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Is GM Dying?Is GM Dying?
Is GM Dying?
14 days ago

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  • IDEK Creations
    IDEK Creations 2 months ago

    Love the passion!

  • bob dubay
    bob dubay 3 months ago

    Such a great video

  • GooseJuice
    GooseJuice 7 months ago

    Great Channel!

    LEGEND MADE954 8 months ago

    You got one ,, yee lets work.. check out my channel

  • TheF3va
    TheF3va 8 months ago

    real shit tho

  • TheNewVocal
    TheNewVocal 9 months ago

    Greetings from The Lion City - SG :P =) Wishing you a awesome day!

  • EclipZe Muzik
    EclipZe Muzik 9 months ago

    Great Work!!

  • D Gambino
    D Gambino 10 months ago

    keep it up

  • UnitedConservativeFront

    Love the video :)

    NOVAzTOM 10 months ago

    It Would Mean A Lot

  • eXplorer
    eXplorer 10 months ago

    Great videos! I love looking earth, explore and meditate...

  • pikante dmob
    pikante dmob 10 months ago

    son copias tuyas pikante tu empesaste esto

  • The Travel Vlogger

    Awesome work!

  • Naxtor Official
    Naxtor Official Year ago

    Nice one bro !!!

  • The_LongDark
    The_LongDark Year ago


  • A2S Academy2Success

    Great work. Don´t stop doing this. regards chris

  • The Ultimate H
    The Ultimate H Year ago



    Cool channel m8

  • The Fabsisters
    The Fabsisters Year ago

    Awsome channel

  • Cyrus Igono
    Cyrus Igono Year ago

    awesome, what are some other videos i should check out?

  • Rahul Nehra
    Rahul Nehra Year ago


  • Timeof baked
    Timeof baked Year ago

    i love ittt

  • Stuart Anson
    Stuart Anson Year ago

    Nice videos!

  • Conflicted
    Conflicted Year ago

    this is the best

  • Nicoara Talpes
    Nicoara Talpes Year ago

    Text message1

  • Islam Noor
    Islam Noor Year ago

    سبحان الله

  • Lorrie Shelley
    Lorrie Shelley Year ago

    I like your balanced examination of the issues and that you are not afraid to be outraged, depressed, elated, enthusiastic, etc. all whilst telling the truth!

  • Jonathan Galdamez
    Jonathan Galdamez 2 years ago

    Get the truth out

  • Natalie Baldwin
    Natalie Baldwin 2 years ago

    I'm supporting because of Jordan's incredible reporting. Can we clone that guy?

  • yvonne1118
    yvonne1118 2 years ago

    amazing, always, thank you all. keep it up! (:

  • Important guy commenting

    Keep up the fight Young Turks

  • The House of Jokes
    The House of Jokes 2 years ago

    Your channel reveals substance and persistence. I certainly appreciated experiencing it, thanks a bunch. (4) This is a really great youtube channel. Thanks a lot for the time you took to create it.

  • Al B
    Al B 2 years ago

    Thank you for being the voice of reason.

  • Ariane Pick
    Ariane Pick 2 years ago

    Big up from France, I love your show!

  • Devin Carraway
    Devin Carraway 2 years ago

    Keep doing what you're doing.

  • USAbrake34
    USAbrake34 2 years ago

    Get Corporate Money Out Of Politics! GTFO!

    THEDOCDOR 2 years ago

    You doing a great service now let's Galvanize!!!

  • Mn Mn
    Mn Mn 2 years ago

    Por Florida...

  • Fernando González
    Fernando González 2 years ago

    Keep doing what you're doing, motivate our brains to think about news, social change, social climate, political climate. Some may not think the same as you but in my opinion your news shows motivate people to think, and that is important. Thank you.

  • John Nichols
    John Nichols 2 years ago

    Something Jimmy brought up while talking about what will happen post election, what about the repercussions of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 that let to the deregulation of the telecommunications industry? It's led to a consolidation of media companies meaning less local coverage, less diversity in points of view, and more control over the narrative of stories. This sounds like EXACTLY what Cenk is kvetching about on a regular basis while discussing the MSM

  • mrveryodd
    mrveryodd 2 years ago

    Still nothing 3 weeks on

  • sargentrowell81
    sargentrowell81 2 years ago

    You guys should have Green Day on the show. They're a pretty progressive band that have been known for speaking out on politics. At least for 'American Idiot' and '21st Century Breakdown.' And they've made political references in their show as well. I'd love to see you guys interview them, and maybe have them perform some more political songs of theirs like 'American Idiot,' 'Holiday,' and 'American Eulogy.'

  • ManBeardly
    ManBeardly 2 years ago

    what happened to your video on the trump rally that mistook a sign for a gun?

  • LadyDanielle Zana
    LadyDanielle Zana 2 years ago

    Hillary is just as fucked up as Trump, they are both criminals, and they are both corrupt.. why the fuck do you not be the change to America , to the planet and make a fucking difference, and braking the two-party bullshit , instead of conforming to it and being a bunch of two faced cunts ? Hillary and Trump = WW3...

  • Hal Forsyth
    Hal Forsyth 2 years ago

    The Young Turks sold out to Fusion. Fusion is owned by Univision. Univision is owned by Haim Saban. Haim Saban is Hillary's biggest single donor. This explains why Cenk Uygur, and some of the others, now endorse Hillary...

    • A. S. C.
      A. S. C. 2 years ago

      Explains everything. The young turks think the public is stupid like the Hierarchy of the Democrats.

  • Tanna Gilman
    Tanna Gilman 2 years ago

    You afraid your FAMILY CANNOT VISIT CENK? REALLY? WE refused to vote for candidates who were war hawks WHILE WE WATCHED OUR LOVED ONES GETTING DRAFTED TO VIETNAM, YOU WUSSIFIED POS! SO DONE WITH YOU! And, your 24/7 DRUMPF channel SUCKS!

  • ESiobhan L
    ESiobhan L 2 years ago

    Why are you not covering the Dakota Pipeline. Cmon there is a media blackout of the issue and it really needs to be talked about and brought out in the public. No matter who's elected that won't matter if the water and the land is contaminated for the thousands upon thousands of people in the 4 affected states. WHY ARE YOU NOT COVERING IT????

  • Stop the Hate Media Love each Other

    Cenk is a Hillary propaganda slave. I'm sure he has been bought out by Hillary just like the main stream media. Tell the truth to your viewers, be honest, how much were you paid? Maybe Wikileaks has an email showing this?

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      *"WikiLeaks Bombshell Exposes Extent Of Clinton Corruption"* Posted 5 days ago It seems strange that Hillary Clinton would pay Cenk to produce such a video, doesn't it?

  • Tom Meyers
    Tom Meyers 2 years ago

    how can a channel that is based only upon lies and false or modified content have 3 million subscribers. they make it look like 99% of the world are racists even if its not true. they are so incredibly biased and far from reality it blows my mind

    • Tom Meyers
      Tom Meyers 2 years ago

      channels like this are the reason why racism still exists in our current world

  • Aden
    Aden 2 years ago

    Trump is going to win and then I will bask in the tears of Cenk Uygur!

