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  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 5 minutes ago

    You see if they have any pills, if so you act like they are doing drugs

  • Eveli Santiago
    Eveli Santiago 5 minutes ago


  • Abhishek Dhar
    Abhishek Dhar 10 minutes ago

    Who messaged Ashly?

  • Marquis Harmon
    Marquis Harmon Hour ago

    What are some ways to become badass with women? I read lots of great opinions on the internet about how exactly Troplusfix Dating Secrets can assist you get laid by hot girl. Has anybody tried using this popular dating manual?

  • Laura
    Laura Hour ago

    When you can choose working by yourself

  • Storm Fly1o1
    Storm Fly1o1 Hour ago

    Although this is nice, there are a few instances where it's not optimism, it's just denying the truth.

  • Sara Elkhalifa
    Sara Elkhalifa 2 hours ago

    When people ASK to try on my glasses, I usually don’t really care and I give them like 10 seconds with it. But if someone’s TAKES my glasses and puts their dirty hands all over the LENSES I’m gonna give you 10 seconds to run sis

  • JoyCon Boyz Forever
    JoyCon Boyz Forever 2 hours ago

    Red hair is the thickest (biologically/technically). It’s such a hassle.

  • Donna Joseph-Barford

    We called them you twinkies

  • Pansexual Pride
    Pansexual Pride 3 hours ago

    It shouldn't be "girls love" it should be "Feminine people love"

  • Leona Swift
    Leona Swift 4 hours ago

    So glad other people hide under the covers too lmao

  • Sonic_man 10
    Sonic_man 10 5 hours ago

    "give it to me, give to me *HUAAGHH* "

  • K San
    K San 5 hours ago

    They'd call me _"loner"_

  • Madison Boddy
    Madison Boddy 5 hours ago

    OMG I’ve done that I put the milk in the cubed and I was so distracted with talking to my dad I don’t know I did it until like 10 seconds after I did it and I was like “wait did I just put the milk in the cubed” and we just laughed

  • Kardelen Kelek
    Kardelen Kelek 6 hours ago

    She reminded me John cena

  • Sarcastic Kiwi
    Sarcastic Kiwi 6 hours ago

    I'm the opposite... the struggle is worse because when your cold you can layer up, when your hot you can only strip to an extent

  • Daisy Animations
    Daisy Animations 6 hours ago

    Everybody talks about people thinking china japan and korea are the only asian country, and they want southeast asia to get recognized as well, but.... What about Turkey??? (Turkey is both, some parts are asian (most of it) and crowded places like Istanbul is in europe. I think my country is unieque. ._.

  • ricof20
    ricof20 6 hours ago

    The flirtation is real

  • ThunderWitch010
    ThunderWitch010 6 hours ago

    Im a mixture but I have strog opinions. I'll scream at you if you fuss about my habits :D

  • Juliana Ioannou
    Juliana Ioannou 7 hours ago

    Highschool was HELL

  • Emmanuel Perez
    Emmanuel Perez 7 hours ago

    That moment when you realize Ashley is a lesbian 😧😞

  • Dylan Power
    Dylan Power 7 hours ago

    I’m mean but mean it in a funny way. I’m just very honest and my language is unfiltered

  • Samantha River
    Samantha River 7 hours ago

    “every moment”

  • Eli- Neftali Elijah Zerachiel Ekander Whiting

    I have selective mutism. One time in school, having never said 1 word in front of other students, we were doing this activity where we had to find words in the word "magnificent". They were all saying words like net, cat, mat, man, ten etc. I suddenly pushed past my anxiety and shouted "ENIGMA." It was quite awkward, because everyone went silent and stared at me, due to the fact they had never even heard my voice before hehe

  • Eli- Neftali Elijah Zerachiel Ekander Whiting

    If I had friends I would be the dependable one.

  • Freddie Mercury
    Freddie Mercury 8 hours ago

    Am I an old soul just because i never understand modern music? Or am I the reencarnation of an old soul

  • Umair Tariq
    Umair Tariq 8 hours ago

    ye kya haiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Rob JD
    Rob JD 9 hours ago

    2000th COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rob JD
    Rob JD 9 hours ago

    I used to be clueless in my teens as I was sheltered, but I got over that and now I make my friends look clueless

  • Pindaro
    Pindaro 9 hours ago

    Ally > Gabby btw

  • shook g
    shook g 10 hours ago

    okay what i didnt realise how big of a hot mess i am until i watched this jesus

  • •GamerEclipse•
    •GamerEclipse• 11 hours ago

    0:55 So...the friends belong in the dustbin

  • X of Reality
    X of Reality 11 hours ago

    Im sarah except for in the morning

  • Abby Bee
    Abby Bee 12 hours ago

    I love wearing beanies but I don’t wanna look like a hipster BUT I like never taking them off at school because nobody remembers what I looked like 4 years ago without glasses XD

