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Nebraska Football 2019...
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Huskers in Super Bowl 53!
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    PETE SEGURA 2 days ago

    We still kicked his ass we are ute faithful

  • Herbie 08
    Herbie 08 2 days ago

    Great video, poor music

  • Jd Lburg
    Jd Lburg 2 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥great job on the vid bro

  • Pip Tip
    Pip Tip 3 days ago

    N he gonna be stronger faster next year N have bacc up

  • Cameron Mowitz
    Cameron Mowitz 3 days ago

    One of our key parts of winning games!

  • Jackson Lindburg
    Jackson Lindburg 3 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥amazing vid, love it. Wan'dale is going down in Husker lore

  • Rylon Grant
    Rylon Grant 3 days ago


  • James Brauer
    James Brauer 3 days ago

    Another good video. Looking forward to a lot more hype material available next season. I don't know about y'all, but watching the attitude, energy, and fight these Frost recruits play with gets me excited. GBR!!!

  • Hamster Lover
    Hamster Lover 3 days ago

    He was good! I can’t wait till next season #GBR

  • [Your name here]
    [Your name here] 3 days ago


  • Preston Brooo
    Preston Brooo 3 days ago


  • Howard Smith
    Howard Smith 3 days ago

    I think he could have been the greatest QB in BYU history, except for all those injuries.

  • Hayden Richards
    Hayden Richards 4 days ago

    Lil red got punked

  • MrBlindedbyrainbows

    Lol @ Jason 1:06

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris 5 days ago


  • Nick
    Nick 6 days ago

    Who’s here for the raiders recent transaction?? 👀

  • Albino Harambe
    Albino Harambe 7 days ago

    I can see glimpses of unbelievable talent in Adrian Martinez but he makes stupid decisions

  • Albino Harambe
    Albino Harambe 7 days ago

    That boy can run

  • Kenneth Paul Navarette

    Stephen Curry steals a lollipop from LeBron , LeBron said why take my lollipop. Way to go idol SC30

  • Penwick parsley
    Penwick parsley 9 days ago

    Very athletic, quick release, good eyes, quick decision maker. All a plus, no I mean A+++++

  • William Diemert
    William Diemert 11 days ago

    Either 2021 or 2022 he will transfer to a different school because Luke McCaffrey will have a better chance at quarterback than Logan Smothers.

  • Bradley Poppe
    Bradley Poppe 11 days ago

    Ac dc thunderstruck would of been my music of choice this kid is a beast

  • Ousmane Wheeler
    Ousmane Wheeler 11 days ago

    this is where I'm from

    STAY COOL 12 days ago

    Go big red I’m form Nebraska let’s goooo

  • Jd Lburg
    Jd Lburg 12 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥 Revenge game

  • Alejandro Marquez
    Alejandro Marquez 12 days ago

    Day by day we’ll get better and better till we can’t be beat GBR

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L 12 days ago

    Win or loose I will always cheer my Huskers! Volleyball, Baseball, basketball, and above all Football GBR!!!

  • Hamster Lover
    Hamster Lover 12 days ago

    Win this game make a bowl and most importantly GBR

  • TheCole Productions
    TheCole Productions 12 days ago

    GBR. great video 👍

  • Gene Rutherford
    Gene Rutherford 13 days ago


  • [Your name here]
    [Your name here] 13 days ago

    Busts are goats win or lose Best fan base Used to be #1 with Tom but Scott will make it there and he probably promises that

  • [Your name here]
    [Your name here] 13 days ago

    Mo barry is my inspiration Such a great guy

  • Just a Mexican Passing

    Go big go red💯💯💯💯

  • Mason Piper
    Mason Piper 13 days ago


  • st85100
    st85100 13 days ago

    Expect to win... Refuse to lose... Husker for life... Go Big Red!

  • Trystan Uphoff
    Trystan Uphoff 13 days ago

    Let’s gooooooo BIG RED

  • Little madden God God


  • Big K
    Big K 13 days ago

    Let's cook some Hawkeyes for Thanksgiving!!!!

    • bill jean
      bill jean 13 days ago

      Bugeaters say that every year. And realize they are only cooking bugs for Thanksgiving, a delusional birds. Then the Hawks prey on them the next day.

  • Iron Wolf4000
    Iron Wolf4000 13 days ago

    Let’s go to a bowl game!!! GBR!

  • Hamster Lover
    Hamster Lover 13 days ago

    If you look at this guy wrong he’ll make memorial stadium your final resting place

  • Andrew Lamb
    Andrew Lamb 15 days ago

    Home run hitter. He is sprinting with everything he’s got

  • What Idk
    What Idk 16 days ago

    He is going to the NFL

  • Josh francis
    Josh francis 17 days ago

    Outside of the fublmbling problems, he looked AMAZING in 2015 and 2016. After tearing that ligament in his foot, he just didnt have the elite explosive cutting ability that he used to have.

