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  • Carolina Guasch
    Carolina Guasch Hour ago

    Joke: The best deal: To buy an Argentinian for what it’s worth n sell it for what they claim they’re worth. Check him out he can’t barely speak English. Compared to Pep n others. Get off the Argentinian BS!!!!

  • A R S E N A L
    A R S E N A L 2 hours ago

    Im still hurt

  • marvin ezekiel
    marvin ezekiel 2 hours ago

    Humans and tribe.tribe is a very strong thing. Just look at how they grouped themselves as they walked out

  • humility humility
    humility humility 2 hours ago

    Leave this club. You're not among the top coach. Why do you need to rest ozil

  • marvin ezekiel
    marvin ezekiel 2 hours ago

    I see an adams/keown in holding/Chambers.

  • rajat rana
    rajat rana 2 hours ago

    1:05 lingard, young and matic oh shit why they still in united and Mctomaniya pls stay away

  • MseeF
    MseeF 2 hours ago

    Someone just reminded me on how the teams that Arsenal demolished in the Europa last season are the ones that just defeated English teams in the Champion's league this week. Valencia 1-0 Chelsea (Arsenal beat them 3-1 and 4-2) Napoli 2-0 Liverpool (Arsenal beat them 1-0 and 2-0)

  • MseeF
    MseeF 2 hours ago

    Someone just reminded me on how the teams that Arsenal demolished in the Europa last season are the ones that just defeated English teams in the Champion's league this week. Valencia 1-0 Chelsea (Arsenal beat them 3-1 and 4-2) Napoli 2-0 Liverpool (Arsenal beat them 1-0 and 2-0)

  • joshd171294
    joshd171294 2 hours ago

    Yeah no shit....

  • Katongole Davido
    Katongole Davido 2 hours ago

    Wat we want this season is a Europe cup and finishing in top four that's all emery

  • Valentine Orudo
    Valentine Orudo 2 hours ago

    Emery should goooooii

  • János Márton
    János Márton 3 hours ago

    He needs rest for what? U dont even know how to fix the defence problems and do the pressing and u should learn English,idiot. I hope you'll not stay here too long.

  • Mr. Gonzo
    Mr. Gonzo 3 hours ago

    I agree It was not Eriksens best game, but when his team mates are stationery he can not make deep passes, and that made him look bad. If they make more runs forward he would have played better and probably an assist or 2. It was a bad team performance, it's not only one player. We win as a team and lose as a team.

  • Pfano Mudau
    Pfano Mudau 3 hours ago

    He looks unhappy, I mean he's not happy You must start Ozil on Sunday

  • Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35
    Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35 3 hours ago

    We don’t need Lucas T to be scoring goal we need him to actually defend the rotten back 4.

  • Kanie Kanie
    Kanie Kanie 3 hours ago

    The problem is playing from the back while u don't quality defenders and some players doesn't want xhaka to be their club captain that's why they let emery down☺😧😧

  • Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35
    Ekenwaiwu Ekenge35 3 hours ago

    Wenger stands to shake every one on their way to the pitch but emery goes around shaking every one while they are on the pitch😂😂😂😂

  • Shapeshifter
    Shapeshifter 3 hours ago

    Man, i think we need some one who can beat the shit out of them when these players not giving their 100%. I imagine as many as our invincible to be in the coaching staff, and teach them how to play.

  • Victor Sichalwe
    Victor Sichalwe 3 hours ago

    Emery just want players that are "yes coach". He has issues with Torreira, Ozil and lacazette. He prefers Guendouzi, Xhaka type of players

  • Eta Edmond
    Eta Edmond 3 hours ago

    Stop giving us this good ebening sh**t just play our fucking good players. Just leave our fucking club. Listen to ur excuse for excluding Ozil, it’s just ridiculous.

  • physicalfitness
    physicalfitness 3 hours ago

    Like for holding and chambers CB partnership

  • Muktar Monkey
    Muktar Monkey 4 hours ago

    I hope they get beat very badly 😞 so we can get emery sickd

  • Good Vibes
    Good Vibes 4 hours ago

    What are you saying Unai... His Ozil pregnant 🤰? You need to man up 👆

  • Wayne Wilks
    Wayne Wilks 4 hours ago

    Greeted every single player apart from chambers or did I miss it🤔

  • Wayne Wilks
    Wayne Wilks 4 hours ago

    Greeted every single player apart from chambers or did I miss it🤔

  • Sachet Das Tuladhar
    Sachet Das Tuladhar 4 hours ago

    Let's not forget that even Tammy missed his penalty against Liverpool and many fans were abusing him. Look at him now. Scoring goals and everybody is supporting him. Everyone has a bad day and unfortunately, it was Barkley's. We need to move on and hope he can do better in other games.

