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DaBaby on Desus & Mero
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Meet n Greet
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Dababy live
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Artist on the Rise: DaBaby
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DaBaby - XXL [Official Audio]
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”Kirk” count it down.
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Radio in London
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Baby Jesus - Look At Me Now
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BabyJesus - Baby Jesus
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  • Liketa Lott
    Liketa Lott 4 minutes ago

    I love this video and I love da baby

  • SWEETEE 247
    SWEETEE 247 6 minutes ago

    Hilarious love it☄☄☄☄

  • Kevin Delva
    Kevin Delva 6 minutes ago

    Dope video

  • SWEETEE 247
    SWEETEE 247 12 minutes ago


  • A K Saha
    A K Saha 16 minutes ago

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  • jay rod
    jay rod 17 minutes ago

    No joke, but I started wearing white T's again because of this nigga, NO CAP!

  • Jimmie Pitts
    Jimmie Pitts 17 minutes ago

    ugh i try and like this guy but this song isnt that good. it just has a flute and his flow is consistant but its just missin somthin but its sooo close

  • La flame
    La flame 20 minutes ago

    Me at school: 2:36 Me at home: 00:07

  • xavier moses
    xavier moses 21 minute ago

    this give me Nelly st Louis

  • Naomi Humaan
    Naomi Humaan 21 minute ago

    Who came from tik tok?

    YUNG YANZO 26 minutes ago

    2:40 offset really just cooked mustard and ate it

  • Hugo
    Hugo 30 minutes ago

    they did cause a scene man just put the bag under the seat or make sure you fly first class

  • Kirs Tron
    Kirs Tron 35 minutes ago

    Dude is a problem...lyricist and can throw hands like he a undefeated boxer... I bet he got the only sense of humor too. 👌

  • Devilsname263 THE player
    Devilsname263 THE player 36 minutes ago

    2:57 that girl on the right really wanted to be in the camera

  • pudgee zudgee
    pudgee zudgee 38 minutes ago

    lol she made sure she was seen.

  • €T3
    €T3 42 minutes ago


  • Angelic Wisdom TV
    Angelic Wisdom TV 54 minutes ago


  • Alzes
    Alzes 57 minutes ago

    The first guy dancing are the same at the 'Hot Shower' video, my mf just realized that

  • Erlee Dienamite Andrews

    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

  • Marv D
    Marv D Hour ago

    JiT you did dat shit boi

  • Alimbo
    Alimbo Hour ago

    One take wow, the white girl in the pink at the end had to ruin it lol

  • yamato126
    yamato126 Hour ago

    will smith looks more like him than his own son

  • yamato126
    yamato126 Hour ago

    i thought lil yachty was cheif keef i miss early 2010s rap man keef was taking over

  • jerry Arunga
    jerry Arunga Hour ago

    Juice wrld is in this 🙊😭

  • Ant Wilkins
    Ant Wilkins Hour ago

    The dababy brought prosperity back to rap! Hail to the dababy!

  • Brett Thornton
    Brett Thornton Hour ago

    Uber: who do you want to deliver your packages Me: you know who

  • Aren Zarubyan
    Aren Zarubyan Hour ago


  • Josh heernz
    Josh heernz Hour ago


  • Scrim
    Scrim Hour ago

    Hey TVclip! this is the most liked dance video now🤷‍♀️

  • Necessary _Bee
    Necessary _Bee Hour ago

    Am sorry but stunna looks exactly like will back in the day lol

  • Necessary _Bee
    Necessary _Bee Hour ago

    Twerk on a handstand? That's impressive 👏👏👏

    GLENN DAVIES Hour ago

    Love that beat man 👌🏽

  • UniqueAngel711
    UniqueAngel711 Hour ago

    I need the dancers @ names 💯

  • West Taberbort
    West Taberbort Hour ago


  • Jus Toni
    Jus Toni Hour ago

    I LOVE MY TRIBE !!! Yasssssss Videos like this make me feel like I’m a dancer in my own mind 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ON GOD 😭😭

  • Atown DaGreat
    Atown DaGreat Hour ago

    Best video out, Best rapper out

  • real thug
    real thug Hour ago

    0:44 2pac? Kk

  • Aiden Jackson
    Aiden Jackson Hour ago

    What's the name of the guy with the red cap, I see him in a lot of music videos

  • SHRPMonkey
    SHRPMonkey Hour ago

    Who tried wiping their phone because they thought they had dirt on it. (on dababy's dad's face)

  • Jamari Lamones
    Jamari Lamones Hour ago

    Srgfghyh vfx Xfgxkxcv4c has f Zssdcexfrc3fhfghtyccv6b5gH

  • Hydro Zay
    Hydro Zay Hour ago

    I watch this video and pretend i’m white so i can try to imagine how they be thinking about us 😂😂

  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy Hour ago

    All hell done broke loose...... fix it Jesus

  • mohammed bader
    mohammed bader Hour ago

    قاسم 4ever

  • 8lue
    8lue Hour ago

    OH LAWD Jetson made another one ☝️🔥

  • Lugiafan449
    Lugiafan449 Hour ago


  • DaReal Soumya
    DaReal Soumya Hour ago

    Yes sir...