    • Aden
      Aden 2 years ago

      I'm dancing in the rain of tears!!

    • Aden
      Aden 2 years ago

      Excellent! I'm glad you find the humor in it :)

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      I also find humor in people giving their own comments a +1.

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      It's funny that you wrote "Treat others as you wish to be treated." on your profile bio.

  • Dalia
    Dalia 2 years ago

    You should do a segment on the progressive movement urging people to write in Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard for VP if they live in CA, OR, WA, WY, IA, WI, AL, PA, DC, NJ, NH, VT or RI. Why or why not should they do this?

  • kevin kevin
    kevin kevin 2 years ago

    Why is Trump gaining in the polls? Because sites like TYT create false equivalencies. "Hillary is a terrible, terrible person - but Trump is worse so vote for Clinton. But just know that no one likes Hillary and she's a horrible, horrible person - but don't vote for Trump. But understand that we hate promoting such a despicable person as Hillary, but we don't recommend Trump". Now you're surprised that people think "since they're both bad - might as well vote for real change with Trump"? Just as Nader led to the Bush years, the Berniacs will go down in history for this debacle.

  • Fluffy Raja
    Fluffy Raja 2 years ago

    This isn't a news channel, and it doesn't try to be either. Journalists are supposed to be objective, not opinionated to extreme levels. And they support a satanist, as confirmed in a series of emails about 'Spirit Cooking,' for President of the United States.

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      Maybe you should stick to Breitbart and Alex Jones. They certainly cater to your version of reality.

  • Michel LeGrisbi
    Michel LeGrisbi 2 years ago

    If you aren't already, please take some time to do a video debunking the "spirit cooking"

    • A. S. C.
      A. S. C. 2 years ago

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA it is hard to debunk poetasters friends and family and the woman who holds these parties as truth is impossible to debunk.

  • Pablo Barba
    Pablo Barba 2 years ago

    TYT: You have lost all credibility. When will you do a video on the new podesta emails revealing that the democratic party is involved in real satanic rituals and pedophilia

  • A. S. C.
    A. S. C. 2 years ago

    I am stunned about the wikileaks and the occultic satanic links to Podestra and Hillary, and the fact that the NYPD have copys of the emails that they handed to the FBI. Are the TYT's interested in potentially the craziest party in the History of America or are they so stupid they will ignore this. The leadership of America is Insane. Satanism......are you kidding me. WTF, WTF. This is beyond a joke, Vote trump to slow the movement down. Hillary is too far gone mentally. She ain't one of us. She is Manson style.

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    The Old Turds for Crooked Hillbilly, the new name for this channel.

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson 2 years ago

    Young Turk (n), 1... 2. Young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations Yet they're old fucks who go along with the Hillary establishment...

  • Hunter Bagby
    Hunter Bagby 2 years ago


  • Joe Wagner
    Joe Wagner 2 years ago

    "You've Been trumped Too" Has been released. Get it out there asap.

  • Greg Gardner
    Greg Gardner 2 years ago

    Just a thought...But, I guess now, we can ask the question: When the time comes, how quickly will we be willing to impeach the president? When the time comes...

  • S Cooper
    S Cooper 2 years ago

    To all who may have forgotten these important words . nie vergessen well you may not understand the meaning but the families of over 6 million do . Never forget or history will repeat itself over and over. So it is sad to see many have. A vote for Trump means either you prefer history repeating again , or ignorance . PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU CAST YOUR VOTE . I BEG OF YOU .....

    • S Cooper
      S Cooper 2 years ago

      I am sorry for my ignorance what does your comment mean ?

  • LGBTQ Conservative
    LGBTQ Conservative 2 years ago

    Here are the links to all three of the videos for the third party forum on Tavis Smiley's PBS show Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

  • WilliamOccamensis
    WilliamOccamensis 2 years ago

    Hey Cenk, here's a story you should be covering:

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    WOW! TYT so silent. I'm beginning to think its the Clinton Supporters and TYT that are the true racists. When theres no more race baiting stories, they are silent.Look at all the corruption by the Clints and Demos and TYT is silent. I cant vote for Stein, she is not on the ballot nor can I write her in. The hatred for Trump is also rooted in racism. The neo liberals hate white males. I'm not a white male, not a racist and voting for Trump, only because I cant vote for Stein. Go Figure!

  • Ali Imran
    Ali Imran 2 years ago

    hey is it true that NYPD is investigating bill clinton on sex scandals and thay have the emails from anthony weiner, also i have heard that the NYPD chief says he will make public the emails if FBI and DOJ dont do anything??

  • 0110101001110
    0110101001110 2 years ago

    The Democrats are going to steal the election and then replace Hillary with someone equally as bad as her, Hillary will comply. Then they can pretend everything is fine and not corrupt. And the Young Turks, CBS, FOX, ABC, BBC and CNN etc will go back to praising their new improved Democrat overlords. The republicans will ditch Trump and continue pretending to be the opposition. Trump may be killed and/or made an example of for the exposure of corruption, same with the whistle-blowers and wiki leaks. And the Clinton's will retire with their foreign donor cash, and will continue abusing women and children, maybe pay for a dozen more murders. While America and the world are still screwed by the Elites. About time for another civil war perhaps? I hope I'm wrong and Trump wins. We will all see soon enough. Exciting bizarre times.

  • A. S. C.
    A. S. C. 2 years ago

    Well the young turks are not what they claim. Right now FBI and CIA has broken the power of Clinton, 5 separate nations have hacked Hillary's email server that she set up of her own judgement. Serious pay to play , laws have been broken on a scale unheard of. Only complete idiots will stay with her now. People who have a problem saying I was wrong. Trump Will be the next president elected by the people.

  • tableshaper
    tableshaper 2 years ago

    Could this channel be anymore anti-white. You white traitors on this channel should be ashamed!

  • Truth Master9000
    Truth Master9000 2 years ago

    TYT is worse than Alex Jones. Way worse. This is all bias propaganda. If you guys created this style of content from the beginning you would not have gotten where you are now.

  • Aysaq Chaudhry
    Aysaq Chaudhry 2 years ago

    Why is Cenk always sweating?

    • A. S. C.
      A. S. C. 2 years ago

      Because he's corrupt.

  • Aga Szarotka
    Aga Szarotka 2 years ago

    Hi Young Turks. Are you going to make a programme about Turkish Genoside of Armenians in 1915? When the Turkish group called Young Turks started the genoside of 1500000 of Armenians. Maybe high time to change the name?

  • apagoogoo
    apagoogoo 2 years ago

    i think jordan should be groomed as a successor to cenk. i think as your network grows, cenk should be doing the broad strokes and should busy himself making things consistent and doing behind the scenes work. the figureheads/anchors as far as screen time ought to be ana & jordan.

