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  • Ro Mal
    Ro Mal 5 minutes ago

    The merciless is the best 2nd best exotic as far as damage, 1st nemesis, you can create a crazy exposive rounds build using the new talent spiked....its keeps on stacking and keep 15% damage through out

  • Scott Bitters
    Scott Bitters 7 minutes ago

    I really like this build will have to try this

  • Ro Mal
    Ro Mal 8 minutes ago

    This is a great time, you can create some wicked builds, DZ is lit with action, I think everyone got something in this update

  • Aaaa Aaaa
    Aaaa Aaaa 9 minutes ago

    Off topic: the ultimate edition is 70% off. Should have bought it now. Now it’s not as bad as it was at release. I would be a happier person not knowing what happened with the game the last half year and would have 70 EUR left over for another game.

  • R H
    R H 44 minutes ago

    Awesome as always Skilzz. Working on my Rifle build now. Running the DB with the custom 416

  • George gmoney
    George gmoney 45 minutes ago

    You were my go to for all division1 and i just started playing division2 with the free weekend. Is there any news on survival? It was my favorite thing to do in division 1 and will definitely get division 2 if it has survival

    • march281272
      march281272 39 minutes ago

      The devs know that 'Survival Mode" was a hit in Division 1, so theres no doubt theyll bring it back sometime nxt year!

  • Antsdaone23
    Antsdaone23 46 minutes ago

    Dope ass build homie! By any chance could do a video on the best guns to use?

  • Silvio Alcantara
    Silvio Alcantara 53 minutes ago

    Thank you skillz! What is the best way to get these named gears with the "perfect" rolls?

  • Kent Liermann
    Kent Liermann Hour ago

    Good video. Love the build!

  • COD Killer
    COD Killer Hour ago

    Loving this

  • Alfredo S
    Alfredo S Hour ago

    I really don’t know why people complain about the DTE, with a couple of pieces maybe two I’m up to 88 to 90% DTE with a decent build

  • Joeki11a
    Joeki11a Hour ago

    So is this END GAME stuff?, you can't do this...starting game for first time?

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz Hour ago

      you can just start putting the pieces together. If you are new to the division 2 check out my playlist I have a bunch of tips tricks and stuff for you.

  • Ph3nomenoN
    Ph3nomenoN Hour ago

    Finally, the vídeo I was waiting for. Now give us an updated AR clutch build. Keep up the good work

    • Ph3nomenoN
      Ph3nomenoN Hour ago

      It does... Although I'm running an alternative version because I prefer unbreakable Over bloodsucker

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz Hour ago

      hope it helps

  • 853 MODZ
    853 MODZ Hour ago

    Best weapons in PVP Vector + M82 = Victory

  • The Gaming Channel

    Do you know love SKILLZ content catch more on the second channel

  • NothingButSkillz

    When not running a SKILL BUILD to farm I love this Armor on KILL build. What is your favorite farming build?

    • Tony Venzal
      Tony Venzal Hour ago

      NothingButSkillz skills are yuh currently working on a new raid build? If so, posted up. Been working on tons of skills but so far still using an AR build w the EB hitting 28.6 dmg. Or an aces build w the nemesis. Not happy w the rest of the builds, been farming like crazy

  • johnnytron gaming
    johnnytron gaming 2 hours ago

    Even with the presets you still have to change your gear to get your GS back up. Kind of seems as if it were designed to not be used with gear scores 🤔

  • bud11dy
    bud11dy 2 hours ago

    I went here and there was no boss

  • Louis Koo
    Louis Koo 2 hours ago

    Haha, I thought I'm the only one who experienced underwhelming loot drops in missions. But tbh, it wasn't that underwhelming when first started, idk may b something were adjusted. Have been doing CP4 solo all the time, think I shd start inviting other players to join in for more loots.

  • Will Braz
    Will Braz 3 hours ago

    How to take this yellow outfit ? Please.. Sorry my english.. Good job..

  • pr3d8t0r33s channel
    pr3d8t0r33s channel 3 hours ago

    I have the perk nightvision unlocked. If you pee soft was not so greedy. You sould see, your nvg from this point on on your char.

  • Shelby Timbrook
    Shelby Timbrook 3 hours ago

    1:15 End of new information.

