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Keanu 3-Gun Madness
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  • WillBrink
    WillBrink 8 minutes ago

    At least we know he's probably not anti gun like most of the other worthless Hollywood types.

  • Israel Castillo
    Israel Castillo 2 hours ago

    Creo que me enamoré de halle berry 🀩🀩

  • Di0
    Di0 5 hours ago

    So, are you back, Mr Wick?

  • Pastmasterdan
    Pastmasterdan 8 hours ago

    Beware a well armed woman

  • Swooshswish
    Swooshswish 9 hours ago

    **halle dingleberry is a f u c king dawg y do people lick her ass as if she is hot sh it this bitch needs FAKE TO APPEAR HOT whoopi goldberg is hotter than this biatch***

  • jjjoooojjj
    jjjoooojjj 12 hours ago

    That guy said I can't have an ice-cream ....

  • JDsModernMartialArts
    JDsModernMartialArts 19 hours ago


  • Valentino Petrusich
    Valentino Petrusich 21 hour ago


  • Pokenala
    Pokenala 21 hour ago

    It’s terrifying and awesome to know that the nicest man in Hollywood can very easily kill me

    KING OF NERDS 21 hour ago

    Dude is fucking ripped

  • dems are dumb
    dems are dumb 22 hours ago

    Teaching hoes that they need no pimps

  • Brandon A
    Brandon A Day ago

    Hey guys. Im having a hard time finding the second thumbs up button. Anyone know where youtube's idiot developers put it?

  • Alan Faulkner
    Alan Faulkner Day ago

    all those lets be friends, awesome!

  • Daniel Anderson

    Absolute badass and the nicest guy in Hollywood

  • Anthony Cathey

    Yikes...he a monster!!!!

  • mark anderson
    mark anderson Day ago

    Is that a 9 MM AR she is shooting?

  • Craig Bockbrader

    Is it mandatory for the girls to dress slutty or something?

  • cowboy7526
    cowboy7526 Day ago

    She was slow with the transition

  • cowboy7526
    cowboy7526 Day ago

    OMG Please, Taran how about you focus on the shooting and less on the Sex exploitation.

  • Chevy SparkEV
    Chevy SparkEV Day ago

    Sadly, Keanu's days as actor may be numbered if this video reaches the hollywood elites.

    • bill bill
      bill bill 7 hours ago

      Right, because the last couple of years worth of videos didn't do anything, but this specific one will

  • skim193
    skim193 Day ago

    kaju love

  • xabc1
    xabc1 Day ago

    Legging aren’t pants

  • Ярослав Π Π°Π·ΡƒΠΌΠΎΠ²

    ΠšΠ°ΠΉΡ„. По этому этот Ρ„ΠΈΠ»ΡŒΠΌ ΠΈ интСрСсно ΡΠΌΠΎΡ‚Ρ€Π΅Ρ‚ΡŒ!

  • The Unpredictable

    Still humble enough to clean up the floor by sweeping after the training. Well, there are more than one reason why he's one of my role models.

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore Day ago

    WOW hot women training with fire arms ......I love America :)

  • heneral juan dela cruz

    Its john wick what do you expect.... more action movies please mr. Reeves.

  • Juanjo3dmax
    Juanjo3dmax Day ago

    why the short and tight clothes, is a tactical thing?

  • Scott Symonds
    Scott Symonds Day ago

    that shotgun reload is always bad ass!

  • Nick 718
    Nick 718 Day ago

    Who is the girl with the timer?

    • TheVinylshadow
      TheVinylshadow Day ago

      @nick718 I think this is her IG instagram.com/daretaylorofficial?igshid=1o7tz9cmg2xfx

  • Dave is just Saying

    wait, there were gun's?

  • Hoyt 2000
    Hoyt 2000 Day ago


  • B Johnson
    B Johnson 2 days ago

    Anybody remember the governor from Blazing Saddles? Work,work, work

  • Anar Chy
    Anar Chy 2 days ago

    gross hair.

  • fumasterchu12
    fumasterchu12 2 days ago

    That was sweet, and so much fun!

