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Birdsall's Double Rack
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Zero Misses for Hondo
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Toni shoots an MP5
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Toni's Last Run
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Reaper Target Demo
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When TTI Met Sally
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Bugaloo Dance Party
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Keanu 3-Gun Madness
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What's Happening Here?
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Chrysti-Ane doesn't wanna
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Taran's Secret: ProGrip
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Those Double-Taps Tho
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Side Range Madness
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Classic SAP
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Orin Julie gets her Wick on
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Chrysti-Ane gets Locked Up
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Taran Gets a New Safe
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That's Hot
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Fear The Walking Dillahunt
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Honest Review: Trijicon SRO
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To Infinity and Beyond Pt. 2
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  • stu Art
    stu Art 6 minutes ago

    He's totally badass BUT can he handle the hot wings challenge like Halle did?

  • Уахтанк Тымбызов

    Very slow!

  • Jimmy V
    Jimmy V 10 minutes ago

    John Wick is getting drafted for WW3

  • HaasFormulaOneFan
    HaasFormulaOneFan 11 minutes ago

    Girl in the blue shades is hot!

  • believe and do
    believe and do 12 minutes ago

    the most loved guy in the world.

  • Jacon Jacob
    Jacon Jacob 15 minutes ago

    Well now according to democrats he is a murder and evil man. Halle berry is a traitor to women and now a whore. That's what I was told by democrats.

  • 김재우
    김재우 18 minutes ago

    역시 멋지심돠~

  • Tachy Tech
    Tachy Tech 18 minutes ago

    Nobody searched for this

  • Pablo
    Pablo 24 minutes ago

    “We get to have guns for protection, work, and fun, you plebs need gun control though”

  • V3NOM
    V3NOM 26 minutes ago

    Sexyyyyy! Oh and the gun... also pretty nice

  • Josep Vandervar
    Josep Vandervar 34 minutes ago

    She is the new Sarah Connor

  • Said Layl
    Said Layl 39 minutes ago

    Valkeyrie’s gun is a pea shooter

  • Faizington
    Faizington 43 minutes ago

    Is this Warden with an overgrown hair?

  • Syed Fareed
    Syed Fareed 51 minute ago

    it’s easier when the enemy doesn’t shoot back..

  • D O
    D O 57 minutes ago

    When you makin money with split personalities

  • Симаков Иван

    That case when the girls surpassed Keanu. Beauties! Keanu is also well done. 😁

  • Кенг Кенг

    Мне нужны РУССКИЕ !!!

  • Тимур Тавасиев

    Хэлли красотка

  • Madman Knowlege
    Madman Knowlege Hour ago

    Cool guns God Bless America support the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States STP 2020 support Trump Pence our president and vice president for 2020

  • Your One Stop For Funny Fake News Channel

    Tell you waht guys! I have seen some pretty good shooters in my time. Only Clint Eastwood could do better! Can you make a ring tone for me that was epic!

  • Druva Kumar
    Druva Kumar Hour ago

    Fun Fact : You Don't FK with Keanu Reeves 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️

  • stta stta
    stta stta Hour ago


  • Federal Bureau investigation

    John Wick be like: Am I a joke to you?

  • Federal Bureau investigation

    John Wick be like: Am I a joke to you?

  • Yadont Say
    Yadont Say 2 hours ago

    Id spray this fool

  • zeb doz
    zeb doz 2 hours ago

    And here I figured him for a anti gun libturd

  • Vasilko Gratitude
    Vasilko Gratitude 2 hours ago

    Фигли, молоток Браток! :-)

  • Kenjo 1
    Kenjo 1 2 hours ago

    If i got like that cheer, i would shoot it down in 10 seconds😂

  • elefante mortal
    elefante mortal 2 hours ago

    How to get laid 101

  • davids11131113
    davids11131113 2 hours ago

    That was great Keanu! 'Well, I am Neo you know'

  • Shawn Lewis
    Shawn Lewis 2 hours ago

    I'd double tap that....

