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WOW Air Is Back!
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737 MAX Is Flying (Sort Of)
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  • azayika
    azayika 5 minutes ago

    They should, FAA is a joke. Plus USA is no longer a standard. Money over people!

  • Asia Streets
    Asia Streets 30 minutes ago

    An airplane should always be tested of several countries before allowed to fly international.

  • TransitBiker
    TransitBiker 36 minutes ago

    Then to be fair, all airbus new types should undergo the same process.

  • paul dewar
    paul dewar 41 minute ago

    Virgin simply needs to cancel its order with Boeing and job done. No need for the Max to ever fly in Australia!

  • Waterworld 360
    Waterworld 360 47 minutes ago

    Yesterday's engine designs are obsolete, time to to move on to the better design of toroidal MYT engines.

  • Screen Patch
    Screen Patch 48 minutes ago

    Its only the maxes not the -700 -800 -900

  • Forza223 Bowe
    Forza223 Bowe 53 minutes ago

    I think the 737 max might only fly in America

  • Jimmy c
    Jimmy c 56 minutes ago

    This was a passenger flight??

  • Kevin Steele
    Kevin Steele Hour ago

    FAA is the US regulator not the world regulator so let each country have its own inspections and testing if that’s what they require

  • Paul Guaglardi
    Paul Guaglardi Hour ago


  • Xavi Chuvy
    Xavi Chuvy Hour ago

    Rumour has it the FAA will certify the Max by the end of this year while the EASA will take another three months and Canada and India probably won't follow the FAA either. Quite frankly after the 787 debacle I didn't trust Boeing nor the FAA as it was patently clear they were both corrupt and in cahoots. The 737Max disaster was the final nail in the coffin as far as I'm concerned, so not just for safety but as a matter of principle I´ll be avoiding Boeing aircraft whenever possible.

  • Mario S.
    Mario S. Hour ago

    Each country should independently certify B737 Max aircrafts and come to their own conclusion. Sorry Boeing, this time the world will not listen to the certification process by the FAA. .

  • Jafalks BongZ
    Jafalks BongZ Hour ago

    Hey DJ!! Can you please change your TVclip channel name as " Boeing Watch Dog "?? cause you know nothing but Boeing..

  • muggyindiana 389

    777x all the way

  • Lizardtube!
    Lizardtube! Hour ago

    My flight with Iceland air from IAD-KEF on October 31 is supposed to be operated by a 737 MAX 9. Will it really be operating that soon?

  • #Travel 15
    #Travel 15 Hour ago

    Maybe make a video about the current situation of Thomas Cook. It is not very good right now.

  • Dreamliner Steve

    Not another boeing video.. Boring. Why not do a video on the A320 neo issue's.

  • Albert Calis
    Albert Calis Hour ago

    I think with all the negative attention garnered by the Max, I have a feeling this could be the death knell for the 737 program. Boeing needs to design a newer model aircraft, similar in size to the 737, but with a brand new updated design, much like the 787 is similar in size to the 767, but far more updated.

  • Elton Delgado
    Elton Delgado 2 hours ago

    @Dj's aviation can you make a video of how much max's boing already delivered

  • fighter5583
    fighter5583 2 hours ago

    Have you heard the A320neo also has a tendency to pitch up if there's sufficient weight in the back? Lufthansa and British have blocked off the last few rows of seats to avoid this problem. While not as big of an issue as the MAX, it appears all new narrow bodies are having this problem now.

  • Urs Odermatt
    Urs Odermatt 2 hours ago

    i suggest the max gets tested in the USA for 20 years before it is allowed to be flown in other countries

  • AvGeek NZ
    AvGeek NZ 2 hours ago

    I'll gladly fly the Max again doesn't concern me

  • scott81
    scott81 2 hours ago

    Are all Ragulators going to do the same four all future airbus planes as well?

  • cristiovanni
    cristiovanni 2 hours ago

    I volunteer for a FREE 90 days double trip around the world on the max-8 - all expenses included, of course.

  • Robert Rendall
    Robert Rendall 2 hours ago

    Mr. Hough, You are right the FAA let Boeing do there own certification. I find that appalling that the FAA let this happen how much is Boeing giving the FAA in terms of money?