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    Is Hillary going to break down like Dr. Lester in Star trek? Wishing she was captain and steal Kirk's body. Right now I bet Hillary wishes she could take Trumps body and become the next president.

  • Phantoma3
    Phantoma3 2 years ago

    What have you Hillary fuckers done with Jimmy Dore?

  • LeCrazyCanuckEh
    LeCrazyCanuckEh 2 years ago

    Cenk call's well known dual citizens of Israel and America in high ranking positions of the US State just "Americans"! Boy they sure like to do half reports on TYT

  • Panda Bear
    Panda Bear 2 years ago

    The Australian federal government has announced it will make it illegal for asylum seekers who try to come to Australia by boat to ever enter, even as tourists. What is your opinion on this? Personally, I think it is a horrendous announcement that will seriously impact those asylum seekers who truly need aid, and have the potential to greatly contribute to society within Australia.

  • rutiger jones
    rutiger jones 2 years ago

    please help my friend get the word out. nothing is being done about this. an 8 year old girl is petrified of going back to this school. #PROTECTALIVIYA My bestfriend’s child is being bullied by other children, in a school in Charlotte NC, called Sedgefield Elementary. The child's name is Aliviya. Aliviya is 8 years old. She has been beaten up, slapped, hit with a textbook, teased and the latest incident was with a boy that strangled her on the bus to aftercare. Aliviya had bruises on her body and throat. Aliviya's mother made a report with the local police. To this day, nothing has been done to protect Aliviya. This last incident was the straw that broke the camel's back. The principal of the school is Dr. Terri Cooper. The principal is refusing to authorize a transfer to another school for Aliviya. CMS has refused transfer as well. They are forcing Aliviya's mother to send her child back to a school that is not protecting her child from bullying. CMS and Dr. Terri Cooper are forcing Aliviya to go to a school that she is petrified to attend. Again, this is not the first incident, nor is it an over-reaction by a single mom. This is now the 6th reported incident of bullying. CMS and Dr. Terri Cooper's lack of concern for Aliviya's safety is negligible. This whole idea about only being allowed to attend a school you are zoned for is preventing Aliviya from attending a safer school. Sedgefield Elementary is ranked in the 1,100s out of 1,400 plus schools in the state of North Carolina. Aliviya's mother doesn't need her daughter to be bussed in. Aliviya's mother would provide transportation to school and back. A couple of the school's that Aliviya's mother requested for transfer to have aftercare on premise. Please help protect Aliviya. Flood CMS and Sedgefield Elementary School with calls #protectaliviya Sedgefield Elementary 715 Hartford Avenue Charlotte, NC 28209 Principal Terri Cooper P: 980-343-5826 CMS 980-343-3000

  • Grahame Lamblamb
    Grahame Lamblamb 2 years ago

    To the young turks butthurt season coming for you Hillary shill crooked Clinton lovers lol she is in serious trouble are you blind trolls..trump 2017 and he will triple his net worth without a doubt

  • celess21
    celess21 2 years ago

    Think I can put them in trouble using feminism, when he asked Karen to go back to the kitchen make him a sandwich? He's defending it so much, will report this channel for offensive sexist content, feminism win, and I'm going to show you how crooked and easy it is, just you wait. You want support feminism so much after me.

  • celess21
    celess21 2 years ago

    When do you think that fat fuck's gonna die? I mean, being that fat and retarded probably has some bad out for fat cancer.

  • Justin Jolly
    Justin Jolly 2 years ago

    I get that you don't want Trump to win. I get why. I miss the primary season. You guys actually seemed progressive back then. You're being way too dismissive of the shit coming out of the Clinton campaign of late. The only thing I can do that has a chance of having any impact here is to unsubscribe and stop watching. Will continue to support Wolf Pac but the main show seems to be losing its way.

  • Clippers Nation
    Clippers Nation 2 years ago

    Can you cover the wikileaks dumps on Clinton more? All I see is Loser Donald videos on your page but people want to see the wikileaks coverage, as well as your take on Hillary's corruption. Thanks.

  • Chris Mott
    Chris Mott 2 years ago

    You were against Hilary in the primary, now you support her. Will you do anything to become as biased as possible?

  • daniel vance
    daniel vance 2 years ago

    i have a petition to do that :)

  • daniel vance
    daniel vance 2 years ago

    i need your help to shut down 2 of my worst tv shows on dish they are called wheel of fortune and jeopardy they are scaming people out of there money and they are keeping it for them selves.

  • ciaochowbella
    ciaochowbella 2 years ago

    More audio issues with your videos. All the other videos I'm watching on YT are fine. Sound on the TYT vids is abysmal. Too much bass and recorded very low. Jiggle the sound person again.

  • TheGoodFather
    TheGoodFather 2 years ago

    can you look at the video of the homeless trump supporter getting harassed please

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    Dont dare ever criticize Brazillion Nuts, they are Black Female and Christian, how DARE YOU!

  • KrKyoutube
    KrKyoutube 2 years ago

    Anyone for equality, be warned about brainwashing attempts from this channel.

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    Weiner Trupms Clinton.

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    Will have some Brazilian Nuts today! The nut will subliminally suggest its taste to your brain even before you take a bite!

  • Thaddeus Pawlicki
    Thaddeus Pawlicki 2 years ago

    So, do we call this new scandal : "Hillary's Weiner Probe"?

  • Scott Alan Bogert
    Scott Alan Bogert 2 years ago

    Has anyone's mind ever been changed about a candidate on this show?

  • h3akalee
    h3akalee 2 years ago

    When Trump wins it's then end of the road For Saudi influence in the USA does that make you happy?

  • James Love
    James Love 2 years ago

    What happened to you guys? You guys had so much more viewers before you went super anti Trump and Pro Hillary. No one likes Hillary. Some people love Trump. You guys used to have more views.

    • James Love
      James Love 2 years ago

      +Persuasive Barrier Your page sums you up, you do politics for a living and have a paid position.

    • James Love
      James Love 2 years ago

      +Persuasive Barrier You are fake and gay.