  • Jimson
    Jimson 4 hours ago

    You should do a comparison with a mk3 416 instead of the M4A1. :) In my personal opinion the 416 is the better of the 3. Thanks for the video.

  • Clinton Davis
    Clinton Davis 4 hours ago

    I did a hardwire build like yours and it's fucking sick!

  • biz0586
    biz0586 4 hours ago

    Your method is fine. But to get a lot of loots, I’m starting to farm Kenley College missions. I don’t have to level up control points. Loots and components to calibrate are in one spot. Though I notice that Alp Summits still drop crazy stats. I’ll eventually start looting exclusively alp summits and mod target loots.

  • Missing Eye Of Odin
    Missing Eye Of Odin 5 hours ago

    My friends never want to do the battle reward mission grind.

  • Colton Ervin
    Colton Ervin 5 hours ago

    Does the targeted loot work for exotics

  • Alan Doran
    Alan Doran 5 hours ago

    I totally agree........spend your time doing control points. Far more good gear drops

  • Alan Doran
    Alan Doran 6 hours ago

    Another great video... I am really looking forward to using this build for a complete chance to anything I have done before. I am so looking forward to hope your next Assault Rifle Build. Thank you for commitment to helping everyone.

  • Seamus Gleeson
    Seamus Gleeson 6 hours ago

    How many people killed walker solo

  • ajunot2
    ajunot2 7 hours ago

    these tips to me are helpful because i watched a video that the guy only said were the loctains are because on the night vision googles it says

  • Quickmix
    Quickmix 7 hours ago

    I have a China Build With Seeker Mines and Turret. Number: 3, Dam: 577.000 Dam, Cooldown: 13,4 sec. Turret dam: 27,800!

  • Tim 140i
    Tim 140i 7 hours ago

    so all you have to do is building skill damage now?

  • Steven McMahon
    Steven McMahon 8 hours ago

    No BTSU gloves? Would they push the build a bit further or just detract from it?

  • R H
    R H 8 hours ago

    Hey Skilzz I am gonna try this set up hopefully with TU6 there should be much of a different .

    CHRIS CHIA 9 hours ago

    Hi, any Eagle bearer build or AR builds ?

  • David Dawes
    David Dawes 10 hours ago

    I don't get it, don't you get night vision from the beginning? Do they work better or are they just for aesthetics.

  • honeymak
    honeymak 10 hours ago

    look sweet ^_^

  • Bulldozer
    Bulldozer 10 hours ago

    NO bs and to the point good video

  • CG NUG Review
    CG NUG Review 11 hours ago


  • MetaHater
    MetaHater 11 hours ago

    Gear rank is in the 160's and still never came across any ghillie suits.

  • Miguel Zagal
    Miguel Zagal 11 hours ago

    M82 For the win.

  • Bobby Benoir
    Bobby Benoir 12 hours ago

    Do they improve the night vision?? I cant use it at the moment as its far to blury to see anything.

  • Rickey - Division Agent Johnson

    I have it hitting hard!

  • King Tessen
    King Tessen 12 hours ago

    Cool man

  • Ambs Nec
    Ambs Nec 13 hours ago

    How do you upgrade your specialisation pistols? That’s one thing I’ve never known

  • TheJCFan
    TheJCFan 13 hours ago

    I personally prefer the 553. If your gun kicks like a mule and half of your bullets miss, it doesnt matter how fast it fires.

  • Cougarsamurai
    Cougarsamurai 13 hours ago

    Even with targeted loot it's boring because the quality is mostly poor.

  • daughy doc
    daughy doc 13 hours ago

    It's a possibility your not getting the full potential from that pistol as it says while equipped you get the 5%, I'm guessing that means while the pistol is in your hand

  • BigUpVideo
    BigUpVideo 13 hours ago


  • 4 Brothers In A Basement

    Definitely Lv.4 control, especially with taking on 3 other activities to level it up. Did a hostage activity and my sawyer knee pads dropped 😂🤣😂

  • Jedi Nig
    Jedi Nig 15 hours ago

    I've just been doing usual method of bounties, daily and weekly projects. Has rained loot. Had about named items so far. Got a perfected unbreakable chest thats amazing. Used my updated btsu build that can now activate with a head shot from a rifle. New specialization has some great skill build perks.

