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  • XtrmeZED
    XtrmeZED 54 seconds ago

    I Can't Wait for This

  • Utron back
    Utron back 3 minutes ago

    totalmente amazing

  • Mitsunex
    Mitsunex 5 minutes ago

    Powered by Riot Music Team (Riot) Special for League of legends. Rip Blizzard Entertainment

  • Kyu UwU
    Kyu UwU 6 minutes ago


  • KALZ
    KALZ 6 minutes ago

    Still the best champion trailer for me and its 2019.

  • Morty.EXE
    Morty.EXE 8 minutes ago

    This theme giving me the Avengers vibes lmao

  • Disliked Channel
    Disliked Channel 10 minutes ago

    Overwatch needs to make a movie but lol should animate it

    É A BABAIAGA 13 minutes ago


  • Riva Julio
    Riva Julio 16 minutes ago

    lols 0:37 make agains this vidio please xD

  • Ace Team
    Ace Team 16 minutes ago

    Xayah :mom Rakan:dad Zoe. :Kids

  • Master Lucario
    Master Lucario 16 minutes ago

    Why is their game worse then their video / movies, kinda sad for a company called riot GAMES.

  • SlumberTrap
    SlumberTrap 17 minutes ago

    1:22 i dont know what shes saying, but feel like i just got roasted to a point i may never recover....and i love it.

  • vosothea cheng
    vosothea cheng 17 minutes ago

    Lucian's white skin was not enough now you just have to make Ekko white too

  • Demacian
    Demacian 19 minutes ago

    I mean this song is good BUT,comparing them to the 2018 and 2016 Worlds login screen,this song IS bad,like man it is true,this song is good not gonna lie,just not as GOOD as the ones I said,for me of course ^^

  • Aayush Maharjan
    Aayush Maharjan 19 minutes ago

    I don't play the game but still it kinda gives me goosebumps..

  • my russian men
    my russian men 21 minute ago

    bruh who knew madison would be in a league of legends music video omg

  • Woog
    Woog 31 minute ago

    Back when URF was fun. Ya know When we could pick who to play

  • kim taehyung
    kim taehyung 32 minutes ago

    I'm not the only one thinking this would be a good anime......

  • cat kook
    cat kook 39 minutes ago

    I like the game, only problem I have is games take awhile so it takes a bit of investment

  • Peeferin 0-0
    Peeferin 0-0 40 minutes ago

    I love how they use elements from the original soundtrack with a lot of variations to make it fit the theme perfectly. It feels like when the bad guy enters his final form ^^

  • 이환희
    이환희 43 minutes ago

    No TSM :(

  • Redowan Alamgir
    Redowan Alamgir 44 minutes ago

    Not pay 2 win Also riot: balances around champs that gets more views and skins

  • 박범수
    박범수 49 minutes ago


  • More xD
    More xD 54 minutes ago

    Nunu bot:"I need 6 more rp for *Star Guardian Urgot*"

  • Quartz
    Quartz 56 minutes ago

    Can this pls be an anime? ;-;

  • Diego Daza
    Diego Daza Hour ago

    Neeko Neeko niii 1:18

  • Marcus Lei
    Marcus Lei Hour ago

    @6:26reaction of the fans

  • Yayan iman
    Yayan iman Hour ago

    What song in this video

  • Owen Chan
    Owen Chan Hour ago

    Riot: makes song to sell more skins Also riot: creates a new kpop group

  • Re: Asterisk
    Re: Asterisk Hour ago

    Welcome to Summoner's Riff! ( Get it? Cause Guitar Riff? Haha.. Yeah, I'm getting out. )

  • El Boufo
    El Boufo Hour ago

    tfw he gets beaten by a 10 year old yordle before level 6

  • alb cas
    alb cas Hour ago

    Chico is in one of this houses. You got to find him Snake!