    MACCARONIVELLI 3Pac 4 hours ago

    Chambers - HOLDING! Chambers is So underrated UNBELIEVABLE

  • AJ Attracts
    AJ Attracts 4 hours ago

    We really shouldn't have expanded our fan base into Africa.

  • S OffPant
    S OffPant 4 hours ago

    31 shots on our goal? Defence is a team effort cant blame it all on luiz and sokratis. Means midfield and attack werent doing shit either

  • S OffPant
    S OffPant 4 hours ago

    Xhaka nodding away, not listening, probably thinking about more damage he can do to the club

  • Ikenna Adioha
    Ikenna Adioha 5 hours ago

    this man will not archive anything in England with arsenal, only the english he learned to speak is what he will archived which he has already archived😂😂

  • George's Opinion
    George's Opinion 5 hours ago

    Was flirting with the idea of Freddie replacing Unai if our form continues, but after seeing him chumming with Xhaka, I change my mind

  • Nyirishema David
    Nyirishema David 5 hours ago

    2mistake in two mache made by 8million from chelsea let we bench him and starting with Robi holding

  • Abubakarr Titus
    Abubakarr Titus 5 hours ago

    Emery is destroying our philosophy, I want him to be sacked today. I don't see us progressing as long as Xhaka is still starting games. Xhaka will go down has the worst captain ever in the history of the Arsenal fc.

  • Nyirishema David
    Nyirishema David 5 hours ago

    I miss holding+bellerin+tierney

  • Abubakarr Titus
    Abubakarr Titus 5 hours ago

    This is a joke, Ozil needs to play week in week out. He just started playing this season and you are saying he needs to rest,this is one of the problems Arsenal not consistent. Emery please leave our beloved club, Xhaka is the one that needs a rest, because his position on the pitch is so poor and he can't protect the defense.

    NECHINANGA SHUMBAH 5 hours ago

    Arsenal should do something on the midfielders during the incoming January transfer window ..we cant rely on Xhaka and his fellow midfielders playing along the current defenders Sokratis and Luiz

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  • Ken Allen
    Ken Allen 5 hours ago

    Watched that whole video for literally nothing . Jogging and stretching

  • Lukas Johansson
    Lukas Johansson 6 hours ago

    Must be nice to be Kanté, living life and always happy!

  • J Undz
    J Undz 6 hours ago

    He chats rubbish man I'm really turning from him slowly

  • mohamed hassan
    mohamed hassan 6 hours ago

    emery stupid needs to go xhaka needs on the bench not ozil need rest 😡

  • Shadrack Mutahi
    Shadrack Mutahi 6 hours ago

    We don't feel like we're okey with you, u leave ozil coz of no reason u must leave as well

  • Agara Friday
    Agara Friday 6 hours ago

    This guy is a joker...He doesn't know anything about football.

  • Joshua Murigi
    Joshua Murigi 7 hours ago

    Once a blue army always a blue army lampard great work keep up the spirit

  • Joshua Murigi
    Joshua Murigi 7 hours ago

    Willian my guy I believe in u u will be a perfect combination wid odoi

  • Vulpuia Khiangte
    Vulpuia Khiangte 7 hours ago

    The match betwen Arsenal vs Watford ,why he substituted Ozil and Cebellos for Reise Nelson and one player i dont remember the name,from that substitution made the arsenal game was more weaker and weaker,so he made a mistake so many times,i ask you and requesting you The Arsenal Board fire him for the things he have done now and this time before, just throw out from the club management now,he is nothing,he is a bullshit manager i ever seen in this earth,

  • Vulpuia Khiangte
    Vulpuia Khiangte 7 hours ago

    The man who destroyed the Arsenal Football Spirit is UNAI EMERY,he destroyed all the willing power and spirit of winning skills,that's why he must have be quite now.powerless,no plan,and he also destroyed the class player like Mesut Ozil and other, sack him up sack him up sack him now

  • Nono 808
    Nono 808 7 hours ago

    Hope Mavropanous can break through this season... I have faith in him , though if he gets injured I can’t seem to believe that he will stay sadly.

