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SSSniperWolf My Closet Tour
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Shopping in the KIDS SECTION
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What I Eat In A Day
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Adventures of Kaz!
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  • falishathecat
    falishathecat Minute ago

    my hidro flask is yellow! sksksksksks adi oop!

  • Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez 5 minutes ago

    I sound like sniper wolf

  • Emma Fren
    Emma Fren 9 minutes ago

    I learned a lot from the clothing hack video

  • Yasmin Juarez
    Yasmin Juarez 11 minutes ago

    You should've have said "make sure to sksksksksubscribe"😂😂❤

  • Alexa Duncan
    Alexa Duncan 11 minutes ago


  • Cute Makeup tutorial’s & Vlogs

    That’s not even a hydro flask

  • Divya Gupta
    Divya Gupta 16 minutes ago

    Yasss Lia u missed the best one!! I went on Buzz Lightyears Ranger Spin when i was there and I wassss soooo cool, we shot x’s on th wall and it was glowing! U should’a seen it 🙂🙂

  • Hannah Gritzen
    Hannah Gritzen 17 minutes ago

    Eggs make amazing egg tea

  • Vannah Cook
    Vannah Cook 17 minutes ago

    I wish I was as pretty as you...

  • Jason SucksAtEveryThing
    Jason SucksAtEveryThing 18 minutes ago

    Send help because she says skskssk and i oop and it makes me commit suicide my friend Mailen has to do that every morning at school So send guns,nukes,warplanes so we can fight the vsco girls Even War ships

  • Zoomer and KitKat
    Zoomer and KitKat 20 minutes ago

    I like your pink wig

  • I love Turtles
    I love Turtles 27 minutes ago


  • Audrey Okorafor
    Audrey Okorafor 28 minutes ago

    All the vsco girls I’ve met this year are low key the nicest people ever but there’s this one that says she’s a vsco girl but gets annoyed when I make vsco jokes with her

  • Kenna Dempsey
    Kenna Dempsey 29 minutes ago

    Cisco girls have t shirts that cover there shirts lol

  • Wolf Gang
    Wolf Gang 30 minutes ago

    My friend was lucky and found a hydro flask on the beach

  • Molly's life
    Molly's life 34 minutes ago

    Yourrrr soooo extraaa

  • Brooke Jarvis
    Brooke Jarvis 48 minutes ago

    i love you so much your so amazing and i wanted to thank you for everything that you do❤️

  • Mincraft door
    Mincraft door 48 minutes ago

    And I ree

  • 《Kayla Bob》
    《Kayla Bob》 54 minutes ago

    0:35 yes please monday because monday is the boring no-sleep-in-school day. So uploaded on monday morning will put us in a good mood because u upload awesome entertaining videos <3 !

  • Mr Milkyway
    Mr Milkyway Hour ago

    Tomorrow at my school they are having vsco girl day

  • Xx_GachaMaya_xX
    Xx_GachaMaya_xX Hour ago

    I like how vsco girls dress And I don't know why....

  • Brooke Horne
    Brooke Horne Hour ago

    Emily love you 😘 ❤️

  • Datziri Mendiola

    Sksksk and I oop

  • Palin ya girll
    Palin ya girll Hour ago

    Mine is dark blue skskkskskskkskskskkskskkskskskksksk anna oop

  • Marissa Sugar
    Marissa Sugar Hour ago

    Ur shirt isn't supposed to be tucked in. It's supposed to look like ur not wearing pants

  • Jessica Jordan
    Jessica Jordan Hour ago

    and I oop and I oop sksksksksksk I have like 300 scrunchies sksksksksksk Idk how to be a vsco girl

  • BogusFrog 796
    BogusFrog 796 Hour ago

    She used a straw with a nitro lid 😂😂

  • Avery Pressley
    Avery Pressley Hour ago

    That is not a hydro flasks sorry

  • Val_ Chan
    Val_ Chan Hour ago

    Skskksksksksksksksksksksk and i oop scrunchieeeees!!!

  • QueenGil 05
    QueenGil 05 Hour ago

    U forgot JUST WATER

  • Guadalupe Diaz
    Guadalupe Diaz Hour ago

    U should be a Egirl for a day

  • xgloomy greyx
    xgloomy greyx Hour ago

    Instead of sssniperwolf your sksksksniperwolf 😂

  • Rylie Taylor
    Rylie Taylor Hour ago


  • Roblox Girl
    Roblox Girl Hour ago

    Omg we need a part 2 ! They have so good acting skills!

