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  • Sacha Herman
    Sacha Herman 9 hours ago

    Hope you feel better! I love the outfits <3 xxx from Belgium

  • Bye ǝʎq
    Bye ǝʎq 9 hours ago

    why is no one talking about the big tumble at the end lol

  • Madison The Mento
    Madison The Mento 11 hours ago

    When ever I move into a dorm, I'm making sure to get locked draws for my makeup/valuables so that my roommates aren't taking/using them without asking

  • Emily Rose
    Emily Rose 12 hours ago

    EF is a really good travel group! I went to Europe through EF Tours when I was going into my senior year of high school. I was in Paris, Barcelona and Madrid and small cities in between the two countries for 12 days and it was such a beautiful experience!!! Highly recommend!

  • aldn116
    aldn116 13 hours ago

    You look so beautiful in this video!!!!!

  • Amy Cheah
    Amy Cheah 14 hours ago

    you are so pretty! 🤩 also i hope you get better soon :(

  • Ali Lamb
    Ali Lamb 15 hours ago

    Loved this vlog so so much 💕💕

  • Jasmine Herrera
    Jasmine Herrera 16 hours ago

    Omg, Keegan I'm exactly the same if I sleep early I wake up like at 11p. Or 12am and I do not feel sleepy again until like 5 or six but thats when I have to start getting ready

  • Gabriela M
    Gabriela M 17 hours ago

    Hope you feel better ♥️

  • Gabriela M
    Gabriela M 17 hours ago

    You got this♥️

  • Gabriela M
    Gabriela M 17 hours ago

    Have an awesome back to school♥️

  • Gabriela M
    Gabriela M 17 hours ago

    Yayyy ♥️

  • Jameson’s Life
    Jameson’s Life 17 hours ago

    Keegan always says that she thinks we’re gonna think her video is boring or she hopes we don’t think it’s boring I can listen to a 12 minute video of her saying she looks like an egg with her hair in a bun and I’d be like good video lol I just like watching her even if she’s not doing anything

  • Jameson’s Life
    Jameson’s Life 18 hours ago

    This semester is kicking my ass

  • Isabella Lopez
    Isabella Lopez 18 hours ago

    omg, I love your shirt! does anyone know where she got it??? Oh and the video was very useful, thank u so much

  • Emily Singer
    Emily Singer 19 hours ago

    hi keegan i hope you can get better soon i hate being sick but when im sick your videos all ways make me feel better i love them so much

  • Berlyn Togafau
    Berlyn Togafau 19 hours ago

    I was literally waiting for this for so long 😂🥰 i love these videos

  • Meredyth Powell Cohen
    Meredyth Powell Cohen 20 hours ago

    Thank you for showing the bad. TVclip culture is incredibly edited. I personally compare myself to how productive TVclipr's are being, but only see certain times in their life. In your case I think its easy to see you as having the ideal college experience and being in a sorority and get jealous, but I know you struggle with the same things every college student does.

  • ducky flakes
    ducky flakes 20 hours ago

    Hey everyone just a quick tip if you use binders like all the time for everything and dont use your folder get these tab dividers that have pockets on them

  • Taylor Hover
    Taylor Hover 21 hour ago

    Super cute!!! LITB💚❤️

  • Victoria S.
    Victoria S. 22 hours ago

    Get better soon! It sucks to be sick in college. I am starting on Monday and I think I am also getting sick again, yay 😞

  • Spencer Rebecca
    Spencer Rebecca 23 hours ago

    Ugh feel better girlie. Good luck this semester

  • Maddie Barrett
    Maddie Barrett 23 hours ago

    love you hope you feel better the flu sucks 💕💞💛

  • Addison grabarczyk
    Addison grabarczyk 23 hours ago

    I am only 11years old

  • Nakayla Irvin
    Nakayla Irvin 23 hours ago

    I strongly suggest going and getting checked for pneumonia if you've been coughing (a lot) for more than a couple days on top of the flu. I have really bad asthma and I'm healing from pneumonia so I'd definitely get it checked!

  • Lena Johnson
    Lena Johnson Day ago

    I hope you feel better soon Keegan! I enjoyed the vlog :) and good luck this semester 💛

  • Anki Lee
    Anki Lee Day ago

    VERY cute!!! Very thoughful theme

  • Rachel Herron
    Rachel Herron Day ago

    What happened to your roommate?

    • Rachel Herron
      Rachel Herron 23 hours ago

      Keegan Acton nice! why wasn’t she there when you were up super early in the morning tho?