  • Henry Sanchez
    Henry Sanchez 2 hours ago

    This is good for all parties that they all certify in each country/region. Yes it will take longer for the Max to take to the air in various countries but this is dual, triple redundancies, as in aircraft systems, to make sure the Max is safe that all passengers can board confidently!

  • Ali S
    Ali S 2 hours ago

    You can't put nice fresh new bit's on an old chassis and expect it to be as good as a brand new complete fresh one. This reminds me of Nero's Rome.

  • EstSailor
    EstSailor 2 hours ago

    Can’t wait to fly max!

  • Putin The Great
    Putin The Great 2 hours ago

    MCAS is a band aid to an unstable aerodynamic design. Stop that 737Max8 it's out of date and unsafe

  • Gary Flanary
    Gary Flanary 2 hours ago


    • Manuel Ventura
      Manuel Ventura 2 hours ago

      Only 20% were sold in the U.S. the other 80% were sold outside of the country. I agree ALL pilots should be trained using REAL simulators and not trough i-pads. Boeing went on the cheap and there was the results.

  • Putin The Great
    Putin The Great 2 hours ago

    FAA is Boeing's marketing department. 737Max8 is out of date and unsafe. Just avoid the damn plane people!!!

  • Callum The Trainspotter


    KIWI NZ 3 hours ago

    Please don’t fly this f🤬🤬kn thing again 🤫🤭

  • S Deko
    S Deko 3 hours ago

    This could be the demise of Virgin in Australia.. I think Richie Branson should give Airbus a quick bell and get a few A320’s ordered

    • Jim Shaw
      Jim Shaw 35 minutes ago

      for delivery in 2026? That would sure help <not>

  • Brian Peterson
    Brian Peterson 3 hours ago

    No one should trust the FAA after the Max.

  • Scott Mccauley
    Scott Mccauley 3 hours ago

    The MAX is taking over Dj's channel...

  • skip181sg
    skip181sg 3 hours ago

    All the Global Safety Agencies have been burnt by the FAA and the revolving door between Industry, Military Contracts and Government Agencies. Pretty sure all subsequent new plane certifications are ling to be following a far more complicated route in future...but IMHO a better one.

  • Gary Hughes
    Gary Hughes 3 hours ago

    Why the hell why the hell is Boeing even using a Trent engine that's pathetic GE is still playing with the engine for the Triple 7 I don't know if Pratt & Whitney who makes an engine for the 787 but maybe Boeing should develop their own engine they should damn sure not be using a European engine for their Jets how many more times will Trent engine have to fail before they quit using it

  • Guinness
    Guinness 3 hours ago

    Good. I'm Australian and I don't want the 737 max in my country.

    • Guinness
      Guinness Hour ago

      @Patrick Proctor how many times did the 737 max fail the faa certification? How many a380 fatalities have there been? You seem to be coming at this from a very partisan view, are you under the impression that Boeing being better than airbus is better for you personally regardless how many deaths it means along the way?

    • Johnny Wynn
      Johnny Wynn Hour ago

      @Air News 24/7 They're no "Minor" It can still be a huge issue with Pilots are unable to override a situation on a broken sensor and Pitch-Up Scenarios, which has happened to Many A320s in the past

    • Air News 24/7
      Air News 24/7 2 hours ago

      @Patrick Proctor And should never been certificated with such junk wings... The A320neo pitch problems are minor and therefore need no defective MCAS system to overcome pilots inputs.

    • Patrick Proctor
      Patrick Proctor 2 hours ago

      @Air News 24/7 Given the A320 NEO has been proven to have pitch issues as well and the EASA isn't demanding the same for that, put a sock in it. No one is better equipped than the FAA to do certifications and testing. Remember it was the FAA and FAA alone that held the line on making sure the A380 was done up properly, rather than taking EASA's word for it, and the A380 failed FAA certifications 4 times.

  • Bernhard David
    Bernhard David 3 hours ago

    I Wholeheartedly agree that ALL Concerned Parties make Their Own Enquiries/Decisions whether or not to go with the FAA... They're Thinking of Their own Future... Good on you Guys...

  • pat B
    pat B 3 hours ago

    Who can Trust Boeing or the FAA. It's for the safety of the passenger so there should be no compromize. Boeing Abused it's position for profit. Punishment is Obvious.

