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Disney+ Pitch Meeting
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The Ring Pitch Meeting
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Gemini Man Pitch Meeting
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  • Vibe Check
    Vibe Check Hour ago


  • Kim Edulzura
    Kim Edulzura Hour ago

    i'm sorry but you're a nerd

  • Kiara J
    Kiara J Hour ago

    the movie is sure to be a success

  • Louis Bennett
    Louis Bennett Hour ago

    Hah, You and Tim Burton need to make a movie.

  • pupzaz
    pupzaz Hour ago

    I don't need a video to tell me who creepy it is

  • Ocheru Onuh
    Ocheru Onuh Hour ago

    It seems like the vidz with less than a mill views are often funnier

  • Fallout Studios
    Fallout Studios Hour ago

    I’m so sorry but I didn’t watch stranger things until I saw Mille Bobby Brown’s AMAZING roll in king of the monsters(now she’s my favorite female actor)

  • Darren Gamer
    Darren Gamer Hour ago

    I'm sure I've heard Greedo say Maklunkee before - I can't remember if it was at a cinema in the 197O's, or maybe a UK TV edit in the 1980's. But I don't think it's brand new. But maybe my memory is playing tricks on me.... After all, I clearly remember Han shooting first!

    SYNAPTIK Hour ago

    no shorts. boooo

  • Sunrise Freezer
    Sunrise Freezer Hour ago

    why not doing that with Quagmire..?

  • Steven Arvizu
    Steven Arvizu Hour ago

    Idk who told u the rock weighs 170 LMAO

  • Dylan Walsh
    Dylan Walsh Hour ago

    So what should we put on here? Yes.

  • John Trout
    John Trout Hour ago

    23-8-1-20 9-19 25-15-21-18 14-1-13-5?

  • Frank Consoli
    Frank Consoli Hour ago

    theory of same entity... flawed, Poppins takes place before the events of IT.

  • jorge alvarez
    jorge alvarez Hour ago

    Woody's original owner is ANDY

  • Ronny Harvey
    Ronny Harvey Hour ago

    you Butchered the Walking dead Theory, there are way more connections you should have listed

  • Maltese Falcon
    Maltese Falcon Hour ago

    You must be home alone

  • Gary Paskey
    Gary Paskey Hour ago

    I watched six of them when I was a kid

  • Kevin Thompson
    Kevin Thompson Hour ago

    Great cross over 😂

  • 1 k
    1 k Hour ago

    Sonic don't have 2 pupil

  • Trayce Baird
    Trayce Baird Hour ago

    ur dum

  • High Spongbob
    High Spongbob Hour ago


  • undom12
    undom12 Hour ago

    yeah i think you're right. rey is a clone. thats why they dont show you who is in the chair in the palpatine scene in the trailer.

  • Carcharias Spartania

    I missed everything that wasn't in the trailer.

  • S B
    S B Hour ago

    Kurt Russel, Russel Crow, Chris Tucker, Owen Wilson, Ben Stiller....yadda yadda yadda

  • Sunrise Freezer
    Sunrise Freezer Hour ago

    At least each episode.

  • Kingof 555
    Kingof 555 Hour ago

    Marge is the powerhouse of the cell

  • Oscar DeGuia
    Oscar DeGuia Hour ago

    what if DCEU was actually good :D :D :D

  • Josh Perry
    Josh Perry Hour ago

    Why do people keep asking about who Voldemort had to eat to make a horocrux? You dont need to eat anyone lmfao!! You need to commit the most horrible sin, Which is murder. After you murder someone one, you have to use some ancient magic to divide a piece of your soul and put that piece of your soul into something

  • Abdirahman Abdi
    Abdirahman Abdi Hour ago

    Who thinks the old trailer was good?I didnt

  • Trayce Baird
    Trayce Baird Hour ago

    Lol there's a mistakes in the vid it says Disney instead of marvel dumass

  • Taylor DeArruda
    Taylor DeArruda Hour ago

    I heard that Elsa and Anna's parents were going to Rapunzul's and Flin Ryder's wedding

  • Renee Peters
    Renee Peters Hour ago

    Then iron Man snapped the bad guys neck and saved the day 🤣

  • McCall G.
    McCall G. Hour ago

    Bull crap..American hero’s are taught to identify a threat and neutralize it before it becomes a problem

  • Shane Carter
    Shane Carter Hour ago

    I’ve already watched several of my favorite episodes and haven’t seen a problem with how they’re presented.