  • Marquis Monroe
    Marquis Monroe 18 days ago

    I’m in tears I have that tattooed on my back Don’t give up don’t give in there’s always an answer to everything we can do whatever we want in this life 💯💯

  • Phil
    Phil 19 days ago

    Frost was a beast, a true beast

  • Drift Team
    Drift Team 23 days ago

    Why did he never go pro

  • Joshua Guillory
    Joshua Guillory 24 days ago

    Tommy could think on and off the foot! Perfect job! Thanks, guys 😀🤗🤩👍😍❤😊😚

  • MooseManOG
    MooseManOG 25 days ago

    Back when Taylor was good

    CLAYTON WAGNER 26 days ago

    Also a husker fan

  • Thomas Kelly
    Thomas Kelly 27 days ago

    No miracle catch vs Missouri 1997?

  • George Mollohan
    George Mollohan 28 days ago


  • Matt Linder
    Matt Linder 28 days ago

    Is this on RRS?

  • Jermaine Clark
    Jermaine Clark 29 days ago

    Great audio.. The hairs are standing up and I'm ready to suit up.. We are Nebraska and this audio said it all and we will be ok and dominate all once again 💪💪💪💪☝☝

  • Jackson Lindburg
    Jackson Lindburg 29 days ago


  • Ryan Witte
    Ryan Witte 29 days ago

    Nebraska's killer this season is Maurice Washington's stupidity. He was our best outside threat dammit.

  • Ryan Witte
    Ryan Witte 29 days ago

    This kid is going to go in the first four rounds of the NFL draft. We'll miss him at Nebraska though.GBR

  • cornfednebraskaneer

    We'll be back. Huskers no matter what.

  • [Your name here]
    [Your name here] Month ago

    This makes me pumped up

  • Husker Dee
    Husker Dee Month ago

    The toughest times GBR

  • Sam Rogers
    Sam Rogers Month ago

    GO BIG RED!!!

  • James Brauer
    James Brauer Month ago

    Great motivational video. Love the focus. Don't forget it took Devaney 8 year's to build a championship team from scratch. Osborn was given a championship team and it still took him 20 year's to get his first Nati. Frost will get this fixed. Red till dead. GBR!!!

    • blueticecho
      blueticecho 28 days ago

      You need to do your home work Devaney never had a losing season and went to bowl game his first year...

    • Elite Sports
      Elite Sports Month ago

      James Brauer 💯💯

  • Hamster Lover
    Hamster Lover Month ago

    No matter what I’m a husker fan

  • Nathan L
    Nathan L Month ago

    Good job! Great Video! GBR!!

    • Elite Sports
      Elite Sports Month ago

      Nathan L thank you. Glad you liked it!

  • SoRuh Ice
    SoRuh Ice Month ago

    Day by Day, we get better and better.

  • Cash Petersen
    Cash Petersen Month ago

    Love your videos

  • Tavis Rippen
    Tavis Rippen Month ago

    They should show this to the players before the game. And put it on the big screen before the game also. I love what you do here. You make honestly the best pump up and motivational videos I've ever seen. Thank you for doing this.

    • Elite Sports
      Elite Sports Month ago

      st85100 thanks!

    • st85100
      st85100 Month ago

      Agreed! I always look forward to watching the newest Elite Sports videos. They are the best! Go Big Red!

    • Elite Sports
      Elite Sports Month ago

      Tavis Rippen thanks man. Means a lot 😊

  • st85100
    st85100 Month ago

    (Win, lose or draw) Husker for life... GO BIG RED! Remember, no one hates what's going on more than the players and coaches. I'm behind them both and when Frost turns this around, and he will, it's going to be awesome! Husker! Power!

  • Ben Marshall
    Ben Marshall Month ago

    Day by day Forever Red

  • Big K
    Big K Month ago

    Wisconsin has caused us so much bullshit I wanna get revenge and get these damn Badgers by the tail 😈😈😈

  • Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson Month ago


  • Nitel Killzzz
    Nitel Killzzz Month ago


  • Melvin smith
    Melvin smith Month ago

    Only Nebraska would praise a bum like this ... their program is paying the price now

  • Rob Johnson
    Rob Johnson Month ago

    This entrance is such a joke. Neb needs to earn this first.

  • slipinr
    slipinr Month ago

    The hit at 1:36 :0

  • blackshirts848
    blackshirts848 Month ago

    Where is this guy? Why doesnt frost use him?

