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A New Car Is On Its Way!
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  • The Chancellor
    The Chancellor Minute ago

    Wow that thing is insane

  • Wael
    Wael 48 minutes ago

    It’s a battle between tunes not cars

  • Dee Walker
    Dee Walker Hour ago

    Calm down bro its not that serious. You just get your license or something? Hope you dont get that excited on the track. Quite embarrasing from a pro driver

  • Stephen Adams
    Stephen Adams Hour ago

    Another 'amazing exciting video' by someone who actually knows nothing about cars, it has 'a really nice dash'. Audi shouldn't accept his order, it only will put genuine customers off buying one.

  • ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs

    It sounds like swarm of hornets on steroids. Feckin love it. 🤣

  • António Mendes
    António Mendes Hour ago

    Wtf?! Why does this guy have different shoes? A Balenciaga on the left foot and a racing Sparco shoe on the right one. XD

  • jonny 55
    jonny 55 2 hours ago

    Brilliant 👍 cracking , music to my ears !

  • Scottishboy1956
    Scottishboy1956 2 hours ago

    Now that's real music to my ears. Ever thought of doing an Archie Hamilton CD: Best Engine Sounds, EVER. That could be one to drive to.

  • TD Immanuel
    TD Immanuel 2 hours ago

    Lewis is such a cool dude, legendary driver, what a moment for you lad!

  • Cars4Life
    Cars4Life 2 hours ago

    Can’t believe you didn’t ask him to subscribe to your channel 😂

  • TheReal_ JLT
    TheReal_ JLT 2 hours ago

    What an absolutely aggressive beast! Mad how race cars look and sound and the skill needed to control them - all those buttons! Good work mate

  • xx requid xx
    xx requid xx 2 hours ago

    V10 vs V8 amg is an monster but in 4matic🤯

  • geetarbube
    geetarbube 3 hours ago

    Wait...did you want us to look at the car? Is that why you were pointing at it? Clever, clever boy...

  • Giosue Parrini
    Giosue Parrini 4 hours ago

    This is wat we want to se 🤗🤗❤

  • Dj Jimmys
    Dj Jimmys 5 hours ago

    Great video bro

  • Dj Jimmys
    Dj Jimmys 5 hours ago


  • Dj Jimmys
    Dj Jimmys 5 hours ago

    Absolutely Insane !!!! I love your car AUDI EVERYDAY

  • Clarke89
    Clarke89 5 hours ago

    Probably the best video I have seen on your channel for the sheer content of noise was literally mental 👌

  • Kevin Jooste
    Kevin Jooste 6 hours ago

    Would love to see what's under the hood.

  • yasir
    yasir 6 hours ago

    I literally get tears in my eyes whenever I am reminded the fact that we will not have these cars in future. I just want to forget this terrible thought. 😭 Long live V12, V10, V8 and FLAT 6 (GT3RS).

  • Andrew Robson
    Andrew Robson 6 hours ago

    They made THE best looking Aston into THE best sounding Aston. Great video it

  • Denis Q.S.
    Denis Q.S. 7 hours ago

    *press the accelerator* "OHM qpiefjgnaqgpnqsfjnqsdmqsd III qdpjknqsdpvnqsdpvnsqdv" *noise cap reached*

  • Dave L8BYR
    Dave L8BYR 9 hours ago

    That sounds savage!

  • Andrew Coates
    Andrew Coates 10 hours ago

    Great work Archie. Archie, how does the clutch operate in that car?

  • Pinto
    Pinto 10 hours ago

    Benz has more power so what’s the purpose of this race .. You have to race cars that are more or less the same power

  • James East
    James East 11 hours ago

    Your content is awesome man, I really enjoy the music you use too

  • Simon Robinson
    Simon Robinson 13 hours ago

    Well done Archie this is more like it.

    TRVLOVE 14 hours ago

    Dude this car is seriously a track killer weapon DBR9 over anything all day

  • Nuno Ribeiro
    Nuno Ribeiro 15 hours ago

    On Top Gear a DB9R did the lap in 01:08:00 🤯 epic car. Thanks for sharing mate

  • Kerb_appeal
    Kerb_appeal 15 hours ago

    One of my favourite cars ever 🤤😍

  • Charlie Thompson
    Charlie Thompson 15 hours ago

    Climb out his hoop

  • TricePa _TTRs
    TricePa _TTRs 15 hours ago

    Not better launch just your reaction time 😏

  • Travis McGowan
    Travis McGowan 16 hours ago

    you might need subtitles on this one boy

  • Mar Mas
    Mar Mas 16 hours ago

    Fart.. then💩

  • spf1218
    spf1218 16 hours ago

    F**K electric cars!!!