  • Blank Shadow
    Blank Shadow Hour ago

    The show says sandy and spongebob are married while mr. krabs, spongebob, and squidward were stuck in a vent

  • TotalHufflepuff
    TotalHufflepuff Hour ago

    Anna is a brunette, not a redhead.

  • Darkened Soul
    Darkened Soul Hour ago

    for the tangled one, i think you made a mistake. in the first cutting the hair still atached to her turned brown as well. also, it could be gold because of the magic coursing through it.

  • Pouty MacPotatohead

    No sequal. We'll make a prequal, a reboot and sequal to the reboot. The Hollywood way.

  • Meghan Dunning
    Meghan Dunning Hour ago

    I want to see one with the kid from Shameless. Make him an official Joker because he would rock that role.

  • Blank Shadow
    Blank Shadow Hour ago

    His voice is worse than spongebob....especially when says you know

    KABIR SINGH Hour ago

    He seems okay as Bruce Wayne but Batman I don't know man

  • Growing Public
    Growing Public Hour ago

    Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde Affect

  • Josh Perry
    Josh Perry Hour ago

    The Neville theory isnt a theory. Its 100% confirmed

  • Blank Shadow
    Blank Shadow Hour ago

    There is literally an episode showing them reverting from their mutated forms

  • Angel and noah MEMEWORTHY

    yeah im gonna watch the simpsons until i die i do think disney can just change all the episodes to HD maybe call the HD simpsons collection or something but i dont really mind

  • Gacha Gemstone
    Gacha Gemstone Hour ago

    This is how much you got mad for this DUDE SAYING STUFF WRONG | | V I’m SO DONE! 😤

  • movie guy99
    movie guy99 Hour ago

    Then theres Gary Oldman who plays such diverse roles that you probably didn't even realize he's in some movies.

  • Jeremiah Pheasant

    Jared leto is tim drake as joker Cameron Monaghan is jeremiah valeska as the first joker from the golden age Heath ledger is joker from the bronze age and he is a soldier with ptsd

  • Kathy Chase
    Kathy Chase Hour ago

    i hate them both to ugly

  • maddie carr
    maddie carr Hour ago

    my aunt put this on for me when i was 6 and i slept with my parents for a week after, because i was scared they would get kidnapped

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer Hour ago


  • Anthony E Huggins Jr

    evidence links coming soon

  • SoCali
    SoCali Hour ago

    It's funny how racial stereotypes are considered racist except when the characters are white.

  • Manny In Michigan

    You people are way off on this one...

  • yeEt_mY_LiFe !!!

    6:33 Also: the birds feathers aren’t white....

  • Maylen Perez
    Maylen Perez Hour ago

    Here a uno reverse card what if they change it back to the bad Design

  • Skyler Talbott
    Skyler Talbott Hour ago

    Stopped watching when he said robert de niro was no longer a big actor and proceeded to mispronounce joaquin Phoenix..

  • Growing Public
    Growing Public Hour ago

    That's y he's my favorite character next to man Hunter

  • TubbySqueakers
    TubbySqueakers Hour ago

    I loved that he was a school of fish for Nemo

  • mfmf100
    mfmf100 Hour ago

    The lesson of this video is that TVclip is ridiculous.

  • Aaron Easton
    Aaron Easton 2 hours ago

    DC could play off the 3 Jokers. Leto Phoenix and Ledger.

  • Ethan Jones
    Ethan Jones 2 hours ago

    I feel like pitch meetings would be the perfect thing to combat CinemaSins

  • Blank Shadow
    Blank Shadow 2 hours ago

    "It encourages children using swear words" Dolphin noises are now a swear word

  • Joey Lodes
    Joey Lodes 2 hours ago

    F U

  • Mistery BOX
    Mistery BOX 2 hours ago

    This and alice in wonderland scared me as a kid

  • Nicki Cole
    Nicki Cole 2 hours ago

    How tf did I get here ...and why is this so interesting

  • kimoanh2010
    kimoanh2010 2 hours ago

    You smell!

  • rlc car
    rlc car 2 hours ago

    Not important enough to use the word “curated” (please stop that) but still nice video

  • Invincible Man
    Invincible Man 2 hours ago

    Plot twist Rey is actually Palestine’s child but from about the end of his life in which case the age would more or less line up other than that what better way to pay image to the former movies than a plot twist that resembles one of the greatest of all time the I am your father luke scene but with ray instead and palpatine as Vader you get it right

  • Abie Beyda
    Abie Beyda 2 hours ago

    Dude Marge didn’t shoot mr burns the camera is on her when he got shot and it clearly shows she didn’t shoot him what she has a clone

  • epicgamer 321
    epicgamer 321 2 hours ago


  • 007
    007 2 hours ago

    Terrence Howard was good but Don Cheadle is a great actor.