  • Algorithmz
    Algorithmz Month ago

    When you’re watching this to be reminded of the place you lived in for 14 years of your life only to have to move away big oof

  • Keaton Wanninger
    Keaton Wanninger Month ago

    Anything changed since October, 2018?

  • Keaton Wanninger
    Keaton Wanninger Month ago

    Nebraska is now making videos about losing? In 2014 Shawn Eichorst fired Bo Pelini after a come from behind win in Iowa City for finishing the regular season 9-3 and ranked #25 in the country. Eichorst reason for the firing, 'We evaluated where Iowa was as a program'. Since Bo's firing Nebraska is 27-32 while Iowa is 43-18 and Neb hasn't won in the series since. Nebraska also just became the first Big Ten team in history to lose to Indiana, Purdue and Minnesota in the same season. Dumpster Fire.

    • Wyatt Stapp
      Wyatt Stapp 29 days ago

      You gotta understand man nebraska just got out of a era were we had shitty coaches were we are at right now is better than where we were at with Mike riley 3-6 really were slowly becoming better and i have trust well become s Ohio state someday

  • garrett marshall
    garrett marshall Month ago

    i go to the smae highschool as him. trust me dude is a beast. he benches 430 and front squats 575. and he always brings 3-4 people with him before he goes down. hes underratted

  • Wakita Sioux
    Wakita Sioux Month ago

    Uh...all hope is still lost. Scott Fraudst = NEBRASKA FOOTBALL's LATEST HEAD COACH CONTRACT BUYOUT

  • Daniel Dokie
    Daniel Dokie Month ago

    Stephenson turn up

  • Grant Trent
    Grant Trent Month ago

    There is a reason Martinez beat him out a a true freshman. Adrian is a beast compared to him. He knew he'd NEVER play with Adrian as a Husker. Its why he transferred.

  • Graham Wilde
    Graham Wilde Month ago

    I know him I lived in the same town as him for 2 years and watch all his wrestling

  • Angel Medium
    Angel Medium Month ago

    Charlie ward g.o.a.t

  • Hades 69
    Hades 69 Month ago

    My father said after the Perdue game “Matt when I was a kid Nebraska’s worst season was 9-3.” now when I have kids I want to say that to my kids. GBR

  • earnest.jarod188
    earnest.jarod188 Month ago

    Today is November 2nd 2019 and we just lost to 2-6 Perdue. We are still asking the same question 😔😞

  • James Zachery
    James Zachery Month ago

    WHO DAT!

  • dave redler
    dave redler Month ago

    Coaches need to motivate players. Try kicking them in the ass in front of 90k fans. Worked for Lombardi.

  • Ewan dube
    Ewan dube Month ago

    One day.. maybe.. one day.. I’ll be a Husker too

  • Day by Day
    Day by Day Month ago


  • SanFranFan30
    SanFranFan30 Month ago

    Let go Battle Hawks

  • Jason Childs
    Jason Childs Month ago

    Nice video.. but I don't share the sorrow of this, I don't feel the self-hate is present, I heard the several lines that made this great for a Husker video.... but I see the future of Husker football is good because it is back in the hands of a true and trusted Husker who actually understands without any doubt, what Nebraska Football is all about and what it will take to bring us back. Nebraska Football is Legendary. We are building Day by Day... "....... Until we can't be beat! - Wont be beat!"

  • Big K
    Big K Month ago

    It hard right now but I'm trusting frost with my heart homie 💯💯

  • Ryan Witte
    Ryan Witte Month ago

    GOOOO BIIIG REEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bhris kirchhoff
    bhris kirchhoff Month ago

    what ever happened to this dude did he transfer out?

    • bhris kirchhoff
      bhris kirchhoff Month ago

      nvm he’s still there i see he was recovering from a hs injury

  • [Your name here]
    [Your name here] Month ago

    If ur from Nebraska you have to like the huskers -Beau Mytty III

  • [Your name here]
    [Your name here] Month ago

    These make me cry happy tears I love huskers

  • [Your name here]
    [Your name here] Month ago

    Go big red Being from Nebraska huskers are like, my favorite team in world including any other sport

  • 402ACM 06
    402ACM 06 Month ago

    Indeed the corn forever and forever

  • terrabus1
    terrabus1 Month ago

    I needed this today. I'm glad I found it.

    • terrabus1
      terrabus1 Month ago

      @Elite Sports Thank you. I appreciate you doing the work. You never know who you'll reach or who needs it.

    • Elite Sports
      Elite Sports Month ago

      terrabus1 that’s amazing! That’s why I make these types of videos