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  • William Stephens
    William Stephens 25 days ago

    Sure let's all just buy fake teeths

  • A K
    A K 4 months ago

    My front teeth has a hole because of this what treatment to do

  • Crypto World
    Crypto World 6 months ago

    Its nothign to do with the huge amount of junk food and sugar you eat, or the lack of vegetables. Just blame the plague.

  • Lexi Klusmann
    Lexi Klusmann 9 months ago

    the answer, invisalign. you literally have to brush your teeth after every meal or the trays look nasty and smell horrible

  • henksuli
    henksuli 10 months ago

    Teeth were made to help us to eat but they can't handel any kind of food's bacteria

  • Ehue Ehue
    Ehue Ehue 10 months ago

    Bacterias are so cute!

  • Dlesiree shaen
    Dlesiree shaen Year ago

    I'm watching this because I have an appointment tmmr and I'm scaref

  • Jahmar Kirk
    Jahmar Kirk Year ago

    I have been brushing in the morning not after meals 😔

    • Jahmar Kirk
      Jahmar Kirk Year ago

      Explains the problems I’m have with cavities 🦷

  • F. Teixeira
    F. Teixeira Year ago

    So if its acid i guess coffe is fucking me up? Am kinda carefull, i wash every now and then. How could this happen? fuckk

  • Harry videos
    Harry videos Year ago

    just brush your teeth and floss , also use mouthwash lol

  • Sonya Jeff` Sue
    Sonya Jeff` Sue Year ago

    God bless.

  • Igor Sidelkovsky

    hey ,if anyone else wants to discover avoid going to the dentist try Tooth Fixer Formula (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  • One Spicy Foxy
    One Spicy Foxy Year ago


  • Amine Elazar
    Amine Elazar Year ago


  • gtb2009b
    gtb2009b Year ago

    I’ve gone to two dentists in a year the first said I was ruining my teeth put me on 30 tooth paste the next one said he couldn’t find anything wrong I must take really good care of my teeth

  • Health, Weight & Real Talk

    I guess we'll just eat air!!!

  • Kevin  DeLuna
    Kevin DeLuna Year ago

    So that's it huh I'm always at war it's no wonder why I feel like that everyday

  • Satxn
    Satxn Year ago

    Well fuck

  • hamsika sai
    hamsika sai Year ago

    mam i have 3 cavity i went to dental hospital to fill them and that dentist filled my cavity but after 3 days on other i have 3 to 4brown lines on teeth plz tell me what is that and again wt treatment i have do for that plz tell me

  • Nirajan Pradhan
    Nirajan Pradhan Year ago

    Great information. Can u tell plastic retainers cause cavities plz reply

  • Nirajan Pradhan
    Nirajan Pradhan Year ago

    Great information. Can u tell plastic retainers cause cavities plz reply

  • Niel de Wet
    Niel de Wet Year ago


  • What
    What Year ago

    Ok central area's are not ok your such a bitch marianna oh wow poor me

  • bears 25
    bears 25 Year ago

    if our saliva was alkaline and we remained Hydrated nobody would have cavities despite fruits being initially acidic

  • chand somanah
    chand somanah 2 years ago

    Thank you .Very helpfully advise

  • Ishrak Hussain
    Ishrak Hussain 2 years ago

    who is watching because the teeth is hurting!

    • Melissa ,
      Melissa , 21 day ago

      MEEEEE 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Murica Marine
      Murica Marine Month ago

      Ishrak Hussain me but not for decay

    • Racy Mason
      Racy Mason 2 months ago


    • Moises Vega
      Moises Vega 9 months ago

      Teeth hurting and a huge swollen face lol

  • Jessica Trump
    Jessica Trump 2 years ago

    cavities will be with me forever and ever

  • Jessica Trump
    Jessica Trump 2 years ago

    I love to eat and drink all of them!

  • Rajaceratops
    Rajaceratops 2 years ago

    This is why my teeth keeps falling out and grows up after 1 year

  • XO
    XO 2 years ago

    eating sour patch kids rn lol

  • chand somanah
    chand somanah 2 years ago

    very interesting to Know the cause if decay

  • Hadiya Qaderi
    Hadiya Qaderi 2 years ago

    i dont eat junke food i dont drink soft drinks or eat too much sugary food i burush my teeth and i have tooth decay iam shocked 😭

    • moral decadence
      moral decadence 4 months ago

      Carbs baby. And lactose

    • Rupert Leaverton
      Rupert Leaverton 6 months ago

      @Crypto World and it gives good resources for all of that. And I've found it to be quite true from personal experience.

    • Crypto World
      Crypto World 6 months ago

      @Rupert Leaverton i read that book. all it says is that eating alot of white bread and sugar makes teeth worse, and people need to make sure they are vitamin and mineral sufficient. They recommend raw dairy and fish.

    • Timmy Tim
      Timmy Tim 8 months ago

      DinoRexGamingHD The food “we” eat? Wtf. How do you know what food everybody eats?

