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  • sebastian trejos
    sebastian trejos 4 hours ago

    Vengo a escuchar el original y sacar de mi memoria la canción klia de fri fai

  • Trey
    Trey 4 hours ago

    Some of these were clever but I really just want to see what the guy does. Settle down a bit.

  • Hugh Han
    Hugh Han 4 hours ago

    Zed not one shotting adc????

  • Pookybear
    Pookybear 4 hours ago

    Pretty sure I am the 5 million out of the nearly 9 million views

  • J K
    J K 4 hours ago


  • dragcraftmaster 7
    dragcraftmaster 7 4 hours ago

    Sooooo, he’s basically a weeb...

  • Alexandre Robert
    Alexandre Robert 4 hours ago

    It seems an animated series similar to Fate anime maybe ?

  • Rehtrozo
    Rehtrozo 4 hours ago

    lmao no twisted tree line they knew its dead

  • Daniel Alberto Hdz Molina

    El entorno del video esta muy ciberpung 2077

  • 김정훈
    김정훈 4 hours ago

    한국어 댓글 없어서 내가 단다

  • 歹DraGoNa6_WhiTe歹

    A leluya XD ♥️♥️

  • 손흥민
    손흥민 4 hours ago

    Kpop = One of the best

  • Mateo
    Mateo 4 hours ago


  • wielki fan Kamili xd

    You don't play badly you're just a weak player xd

  • Marion chaneke Melgoza :v

    el GG EZ es la mejor parte :v

  • Nome nada criativo
    Nome nada criativo 5 hours ago

    Literalmente depois de 1 ano estou aqui, lol

  • Aura 448
    Aura 448 5 hours ago

    Nobody can predict what you are doing if even you don't know what you are doing

  • ash greninja 2019
    ash greninja 2019 5 hours ago

    toda vez que eu vejo eu mi arepiu de tao foda que e

  • Gi
    Gi 5 hours ago

    *Oh, we can see Senna Prestige Edition* in 0:03

  • bilal bae
    bilal bae 5 hours ago

    Des français sinon dans la vie pour dire que cette version est démentiel ?

  • James Leal da Silva
    James Leal da Silva 5 hours ago

    Rumbe é um boneco abandonado da riot, nem cinematic direito.

  • Liam F
    Liam F 5 hours ago

    Anyone Listening to this in 2020? Love this song

  • Kasia Coś tam
    Kasia Coś tam 5 hours ago

    2:52 who is it? That guy who fight with garen

  • Xxpotato xX
    Xxpotato xX 5 hours ago

    1 like for who ever got a goosebums

  • NilTv
    NilTv 5 hours ago

    Dedicada a todos nosotros los mains de Jinx :3

  • Jack Contal
    Jack Contal 5 hours ago

    Cheers to 2020~

  • RicardoG24
    RicardoG24 5 hours ago

    Malditoz ce kopiaron d I'm on fire de fri fayer

  • sedyvlk sedyvlk
    sedyvlk sedyvlk 5 hours ago

    This Is only remix the song warriors imagine dragons

  • Joshua Audrey B. Labuguen Labuguen

    0:46 i find it attractive...im in love

  • Alex Ivanov
    Alex Ivanov 5 hours ago

    Ok UMmm why not just making a movie about this

  • Alex Ivanov
    Alex Ivanov 5 hours ago

    MAKE A LEAGUE OF LEGENDS MOVIE RIOT that's feedback right ?

  • Alex Nani
    Alex Nani 5 hours ago

    ohhhhhh wanted Zed thoe- When will lol mobile release?

  • Freigeist225
    Freigeist225 5 hours ago


  • Bum Ferdinando
    Bum Ferdinando 5 hours ago

    Give me full movie !!!!! Rito pls

  • Cinos Matoi
    Cinos Matoi 5 hours ago

    Kai'sa: *appears* Me: JUST STEP ON ME

  • Bruce Andrade
    Bruce Andrade 5 hours ago


  • The Maknae
    The Maknae 5 hours ago

    I’m so happy I just started playing league and got this through a hexchest made my day

  • Xaylos
    Xaylos 5 hours ago

    Who her from 2020

  • Steph W
    Steph W 5 hours ago

    basically vi+zac+some udyr

  • Michelle poirier
    Michelle poirier 5 hours ago

    <3 <3 <3

  • Соня КаКаДу

    Прощай логика привет пейринг Вай-Кейтлин

  • *{neko-chan}*
    *{neko-chan}* 5 hours ago

    Niki Minaj: IM QIYANA >:D

  • Simon Trudel
    Simon Trudel 5 hours ago

    And akali has been removed from the game

  • Ign: SaveingWolf
    Ign: SaveingWolf 5 hours ago

    4:08 you could have won 1v1 as ivern

    SLAYCO 5 hours ago

    This was an exact representation of how strong Nautilus is right now

  • Emil
    Emil 5 hours ago

    If only the game was like this.

  • zGhostx
    zGhostx 5 hours ago

    Garena ya les copio :v

    • DIEGO G
      DIEGO G 5 hours ago

      @zGhostx si

    • zGhostx
      zGhostx 5 hours ago

      @Folgado69 N0 😎👌🏿

    • Folgado69
      Folgado69 5 hours ago

      São da mesma empresa

  • igor almeida
    igor almeida 5 hours ago


  • liviu bardel
    liviu bardel 5 hours ago

    old League was so good . end of tanks . was the end of lol .

  • MeG
    MeG 5 hours ago

    Oh god, why TVclip ?

