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  • Dian Noor Hayati
    Dian Noor Hayati 4 hours ago

    Did Billie sing "copycat" in her brain when she said "yEeaAhH" ? #no hate

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot 4 hours ago

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  • Sidney Money
    Sidney Money 4 hours ago

    6 snitch diss track on Spotify 🔥🔥🔥. open.spotify.com/track/7HR57JxY2J2cqrG5K7WWMe?si=BUUzQquBRpmZeShdYGtPSQ

  • Michael Cullen
    Michael Cullen 4 hours ago

    So if I get long black hair am I copying Kim k 🤯🤨😂

  • lord freeza
    lord freeza 4 hours ago

    69: I know where Jimmy Hoffa really is

    LIL WIEZARD 4 hours ago

    That bitch always said she was a blood

  • Ida Okongo
    Ida Okongo 4 hours ago

    OFFSET should take action 😅

  • Trinity Melloncholy
    Trinity Melloncholy 4 hours ago

    Can we get a vogue billy eilish face routine

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot 4 hours ago

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  • calm thy self
    calm thy self 4 hours ago

    bhad bhabie needs to keep grown peoples name out of her mouth

  • XxAriannaxX
    XxAriannaxX 4 hours ago

    6ix9ine is in jail rn😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Ashutosh
    Ashutosh 4 hours ago

    David shadow lol Jake is an asshole

  • Ashutosh
    Ashutosh 4 hours ago

    Jeff is a street fighter

  • Ashutosh
    Ashutosh 4 hours ago

    Why jeff

  • Jon Casanova
    Jon Casanova 4 hours ago

    Perfect ad for birth control

  • Sehume Pelo
    Sehume Pelo 4 hours ago

    okey I think that 69 is a pretty ass snitch!! he shouldn't been called 69!!

  • LeContagieux13002
    LeContagieux13002 4 hours ago

    Demi's hair is the complete opposite of Billy's hair, she didn't copy anything but mention her name to drop views.

  • Mackenzie Waters
    Mackenzie Waters 5 hours ago

    Aww poor Billie💔 My baby girl my poor baby girl

  • curlyhead alanabryce


  • Just Me 98989898
    Just Me 98989898 5 hours ago

    They're so savage 😂

  • Muiz Shittu
    Muiz Shittu 5 hours ago

    He didn’t snitch on her she was mentioned to him

  • Dennis Vidot
    Dennis Vidot 5 hours ago

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  • Kenco Bean
    Kenco Bean 5 hours ago

    Its a carot she smoked

  • Just Me 98989898
    Just Me 98989898 5 hours ago

    Everyone shipped them before and loved them so much, wtf is wrong with people now 😑

  • #S.L.C
    #S.L.C 5 hours ago

    Nicki I love Her

  • jalyns world
    jalyns world 5 hours ago

    Irs not sniching its truth serum

    THE KANGSTER 5 hours ago

    He absolutely did it and every member of the jury who set him free should be ashamed of themselves . I understand that there is a racial issue but not doesnt mean he is innocent and after that interview he confesses to being there and holding the knife why is he not charged now.

  • Jayden Calderon
    Jayden Calderon 5 hours ago

    Damn. I think I like 6ix9ine a little bit. Hopefully that rapist goes to prison and rots her fake tits off.

  • Jimboramba
    Jimboramba 5 hours ago

    Real gangsters don't rat.

  • why do you need to see my username

    she isnt depressed. it is foolish to thinkthat she is.

  • shia's world
    shia's world 6 hours ago

    I can't believe this clown is really snitching

  • Jr Jr
    Jr Jr 6 hours ago

    Think too.. she got in the rap game fasssssst just like 69.. also she said she used to rob men when met up for sex I'm sure the "gang" made her do that shit

  • Polis3n
    Polis3n 6 hours ago

    he dident snitch on her but okay

  • Semaniesa Destin
    Semaniesa Destin 6 hours ago

    Soo much more important things in the world to talk about Idk why TVclip has this shit on my feed

  • Carla Kincaid
    Carla Kincaid 6 hours ago

    They were probably drunk in the video because there were alcohol bottles in the back ground

    MATCH UP NIGHTMARES 6 hours ago

    Bitch you and your trash ass music need too leave the country

  • Mr Nerry
    Mr Nerry 6 hours ago

    her ass smells like fresh fish

  • Mr Nerry
    Mr Nerry 6 hours ago

    talking about she a gang member, you the fuck is afraid of fake teeth fake titts fake ass , lous mouth 5 feet tall stupid looking whore, this world is coming to an end, i will smack the shyt out of all of them, i see why all them carry guns because they so small and afraid lol lmao