  • Don Def
    Don Def 2 days ago

    if I have 4 hot women cheering me on, I can shoot like this too..

  • harun razak
    harun razak 2 days ago


  • buffbeezer
    buffbeezer 2 days ago

    On sale soon: "Taran Shooting Goggles" these suckers protect your eyes by making everyone at the range look like a hot chick.

  • Adam Butler
    Adam Butler 2 days ago

    Ahh the Butler gene pure awesomeness

  • robert alanis
    robert alanis 2 days ago

    Damn they're so close to the Target

  • Fr33domBeard
    Fr33domBeard 2 days ago

    He won't, bc Sig isn't his lane...but i'd love to see what Taran Tactical type upgrades he would make for this specific gun.Taran, you have a few super fans out here who love your work. Please just consider a few mods on this one.

  • Grillo1985
    Grillo1985 2 days ago

    i looked the girl moore than the Mister Vogel ahaha :)

    JAGUAR SOUTHPAW 2 days ago


    JAGUAR SOUTHPAW 2 days ago


  • Quel Bello
    Quel Bello 2 days ago

    2019 Terrorist: I fear no *man*, but that *thing* KEANU REEVES Terrorist: It scares me!

  • Paul American
    Paul American 2 days ago

    I dont know why my range isnt filled with smoking hot chicks.

  • Kerry Williams
    Kerry Williams 2 days ago

    What a bunch of beautiful ladies.

  • Steve Lewis
    Steve Lewis 2 days ago

    Very impressive! Good shooting! Must be excellent instructors .

  • americanalltheway Redneck

    no undies...

  • mchs152lb
    mchs152lb 2 days ago

    a new porn category, gun sluts. Think feminists would go for that?

  • Skip Freeman
    Skip Freeman 2 days ago

    Just when I thought I couldn't find Halle Berry any hotter 😍

  • Muna
    Muna 2 days ago

    This is fan service for sure. But you should generally be more covered for shooting because of hot brass. You don't want to get hit with brass and jump with a loaded weapon in hand

  • Elliot Jackson-Williams

    Michael for John wick 4

  • Mark Strachan
    Mark Strachan 2 days ago

    Hot girls with guns gotta love America. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  • Luis Ramirez
    Luis Ramirez 2 days ago

    But she doesn't want regular Americans to have nor use guns, right?

  • Lilyday 115
    Lilyday 115 2 days ago

    .,. I wonder who would it have the balls to Rob him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Mark Wright
    Mark Wright 2 days ago

    i am no fan of hollywood and celebrities but Keanu is an exception. I love that guy. literally followed by babes.

  • BK REY
    BK REY 2 days ago


  • CHEVY BOY!!!!
    CHEVY BOY!!!! 2 days ago

    What kind of holster does Taran have? I have a 17L I just picked up and looking for a holster now

  • Raniere
    Raniere 2 days ago

    ...why doesn't she have a shirt on and why is her g string pulled up so high...trashy

  • J. P.
    J. P. 2 days ago

    Stunningly Beautiful all of them, but its funny how a beautiful, statuesque Redhead stands out & is totally captivating for me....

  • J. P.
    J. P. 2 days ago

    Disarm you with smile those girls... gotta love intelligent, capable women, & if they just happen to be gorgeous... well hey...

  • Motorcop22
    Motorcop22 2 days ago

    As neighbors we used to shoot at Taran and Johns ranch years ago, good times!

  • Tom W.
    Tom W. 2 days ago

    Is it really possible to be in love with 3 different women? Badass ladies, gotta love it.

  • Heatalatur
    Heatalatur 2 days ago

    Tactical thong🀣

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia 2 days ago

    Hallie is Badass

  • oncehadacoolname
    oncehadacoolname 2 days ago

    Keanu Reeves has the best entourage.

  • TheMetalGuy852
    TheMetalGuy852 3 days ago

    Damn she's sexy..... The girl is ok, too

  • Wes
    Wes 3 days ago

    Hey girl why dont u be a little bit more of a slut. I dont think ur dressed slutty enough


    Real master shooting πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • C Peterson
    C Peterson 3 days ago

    Camera work stinks.