  • Galxy Girl
    Galxy Girl Hour ago

    Her face when the chicken changed so slowly Which means that chicken is bad

  • Goth Kitty
    Goth Kitty Hour ago

    Digital nex: *sips water* Digital nex: omg! It tastes like water!!

  • William Crisp
    William Crisp Hour ago

    What is your favorite dress?

  • Adrianne Poitier


  • Lorna Cruz
    Lorna Cruz Hour ago

    🤩I Love this video

  • MidNight - Gamer

    Story time: I was at school, I brought a water bottle and I accidentally dropped it everyone looked at me and started saying sksksksksksksksksksk. So moral of the story don’t bring a water bottle Especially if it’s a hydro flask :)

  • Saidax Monet
    Saidax Monet Hour ago

    Please stop.

  • daniella ok hi
    daniella ok hi Hour ago

    Its not a nidraflaaask

  • Julieth Cruces
    Julieth Cruces Hour ago

    Is it toorow do you have a cousin name Melanie because she’s my friend is it too if she could she told me she was your cousin i’m sure she told me that you live in Michigan

  • Lea Riol
    Lea Riol Hour ago

    95% Kaz 5% Sausage 😂😂😂😂

  • Lauri Denigan
    Lauri Denigan Hour ago

    And I szxszxszx and I oop

  • david Alexander
    david Alexander 2 hours ago

    your supposed to add one ingriedient at a time and stir inbetween

  • liv raymond
    liv raymond 2 hours ago

    when i was younger i would get the food instead of the pizza cause i wasnt a big pizza fan and now i hate pizza

  • Frieda Gaming
    Frieda Gaming 2 hours ago

    Lia and I OOP is for if u let say drop something and it's like oops but it's an I OOP lol 😂

  • PanaBoogie
    PanaBoogie 2 hours ago

    Lumpy looks adorable

  • ßawqßawq :3
    ßawqßawq :3 2 hours ago

    Yes sister I was waiting for this day man....waiting for this

  • Tanvi Haldar
    Tanvi Haldar 2 hours ago

    I helped this boy in my class become a VSCO girl yesterday

  • kylie keith
    kylie keith 2 hours ago

    Sorry Lia but it is not hydro flask it was a knock off

  • Voodoo doll
    Voodoo doll 2 hours ago

    Sams Club has the best tasting water HANDS DOWN

  • Joseph morgan dylan ward

    Roses are red violets are blue I ate this food And my butt had an attitude

  • Memes are lit
    Memes are lit 2 hours ago

    That’s not a hydro sis

  • abby
    abby 2 hours ago

    What happens when a vsco girl gets run over? She gets skskskskskquished

  • Maggie Shelley
    Maggie Shelley 2 hours ago

    Am I a VSCO girlsksksksks

  • Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato 2 hours ago

    Guess you can call her *sksksksksksniperwolf*

  • The Gabe Show
    The Gabe Show 2 hours ago

    Those weren’t hydro flasks

  • Pastel_ wolf
    Pastel_ wolf 2 hours ago

    Me here sitting on my couch while Lia buys Many many expensive stuff

  • kind kitten
    kind kitten 2 hours ago

    Uhhhhh... Plastic isn’t the main cause of turtles death. It is actually the unnatural light in cities close to beaches.

  • Pastel_ wolf
    Pastel_ wolf 2 hours ago

    Lia: USVA

  • Gacha Lindsey
    Gacha Lindsey 2 hours ago

    This is torcher for a e girl to wtach and my friend wanted to watch it

  • JoAnna Perry
    JoAnna Perry 2 hours ago

    I don't think that was a hydro flask

  • Mattie Kinlaw
    Mattie Kinlaw 3 hours ago

    bro do a e girl

  • Sofia Matute
    Sofia Matute 3 hours ago


  • Sofia Matute
    Sofia Matute 3 hours ago

    I thought the stirring wheel was a turd

  • Lanae' Donut
    Lanae' Donut 3 hours ago

    Why don’t people get reusable plastic straws? If all you use is metal straws, the plastic you don’t use goes in the ocean. If the straw is reusable that plastic isn’t in the ocean killing turtles

