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Shopping in the MENS SECTION
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  • Mellow Wellow
    Mellow Wellow 7 hours ago

    By $3pt3bEr SCHOOLZzz g0nna be Ov3®

  • Gacha Together
    Gacha Together 7 hours ago

    Is she in the show Supergirl she looks like one of my favorite characters

  • Savannah Rey
    Savannah Rey 7 hours ago

    5:38 when my parents try to kiss me in public

  • Veronica Medranda
    Veronica Medranda 7 hours ago

    lia:tell me what water u drink me:tab water XD

  • Stephanie Durick
    Stephanie Durick 7 hours ago

    Her:looking good in that top Me:looking like a boot leg version

  • Lavenderpandagirl _roblox H

    This was made on my grandmas birthday and she a clean freak XD

  • Dougie Laidlaw
    Dougie Laidlaw 8 hours ago

    Woah! Claws for nails!

  • TheGuttamann9
    TheGuttamann9 8 hours ago

    I rate your dog 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 out of 10

  • Isabella Kuszynski
    Isabella Kuszynski 8 hours ago

    I woab it 9:44 :P

  • Chin Cruz
    Chin Cruz 8 hours ago

    I feel your pain having dark hair i also have dark hair and I’m not able to really do things

  • bluecat
    bluecat 8 hours ago


  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 8 hours ago

    Little lia I love you

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 8 hours ago

    I love you can I have a shout out in your next video please I love you so much you are my favourite TVclipr Please

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 8 hours ago

    It is called a pony tails and I have t It every day you have to brush it please comment bake

  • gacha xAlisonx
    gacha xAlisonx 8 hours ago

    I rate your dog a 100000000000000000000000000000000×1000000000000000000000 out of 10

  • Edwin James (Ted) O'Brien

    When digital opened the chocolate bun there was like nothing in it

  • Adrienne Pickatd
    Adrienne Pickatd 8 hours ago

    I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH You make me lagh

  • Anita Fugate
    Anita Fugate 8 hours ago

    The first one is like a bridesmaid dress

  • hafsa ahsan
    hafsa ahsan 9 hours ago

    0:37 her "YAS" creeped me out

  • K. Y.
    K. Y. 9 hours ago

    Lia (the real her ):.........Normal speed Lia(impersonating kylie): ohhhhhhy maaaaaay goooooowwwd.......

  • Alexa loves-everyone

    SssniperWolf can you make another tea video ????

  • Pwet ni Kobe Bryant
    Pwet ni Kobe Bryant 9 hours ago

    Your my favourite French TVclipr

  • Pwet ni Kobe Bryant
    Pwet ni Kobe Bryant 9 hours ago

    Your my favourite French TVclipr

  • DragonGod
    DragonGod 9 hours ago

    DuD all of these hair hacks suck

  • Jasmine Molenaar
    Jasmine Molenaar 9 hours ago

    Hoping to see harry styles 😂😂😂😂 Edit he was in this, he was also wearing heels and stuff its wonderful 😂

  • actual bts trash
    actual bts trash 10 hours ago

    She out here shopping in Japan and I'm over here looking for my next Walmart jeans and boy T 😂😂😅

  • Jessica Coolen
    Jessica Coolen 10 hours ago

    The red satin one

  • XxGachaPlebs
    XxGachaPlebs 10 hours ago

    Um didn’t u call out people for being a Ariana wannabe, but now your trying to be Kylie?

  • Anbiya Fathima
    Anbiya Fathima 10 hours ago

    R u sssniperwolf

  • andrea Spasojević
    andrea Spasojević 10 hours ago

    ----------thats Amber -------this is trysha -----this is Lea

  • Metal Bars
    Metal Bars 10 hours ago

    Wow your house is so big Sssniperwolf

  • Scarlett Cardona
    Scarlett Cardona 10 hours ago

    My mom wieghs 65 km

  • Scarlett Cardona
    Scarlett Cardona 10 hours ago

    I live in GOZO and my mom

  • bye for ever
    bye for ever 11 hours ago


  • Deedee Wolf
    Deedee Wolf 11 hours ago

    OH MAH GAWDDDD. You eat what i eat! Coconut oil, multi grain, HEALTHY. Finally someone normal.