  • The Real Reason
    The Real Reason 15 hours ago

    Shorty better anyways..

  • robert goodman
    robert goodman 15 hours ago

    Where to find the best weapons? The ubisoft store for 100 bucks

  • De Gumpdrvr Mills
    De Gumpdrvr Mills 16 hours ago

    Lvl 4 give the most loot hands down

  • Sdot
    Sdot 16 hours ago

    yo why is it that every blueprint you get is a "high end", but the ones i get are just regular weapons? what am i doing wrong?

    ANURAG DAS 17 hours ago

    That's cOooL ThX for the GuidE bro👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Kevin Holt
    Kevin Holt 17 hours ago

    I got my exotic knee pads from a level 4 control point

  • Popa mihai marian
    Popa mihai marian 17 hours ago

    Yea it’s a pretty good :))) weapon lots of fun with it

  • sega kami
    sega kami 17 hours ago

    loool after watching this vid I literally get the merciless gg

  • Ian David
    Ian David 17 hours ago

    Oh yeah and in addition. Beware of the DZ. It's a fuckin nightmare. Armor glitch is back

  • Thatcher
    Thatcher 17 hours ago

    Thank you really helpful heck yeah

  • Be Glory or Peace
    Be Glory or Peace 17 hours ago

    M4A1 and P227... I approve 😃👍🏽

  • Lyons T-BAG
    Lyons T-BAG 17 hours ago

    Yo bro could you please do a video on Ghost Recon Breakpoint on the best ways to build your weapons up to Mark 3. Specifically on getting Advanced weapon parts it seems to be hard Haha I've dismantled tons and tons of weapons.. I have MK3 unlocked to craft but cant get the last pieces for both my guns to finish the MK2. I need advanced parts lol.

    • Lyons T-BAG
      Lyons T-BAG 16 hours ago

      @NothingButSkillz gonna do that now. Just went and got the scorpion SMG blueprint after watching your video. Going to build it up now and see what it's made of.

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 17 hours ago

      Just buy a few weapons from the vendor with skell credits dismantle

  • Bolt
    Bolt 18 hours ago

    Just do the behemoth farm, and then buy standard weapons from the shop and scrap them its much faster

  • TheMaximusKane
    TheMaximusKane 18 hours ago

    If ur over 200 lvl that AR & blueprint will drop w/o the side mission!

  • Robert Que
    Robert Que 18 hours ago

    What slot do you have your extra clusters in?

  • Mu Long
    Mu Long 18 hours ago

    How do j upgrade the bench in whit house ?

  • Marc Henn
    Marc Henn 18 hours ago

    No 🧢 i got the sweet dream shutgun from a lvl 1 control point this morning 🤯. I was doing it to get mats so once i was i was done one of the rewards so it. And it was only a lvl 1 control point.

  • Jose Mercado
    Jose Mercado 19 hours ago

    They need to add the AN-PVS 7D and PVS 14's...The last NVG you looted is actually a NVG that the helicopter pilots use.

  • Greenhorn86
    Greenhorn86 19 hours ago

    I was thinking that your aim sucks when you did not hit that guy at 6:33 right away... but then I noticed you play on console with controller :D


    3:43 😱😱😱🤔😂

  • Jonathan Wong
    Jonathan Wong 19 hours ago

    Heroic only benefit is a guaranteed named item. Other than that lvl4 cp is great

  • janner1952
    janner1952 19 hours ago

    Yeah your right, ..but if you " die " before you kill the last boss, then you get more loot when you respawn & you can keep doing thisfor about 3 times before the level 4 drops to level 3 lol P/S/ Best to do this solo..

  • PaPa_Myhre
    PaPa_Myhre 19 hours ago

    @ 3:44

  • Grant Buster
    Grant Buster 20 hours ago

    Thank you, did the first two missions in that sequence you showed in your video but I had no idea there was another part to the mission lol

  • ps4 clan-dzs most wanted

    Anyone on ps4 want do this with me?