  • xXSilentArrow_ YT
    xXSilentArrow_ YT 3 hours ago

    "teriyaki chicken" More like teri-yucky

  • Lunar Kitsune
    Lunar Kitsune 3 hours ago

    Being vegan and eating alot of vegan stuff raises your chance of having stroke Alot of Coconut oil is bad for you health also I dont hate on vegans, just sayin', pls dont hate

  • Emma
    Emma 3 hours ago

    SKSKSKSKSKSKSK and i oop i save the turles

  • Nadia Todorovski
    Nadia Todorovski 3 hours ago

    she looks like cruella de vil

  • 9 aa
    9 aa 3 hours ago

    8:17 a libra real problems 😂

  • Disco Dolphin
    Disco Dolphin 3 hours ago

    4:23 look in the back open 9 days a week??? r u sure

  • Rinoa Heartilly
    Rinoa Heartilly 3 hours ago

    I want the goth video! Lol

  • McDonald’s Big Mac

    Damn u look like sssniperwolf

  • Jacqueline Hernandez

    also I learned that sometimes they say 66666 and I oop

  • I like Toasted toast

    I have a thing at school called target time it’s a math test

  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson 3 hours ago

    Dont worry, I dont like oysters either. They smell too fishy, too oceany, and dont like the rubbery texture. Buy damn, you live in Vegas now? We were just looking for houses over there by Red Rock Canyon where all the new houses are being built. So cheap compared to houses in New York lol. We were on vacation in Vegas and west coast and decided to check out the housing. But didnt know the Wynn had such a well rounded buffet setting. Have to check them out next time. And if we do decide to buy a house down there, we might see you around lol.

  • Lylah Sotelo
    Lylah Sotelo 3 hours ago

    I rate your doggo a 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  • Jaka Rina
    Jaka Rina 3 hours ago

    What a nerd project

  • Emma Flåskjer
    Emma Flåskjer 3 hours ago

    2020 Anyone?

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 3 hours ago

    It doesn't stay in place.

  • Tea King
    Tea King 3 hours ago

    maya kalifa and her brother may kalifa 😂

  • Christy TV
    Christy TV 3 hours ago

    I wonder how embarrassing this was in public an I oop skskskskskskskks 😆

  • Howard Johnson
    Howard Johnson 3 hours ago

    Damn. And I thought I stayed in a bad motel before. I was at a motel 6 in ridgecrest, california because we wanted to spend the night before heading into death valley the next morning and the motel 6 there was just like this room but bigger. The smoke detector was pulled out, the walls were stained and filthy, the doors were not wiped down and the sink had hair and old soap stains on it. The counters were dirty. It was so bad, I had to put towels down on the counter to put our stuff on it. Surprisingly, we slept on the bed. It didnt smell so that's the good news. Sheets and stuff were bleached down. I posted this review on Expedia and we owed never to stay there. So for the next few days, we stayed only at Marriot, Best Western, and Holiday Inn lol.

  • Emma_2020
    Emma_2020 3 hours ago

    Butte Falls Oregon is a pretty place I live near the town

  • Gresia Ibanez
    Gresia Ibanez 3 hours ago

    How are you saving the turtles by drinking out of a hydro flask when we clearly saw you putting the water in through a water bottle 😂

    XxCRYSTALxX YT 4 hours ago


  • Dark Hearts
    Dark Hearts 4 hours ago

    I have a white hydroflask ;_;

  • -the gacha girl-
    -the gacha girl- 4 hours ago

    Mar your friend or sister cause you have a brother

  • Brianna Trejo
    Brianna Trejo 4 hours ago

    I repled to u craftydvz cookie

  • Brianna Trejo
    Brianna Trejo 4 hours ago

    Nobody feels broke im 9 i have a phone and $199 so nodody broke

  • Itz Panda
    Itz Panda 4 hours ago

    Ah the PH scale.. ...loved learning that 😂😂

  • Isabelle Hay
    Isabelle Hay 4 hours ago

    Why one star should be non

  • Skye Reynolds
    Skye Reynolds 4 hours ago

    That isn’t a hydro flask

  • Lazy Gacha
    Lazy Gacha 4 hours ago

    The ice creams r made like that for people with sensitive teeth

  • JPsourkitten gaming
    JPsourkitten gaming 5 hours ago

    This hurts to watch

  • Gacha Animations
    Gacha Animations 5 hours ago

    why am i watching this in my closet

  • Trxshy
    Trxshy 5 hours ago

    I’m still drinking Aquafina. 😪👋