  • Sirena Jett
    Sirena Jett 11 hours ago

    Don't cause kids are watching by the way I love your show

  • Rhyian Julia Amores
    Rhyian Julia Amores 11 hours ago

    Why is she wearing red and now black and whit 😂😂😂😂

  • Kaiden Schell
    Kaiden Schell 12 hours ago

    Did she just call that cake stand a bowl

  • B'annah Marieze Chan
    B'annah Marieze Chan 12 hours ago

    Are you sssniper wolf

  • Lumine 1234
    Lumine 1234 12 hours ago

    I’m allergic to gluten too

  • Ashley Roblox
    Ashley Roblox 12 hours ago

    This is the 29th time I'm seeing this to make lamb chop

  • hiruki ukwatta liyanage

    SSSniperwolf... that other gem on jasmine's dress is supposed to be on the headband

  • charlotte pollock
    charlotte pollock 12 hours ago

    Is it just me or did anybody notice how expensive the stuff are about like a regular headband is probably like 100 or $200

  • 7w1c3 7w1c3
    7w1c3 7w1c3 12 hours ago

    There's a local boba store in here were you could buy 2 small for less than a dollar, it's pretty Good.

  • Xx Squirt xX
    Xx Squirt xX 12 hours ago

    Is this even legal

  • Luna Lucky Love
    Luna Lucky Love 12 hours ago

    Are you sisters with sniperwolf

  • the liv show
    the liv show 12 hours ago

    Why do you take so long to get to the next item btw love you're vids❤️!!!

  • Unknown Person
    Unknown Person 12 hours ago


  • Joanna Morales
    Joanna Morales 13 hours ago

    You save 959

  • Edyn Wojciechowski
    Edyn Wojciechowski 13 hours ago

    U have cute dogs

  • CG Party
    CG Party 13 hours ago

    The thing in your bathroom is to clean your butthole

  • kathy garcia
    kathy garcia 13 hours ago

    And what brand

  • Kofi Aggrey
    Kofi Aggrey 13 hours ago

    Ooooh nice dress for your birthday

  • Dominic Farace
    Dominic Farace 13 hours ago

    SPLV-350? Lol

  • Yael Braakhekke
    Yael Braakhekke 13 hours ago

    If you want to have stretchy slime you need to add less baking soda

  • Manuel Lucas
    Manuel Lucas 13 hours ago

    I didn't know that you had a nother channel

  • All for one and one for dogs

    Hey umm I am dum and is ssniperwolf and little lia the same person

  • Miley Marquez
    Miley Marquez 14 hours ago

    I have a huge container of rice in my kitchen

  • Camille Guillory
    Camille Guillory 14 hours ago

    Not every one who goes to Taco Bell that orders a potato taco is vegan some get it because they like it trust me I work there.

  • Space Crazy
    Space Crazy 14 hours ago

    Lmao all yall saying she loves lumpy more but yall just mad cus u ain't got dogs cute as hers😂💀

  • Karla Matzar
    Karla Matzar 14 hours ago


  • Ruby Blood
    Ruby Blood 14 hours ago

    :,) I wish I could fly to Japan and live there!...TwT she’s adorable tho! 😂

  • Virakyuth Uzumaki
    Virakyuth Uzumaki 14 hours ago

    Her: are there some people that don't have rice in their house? Me as an Asian: eww that's a monster

  • kylee Combs
    kylee Combs 14 hours ago

    Get her a cat

  • Wolfiebarron86
    Wolfiebarron86 14 hours ago

    Cool your in your old recording room !!!! But I have a question what do you do with that room now ?

  • Hailey Mercer
    Hailey Mercer 14 hours ago

    Did you no she is from England

  • Skylar Breen
    Skylar Breen 14 hours ago

    Ssniperwolf: “who would put this in there mouth” Me:😑😑 uhhh you Ten seconds later: sssniperwolf: IM THE CLEANEST PERSON YOU KNOW you just out random safety hazard in your mouth

  • Ash Wolfie
    Ash Wolfie 14 hours ago


  • Derp Potato
    Derp Potato 15 hours ago


  • X e l i a n a X
    X e l i a n a X 15 hours ago

    Wow! Congrats you hit 2million on this channel!!🥳 Not surprised you deserve more💖

