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5-Minute Crafts
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  • Krush Works
    Krush Works 9 days ago

    Hello from THE KID KAOS SHOW!

  • Finger Family Song
    Finger Family Song 2 months ago

    hi guys! Welcome to 5-Experiment & Life Hack channel

  • My Urdu Vlog
    My Urdu Vlog 2 months ago

    Really Useful Channel

  • Xristos Papas
    Xristos Papas 2 months ago

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  • Krish Jaiswal
    Krish Jaiswal 2 months ago

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  • Gavin Anderson
    Gavin Anderson 2 months ago

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  • MrGyro
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  • Alliah Jamisha Llanera

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  • maritza urdaneta
    maritza urdaneta 2 months ago

    hola me gusto el video

  • MaybeAccurate
    MaybeAccurate 2 months ago

    Wow! Congratulations on almost 10 million subscribers in a year! Whoever you guys are earned it :)

  • Joseph Paterson
    Joseph Paterson 3 months ago

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  • Dude Prefect Tricks
    Dude Prefect Tricks 3 months ago

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  • maritza urdaneta
    maritza urdaneta 3 months ago

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  • Trending NEWS
    Trending NEWS 3 months ago

    keep it Up :)

  • A Guy Who Goes To Every Video That Interests Him

    probably one of the worst "life hack" channels on youtube, just saying.

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    LoveChatVideo 3 months ago

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  • Think Plus
    Think Plus 3 months ago

    Hello, you are always the best, I love you!

  • Think Plus
    Think Plus 3 months ago

    Hello, you are always the best, I love you!

  • how to craft it
    how to craft it 3 months ago

    5minute crafts 15 minute videos

  • Blazanite Rules
    Blazanite Rules 3 months ago

    when people are bored they come to this channel for life hacks that they will never use unless they are real cheap with there money.

  • Finger Family Song
    Finger Family Song 3 months ago

    like channel :)

  • quetta hub
    quetta hub 3 months ago

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  • 67zarja
    67zarja 3 months ago

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  • Robo Max
    Robo Max 3 months ago

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  • Muhammad Zain
    Muhammad Zain 3 months ago

    Can you please tell me which paper is used in these videos for HOt Glue. From I can easily remove hot glue. waiting your reply

  • EDNV Fun Videos
    EDNV Fun Videos 3 months ago

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  • Flight Of Spice Blog
    Flight Of Spice Blog 3 months ago

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  • Sap Ros
    Sap Ros 3 months ago

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  • ByHand
    ByHand 3 months ago

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  • Momerob Thiger
    Momerob Thiger 3 months ago

    Are you in partnership with Bright Side or seriously stealing work from them?

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  • Jhim Del Rosario
    Jhim Del Rosario 3 months ago

    I knew that you copy someone's video like Bright Side videos and post it in one of your video!!SOMEDAY ILL BE REPORTING!!Im JUST KIDDING!!lol I LOVE UR VIDS!!

  • MR.5
    MR.5 3 months ago

    5-Minute Crafts #Awesome

  • 2WE™
    2WE™ 3 months ago

    Best Channel Of the Year.If You Agree #Like

  • eduardo vilte
    eduardo vilte 3 months ago

    soy el unico que habla español¿¿

  • 5-Minute Crafts BD
    5-Minute Crafts BD 3 months ago

    HI 5-Minute Crafts HOW ARE YOU ...

  • Juan Villa-Hernandez
    Juan Villa-Hernandez 3 months ago

    same as freaking bright side WROSE

  • Juan Villa-Hernandez
    Juan Villa-Hernandez 3 months ago

    this channel is trash just click bait awful

  • dobandvla
    dobandvla 3 months ago

    Why does the Russian (Ukrainian or whatever) channel make a video in the language of the most likely enemy ?!

  • Ellie Owen
    Ellie Owen 3 months ago

    5-minute crafts,why you don't made new channel where you are doing DIY-s?Oh and plus I'm bigg fann! =)

  • EXLE
    EXLE 3 months ago

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  • Greg55Gaming
    Greg55Gaming 3 months ago

    5-minutes crafts is just a copy of BRIGHT SIDE

  • Zøe S
    Zøe S 3 months ago

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    Food Factory 3 months ago

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  • Ektaa Pratik Modi
    Ektaa Pratik Modi 3 months ago

    how can I mount a soap dispenser made out of used lotion bottle on the wall?