  • Ella Blot
    Ella Blot 6 hours ago

    You're here for 1:14 Thank me later

  • citrus fairy
    citrus fairy 6 hours ago

    Love how fed up Ali seems to be with the whole Jana stuff at this point... girl I feel you

  • Achillies
    Achillies 6 hours ago

    Do you guys really think her body is real

  • Bobby Shmurdas hat
    Bobby Shmurdas hat 6 hours ago

    Good for trippie i hope he goes to jail tbh

  • Mark Jamson
    Mark Jamson 7 hours ago

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  • Stela Kau
    Stela Kau 7 hours ago


  • Rico Lolo
    Rico Lolo 7 hours ago

    all Ik this bad b**** is comfortable farting in public 🤢

  • Ari Christoforou
    Ari Christoforou 7 hours ago

    I love ya’ll

  • Nada Ahmed
    Nada Ahmed 7 hours ago


  • Catherine Sean
    Catherine Sean 7 hours ago

    J'espère que sa maman va bien cette agression et inacceptable

  • Jay Buckey
    Jay Buckey 7 hours ago

    Dude looks like a lady... another transgender

  • Elena Dobreva
    Elena Dobreva 7 hours ago

    Wasn't she getting smashed by alpos fake son popporazzi. I know you can't hold him accountable for what Alpo done but if you really street you still wouldn't fuck with him.

  • Poppy Morgan
    Poppy Morgan 7 hours ago

    So wait, Demi didn't even copy Billie's hair and they still manage to make a video out of it? They either reaching or running out of content 😂

  • Mohammed Behbehani
    Mohammed Behbehani 7 hours ago

    Thank god Kylie and Travis didn’t break up Kylie and Travis for life ❤️❤️❤️

  • SneakAttackFL
    SneakAttackFL 7 hours ago

    Yup it does make sense. These TVclip clowns are probably being used to promote real fighters who have been tested. These clowns have gone pro but wouldn’t dare step foot in a ring with dudes who have been doing this longer. Eddie is right for pushing away more of these clowns out of the undercard. This is a ploy to show people where the real talent is and hopefully bring the numbers away from TVclip wannabes to real boxing.

  • Nadine Gille
    Nadine Gille 8 hours ago

    Billie I Love u 😂😂💖❣

  • gforce
    gforce 8 hours ago

    Fat is fat. I don't know how much of her body is flesh vs. synthetic material, but fat is fat. Is she fat? It depends. Does she look fat? Hell, yes, she does! Then, again, who cares?

  • Anime Valenciaa
    Anime Valenciaa 8 hours ago

    Jake Paul is a weenie

  • Ladie’sMan 1990
    Ladie’sMan 1990 8 hours ago

    Court: anything else 69: drizzy killed X Court: okay is that it 69: diddy killed Pac

  • Betty Caballero
    Betty Caballero 8 hours ago

    Scott had all the right to get mad . I would be too .

  • Poco
    Poco 8 hours ago

    Like I said Jake is a pussy

  • Peni Yuliastuti
    Peni Yuliastuti 8 hours ago

    Subbhanallah2" allhamdulillah hirrobil allamienn" beranekaragam2" keanggungan2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" beranekaragam2" selalu"

  • Peni Yuliastuti
    Peni Yuliastuti 8 hours ago

    Akan2" karna2" akan apa adanya2" sifat" sikap" Gemini" Estefania" Resti anggraeni" pribadi2" akan2" yg pertama kali menyentuh2" memberkahi2" mengemut2" akan alat reproduksi saya" akan alat vital " kontoll peniss saya" beranekaragam2" akan diranekaragam2" rutinitas2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" saya" dpt bergetar2" berketeduhan2" segar" jiwa" raga" saya beranekaragam2" akan sesuatu2" yg berupa perasaan2" itu ialah2" berkeadaan2" keanggungan2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" penghormatan2" akan beranekaragam2" keanggungan2" Tuhan seluruh alam2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" beranekaragam2" nya" berketerangan2" keanggungan2" sunah" fardhu2" berjenis2" keberkahan2" beranekaragam2" ibadah2" n kehidupan2" selalu2"

  • Cliche
    Cliche 8 hours ago

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  • Peni Yuliastuti
    Peni Yuliastuti 8 hours ago

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  • Cliche
    Cliche 8 hours ago

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  • FlintStonedKid810
    FlintStonedKid810 8 hours ago


  • Kyrvn
    Kyrvn 9 hours ago

    connor would give logan a 1 2 who da fok is dat guy to the face

  • Cliche
    Cliche 9 hours ago

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  • at me
    at me 9 hours ago

    Omg I love Scott

  • Miledy Trujillo
    Miledy Trujillo 9 hours ago

    Can y’all just get to the point bro

  • Jayashree's Rannaghar

    Justin loves selena..selena loves justin..they love taylor..taylor loves them...stop guys....

