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  • Goth Jesus
    Goth Jesus Hour ago

    Only trash share exploits and glitches

  • androidgenius
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  • Mason Tweddell
    Mason Tweddell Hour ago

    How does he have supercharged xp?

  • Lynsey Heath
    Lynsey Heath Hour ago

    Apparently if you visit all 4 in the one match you can get 8,000 xp

  • DigitalRabbit
    DigitalRabbit Hour ago

    10 hours level

  • Nertq
    Nertq 2 hours ago

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  • RadRoboSlime
    RadRoboSlime 2 hours ago

    It’s bull so I know it’s real

  • Its Zenzi
    Its Zenzi 2 hours ago

    Love ur content I actually made my own content becuase of u love u bro ❤️

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    Sleep Inese 2 hours ago

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    Keish Sis 2 hours ago

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  • SSM _Speedforcewiz77

    U stole postboxpats layout

  • masterjack232
    masterjack232 7 hours ago

    Wait where did the fish In the thumbnail come from

  • AxZelJibanyan Anims
    AxZelJibanyan Anims 7 hours ago

    You keep saying sex

  • Drew Bennett
    Drew Bennett 9 hours ago

    Really interesting theories. Do we know what EGO stands for? Lots of the military bases say EGO something or other. Have you found every landmark? My map is all filled in but there seems to be another thing to find again and again.

  • Ciaran Donnachie
    Ciaran Donnachie 9 hours ago

    This is how many people I love Bull-Fortnite |

  • FaZe Sway
    FaZe Sway 9 hours ago

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  • Ciaran Donnachie
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  • FatCat
    FatCat 9 hours ago

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  • Uziel Hagel
    Uziel Hagel 10 hours ago

    I was caught of guard when you said “six tape”

  • masterjack232
    masterjack232 11 hours ago

    I think there will be a nuclear war because of all the pollution going round and all of the milatry bases

  • Tommy Hart
    Tommy Hart 11 hours ago

    BULL - Fortnite the new chapter is amazing! The map feels so much bigger, amazing new features, lots more to do in a match than before, the list goes on

    LIL ROZZAY 13 hours ago

    What is the name of character in my profile picture

  • ChOpSuEy_247 eetswa
    ChOpSuEy_247 eetswa 14 hours ago

    Hey bull I don't know if you are aware of this but on the east side of H 3 on the fortnite map in the ocean is the truck transformer from the previous fortnite map, it's a pretty cool Easter egg, btw your channel is the best fortnite storyline related and keep up the good vids.

  • Alex Edwards
    Alex Edwards 15 hours ago

    Postboxpat is better

  • skapari _
    skapari _ 16 hours ago

    Hey Bull, you need to fix your comment section. It's just filled with self promoters

    • Biohazard Pyro-B87
      Biohazard Pyro-B87 11 hours ago

      not true i gave a theory about the visitor and the other seven coming back

  • i don't know what my name should be

    At first I thought that the plane crash is a reference to the series named LOST.

  • GrahamStw
    GrahamStw 16 hours ago

    Just noticed that the guy at the start of the cinematic looks like he has the military logo on a badge on his jacket arm.

  • Eduardo Izquierdo
    Eduardo Izquierdo 20 hours ago

    Did anyone notice that the durr burger hasent got the drift spray ?

  • DarkClaw
    DarkClaw 20 hours ago

    I thought the black hole exploded did it not?

  • DarkClaw
    DarkClaw 20 hours ago

    I'm glad Kevin is a location

  • Biohazard Pyro-B87
    Biohazard Pyro-B87 20 hours ago

    My theory is that based on the visiters recordings he said "the zero point must be contained once more" which says its happend before, and likely to happen agian thus the other 4 of (the seven) will come in what do you guys think of my theory?

  • Cooper Gillespie
    Cooper Gillespie 20 hours ago

    This is how many wins you will get in fortnite season 1 chapter 2 👇 For me it will be ♾

  • FatCat
    FatCat 20 hours ago

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  • Crepla
    Crepla 20 hours ago

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  • Chloe Park
    Chloe Park Day ago

    More Theories: Ig: CuddleCrewTeamLeader Firstly, nice video. That’s an interesting theory to the meteor. Didn’t cross mind. Late but never the less, after the event i truly believe the “7” aren’t bad. Something that came to my mind was that the 6 led the meteor to keep it from killing “us”. But i like your’s. I also think the 1 on the tapes kind of hinted us in his recordings. A bit complicated but we knew if his hypothesis worked it would cause the end, like he said. Now i believe Fortnite kind of hinted at us. “This will pause the singularity and create time to synchronize the junctions.” Like said complex, but maybe in a way used it as double sided. I think Fortnite are beyond brilliant. They possibly to say, paused time and kept us on hold for the update so leakers would’t leak much. Also so many theories on the black hole screen but it passed lol.

    • Chloe Park
      Chloe Park Day ago

      Randomly, I think if Fortnite wrote books including one on the Visitor in first person. It’d be epic!

  • James Bernald
    James Bernald Day ago

    In the last teaser for season 11 it’s drift and bright bomber sting next to each other with drifts hand over bombers shoulders and bombers other hand petting their dog

  • Joshua Ky
    Joshua Ky Day ago

    This was not the full clip there was more

  • Vernnetta Ellerd


  • bullseye 2599
    bullseye 2599 Day ago

    There’s a tomato truck on the map but I don’t think a dur burger

  • Durr Boy
    Durr Boy Day ago

    there are actual three bunkers. One is under the shack, there is another under a bush south east of retail row , and one in B6 underwater.