  • Oliver Rodríguez
    Oliver Rodríguez 2 hours ago


  • pop universe
    pop universe 2 hours ago

    Neo gearing up for matrix 4.

  • Kadeem Smith
    Kadeem Smith 2 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves did a Keanu Reeves Run??

  • Dims
    Dims 2 hours ago

    People thought john wick was a movie lol keanu real life is john wick

  • Бичь Паук
    Бичь Паук 2 hours ago

    John Wick mode :)

  • DopeDon Juan
    DopeDon Juan 2 hours ago

    I would suck a fart out of halle berry's ass ...i bet her toots smell oh so sweet a diddle diddle!!🍓 🍓 💃💨😝

  • Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Thomas 2 hours ago

    Keanu Reeves is dam good

  • Trap jaw Warrior
    Trap jaw Warrior 2 hours ago

    OMG I need that Today

  • pooty tang
    pooty tang 2 hours ago

    You a straight up player Taran - you got a new customer for life!

  • Dexter Craddock
    Dexter Craddock 2 hours ago

    Mans getting drafted out here protecting us

  • javier torres
    javier torres 3 hours ago

    That's it? easy. Been there- done that. Real human targets.

  • Kevin Pickford
    Kevin Pickford 3 hours ago

    I love Keanu. Hes a multi millionaire and hes wearing dirty dumpy clothes. Hes very humble and he can shoot like John wick.

  • Anjun 241
    Anjun 241 3 hours ago

    The boogieman! Gotta love this guy. He’s 100%.

    SPARKY 3 hours ago


  • Max Spy
    Max Spy 3 hours ago

    I could never do it in 15

  • Josip Murat
    Josip Murat 3 hours ago

    awesome :)

  • Paolo Paolo
    Paolo Paolo 3 hours ago

    Che belle ragazze altro che fucili !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mikel Jackson
    Mikel Jackson 3 hours ago

    Just keanu being himself

  • Teoman Kılıç
    Teoman Kılıç 3 hours ago

    Hatunların Hepsi keanu ya düştü 😄

  • Львовский Странник

    Шо за хуйня

  • Александр Деревянко

    Ещё ближе мишень поставь, дебилы

  • Bong Barang
    Bong Barang 3 hours ago

    I thought I liked these two persons and I feel kind of disappointed. I am too much of a European, maybe.

  • intel
    intel 3 hours ago

    Всех едросов из думы вместо ростовых мишеней поставить , вот видео набрало просмотров 🤣! Киану красава !👍

  • Maker Noob
    Maker Noob 3 hours ago

    Damn good shooting.

  • shlok goel
    shlok goel 3 hours ago

    That was breathtaking

  • ForHuman People
    ForHuman People 3 hours ago

    WOW! I'm impressed bc those are some very far shots. I mean, I don't know how he would hit those targets with that scope in the way. He must be 3-5 feet away from each target. It looks like the farthest average "full size" silhouette target was about "maybe" 20 feet.

    BRICKTOP 3 hours ago

    Keanu Wick!

  • Brian Fordhamm
    Brian Fordhamm 3 hours ago

    Looks like all girls and Reeves have guns as a hobby. They nailed it. We need more FPS'es with reloads like that.

  • Felipe Moreira
    Felipe Moreira 3 hours ago

    Mesmo boné olha o vídeo. tvclip.biz/video/G-IRX-Xaa3g/video.html

  • Amber Singh
    Amber Singh 3 hours ago

    Sakt lunda

  • Felipe Moreira
    Felipe Moreira 3 hours ago

    Caraca ele gosta mesmo nesse boné tem outros vídeos dele que mostra ele com esse boné quando estava novo já faz tempo hein. Com tanta grana e não troca nenhum boné

  • Макс Покровский

    Крутой чувак!!!