  • Wes
    Wes 3 days ago

    We're going to need u girls to wear this. Why would i wear that in public that's ridiculous. Well if u want to be in the shot on TVclip ull wear it. Ladies and gentlemen round of applause for 3 girls (3rd one isnt too too bad) willing to sink low

  • T B
    T B 3 days ago

    I just love every video no matter the time. No matter the compliments you see it in his face. A little grunt, he is never satisfied. Always knows it could be a little better. He is such a competitor I love it

  • We Run Guns
    We Run Guns 3 days ago

    It's great how Taran is getting women into the sport

  • Conor O'Brien
    Conor O'Brien 3 days ago

    Range day with Halle Berry??? That’s like my dream right there.

  • Mbal 40
    Mbal 40 3 days ago

    Why do American girls whine so much..like a screech when they talk

  • Zach Coldwell
    Zach Coldwell 3 days ago

    I can see the timer best when it is right in front of your cleavage.

  • James Watschke
    James Watschke 3 days ago

    I've Always found Halle Berry to be Impressively Attractive, but now that she can shoot better than me, I'm even more Impressed!! 😍

  • raedoe112
    raedoe112 3 days ago

    Good muzzle discipline but his movements are just so clunky I can’t get over it. He moves like he’s concentrating very hard not to trip over his own feet.

    • Cerus98
      Cerus98 2 days ago

      Not at all. Let’s see you do quad loads on the move in 10sec flat and move like a dainty ballerina.

  • sabre Lemew
    sabre Lemew 3 days ago

    i'd like to put my hands behind her back : )-

  • Individual-1 Pie hole

    Its rare that a sequel is better than the previous ones but John Wick 3 is. I rented it last night, Hallie Berry is awesome. The scene with the dogs and bad guys was the best action scene ever. Biting them in the sack, lol

  • etc7
    etc7 3 days ago

    This is even more impressive when you realize he's left-handed.

  • jjjoooojjj
    jjjoooojjj 3 days ago

    She is very natural...

  • RCnewbie
    RCnewbie 3 days ago

    The problem I see is liberals who attack gun owners push gun movies, why is it I don't see Halle or Reeve helping the Gun owners in America πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • big papi
    big papi 3 days ago

    put your tits away

  • Shival Madho
    Shival Madho 3 days ago

    Jerry Miculek : What’s possible in 0.534 seconds?

  • x c
    x c 3 days ago

    That's wifey right there

  • Ariel Malsi Real
    Ariel Malsi Real 3 days ago

    Me: If Scarlett Ingrid Johansson Joins Taran Tactical. Scarlett Ingrid Johansson: πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€I DO!πŸ–€πŸ–€πŸ–€

  • Frances Pogi
    Frances Pogi 3 days ago

    who ever dislike this video they are salty as hell lol good job Mike

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 3 days ago

    It's like a show that was on cable, in the late 80's chick's, bikinis, guns!

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 3 days ago

    I think TaranTactical, that you may a hit-show if you still feature,hot-sonorities on YT!

  • Ian Carson
    Ian Carson 3 days ago

    Keanu Reeves and hot chick with guns more please

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 3 days ago

    Reeves, should a regular, show on YT, on weaponry.

  • Jac Cervantes
    Jac Cervantes 3 days ago

    Guns and Girls...

  • zealot951
    zealot951 3 days ago

    Move along bimbo, yo botherin' Mr. Wick.

  • Magnu Persson
    Magnu Persson 3 days ago

    She is awesome πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • dayeeoliver
    dayeeoliver 3 days ago

    How could you get P365 in California? It's not on roster

  • Valerchik
    Valerchik 3 days ago


  • dayeeoliver
    dayeeoliver 3 days ago

    How do you get 12 rounds mags in California?

  • KindredGh0st
    KindredGh0st 3 days ago

    I've seen videos very similar to this. Except there's a black couch in an office where job interviews takes place.

    • G. Puga
      G. Puga 8 hours ago

      KindredGh0st πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ˜…

  • jan williams
    jan williams 3 days ago

    Excellent shooting Halle Berry!!