    I know it sounds dumb but I think it may be the visitor

  • Joe Atkinson
    Joe Atkinson Day ago

    There is another secret bunker under water towards the south west of the map

  • Fredstar _ 2019

    Great video bro! My epic ID is SecretWeaponF18/SmashPixelGamer

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  • Tazman Satvik
    Tazman Satvik Day ago

    make fortnite chapter 2 every skins

  • Juan Mateo
    Juan Mateo Day ago

    he was sending us sex tapes? lol

  • Ggman2002 Goudeos

    In dirty dock inside of the sea you can find the truck robot

  • shinistrue
    shinistrue 2 days ago

    Bro the whole map is new everything is a change 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Danixmis
    Danixmis 2 days ago

    Hey bro, I think the secret bunker is part of the "militars" in this island because the crashed planes and bunker have the sames computers

  • The snack that Smiles back

    I’m gunna miss the old map

    FROSTBITE GAMING 2 days ago

    The pool is were they keep the radiation safe at its green and blue but in fortnite its from the cube so thats why its purple if you swimed in that in real life you will probably die because of the high levels of radiation☢☢☢

  • James Bratcher
    James Bratcher 2 days ago


  • pokemonfan898 ps4
    pokemonfan898 ps4 2 days ago

    You forgot the mecha team leader car statue in the ocean rim near the powerplant.

  • Carmen Mejia
    Carmen Mejia 2 days ago

    Thats the E.G.O logo

  • axel hernandez
    axel hernandez 2 days ago

    It is the noob skin.

  • Tony Andrews
    Tony Andrews 2 days ago

    There is a tomato truck. Just north east of where the tomato and durr burger are in the woods, just north of that river near a bridge

  • Pheriochial
    Pheriochial 2 days ago

    Oh, the bunker mystery returns... with a twist in another world.

  • xSwaipa
    xSwaipa 2 days ago

    at the Stone Hendge theres a bunker in the ocean , i found ot in team rumble on accident

  • BULL - Fortnite
    BULL - Fortnite 2 days ago

    Have you guys found any other cool Easter eggs?

    • Coolgamer 8ro
      Coolgamer 8ro 2 days ago

      East of retail row is a bunker hidden in a bush

  • The God of Ketchup
    The God of Ketchup 2 days ago

    *D O U G H N U T*

  • Zack Betz
    Zack Betz 2 days ago

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  • Jaden boyton
    Jaden boyton 2 days ago

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  • Justin Browning
    Justin Browning 2 days ago

    Yes it helps thanks

  • lennox Braun
    lennox Braun 2 days ago

    I like how you copy Postboxpats thumbnail

  • Väinö Laakso
    Väinö Laakso 2 days ago

    There is another bunker in the sea

    MADCHRISTMASBOI E 2 days ago

    The pink stuff is from the monster

  • rager cz 2
    rager cz 2 2 days ago

    Please me i have only 100 v-bucks and i want to buy battle pass

  • ZombieSlayerX41
    ZombieSlayerX41 2 days ago

    Lonely Lodge sign at 5:26

  • Tinor
    Tinor 2 days ago

    AWSOME !! =) !!

  • JohnTaylor Thompson

    The big shots sign is a bar from retail row

  • Archie Outdoors
    Archie Outdoors 2 days ago

    I got a challenge for you all *find the crashed battle bus*

  • Sneezedip
    Sneezedip 2 days ago

    I found other bunker ! Go check my video

  • N8TIVEWW65
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  • ツAtryx
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  • Mister poop
    Mister poop 2 days ago

    6:41 look in the window

  • Jade
    Jade 2 days ago

    ..the whole map is a fucking map change

  • Bro
    Bro 2 days ago

    This is so much better than the map before

  • Recon Visionz
    Recon Visionz 2 days ago

    100th like on video

  • Skillsocke ist cool

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  • Thunder
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  • Cristian Arroyo
    Cristian Arroyo 2 days ago

    Isnt bigshot from retail row?

  • crazi dex
    crazi dex 2 days ago

    um why do I have this on my recommendation during shocktober?

  • AggosGR
    AggosGR 2 days ago

    Secret map updates: *NEW MAP* 😂

    • Redsniper fan12
      Redsniper fan12 Day ago

      Oh my god

    • shinistrue
      shinistrue 2 days ago

      Lots of changes he need to slap himself lol the whole map is new

    • Cristian Arroyo
      Cristian Arroyo 2 days ago

      Wait tell me do you think this island is a remote island like total drama island XD because its literally a island with camaras all over the place spying on people

  • IDE4L Z
    IDE4L Z 2 days ago

    The game is fresh as hell it's like I'm In my childhood country... Australia like in wolonggong and Melbourne

  • Fortnite Chapter 2
    Fortnite Chapter 2 2 days ago

    Hey do you wanna Collab 🌾🎁

  • k9 sk3lington
    k9 sk3lington 2 days ago

    At the end there was a sadder version of og music

  • Don't Click Here
    Don't Click Here 2 days ago

    Thank you for the changes bro!

  • Kleant Kaci
    Kleant Kaci 2 days ago

    BULL you are actually the best i dont know how you get no views.You work hard thats why i like you😀

    • Kleant Kaci
      Kleant Kaci 2 days ago

      @bruh_ he does not he needs to get some were to 500000 k views

    • bruh_
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      @Kleant Kaci he does get a good view to sub ratio

    • Kleant Kaci
      Kleant Kaci 2 days ago

      Thank you you made my day by replaying!😀

    • BULL - Fortnite
      BULL - Fortnite 2 days ago

      I appreciate it bro!

  • Jo ann Dunbar
    Jo ann Dunbar 2 days ago

    I plad at 630 it op

  • Dev T.
    Dev T. 2 days ago

    New map, new adventures. I can't wait to play. It feels so fresh.

  • C Hernandez
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  • FatCat
    FatCat 2 days ago

    *who else is a true fan of bull??* But im sußßing tø whoever łíkés this añd sußs tø me)

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