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  • Eddie McWilliam
    Eddie McWilliam 42 minutes ago

    Can u solar scorch an oxygen tank

  • marcinbig
    marcinbig 43 minutes ago

    California in a nutshell

  • CJ Blom
    CJ Blom 43 minutes ago

    Water can conduct electricity but can ice?

  • PlayDead
    PlayDead 44 minutes ago


  • Bape sta
    Bape sta 45 minutes ago

    In the Philippines boiled egg coverd in batter and then deep fried is actually a kind of street food

  • Adrian and Axel .Co, and more!!

    “Always make every waking moment seem like your last, for you never really know when it’s going to end” - Me. Rest In Peace my friend, you were once a great educator, but your story will live on. “Long live the king”

  • Jan Butz
    Jan Butz 46 minutes ago

    can u weld with it??

  • Spicy Guy
    Spicy Guy 46 minutes ago

    Welcome to another episode of "kevin cooks stuff in the office"

  • bhagyarekha xerox
    bhagyarekha xerox 47 minutes ago

    rest in pieces

    ISSAGOGO 47 minutes ago

    this is the first video i watched rip 😢

  • logan waynescott
    logan waynescott 48 minutes ago

    Deep fry a battery

  • Philip Pedersen
    Philip Pedersen 50 minutes ago

    Try blending magnets

  • Saint Jimmy
    Saint Jimmy 50 minutes ago

    Super you guys, just super.👍👌

  • Albino White
    Albino White 51 minute ago

    make a rope from guitar strings I'm dying to know how strong REAL metal ropes would be

  • Risingphoenix00
    Risingphoenix00 53 minutes ago

    The popcorn "pan" is reflective too : if it would be black it would absorb the heat of the light more efficiently - you could use a less focused beam , heat up the "pan" more evenly and get faster probably better results, at least thats how i immagine it to work. Could you give it a try?

  • Maha Akshay
    Maha Akshay 53 minutes ago

    Can you deep fry is spary paint bottel and a litre of water and a plastic water bottle. Please

  • Jean-Philippe Razal
    Jean-Philippe Razal 54 minutes ago

    Try putting a prism

  • Rick Borghuis
    Rick Borghuis 58 minutes ago

    Nates thumb looks a bit painfull

  • Ethan Owen
    Ethan Owen 58 minutes ago

    Y’all should put a prism in the solar scorcher

  • Luquino Luques
    Luquino Luques 59 minutes ago

    Put two of those light concentrators together, will both melt?

  • Elena Redwine
    Elena Redwine Hour ago

    you should deep fry batteries, ice cream, and water bottle

  • Ethan j
    Ethan j Hour ago

    Do a collab w the slomo guys and do this experiment. It would be super cool

  • Mimi
    Mimi Hour ago

    8:06 Flex Tape can’t fix that

  • Dalvan Buchanan
    Dalvan Buchanan Hour ago

    Lmaooooo yo the King of Random still goin strong??

  • Cookie dude Pro
    Cookie dude Pro Hour ago

    Calli’s definition of a scotch egg: battered egg Me (a Brit): 😑🤦‍♂️

  • AwesomezGamer_10

    Omg i can imagine someone doing their p*nis and using it as a homemade d*ldo

  • Daniel Jaeger
    Daniel Jaeger Hour ago

    i'm sad now, i had no idea, i didnt see this video until now

  • Le Thanh Hiep
    Le Thanh Hiep Hour ago

    It's very simple and predictable. Mirrors only reflects visible light frequences (and some more), and will absorb most of invisible electro magnet frequences, like in ultraviolet and infared areas.

  • Tyler Keel
    Tyler Keel Hour ago

    Try and put lithium batteries in a blender

  • Chan Schriver
    Chan Schriver Hour ago

    Rip this dude. F from chat 😔

  • Gabija Kavaliauskaitė

    Can you put dry ice in a blender and blendit?

