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  • Maru Nyan
    Maru Nyan 33 seconds ago

    dear mba rose. i always watch this clip when im feeling down or stressed out, ur voice really warms my heart😭😭😭 semoga YG tidak bodoh dan segera merilis solo that u deserved!!!!💞 *im typing this while crying skskkdks*

  • Faimahyanti Sinaga
    Faimahyanti Sinaga Minute ago

    TIMeS is BEStLUNa !

  • Me Is Orbit
    Me Is Orbit 8 minutes ago

    You gotta remember whenever a raper debuts from StarShip be prepared for their vocals because they can sing extremely well also

  • Valensia Suh
    Valensia Suh 12 minutes ago

    okay im laughing so hard in every Henry's clip of this show. till I pee on my pants, and my roomates called me crazyㅠㅡㅠ ily baby, ily Henryㅠㅡㅠ

  • roya
    roya 18 minutes ago


  • Anna Dobrynina
    Anna Dobrynina 20 minutes ago

    Чимину и джину всё равно

  • achaa a
    achaa a 22 minutes ago


  • Jerika Acojedo
    Jerika Acojedo 30 minutes ago

    I really love Park Hyung Sik

  • blink army once
    blink army once 37 minutes ago

    Oh dammit ! She's only 44 kg Yg pls take care of our lily and our girls

  • Ee Vonne
    Ee Vonne 37 minutes ago

    Full mic on, who dare?

  • Ee Vonne
    Ee Vonne 39 minutes ago

    Who's here again and again after so many years?

  • Asyifa Mifta
    Asyifa Mifta 44 minutes ago

    Masih jadi lagu favorit kok💙the best debut song✨

  • Little Fiction
    Little Fiction 44 minutes ago

    Missing our oppa so muchh😭😭❤

  • Hanzel Mgt
    Hanzel Mgt 46 minutes ago

    Clickbait no kiss unlike

  • ArrZac Gaming
    ArrZac Gaming 52 minutes ago

    Moonbin throughout this video pretty much sums up my life story

  • Dai Nguyen
    Dai Nguyen 53 minutes ago

    Phim gì vậy ban

  • Syalala Lalalala
    Syalala Lalalala 57 minutes ago

    OMG 😲😲

  • Heda NU'EST FAN
    Heda NU'EST FAN Hour ago

    NU'EST 100000000 View Face BetBet Love me let's start 💥😊😊💥💥💥💥💥💥

  • bhhhxtt //
    bhhhxtt // Hour ago


  • Spyderlegs 17
    Spyderlegs 17 Hour ago

    What was she crying about?

  • Evelin Gonzalez
    Evelin Gonzalez Hour ago

    BELLO PRÍNCIPE 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • hzmh mhn
    hzmh mhn Hour ago

    I wish i can have this on Spotify

  • nyi htwe
    nyi htwe Hour ago

    my face literally burn up at 2:45.Sorry this is my first time watching a kiss scene. But I really like this drama though💚💛💜

  • Dipson Limbu
    Dipson Limbu Hour ago

    So where are the boys I thought they were girls :0

  • Spyderlegs 17
    Spyderlegs 17 Hour ago

    Gahhhh I wish I spoke Korean so I know what they are saying!!!!! I only understood the part where he said I love you!! :-(

  • Megha Kashyap
    Megha Kashyap Hour ago

    I came here looking for somebody explaining what’s happening here. I sooooo wannna knoww!!!