  • spartacusss
    spartacusss 2 years ago

    I'm a Democrat and I'll be a democrat after this election. I'm no fan of Michael Moore but his one liner of "Trump is a human hand grenade" is quite fitting. He will destroy the status quo hopefully exploding in the middle of the Clinton machine. This doesn't mean just the FBI, DOJ and the Whitehouse, but all of those that are beholden to the Clintons. (and who says that eight billion dollars of Haitian money wasn't well spent) After investigating the Clintons and Trump as much as I possibly could to try and give each a fair shake, I have found that Trump opens his mouth before his brain is engaged very often. I think too that if he gets into the office of president, he will soon find some humility. Something both candidates sorely lack. In spite of Donalds rambling and offending everyone he possibly can, he isn't saying anything just to get a vote. On the other hand, we know that Hillary will say anything whether she believes it or not just to please her audience. It happens that somehow the group Anonymous got to her emails before she could delete them and it preparing to release them. Then everyone will know the truth. (and they claim they're not russian) If the russians did it then why is guccifer in jail? After watching the Clinton chronicles and the Hillary files I felt just like I did when I realized that 9/11 was done by our own government and I wanted to throw up. There are no two people on the planet that are more evil minded than Bill and Hillary Clinton. Anonymous claims it has a tape that was recorded by an Israeli participant to one of the Clintons "outings" showing Bill having sex with a thirteen year old girl. If this proves to be true and surfaces, surely at least this will make an impact as all of the other truths about them haven't done the job. Say what you will about Donald and all of his indiscretions but his won't hold a candle to Bills. Oh, by the way. Does any know we've started a war with Russia? Another ploy at the expense of innocent lives to cover the failing economy, Clinton, and her drive to rule the world. Here's a prophetic statement: Hillary will go into office (probably under indictment) and later found guilty of treason and be pardoned by Kaine. How fitting we should have a husband and wife president that were both impeached.

  • 1985cjjeeper
    1985cjjeeper 2 years ago

    When the election is over most of your viewers will be done with this channel as the majority of them find it to be an outright fraud and only watch the videos to poke fun.

    • 1985cjjeeper
      1985cjjeeper 2 years ago

      Oh no, someone was mean to me on the internet! They must be right since they got mad and threw a temper tantrum. LOL, loser.

    • NonStop Fails
      NonStop Fails 2 years ago

      better watch out, Putin's out to get you lol

    • 1985cjjeeper
      1985cjjeeper 2 years ago

      No it's not.

    • 1985cjjeeper
      1985cjjeeper 2 years ago

      It's absolutely laughable that you buy that Russia did it bullshit.

  • Hal Forsyth
    Hal Forsyth 2 years ago

    Yeah I agree Dan Shippard. I have tried to keep the faith with the Young Turks because I truly used to think they were great. Today is the day I unsubsribed. Sad day but they are in no way progressive and are now as bad or worse than major news networks

  • dan shippard
    dan shippard 2 years ago

    yet again the young turks FINALLY acknowledge the latest clinton email developments...but how do they do it?!? well...they get one of their lesser known 'reporter's to do a video from what appears to be his kitchen. this video is about 50 minutes long and very rambling. the result?!? no-one watches it because... a) it's too long and the actual information is buried amongst 40 minutes of irrelevant or dull info b) it looks so incredibly unprofessional that people are less inclined to watch it The really insulting thing is...TYT don't think that any of us will realise that they are doing this on purpose.

  • Kevin flynn
    Kevin flynn 2 years ago


  • kuntakentay151
    kuntakentay151 2 years ago

    Does anyone know where a wolfpac doner can go to see what his or her donations are helping ?

  • kuntakentay151
    kuntakentay151 2 years ago

    does anyone know what the wolfpac donations are actually doing for its cause?

  • Hal Forsyth
    Hal Forsyth 2 years ago

    Another day with nothing about Clinton, FBI probe, Standing Rock. Sigh. I am so close to just giving up on you guys. Ok over to H A Goodman I guess

  • Pizzaman Podesta
    Pizzaman Podesta 2 years ago

    This is the biggest ideological ghetto I have ever seen. Can't believe I used to sub to the poor Loser Cenk

  • xXxHussarxXx
    xXxHussarxXx 2 years ago

    Looks like the Turk parasite is on suicide watch

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 years ago

    *Hillary Voters Attack Homeless Black Woman For Supporting Trump* Published on Oct 29, 2016 A homeless black woman who defended Trump was viciously abused and then physically attacked by crazed social justice warriors.*/watch?v=cJV41gS2c8M*

  • John Cocozza
    John Cocozza 2 years ago

    Hey Young Turks. Some organized residents in San Diego are trying to Ban Air BnB city wide. They San Diego city council is holding a meeting this Tuesday. This is huge story here and could have national or international repercussions. Get some attention to this.

  • Jeremy Ellwood
    Jeremy Ellwood 2 years ago

    Tim Canova just endorsed Mike Parrish in PA's CD-6. That's awesome!

  • 2viewbosque
    2viewbosque 2 years ago

    Bayer and At&t and time-warner......did anyone do their homework.....American Monopolies need the rug ripped out from underneath them.....are kids in school learning that monopolies are worse than communism? Greed has run amuck. If you work for this company you should quit. I will be shaming anyone who helps this mega-moronic-moneygrubbing-monopoly.

  • yoyo froyo
    yoyo froyo 2 years ago

    i want a thorough examination and rebuttal to project veritas from TYT pretending like it dosent exist is just making things worse we know the truth about your candidate and who she is really aligned with i have always expected the truth from this network but lately i see nothing but anti trump liberal crap WHAT HAPPENED you guys used to just report truth no matter the party and now your silence on project veritas is deafening

  • Prince of Doges
    Prince of Doges 2 years ago

    ......That moment you realize that the vast majority of your discussion section is logically fortified opposition...... Honestly, I dread the day Cenk Uygur develops a serious blood pressure problem. We'll never have peace again. Cancerous hypocrisy for everyone.

  • cannabis mcnamabis
    cannabis mcnamabis 2 years ago

    You guys try too hard 0.5/10

  • baarni
    baarni 2 years ago

    Oregon Standoff Leaders Acquitted For Malheur Wildlife Refuge Takeover A scuffle broke out in court after the defendants were acquitted for the armed takeover of a U.S. wildlife refuge. A federal court jury on Thursday acquitted anti-government militant leader Ammon Bundy and six followers of conspiracy charges stemming from their role in the armed takeover of a U.S. wildlife center in Oregon earlier this year. OUTRAGEOUS !

  • Simon Cole
    Simon Cole 2 years ago

    Question for the TYT team with a bit of preamble: Whilst I'm more of a Libertarian Socialist than a Progressive myself, I have respect for a lot of what TYT have done. Could you tell me what similarities and differences Progressive ideologies have from the Chomskyite left-libs and what you agree (e.g. Social liberalism) and disagree with in moderate socialist economic policy (Piketty, Varoufakis et Al.)?

  • trueshot2
    trueshot2 2 years ago

    Hey Young turks a local politician, who is openly gay, just had his house vandalized here in Waterloo IA. Was wondering if you could at least talk about it.

  • Metal8Ball
    Metal8Ball 2 years ago

    How much is Hillary paying you hypocrites? Also your still rape apologist. scumbags

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      Please provide evidence of TYT accepting a payment from any politician, as well as an example of TYT being a "rape apologist."

  • jose pinto
    jose pinto 2 years ago

    Have you guys seen the Epic Rap Battles : Trump vs Hillary ??

  • Saor Rombe
    Saor Rombe 2 years ago

    I came here angry, but by looking at the comments, I became satisfied.

  • Eduardo Alvear
    Eduardo Alvear 2 years ago

    When did the Young Turks all of a sudden start sucking Hillary's bunghole?