  • Jasper Edwards
    Jasper Edwards Hour ago

    There's a transgender in the team

  • Suby Mcbites
    Suby Mcbites Hour ago

    Awaken my masters

  • Arnaud Standley
    Arnaud Standley Hour ago

    Zoe resemble à une petite fille a qui on a donnée trop de maquillage pour son âge ça me tue X)

  • Faith Lininger
    Faith Lininger Hour ago

    Ppl complaining abt support and adc.... Guys, Rakan stayed out cus he was having fun and didnt know she went in alone. Xayah left him to his fun, likely not expecting the fight she got.

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson Hour ago

    To be honest I love the fact that faker is the final boss

  • Little thirsty Demon

    report xayaah for troll

  • 《Tg》Čřāżý•ツ ŁğXxX

    Lendas nunca morrem

  • Y o Bob
    Y o Bob Hour ago

    This is a music company that is making games xDD

  • RedMax
    RedMax Hour ago

    Wtf camille???????

  • sparrow717
    sparrow717 Hour ago

    I’m not really a league fan but found this awesome, but how did they pull of the CGI part of the dance routine is done, I take it it’s just really good cgi editing?

  • Florian LR
    Florian LR Hour ago

    I'm ready for the new world song and hyped !!!

  • Lebkuchen Der Keks

    ohh wow ... goose bumps i want an anime of LOL.......really nice

  • Bthsr71
    Bthsr71 Hour ago

    Zappy BRRRRT.

  • Vera Nataria
    Vera Nataria Hour ago

    Can anyone tell me what is this ??? A game ot an anime ??? Or animated of some story ???

  • Rivend
    Rivend Hour ago

    *When League Released a song* Then you realise The season is almost over and you havent ranked up yet and still stuck at low elo

  • المصصم حموود BLACK

    Wow BLACKPINK for you😂😂✌🏽✨❤️🖤

  • MisakaMikoto Fan

    Good Luck Ts-

  • Tình Lê
    Tình Lê Hour ago

    What music ?????

  • That Guy With That Really Long Name

    i play LoL, and i listen to K-Pop, but this is trash(jkjk no hate plz, i was just doing a reverse comment of what everyone says

  • loài vàng
    loài vàng 2 hours ago

    *Urf 2019*

  • ShaKa
    ShaKa 2 hours ago

    que música épica se loco

  • Isabella lucindette
    Isabella lucindette 2 hours ago

    Chingue a su madre mi ex

  • Aaron Jemieh
    Aaron Jemieh 2 hours ago


  • Alisson Alves
    Alisson Alves 2 hours ago

    Sinto sua falta até hoje, URF ;-; não aquela coisa cansativa de aleatório. Grr

  • Kaiser De Espadas
    Kaiser De Espadas 2 hours ago

    No mames Riot. Where is my K/DA comeback?? Where?

  • Juan
    Juan 2 hours ago

    how cinematic is the one in the minute 1:19?

  • Harry Pango
    Harry Pango 2 hours ago

    Man this song is a MASTERPIECE! Truly gives Atreus the looks of a GOD!

  • pablo andres jimenez mora

    Give me 10 please

  • 노래하는남자
    노래하는남자 2 hours ago

    Legends Never Die - Faker

  • Alistair Ally푸늘
    Alistair Ally푸늘 2 hours ago

    This is not K-POP. It's just one of fake pop music!

  • Juan Laurinø
    Juan Laurinø 2 hours ago

    I wanted more flute and less violin :'v

  • Amarok
    Amarok 2 hours ago

    brTT >>> Doublelift Change my mind

  • Mordekaiser reworked

    pls bring back mordekaiser rework him back everyone want mordekaiser back

  • Amarok
    Amarok 2 hours ago

    Me before this song: iron IV Me after this song: iron III Thank you so much, rito

  • Arch S.K.Y
    Arch S.K.Y 2 hours ago

    Wait, WTF !? Neeko Passive are for Allies Right !? Best Anime Plot Twist 😘

  • Alessandro Gigliotti

    Song please

  • Regret
    Regret 2 hours ago

    watch this at least once a day. love the vocals at 1:54

  • Radiant Wukong
    Radiant Wukong 2 hours ago

    can't wait to see skt with 4 stars

  • Antonio Claro
    Antonio Claro 2 hours ago

    Esqueceram esse champion =/

  • haha ,
    haha , 2 hours ago

    2019 HYPE

  • YourMoraleBoosterTV
    YourMoraleBoosterTV 2 hours ago

    Whats the name of the blonde guy?