  • kevin tinegate
    kevin tinegate 7 hours ago

    Ozil needs a rest,what a laugh.🤣🤣🤣

    GHOST J 7 hours ago

    Xhaka needs a 6month rest u idiot

  • Gd2knw
    Gd2knw 7 hours ago

    Ozil is resting to count his money. Jokers.

  • 288puabike
    288puabike 7 hours ago

    Mourinho in, unai out

    Don ARSENAL 8 hours ago

    Emery doesn't know what he's doing ozil hasn't played any game apart from the one against Watford so why is he rested

  • invincibles 04
    invincibles 04 8 hours ago

    THIS OZIL SITUATION HAS GONE ON FOR FAR TOO LONG NOW.. IF HE IS GOING TO BE A "PART TIME" PLAYER, THEN PAY HIM "PART TIME" WAGES!!.. Before we all start saying, 'we cant do that as its in his contract"..He signed that contract to play every game "unless injured".. Claim money back on his insurance policy!! Then get rid!!

  • Anjum Mughal
    Anjum Mughal 8 hours ago

    Some people are bizarre. First they criticise Ozils performances but stating he is lazy, doesn't defend, has no fight. Now people are saying he should be playing etc. Unbelievable!

  • Baguma Frank
    Baguma Frank 8 hours ago

    Ozil not interested at all, look at him guys.

  • Mohaaz Roos
    Mohaaz Roos 8 hours ago

    Wonder what michy and willian talke about😔😔

  • Amandeep s
    Amandeep s 8 hours ago

    Did auba not shake unai's hand

  • shubham tiwari
    shubham tiwari 8 hours ago

    Is this guy really up for job?

  • Osoro Robert
    Osoro Robert 8 hours ago

    That backline need to change urgently or else we will continue conceding silly goals, bellerlin holding socratis and Tierney

  • GunnerGameReviewer22

    Mourinho and Allegri are available, the guy is clueless, I'd sack Emery and bring in one of those two I mentioned.

    • GunnerGameReviewer22
      GunnerGameReviewer22 2 hours ago

      @Agee1 Lool deluded much, Allegri is a world class manager. Highest win percentage for a Juventus manager. Took them to their first CL finals in god knows how long. Allegri is levels above Emery and can organise defences. Mourinho will get what he wants at Arsenal and is far better than Emery.

    • Agee1
      Agee1 3 hours ago

      That's a stupid idea. Mourinho got sacked because the players got fed with his tactics and attacks during press conferences despite having a big budget to spend every summer. Allegri is even more pragmatic than Emery and cannot get good results with a bad team, an example is AC Milan after 2011. When did the IQ level of the fanbase drop so low within 5 games.

  • Edoy #
    Edoy # 8 hours ago

    Bellerin, Chambers, Holding & Tierney = our best back four option.

    • Edoy #
      Edoy # 4 hours ago

      Especially after half a season of playing together.

  • Patrick Munyami
    Patrick Munyami 8 hours ago

    These are all a bunch of Jokers!

  • Christian Ifeanyichukwu

    M arteta should take the job

  • Lal Omega
    Lal Omega 8 hours ago

    Ozil should play this man is clueless.

  • Azwan Reigns
    Azwan Reigns 9 hours ago

    Emery so egois.....pair ceballos and ozil was alive for team...why not give xhaka and luiz...why holding and ozil You are so suck emery

    MUS EDDIE 9 hours ago

    Emery out and xhaka out

  • Abreham Alemayehu
    Abreham Alemayehu 9 hours ago

    Socrates is Insane diffender, Watching Arsenal football is like watching wrong turn film, since the club have no constant tactic.

  • Azwan Reigns
    Azwan Reigns 9 hours ago

    Stupid unai emery,ozil still importan to team...why dont xhaka and luiz...idiot emery....ozil still can created goal see what ozil doing vs watford,.

  • MOZAY tm
    MOZAY tm 9 hours ago


  • Brendon Smith
    Brendon Smith 9 hours ago

    Tierney has to be in with a shout now to start after the poor display at the back last weekend.