  • Harlane Boyjoo
    Harlane Boyjoo 9 hours ago

    You know what cardi b l think you you look f*cking perfect no matter what that p*ssy SIXNINE SES THATS MY GIRL YOU GOT TO GET IT POPPIN WITH YOUR RAPPING YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN SO YEAH TELL THAT SIXNINE TO F*CK OFFFFFFF

  • Mya-Bella Hape
    Mya-Bella Hape 9 hours ago

    kinda miss him ngl 😔

  • Cecilia Estrada
    Cecilia Estrada 9 hours ago

    Fuck 6ix9ine snitch ass rat

  • qi9m -
    qi9m - 10 hours ago

    jeff wittek is a street fighter not a boxer he will knock jake out and leave within 5 mins lmao

  • t money
    t money 10 hours ago

    The sisters always ganging up on kourt

  • Ella Pollard
    Ella Pollard 10 hours ago

    Why is seaman learnt voice so fucking annoying fucker her in the throat detouring

  • HeAzyBlu
    HeAzyBlu 10 hours ago

    What is this a jake paul and logan news station

  • buffalo
    buffalo 10 hours ago

    cardi is literally too stupid to be in a gang gangbang is the only gang shell ever be in

  • Paul Dingle
    Paul Dingle 10 hours ago

    Thanks again for your time

  • TheYankees917
    TheYankees917 10 hours ago

    Kanye is a RAT

  • Neenerz Xingaa
    Neenerz Xingaa 10 hours ago

    Corey is a predator

  • Gods Klanof
    Gods Klanof 10 hours ago

    He looks like a banana, that is ready to be eaten.

  • Funnyriyah Jenkins
    Funnyriyah Jenkins 11 hours ago

    Yall start drama

  • Young 38baby
    Young 38baby 11 hours ago

    Judge: you still got 25 years 6ix9ine: you wanna know how virgin Mary actually got pregnant ?? Judge: how ? 6ix9ine: she had sex

  • Xoxo Darnese
    Xoxo Darnese 11 hours ago

    Let’s keep in mind that a reward or a pep talk isn’t discipline!!! y’all are crazy those discipline days payed off thankful for that structure in my life!!!!

  • Billy Bob
    Billy Bob 11 hours ago

    I got the 11 Pro Max🤑🤑🤑

  • mona marsupial
    mona marsupial 11 hours ago

    He needs to straight up take that Nirvana t shirt off or I'm gonna make him eat a turd.

  • Maria James
    Maria James 11 hours ago

    I don't think Shawn is in love with Camila. But you will see him say it when her music comes out. You know pr and to prove people wrong.

  • 1pyroace1
    1pyroace1 11 hours ago

    Boosie must b trolling

  • Irene Singh
    Irene Singh 11 hours ago

    69 is an a-s-s-h-o-l-e....

  • Azi Baker
    Azi Baker 12 hours ago

    Idris Elba is a King 😂

  • Angela Vermeulen
    Angela Vermeulen 12 hours ago

    Bhad bhabie doing this for cloud

  • IStoleTheAvocados
    IStoleTheAvocados 12 hours ago

    *that "yeah" was so awkward that I felt awkward*

  • Wat IsDit
    Wat IsDit 12 hours ago

    Gray mode

  • Abby Gomez
    Abby Gomez 12 hours ago

    That is not coping her

  • Carolina G
    Carolina G 12 hours ago

    Dude 69 never had a friend to friend with her because ninki, he was on ninki side not cardi B

  • The Vision Alpha Legend

    i would breakup with my partner for participating in porn magazine, it will make me feel more insecure and the fact that the other person is being exploited and also fliting with other people though use of body as a fatasy object

  • KastShadow
    KastShadow 12 hours ago


  • Bigface Hunter2
    Bigface Hunter2 12 hours ago

    Suwoop to the sis Bardi...Gang Gang!