The King of Random
The King of Random
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Thank you, Grant.
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  • jokerinthedark420
    jokerinthedark420 23 seconds ago


  • guestcesarggg
    guestcesarggg 29 seconds ago

    Gummy foot?

  • Ayrton Araya
    Ayrton Araya Minute ago

    I mean how could I not watch this?

  • V2AL
    V2AL Minute ago

    make a bouncy foot with the bouncy ball making stuff

  • Just A Moment with Brian


  • Tammy
    Tammy 2 minutes ago

    The box looks like a deformed coffin

  • Mark V
    Mark V 2 minutes ago

    Make a chocolate foot

  • Fireblade696 pe
    Fireblade696 pe 2 minutes ago

    Melt a play button (if you still have one) into your foot

  • CraftyChica
    CraftyChica 4 minutes ago

    You guys could make a concrete foot and use it as a paperweight, and maybe a chocolate foot just for fun. 😂

  • Jordy Aguilar
    Jordy Aguilar 4 minutes ago

    FOOT IDEAS Chocolate Another candy Jello Ice Gallium Cake

  • Trainer Sans252
    Trainer Sans252 4 minutes ago

    Obviously you need to fill it with chocolate and gummy

  • Michael Greaves
    Michael Greaves 5 minutes ago

    You should try and make blue eggs

  • naruto boshara
    naruto boshara 5 minutes ago

    Freeze dry an egg in vinger

  • Alexis Couveau
    Alexis Couveau 5 minutes ago

    Freeze dry strawberries, then blend them and put them in the cotton candy machine. Healthy cotton candy

  • Dire XD
    Dire XD 6 minutes ago


  • Peely Gamer
    Peely Gamer 6 minutes ago

    Instead of shoebox footbox

  • That TinCan
    That TinCan 6 minutes ago

    Perverts will love this video

  • Frankie Flores
    Frankie Flores 6 minutes ago

    🎶"Radioactive" "COPYRIGHT STRIKE!" 🚫😂

  • banana boi
    banana boi 6 minutes ago

    Now this proves your the king of random

  • kill2jj
    kill2jj 6 minutes ago

    I want to see you make a literal carbon foot

  • Amon Davis
    Amon Davis 6 minutes ago

    I would love to see you make a mold of your foot that glows in the dark

  • Gurnoor Singh
    Gurnoor Singh 6 minutes ago

    Make a jello foot

  • OfficialCactusBoy
    OfficialCactusBoy 6 minutes ago

    Cover eggs in flex seal and then cook them in different ways

  • andius ng
    andius ng 7 minutes ago

    Who like tkor before watching 🔽

  • Alex
    Alex 7 minutes ago

    Burn the mold

  • FusionClapsCheeks
    FusionClapsCheeks 7 minutes ago

    put the jolly rancher foot in a shoe or walk on the jolly rancher foot in public

  • Tristan Oliveira
    Tristan Oliveira 7 minutes ago

    Make a chocolate foot 🍫

  • Zeik Pamilar
    Zeik Pamilar 7 minutes ago

    Jelly foot

  • andius ng
    andius ng 7 minutes ago

    Who like watching tkor 🔽

    HTG NASTY 7 minutes ago

    Why does your jolly foot look better than your normal🤣

  • Felavis
    Felavis 8 minutes ago

    What about B-12 in egg white merengues? Would they glow under black light after being cooked? And could the sugar cover the bitterness?

  • The Gacha Gem
    The Gacha Gem 8 minutes ago

    When I had a big surgery, I brought things to decorate my hostpital room. I brought a lava lamp, and forgot it on the car. It sat out there for days in below freezing weather and froze. It was pretty much broke so that my hypothesis for the frozen lava lamp 🤗

  • DarknessYT
    DarknessYT 8 minutes ago

    ok boomer

  • jsbrads1
    jsbrads1 8 minutes ago

    I braided three needle pine into a rope.

  • BoltingSheep 402
    BoltingSheep 402 9 minutes ago

    I don’t think Cali likes making this video

  • Jaimie Maass
    Jaimie Maass 9 minutes ago

    Chocolate foot!!!!!!!

  • Cruz Hernandez
    Cruz Hernandez 9 minutes ago

    You’re the best

  • Sara Anderson
    Sara Anderson 10 minutes ago

    You could have made the egg over hard once the yolk broke, no need to scramble it

  • piemanWV
    piemanWV 11 minutes ago

    Foot ideas Concrete

  • Bethany Dai
    Bethany Dai 11 minutes ago

    U can make a jellooooo foot plz like if u agreee

  • Jessie D
    Jessie D 13 minutes ago

    How many weeks did it take to get all that cotton candy cleaned from you and the house? Lol Growing up, I used to volunteer at my church festival making cotton candy. It took 2 seasons for me to realize I should switch to making popcorn instead lol

  • JellyMan
    JellyMan 13 minutes ago

    Now make a jolly rancher man

  • Aisha Rose
    Aisha Rose 13 minutes ago

    Fill your foot mould with beef jerky

  • Jacques Sucic
    Jacques Sucic 13 minutes ago

    What about quick lime?

  • Fnb Draco
    Fnb Draco 14 minutes ago

    By far the best mold yall have done 💯

  • Ernest Suarez
    Ernest Suarez 14 minutes ago

    Can we do Callie foot instead?

  • Gail Nielsen
    Gail Nielsen 14 minutes ago


  • Cayden Playz roblox
    Cayden Playz roblox 15 minutes ago

    s 😢😭

  • cjsmith9089
    cjsmith9089 15 minutes ago

    Now that you have the mold of Nate's foot. You guys should revisit the steel toe tests

  • Gwumy
    Gwumy 15 minutes ago

    Ideas: Clip your toe nails

  • Zachary Russell
    Zachary Russell 15 minutes ago

    Maybe make a gummy foot

  • ollie thompson
    ollie thompson 15 minutes ago

    Foot ideas: melted cheese,chocolate,candle or crayon.