  • Michiel de Jong
    Michiel de Jong 3 hours ago

    This shift in perception of US guidance on issues in general (not only from the FAA) might be symptomatic for the global response on the US policies the last two, three years. The US is losing control...

  • Ron leitch
    Ron leitch 4 hours ago

    I will be much happier if and when the 737Max gets the ‘all clear’ from the UK’s own CAA!

  • forrest gump V
    forrest gump V 4 hours ago

    The US can be the Guinea Pigs. We don't mind dying, just rename the MAX so there will not be panic while boarding....

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz 4 hours ago

    Let others counties do their job investigating the Boeing max jets issues.

  • khatun 777
    khatun 777 4 hours ago

    *Boeing should be stripped of it's commercial airliner business. Boeing management are unethical, stupid little children.*

  • Lucarocks92
    Lucarocks92 4 hours ago

    Just a tip us Europeans call the E.A.S.A "Yassa"

  • Bluelithium
    Bluelithium 4 hours ago

    The Americans will brow beat anyone who hinders certification beyond a bit of time. And will retaliate. Airbus will find their next aircraft not getting concurrent certificarion and bogged down for months.

    DH MALCOLM 4 hours ago

    BOEING IS THANKED For ctrating more jobs and costs to the carrier. Yet Boeing can't raise prices as Airbus is competitive or beating in bidding already. The slow and cautious certification process will be in affect for decades to come

  • Anti Social Moth
    Anti Social Moth 4 hours ago

    I would love to say that as an American, I never could see the FAA certifying the MAX to fly before it was really ready, to keep people safe. But I would be lying to all of you if I said that.

  • Nestor Novio
    Nestor Novio 4 hours ago

    There has to be a global standardization otherwise one country says it’s safe to fly in their country but another country will say “you can’t fly that in here as we have not approved Max yet”. Confusing. Who is the checks and balance to FAA?

  • Jeremy Dee
    Jeremy Dee 4 hours ago

    It truly is amazing how history has repeated itself for Boeing and they never learned from their mistakes...pretty sad actually...between this, the T7 and no NMA makes me wonder.

  • Jung Bolosse
    Jung Bolosse 5 hours ago

    In the meantime Airbus is cranking out A320 & A321s and can't hold the pace.

    • robj
      robj 2 hours ago

      I wonder if Boeing management have learned their lesson or would they be tempted again to put profit before safety ? Nobody gets fired for striving to make excessive profits.

  • Mr. Satyre
    Mr. Satyre 5 hours ago

    737 Max, Dreamliner, KC-46... Trouble, thy name is Boeing.

    • Stephen Rye
      Stephen Rye 12 seconds ago

      There are so many stories or shoddy workmanship on Boeing planes that the problem goes beyond recertification. Debris in 787's coming out of South Carolina, the KC 46 debacle and the Max. This is a company in trouble. I only live 70 miles from Everett so I really hope they can pull out of this. They are very important to Seattle's economy.

    • fighter5583
      fighter5583 2 hours ago

      Dreamliner is more of a Rolls Royce problem than Boeing's.

  • Aidan Hartford
    Aidan Hartford 5 hours ago

    Noone should trust americans....period

    • Guillaume Romain
      Guillaume Romain 3 hours ago

      Aidan Harford Europe first. Murcia is a liability to progress these days

  • Cool Breeze
    Cool Breeze 5 hours ago

    Does anyone proof read their comment before posting? Spelling, syntax, grammar...godawful. How can someone take your opinion seriously with so little regard for how you say it?

  • Rich Storr
    Rich Storr 5 hours ago

    WOW! Let’s hope Thomas Cook follows

  • sychrovsky
    sychrovsky 5 hours ago

    You only lose The trust once

  • TheSushiraw
    TheSushiraw 5 hours ago

    *BAN this plane. Asap...*

  • Yuchen Yu
    Yuchen Yu 5 hours ago

    well done CASA

  • Michael Lilley
    Michael Lilley 6 hours ago

    time for some new videos

  • Reegan S
    Reegan S 6 hours ago

    I'm sure if it wasn't for the MAX crisis, FAA would have certified the 777-X inspite of the cargo door blowing up on one of the recent that they are under the radar, Boeing has planned for further investigation of the door failure

  • Tom Davis
    Tom Davis 6 hours ago

    Chances are it’ll be the safest plane in the sky. Chances are.