  • Eput Eva
    Eput Eva Hour ago

    Im bad girl

  • pink macroon
    pink macroon Hour ago

    This is the best version love you changsub❤️

  • Danilo Caguerhab

    Not beautiful

  • Siti Nurhani Bt Kasim

    i hate that bald guy

  • gugu gaga
    gugu gaga Hour ago

    Festival not must jump and hands up right :v look GD can feel the rhythm when in original version. 😂 2019 here

  • Kumail Abbas
    Kumail Abbas Hour ago

    oh v kill me oh my god

  • Junica Alcantara


  • Nico Robin
    Nico Robin Hour ago

    irene 😍😍😍

  • Kumail Abbas
    Kumail Abbas Hour ago

    love u v

    BTS TAEHYUNG 2 hours ago

    0:53 put a english subs you'll find a hidden messege

  • Aron Garcia Paira
    Aron Garcia Paira 2 hours ago


  • Rahmil Lisna Sari
    Rahmil Lisna Sari 2 hours ago

    We need After School again :')

  • sơn trần ngọc
    sơn trần ngọc 2 hours ago


  • Sofia Belen Moraga
    Sofia Belen Moraga 2 hours ago

    2:00 aaaaaah que lindo!! Aaaaaah!! AAAAAAH! 😍😆

  • Waldi Ramli
    Waldi Ramli 2 hours ago

    💘momo is so pretty 😍 and cute ❤💖😗😄

  • 성주용
    성주용 2 hours ago

    추워보인다.. 무슨 겨울에 빙판위에 춤추는데 반팔 반바지 입히고 춤추게 하냐

  • Jenny rose Clores
    Jenny rose Clores 2 hours ago


  • gremi allauigan
    gremi allauigan 2 hours ago

    excellent! love her since scarlet heart!

  • jabba the hutt
    jabba the hutt 2 hours ago

    Bts did the best cover its like they own the song 💕

  • N Regina r
    N Regina r 2 hours ago

    Signal burig😵😵

  • Akane Tsushi
    Akane Tsushi 2 hours ago

    From flops/sm's biggest failure to legends/sm's biggest money maker 😉

  • N Regina r
    N Regina r 2 hours ago


  • 이서진
    이서진 2 hours ago

    이분 창법이나 목소리나 다 내 취향이다

  • nabila shukri
    nabila shukri 2 hours ago

    can't believe eugene and shoo is 17 here

  • Khushboo Ray
    Khushboo Ray 3 hours ago

    Love you Jimin and my bunny.But where is my bro Suga.

  • Agus Panjaitan
    Agus Panjaitan 3 hours ago

    Ni film kenapa GK ad di TVclip ya ??????

  • XxXZz
    XxXZz 3 hours ago

    Chuchi hila re bosri

  • Daisy A. Alfuente
    Daisy A. Alfuente 3 hours ago

    Great performance...not tired of watching them...rooting from Ph...they give their all...performing to the highest degree of it!

  • mharkie ford
    mharkie ford 3 hours ago

    Talented Mamamoo 😁 sports , singing , dancing , acting what morr 😂

  • Ginger Laman
    Ginger Laman 3 hours ago the way kwanghee squeaks , its like a cute rat is between GD ❤️ n taeyang❤️😂😂😂😂

  • Leia DaSilva
    Leia DaSilva 3 hours ago

    I seriously hate YG this breaks my heart. I cried during this no joke her voice has changed so much and she's forced to be someone she's not it just is so sad she deserves better then that asshole who uses their money to gamble smfh

  • ons ghrairi
    ons ghrairi 3 hours ago

    WTF is YG doing with her voice We want this rose Screw YG #blackpinkleaveyg

  • Roroa Meka
    Roroa Meka 3 hours ago

    We want seohyun with yonghwa in drama togather plzzzzzzzz plzzzzzz

  • it's me
    it's me 3 hours ago

    I need substitle pleaseeee 😭😭

    TXT ROTY 3 hours ago

    i missed this kdrama so much. istg ine of the best and god tiers kdrama ever!!

  • Amin army
    Amin army 3 hours ago

    Everytime I watch this the only thing that comes to mind is"such a beautiful voice"😍😍😍

  • Renee Yan
    Renee Yan 3 hours ago

    I love 2am !