  • Jeffrey Xing
    Jeffrey Xing 5 hours ago

    Yasuo be like:

  • ArmyFolder
    ArmyFolder 5 hours ago

    I'm expecting everyone in the concert to sing together the part where there is a crowd singing...I mean that would be great

  • Someone familiar
    Someone familiar 5 hours ago

    Killer Bean is still better

  • SpeeDiamond
    SpeeDiamond 5 hours ago

    can we admire the pixar quality of this

  • TMCedric
    TMCedric 5 hours ago


  • Lukas L.
    Lukas L. 5 hours ago

    I'll never die So you know what I am A legend

  • Kevin Wijaya
    Kevin Wijaya 5 hours ago

    Gokil sih 🤙

  • OmniscientPickl
    OmniscientPickl 5 hours ago

    I saved this to my anime playlist

  • Bromatick
    Bromatick 5 hours ago


  • Liru
    Liru 6 hours ago

    Report jhin intentional death

  • Alex Risco
    Alex Risco 6 hours ago


  • lionheartedLightning

    0:33 is that the final pam

  • nox sidus
    nox sidus 6 hours ago

    Forgot this song existed until i played beatsaber on my brother's pc, and i instantly fell in love, great song

  • Cristopher Jorquera
    Cristopher Jorquera 6 hours ago

    Necesito urgente ver a ese galio en acción en una nueva cinemática...

  • BleuCan2
    BleuCan2 6 hours ago

    LeIk iF U liStEn In 2020 :O

  • deymar alan lujan
    deymar alan lujan 6 hours ago

    am hi am zorri

  • Orizon
    Orizon 6 hours ago

    Estás es la copia de Garena ?

  • Xerrojaz
    Xerrojaz 6 hours ago

    Considering that Sylas draws magic out of petricite, wouldn't Galio's arrival just be a massive power boost? Literally a massive chunk of petricite loaded with enough magic to make him move.

  • Mesu FF
    Mesu FF 6 hours ago

    Esse sim é o verdadeiro true damage da deep web

  • AllBellomafia
    AllBellomafia 6 hours ago

    Nerfed lol!!!!

  • jailson yc
    jailson yc 6 hours ago

    saporra e muito fooda

  • Juan AYRES
    Juan AYRES 6 hours ago

    Impresionante el presupuesto que hay que tener para conseguir tal obra de arte.(posd: ni siquiera juego lol)

  • Paulo Gregory
    Paulo Gregory 6 hours ago

    Please, update Zigg's Spotlight!!!

  • zero Mahdi
    zero Mahdi 6 hours ago


  • Optic Faclon
    Optic Faclon 6 hours ago

    More juste more thing like this !!! 🤩

  • XMP_ Mamalakis
    XMP_ Mamalakis 6 hours ago

    this made me feel so patriotic for my country

  • Jose E. Dmogas
    Jose E. Dmogas 6 hours ago

    1:28 Literal Friend zone ¿?

  • Ahmed Afzal
    Ahmed Afzal 6 hours ago



    ????? 1:07 ??? ? ? ? ??

  • Alias Lahdo
    Alias Lahdo 6 hours ago

    I didnt even know this video existed wtf lol

  • Nothing Here
    Nothing Here 6 hours ago

    Now THIS THIS makes me want to play Not that K/DA, or whatever bs

  • Husky Gold
    Husky Gold 6 hours ago

    There voices remind me of 5th harmony.

  • Najm Blanco Refugio
    Najm Blanco Refugio 6 hours ago

    O siii ya me acorde ...es igual a una canción. Q rap monster tiene ...la entrada es igual a su canción

  • Leone Lima
    Leone Lima 6 hours ago

    Do ff ficou melhor eu acho

  • Bruno Monteiro
    Bruno Monteiro 6 hours ago

    Foco no que quero, entedeu neguim? Vim lá do baixo clero, não vim sozim.

  • Najm Blanco Refugio
    Najm Blanco Refugio 6 hours ago

    No cren que el sonido suena a como el de BTS???... BTS tiene una canción. Q el sonido suena igual..la entrada

  • Luiz Mauricio Creapo


  • Hey Jaro
    Hey Jaro 6 hours ago

    Is this Lux lol

  • -混乱ʝɪreh
    -混乱ʝɪreh 6 hours ago

    Simplemente, ME ENCANTÓ.

  • Davimir Abiezer Juma García

    Every time I see a new cinematic I beg for Shen to be there. Please include him in the next cinematic, I think it's time, I mean, not even in Awaken where the war was in Jonia and everybody was there, Shen who was supposed to be there didn't show up.

  • Alo ._.
    Alo ._. 6 hours ago

    Akali que lute

  • Gala Moon
    Gala Moon 6 hours ago

    I'm in love with this song, omg. Also, can someone please tell me which instrument is playing at 00:53? Is it a violin or something bigger like a viola or cello? I can't tell.

  • sydney waldron
    sydney waldron 6 hours ago

    I had to pause my vid because I couldn't stop laughing at the jojo reference

  • BG 19
    BG 19 6 hours ago

    I've never liked league of legends, I think those trailers are one hundred times better than the actual game

  • Виталий Палочкин

    Почему он такой шедевральный???

  • Sor Vanderson
    Sor Vanderson 6 hours ago

    300M ? LOL

  • agnostic
    agnostic 6 hours ago

    When you're smurfing and have to play blind, ending up falling against someone with the same pick as yours:

  • David 05
    David 05 6 hours ago

    Quiero una peliculaaaa

  • Zen-RPG
    Zen-RPG 6 hours ago

    WHile this game is litteral cancer, you can't deny that Riot really is going hard as far as events quality and tech is concerned.

  • Trex Mordelon
    Trex Mordelon 6 hours ago

    I love this😍😍