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  • scoob mike
    scoob mike Minute ago

    now i just think you're a lebron fan bro cause melo was 3rd in the mvp race in 2013 KD was 2nd and numbers was very similar to lebrons. 28.1 pts 7.9 rebs 1.4 stl 51% fg 41% 3pt fg that seems pretty close to me in fact its arguable to say KD should have won back to back mvps . so please stop with the melo slander .

  • AK W
    AK W 4 minutes ago

    Lol medical bill...

  • Kaiporohu Williams-Bragg

    No one talking about Stephs shot from halfway on OKC? Rewatch the clip. He literally walked up the court with 4-5secs left, and then made the shot! He didn't even bother running the ball up, he knew he would make it from a mile out. That's disrespect to the entire OKC franchise

  • Jack Stonerr
    Jack Stonerr 11 minutes ago

    13:03 👀👀

  • JamJon
    JamJon 14 minutes ago

    What about when Steph crossed LeBron in 2017 finals game 2?

  • Kelechi Onunka
    Kelechi Onunka 25 minutes ago

    Great list. Curry crossing CP3 and Lillard ending OKC I think should’ve been on the list but great, great list nonetheless.

  • Jelani Scott
    Jelani Scott 35 minutes ago

    Fantastic list...but why was Steph's cross on CP3 not on this list? Mans looked like he was playing Twister after Steph was through with him lol

  • Kelechi Onunka
    Kelechi Onunka 37 minutes ago

    Great vid. Just a quick tidbit, that was John McEnroe not Joe Biden for #10 lol

  • Carrington Parker
    Carrington Parker 43 minutes ago

    Great video But that's not Joe Biden John mcenroe

  • You Call That a Knife?
    You Call That a Knife? 44 minutes ago

    My favorite part about the Blake Griffin dunks, is DeAndre Jordan approaching him, like, " You ain't gotta do that. That man had a family!"

  • One0one Lion
    One0one Lion Hour ago

    Lebron only deserved one moment on here and you gave him 4 with one of them being #1 LMFAO... f*ck outta here man with this garbage. Scrolled through this garbage cause I knew u were gonna try to overhype lebron like you do in every video you clown

  • Shinobi Sage
    Shinobi Sage Hour ago

    That man said he waited on the money shot im sleep 😂😂😂😂

  • Kvng Slum
    Kvng Slum Hour ago

    This shit hurt

  • K B
    K B 2 hours ago

    LeGrim Reaper

  • Jacob Marcure
    Jacob Marcure 2 hours ago

    D wade on anderson varejao

  • Joao Bitencourt
    Joao Bitencourt 2 hours ago

    joe biden

  • Erik
    Erik 2 hours ago

    Make a video about disrespect. Calls The great John McEnroe fucking Joe Biden...

  • Michael Drakos
    Michael Drakos 3 hours ago

    Lebron “almost” dunk on draymond green in 2016 finals game 7

  • Requix
    Requix 3 hours ago

    Scottie Pippen's dunk on Patrick Ewing was my most disrespectful dunk. That and Shaq's on Shawn Bradley.

  • Caleb Jordan
    Caleb Jordan 3 hours ago

    Play #3 was just Harden pushing off. Double disrespectful.

  • Sime Petrusevski
    Sime Petrusevski 3 hours ago

    Trying to cross your man and be in a position to score a three is not disrespectful. This is the reason why the league is soft. Steph is trying to get open and hit a three, isn't everyone looking to score in an nba game?

  • SuckaFreeShay
    SuckaFreeShay 4 hours ago

    22:22 When People started to overrate the shit out of Kyrie Irving 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Jasiahs Father
    Jasiahs Father 4 hours ago

    Tennis Legend John McEnroe not JOE BIDEN!

  • KIDKorRupt24
    KIDKorRupt24 4 hours ago

    Next time. You should have the videos on repeat while you comment on them. I don't like watching pictures. Nice video tho.

  • Gaunter O'Dimm
    Gaunter O'Dimm 4 hours ago

    Rest In Peace SDC...

  • Jozay The Wordsmith
    Jozay The Wordsmith 5 hours ago

    Hey Dom, as a Clippers fan I must say we were the most disrespectful team and also Harden licked his lips before hitting that 3, as much as it hurts even I had to laugh 😂

  • Josnick Kodia
    Josnick Kodia 5 hours ago

    Switch #2 to #1 and we good. Also Dame Lillard logo buzzer beater shot vs OKC and waving goodbye should be on here

  • Raģ TV
    Raģ TV 5 hours ago

    You forgot when Shawn Marion broke his shooting form.

  • Cedie Mina
    Cedie Mina 5 hours ago

    17:33 you disrespect Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao men. . .

  • StarFox582
    StarFox582 6 hours ago

    Damn, I really feel this could have been a top 20 list. I can think of a few more that were very disrespectful. Harden dropping Murray, LeBron letting Ian Clark get the ball so he could block him, Curry dripping through the Clippers, Amari faking Shane Battier, Harden calling Draymond a motherfucker after a contested 3. Lol this era was savage.