  • Chhavi Gupta
    Chhavi Gupta 12 hours ago

    This is totally me

  • Yup Yummie
    Yup Yummie 12 hours ago

    I felt embarrassed the whole video

  • Chhavi Gupta
    Chhavi Gupta 12 hours ago

    0:04 justin's reaction

  • Do하나
    Do하나 12 hours ago

    And then there is me who is *Ugly*

  • Do하나
    Do하나 12 hours ago

    *Soo Let me tell u my story* I have 2 best friends and one of them is super pretty like all the boys are behind her and the other one is pretty and also is an extrovert. They both always sit together since our bench can only fit 2 people. My super- pretty friend is a little bit tempered I guess and she is changing school next year. I am always left behind by them and it hurts. I always feel so ugly when I am with her, she receives compliments every day and me, who never got any Well thanks for reading this and spending ur time for reading my crappy little story out of all these comment's. Thanks guys

  • Rhea Anand
    Rhea Anand 12 hours ago

    Who is the other girl with black lipstick

  • BB-9E
    BB-9E 13 hours ago

    I see comments about periods Umm kids at my school are open about it like no one feels alone cuz idk

  • Mochimin
    Mochimin 13 hours ago

    Jokes on you buzzfeed, I don't even have a best friend. ☹️

  • Raunaq Gohain
    Raunaq Gohain 14 hours ago

    i got the same score and a lot of my answers were different

  • Enginerd108
    Enginerd108 14 hours ago

    Ashdrew, wow, that’s old.

  • Author's carbaret
    Author's carbaret 15 hours ago


  • Elegra Lawrence
    Elegra Lawrence 15 hours ago

    If the really wanted to compromise u should sleep in just a shirt or just a pair of pants

  • James 501
    James 501 16 hours ago

    Make one for perpetually hot people please

  • AL0Y4 SY0Q1R4
    AL0Y4 SY0Q1R4 16 hours ago

    I'm literally the chill

  • xinn 81
    xinn 81 17 hours ago

    An outsider, yet she makes a friend at the end ...THAT NEVER HAPPENS ¡¡¡ 😒😒😒 so fucking FAKE

  • moonbyulies sunglasses

    Let's all be honest here almost every Asian has done an over the top accent of there country atleast once. Like me and my sister would just talking and all of a sudden we'd go into an over the top simsons Indian accent. I've never seen an Asian talk like the Asians do on American television

  • vinessa sanford
    vinessa sanford 20 hours ago

    Hearing Ella talk about how she's in a lesbian relationship right now and knowing that she is now getting married here in the future haha

  • Lorenzo Haynes
    Lorenzo Haynes 20 hours ago

    I agree with this video.

  • Raj kishor Sahu
    Raj kishor Sahu 21 hour ago

    Gravity falls title is your ringtone

  • X of Reality
    X of Reality 21 hour ago

    I was raised to take showers/wash my self in the morning so I'm clean and smell nice during the day.

  • A Simple Loner 923
    A Simple Loner 923 21 hour ago

    Even though I’m surrounded by people, I’ve always felt like an outsider, felt like this since, well, I was younger. I know how that feels.

  • Anthony Pappas
    Anthony Pappas 22 hours ago

    It took me until half way through the video to notice there were legs in the backseat.

  • Loading
    Loading 22 hours ago

    Me everyday in school since 8th grade had no friends since then all others either betrayed or moved away :(

  • bts is life
    bts is life 23 hours ago

    I wanna learn Korean 💜

  • soft waffles
    soft waffles 23 hours ago

    Im a cat person

  • Alexa Roberts
    Alexa Roberts 23 hours ago

    9\1 days I put my outfit in backwards

  • Catherine Landers
    Catherine Landers 23 hours ago

    Did she say superwoman....

  • deltarune fan
    deltarune fan Day ago

    Wait. You guys sleep?

  • ķıřı -čhăņ

    Como es que no hablo ingles ≥:v chale ya aprendere uwu entendi la mayoria del video

  • Maple Syroof
    Maple Syroof Day ago

    I'm a guy and I stg its so annoying when you lose them cause you need to find your glasses but you cant find them cause you CANT SEE. Also I'm envious of people who can put contacts lenses in less than 10 minutes

  • Shig1rl 1
    Shig1rl 1 Day ago

    This is why you don’t become addicted to your phone

  • Whyinem
    Whyinem Day ago

    oh heck yes

  • Joanne Choi
    Joanne Choi Day ago

    Ingore family calls

  • Olivia Playzzz

    *OW* **Violently charges at dog**

  • zoe rowe
    zoe rowe Day ago

    the tree guy is my favourite person in the whole series

  • MrTop5
    MrTop5 Day ago

    Someone help me! I have a friend who always is too sarcasticly mean. Always gives me negative answers if I answer a question. And when ever I say something he will always say “NO ONE CARES!!!” He always is smarter than me but more like a smartass at me! He hurts my feelings a lot. Should I be his friend or ditch him?