  • Wie Qew
    Wie Qew 3 hours ago

    Wow Solar

  • chaima meracles
    chaima meracles 3 hours ago

    Taehyung 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  • Hongbin Irene
    Hongbin Irene 4 hours ago

    nayeon and chaeyon know that is vixx leo haha

  • naga t
    naga t 4 hours ago


  • JoyismyQueen 12
    JoyismyQueen 12 4 hours ago

    My Queen 😍😍😍

  • liliy Queen
    liliy Queen 4 hours ago


  • Christina Selkor
    Christina Selkor 4 hours ago

    If I got a dollar for every time i watch anything related to Mamamoo, I’d be the one paying for Mamamoo’s world tour

  • jasisanepicfail
    jasisanepicfail 4 hours ago

    I was just hit with a vision imagine long hair jungkook with his tattoos doing this performance again.

  • Mildred Jeon
    Mildred Jeon 4 hours ago

    Let's not forget Our Jungkook iconic moments😊

  • Priscilia Mellark
    Priscilia Mellark 4 hours ago

    Kim Jong Kook, ever since he debut day's, till this day, still relevant, still active too, how the hell did he do it?

  • 許銘峻
    許銘峻 5 hours ago


  • Hanzel Mgt
    Hanzel Mgt 5 hours ago

    No kiss clickbait

    KAFADAR KORECANLAR 5 hours ago

    0.34 JİİİMİİİİN😂😂😂😂

  • Thang Pham Manh vlog 94 hy


  • funny maker boy
    funny maker boy 5 hours ago

    Girl 🤤🤤🤤🖕😍

  • Lamia Prokrity
    Lamia Prokrity 5 hours ago

    Did they forget to use hairspray on suzy or what

  • ItsMe Abby
    ItsMe Abby 5 hours ago

    i really wanna see suga dancing to this

  • mj sombillo
    mj sombillo 5 hours ago

    So sweet jin young unnie's voice😍

  • Rahmat Ego
    Rahmat Ego 5 hours ago

    Taehyung 100%

    • Rahmat Ego
      Rahmat Ego 5 hours ago

      Jaen jungkook1000% pokoknya my bts bts bts bts bts bts Kimtaehyung 1000%

  • Nico
    Nico 5 hours ago

    Here Tzuyu looks prettier, Irene's lipstick didn't really suit her. But in all honesty, everyone knows Irene is the face of the 3rd generation.

  • V Nick
    V Nick 5 hours ago

    I suddenly want to get married

  • lemontree
    lemontree 5 hours ago


  • MACZ Rimpos
    MACZ Rimpos 5 hours ago

    I feel creeped out watching this. They had too chemistry, and I love Seungyeon. I used to support them dearly. Watching them now makes me pity the girl and disgusted with the guy.

  • Sagung Putri
    Sagung Putri 6 hours ago

    Omg im dying

  • rohhhgsem
    rohhhgsem 6 hours ago

    ..... ☻👌

  • Büşra Deniz
    Büşra Deniz 6 hours ago

    I'm cringing so hard

  • D. Sierenetyyy
    D. Sierenetyyy 6 hours ago

    Come to think of it ive never seen rm compete in those things ?! Huh 🤔

  • amitteresexu
    amitteresexu 6 hours ago

    so i did not actually know this original song, i discovered it from brown eyes girls remix & honestly fucking BOMB. tho i do suggest giving the remix a listen, they even ft jung hwa vocally on it. also i guess not really a remix but remade cause the sound is different, but still amazing

  • Lya Abdullah
    Lya Abdullah 6 hours ago

    what song is that at the beginning of song ? which sounds like traditional song?

  • kimberly jimena garcia ortiz

    He looks so perfect.



  • davey demigod
    davey demigod 7 hours ago

    I know he deserves more than 2 but i think she is finally paired with the cutest guy out of the men who were there. Aja hani!

  • Retno Sari
    Retno Sari 7 hours ago

    i can see other lighstick cheer up my romeosss 😍😍

  • Lin Hee
    Lin Hee 7 hours ago



    Seninle gurur duyuyorum kızım 💜💙💜💙😍😍😍...🌙

  • Chintya Dwiyanti
    Chintya Dwiyanti 7 hours ago

    i miss them huhu

  • Eli Raine
    Eli Raine 7 hours ago

    I still feel attacked watching this