    • Keegan Acton
      Keegan Acton 23 hours ago

      we both just have very opposite schedules so we see each other like once a week hahah

  • Maria Jose Zuniga

    Lots of basic dad fashion

  • God's Treasure

    Poor baby. I’ll pray that you getter better real soon. It’s been an active flu season across the country. I hope you’re able to take time off to get some rest Keegan 💙💙💙💙

  • Maria Jose Zuniga

    The best part of this aprty was the dogs and Kayla

  • fatima slatna
    fatima slatna Day ago

    Omg you can't imagine how happy I am when I saw you posted new vedio love u so much and wish u get better soon my english is bad cuz it's my 3rd language I am from north africa

  • AnnaDaA
    AnnaDaA Day ago

    i had a lung infection like a year ago and it was sooo bad. i also felt like i was dying just because my body was so weak. i had it for a month and after like 1 week i physically wasnt able to cough anymore. my whole body hurt. so i understand you! get well soon❤

    • Keegan Acton
      Keegan Acton 23 hours ago

      i’m so sorry you went through that too. it makes me feel better that i’m not just going crazy

  • Hannah Chimento

    How did you pick where you wanted to go to college? I’ve been accepted to 5 and i have two that i can’t choose between! pls help!

    • Hannah Chimento
      Hannah Chimento 22 hours ago

      Keegan Acton Thank you so much!

    • Keegan Acton
      Keegan Acton 23 hours ago

      i chose asu because they offered me a good scholarship, it was the best program for my major out of the schools i applied for, and i liked the location the best

    • Charlotte Sinclair
      Charlotte Sinclair Day ago

      I would make a pros and cons list for both and then compare them with the most important things you want the school to have

  • Abigail Tarka
    Abigail Tarka Day ago

    love your vids and i hope you feel better! ❤️❤️

  • Geneva Brown
    Geneva Brown Day ago

    Hey Keegan it's Tyler Bock I hope you feel better soon if I were you I would get some medicine like try theraflu because I had to

  • MaKayla Raye
    MaKayla Raye Day ago

    Aw hope you’re feeling better!

  • Kyana Titus
    Kyana Titus Day ago

    I hope you feel better! 💖

  • Kelsey
    Kelsey Day ago

    I hope you feel better soon!!

  • Lauren B
    Lauren B Day ago

    Feel Better Keegan! Wishing you the best for this semster!!!

  • Liyah Sunshine

    Thank you for being real with us!💖💖💖

  • megan marie
    megan marie Day ago

    Keegs! I'm so happy you think it's important to show all sides of you and I appreciate that! Every human has more emotions than just happiness, and seeing it makes it more relatable and shows that we aren't alone when it comes to feeling bad or anything like that. love ya!

  • Harkykins
    Harkykins Day ago

    I have the flu too 😩 I get your pain! Your video made my day! 💕

  • Amber Spade
    Amber Spade Day ago

    i loved this video girl!💗

  • Abby Leach
    Abby Leach Day ago

    I love you videos so much! I have been watching since you were in high school!

  • claire isabel
    claire isabel Day ago

    Love your college vlogs!! Super motivating for both university and youtube haha

  • mada meme
    mada meme Day ago

    I love you Whatever happens to you Be strong 💜💜

  • Maleblade
    Maleblade Day ago

    Get well soon. hugs

  • Lyana Chavez
    Lyana Chavez Day ago

    Hope you feel better it sucks having the flu dorming now being in the comfort of your own bed 🥺

  • Admir Barucija

    Seeing your vlogs always makes my day!! I hope you’re having a wonderful week Keegan 🥰💗

  • Lyana Chavez
    Lyana Chavez Day ago

    Woah I’m early

  • Chinzaya
    Chinzaya Day ago

    love you!!

  • Karla G
    Karla G Day ago

    I’m early

  • Atiny and Army

    She's as loud as Jojo Siwa -_-

  • An illiterate Fuck

    Literally sometimes I feel like it might be easier to make friends while I’m older at a job or something where small talk would work really well, In high school if you start talking about the weather people will think ur weird

  • Jessica Vaughan

    Don't worry we have the some kind of blanket

  • Strangerxalfie

    Your mom is actually so cool 😂

  • Laura Gonzalez
    Laura Gonzalez 2 days ago

    What's the difference between fraternity and sorority?

  • Samantha N
    Samantha N 2 days ago

    I got nominated for homecoming princess I'm super nervous.

  • Lego Master Builder

    Keegan Acton I'm so happy I found your channel I go to a community college for more than 4 years for Engineering I'm a senior and feel so tired and mentally just done like I want it to be over already. I've had probably 8 to 9 panic attacks and actually before a final exam I got sick in the bathroom. Really thinking about dropping out ever since I'm in college I just feel so tired and not being able to enjoy my life in my 20s Ive had so many breakdowns but my parents told me their not going to harbor someone not going to college so I have that to worry about. I think this is a good video for parents of college students they have no idea what we go through I'm honestly surprised I haven't had a heart attack from college. please reply Keegan

  • Destiny Stewart
    Destiny Stewart 2 days ago

    U are always wearing white and your beautiful

  • Raliya Goings
    Raliya Goings 2 days ago

    You move college on my b day yay :)

  • Andrew Harvey
    Andrew Harvey 2 days ago

    Free book on college success

  • Jenesa Myles
    Jenesa Myles 3 days ago

    Or you at Bahamas

  • Lucky Charm
    Lucky Charm 3 days ago

    Sorry if one the comment is long,Do you think I should try pack 2 weeks this summer my uncle live next town so i put my clothes with my aunt when need to and there stores close by i can go shopping and Wish I could ford to go out the country but every summer I go down Jersey shore for a month from Arizona get away from heat of August if helps it be humidity and 80 degrees and we lounge and walk up to the beach and on weekend I wait for my aunt and go shopping what of your thought for packing a month if I have chance to go thisbsummer? I wont know till May. My grandma get senor discounts on certain time of the day 🥰 I want to pack less this year so I can bring stuff of like souvenirs and snacks that they have and we dont I always will bring two bags