    • Timmy Tim
      Timmy Tim 8 months ago

      Maybe you spit too much or your teeth are crowded as fuck. There is no way you can get tooth decay by eating junk food and still brush twice a day and get decay. I’d be shocked if your teeth are also straight.

  • BiteawayTV International

    Awesome content! Thanks for sharing!

  • BiteawayTV International

    thanks for sharing all these helpful tips!

    • p.k sojib
      p.k sojib Year ago

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    • Paul Lesieur
      Paul Lesieur Year ago

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  • Urata Kastrati
    Urata Kastrati 2 years ago


  • Elite Playz
    Elite Playz 2 years ago

    uhhhhh show us a pictures of a cavity

  • French Fry
    French Fry 2 years ago

    yeah but brushing fucks up your gums.

    S.V GURUPRASAD 2 years ago

    Keep the tooth surface clean.If slight decay-further progress prevented by oral hygiene maintainance or fluoride applications.If cavity is deep-get it filled by dentist-filling.Hing mixed in water acts as a temporary filling.Do not leave things to progress to chronic stages-as treatment progresses to lining cavity with filling-if still not taken care of-root canal treatment with inlay or cap needed-more the delay-more the expense and probably tooth lost-needing removal and replacement-with bridge-neighbouring tooth capped to hold artificial tooth in space left after tooth removed

  • Jenny's pets
    Jenny's pets 2 years ago

    how to get rid of it I have one pls help

  • Amber S
    Amber S 2 years ago

    I've been doing oil pulling it was once a day now it's 2 or 3 times a day. I had braces on longer then suppose to when I was in high school. Yes I did have sugar food and drinks. Which after ai got them off I stayed away from sodas and not so many sweets. I still get tooth decay. Now I need one of my teeth pulled later this week. Not sure what to do. There is also toothpaste I'm going try I ordered from Amazon. It has baking soda and helps with tooth decay. I hope this helps others. Also drink water after have sugar foods it keeps mouth from being dry and gets sugar off teeth. Not sure about fluoride Pinterest has things about it also messes with a gland in brain if to much. Not going against this video just trying to help what I've learned.

      S.V GURUPRASAD 2 years ago

      Keep the tooth surface clean after eating food-clean surface-no tooth decay-brushing or atleast a mouthwash-salt water also helps as gargle

  • Nessa 13
    Nessa 13 3 years ago

    what about eating onions

    • Nessa 13
      Nessa 13 2 years ago

      +Jaikala G it helps with infection

      S.V GURUPRASAD 2 years ago

      I haven't heard of onions helping-Hing paste acts as temporay filling

  • Chituga Khalifa
    Chituga Khalifa 3 years ago

    If you don't want this to happen, Methylphenidate

  • Unicorn Phenomenon
    Unicorn Phenomenon 3 years ago

    But Ive stopped sugar and I stil have decay

      S.V GURUPRASAD 2 years ago

      decay is tooth demineralised by carbohydrate foods plus bacterial acid action-get filling done by dentist

  • toast
    toast 3 years ago


  • Bon Summers
    Bon Summers 3 years ago

    From my experience, as long as I eat quality cheese and milk, don't have too much very sweet fruit (but some is fine in the overall balance), not much or rarely starches, and also eat animal flesh, eggs, greens(leafy greens), and commonly much of my calories are from fresh fruit …. then I keep healthiest all around, and no tooth decay. Veganism, highly refined diets(and heavy starches), too much sugary foods, … are practically all guaranteed abundant tooth decay.

    • heyitsablackguy
      heyitsablackguy 2 years ago

      Depends if the Vegan/vegetarian are cleaning after a meal. If they're not rinsing or brushing afterwards, they will get tooth decay.

  • Dellia Suacillo Suacillo

    thanks mate

  • londontrada
    londontrada 3 years ago

    Cutting out between meal snacks seems an unnecessary request; fuck you

  • rainbowsixODST
    rainbowsixODST 3 years ago

    So essentially...never enjoy food again😑

    • PENDANTturnips
      PENDANTturnips 2 years ago

      Not necessarily, reduce sugars and simple carbs such as breads/pastas and eat a cucumber after every meal to clean a considerable amount of the remaining sugars from your teeth. If you want to be healthy then you already dont eat a lot of sugar.

  • Ahziralc Ceejhay
    Ahziralc Ceejhay 3 years ago

    gosh ... my teeth is getting yellowish ... i dont know what to do

    • Marquis Neilly
      Marquis Neilly 9 months ago

      @ArrowGigaDragon's Gaming Cave The fact that eight people like his comment

    • ArrowGigaDragon's Gaming Cave
      ArrowGigaDragon's Gaming Cave 2 years ago


    • Demtry aa
      Demtry aa 2 years ago

      Yellow is the normal teeth colour, all that shiny white teeth out there are not normal

    • michelle tate
      michelle tate 3 years ago

      floss everyday brush all the way down to the gum line and get regularly cleanings. If you want to use Crest whitening strips use them every other day to prevent sensitivity. Also try not to eat and drink dark foods and drinks in the mean time.