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      *"WikiLeaks Emails: Hillary Appears More Corrupt Than Her Staff"* Posted one day ago. *"Hillary Clinton and Democrats' Deceit On Full Display*" Posted two days ago. Should I continue?

  • Sinbad K.
    Sinbad K. 2 years ago

    If any1 here is against the Terrible Young Tackies, reply to this :)

  • humza mirza
    humza mirza 2 years ago

    how much million hn u got from DNC to add that loser donald block u TYT BASTARDS ONLY people forget to unsubscribe once they subscribe or u ould have been left only with few feminists

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      To a Trump supporter, the only way people could possibly oppose him is if they were paid to do so.

  • srvblueslvr
    srvblueslvr 2 years ago

    TYT is for low information voters. USEFUL IDIOTS as Hillary calls you

  • Kyota Izuma
    Kyota Izuma 2 years ago

    I just gotta say that I am truly disappointed in the content I've been exposed to through TYT. The once positive messages and open perspectives were encouraging for a while. Then came Spittin' Jimmy who once used to hold very valid points. Now his messages are muddled behind the image of his assholery. And then there's Ana, who used to be inspiring with her messages of equality. Then, she went on that shame spurt and I'm still sitting back like . . . Whoa. Was everything a lie? A coat to only comfort fears? That is something to be shamed over. Disingenuous intent to mislead public opinion. Now, I tune in and it's all shilling. All, "Oh, it's not THAT bad. Let me tell you what IS bad." Lemme tilt my head and wonder why I would want to even sit through anymore moot speeches. Oh, then there's Genk, who is just . . . abrasive. He can't sit and respectfully LISTEN to anything. I'm disappointed in a lot of his body language and his lack of patience. Lack of faith. Lack of encouragement to GO AFTER what we -- the people -- want. Nah, for months now, TYT has ragged on millennials, people in general, for their belief in Sanders, for their desire to follow anything BUT Clinton or Trump. They have shilled for months, disappointing me at every turn. Thanks, TYT. I'm gonna stick with H.A. Goodman and other outlets that sufficiently provide me with REAL information and REAL coverage of problems within our country and those abroad.

  • S. Landin
    S. Landin 2 years ago

    who does your transcription work?

  • Adam Beardsell
    Adam Beardsell 2 years ago

    Hey Guy's I love your content but wheres your report on Julian Assange...? No coverage and a massive story and even if its false its probably worth covering. If its true US leaning on Ecuador to a least cut his internet at most kidnap and maybe kill him, still no proof of life and just before he is meant to release loads of Hillary docs??? Please cover this!!!

    • Metal8Ball
      Metal8Ball 2 years ago

      Hillary told them not to run the story

  • Rachael Turnbull
    Rachael Turnbull 2 years ago

    Hillary is going to start a war with Russia. For the same reason Hillary Killed Kadhafi.....becasue Russia (and China ) are refusing to buy oil with US dollars. Hillary knows this will collapse the dollar (because the USA have printed over 4 trillion dollars since 2009, Russia and China won't nothing to do with US dollars, its not worth anything when you print it.) The only thing giving the US dollar value is that the whole world has to buy oil with US dollars... its not illegal to not buy oil with US dollars but the US have a secret policy; if you don't we will destroy you. (why Kadhafi was killed) The problem is Russia boarders China and Afghanistan , and Russia and China have nuclear weapons so, there is a serious problem that needs to be discussed. Hillary is going to win THANKS TO YOUR FEAR OF TRUMP, and this hack stuff has nothing to do with Russia, its about Oil and $$$$....somebody needs to pull an Aaron Swarts and flip this situation in two weeks

  • Christian Jam3s
    Christian Jam3s 2 years ago

    Why aren't you talking about the impending nuclear war between the US and Russia?

    • Metal8Ball
      Metal8Ball 2 years ago

      +Persuasive Barrier only butthurt hillary supporters are buying that "trump is a Russian puppet" crap. The only reason that came out was so hillary can deflect questions about wikileaks

    • Metal8Ball
      Metal8Ball 2 years ago

      Hillary said so

  • Nuance_Beast
    Nuance_Beast 2 years ago

    hey great work I'm a big fan of the channel anyway I figured I would like to invite anyone that sees this to the micah Collins show a progressive online talk show hosted by micah Collins anyway we cover news concerning politics science and popculture in short clip based videos and I figured that I would share it here because anyone that is a fan of TYT would more than likely enjoy this one so whoever is reading this I hope you check it out and enjoy

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    TY Cenk, I see a slight turnaround in YOUR commentary. Its not all anti Trump, you are covering Hillary's corruption too, which you should have been all along. Lets face it, the Demos are the new conservative party. The Republicans have been shoved far right to oblivion. We need a real "political revolution" which just may be the Green Party.I also hope the Libertarians have better candidates the next time around.

    • Julienrjr rjt
      Julienrjr rjt 2 years ago

      Not just that we need to get rid of this two party system, it gives both party to much power without being challenged by others

  • Eric W
    Eric W 2 years ago

    you're reporter treated Donna Brazil rudely. it is very important to maintain proper etiquette when doing the public's work. When people name call, or even show a lack of respect, to others hit hurts everyone. Please be more respectful, for all of our's sake. Thank you.

  • LOKI Dramatics
    LOKI Dramatics 2 years ago

    im wondering why you guys never talked about veterans needing to repay back their reenlistment bonuses and school repayment loans with interest 10 years later? this story isnt really in the media and yet its causing veterans with multiple deployments to go bankrupt, foreclose their homes, get pay taken away, even have monthly repayment bills equal to about a 3rd of their monthly income. these are payments that are $15,000 and up. i think they have about a 3 year time span to pay it back. theres even talk about veterans refusing to pay it back but then having the payments show up in their taxes. please talk about this. its beyond messed up.

  • urbanpope
    urbanpope 2 years ago In this tweet, I show the call sheet of Bill Clinton to Sen Leahy. Democracy is but afterbirth to the Clintons.

  • Youssef Darwich
    Youssef Darwich 2 years ago

    How do y'all feel about term limits in congress and prohibiting former government officials for lobbying on behalf of a foreign government?

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell 2 years ago

    No coverage of the Soros controlled Smartmatic voting machines in many US states?