  • Funny Llama Productions

    "5-Minute' the vids should be 5 minutes long! not like 20 lower or higher minutes long!

  • Masti Time
    Masti Time 3 months ago

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  • Masti Time
    Masti Time 3 months ago

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  • HvsH
    HvsH 3 months ago

    5 minute crafts r copycats because they copy wengie and sara beauty corner

  • Kate Itsuka
    Kate Itsuka 4 months ago

    Your getting scary then ever BUT IT'S AWESOME!!!!!!!

  • Dice Daddy
    Dice Daddy 4 months ago

    this is a total clickbait channel and this acts like the same as bright side

    • bethany chern
      bethany chern 3 months ago

      that's because they r owned by the same people!

      ABBY DALTON 3 months ago

      there the same people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PIZZA BAGELS DAB HARD 4 months ago

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  • Bertie Healy
    Bertie Healy 4 months ago

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  • Abdullah Alahmri1
    Abdullah Alahmri1 4 months ago

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  • Klára Mrázová
    Klára Mrázová 4 months ago

    wha are your videos too long

  • 舞魅夜靈
    舞魅夜靈 4 months ago

    I really like your video ~ but do not understand English ~ so ... do not know what that material ~

  • Timm Thomas
    Timm Thomas 4 months ago

    Im trying to hate This And STOP SHOWING SAME LIFEHACKS!!! >:(

  • Liberage
    Liberage 4 months ago

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  • Sreuk Aepom
    Sreuk Aepom 4 months ago

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    عم عزاباوي 4 months ago

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  • Arolg Atroll
    Arolg Atroll 4 months ago

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  • Brage Osland Kjærgård

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  • Game Center 2.0
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    • Delt 88
      Delt 88 3 months ago

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  • Isabella Davis
    Isabella Davis 4 months ago

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  • SmartTech
    SmartTech 4 months ago

    What a great channel

  • fr0zenwo1f22
    fr0zenwo1f22 4 months ago

    heya! just wondering, can u do a fit on squishes? idk if u did already. thx!!

  • Marucha Habib
    Marucha Habib 4 months ago

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    Art School on Youtube 4 months ago

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  • suleiman khan
    suleiman khan 4 months ago

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  • WatchMega
    WatchMega 4 months ago

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  • Alan Muldoon
    Alan Muldoon 4 months ago

    Not a single videos is less than 5 minutes, its all lies haha

  • Thaqueen Oxarida
    Thaqueen Oxarida 4 months ago

    just more re-upload uploaded as a new video

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  • chrissy Johnson
    chrissy Johnson 4 months ago

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  • chrissy Johnson
    chrissy Johnson 4 months ago

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  • Thắng Đinh
    Thắng Đinh 4 months ago

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  • dobandvla
    dobandvla 4 months ago

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  • Tamika HALL
    Tamika HALL 4 months ago

    In your cip you have with Mum without mum how do i look at them Tamika

  • Krushna nanda Das
    Krushna nanda Das 4 months ago

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  • Krushna nanda Das
    Krushna nanda Das 4 months ago

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  • GuineaPigGamer
    GuineaPigGamer 4 months ago

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    moretttti 4 months ago

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    Journey5000 5 months ago

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  • Open Tops Cool
    Open Tops Cool 5 months ago

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  • Lousiana Perrie Johnson

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    Jesper Helbo 5 months ago

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    XxDarkGalaxiesxX 5 months ago

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    Team Experts 5 months ago

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    lauris Robles 5 months ago

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    21研究室 5 months ago

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  • Moo's minecraft mayham Minecrafter

    You are totally a genius your probably smarter than Einstein I love your channel 5 minute crafts

    • Delt 88
      Delt 88 3 months ago

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    • sai ramya
      sai ramya 5 months ago

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  • Happy Frog
    Happy Frog 6 months ago

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    Eureka Pusheen 6 months ago

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    7d Girls 6 months ago

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  • Think Creative
    Think Creative 6 months ago

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    Rahul Bhatti 6 months ago

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    Rosemary Bowling 6 months ago

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    Rusul ulGurafia 6 months ago

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  • Rahul Bhatti
    Rahul Bhatti 6 months ago

    please add the another student Life Hacks for tenth grade students like us.