    • Timothy Jernigan
      Timothy Jernigan 5 hours ago

      Add me TearlessTopdog

    • Timothy Jernigan
      Timothy Jernigan 5 hours ago

      ps4 clan-dzs most wanted ya

    • Joshua Vanness
      Joshua Vanness 16 hours ago

      I would just add me VanNess666 amd whenever I'm on just invite me and we can run lvl 4 control points

  • MURNA- Traps
    MURNA- Traps 20 hours ago

    Control point 3and 4 give better loots than challenging or heroic

  • Gnasty88
    Gnasty88 20 hours ago

    Let’s go

  • Nathan
    Nathan 20 hours ago

    Great tip!!

  • Doods Rosal
    Doods Rosal 20 hours ago

    Is the MK 18 rifle in Breakpoint? Just bought the game today and was wondering if there's a blueprint somewhere.

    • Doc Whiskey
      Doc Whiskey 14 hours ago

      Mark 18 not in the game yet. Yeah, Mk. Is "Mark". It kills me when I hear M K.

    • Doods Rosal
      Doods Rosal 15 hours ago

      @NothingButSkillz Mk 18 not Mk 17.

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 20 hours ago

      Mk17 is a asr

  • GotnoRhyTim
    GotnoRhyTim 20 hours ago

    Skillz my man.... another great tube, CP4 and Heroic are what I run either solo or with a 4 man hit squad, did the Zoo solo yesterday and got the knee pads 😎

  • David Quiroz
    David Quiroz 20 hours ago

    Questions for you (or anyone really). I just started playing about 3 weeks ago and am wt5 thanks to friends taking me to the dark zone as soon as getting to 30 lol. I’ve been farming for specific set ups. Right now I’m running a clutch dps build (crit). I’m at 202k health with 55% crit chance while I have the blabber mouth equipped (smg). Currently trying to min max. So as for my questions lol (sorry thought I’d give my current state to see if it helps get answers). I want to have specific brand sets which are 3 piece wyvern, 1 piece murakami, 2 piece providence defense Or 3 piece Harding 3 piece wyvern. But I also want to have specific talents (actives and passives). For example a glove that has clutch and either surgical or critical on a brand that is listed above. Is it easier to min max by target farming by brand or by gear? I also need to have 11 red (minimum) and exactly 4 blue. Yellow can be any number. I also need the gear drops to have the exact talents so that I can recalibrate the attributes to high rolls. That’s why I want to know if it’s faster to target farm pieces of gear or brands. Eventually I will need to replace my entire gear since they are just random drops with talents and attributes. So I’m basically starting from scratch again.

    • Goat Warrior
      Goat Warrior 53 seconds ago

      My advice would be to uninstall this failure of a game.

    • David Quiroz
      David Quiroz 20 hours ago

      Also, is the clutch crit build still viable? I love this build for the sudo survivability and high damage. I saw you have a video about the hardwired set. How does that compare in damage and survivability? I also want to make a negotiators dilemma build. But not sure which is the most viable set up right now. I have 4 pieces of dilemma gear and 5 pieces of hard wired set. So I have a little freedom with the hardwired set up. And I randomly got the bts gloves yesterday lol. So I am able to run either set up

    ВЗАИКILLЭЯ 21 hour ago

    Lol your shit

      ВЗАИКILLЭЯ 2 hours ago

      NothingButSkillz you only get 1 comment a day as you have the time to reply to my one on a d1 vid

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 20 hours ago

      You still playing this game 😂

  • Leeman Park
    Leeman Park 21 hour ago

    Use ur exotic gloves with more yellows on ur gear to get over 2 million damage... use the stinger hive to activate your gloves and u wont die again trust me .. I don't need a gun anymore I carry a knife lol

  • Joseph Lyons
    Joseph Lyons 21 hour ago

    I finished them all and didn’t get it

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown 21 hour ago

    Boooooooo why change difficulty play on extreme always, I got all these on extreme

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 20 hours ago

      I was showing people you can. I play on PS4 and PC one account does everything on extreme other is for video farming

  • Steve Ware
    Steve Ware 21 hour ago


  • I'maLeo JRZY973
    I'maLeo JRZY973 21 hour ago

    Me personally I like running missions on challenge solo cause with a squad will sometimes scale high amount of NpC's solo speed-runs and invaded miss or level 4's like you tons of good shit ,targeted loot was a genius consept thumbs up , this is our 1.4 & 1.8 mixed in having fun finally after a slow 7 months Heroic miss's are time consuming, and run out of amo often