  • muddy watters
    muddy watters 2 years ago

    the biased turks

  • BionicDance
    BionicDance 2 years ago

    Incidentally, is TYT aware that their videos have a tendency to be noticeably quieter than most other videos...? **raised eyebrow** From one video-maker to another, _maximize your volume, guys!_

  • Hal Forsyth
    Hal Forsyth 2 years ago

    Thank You TYT! I guess someone must actually read these things. I see Aggressive Progressives on TYT front home page now! Or is it just because of cookies and they know its what I have been watching and it is hidden from everyone else? I don't really care. Thank you

  • Michael Martin
    Michael Martin 2 years ago

    You guys really have a troll problem. It's not really that surprising that the right-wing don't want sensible debate as they are undemocratic. IMHO, if you watch this channel and speak a pro-Trump rhetoric, you aren't real.... Anyway, to my constructive criticism. I disgree with your attack on John Oliver, in that it is a little over the top. JO did smear Jill Stein but I don't think he has a bigger agenda than he was being flippant. I think Jimmy Dore was strongly implying that he along with others (Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, Jimmy Kimmell, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert) are part of a Cabal of pro-Hilary corporatists that seek to keep the 2 party system going. That is tin-foil hat talk. What I do think is, that is these comedians are a freaked out about Trump and his surrogates and genuinely underestimate the IQ of the USA. The humor from these shows have a generic, simplistic form to it. They fall short of sanctimonious. While they admit that Hilary isn't perfect the comedians want you to vote Hilary and are worried about the anti-trump vote being diluted. Even if they were raving Lefties, I still think they would present their show in this way. Progressives need support from this channel but if you are pandering to the main-stream then you analyse what is the prevailing view and progressive democrats aren't doing that well. My point is it is not a corporatist agenda but a general contempt of the general populace that forces this group-think. If you want to change the narrative, the true left has to become stronger. Rather than voting for Bernie or Jill, the left have to support the likes of the black lives matter movement, the anti TPP people, the anti-keystone XL pipeline and various strikers who are fighting for better pay or union recognition. In fact, the left should be able to link all these struggles together into one voice. When that happens the media will not be giving as much credence to the alt-right movement and will become more left wing. The dog wags the tail, not the other way round!

    1DANIELTUBE 2 years ago


  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 2 years ago

    These douches still have Shirley Teter video up even after she withdrew charges and changed her story thanks to project veritas. #maga

  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 2 years ago

    These douches still have Shirley Teter video up even after she withdrew charges and changed her story thanks to project veritas. #maga

  • Prime Tempest
    Prime Tempest 2 years ago

    Ridiculous BIAS, propaganda show. UNSUBSCRIBE. Get rid of YURG

  • Katykjax
    Katykjax 2 years ago

    FLORIDA voters check your ballots-Amendment 2 missing from 2 absentee ballots in Broward Countyers check your ballots- amendment 2 missing on some-

  • William Keyworth
    William Keyworth 2 years ago

    the least we can do is support real media

    • Metal8Ball
      Metal8Ball 2 years ago

      The ones not bought by hillary clinton?

  • Hal Forsyth
    Hal Forsyth 2 years ago

    Why are you burying the Aggressive Progressive Segments, they don't even show up on the main page or video tab? You have to manually search and scroll thru playlists. Is this another part of TYT's makeover? distancing yourselves from progressives? You are making it harder and harder for your base to support you

  • A. S. C.
    A. S. C. 2 years ago

    Still asleep at the wheel c'mon!!!!!!!!!!Project Veritas videos, lets try to show some credibility. you know, the paid for violence , the riging of voting, ripping up trump voters registrations. I know it does not fit your biased view. But true journalists need to report on the news it is immoral not tooo.

  • T Gunn
    T Gunn 2 years ago

    Where's the chat room on tyt?

  • Dave Little
    Dave Little 2 years ago

    From time to time Genk can be observed attemmpting to take a more middle of the road position. I suspect this is because his formation may have been in economics, rather than critical thinking..Nevertheless, for a guy who moved out from the establishment, he does a reasonable job. Despite this godawful election, the show is worth a daily reachout. The challenge & the interest will come post-election

    • Hal Forsyth
      Hal Forsyth 2 years ago

      I LOVE TYT but it is very frustrating how I now scroll and scroll trying to find anything relevant

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 years ago

    TYT are Soros funded shills.

    • Metal8Ball
      Metal8Ball 2 years ago

      Hey Daniel Davis, your comments arn't showing anymore? did you block me? You spineless coward LMAO

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      It's kind of sackless to come to a message board and not back up your bullshit, isn't it?

    • Metal8Ball
      Metal8Ball 2 years ago

      +Daniel Davis is that your gimmick to troll people? Keep asking for examples?

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      +Metal8Ball Still no examples, huh?

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      +Metal8Ball No, really, give me an example. If they "do that shit all the time," then it shouldn't take much effort on your part.

  • Zappy Zap
    Zappy Zap 2 years ago

    Do you do anything else then anti trump and pro hillary TPP/legal slavery videos nowadays? Feels like watching CNN now..

  • timbongo666
    timbongo666 2 years ago

    What do you Think about Project Veritas?

  • kemy
    kemy 2 years ago

    i wonder will tyt do a news about malaysia food vendor have to change their "pretzel dog" to "pretzel sausage" when they want to renew their halal certificate, due to the "dog" means un-clean in muslim.....

    • ShlomoAziz
      ShlomoAziz 2 years ago

      Ask Anthony Bourdain that question :)

  • Toni Crane
    Toni Crane 2 years ago

    This channel is part of why America is headed toward greatness. Forward, not backwards. Love you guys and all you do. Thank you!

  • loki gg
    loki gg 2 years ago

    I use to love this news your not even news anymore your a joke

  • 221 b
    221 b 2 years ago

    Unsubscribed :) I´d rather watch CNN or MSNBC at this point at least they accidentally commit acts of journalism from time to time.

    • Angry Jock
      Angry Jock 2 years ago

      All they do is parrot CNN BS

  • Andres Flores
    Andres Flores 2 years ago

    No mention of Project Veritas videos?

    • illicious2
      illicious2 2 years ago

      This really is the icing on the cake for TYT. To ignore all the evidence from dead and undocumented voting, ballot switches, bussed violence inciting, election rigging, corruption and fraudulent democratic agency activity caught on video and nothing is acknowledged. instead they play down even the wikileaks emails and go after Trump bologna hyping it to the fullest. What a bunch of liberal pigs. TYT don't care for our laws, freedom or our people and rather dwell in their delusion of political correctness. Unsubbed for life and so has 7 more of my friends.

    • John Phillips
      John Phillips 2 years ago

      You surprised by these douchey libtards? They still have the Shirley Teter video up even though sure was paid to incite violence by the dnc.

    • Angry Jock
      Angry Jock 2 years ago

      Just goes to show the young turks are controlled opposition.

  • Anointed Truth
    Anointed Truth 2 years ago

  • Astrid Mourning
    Astrid Mourning 2 years ago

    Donald Trump Jr. said at a conference: “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets… we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” Felix Sater, whose father is a Russian Organized Crime boss, and who is one of the direct links between Donald Trump, and Russian Organized Crime. Sater, the Russian immigrant and a felon convicted twice over ties to the Mafia, has appeared in many photos with Trump, and reportedly carried a Trump Organization business card with the title of ‘Senior Advisor to Donald Trump’. Sater is also an executive of Bayrock Group LLC, a real estate development firm that has partnered with Trump in different projects; the founding chairman of Bayrock, Tevfik Arif, is known for its ties with Russian organized crime. In 2010 he was even charged in Turkey for the crime of smuggling underage girls into the country for prostitution purposes (something, it’s worth noting, very similar to what Trump’s friend and fellow billionaire, the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was convicted of and Trump is currently being sued for doing the same. Raping a 13 year old girl. The first hearing in Federal court is this December. Trump is one dirty bastard.