  • Aspex
    Aspex 6 hours ago

    This is the greatest NBA mix on youtube..

  • Detention
    Detention 6 hours ago

    Dwane wade folding that cavs white guy and tatum dunking on lebron shoulda been here

  • Night Zerez
    Night Zerez 6 hours ago

    I love watching Luka highlights from before they traded for Porzingis, just because you can see DSJ and DJ try to put him in bad situations yet he still makes it look good.

  • Marrie Jacobs
    Marrie Jacobs 6 hours ago

    Wow he really predicted it

  • blazes brother
    blazes brother 7 hours ago

    LeBron said 'man up nigga'

  • ale canci
    ale canci 7 hours ago

    Peep CP3’s face at 17:25 hahahaha

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston 7 hours ago

    What about when prime muggsy bogues (5’3) dunked on prime Yao Ming (7’6) and walked over him?

  • Scott Johnston
    Scott Johnston 7 hours ago

    What about when nat Robinson blocked Yao Ming clean and Yao flopped?

  • VinnieB
    VinnieB 7 hours ago

    idk how curry dribbling through the entire clippers roster and then hitting a three over them is not on here.

  • Ethan Rue
    Ethan Rue 7 hours ago

    Harden cross on Murray

    BEAST MODE06 7 hours ago

    When that time comes you know what to do,I’m dead

  • Roynell B
    Roynell B 8 hours ago

    Lol terry was way too old for that to be number 1

  • Darragh Fitzgerald
    Darragh Fitzgerald 8 hours ago

    Steph making Chris Paul sit down should’ve made the list

  • Jethro Banda
    Jethro Banda 8 hours ago

    Giannis jumps over Tim Hardway Jnr....👀👀

  • Faizan Ahmed
    Faizan Ahmed 8 hours ago

    List is shit.

    THE2kGODKING 2k 8 hours ago

    I wish a Celtic would 😭😭😭

  • Big boy bodie
    Big boy bodie 8 hours ago

    Can you rank the playoff games of the 2000’s

  • Jokerman Gaming
    Jokerman Gaming 9 hours ago

    10 had me sleep

  • dylanyeung1
    dylanyeung1 9 hours ago

    Jayson tatum dunking on lebron in the 2018 ecf

  • KidKinsey
    KidKinsey 9 hours ago

    I would have added John wall dunking on Dennis Schroeder and then looking at him and saying “fk wrong with u boy”

  • hello there
    hello there 9 hours ago

    What about when jamal crawfprd broke patty mills?

  • DomainObject
    DomainObject 10 hours ago

    That was *absolutely* fantastic! Thank you. 🏀🔥

  • J.P. Czi
    J.P. Czi 10 hours ago

    Thing is, next play Knight crosses Kyrie back but no one cared at all.

  • Dany C
    Dany C 10 hours ago

    You need to get off lebrons nuts for real ..the Terry dunk yea that should be there not number one ,but the other 3 plays you have lebron shouldn't be here ..the Raptors game nobody cares about that the game was over ,the bulls game were he jumps over a 5 11 guy when hes not looking that's should not be there and the one blocking steff curry are you serious?? Com on dom lebron blocking a 6 foot 185 pound curry is in your top list made this list purposely to put lebron plays were there way more disrespectful and better plays

  • OnlyGoodSHHH
    OnlyGoodSHHH 10 hours ago

    man....this list....i think you should have just skipped the idea of "disrespect" cuz the current NBA clearly doesn't have much of it.

  • OnlyGoodSHHH
    OnlyGoodSHHH 10 hours ago

    based off this upload....I have 1 word to describe the NBA during the 2010's #SOFT this level of "disrepect" is childs-play compared to previous decades, and it's exactly why I don't enjoy watching the league anymore.

  • OnlyGoodSHHH
    OnlyGoodSHHH 11 hours ago

    this list kinda sucks....none of these are disrespectful as they are embarrassing for the defender by their own fault, like braking someone's ankles. the nicest guy ever with a killer crossover isnt disrespecting anyone...he's just doing the job he knows how to do.

  • iran lassninja
    iran lassninja 11 hours ago

    Harden damn near ruined rubio's career in the playoffs in the jazz series

    DRIZZ_KRML _ 11 hours ago

    2016 western conference finals after Russ said Curry had bad defense, then towards the end of the game Curry 4th quarter Curry has a open lane, and pulls up from behind the 3 for no dam reason, and of course he made it, then starts dancing like a retard, all Thunder fans turned off the tv at this point because they realized they blew the 3-1 lead, and Curry just ended the chances of moving back to the finals. But Curry showed a lot of disrespect there