  • Lulu OneTrickPony
    Lulu OneTrickPony 9 hours ago

    play from back again :)

  • yumie Yunus
    yumie Yunus 9 hours ago

    Fu unai emery.. Out from out club asap..

  • Signals927
    Signals927 9 hours ago

    Shut up you fools get off Emery's back.

  • Arseni Matemu
    Arseni Matemu 9 hours ago

    With this team if by january we are not well into the top 4 the coach should just start packing. Outside top 4 will be a disgrace.

  • Clifford Salie
    Clifford Salie 9 hours ago

    Why does it always seems like Emery doesn't have a clue what his saying

  • Clifford Salie
    Clifford Salie 9 hours ago

    This guy is keeping arsenal from winning trophies he must go

  • Clifford Salie
    Clifford Salie 9 hours ago

    A rest from what he just played he's first game against Watford

  • chill dude
    chill dude 9 hours ago

    Pires and Ljunberg tell them how to play like a real footballer

  • World H10 Zone
    World H10 Zone 9 hours ago

    Watch sex videos

  • Alexander Wambua
    Alexander Wambua 9 hours ago

    Emery you've got it wrong what Ozil has been doing that deserves a rest

  • phil kilgallon
    phil kilgallon 9 hours ago

    It's interesting that whether it's a Sunday league pub team or the premier league, teams still have their little cliques within them...

  • Martoh K'Dre.
    Martoh K'Dre. 10 hours ago

    Suck Him Hell OUT!! of Arsenal

  • Adrian's Aquatics
    Adrian's Aquatics 10 hours ago

    I'd like to see Chambers and Holding please, thank you 👍

  • Try 1811
    Try 1811 10 hours ago

    i miss wenger ball

  • Chris P.bacon
    Chris P.bacon 10 hours ago

    Laca or sokratis 100% xhaka is a bloody clown

  • Vergil Draxler
    Vergil Draxler 10 hours ago

    4:08 So sari became his translator

    • ali bek
      ali bek 2 hours ago

      lol, theres another translator sitting next to him

  • Vergil Draxler
    Vergil Draxler 10 hours ago

    He came to Arsenal to improve his English

  • Osuolale Adanijo
    Osuolale Adanijo 10 hours ago

    They don't seem to be together..no cordial relationship within them

  • Everyone1lies D
    Everyone1lies D 10 hours ago

    Is the media camped like this outside of city's ground or liverpool. Fuck off and let the team train in peace or are you all just scouts for liverpool

    BLAIRTONEL INNOVE 10 hours ago

    Take the rage on return leg match. Smash them 2_0 and we are good to go

  • Osuolale Adanijo
    Osuolale Adanijo 10 hours ago

    Who noticed the way they come in..the English ,the spanish(alone)the French,the Germans,and d nutty Brazilian

  • Diablo Leo
    Diablo Leo 10 hours ago

    Chambers looks confident play him. Look Luiz is so late at training.

  • Kuro Shin
    Kuro Shin 10 hours ago

    Give captain to ozil

  • Renjo Aryan
    Renjo Aryan 10 hours ago

    jose is huge fan of mesut and combination of mesut and ronaldo lift every title in madrid.so if he will come to arsenal.auba and ozil will create history in arsenal.I am waiting for jose joining arsenal.unai is enough and not favourite.go somewhere

  • james bale
    james bale 10 hours ago

    I think he wanna say the liverpool game will be big

    • Benjamin Franklin
      Benjamin Franklin 10 hours ago

      I think he talks to much. Talk on the field, you got to show so much more to even think about compre this chelsea team against Liverpool. They are so much better than you guys atm.

  • Hasan Ramzan
    Hasan Ramzan 10 hours ago

    He won’t be the Arsenal manager next year. Already rumours of there being unrest in the team, players are making comments about tactics, and than Vinnay decides to say everything is fine with Unai after all this. Raul is a ruthless operator, I think he will be looking for another manager already.

  • MacLemar Jr.
    MacLemar Jr. 10 hours ago

    In fact emery need to rest too 😡

  • alvstar1984 Gaming
    alvstar1984 Gaming 10 hours ago

    4:00 Not even I bloody understood that mess of a question