  • TheCryingWRENCH TH1RD

    Me:shakra Me:akataski Me: mudara Me:otiutiki Nobody:..... Literally nobody:.....

  • Thegamingghost
    Thegamingghost 2 hours ago

    The Simpsons diss everyone get over it

  • Ben Collins
    Ben Collins 2 hours ago

    "Oh, they cry and he comes back to life? Is like, just a thing that happens in this show?" "Nope" "Fair enough"

  • Nehat Gavazov
    Nehat Gavazov 2 hours ago

    I am Bulgarian and never thot Тромцо wus bad

  • MsB inSYDNEY
    MsB inSYDNEY 2 hours ago

    I felt sorry for Isaac Hempstead-Wright (aka Bran) at this years comic con. You could tell he had been reading all the fans and show reviews and the utter disappointment, and let's face it uproar, over the fact that Bran was made King. The entire cast were looking rather sheepish during that comic con panel. I don't like the fact that the cast keep trivialising our disappointment by saying things like "well you can't please everyone", with regards to the story outcomes, rather than acknowledging what we all know, that the writing and dialogue was simply terrible. I guess it would be difficult for them to be honest about it in public considering this show has literally made their careers.

  • Bruce LeeRoy
    Bruce LeeRoy 2 hours ago

    I don't think anyone thought that Negaduck was a representation of the Joker. Quakerjack was clearly the representation of the Joker.

  • Yorkshire Pud
    Yorkshire Pud 2 hours ago

    Lov this one!

  • Noah Hemphill
    Noah Hemphill 2 hours ago

    Not a big deal, they’re Disney, and they would never turn down money from Simpson fans.

  • And Cut
    And Cut 2 hours ago

    T-800 and T-1000 DID exchange dialogue with each other. When John called his foster parents and asked about "Wooflie", it was T-800 speaking to T-1000 (Technically)

  • Inri
    Inri 2 hours ago

    Idk where you getting this info tbh

  • MsB inSYDNEY
    MsB inSYDNEY 2 hours ago

    It wasn't GRRM's fault that the final 2 seasons were bad, he said that he thought the series needed to be at least 10 full 10 episode seasons in order to do the show justice and ensure all loose ends were tied up. The show runners were over it and rather than give the show to new show runners' and work with GRRM as a co producer, HBO essentially let D&D completely massacre the story in the end.

  • johnanna buffalo rufus

    well..... that's simple. NOONE call their babies georgie.

  • juu nanago
    juu nanago 2 hours ago

    Jesus christ this guy overthinked the whole no cameras in a comedy club to film his stand up routine thing. Yeah or maybe they broadcast the comics on a shitty public acess station? Did they have those in the 80s?

  • Marta Aponte
    Marta Aponte 2 hours ago

    Everybody subscribe to this channel. Its super easy, barely an inconvenience

  • The world of E!
    The world of E! 2 hours ago

    What if the king and queen “died” so that Anna’s powers wouldn’t activate!

  • Static/ShockWave
    Static/ShockWave 2 hours ago

    @ScreenRant Dax Shepard should have definitely been on this list... lately he only shows up in TV Series... I love Dax, Without a Paddle, Employee of the Month and Idiocracy were hilarious back when I was growing up, the last movie I remember him starring in was Hit and Run and I never even got the chance to see it. rip

  • Dana Tosi
    Dana Tosi 2 hours ago

    The divergent series didn’t do well was because they didn’t stay true to the books. If they did, the fans would’ve supported it whole heartedly!

  • filmfrosk
    filmfrosk 2 hours ago

    This is one of the best ones! Very fun!

  • Mr Magician junior
    Mr Magician junior 2 hours ago

    the female ghistbusters is horrible and that why ghostbusters 3 in 2020 is going to have the original cast

  • CynicalPOV
    CynicalPOV 2 hours ago

    Ryan is the only good thing about screen rant 😂

  • tweek tweek
    tweek tweek 2 hours ago

    Me: I want to be famous South Park: no you really don't

  • Cynicas
    Cynicas 2 hours ago

    Screen Rant *CAN YOU STOP*

  • Rahul Singh
    Rahul Singh 2 hours ago

    The joker would probably be mad that we’re taking him so serious

  • Kim R.
    Kim R. 2 hours ago

    I liked Jared Leto as Joker tbh. (I loved all of them)

  • Golden Playz
    Golden Playz 2 hours ago

    Hearing him say kaneki is killing me

  • bv_bob
    bv_bob 2 hours ago

    why do people watch this