  • Efren Guerra
    Efren Guerra Hour ago

    bru i used to come home every day checking youtube if the king of random had posred anything. now i am checking the news now knowing that he is dead.

  • I already saw That on Reddit

    Nate’s gonna blow up the planet

  • Daniel Jaeger
    Daniel Jaeger Hour ago

    Dirt is dirty? Never would have guessed.

  • 혜안내남편
    혜안내남편 Hour ago

    우왕 싱기해 😇😇

  • Isaiah Peters
    Isaiah Peters Hour ago

    Can you do a will it deep frie

  • Duck
    Duck Hour ago

    *_we want to honor grants legacy as much as possible_* *_C A N Y O U D E E P F R Y T H I S_*

  • scintards
    scintards Hour ago

    As you move the solar scorcher closer to the sun, how many more times stronger would it get per mile of whatever? Hypothetically ofcourse

  • Dr.Lambis
    Dr.Lambis Hour ago

    How many years of bad luck that is?

  • Gary Raymo
    Gary Raymo Hour ago

    I have both of those and I make aussie stock whips

  • Conri King
    Conri King Hour ago

    Make a solar furnace and cook stuff

  • Insane PVP
    Insane PVP Hour ago

    Deep fry a deep fryer

  • THICC Rider ,
    THICC Rider , Hour ago

    Can you guys try to “fry “popcorn in the pan they u had.

  • Leviscus Tempris

    That battery slo-mo part looks just like a rag doll game! 😬

  • Matthew Gerdisch

    Y’all just gave the sun like 56 years of bad luck

  • Bill Gates
    Bill Gates Hour ago

    I was 9 when i wondered about this, and noone could answer me. Now after years, finally you did it !

  • ItsRDR
    ItsRDR Hour ago

    Could I just use beef tallow?

  • Snowy Davis
    Snowy Davis Hour ago

    Oww that blister looks painful

  • Woops keri
    Woops keri Hour ago

    You guys deep fry beef using solar beam 😅😂

  • Buttercup
    Buttercup Hour ago

    Maybe remove the juice from the gushers with a syringe

  • DyseJr
    DyseJr Hour ago

    You sould make a giant popper toy

  • ResultSZN
    ResultSZN Hour ago

    this is a bit too much i dont know anyone that has it all over there body

  • Robert F
    Robert F Hour ago

    10:52 Did you mean "Done with Mirrors (Aerosmith)"?

  • Samuel York
    Samuel York Hour ago

    Vat19 mentioned you

  • kelly camera
    kelly camera Hour ago

    You should frees dye water Mellon crush it up and make cotton candy or do the lemonade Colton candy

  • Luqman Hakim
    Luqman Hakim Hour ago

    Are you guys dating

  • Derrick Perry
    Derrick Perry Hour ago

    I don't know why people insist on testing this at max-shakenness. I was taught as a kid tapping only works if its been very lightly shaken. And in my own tests, this seems true. Very lightly shaken cans erupt much less often when tapped. I was taught that if the can was shaken too much, slowly cracking the seal to release the pressure, then proceeding to open is the only way to prevent spillage.

  • Theodor Moolman
    Theodor Moolman Hour ago

    Deep freeze penute butter

  • i'm future2 boss1390

    Billie eilish would love this.

  • surya pratap
    surya pratap Hour ago

    Use prism!

  • KillerGymSox
    KillerGymSox Hour ago

    soak eggs in vinegar THEN deep fry them when they are gelatinous

  • Calvin Jackson
    Calvin Jackson Hour ago

    You should try to cook meat in a furnace like in minecraft or see what things in minecraft you can do in real life

  • John Rue
    John Rue Hour ago

    Don’t breath this.

  • gina namfukwe
    gina namfukwe Hour ago

    It’s hard to forget someone who taught us so much

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres Hour ago


  • Koen Zandvliet
    Koen Zandvliet Hour ago

    Can you see the heat from the sollar beam with a thermal camera?