  • Mark Fischer
    Mark Fischer 6 hours ago

    Low price, high efficiency, and speed of development and production come at a price, quality and reliability. Engineers know that but management doesn't want to hear it. The conditions ma agement imposes create projects and products that are engineered to fail.

  • hubertheiser
    hubertheiser 6 hours ago

    Given how the initial certification of the MAX went, why should anybody trust the FAA? Except for Boeing that is.

  • Yuvvraj K Person
    Yuvvraj K Person 6 hours ago

    I did comment this on last week's video too but other regulators plan to test the MAX for themselves like the DGCA in India and the regulator in China too. In my opinion, the more regulators text the MAX, the better as it will be much safer than if only the FAA or the EASA test it. Lucky for Boeing, the FAA and American carriers that a lot of Americans trust the plane while others in the world do not. There are comments regularly observed that say, "if it's not Boeing, I'm not going". These people are Americans who will fly the MAX immediately after it comes back. *Please don't start a war in the replies, I did say in my opinion* Boeing is going to have a tough time elsewhere though

    • Stephen Jones
      Stephen Jones 5 hours ago

      I think loyalty to Boeing applies to some, but not all Americans. I watched an interview with Southwest Airlines regarding their 737 fleet and they are expecting a number of customers to book flights on older 737 NG aircraft for some time after the 737 Max returns to service. A year in service without incident should help restore confidence.

  • Niko Belic
    Niko Belic 6 hours ago

    Now is the time for all aircraft to apply new livery to their Max’s

  • Aeromexico 18 2nd channel


  • Brian Meyrick
    Brian Meyrick 6 hours ago

    I really would recommend that you take a look at China's response to all this. At the end of the day their view will be more important than either Europe or America's.

    • Jim Shaw
      Jim Shaw 34 minutes ago

      China's view is worthless & will be 100% politically driven

  • Adnan Ali Khan
    Adnan Ali Khan 6 hours ago

    Throw away your piloting books. They're outdated. There are now 5 forces of flight, not 4. 1. Thrust 2. Drag 3. Lift 4. Gravity 5. MCAS

  • I'm the best.
    I'm the best. 6 hours ago

    I just have a feeling Boeing cant pull themselves out of this, hope I'm wrong though.

      DH MALCOLM 4 hours ago

      In a deep dive like the Maxes did when they crashed with all the goid crew and passangers.

  • Walter Fink
    Walter Fink 6 hours ago

    The FAA knows what to do, to approve the MAX, but past history, makes them not totally trustworthy. I can't blame other countries, wanting to test this plane, themselves. And after we get over this hurdle, the B777X with the brand new GE engine, and foldable wings, plus the issue with the cargo door, that exploded during final testing, all need to be tested fully and properly. Did I mention the B797, and .........

    • Ole Köhler
      Ole Köhler 4 hours ago

      It will take a long time until the 777x will fly for airlines, especially with these foldable wingtips.

  • rigor m
    rigor m 6 hours ago

    Everyone making comments in here about the FAA's reputation uses incorrect grammar. 100% of the time. Weird.

    • Guillaume Romain
      Guillaume Romain 3 hours ago

      rigor m education mate. Illiteracy goes in pair with Boeing... Murcia! Yeeessssssssssss

  • Cruisn Chris
    Cruisn Chris 6 hours ago

    Great news! I highly doubt after this the Max will fly in 2019. I also hope this will teach Boeing moving forward to focus more on safety first not profits!

  • Mik S
    Mik S 6 hours ago

    This was expected. I believe Boeing will recover their clients trust through time, by providing quality efficient products. FAA is done. I don't know how many years will it take for the them to regain trust from the rest of the world. This whole MAX business was a big shame for both entities and I hope Boeing can come clean by having the responsible people facing justice. It's a pity the whole company must suffer from the bad decisions made by a few greedy agents.