  • Margaret Vossler
    Margaret Vossler 6 months ago

    Wow! I was going to share a hack with you (mister 5minutes) but after reading theseposts..Ahh nope!

  • killer girl14
    killer girl14 6 months ago

    I love ur channel and bright side is also educational and u got good life hacks

  • Fox is Not Impressed
    Fox is Not Impressed 6 months ago

    *inhales* if you're gonna make DIYs. make DIYs that are actually USEFUL! oh, and most of your so called "life hacks" are stuff people who HAVE A BRAIN (unlike you) will do automatically. OH! and don't repeat everything. I can't watch two videos back to back without having a "life hack" or "DIY" repeated. This could've been a good channel. but you blew that and made the shittiest channel to have more than 50 subscribers.

    • ScubaShark8857
      ScubaShark8857 5 months ago

      What about watch Mojo or the gamer? Those channels are pretty atrocious, and yet watch mojo has over 14,000,000

    ALL TECH Tv 6 months ago

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  • Drenushë Latifi
    Drenushë Latifi 6 months ago

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  • Landrew0
    Landrew0 6 months ago

    So far, I've seen mostly useful hacks on this channel, so it deserves my support. But I've seen similar channels which contain mostly lame, useless stuff, obviously just to make money, but it still receives thousands of enthusiastic likes. I can't hide my contempt for this; I think it's deplorable to reward bad behavior.

  • Ashley Milner
    Ashley Milner 6 months ago


  • Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe 6 months ago

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  • Lea Nicollet
    Lea Nicollet 6 months ago

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  • crafts of life
    crafts of life 6 months ago

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  • Sallie Honeywell
    Sallie Honeywell 6 months ago

    hi i have been watching this channel for a long time and i dont get why you are writing rude things about it. If you dont like it then you should not watch it. it is as simple as that. Personally i like watching it.

  • enJ!NDAL
    enJ!NDAL 6 months ago

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  • Senita Wood CASE NBW
    Senita Wood CASE NBW 6 months ago

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    Gema Reyes 6 months ago

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    Ariyadi 6 months ago

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  • Leed Winston
    Leed Winston 7 months ago

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  • Pie girl Hill
    Pie girl Hill 7 months ago

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    natr0n 7 months ago

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    • Nancy Cousintine
      Nancy Cousintine 3 months ago

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    • Emily Miller
      Emily Miller 5 months ago

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    Mina Fathi 7 months ago

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    khalid Emdad 8 months ago

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  • MeowingInsanely
    MeowingInsanely 8 months ago

    iiPie'sTalks' comment: "I don't care who copied who, it doesn't matter. As long as everyone learns, it's fine. Personally, if someone copied one of my videos, I'd be glad that more people learn about what I'm doing. This is just a video to teach some hacks, and now everyone knows about them. I'm expecting some triggered replies, although I wouldn't want them."

  • RealPro4Life
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  • MlleAlizée
    MlleAlizée 8 months ago

    Hello, I love your DIYs, I have a question: Will you bring out a book with plenty of diy, as if it were your channel but on paper?

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    Sachin Saxena 8 months ago

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    Xtoi 8 months ago

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    Minma Anna Games :3 8 months ago

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    harjinder virk 8 months ago

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    harjinder virk 8 months ago

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    BennyBoi 8 months ago

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    QASIM ALI 8 months ago

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  • Julia Hart
    Julia Hart 8 months ago

    how come this is called 5 minute crafts but it isnt 5 minutes? lol

  • Mike Oursland
    Mike Oursland 8 months ago

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  • collegebandi
    collegebandi 8 months ago

    I would subscribe except they use thumbnails they never show in the videos so instead i'm never going to watch another video by them again.

  • Nkofi Cromwell
    Nkofi Cromwell 9 months ago

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    linda fitri 9 months ago

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  • Nick L.
    Nick L. 9 months ago

    Why does this channel get so much hate?

    • Delt 88
      Delt 88 3 months ago

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      Tamika HALL 4 months ago

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  • Sally McKeran
    Sally McKeran 9 months ago

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  • Recipies
    Recipies 9 months ago

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  • Aquarea_Art
    Aquarea_Art 9 months ago

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  • Monique B.
    Monique B. 9 months ago

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    Caeley Fossier 9 months ago

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    Izzy Reizarf 9 months ago

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    Marwa Younes 9 months ago

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