  • Sunset xp
    Sunset xp 15 hours ago

    I got a fruit boba tea an it was passion fruit flavoured and half way through the drinks there was seeds in it that I ate and this gunk at the bottom it was gross

  • Mirna Almakhamreh
    Mirna Almakhamreh 15 hours ago

    You look so cute with bangs

  • X e l i a n a X
    X e l i a n a X 15 hours ago

    Here are my ratings! First one: 8 out of 10 Second one 9 out of 10 Third one: 10 out of 10 (my personal favorite) Fourth one: 9 out of 10 (I would give it a 10 out of 10 but its a bit too bright I love 💕 it tho! Fifth one: 7 out of ten(I don’t like it very much :( sorry!) Sixth one: 8 out of ten! (It’s rlly cute but not as cute as others) Seventh one: 6 out of ten (not my favorite) These are my opinions not yours DONT get mad at me I love you Sry the DONT autocorrects in capitals :(

  • BB Harrison
    BB Harrison 15 hours ago

    There not shrimp there prawns

  • Ivan m
    Ivan m 15 hours ago

    Love your kitchen

  • Kathaleen Tapia
    Kathaleen Tapia 15 hours ago

    Are these kids hacks

  • leah canela
    leah canela 15 hours ago

    they might of gotten this idea from Niki and Gabi

  • Cj Lancaster
    Cj Lancaster 15 hours ago

    You shoulda put a wolf tensile in your hair! 🐺 and can u get a shout out I love your cHanel and and I joined the wolf pack and licked and cometd every vid love ya!❤

  • Gregory Gibbons
    Gregory Gibbons 15 hours ago

    Get cat

  • valerie brister
    valerie brister 15 hours ago

    You can put led lights so it won’t be so dark in there

  • xxCookiexCutiexx
    xxCookiexCutiexx 15 hours ago

    What type of dogs are Caz and Lumpy?

  • Jesus Ambrosio
    Jesus Ambrosio 15 hours ago

    Love it 🥰😘😍

  • ツCiscoTheLongHairChihuahuaツ

    SSSniperWolf AKA Little Lia: *Touches everything in Hotel when it's all dirty*

  • Nina Angelova
    Nina Angelova 15 hours ago

    8:49 "Good day smurf!"

  • Hend Benarous
    Hend Benarous 15 hours ago

    R u ssssssniper wolf

  • Random Channel
    Random Channel 15 hours ago

    You are my favorite french TVclipr!

  • NiyaPlayz _Gacha
    NiyaPlayz _Gacha 15 hours ago

    8:02 and If your black...

  • OG Poop
    OG Poop 15 hours ago

    sniperwolf: which one do u like most? me: mike & ikes

  • Hayley Cowgill
    Hayley Cowgill 15 hours ago

    When you where talking to the blow dryer and you said there no AC in here when you talked to it you kinda looked like a really really CRAZY person not to be rude

  • TTV Apricott
    TTV Apricott 15 hours ago

    What u hear: Yeezys and Bags

  • Riley Rex
    Riley Rex 15 hours ago

    Who thinks she looks like SSniperwolf like if so ⬇️

  • Itz_ sayori
    Itz_ sayori 15 hours ago

    sooo cute!!

  • Leah Xie
    Leah Xie 16 hours ago

    I thought you were gluten-free you had milk in that thing

    • Sunset Moon
      Sunset Moon 14 hours ago

      Milk is gluten free ur thinking if lactose

  • Trinidyy 51
    Trinidyy 51 16 hours ago

    Does anyone know what her sister’s name is?

  • Cupcake Mansion
    Cupcake Mansion 16 hours ago

    SSSniperwolf looks so much better than sausage no offence sausage

  • Christy's World
    Christy's World 16 hours ago

    honesty i know i am weird...but i am the type that has the gel packets and not the rice i am but i am a dancer so i get them in all my costumes

  • Allison Hoefling
    Allison Hoefling 16 hours ago

    I have those festive pants and I love them

  • chrischan cowgirl
    chrischan cowgirl 16 hours ago

    The reason girls don't have pockets is cuz we put everything in our bra

  • Stephany Cisneros
    Stephany Cisneros 16 hours ago

    It called a zip tie

  • Nicole Zerbi
    Nicole Zerbi 16 hours ago

    Sailor Moon Crop top is so cuuuute