    • Mik S
      Mik S 2 hours ago

      John Small, True. But let’s have some hope. If no one faces justice, we can just assume the same kind of shortcuts could happen again. It will be harder to regain trust. If they don’t come clean, this will surely affect sales for a longer time.

    • John Small
      John Small 3 hours ago

      Mik S it’s an American company so I doubt it very much.

  • Baylor58 Duncan
    Baylor58 Duncan 6 hours ago

    Right, don't trust the FAA or especially Boeing !

    • sam
      sam 38 minutes ago

      Not a big fan of airbus as i work around them but each to their own.

  • Thomas Mortimore
    Thomas Mortimore 6 hours ago

    Standby for the next video to be titled “Thomas Cook declares Bankruptcy”

      DH MALCOLM 4 hours ago

      Horrible but true. More so for Southwest as having the largest percentage % of aircraft Boeing will be in court for deacades . I guess the government has had a subpoena for records so they can be sued.

  • npbetts1
    npbetts1 6 hours ago

    The FAA made some mistakes, however, with all the worldwide focus on this issue, they would absolutely never approve an aircraft that wasn't 100 percent safe. Other regulators know this, but must show their distrust for political reasons.

  • Gary Cecil
    Gary Cecil 6 hours ago

    I think it is BS. I Fly all the time.....never in the history of aviation has an aircraft been reviewed, scrutinized and tested in labs as much as this one. I would fly on one today if offered.

    • David Ellis
      David Ellis Hour ago

      That's your choice Gary, I don't think the passengers on the two that crashed would agree with you, the aircraft industry depends on trust and Boeing have lost that for the time being. This has been caused by penny pinching accountants who try to wring every penny of profit out of this aircraft, let's see how the books look after this fiasco that's going to cost billions.

    • Thomas Mortimore
      Thomas Mortimore 6 hours ago

      Gary Cecil probably because last time the FAA said they had made sure the DC-10 cargo door would never fail again. Turns out they just let MDD fix the problem themselves without oversight. 2 years later another crashed. FAA head was fired, massive loss of trust. Probably don’t want to make same mistake again

  • John Smelt
    John Smelt 6 hours ago

    This is good. When it is certified internationally every person will be 100% confident in it & it will do very very well!!

  • Allan
    Allan 7 hours ago

    Why are you asking for comments when previous video said you never read them?

    • Neil Pountney
      Neil Pountney Hour ago

      @Allan I think his intention was we all just chat among ourselves. There are so many comments he could not possibly reply to them all.

    • Allan
      Allan 6 hours ago

      There again guess it was silly to post it if I knew that you would not read it 😀

  • robj
    robj 7 hours ago

    This aircraft needs a new airframe it is fundamentally flawed. When you put profit before safety you cannot fudge it. 300 people have died no apology from Boeing or firing of responsible staff. The FAA are not be trusted.

  • rogerwilco
    rogerwilco 7 hours ago

    Trust the FAA? No way

  • IronWookie 77
    IronWookie 77 7 hours ago

    I feel that each authority should conduct their own certification programs, and not rely so much on the FAA for new aircraft and in situations like this

    • Tom S
      Tom S 5 hours ago

      Frankly, I don't think ANY authority should trust the word of another. I believe every aviation safety authority, as standard procedure; should cross check and evaluate another's. It makes sense.

  • Brian Meyrick
    Brian Meyrick 7 hours ago

    Well done for closing the door on that one :-)

  • mipmip
    mipmip 7 hours ago

    australian airlines depend on asian airspace for basically all their flights. after lion air, trust in asia for the 737 max isn't great, so to say

  • Bruce Hancock
    Bruce Hancock 7 hours ago

    Finally CASA shows signs of growing balls to ensure the safety of Australians. That is their job after all.

  • Steve Rider
    Steve Rider 7 hours ago

    the FAA trusts Boeing ....

  • Richard Reid
    Richard Reid 7 hours ago

    Boeing made a mistake rushing in the first place so Boeing should wait now till every regulator gets the problems solved rushing kills people

  • Phooi Hong Wong
    Phooi Hong Wong 7 hours ago

    Don't think the FAA should be trusted. Independent tests should be carried out for the safety of the passengers.

  • Mgtowski
    Mgtowski 7 hours ago

    FAA only trusted by Boeing . . . to do what they are told.