  • Chicago Series
    Chicago Series 11 hours ago

    #13 wasn’t a cross he fall jumping trying to constant the shot

  • Roldan Manuel
    Roldan Manuel 11 hours ago

    DeAndre Jordan wearing under armour

  • Hudzz Playzz
    Hudzz Playzz 11 hours ago

    curry’s game winning shot against okc in game 6 in 2016 was mad disrespectful coz they still had a timeout... decided not to use it... BANG BANG OH WHAT A SHOT FROM CURRY

    the BLUMENFLOWER 11 hours ago

    Right know iam at 12:01 and iam hoping by the end of this vid that hardens play against one of the clippers where he crossed Wesley Johnson and licked his lips is showed

    the BLUMENFLOWER 11 hours ago

    Iam glad the chef get cooked was included I feel as if that was forgotten

  • D H
    D H 11 hours ago

    Javale McGee’s block/steal in a single play

    the BLUMENFLOWER 11 hours ago

    What about Curry’s play where he crossed up all of the clippers

    the BLUMENFLOWER 11 hours ago

    At 7:17 that was John McEnroe famous tennis player known for his trash talk and a big Knicks fan from NY..........................not Joe Biden

  • Rayne Ozier
    Rayne Ozier 12 hours ago

    When you showed the 1st Blake clip, I knew the dunks on Pau we're coming.

    the BLUMENFLOWER 12 hours ago

    The good knight play at around 3:25 kyrie traveled. Prove me wrong if you don’t see it put the vid slower

  • Lub bers
    Lub bers 12 hours ago

    Harden v Wesley johnson

  • Zhenwei LI
    Zhenwei LI 12 hours ago

    Markkanen slap the ball back to Curry's face

  • darryl perry
    darryl perry 12 hours ago

    Dwade spin dunk on Kendrick Perkins then doing the freakin cabbage patch right after

  • Shahbaz Singh Goraya
    Shahbaz Singh Goraya 12 hours ago

    Great job on this review series Dom I luv every single bro even though I’ve only played 2k12 & 14(even that one on last gen) But I luv 2K and so do ur reviews They’re so authentic bro !!!....

  • just cj
    just cj 12 hours ago

    Where is PGs half court shot tho

  • Shahbaz Singh Goraya
    Shahbaz Singh Goraya 12 hours ago

    That impossible free throw match with Shaw Great sarcasm @Dom2k !!!....😂😂😂😂

  • Aisosa Obano
    Aisosa Obano 13 hours ago

    This list just showed how nasty the clippers were, and how disappointing it is that they never touched the finals.

  • Joshua Oyola
    Joshua Oyola 13 hours ago

    Lol no one gonna talk about how in that Steph play (#14) Steph takes like 3 steps before first dribbling the ball?

  • simpsil
    simpsil 13 hours ago

    hezonja block on Lebum?

  • BobbyDick22785
    BobbyDick22785 13 hours ago

    Biden/Mac confuse perfectly emphasizes how he ain’t care shit about other sports. Back to Smoove!

  • Thor
    Thor 14 hours ago

    Don’t forget about adding The defense of Master they got later on

  • Thor
    Thor 14 hours ago

    All I have to say is the Los Angeles Lakers didn’t even make the playoffs at least Jordan’s team is did

  • Thor
    Thor 14 hours ago

    I watched Jordan play and he is the best it doesn’t matter what round you were beaten in things happening games beyond your control

    SANTA CRUZ 14 hours ago

    Kobe is not top 10

    SANTA CRUZ 14 hours ago

    Kobe overrated

    SANTA CRUZ 14 hours ago


  • TheBestEver
    TheBestEver 14 hours ago

    Joe Biden? Really?

  • I'm the CHIEF
    I'm the CHIEF 15 hours ago

    he said joe biden

  • Dulo Ciskela
    Dulo Ciskela 15 hours ago

    So if a shot is iconic, it can't be disrespectful? That's literally why it's iconic!

  • Turp
    Turp 15 hours ago

    the ratchet and clank music in the outro caught me off guard lol

  • Elijah Palmore
    Elijah Palmore 15 hours ago

    I’m not even a Giannis fan like that but Mario didn’t dunk on him my guy was behind him so that doesn’t really work

  • Mohamed Ismail
    Mohamed Ismail 15 hours ago

    Joe Johnson making Paul pierce get on all fours should have been on this list

  • Tobi29493
    Tobi29493 15 hours ago

    As Deep as you´re up there, is there still room in LeBrons ass? Asking for a friend

  • Nathan Neo
    Nathan Neo 16 hours ago

    Greatness unfolded

  • FruitPunch Samurai
    FruitPunch Samurai 17 hours ago

    Steph Curry making Chris Paul do the breakdance in front of him should have been included here

  • Jacob Ferreira
    Jacob Ferreira 17 hours ago

    I bet my left nut howard will make it 3dpoys alone deserve it imo

  • BigLorde BunnyRabbit
    BigLorde BunnyRabbit 17 hours ago

    Wade on Varejao?? Come on Dom, you even had Wade on the numbers page. Highly disappointed

  • stannis the mannis
    stannis the mannis 17 hours ago

    What about that time Joe Johnson shamed Paul Pierce?

  • Jim bob Fisher
    Jim bob Fisher 17 hours ago

    Who says kyrie was sober

  • Kristoff John
    Kristoff John 17 hours ago

    "c'mon man he's already dead, harden stared at the corpse." HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

  • Sam The Mediocre 2k Player

    James harden and 1 3 pointer on j murray was so good