  • bona bona
    bona bona 2 years ago

    This channel is so biased, unsubscribing.

  • Sanskar Wagley
    Sanskar Wagley 2 years ago

    Thanks for the great content

  • Doo Rag Wisdom
    Doo Rag Wisdom 2 years ago

    Orwell was a democratic socialist not afraid to critique the totalitarianism of communism. His classic dystopia, 1984, is my bible! It is a text book on how to recognize totalitarian crap. If you haven't read this novel, pick it up and read it carefully. Then study today's politics and the way of this world. On the surface Orwell's Ingsoc society appears to parallel Russian communism, but a careful reading assures us that the Ingsoc, which is the Newspeak word for English Socialism (no less), society has gone beyond the failures of totalitarian fascism and communism to create something totally new and even more horrific. Orwell did not give up his ideal view of socialism but recognized its betrayal in the form of communism. There is a famous saying from the novel's 3rd part. I do not want to spoil it for anyone, but one of the main characters says: If you want an image of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.." Since I've read this novel more than 100 times over my lifetime, I know exactly what that statement means. I wouldn't say that Orwell stopped being a socialist when Trotsky (Goldstein in the novel) was betrayed. He was simply outraged. His answer, "Animal Farm" and "1984" in which he illustrates his anger and hatred of totalitarianism in all of its forms, either from the left or from the right. Right now and sadly, our democratic republic is being threatened by a bully who is running against a neo-liberal corporatist. Both candidates, one way or the other, support the notion of only a handful of billionaires being able to control all our media. Check out what the late George Carlin says about our illusion of freedom in this country. When I vote for Cuckold Clinton over Daffy Donald, I am doing so because I despise Daffy and know for certain that in four years, we will be able to run a more progressive candidate because we will still have a country. PS If you have Kindle, 1984 is available. Read it and learn what doublethink is. Learn and understand why the residents of Oceania can't pin down the real date within a year or two. Put on your scarlet sash ladies and wind it tightly around your hips and join the Anti-Sex League. Prepare for Hate week! Experience the hypnotic mind killing horror of "The Two-Minutes Hate." Get a peek inside the Ministry of Love, center of the Thought Police and their use of violent unrelenting torture. Get a glimpse inside Room 101 where no one comes out the same again. Thrill to learning the Newspeak dictionary whose claim to fame is that subsequent editions get smaller and smaller. READ 1984 NOW SHOWING ON MOST E BOOK OUTLETS!!! Rated R for RATS!

  • Paladin Danse
    Paladin Danse 2 years ago

    Do a video about Evan McMullin and how he's now leading in Utah.

  • Edward Antonowicz
    Edward Antonowicz 2 years ago

    Look guys I know you hate Trump but you just covering 247 is getting ridiculous. Report on something else or you will be not be any better then MSM.

  • dan shippard
    dan shippard 2 years ago

    no o'keefe vid yet?? i guess it takes a lot of time to spin a story THAT bad?

    • illicious2
      illicious2 2 years ago

      So true! TYT did 1 or 2 vids on the DNC corruption but they continue their exaggerated tirade after Trump's petty stuff?? To ignore the the unbelievable amount of content evidence floating around on the Clintons and their DNC plus governmental insider ties, mishandling or info, billions stolen, people killed, documents, video, audio filled with lies, corruption and deception like it was a horror film. To ignore all that and deem it coincidental or something false made up by rep conspiracy theory lunatics, despite all the evidence is beyond ridiculous. At the very least you would expect TYT or someone to apply their educated logic and try to debunk some of these evidences but that will never happen because you cannot debunk the truth with evasive crap.

    • Angry Jock
      Angry Jock 2 years ago

      If it was Trump supporters doing it they would be all over it.

  • NonStop Fails
    NonStop Fails 2 years ago

    So nothing on the "undercover videos" of Dems talking about inciting violence and trying to find mentally ill people to pay off to do the same at Trump Rallies? Also nothing on Assange sending cryptic tweets and losing his internet connection? What's up guys? Considering the stories you guys ran in the last 12 hours I would say you could use some material.

  • Craig Butler
    Craig Butler 2 years ago

    Is the clown terror thing just a way to drive up gun sales?

  • Skynet
    Skynet 2 years ago

    Independent Media my Ass!!! Where is the TYT video about the James O Keefe Project Veritas Election Fraud Report? It is the top trending video on TVclip!!

  • CommonCents
    CommonCents 2 years ago

    Go watch Veritas tapes 1 and 2 believe your own eyes. The democratic party admits on tape they instigate violence, and explain how they have been and intend to keep rigging elections.

  • CommonCents
    CommonCents 2 years ago

    TYT if you believe in democracy you will do story on Veritas tapes. They prove mass voter fraud and manipulation.

  • Randy Landry
    Randy Landry 2 years ago

    I'm unsubscribing, you guys are paid off by Hillary JUST LIKE ALL THE TV NEWS STATIONS, I"M DONE WITH THIS

  • James Hurley
    James Hurley 2 years ago

    TYT i ask you again after the release of the second video today, showing the Clinton campaign rigging votes by driving people around the states making them vote at different polls clearly admitting that they have committed fraud every election over the last 50 years. It is your duty to show this information or is it really that you are not independent at all and are in fact owned by Al Jazaeer and are just another leftest owned media outlet pretending to be an independent. You are losing fans by the day as people wake up to your lies. Shame on you.

  • ETericET
    ETericET 2 years ago

    Cenk, You just lost my subscription. I went to a TYT video and wanted to make a comment but noticed I can't. I realized long ago there was a troll problem but to silence all of your viewers is not the way to handle it. It was a handful of trolls ... You have blocking powers. Good bye Cenk and the gang. You are now no better than Fox. I want my donation money back. NOW. I will send the bookkeeping and request by mail. Pay it when it comes.

  • Zach Bos
    Zach Bos 2 years ago

    What do Hillary Clinton, TYT and ISIS have in common?

  • Maxime Laneville
    Maxime Laneville 2 years ago

    If TYT actually goes on omitting the project veritas revelations, they are finished.

  • Shawn W
    Shawn W 2 years ago

    wish to see more on Trey Gowdy

  • Riber Torbet
    Riber Torbet 2 years ago

    Man, what is with TYT lately? I've watched you guys for almost 10 years now, and the last few years it has really gone down hill. Hardly any unbiased reporting any more ( they are apparently all required to take the most liberal stance on any issue). I can't even watch the segments that these new members are in, they're so dull and unintelligent. Hearing them argue about science or anything really is a nightmare. I consider myself a democrat and liberal too, but your program is starting to come off as fake and getting old.