  • Dandre harris
    Dandre harris 21 hour ago

    I did not know loot resets everyday. I rarely ever do level 4 checkpoints maybe that's my problem. I'm going to try this method out this weekend. I usually just do missions

    • Dandre harris
      Dandre harris 21 hour ago

      Ok cool hopefully I can beat a level 4 control point then I'll be straight

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 21 hour ago

      yeah targeted loot does. So you never have to farm the same area if you farming one piece

  • Dandre harris
    Dandre harris 22 hours ago

    Thanks skills

  • State Of Stringer
    State Of Stringer 22 hours ago

    Fuck MP7

  • Randy B
    Randy B 22 hours ago

    Lol anyone notice slot of the smaller missions that get the control points up to level four or missing?

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 22 hours ago

      just wait a second and the patrol will come out that will give you +2

  • jaybajan
    jaybajan 22 hours ago

    @3:43 headphone users warning

    • Chef SG
      Chef SG 4 hours ago

      Fam I saw your msg 5 secs before the time!! Not all heroes wear capes.

    • M Ahtesham Ghouri
      M Ahtesham Ghouri 10 hours ago

      Too late bro but thanks anyways lol

    • cheesyblend
      cheesyblend 14 hours ago

      Shit myself xD

    • cedric smith
      cedric smith 15 hours ago

      Man thought I had a ghost in my speaker

    • Aidan Assenov
      Aidan Assenov 18 hours ago

      Saw your comment 10 seconds after the earrape blast... Thanks anyways!

  • Chrissy Casual
    Chrissy Casual 22 hours ago

    The best way to farm targeted loot is go to the place that has the loot you u want 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 22 hours ago

      If you have 3 brands you need that have level 4 control points and 1 you need in a mission doing the control points first will always be better then if you run out of time the next day it should rotate. But if you only need one piece yes.

  • Omar Antulio
    Omar Antulio 22 hours ago


  • jaybajan
    jaybajan 22 hours ago

    The past level 4 control points i did yesterday gave me blueprints

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 22 hours ago

      yes you there are new blueprints in the game for all the new brandsets pieces since they are on all pieces now

  • COD Killer
    COD Killer 22 hours ago


  • Reodor Felgen
    Reodor Felgen 22 hours ago

    With all due respect, this is nothing new tho. Lvl 4 control points has always been one of the best ways to farm loot. Yeah with TU6 it has gotten better but still the farming method is not new!

    • Reodor Felgen
      Reodor Felgen 19 hours ago

      @NothingButSkillz It might have been the best way for RAID players yeah, but very few people who play this game are RAID players or even PvP players. So still for most of us non RAID/PvP players, the lvl 4 control points has always been one of the best and got even better now!

    • COD Killer
      COD Killer 22 hours ago

      Reodor Felgen raid was was way better before with a solid team 14-16 minute runs 8 players sharing loot on loot

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 22 hours ago

      RAID used to be the best way to farm honestly. My squad would finish a raid in 15 minutes with more loot than we could count. Now in TU6 this is the better method.

  • Frazer
    Frazer 22 hours ago

    I found a Alps Summit Chest Peice with 30% armor, 45k armor, and Bloodsucker! The targeted loot system is amazing!

    • Ian David
      Ian David 17 hours ago

      @David Quiroz yes alps summit hear is known to have low amount of talents but they're by far the beat for individual rolls for high numbers

    • David Quiroz
      David Quiroz 21 hour ago

      NothingButSkillz wait they are best for high rolls? I just started playing maybe 3 weeks and am already wt5. At this point I’m getting my gear sets ready. Running a clutch high crit dps build (clutch for survivability. Currently at 202k health. Still a lot to min max but getting to know the game at the same time while min maxing gear lol

    • Roman Vantukh
      Roman Vantukh 22 hours ago

      @NothingButSkillz yeah, on the first day of playing TU6 I got Alps Summit mask with 51% DTE

    • Frazer
      Frazer 22 hours ago

      @NothingButSkillz And I was about to descontruct it too before reading the attributes lol

    • NothingButSkillz
      NothingButSkillz 22 hours ago

      yes alps is the best for high rolls