  • Cucka Nize
    Cucka Nize 2 hours ago

    can this be a movie? please

  • Huong Do
    Huong Do 2 hours ago

    i was about to cry but I saw all these comments :))

  • YourMoraleBoosterTV
    YourMoraleBoosterTV 2 hours ago

    Mako is such a horseshit talentless singer even wiith autotune

  • Juaumzinho
    Juaumzinho 2 hours ago

    Nem jogo lol mas a música é dhr

  • Réy
    Réy 3 hours ago

    But we overbuff champs with new skins

  • M.Gamer
    M.Gamer 3 hours ago

    I Really Miss This Mode :(

  • andrei GIL
    andrei GIL 3 hours ago

    Lets Gooooooo

  • andrei GIL
    andrei GIL 3 hours ago

    Se vieneeeeeeee

  • Doesit matter?
    Doesit matter? 3 hours ago

    i want the game to look like this. i mean the advertise for this game is big but the game is totally 0 compared to this video and other videos..

  • Victor trindade
    Victor trindade 3 hours ago

    YOU DEFINITLY HAS TO CALL Goularte to Recover this add um PORTUGUESE

  • Ultimate Gamer
    Ultimate Gamer 3 hours ago


  • Snowflake MilkShake
    Snowflake MilkShake 3 hours ago

    wow never noticed that you can see her horns

  • జ్ఞాFrøzజ్ఞా

    Bruh s2

  • Ioannis Hussein
    Ioannis Hussein 3 hours ago

    Kindred gets crescendoed by Sona’s stun! (7:46)

  • Reb
    Reb 3 hours ago

    Not pay to Win but lux skins

  • Unraveling World
    Unraveling World 3 hours ago

    Hannibal lecter

  • Shiggity Diggity
    Shiggity Diggity 3 hours ago

    Talking as if you can't pay real money for champions, which directly effect your gameplay, making the game pay to win by definition.

  • mind relaxer
    mind relaxer 3 hours ago

    Nice Masage

  • Kevin Martins
    Kevin Martins 3 hours ago

    this is not even ignite

  • ahmet tarik metin
    ahmet tarik metin 3 hours ago

    not pay to win trade to win

  • Alexander Titov
    Alexander Titov 3 hours ago

    Riot needs to lay off drugs

  • 1010101
    1010101 3 hours ago

    Increible 👍

  • Adriel Klein
    Adriel Klein 3 hours ago

    Look at old Aatrox 0:30, bring him back Riot, please!

  • Bulbin
    Bulbin 3 hours ago

    Star guardian zoe remembers me at megamewtwo from pokemon.

  • Claudio Mercado
    Claudio Mercado 4 hours ago

    Guys please go check out Hiroyuki Sawano's other works, they are as fantastic as this one! Amazing soundtrack like always! Thank you Sawano!

    • fofinho20103
      fofinho20103 2 hours ago

      Sawano is my favorite composer off all time! The way he creates awesome soundtracks and the harmonic existence between orchestra and eletronic songs is amazing

  • faelproof
    faelproof 4 hours ago

    Riot Planning Team: let's make a skin advert- Riot Design Team: *releases k/DA* Riot Planning Team: No no, now they think we produce JPOP. Try again. Riot Design Team: *releases Light and Shadow* Riot Planning Team: ...now they think we make anime. JUST SELL SKINS.

  • basi XD
    basi XD 4 hours ago

    i thought the thumbnail was a miecraft build