    • MrTop5
      MrTop5 14 hours ago

      Thanks mate! But I don’t know how to ditch him. Like I want to be his friend still but I just wish he would treat me the same

      ELLA BEAVER 14 hours ago

      If he hurts your feeling than ditch him straightaway, there not your friend if they hurt you, it does damage to your confidence

      ELLA BEAVER 15 hours ago

      Ditch him I had a friend like that until high school when I got a heap of new friends that are way better now (i am at another high school than her) . The fact that you realised is great because I never did and I ended up wasting my time with her. Last year I heard about her and her friend being I don't know what to call it but they didn't have any friends because of it and I'm glad because I could've been that friend. It may not be what you want it to but if u do stay friends you'll regret it. I'm not sure if it's good advice or not 😁✌

  • Jo 4mama
    Jo 4mama Day ago

    I want you guys to employ me...i could do these vids all-day! Fun fact: 40 yr old mother of 4 getting sick for once & being taken care of is also not fun, but when the hubby realizes all that you do is also SATISFYING...make me some tea honey!

  • Liz Nelson
    Liz Nelson Day ago


  • Cress Reeves
    Cress Reeves Day ago

    I feel depressed i studied French at a French school had such a passion but no support. My family constantly made fun of me for it, never cared to help me practice. Insulted the language,eventually i gave one to practice with. It hurts when I hear the language, because i still love it so much.

  • Ksyusha Ruban
    Ksyusha Ruban Day ago

    Im a mess but im not hot

  • okethan
    okethan Day ago

    Wait. How did u lock your self out without looking the door ?

  • ScissorLuv
    ScissorLuv Day ago

    Pretending to talk on the phone to get put of having a conversation with someone I don't feel like talking to.

  • Sister James:D

    I grew up with only sisters and one brother and I still relate to all of this😂

  • ScissorLuv
    ScissorLuv Day ago

    "Are you okay?" "Yes." Everyone has told this lie.

  • Christine Sellers

    High metabolism + loves food = glorious 😂😇

  • Chloe Leslie
    Chloe Leslie Day ago

    If you take showers in the night then your bed doesn’t get dirty.

  • Fernanda Lozada

    Omg to anyone who is feeling left out let's make a group chat on snap add smartcookie1721. You guys deserve to have friends that cherish your effort and listen to you.

  • Another Random Person

    If someone sprayed lavender in my bed, I would probably die... I’m allergic to lavender ;^;

  • Sophia Driscoll

    I have four older brothers and this is incredibly accurate. You forgot the death stares from across the room though.

  • Chicken
    Chicken Day ago

    Ha! You tought i had friends!

  • Miguel Marques

    Come on TVclip why 4 years later?

  • Daniel Moore, Jr.

    You have to earn a cats respect. With dogs it’s just given to you.

  • ZammyWammy :D
    ZammyWammy :D Day ago


  • Olivia Rivera
    Olivia Rivera Day ago

    I mean her hair does look pretty weird...

  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant Day ago

    This video is the description of every girl ever, dramaaaaaa!!!

  • Just my opinion

    Just because i wear black doesn’t mean I’m intimidating. ITS JUST A NICE COLOR!

  • VanaFanta
    VanaFanta Day ago

    This never fails to make me laugh

  • James 501
    James 501 Day ago

    Not an accurate description of a single persons fears by a long shot

  • Joshua Richmond

    I remember my friends and families birthdays all the time and there age. Great videos!

  • Yo Yo
    Yo Yo Day ago

    Best thing When it’s cold outside so you wear 3 jackets and gloves and a hat And at the end of the day take them off and let everything breath

  • Pantego Hummus

    At work I secretly take home paper towels that I used to dry my hands with to use later as toilet paper at home. I don't feel bad about it because it would have just gone to the trash anyway. I'm not "stealing" it because I used it.

  • Less Neym
    Less Neym Day ago

    I’m 5’3 and I’m taller than most girls around me

  • Less Neym
    Less Neym Day ago



    Who is he name?

  • Jannat Fatima
    Jannat Fatima Day ago

    It's better to get compared to a woman with glasses rather than Harry Potter no matter what... So I classify you as lucky

  • Nur Farah
    Nur Farah Day ago

    Relatable!! Then it's hurt moreee when they already ignore u at all