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Chorizo Stout ChiliChorizo Stout Chili
Chorizo Stout Chili
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  • Deidra Johnson
    Deidra Johnson Year ago

    I love crate and barrel's wine glasses. I don't have a store near me so I was thinking that it would be nice to see a video of you guys comparing your largest glasses from least to most expensive, and so on. I thought I was in love with the Camille, as seen on Scandal, and I do love it. i bought a couple yesterday, but now I know for sure that I'd love to have a full set of the Vineyard glasses. Online, they seemed very similar and I didn't see why I should spend so much more money. After comparing them in person, I know I don't mind a bit because they are so lovely. I was thinking you could embed the YT videos to your page on wine glasses so that they get more views and are more useful to people. Anyway, just want to mention that the staff in your Durham, Streets of Southpoint store is so very kind and professional. They are so friendly, conversational, and helpful. As a person who's done lots of sales, I really appreciate the art and balance of allowing the merchandise to sell itself but also having the smarts and personality to make yourself indispensable to the customer. They must be trained by a very smart person. I usually run from the sales staff in most stores, but never hesitate to reach out to the staff at Southpoint. Thanks!

  • Kevin Z
    Kevin Z Year ago

    Try your best to avoid Crate&Barrel at Beverly Hills. If you really can not, at least avoid Glenn and David. They lie to you about their discount policy and never admit what they said later on. I think it's a very fundamental trust you don't get from this store. What more can you expect? It's a very astonishing experience for me, and David was also very rude when my wife and I called, and he said he will complain me. I'm trying to get response from their manager to see if it's just these two employees or it's a general trick of the store. I'll keep updating.