  • Bill Martinez
    Bill Martinez 17 hours ago

    Great video mate had to watch it twice beautiful sound

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones 17 hours ago


  • Ian Kent
    Ian Kent 18 hours ago

    Awesome, V12 is absolutely mega

  • Diedrik de Vries
    Diedrik de Vries 18 hours ago

    damn nice

  • Its_Squeezy
    Its_Squeezy 18 hours ago

    Get a Donkervoort D8 GTO RS for the racing

  • mat evo
    mat evo 18 hours ago

    Archie be good to see you in some historic racing cars this year or next on UK and World tracks👍👍

  • Charles Done
    Charles Done 18 hours ago

    Was this filmed in north Shropshire?

  • Christopher Hall
    Christopher Hall 19 hours ago

    Strakka racing dbr9. my baby that is. saw it at Silverstone classic last year. saw it compete in the Fia gt1. and Le Mans series.

  • Otis Cat
    Otis Cat 19 hours ago

    That beautiful car sounds so angry! It's really too bad we can't smell the race gas burning and the tires roasting on this end.

  • Christian B.
    Christian B. 19 hours ago

    Great stuff, great content. Separating yourself from other youtubers in terms of content was your greatest move.

  • Ciscovip1 Walker
    Ciscovip1 Walker 20 hours ago

    This good

  • PixelVogue
    PixelVogue 20 hours ago

    NA FTW!

  • Tunes4Life
    Tunes4Life 21 hour ago

    That was well worth the watch! But i suppose the ban is obviously due to being 118 db?!

  • lindman399
    lindman399 21 hour ago

    Beast of a car, love it

  • Hugh MacMann
    Hugh MacMann 21 hour ago

    What a machine 👍🏼👍🏼 Flat out, or get out.

  • iPod2024
    iPod2024 21 hour ago

    Great Video, why not do some more like these ones since you surely have the contacts to make it happen..? Would be nice to get some content on the technical side and what it takes to get this car running !

  • Tun Mangers
    Tun Mangers 21 hour ago

    This video is amazing

  • Scratch
    Scratch 21 hour ago

    Now that is chaos. What a car. I'd sell my entire family to drive that. Just wow. Wtg Archie

  • Grant Campbell
    Grant Campbell 21 hour ago

    awesome video this is the stuff we wanna see

  • Ljubisa Dodevski
    Ljubisa Dodevski 21 hour ago

    super....... mor....

  • rubsk1
    rubsk1 22 hours ago

    It’s a wonder his mate Lewis isn’t with him again 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Emba Kub Motoring EKM
    Emba Kub Motoring EKM 22 hours ago


  • Josh Rooke77
    Josh Rooke77 22 hours ago

    stop saying that's what I did lol ik it takes time to get a seat but you need to get one, you can tell by your voice your so passionate about it, its unreal

  • xx requid xx
    xx requid xx 22 hours ago

    What about an z4 M40 vs amg gtr

  • daniel mcelhinney
    daniel mcelhinney 22 hours ago


  • adamcoller
    adamcoller 22 hours ago

    People look after Arch, as they should he's goofy but a great guy. My wife doesn't get this car vlog stuff. But that's why I married her! Keep up vids, what the crews name? You should arrange a huge track day for the vloggers. Shmee should camio.

    MIA'S CRAZY FUN 22 hours ago

    Raising the bar recently in video content. ....😎☝☝👏👏🏁🏁💯

  • yugioh master
    yugioh master 22 hours ago

    You have to get back into raceing like as a raceing driver

  • Berg’s Corner
    Berg’s Corner 22 hours ago

    Nice! I found one I’m thinking about buying. I think your vid made my mind up!!

  • t2rew
    t2rew 23 hours ago

    I want one 😍

  • daniel kubica
    daniel kubica 23 hours ago

    The best times in racing GT1!!!

  • Badrstech
    Badrstech 23 hours ago

    Quattro makes the best AWD and 4WD systems. They have been doing it for a very long time. I am proud of Audi, good job! :D

  • Nicolas Capozzoli
    Nicolas Capozzoli 23 hours ago

    I love how those cars actually looks like the street cars, unlike the newer ones that only the roof line is the same.