    • dan shippard
      dan shippard 2 years ago

      too true. the little scottish pr1ck is the worst. i'm glasgow born and bred...if that little gimp spoke his arrogant, uninformed libtard bull in ANY pub in scotland, he'd be slapped around until he pissed blood.

  • Steve Hindmarsh
    Steve Hindmarsh 2 years ago

    Host of this channel are either dishonest or deluded, both are ugly traits

  • indubiopronegro
    indubiopronegro 2 years ago

    just came again to tell U, U SUCK BALLS u corrupt POS sellouts... 0 Integrity! worse than the clintons!

  • ximplex1
    ximplex1 2 years ago

    I bet the main TYT channel won't discuss the new James O'keef videos talking about Democratic voter fraud. Just like they won't talk about the Wikileaks releases.

  • Andrew Weems
    Andrew Weems 2 years ago

    TYT what you've become makes me so sad;_;.

  • RPG 808
    RPG 808 2 years ago

    You cowards post your bullshit one sided vids and don't allow anyone to counter. What a bunch of pussies. I would like to teach fat boy a lesson he would never forget.

  • Stuart S
    Stuart S 2 years ago

    Now theres censorship here, simply amazing!

  • James Hurley
    James Hurley 2 years ago

    TYT are you going to just ignore the Project Veritas information currently trending like all other mainstream media outlets or as an independent news source are you going to actually act on behalf of the American people and let them know the truth about the Hilary campaign and how it has been planting actors at every Trump rally to incite violence and start fights including one where two Chicago officers were badly hurt. I notice you have ignored all the Wikileaks releases also, you should be ashamed of your total bias and for taking money from the American public who think you are acting as a non bias trustworthy organisation. I used to be a big fan but you are no different to MBC CNN and FOX NEWS. Sell outs of the worst kind.

  • Chris Ramos
    Chris Ramos 2 years ago

    Any progressive news channel going to respond to John Oliver's comments on Jill Stein?

  • bobby kotata
    bobby kotata 2 years ago

    the young turds "pppsssssshhhh" hear that? your careers down the shitter hahahahaahahaaa.

  • 1sikteg
    1sikteg 2 years ago

    the young turds msg is no longer welcome'd

  • Macgyverthehero
    Macgyverthehero 2 years ago

    TYT, your political content now frustrates me since you've begun reporting on Trump more than Clinton. It just feels like you've mixed in a bit with CNN, MSNBC, and all the other corporate news shows as you made it clear that you believe Trump is the lesser evil than HRC, a woman known for changing her policies for political gain. I understand Trump is just as bad but that does not mean HRC should not get as much attention to fit your bias, especially now that Wikileaks is revealing much more shady information about HRC. I'll check back later when the dust settles, right now I've officially unsubscribed.

  • mrveryodd
    mrveryodd 2 years ago

    Still no answers ?????? Why do you not mention that self serving piece of crap , she is all over the internet ,stories about all the evil deeds done in her name and you carry on about LOSER DONALD and NOTHING from you ..... I am beginning to think TYT are the loosers

  • aussalmo
    aussalmo 2 years ago

    Something going down at Wikileaks. Automatic tweeting of encyption keys to important data files may indicate imminent threat to wikileaks or Assange himself. Hope Cenk & the team can get more info on this.

  • Michael Campbell
    Michael Campbell 2 years ago

    No coverage of the insane price increases of Obamacare?

  • Mr. Wright
    Mr. Wright 2 years ago

    Cenk, Are you liberal or conservative? Neocon or free thinker? Sounds like a scared sheep, with all this Loser Donald talk. Bernie got scammed, and you back the dummy that scammed us. *Unsubscribe* Until you grow a set and vote your values instead of your fears. How about covering Darrell Castle and Jill Stein more instead of Donald's latest WORDS and why we should vote for Hillary outta fear. Cause when you do that, you sound like corporate sheep, and that's not an insult, that's just a fact of life.

  • mrveryodd
    mrveryodd 2 years ago

    Hillary is the devil 😈

  • bionicturk4
    bionicturk4 2 years ago

    all these losers claiming they were a fan of TYT but now their not.well it seems to me they are Butt Hurt Trump followers :))

    • A. S. C.
      A. S. C. 2 years ago

      Just like honesty and integrity in the media not biased self righteous bullshit.

  • Toasted
    Toasted 2 years ago

    TYT i'm so done with you. This relationship has gone sour. Why not cover something like the Bernie wikileak instead of pushing your pro-clinton agenda. You've failed as a voice for progressives.

  • Alexander Fleming
    Alexander Fleming 2 years ago

    I use to be a big fan. Now you are the Main stream media. You don't get to call yourself progressive, and support a Candidate that wants war vs Syria/Russia.

  • Sucheit
    Sucheit 2 years ago

    why tyt ignore leaked emails?

  • FrizzKid05
    FrizzKid05 2 years ago

    Yeah, we've got the Wikileaks coming out...and 90% of the stories you're doing on the election are Trump-rushes? Is this becoming MSNBC and CNN? At least Jordan is being intellectually honest and pointing out just how bad both candidates are. Loser Donald or not, you should be giving equal time to pointing out that the DNC has been just as atrocious.

  • Jacob Davis
    Jacob Davis 2 years ago

    Keep up the great work, ignore the trolls! It's Independent progressive media like The Young Turks that gives me genuine hope for the future of this country. :)

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      +the cunninghams You are 100% wrong. TYT is not owned by Al-Jazeera, nor do they have any kind of relationship. However, if you would like to continue making shit up (or just parroting Alex Jones), it is your right as a troll to do so.

    • the cunninghams
      the cunninghams 2 years ago

      TYT is not independent, it is owned by Al-Jazeera.The network is owned by the Qatari government, which is run by the Al Thani family. Any opinion I do not share is not propaganda it is simply 'wrong' especially opinions from ill informed TYT SJW fanboys like you. The core fundamentals and role of journalism is to inform, not to persuade or coheres or inflict their opinion upon easily misguided idiots like yourself. If a media outlet all out endorses anything, its sold out, as well as all journalist integrity. Period. For fucks sake, progress for progress's sake is not progress, it's regress. Wake up.

    • Daniel Davis
      Daniel Davis 2 years ago

      Does that mean every time a newspaper endorses a candidate, they also become "propaganda?"

    • A. S. C.
      A. S. C. 2 years ago

      Jeevus your blind. Wakey wakey hand off snakey.

  • Michael John Little
    Michael John Little 2 years ago

    Thank you for this, as an Australian, I look to Donald Trump with trepidation... but my question, why has there been no reporting in the media about the child rape case against Donald Trump that is now going to trial.... The media seems to be un-usually quiet about this? is this because it is sub-judice?

    • A. S. C.
      A. S. C. 2 years ago

      Pretty stupid to be calling yourself an Aussie ... Hillary will be the one who pushes Putin to war. You have a military photo, maybe if you were in the know in the military you'd have heard that. At least trump will be safer than that war monger.