats your choice, but re7 actually breathes a breath of fresh air back into the series. This game goes back to resident evil's true survival horror roots, while 6, as fun as it can be, does not really feel like a true RE game. My only rel complaint about this game game play wise is there needs to be more enemies and monsters besides just the molded creatures.

  • This is a hot username

    kitana look so much better in Mk 9 i think(And Jade too)

  • SzopenPan
    SzopenPan Hour ago

    is this full complete ver game? or early access?

  • Eric Monaco
    Eric Monaco Hour ago

    I hope that Velveteen Dream and Tre Entrance is not MyCareer exclusive

  • Christine Felice
    Christine Felice 2 hours ago


  • Simply Kevin
    Simply Kevin 2 hours ago

    I watched the entire thing through without breaks and I don’t regret it..

  • Vyine
    Vyine 2 hours ago

    31:29 HOW DO I DO THAT LIKE WTF Also if anyone wants to help me tell me how to do it on keyboard and mouse PC

  • Jun Bug
    Jun Bug 2 hours ago

    Who paid over the original value of the collector's addition...😂😂👊

  • Jun Bug
    Jun Bug 2 hours ago

    I can not wait till i get my pod baby...its going to go amazingly well with my othe collector's editions

  • Facundo Vargas
    Facundo Vargas 2 hours ago


  • Jeremy Bennett
    Jeremy Bennett 2 hours ago


  • markyboy22074
    markyboy22074 2 hours ago

    Could somebody please create Trish Stratus from the 2018 Royal Rumble?

  • Pale Blank
    Pale Blank 2 hours ago

    16:42 "and then I knew what I had to do" 5 seconds later "I didn't know what to do"

  • D Black
    D Black 2 hours ago

    2:38:22 "when i smell weed in public"

  • BlacK Bull
    BlacK Bull 2 hours ago

    Corey Graves and his negative ass commentary all the fuckin’ time... shit is so irritating. Edit: props to 2k for atleast making a better storyline than anything you’ll ever see in real life WWE right now.

  • Kaureo113
    Kaureo113 2 hours ago

    This game looks atrocious! glad I canceled my pre-order for this game. Graphics and storyline are like something from a 90s kids cartoon network show glad I saved my money.

  • trevcon 3
    trevcon 3 2 hours ago

    Bro if this comes out for ps4 this might be insane

  • kalela larry
    kalela larry 2 hours ago

    I guess u could say he died a happy man

  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa 2 hours ago

    ha ha the running man rerfernce!!!

  • Questchaun
    Questchaun 2 hours ago

    Sorry glad I didnt waste my money on this!

  • LilTank2k 2
    LilTank2k 2 2 hours ago

    No sir not our expense TuCCCKY 😂😂😂

  • Pine Dragon
    Pine Dragon 2 hours ago

    I was hoping for actual Harley.....

  • NapizHere 2
    NapizHere 2 2 hours ago

    Can someone find me that music 0:42

  • Play Game Türkiye
    Play Game Türkiye 2 hours ago


  • Vitor Barbosa
    Vitor Barbosa 3 hours ago

    90% of the players are going to go Solo mode super aggressive while siding with Keanu Reeves to burn the city down John Wick Style. That's just a fact.

  • Ry N
    Ry N 3 hours ago

    Nobody is even hyped for this game as they were for Spider-Man 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Pilot 953
    Pilot 953 3 hours ago

    the ending was trash honestly

  • Iron Moron
    Iron Moron 3 hours ago

    I hate so much Liu Kang

  • Ghosting
    Ghosting 3 hours ago

    I’m 10 minutes in and already falling asleep.

  • Mek Smasha
    Mek Smasha 3 hours ago

    anyone else hear "Hello darkness my old friend" the song when the Filth monsters poped up ?

  • Kendrick Roman
    Kendrick Roman 3 hours ago

    1:17:25 I never saw there face like that before but, taletell I like what did there brings back memories 😪

  • 小猪快跑
    小猪快跑 3 hours ago

    Somehow I miss Issac Clarke

  • RyadMax
    RyadMax 3 hours ago

    He pee. She touch her boobs.