  • OneLink Entertainment

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  • Nobody
    Nobody 3 years ago

    I have a black something on my back teeth but my dentist said it's not a tooth decay , what is it ?

    • Zaxizoid
      Zaxizoid Year ago

      Nobody cavities

    • Nobody
      Nobody 3 years ago

      I went to visit my dentist and he said I didn't brushed my teeth properly and after a long time ago I started to brush them the normal way thats why the "black something" is on my teeth. But thank you for commenting

    • michelle tate
      michelle tate 3 years ago

      if you had an amalgam "metal" filling above that tooth it can be a amalgam tattoo. metal transfer

  • Mckenzie Mcqueer reyna

    Yea that's what I have my teeth have problems

  • Aaron Vasquez
    Aaron Vasquez 3 years ago

    I have yellow bloches on my top teeth and don't know what they are, can someone lease respond to my question

  • mbaksa
    mbaksa 3 years ago

    The most important thing is to not drink acidic drinks, or eating acidic food. Yes, sugar is the reason of caries, but it is acids from drinks and food that compromise, and thin down the enamel. I really, really can't understand how you can say "acid" a thousand times, and not once mention acidic drinks/sodas! Acids directly damage the enamel, sugars only indirectly, through bacteria in plaque.

      S.V GURUPRASAD 2 years ago

      List of acidic drinks & acidic foods needed

  • lolyaaaa
    lolyaaaa 4 years ago

    Fluoride ???????????? chewing a gum ????? it will kill your teeths sooner or later LOL, you fool

  • Dwayne Juan
    Dwayne Juan 4 years ago

    Fluoride ? Do your research fool .

  • Lily may Borgerson
    Lily may Borgerson 4 years ago

    I believe that jerms ar not good for your teeth ?

  • David Vo
    David Vo 4 years ago

    6AiskjquququelkkSu ht)y. UiaeQ off. Yyyye

  • Mary Holst
    Mary Holst 4 years ago

    I had tooth decay when I was 7years old(about 7 years ago) and we were on vacation and my left cheek started swelling up really badly, so somebody told my parents to take me to the hospital, when we got there, they did some things on me, and said "we need to take your daughter into surgery now, if not then she's going to the emergency room." It was so scary for me, especially for a 7year old ;(

    • Crypto World
      Crypto World 6 months ago

      @Ellah Playz serems to be a theme here of people who had tooth decay problems and sounding like whiney babies who cant make sense.

    • Ellah Playz
      Ellah Playz 2 years ago

      Mary Holst yah me too when im was 6 yrs old my teeth was so healthy then when i turn 9 i didnt brush my teeth anymore cause of addicting of tablet then i always having tooth ache when im eating sweets snd after that we go to the dentist and the dentist said my teeth is un healthy i need to get a surgery or im gonna take carse of it so now im always brushing my teeth cause i dont want a surgery😢

    • jnefitema yep
      jnefitema yep 3 years ago

      @Mary Holst oooooooooh

    • Mary Holst
      Mary Holst 3 years ago

      @jnefitema yep well, I would eventually get an infection, and it could've gotten really bad, possibly could've killed me if it got to my heart or something. :/

    • jnefitema yep
      jnefitema yep 3 years ago

      So what happened? What if u never went to the hospital?

  • Ashley London
    Ashley London 4 years ago

  • Dan Fernando
    Dan Fernando 5 years ago

    Oh wow,, no wonder it's so hard... I forgot to detach my jaw

  • 01aralk
    01aralk 6 years ago

    try the thinnest and dont worry about bleeding, it is normal at the beginning, it is caused by infection in gum and as it get used to brush, it wont bleed anymore. My teeth are so close together that i didnt belive it either, but after about a week, bleeding disappeared. Hope this helped you :)

    • Vegan Cooking Network
      Vegan Cooking Network 3 years ago

      01aralk it's a scam it kills your teeth enamel rubbing the metal wire through your teeth

  • Dejan Magdenovski
    Dejan Magdenovski 6 years ago

    my teeth seem to be so tight together I can't even jam those things between, and I have the second thinnest brush in the product line. Really, I've tried and all I did was make my gums bleed once, I guess I punctured them with the wire. What to do what to do..

    • Vegan Cooking Network
      Vegan Cooking Network 3 years ago

      Dejan Magdenovski keep pushing the wire into your gums and teeth to make your gums bleed. The more bleeding the better. Bleeding in gums is healthy for them duh!

  • Stephanie Hobbs
    Stephanie Hobbs 7 years ago

    Of all the videos on tooth brushing, I like this one the best - thank you! :)

  • Suji Kang
    Suji Kang 7 years ago

    is it okay to use this video fro my lesson plan?