  • Packer Bay
    Packer Bay 3 days ago

    The car brand is Renault:) I have seen it before. And it’s in the logo brand game. If you would like to download it:) LYSM,Keegan:D

  • Tyann Bland
    Tyann Bland 3 days ago

    At my university we only have Frat houses. They won’t let us have sorority houses

  • AnnaDaA
    AnnaDaA 3 days ago

    splitting a bill is really not something people do in France. its a well known thing just like you take your shoes off in japan in houses. i feel like europeans know more about those little weird things you shouldnt do in countries tho

  • `' loafz
    `' loafz 3 days ago

    She looked like JoJo siwa in her thumbnail

  • Lisa -
    Lisa - 3 days ago

    I have one best friend and I don’t think I can rely on her as my only friend but I’m not good at making friends they usually come to me as extroverts

  • James Walker
    James Walker 3 days ago

    the car is a Renault

  • Jullie
    Jullie 3 days ago

    What others want their rooms to be: pink and colorful Me: Any shade of grey and white lmao

  • Jenn
    Jenn 3 days ago

    Why do they cry so much?

  • amisctic love
    amisctic love 4 days ago

    guys ask you for lotion??? you know what that means.... 👺👺

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 4 days ago

    I just got to Paris today! I was in London for the last week

  • Sarah Cat
    Sarah Cat 4 days ago

    me: can’t wait to go to college for this reason also me: in 7th grade and not even finished with middle school

  • Florthy
    Florthy 4 days ago

    But I’m from the UK. homework doesn’t count as any thing and what is the horners class

  • Maelys
    Maelys 4 days ago

    I’m French and I’ve been watching you since last year 😁 I’m pretty sure the car brand you’re talking about is Renault Love u 🇫🇷💕

  • Emily Loraine
    Emily Loraine 4 days ago

    Seems like you had such a fun time in Paris! 💗💗

  • Isabella Russo
    Isabella Russo 4 days ago


  • Nina A
    Nina A 4 days ago

    I'm pretty sure the car brand you're talking about is Renault

  • Admir Barucija
    Admir Barucija 4 days ago

    Seeing your videos always makes my day better!! I hope you have a great week Keegan 🥰

  • Assyriankid Tv
    Assyriankid Tv 4 days ago

    What up Paris!!! I have a vlog on my channel about Paris 🙌

  • Bo Geraerts
    Bo Geraerts 4 days ago

    the car is Renault!

  • Ali Lamb
    Ali Lamb 4 days ago

    Loved this vlog so so much literally incredible!

  • SuperChiko4000
    SuperChiko4000 4 days ago

    This is a beautiful Vlog 🌟✨✨✨

  • Ç Jenkins
    Ç Jenkins 4 days ago

    🇫🇷 Bonne vie

  • Manon Lucas
    Manon Lucas 4 days ago

    Yes there are French people watching you! I am and I love your vids ✨💗💗💗 Hope you’re having the best time there, I wish I lived there so I could have seen you! 🥰

  • Lavina Ansuria naidoo

    The car could be the brand Renault 🙂

  • Paula Kłosiewicz
    Paula Kłosiewicz 4 days ago

    It’s renault, french car brand :)

    • Florence Welch
      Florence Welch 4 days ago

      Paula Kłosiewicz and it is very bad just as most french cars

  • Liyah Sunshine
    Liyah Sunshine 4 days ago

    I always wanted to go to paris but i hope you and your friend had an amazing time!🖤

  • Maleblade
    Maleblade 4 days ago

    Looking good Keegan (and Gracie too).hugs :)

  • Emily Bennett
    Emily Bennett 4 days ago

    Omg love you, your so pretty 😁❤️

  • Shanti Peters
    Shanti Peters 4 days ago

    it is 102 where I live and I've been up since 6:30 this morning they haven't took a nap all day today I hate studying for exams 😫 but this will make me feel better

  • Harry McLauchlan
    Harry McLauchlan 4 days ago

    4 views , 7 likes and 5 comments? TVclip is absolutely drunk

  • Anvita Limaye
    Anvita Limaye 4 days ago

    ah i love uuu!!

  • Timiah Gallishaw
    Timiah Gallishaw 4 days ago

    Omg I love your videos and my dream is to go to Paris how’s the vibe there ❤️😭?

  • lindseydanceluv
    lindseydanceluv 4 days ago

    ok sorry to do this but i cant believe im the third comment!! I love you keegan!!

  • Allyson Wintle
    Allyson Wintle 4 days ago

    i love this!! i’m going to paris in a few weeks so these are awesome ideas to do!!

  • MissAlexK
    MissAlexK 4 days ago

    haha look at me being early for once. I absolutely would love to visit Paris one day!