  • Mazen A. Elkamash
    Mazen A. Elkamash 3 hours ago

    1-16:54 kung lao:she is now officially out of your league Later...... Elder god Liu Kang: sorry, what did you say again? 2-Mortal Kombat 11, Most -violent video game in history- Amazing Romance story in 2019

  • Nedim
    Nedim 3 hours ago

    I cried so much during this flashback

  • Miroslav Zíma
    Miroslav Zíma 3 hours ago

    By the way, I once asked somebody here on YT what´s Lovecraft´s work about. Well, there are no happy endings even if the main character wins, he succumbs during or after the goal is achieved. I think Lovecraft would like this game.

  • Dark wolf girl Gaming

    Hahahahaha I lost 40 years in ten seconds Anytime u want to trade places be my guest oh fuck off hahahahaha god I am loving this game

  • Ike The Freaking Bike

    Nobody gonna talk about this videos ad problem

  • Morten Nielsen
    Morten Nielsen 3 hours ago

    Horrible voice acting, on the terminator. Get Arnold to do it, or dont include that character at all! This is a disgrace.

  • Большая капибара

    Is it possible to not launch the missile in the end? Aka 2nd ending?

  • Kemonito 2008
    Kemonito 2008 3 hours ago

    Jaja al chileitor3000

  • Hazim Chughtai
    Hazim Chughtai 3 hours ago

    1:47:25 um is no one gonna address the fact that Flash is flossing and Cyborg is dabbing??

  • Voidrive ‣
    Voidrive ‣ 3 hours ago

    big angry rock noodles just need boops

  • Ben Wirkus
    Ben Wirkus 3 hours ago

    i swear i could hear chunky kong's voice whenever shang tsung transforms

  • Jono King
    Jono King 3 hours ago

    Look like 4:27 freaked you out as much as it did me hahaha

  • aventuras todo dia good craft

    Só gosto dos jogos de antigamente

  • Eleazar Cane
    Eleazar Cane 3 hours ago


  • AONE Wrestling Fan
    AONE Wrestling Fan 4 hours ago

    This game is for girls only because male superstar is very weak. This career mode feels like R-truth carmella act, all the stupid shits.

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis 4 hours ago

    9:00 you sip all the hot coffee ☕ O. O

  • Trenton Foster
    Trenton Foster 4 hours ago

    Man I hate how much of a fuck up the guy is like I get we need comedy relief but he can’t also be a normal wrestler tf

  • Yumii
    Yumii 4 hours ago

    Y mis subtítulos en español donde están:"v

  • Damian Camacho
    Damian Camacho 4 hours ago

    Wtf why do the graphics look soo bad

  • Nicksel
    Nicksel 4 hours ago

    Hitchariide is that you?

  • Cheers06
    Cheers06 4 hours ago

    How did u record/stream this?

  • Chris Hype
    Chris Hype 4 hours ago

    I have a rule: in the 2K series, always skip a year. From what I can tell, I made the right call in this being the year to skip.

  • andre odell
    andre odell 4 hours ago

    This ps2 game looks pretty nice

  • ivor radmilović pavlek

    such a shitty ending tho... so anti-climactic...

  • Business Mail
    Business Mail 5 hours ago

    If thats about some ghost stuff I'm out

  • Elian Percival
    Elian Percival 5 hours ago

    Doesn't them fixing everything still mean that spiderman will lose all his loved ones? He never fixed that issue

    SUPERNIX 5 hours ago

    wow nice gameplay watched full

  • Samisbatman 39
    Samisbatman 39 5 hours ago

    I was like 8 when this game came out and when the game froze my brother thought i scratched the disc so he was pissed off at me until like 10 seconds later when the cutscene started

  • Ra Him
    Ra Him 5 hours ago

    Well, i.knew.all along shane will never meet any of his crew.alive. too many horror games always do that.

  • RickPlays5
    RickPlays5 5 hours ago

    fallout 5

  • Christopher Lewis
    Christopher Lewis 5 hours ago

    Mk I want to know how your heart Manage this type of game. I got jump scare and I have been drinking water every time I got jump scare my heart kick to 10.5 And I have to catch my breath. I love the video your really good at this mk and when this video over go get your heart tested 💓😮😉

  • the temz
    the temz 5 hours ago

    Why is Connor cute?

  • Merrio
    Merrio 5 hours ago

    3.6 Roentgen? Not great, not terrible...

  • JustJoshingYT
    JustJoshingYT 5 hours ago

    6:12:12 wow. Just wow

  • Nicole Nightfall
    Nicole Nightfall 5 hours ago

    Dylan McDermott could SO play Joel!

  • LaQuack
    LaQuack 6 hours ago

    why was MKX so dark and gloomy?