  • Diego sfc
    Diego sfc 2 hours ago

    no tengo ni puta idea que dice la letra pero es un temazo.. les`t go saludos desde españa

  • Oop Oop
    Oop Oop 2 hours ago

    5:02 he sounds like a villager on Minecraft

  • Sk Sk
    Sk Sk 2 hours ago

    i fux with stunna🔥..he catted digga d with that "smoke,chemo find like nemo bar😂..if you know you know🤣

  • Kairoo 187
    Kairoo 187 2 hours ago

    What name of song in last video !

  • C M
    C M 2 hours ago

    I’m so sorry Da baby 😭

  • Ragga Chat
    Ragga Chat 2 hours ago


  • Ragga Chat
    Ragga Chat 2 hours ago

    This song is hurtful

  • MaddLagger
    MaddLagger 2 hours ago

    Never see bigger stealing from black people. Would be to real

  • Xx Traigen xX
    Xx Traigen xX 2 hours ago

    2:32 I don’t care this should be a fortnite emote and is buy it with that mf flute

  • 1k subs with 1 video challenge

    You will Glow up over winter 👇L I K E T O A C T I V A T E

  • Payton show Payton thomas

    Dababy:everyone want to see my big ass face let me go in the camera Everyone scared of him: yeayea

  • Tiby Ro
    Tiby Ro 2 hours ago

    Fucking cool song and dance

  • Payton show Payton thomas

    This song funny but serious yeayea

  • ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤTxmBø

    Can anyone link me his hornets slacks pls ?

  • Andrew Rither
    Andrew Rither 2 hours ago

    So we just gonna sit here and ignore 0:19 🤔 Shit still fire tho🔥

  • YoMelody
    YoMelody 2 hours ago

    R.I.P. for the ones who see their sister in this video

  • Its more than hate 7

    the best song and music video goes to dababy 2019 best rapper song title bop. well done this song is not only a club banger but this music video is set to be better or on the same par as. childish gambino this is America music video.. keep up the good work. the UK support you.

  • Jordan
    Jordan 2 hours ago

    ain't gonna lie dat shit catch af

  • The Shmits
    The Shmits 2 hours ago

    Well, this is one of the best things I’ve ever watched.

  • blah blah
    blah blah 3 hours ago

    I’ll probably get hate for this but this beat is fuckin terrible 🤢

  • Cheek Maister
    Cheek Maister 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who liked this song just because jabbawockeez was in the music video?

  • Supreme
    Supreme 3 hours ago

    you know that nigga offset gay when the ad lib after "fuck my bro" is " smash smash" 😭

  • Toni Anderson
    Toni Anderson 3 hours ago

    I love the dabay❤️💜🧡

  • njegoel kamayo
    njegoel kamayo 3 hours ago

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  • -Xll
    -Xll 3 hours ago

    2:54 até tu Djonga

  • Anita Koya
    Anita Koya 3 hours ago

    Anyone else feel like this song ends to fast?

  • Danielle Martin
    Danielle Martin 3 hours ago

    Dis mf funny af.

  • Riszock rapper extraordinaire

    RISZOCK new nigga

  • nyc tap
    nyc tap 3 hours ago

    I don't believe this nigga

  • Miro B.
    Miro B. 3 hours ago

    Video so good forgot music is fire too.

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe Rodriguez 4 hours ago

    These dudes are so sick bro.

  • The Goat
    The Goat 4 hours ago

    Whos here before 100mill ?

  • Hollywood Sprite
    Hollywood Sprite 4 hours ago

    "Member I use to cheat off a pretty bitch test, all the teachers they thought I was stupid"

  • Sander Boas Larsen
    Sander Boas Larsen 4 hours ago

    im gonna tell my kids that this is high school musical

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way 4 hours ago

    jabbawockeez killed it!!

  • cydi ayrel
    cydi ayrel 4 hours ago

    Nobody: Me:Oh no this is not for kisd

  • MrHypeGaming
    MrHypeGaming 4 hours ago


  • rohit pal
    rohit pal 4 hours ago

    dayymmm the guys with the white mask killed it

  • sebastian arballo
    sebastian arballo 5 hours ago

    Watching this high is awasome!

  • Super Jesse
    Super Jesse 5 hours ago

    yee yee

  • Hunter Cooper
    Hunter Cooper 5 hours ago


  • Hunter Cooper
    Hunter Cooper 5 hours ago


  • Hunter Cooper
    Hunter Cooper 5 hours ago


  • Conrad Klink
    Conrad Klink 5 hours ago

    Ain't that the same guy in the taxi from the "its friday" meme @DaBaby

  • Gloria Iji
    Gloria Iji 5 hours ago

    I love that he S/O Meghan😌

  • Asaulo
    Asaulo 5 hours ago

    Путин - ВОР

  • Kayye Dee
    Kayye Dee 5 hours ago

    Iont see wut da big deal is==...... it ain't even that fiya. He can do so much mfkn better.

  • M.O.B FinesseDaName
    M.O.B FinesseDaName 5 hours ago


  • Sosa ZHFGanG
    Sosa ZHFGanG 5 hours ago

    Ils mbappé dans le refrain nan ? 🤣🤣

  • Shatice King
    Shatice King 5 hours ago

    I'm speechless! This is sooooooooooo fuckin DOPE!!!

  • G.o.D Greezus
    G.o.D Greezus 5 hours ago

    Bro shorty so ugly it distracts me from the whole video.. she just ugly af lmaoo

  • for laught
    for laught 5 hours ago

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  • Lil'Rob
    Lil'Rob 5 hours ago

    what is the song at the end?

  • skinny C0okz
    skinny C0okz 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Indian dude playin the recorder