  • MrFatjonable
    MrFatjonable Hour ago

    You should try it CO2 laser mirrors, they are specifically made to reflect high power laser beams up to hundreds of watts of power!

  • K3N707 &Co
    K3N707 &Co Hour ago


  • Eliazfomz Gaming

    Skrrrrra pa pa pa pa pa ski da kik kak kak - big shaq

  • Lil Splizy
    Lil Splizy Hour ago

    Bro let me get that neck you guys are so crazy awesome

  • Theuns v.R
    Theuns v.R Hour ago

    Put glowsticks in the microwave

  • Brian Beland
    Brian Beland Hour ago

    How can mirrors be real if our eyes aren't real

  • Red panda MASTER

    Can the solar scorchur melt titamium

  • JG19JG JG19JG
    JG19JG JG19JG Hour ago

    Spray never wet on wet drive

  • Chance Richardson

    The new solar oven!!

  • kurtis aguilar
    kurtis aguilar Hour ago

    What happens if you use a magnifying or convex mirror with the solar scorcher.

  • Conner Arnold
    Conner Arnold Hour ago

    This made me cry to think that he is gone

  • Adam Eggers
    Adam Eggers Hour ago

    Guys, flat mirrors will focus the point and cause the mirrors to break, but you should try a convex/concave mirror! Your focusing experiments will go much better!

  • Dan Harder
    Dan Harder Hour ago

    Now instead of using a mirror, try using the most reflective element there is, RHODIUM

  • B E A N S
    B E A N S Hour ago

    Deep fry thermite. I think we've peaked dangerousness by now.

  • Richard Hopkins
    Richard Hopkins Hour ago

    Mirrors and sunlight? Might I recommend the Troy Rising series by John Ringo? One of the bits of tech in the series is called the Solar Array Pumped Laser or SAPL. While it's not technically a laser, and is really just an Archimedes array on a very large scale, they're able to use mirrors and sunlight to mine asteroids and defend the solar system.

    • Richard Hopkins
      Richard Hopkins Hour ago

      Yeah, they had issues with their mirrors breaking in the books as well.

  • Jason O'Donnell
    Jason O'Donnell Hour ago


  • Victor Rosario
    Victor Rosario Hour ago

    Instead of using friction to start a fire , can you use a solar scorcher instead .

  • anderson bridgelal

    Frying uncooked rice is what I used to do after frying chicken. They pop up fast

  • Malicious Dolphin

    Do you like you're mentors with or without the shell

  • moo moo cow moo
    moo moo cow moo Hour ago


  • octoraph
    octoraph Hour ago

    Idk about deep fried eggs but we do have boiled eggs in pork And batter

  • Zach Michaelis
    Zach Michaelis Hour ago

    ok i know it was paraglider accident but what cause it. was it weather or mechanical failure did the chute fail

  • Albert Sun
    Albert Sun Hour ago

    Cheap katana you're using

  • Jack Murfitt
    Jack Murfitt Hour ago

    Put marbles in the blender or a golf ball

  • paul bennett
    paul bennett Hour ago

    Congratulations; you just recapitulated the Agricultural Revolution! BTW those 'roadside weeds' are what we'd call 'crops'. Still, it may encourage Americans to eat real food like the rest of the world.

  • hexagone productions

    You should try blending a stuffed animal in a blender with jelly see how that goes...

  • Ryan Chugg
    Ryan Chugg Hour ago

    R. I. P

  • Jason O'Donnell
    Jason O'Donnell Hour ago


  • Elsie Hita
    Elsie Hita Hour ago

    Cam yous blend aluminum liquord

  • kyle
    kyle Hour ago

    i just broke up with my boyfriend and came here to cheer up. thank you <3

  • Elsie Hita
    Elsie Hita Hour ago

    Can yous deep fry aluminum liquord

  • Bike Swank Gang
    Bike Swank Gang Hour ago

    If you stood bolts it wouldn’t have snapped

  • Jason O'Donnell
    Jason O'Donnell Hour ago