  • TTV Clappedツ
    TTV Clappedツ 16 minutes ago

    Wait, then what is a soccer ball filled with

  • Abhiraj Rajput
    Abhiraj Rajput 16 minutes ago

    To tell you the truth, this chennal is far better 2 year ago rather then present day.

  • Cottoncandyfan48 animal jam


  • Miyabi Saiki
    Miyabi Saiki 16 minutes ago

    Why dont you use a heat gun to see the total temperature the uv super glue makes

  • //Accio Harry Potter\\
    //Accio Harry Potter\\ 17 minutes ago

    *because this is a logical thing to do-*

  • FDG mason
    FDG mason 18 minutes ago

    Correction according to the definition of tool you used a tool. lol love the vids keep it up

  • William Fant
    William Fant 20 minutes ago


  • David Rogers
    David Rogers 20 minutes ago

    Melted chocolate

  • Gaytron Hatron
    Gaytron Hatron 21 minute ago

    What is the purpose of this again ??

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 21 minute ago

    Eat it

  • James C
    James C 21 minute ago

    Can you try making a full body mold of one of you two?

  • NamelesShade
    NamelesShade 22 minutes ago

    Plot twist: He made a copy of his foot.

  • Jonathan Finger
    Jonathan Finger 22 minutes ago

    The detail on the foot wow ur foot is vary bumpy

  • Runnin' with the Devil
    Runnin' with the Devil 22 minutes ago

    Should have done her feet, not the guys. I dont like lookin at his foot the whole time. A womans is easier to look at.

  • Jacob Curley
    Jacob Curley 22 minutes ago

    Make rice crispy foot😃

  • Braden Dowdall
    Braden Dowdall 22 minutes ago

    You should make a metal kasting of your foot

  • Soham T
    Soham T 23 minutes ago

    can u try to jump of a first floor window with a chair and jump of a chair when about so hit the ground

  • C0de_ Break
    C0de_ Break 23 minutes ago

    chocolate foot is what we need to see! ( I slightly wanna see the foot melt as the chocolate gets warmer over time)

  • Alyssa Nichole
    Alyssa Nichole 23 minutes ago

    my birthdays today :)

  • maverick316dx1
    maverick316dx1 24 minutes ago

    Get some replica foot bones, and some ballistics gell, make foot analogs and test the severity different major foot injuries like a dropped bowling ball, ran over with a car at various speeds, etc !

  • Cayden Playz roblox
    Cayden Playz roblox 24 minutes ago


  • Jae Lou
    Jae Lou 24 minutes ago

    So just a normal day in the king of random house hold

  • jacob warren
    jacob warren 24 minutes ago

    Can you make a gummy foot

  • Stacey Rodriguez
    Stacey Rodriguez 24 minutes ago

    Rip 😔😔

  • David MacLure
    David MacLure 25 minutes ago

    nate sucks toes

  • Alek Roubos
    Alek Roubos 25 minutes ago

    Why were they so disgusted for drinking it I would have finished the whole thing

  • Red Anime
    Red Anime 26 minutes ago

    A jolly rancher arm

  • chaoticinflation
    chaoticinflation 26 minutes ago

    How... how tall are u guys???

  • Paücita !
    Paücita ! 26 minutes ago

    Freezing honey Tik tok gang: "It'S sO HoNeY"

  • Joey Singer
    Joey Singer 27 minutes ago

    Should've done her foot

  • The Fake Scientist
    The Fake Scientist 27 minutes ago

    Couldn't you use silicone the use alginate to en'line the inside then use the mold?

  • NYE Goats
    NYE Goats 27 minutes ago

    Did hey clean that

  • Random Games
    Random Games 28 minutes ago

    Don’t dare press touch read more 👇👇Now be sure to smash the like button

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez 28 minutes ago

    You know calling licked Nate's foot off cam, there's no way she didn't lmao

  • xX polarlikesfriedchicken Xx

    Rest In Peace

  • NintendoFanatic 2908
    NintendoFanatic 2908 29 minutes ago

    Nate’s candy foot on a stick!

  • Sans the skeleton
    Sans the skeleton 29 minutes ago

    Candy foot...on a STICK!!!

  • Mr Bubbles
    Mr Bubbles 29 minutes ago

    Make a statue of yourself :)

  • The All Purpose Popo
    The All Purpose Popo 30 minutes ago

    Have you been to the Tillamook factory? it is amazing if you haven't

  • Drewdaddy07 Gaming
    Drewdaddy07 Gaming 30 minutes ago

    Hmm 🤔 how interesting

  • TheNonMemeLord 3000
    TheNonMemeLord 3000 30 minutes ago

    Can you see if some of 5 minute crafts DiYs actually work?

  • Lucy Leija
    Lucy Leija 31 minute ago

    What happens if you put co2 in a furnace?

  • Remme Bess
    Remme Bess 31 minute ago

    RUBBER FOOT!!!!!!

  • kashking _
    kashking _ 31 minute ago

    Amazing I love it

  • Hermilo Rodriguez
    Hermilo Rodriguez 31 minute ago

    Anatomically correct candy foot?

  • UnkemptVids
    UnkemptVids 31 minute ago

    Soak them in tonic water

  • jean green
    jean green 32 minutes ago

    put it in fire,liquid nitrogen,cut it in half,crush it,put it in water for at least a day

  • RC Nation
    RC Nation 32 minutes ago

    Make an aluminum foot