    • Air News 24/7
      Air News 24/7 2 hours ago

      That's no problem, US deserve to fly unfinished Boeings...then they will learn to make proper planes. Until then, all the rest of the world will keep 737's on the ground for good. Can't wait to the first country to ask repositioning the engines to balance the plane aero...

    • Bernhard David
      Bernhard David 3 hours ago

      I Agree with your sentiments

  • Richard Reid
    Richard Reid 7 hours ago

    Loss of trust means loss of life you have to trust the aircraft that you fly on it makes sense to wait on the regulators rushing a second time makes it a double trouble

  • ysfsim
    ysfsim 7 hours ago

    The fact is that the FAA is way more well funded and has way more resources than all the other agencies, hense the reason they are at the top. The fact that they had delegated too much to Boeing for certification is their fault but the fact is that does not make them any less capable. People talk about trust but the dont seem to notice that If the faa had done the certification them selves, then the max issues would have been found out. Now that they are doing it themselves, no one wants to trust their report??? They "lost " trust for not doing their job, so not that they are, people are going to scoff them?? How does that make sense? I would understand that is the faa did do their job and passed the max and the incidents happened, then people would have a point in not trusting them.

  • Laimis Kondrotas
    Laimis Kondrotas 7 hours ago

    It’s a very good think since I live in the EU and if u get on the max I want to know if the aircraft is safe to fly we can’t trust the FAA since the crash of 2 planes of the max they didn’t test the plane before entering them into sevice

  • pete chandara
    pete chandara 7 hours ago

    737 Max which one is on the ground because some the Max still fly ?

  • Ian Caldwell
    Ian Caldwell 7 hours ago

    Nobody operates the aircraft in Australia but they want to test it. Does Australia routinely test products that aren't available there? Seems like grandstanding to me. Maybe the Australians should worry about aircraft that are operated there, like the 380, that have wing cracks.............

    • Henning Kaasa
      Henning Kaasa 6 hours ago

      Ian Caldwell 737-800 and A320, all was intended to be replaced by 737max

    • Ian Caldwell
      Ian Caldwell 6 hours ago

      @Henning Kaasa What are they using now - or have they cancelled service to Australia?

    • Thomas Mortimore
      Thomas Mortimore 6 hours ago

      They may not operate them but CASA decides which aircraft/airlines fly into Australian airspace so they still have every right to say no to them until they are satisfied a MAX from the 2 mentioned airlines won’t crash into Australia soil and potentially kill Australian citizens

    • Henning Kaasa
      Henning Kaasa 7 hours ago

      Ian Caldwell Silk Air and Fuji Airways both operate the 737max and they fly into Australia

  • Bad Hemorrhoid Suffer

    I always get a tingle up my leg seeing more news from you. YOU ARE A GOD AND ROCK

  • M P
    M P 7 hours ago

    The FAA is clearly in Boeing's pocket and can no longer be trusted.

    • eric c
      eric c 3 hours ago

      Don't forget that the pre NG 737s had also an issue for years, Boeing ignored that also before researchers discovered the issue and had to be fixed in all the 737s. Why don't we learn from history? Gives me the impression though that Boeing's first priority isn't safety

    • BS MM TT7
      BS MM TT7 4 hours ago

      M P Southwest has 737NGs (Not MAX), one of the safest planes ever

    • M P
      M P 6 hours ago

      @Richard Reid Oh, I will, my Southwest days are over.

    • Richard Reid
      Richard Reid 7 hours ago

      that's why you should fly another aircraft like Airbus with no problems at all

  • LZ129 Brazil
    LZ129 Brazil 7 hours ago

    Would be nice to get the flight performance data on this policy, plus good for Boeing that this is happening, not that I like what Boeing did by deceiving the public and industry.

  • James W
    James W 7 hours ago

    It's hardly surprising that other regulators don't trust the FAA after it demonstrated its inability to perform a critical function effectively in granting the initial certification, because it apparently believed everything Boeing told it. It's just another demonstration of how corrupt the American government is.

    • Tom S
      Tom S 5 hours ago

      As the saying goes....that's the pot calling the kettle black. That's as if your government...whichever that is; possesses a higher level of piety. I'm certain it doesn't.