  • Ley Santana
    Ley Santana 23 hours ago

    Class s and class e hamilton LOL

  • SilkCut Gaming
    SilkCut Gaming 23 hours ago

    This is what racing cars sound like, racing will never be the same with electric cars. It makes me want to cry

  • richboy900
    richboy900 23 hours ago

    Living the dream lad

  • Sourabh Unnikrishnan
    Sourabh Unnikrishnan 23 hours ago

    That's intense

  • john coleman
    john coleman 23 hours ago

    Great video Archie. What a car!!

  • Malik 1ace
    Malik 1ace 23 hours ago

    Im feeling ur content recently cant lie styl

  • sw651
    sw651 23 hours ago

    The formula E joke was cruel, but so funny. Nice video.

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001 23 hours ago

    A drive through croyden at moment would be a video

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001 23 hours ago

    Aston vulcan is awesome/fierce looking. They converted 1 for the road. (God knows what it is worth £)

    • Tunes4Life
      Tunes4Life 21 hour ago

      Yeah a 1 of 1 that can be converted back to full race spec any time at the owner's request!

  • Kay Ineson
    Kay Ineson 23 hours ago

    What a car! The noise is epic, such a amazing race car! Hope to get to race one again

  • Craig Peart
    Craig Peart 23 hours ago

    Stop pointing 👎

  • geoff clarke
    geoff clarke 23 hours ago

    Sounds mega! what sort of power did it have back in the day?

    • Hertz Wave
      Hertz Wave 17 hours ago

      around 600

    • Nicolas Capozzoli
      Nicolas Capozzoli 23 hours ago

      I think that they were in the 500 to 550's, and I think they also had a DB9RS that was a detuned version with 450 to 480...

    MUDGEL 23 hours ago

    The Archie Hamilton Racing Academy. Go for it Archie. Nice to see you without Tony Albert Ross.

  • Mamata Mohapatra

    What a sound of that mighty V12

  • d3at45tr0k3
    d3at45tr0k3 Day ago

    7:48 - 11:40 lovely crotch view there mate. Please put the camera somewhere else where we actually see something other then you bulge

  • jonleigh1001
    jonleigh1001 Day ago

    I no you get stick but you do brighten up videos...especially with Tony GW 😉😎

  • NS 44
    NS 44 Day ago


  • Marcelo S
    Marcelo S Day ago

    The old GT1 was amazing! I was disappointed to learn that they will limit the power of the new "Hypercar" category that would be a new GT1, but with these dumb rules will never be what it was from the 90s back!

    • Ben Latham
      Ben Latham Hour ago

      I agree with you. When the hypercar series was announced I was expecting faster and more exciting cars. But somehow being slower is better in the eyes of the FIA

    • ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs
      ғɪʟʟ 1ɴ ᴛ҉ ʜ3 ʙʟᴀɴᴋs Hour ago

      I get it. It's kinda my gripe too but they don't have much choice. If they start off without a performance limiter it might be too expensive. Maybe it is better they start small and slowly release the performance over time.

    • TSR_Jimmie
      TSR_Jimmie 3 hours ago

      Marcelo S you’re opinion is an odd one. He hypercar category, if it gathers more manufacturers, will be the best thing to happen to endurance racing in a while!

  • The boss 78658

    Do more drag races

  • The boss 78658


  • muppetnumpty65

    Love it👍

  • Oliver Baker
    Oliver Baker Day ago


  • dogbone 1
    dogbone 1 Day ago

    So, who was this video sponsored by? 😂

  • Kevin Keelan
    Kevin Keelan Day ago

    Car deserves a better exhaust.

  • Njderig
    Njderig Day ago

    As an American I always love it when the UK appreciates our Stock cars. There is truly nothing like it. The noise alone is amazing.

  • Rhys Hawkins
    Rhys Hawkins Day ago

    That merc 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ian dlV
    Ian dlV Day ago


  • Simon Anderson

    These three cunts are everything I hate about Britain today ....

  • Wayne Atkinson

    Love this stuff....but, please watch it back and notice how many times you hit your one hand into the other....kinda annoying after the first 20 lol

  • Ric Arthurton
    Ric Arthurton Day ago

    You should have had them adjust the stock coilovers at the front to match the rear height

  • Nathan Cheung
    Nathan Cheung Day ago

    4:56 every time the type r is faster than the golf r

  • TheDonBarracuda

    Great vid. *Question* How do they pick the safety car, always seems to be a Merc? I can't remember the last time I saw anything. I would love to see a 720S safety car (or even better the LT variation when it comes out).