  • MacDeath
    MacDeath 3 hours ago

    How precious

  • Naufal Fadhlurrahman

    Note to myself : Focus on Keanu, not booboo, you pervert

  • Big Brain Boi
    Big Brain Boi 4 hours ago

    He's gonna get drafted

  • The Jam
    The Jam 4 hours ago

    All those fannies

  • Almars
    Almars 4 hours ago

    I can't focus the rifle

  • Cpt Soap
    Cpt Soap 4 hours ago

    This man is John Wick, is not a movie character... It's real

  • Lorrel Hardy
    Lorrel Hardy 4 hours ago

    Reeeeeeeeggggggeeeeey reeeeeegggggeeeeey reeeeeeeeggggggeeeey

  • Greta Shapiro
    Greta Shapiro 4 hours ago

    I'd let him fuck my wife

  • Golfnut
    Golfnut 4 hours ago

    Typical gun lovin' USA.

  • Lorrel Hardy
    Lorrel Hardy 4 hours ago

    My bro one of the nices guys in Hollywood

  • Greta Shapiro
    Greta Shapiro 4 hours ago

    that was crazy

  • MixSona Productions
    MixSona Productions 4 hours ago

    She will be the tutor of zombie apocalypse survival class And this smg is carbine type right? Based on m4

  • Gabriel Ferreira
    Gabriel Ferreira 4 hours ago

    John wick playing Keanu Reeves 😂

  • Matt B
    Matt B 4 hours ago

    😡😡😤😤😤😤 HE LIKES GUNS! CANCEL HIM, CANCEL HIM NOW!!😡😡😡😡😡 (Scarcasm)

  • Richard Campos Borba da Silva

    O cara é bom no que faz, por isso seu sucesso nos filmes.

  • TheBigHase
    TheBigHase 4 hours ago

    So she seems well prepared when the western world gets overrunned by metal shields and plastic dummies. Nice...

  • Rich ard
    Rich ard 4 hours ago

    Keanu is badass

  • TheBigHase
    TheBigHase 4 hours ago

    So is John working again!? You know what I want!? Him as bodyguard and I would feel a lot safer...

  • Haoyang Wu
    Haoyang Wu 4 hours ago

    ok,if god kill his dog,god is already died

  • DuoTheGodOfDeath
    DuoTheGodOfDeath 4 hours ago

    I too would like this $2000 carbine.

  • Yasar Beg
    Yasar Beg 4 hours ago

    You are working again Mr wick? Fuck gets me everytime 😅

  • Антон Антонов

    "Ты красавчик"

  • Олег Иванов

    Молодец! Талантлив во всём!

  • Daniel Smerald
    Daniel Smerald 5 hours ago

    Show me the edge of the precious

  • Dragonblaze
    Dragonblaze 5 hours ago

    This woman, same age as Keanu which is 55 and she looks like she's in her late 20s, maybe early to mid 30s

  • markmywords312
    markmywords312 5 hours ago

    Tragic, completely sad.

  • Dead Dog Gaming
    Dead Dog Gaming 5 hours ago

    6 year Olds-hey wait that's John wick from fortnite!

  • 朱永騰
    朱永騰 5 hours ago


  • ••• xD35P153x •••

    On a sidenote he shoulda shot Halle's sports bra for flattening such perfect breasts.

  • Yaser Masood
    Yaser Masood 5 hours ago

    Brave Americans fighting the war against cardboard. Joking Aside I love Keanu!

  • ••• xD35P153x •••

    He may grow the world's shitiest beard but that was a legit display of marksmanship.

  • Oberdan 93
    Oberdan 93 5 hours ago

    Great man !

  • jimmy Park
    jimmy Park 5 hours ago

    John Wick' is real

  • Sexy Beast
    Sexy Beast 5 hours ago

    If Jesus used guns

  • MikhaelWest
    MikhaelWest 6 hours ago

    The precious...

  • MadDuck03
    MadDuck03 6 hours ago


  • CookieYT
    CookieYT 6 hours ago

    so i this video only 1 bitch in and 25k view lool